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This Day in History, November 4th

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Les français sont arrivés.

Hey anonedits user, talk to me, did you change HFM for another mod like you wanted to?
What are you working on?

Halfchanner, please don't make the thread ever again.


Requesting that someone with a Paradox account to head over to their forums and download the latest black ice mod for hoi3 and upload it somewhere else.

Is there a mod for slave factories?

A /gsg/ triggers you?

Factories operated by slaves or factories that output slaves?

/gsg/ at the front.
Meme comment at the top.
Immediately posting La Plata forced meme.
There is no doubt here.

Second one.
I'd like to turn minorities that won't assimilate into slaves.

Can't do that.

You can modify pop rules to have non-accepted pops demote to slaves though.

There is nothing wrong with La Plata

ALL factories are operated by goyim slaves


You just don't want niggers around to mess with things, better leave them picking cotton or something.

I want the latter



BAI lets slaves work in factories.

Is it better than hpm?

It's not as railroaded but still has a good amount of historical flavor. It's better, but it could still use a bit of work.

China DLC for CK2 when??

If it wasn't for internet shilling I'd be an aids victim faggot starter pack.

>>>Holla Forums

Based Erdogan

>>>Holla Forums

thread's off to a great start I see.

What can man do in the face of unbridled autism?

It is, just needs a few more updates.

based erdogoon of la plata

New version of user's HFM edits:


You seem to have the autism to Middle Eastern Christianity, can you tell me what symbols would a Syriac Orthodox Syria would use? I'm trying to make a flag for it.

The church's coat of arms juxtaposed over the Syrian flag (minus the stars). Like on the flag in the second image. You could also just use that flag I guess, but I don't know what it represents.

Great indeed ;)

Do you guys think that a "pacifist" run of a /gsg/ (i.e. no starting wars or fabricating on anyone, only answering to calls from allies and taking provinces or annexing those that attack you or your allies and focusing 99% of your efforts to making your country the strongest, fastest growing or most cultured one) can be any good?

Who is more fun to conquer and crusade in CK2?

Muslims or Zoroastrians or Pagans or Heretics?


That's a good way to play Switzerland.
Be the world's mercenary until people outlaw you from doing it.

Pagans, muslims are a pain in the ass because htey just keep sending wave after wave and jihad after jihad even if they cant beat you, they are a pain in the ass.

Sure. It's the best way to play Austria-Hungary in Victoria 2.

Literally pic related are their proposed flags, either of these would work since they are 'official' so to speak. A Syriac Orthodox 'Syria' would simply be called Assyria (for the Assyrian ethno-religious group; the very same Assyrians of bronze age.) They're all pretty much Christian, and whoever adopts islam is kicked out of their tightly-knit communities.

If you want a cross, the ones in work just fine. Please note that the one on the right (the cross with the snakes) is a patriarch's scepter.
Also there's like 3 or 4 Syriac Christian denominations due to several different schisms which happened when they had some sudden contact with Catholics, I think the western Syriacs are subordinates of the pope, but the eastern ones are not; also I believe all use the same symbols. OR also you could use something like pics 3 & 4 which come from ancient manuscripts.

Whoops meant to reply this one

Whats the name of that cross on pic 3 and 4?

Commit suicide.

I think it's simply known as 'Syriac Cross', I don't think Syriacs have defined, definitive 'cross' (Unlike more isolated communities like the Syriacs of India in Tamil Nandu and Sri Lanka), rather each community's got its own version. Both pics I posted are posters based on an ancient manuscript, these posters are mostly handed over in Syriac communities in Syria, Iraq and turdkey.
You could also look at the crosses in their monasteries for even more examples of this, like the Mor Hananyo and the Mor Gabriel Monasteries in roachland.


Now it's just 10 years of the autistic influence minigame until I can get my super ebin großgermaniums. Also, the early Treaty of Paris was cool but the French should be given a truce with Elsass to stop them bypassing any truce with Prussia.

Any other names I can use? I don't want to name it Assyria as that tag already exists, and it would look weird if both christian and muslim Syria exist at the same time.

I have no idea what name could you use. Syrians are different from Assyrians (Syrians are Arabs, Assyrians are Aramaic/Chaldean) so I suppose both tags existing is alright.
Seriously you could just simply leave them as Syria, I don't know enough about them to assure you what alternate names could you use (since there ARE Christian Syrians)

Accidentally posted without finishing.
Anyway you could use an unhistorical, made-up name as well like "The Christian State of Syria and the Levant" encompassing all the Christian denominations in the area, Maronites included.

Historically fun, challenging fun or easy mindless fun?
For the first two I'd go for muslims personally, they will constantly fuck you over with holy wars if you win too much wars agains them and most of them are OP blobs (Ummayads, Sammanids, Abbasids, Saffarids etc.) with 3 times your troops. From a historical perspective it's also fun because islam destroyed a lot of local cultures and religions (like coptic Christianity, Zoroastranism, local pagan religions) in the ME and turned it into one big mongrelized Arab blob so you're giving them the justice that they sadly didn't get during the middle-ages.
From a "lol I'm so OP and literally no one can stop me" perspective I'd go for either a christian realm in the northern part of Europe because pagans all have very small armies and unreformed and can't really do shit or a viking in the Old Gods start, specifically that Jorvik guy in the UK.


Has anyone here done a Burgundy to HRE run? I keep getting my shit pushed in by France and/or the Protestant electors

just git gud
its not even that hard

I will senpai. I will get good for you

What game?

Is it possible to remove AI forts in certain areas (i.e. not along borders or in the capital) by event in Victoria 2? I'm really sick of the fort spam but making forts unbuildable due to expense would change the gameplay too much.

should i get victoria 2 now when its on sale (with all dlcs) or just wait for the next laradox game to drop?

You should pay for the games you play

thats not what i was asking, victoria 2 or the next paradox game.
nothing wrong with piracy btw

Fucking pedophile



Pirate everything, everything paradox makes now is stuffed to the gills with DLC and any attempt to make a successor to Vicky 2 will fall flat on it's face due to their incompetence.

Does anyone like to build super empires then switch to another nation and try to dismantle it?

Alright, thanks for the help.

nah i like playing small as fug nations and trying to become regional power.
curentlly i am doing hessen run in eu3. will try to become emperor

Coptic Egypt could be Kimit/Kemet, since that's how they call it. Also you're welcome.

Download link:
And installer file if someone is into that stuff:
Map cache:

First run checksum:
Final checksum:

As always - use clean install of HoI3.
Download podcats.exe from here:
Podcat's latest exe the LAA one
and drop it in main folder (where are the launchers and exe files are).
Copy BlackICE 9.zip to tfh/mod folder and extract chosing EXTRACT HERE option.

9.01 download link:
drive.google.com/open?id=0B_CJOMppa3LYek9aWVpGal9pRlE - installer
drive.google.com/open?id=0B_CJOMppa3LYaVptZXNBeGFKVVk - zip

9.01 checksum:

Couple of questions about Vicky:
1) Can I prestige-spam my way into GP? I have never played a V2 game in my life, but I was considering getting it after reading about the mod, and I couldn't help but notice, while scrolling through the rules, that there seems to be very obvious ways to cheese stuff. More specifically, my plan was something like this: conquer smaller neighboring countries (i.e. starting as Papal States or Two Sicilies, going after Lucca etc.), conveniently releasing them to gain prestige and just keeping it up and releasing minor states by intervening against middle-sized nations until I can GP and spread influence to soon-to-be insta-annexed countries.
2) Is the Multiplayer any good? I feel this game could get to a much more complex Diplomacy (board game where you play WWI nations against each other like a fiddle or get played yourself by your friends) vibe, especially if either some days-requirements are shortened or the end date is prolonged, and surely a much better experience than my old godawful EUIII blobbing contests experiences.
3) Can you ally with a nation that is currently at war with someone else and immediately help them win said war or will you have to wait for the hostilities to cease?

Need any help with some specific nations? Also, what can and can't you do with the mod itself?

thats precisly how you should do that.

The multiplayer is buggy (for example, loading units onto transports - excess units will turn into non-movable, non-deletable armies) and prone to desynchronization.

1) Yes. What mod? Don't go with PDM/HPM if you haven't played vicky yet, they change way too much and not always in a good way.
2) The AI sucks, MP is the way to play if you can find people who aren't memers or blobbers
3) Yes if they call you in, or you can join if you have enough influence there.

I don't want to add anything for them, its just tag changing. The mod is BAI, read the moddb page I guess.

1) was thinking of Vanilla for a couple playthroughs and then moving on if I find it to my likings
2) I wonder if the game isn't too hard to mod in more meaningful ways, like in the inner workings of the game? Gotta go check on some old notes.
3) Awesome, thanks.

I just started scratching my head in confusion, it looks like a very hard to miss oversight that you could just keep on releasing newly conquered land. At least with the industries it sort of makes sense, since they're trying to measure your overall production and the more industrialized the nation the higher in the international ladder, but prestige seems such a retarded way to get there.


Napoleon's Legacy has resulted in some odd countries gaining African territory, and America still hasn't fully united for some reason. Certainly a neat start to it, and some decent flags for the nations.

An independent Irish Republic at that time wouldn't have been divided into North and South, since the Presbyterians (in the North) at that time were equally involved in the republican movements

I'm not really sure what happened to Ireland here. It started united, had the British Union (the republic in the Isles) attack them while the British Empire (the Brits in Canada and Australia) helped Ireland, and at some point had the Empire attack them as well. So the north is under the Union and one western province was taken by the Empire with neither puppetting or annexing the nation.

what the fuck?

As it should be.


Gran Columbia exists at the start in the mod with Ecuador and Venezuela as puppets. Not sure what the mod developer intended for the alt-history between 1812/1815 and 1836, but there must have been some events that absorbed them.

I use the Turks as a punching bag through most of the game in order to pass the time if nothing is going on. Since this game doesn't allow you to sell provinces you own like in EU3, I figured just transferring via the console instead of having incredibly shit borders is a decent substitute once Greece is liberated and the other provinces owned.

How the hell do i get rid of gavelkind on ck2?
I have late feudalism, what else do i need apart from opinion?

How's Europa Universalis 4?

Really bad after they added consitutions. You're better off playing either CK2 or Victoria II.

Only acceptable with meiou and taxes 2.0 or veritas et fortitudo.

You gotta have s certain level of legalism tech I believe.

EU3 is vastly superior, so is Vicky2. M&T EU4 ain't bad though, but it's far from complete.

I doubt I can enjoy vanilla after M&T. Any tips on how to handle Estates (which privileges to revoke first etc.)

Cut the ones that produce the most corruption at first.
Do not raise noble levies but instead farm them for manpower.
Dont ask the burgueoise for money, but rather let them invest the money into building shit in your provinces.
More burgueoise = more money flowing around the country.

Surrendered timer went away without triggering event, does this mean it will never fire?

Literally month or two later.



The way war dynamism works is that there are two modifiers; a timer and the trigger, the timer will go away after like a year or two and then the event will fire at some point. However events don't really have a set time to happen so while it should fire in a couple months it's not impossible for it to go for years without firing.

How good is Thedas Kings for CK2

Crown Authority has to be either Medium or High if I remember right.


Blut und eisen dummkopf

is the usa in vic2 hardcoded to not do naval things or something? this annoys me greatly

I hate krauts who disagree with me but i hate other people even more
t.Otto von Bismarck

Where can I check my crown authority?

I think it's one of the laws and may be replaced with something else if you don't have Conclave DLC.

I have everything up to monks and mistics and can't find that on laws.

Succession/Inheritance tab? Or title management?

uhh racis and mysoggyknee much?

I see you are using the jewish advisor mod.

but all the grunt work and fighting in ancient china was done by men while scholarship, cooking, and accounting was done by eunuchs. They outright didn't need women for anything but being housewives or concubines.
That mod looks like it'd be fun actually but if its full of shit like that, no thanks

Mentioning Misogyny in EU4 is questionable at best but I have to admit that the penalties are rather reasonable. What mod?


imperium universalis

Women have no business in politics. This is a great move.
Not according to any time in human history ever, under any circumstances, for any reason. Edit the event to give you a 10% reduction in all power costs. That’s just for game “balance”, because the real reduction is over 50%.

Ah yes, hello my fellow redpill.

yasss queen slay

Which church to focus on would depend on the time in which the user would want the game to be. There are currently three "Assyrian" churches, the Church of The East, The Ancient Church of The East, and the Chaldean Catholic Church (an Eastern Catholic church with a patriarch in communion with Rome, just like the Melkites, Ruthenians, Maronites, ect.). While the Ancient Church of The East is actually a modern splinter group from the 60s that left the CoTE over a change in calendars, the real choice would be between the Chaldean Catholic Church and the CoTE.
The CoTE is what would be considered the old Nestorian church from ancient times, but if user wanted to make a mod for something like Vicky 2 or a slightly later bookmark for Eu3/4, he'd want to use the Chaldean Catholic Church instead, because after its formation in the 1500s it quickly became the largest of the Assyrian churches and most Assyrians are now part of it. The CoTE at this moment, for low pop and ISIS reasons, only sits at like 150k people while the Chaldeans have over half a million.

tfw ywn save a qt assyrian girl from those disgusting mudshits


I know this feel. Some of those assyrian girls are real qts and they even have a few redheads. There's a coptic assyrian bishop who looks like a straight up irishman

well if you really want i think they are still recruiting

I just want an exotic brown gf dammit

Who's recruitig?

somebody start posting pictures of those qt desert flowers

What the fuck is going on in that world?

Couldn't you have just used a free people CB or whatever it's called?

Been trying to add some cores to an independent Coptic republic in Egypt but without making it seem too unhistorical. Sadly I can't think of a way of doing so, adding the cores just like that is dumb and unrealistic, there has to be a revolution or something in order to release the Coptic cores, but anything I come up with seems like fantasy-tier bullshit.
Did the many crises of ottoman Egypt leave any secessionist sentiments among the Copts?

I feel like the appeal to groups like Assyrians or Yazidis is that they look just European enough to be able to blend in, for example, Southern-Europe but just brown enough that they still give that exotic feel.
That's how the ME was supposed to look like until sandniggers from the Arabian peninsula raped everyone into mongrels, real shame.

one more week, guys


Imperium universalis.

everyone. assyrains have militia, hezzbolah have human battalions, isis always accepted westerners, saudi is always looking for mercs…

i meant christian


great more shit to bloat my game when medieval europe dont had any contact with china

That's exactly how I feel about the non-mudshit ME, I mean look at Armenia, it's exotic enough to pass as foreign, but still familiar enough to be sorta European, even their music and customs are exotic yet oddly familiar, same goes for every other Christian, Zoroastrian and non-muslim ME group. It's a weird feeling, and sadly it was mostly ruined by mudshits.

I thought Assyrians fought with/for the Peshmerga

It's actually the china expansion without china, as it's represented by some stupid UI and countries sharing a 'border' with china will get to appease the emperor or some stupid shit like that.

Maronites are best friends with the Jews lad


wow that just sounds fucking retarded

That sounds like the worst shit ever why would they even do that?

Their girls are qt.

Don't wanna incur in blogposting, but I once met a Maronite guy who fled Lebanon for a better life, he referred to the kikes as a 'Necessary evil' and the 'Enemies of my enemies', so I suppose there oughtta be more people like him.
It's all a very complex situation tbh, on one side you have the iran-backed hezbollah and other stupid kike-backed insurgents, the Druze and whatnot, and on the other side you get the poor Christians who simply want a quiet life and the kike psyops/co-ops working as slimy double agents, of course people would prefer to associate with the enemies of their enemies, even though by doing so they're getting played by the kikes. As I've said before, really complex situation and it's all the kike's and muslim's fault, kikes for being irredentist/subversive rats and the muslims for being backwards barbarians.

Lebs are qt, yeah.

It's paradox, what do you expect? If they actually added china the fucking game would slow down to a crawl even on your hi-tech latest model powered-up kike i17 processor.

Meant to reply

they could just make a stand alone addone with only china and friends. translate it to chink give there some tidbits about romanse of three kingdoms and now you have global bestseller

Another version of user's Vicky2 Edits is out! Get it while it's fresh. More events and bloat for Venezuela and Romania




tfw somehow lost the drive to play gsg
should i kill myself right now or suffer

well play something else then and come back when you regain it later. its not like we are holding you or anything.

After Sengoku (basically EU4+CK2 but with only Japan in case you didn't know) kind of flopped, Paradox stated that they weren't really interested in making any Asia-only games in the future because they fear that they wouldn't be popular enough in the west.

That's pretty dumb, Sengoku flopped because it was pretty much a tech demo for EU4, same as March of the Eagles.

I’d just like an update to either B&I or NWO to give me something new to flesh out. Oh, and NWO’s creator has to fucking fix India, because it’s completely broken. When released by Britain, all of its states remain colonies, so its neighbors always go to war and instantly eviscerate it because the warscore for taking a colony is like 5 and a state would be 30 or more.

Sengoku was a tech demo for CK2. It came out in 2011.

Besides the integrated mods, what's actually in this that makes it different from HPM?

Mark of Eagles was fun, but only in MP which is too niche

Jeez user, you make me moist, im gonna ask around for some shit for the rest of latin america so VNZ isnt the only country with actual content.


What checksum do you guys have with latest HPM?


Is EU3 good? I've just about played every grand strategy except Eu4 and Cuck kings 2 which both look like absolute dogshit. I don't like how research is conducted and I don't get how CoT's work. I like how you can declare war without a cassus belli at a large cost though.

Shit, I could swear it was from 2013.

CK2 is pretty fun though. Islam is not as OP as in EU4 and an advanced player could easily remove the religion from the map so I wouldn't call it "cuck kings" either.

CSA vs USA now has a ~4 month delay as to give the CSA some time to mobilize, shitter microstates like Monaco and Liechtenstein, even more kraut minors, several new cultures like Volga Germans and Transylvanian Saxons, some new Boer flavor and I forgot what else.

Sure, just hit me up.

CK2 pre-RoI was great. Adding the street shitters in forever fucked the game into being near-unplayable at the end of a pre-1066 game.

Egypt bounced around in different spheres for several decades before the Suez event was available without anyone taking land in war. Wasn't until the 1880's or only a couple of years before the scramble for Africa before they started losing wars and land.

Greece can be liberated, but only through Thessalonica and the Mediterranean islands. Outside of that, it's either uncored regions or places cored through events that the AI wouldn't pull off before more wars against the Turks were concluded.

I don't think it's any less realistic than Elsass in Alsace-Lorraine or the Polish statelets in eastern Prussia, cores stop assimilation and are better than seeing every minority population ethnically cleansed within a few decades of starting.

Is anyone here Argentinian/Uruguayan/Paraguayan? I need some insight about the Gauchos and their culture. Are they any different from the 'Platinean' culture in vicky2? Been thinking about adding some flavor to the area. Maybe also adding the Juliana Republic since I think it's not represented in-game, and neither is the Farrapos/Harapos war.

But at least Poland, Danzig and Pomerelia existed at some point in history. Khemit/Kimit/Kemet hadn't existed since several hundred years before Christ. See what I mean? Copts are the actual descendants of the Ancient Egyptians and never really had an independent realm of their own as they had been ruled by the Greeks, the Romans and then the Greeks again until the muslim conquests. That ought to struck people as odd when they see a Khemit core right in Alexandria.
What the fuck is a Khemit? They might ask.

And while I do agree cores are a good way to stop assimilation, sometimes they might seem a bit unrealistic.

That's like asking if cowboys are (were) any different from yankee or dixie cultures.

You can add non releasable tags. No offense, but its a lot more realistic than a Justinian Roman Empire in this time period.

I don't know man, they all seem like Yankees to me :^)
I suppose I could add a Gaucho culture to a few provinces here and there. Should Gauchos be a primary culture in Uruguay/Paraguay?

Okay okay I'll add 'em, no strings attached, not weirdass events, just a simple, releasable Coptic nation.

This is one of the worst Yugoslavia's that I've seen. Started with financing some Slovenian rebels, and the AI handled the rest. Apparently the Bulgarians thought it was a great idea to join a slightly more organic fake nation.

That Greece and Armenia are beautiful.

That's fucking retarded Sengoku did bad because the game was fucking shit.

Not really interested in that time period and it just looks real unappealing to me. Maybe I should give it a proper try though.

I wonder how this will end
This is my first time playing Goy4 since release, and it seems like they've improved it somewhat, especially the AI.
Still probably not worth the money, maybe worth pirating at this point though.

… Goddamn it, now I want to play it for that ability alone.

DH and HoI 3 do that as well

Russia is so retardedly OP in HoI4 KR that even Communist Europe shouldn't be a challenge. Just don't be afraid to cede territory and remember that the CoF's achilles heel is their manpower, so let them tire themselves out and only counterattack where you can encircle and destroy divisions. Eventually you'll be able to put your troops into map painting mode and their entire army will collapse in weeks.

So does Darkest Hour and it seems that Paradox haven't managed to have war specific, instead of global, death tolls either.

its actually better then current year eu4. after institutions its pretty much fucked. ottomans arent an unstopable jugernout for arbitrary reasons, whole thing is more balanced.
as for centers of trade:
now trade leagues:

while playing as american union, should i fight california and new england to reunite the country or would be better fluff wise if i let these states keep their sovereignity?



What would Andrew Jackson do?

They're splitoffs from the new, true, red white & blue populist-corporatist America. Reintegrate them by any means necessary and then go full Super Monroe Doctrine by spreading national populism through the entire Atlantic, and/or destroy European Syndicalism before it becomes a threat, as time & priority allows.

Wew I just found the ultimate save game analyzer

What is it and for what game.

How is HoI4 Kaissereich?

it looks like the religion mapmode for eu4


ah then it must be a program that has more mapmodes for vic2

Maybe ideology?
I mean, look at that surge of liberalism in Europe and Latin america.

true persia is maxing out their shianese dictatorship


That's generally how I play Victoria 2 unless I'm playing Japan or Russia. It's pretty fun.

its so fucking boring
sorry for these caps i dont know why they are so fucked

That's my biggest problem with HoI and DH. Once you've defeated everyone, what's the damn point?
That's why I was so excited for EvW, economics, demographics, and intrigue was exactly what was needed.

Does it at least fix (un-nerf) genocide?

yeah thats the thing with KR
It gets boring in 1943
if you play as USA it gets boring the moment civil war stops

Try Canada reconquering Britain
France reconquering mainland commie france
Big Green Blob aka Russia, it has plenty of flavors
Papist Italy is pretty interesting
Quing is also pretty fun

What do you mean un-nerfs genocide?

Genocide gives you some infamy over time and the option to remove minorities (or majorities) based on their ethnicity or religion. 25% chance of either: 30, 40, 50 or 60% undesirable pop reduction.


Does anyone have their grand strategy game installed on an SSD? How does it feel?

I have the same problem. I'm close to forming the HRE in EU3 but I get bored quickly if I pick up the save again.


Any Assyrians fighting alongside the Kurds would probably be considered a traitor since Kurds have a long history of genocide, murder, and rape against Assyrian villages and are currently trying to steal Assyrian lands for their "Kurdistan" bullshit, specifically Mosul, the city that used to be the ancient Assyrian capital of Nineveh, despite Kurds having no claim to the land at all

HPM recently made it less effective IIRC

Do you like my america?

what the fuck happened

I don't know, I'm playing with HPM so it might have something to do with it.


Thought I read somewhere that some Assyrians were joining kurdroach battalions against ISIS and turkey. Can't find the source though.

I could raise those numbers to maybe 80% tops and 50% being the lowest. Hows that sound?


You can't just win.


its almost like different people like different things

it was a good run

And yet another version of user's Vicky2 Edits, this one features the Gaucho country of Rio Grande do Sul and the Juliana Republic. As well as a releasable Coptic nation in Egypt.

Sounds good.

Have you considered integrating the Israel mod into yours?
You seem to update quite often, which is a good thing. Are these updates save compatible?

I was gonna do it but I totally forgot about it.

The author doesn't want his stuff used in conjunction with HFM, which is a shame. I could do it, but I'd be an ass if I did so without the author's consent. Ain't nothing I can do about it but I'll be a s'well guy and tell you that I actually tested the mod and it SHOULD be compatible, the only thing it overrides is irredentism.txt located in the decisions folder, making both files compatible shouldn't be too hard even if you're not experienced, as it's only a matter of copypasta.

No, most of the time they aren't. I should probably announce when they are.

Alright let's see, you gain 50 infamy for genociding minorities, which is dumb. I mean 50 infamy? What the fuck man. Shit should be like 30 TOPS, maybe 27,5.
Also there's this random list:
random_list = { 25 = { reduce_pop = 0.7 } 25 = { reduce_pop = 0.6 } 25 = { reduce_pop = 0.5 } 25 = { reduce_pop = 0.4 } }
Which is bullshit as well, 0.7 means 30%, now, I'm gonna change this to:
random_list = { 25 = { reduce_pop = 0.5 } 25 = { reduce_pop = 0.4 } 25 = { reduce_pop = 0.3 } 25 = { reduce_pop = 0.2 } }
So in the end it's 27,5 infamy for removing your turks, -50% turks will be the lowest, -80% the highest, all 25% chance just so it's more random and fun.

Chronicle, it works with most paradox games.

Its a religion map dumbo

It really isn't, the mod is terrible and the author tried to steal from my overhaul mod so I put that thing there.

lol whoops

now betray germany and make them fight against you and france

It's just HPM with some custom shit slapped on it, I understand it's from reddit, the authors are complete faggots and all, but it's not so bad.

Now that's completely reasonable, I don't like when people do that kind of stuff either.

That'd be pretty devilish, but I'm fighting off a million streetshitters in Egypt right now.

Ave Caesar. Gallia nostra est.

Hotfix rebalancing genocide, should be compatible with pre-existing saves.

BICE disgusts me every time I see it.

At least USA isn't visible.

it would be pretty cool if your mod were compatible with /gsgmod/

What does it do?

nevermind its called gsgvickymod
i never really found out but it added a whole lot of flavour and countries the more flavour the better right?

Shit man I don't know, it adds too much stuff. It'd take me a longass time to port it over, and it also seems kinda dead unlike HFM/HPM

That doesn't make it good. Dumb shit like microstates, redundant and unbalanced reforms and forced historicity really trigger me. But I'm biased because I'm still butthurt, and I don't think HPM is good, so…

Why are you playing a mod that is utterly broken and hasn't been updated since 2014?

Some of the railroading is really bad. For example, unlike HPM Austria won't become Austria-Hungary until it loses the brother war or 1867, which means that if a Prussia player unites Germany with diplomacy alone (easy to do by 1852) they can dismantle Austria with impunity or just wait for the huge nationalist revolts to do it instead.

i didnt know this when i downloaded it it was the mod of choice to play

pretty fun if you don't mind HOI4 tbh fam
you can do a lot more then in DH KR and it is updated far more frequently. Even getting a dev diary today.

Jesus… I don't understand these modders, if I want to replay history I would play MP with someone. The moment you unpause the game its alt history, the AI can't and shouldn't follow historical accuracy. I always try to make sure every event is as generic as possible when I make them.

Can't find it with a simple google search.

Yeah HPM is complete trash. I remembered when it first came out though, shit blew my mind and most of cuckchan's /gsg/. That was a long while ago though, 2013 I think?

And it was 2014 I believe.

Thanks for the spoonfeed dad.

I'm switching to CK2 for a while.

It might've been early 2014, I don't really remember, I think I was doing a lot of drugs at the time. It was before the cuckchan exodus for sure.

You can't even fucking conquer it. The DLC is a joke.

This is the kind of shit that happens to me every fucking time I get a solid campaign going. I honestly don't know why I keep playing the game.

Has there ever been a HoI game with a decent peace system?

Nah it's literally always been team deathmatch.

Probably faster, but as always as time goes on - it slows down. That is if you blob it.

Autistic glory AND at least you won't have multiplayer nofunallowedfaggots that tell you that overexpanding will trigger an automatic loss.

Khaki is better color for WW2 UK.

There is no better color for italy than green

There's more than one shade of a color you know

Sound as a bound, gonna give it a whirl.

Looking through my old screenshots I found these. This was back in April, this was probably the most fun I had playing Italy, and then I get this event my dick grew 3 sizes that day. I couldn't DoW because I had no more war but wew this was bizarre, would have loved to fuck everything up. This was HPM v3.3.3 I belive. I can't find this event number or anything in the folders.

That event fires when you have a dictatorship and really high militancy. It's also very rare, and for the most part broken because it uses the regular Conquest CB which just vanishes for most countries due to more than one state.

Victoria 2 isn't really built to simulate WW2-style massive, dynamic annexation.

Is it really that hard to convert png to jpg?

Red is the traditional color of the British Empire and the color used in en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_color-coded_war_plans

Yes, but Vanilla's is a far better darker green. BICE's share of green is far too bright, like something from fisher-price. Or HoI4.

Wow so it's pretty much a worthless CB because all the major countries have more than one province. Must be an HPM event, because I don't see it in the wiki.

Whoops, meant to convert it from bmp to jpg.

Does this seem too silly? It's the Braila port in Wallachia. The ottoshits ceded it during the Akkerman convention of 1826 during the Russo-turkshit war. I know Wallachia's always giving the impression of being a landlocked country, but that wasn't the case; the Danube river is actually navigable up to Braila (by big ships like those container carriers) and then to fucking Bavaria in smaller Barges. Also the roaches always had a boner for Danube ports and I think Braila was one of the first ports they captured back in the 1400~1500's.
So, should I add this to user's HFM edits?

Also I guess a new update's coming soon after deciding weather or not should Braila be an actual port like irl. This update's gonna include a Cossack culture, several new hosts (Don, Azov, Black Sea, Terek, Orenbug and Yaik) and I think I'm gonna add a decision to unify all hosts into one bigass Hetmanate because 'why not?'

Damn I'm tired.

make it like one of those small concession port provinces

Is your mind a bit foggy? Feeling a little hazy? Just go get some sleep.
Tomorrow you'll feel right as rain. This is my forecast for you.

I could, but the problem is Braila has always been a big and important county in Romania. I thought about making it a small-sized concession-like province, but the province itself covers a sizable area of Muntenia and there's nothing else I could fill in the void with. There's Ialomitsa, but that's kinda a county of its own that's (in-game) been fused with Calarashi. My hands are tied.

Thank you Carlos, but I won't sleep until I'm done with this update.

Why are you playing that mod? You spend 80% of your time looking at the technology page trying to resolve dependencies required to research something. And by the time that dependency is done, you forgot the entire reason why you researched it. Also aligning to factions do nothing and they force you to choose like 4 land unit types to research. So if you choose artillery and some other shit, they won't let you research anti-tanks mixed support tech and whatever else you didn't choose. Also it's so fucking stupid, all of these interruptions to my game. And they will PENALIZE you for ignoring their daily popups. It's so fucking stupid, what they did to the mod. Look what I came across while fighting Haiti.

Looks fine to me tbh.

Here's another version of user's HFM Edits, btw it's not save compatible.

Are you retarded?

when I press the resign button the game crashes, what do I do?

Did you edit any other files aside from the mods folder?
I honestly don't know. I recall another guy had a problem similar to yours a few threads ago, think his cache was fucked up or something.

Oh man I just found out Romania's got ANOTHER big port on the Danube on the city of Galatsi, which is ALSO represented in-game. Expect another update soon, Moldavia's now got a port as well.

no, I just played with HFM, the edits and big square frames, nothing else, and I didnt edit any files

I'd delete the stuff in Users\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Victoria II\HFM except save games and music. That's the game's cache and sometimes it fucks your game up.

I'll try that

Another update; Moldavia now has a port in Galatsi. And again this is not save-compatible.

I tried looking around and couldn't find anything, also I don't recall what the solution was; I know it was posted a few threads back, but I can't just remember. Maybe a kind user could help you out? The same guy who helped that other guy with the same problem as you.

it still crashes the game, should I just play with HFM and the edits? like I said I also have square frames and a map mod

Try that, maybe they're not compatible or something.
I'd delete the cache stuff and try it without mods, if it doesn't crash, I'd try it with HFM alone, then with the edits, so on and so forth.

Should I conquer Atjeh or Johore? I'm Panjab and I haven't westernized yet, whichever one would be the better state.
Victoria 2 vanilla

I found the problem, it was because HFM aldready uses another custom frame

Atjeh has gold I think.

The one with gold.

Nope they don't.

Johore has gold and a terribly low population. Whichever one I choose will turn into a state automatically when I westernize. Industry would probably do better in Atjeh since they have the higher population. The question is is the gold more important?

That sounds awful why would anyone play these games multiplayer?

Well I knew one of them had gold.

How much gold do they have? If it's a good amount gold is better, if it's a small amount you can wait till later to annex it.

Wait nevermind I'll just conquer Siam.

What's the newest version of user's HIP edits?

is there a way to get myself out of this


I did it finally. I put off westernizing for years just so I could have Korea as a state. I could've westernized right after I conquered Siam but didn't.
Luckily Egypt and Colombia aren't in anyone's sphere. I'm thinking of taking Kiel just so I can build the canal there.

How the fuck do you even exist, you lost all your states.

Why do they even bother to give you a headstart in westernization?

Has HIP been updated?

In Uruguay and close part of Argentina to U-r-gay you need that culture…. Paraguay is more not needed

Actually the Gaucho culture hadn't spread to those parts yet. I should probably make an event for the spread of Gaucho culture, but that'd be imbalanced as fuck.

nvm I get what you're talking about. I just woke up.
Yeah there's Gaucho culture in those parts (entre rios and corrientes) but not in Paraguay yet I always confuse Paraguay with Uruguay for some reason

One of these modder guys should make it so you can use conquest on multi state nations. I'm sure it was made that you can't do this for a good reason, but hell at this point I just want to have fun. To prevent stupid things happening it could just be made available during late-game, if possible?

Are there any pops not on their native cores? If so you might be able to get some assimilation to german.

Otherwise you'll be pretty well fucked thanks to zero bureaucrats. You'd need to conquer somewhere else with no native cores and migrate there, and I'm not even sure if colony to colony migration works well.

Next time start as Schleswig instead so you can from Scandinavia with accepted North Germans.

(Start as Denmark, end vassal status S-H, war them for Schleswig, then release and play as Schleswig. You need to do this so Denmark can't just restore order on you if you were released straight from S-H.)

Then you can war Denmark with Swedish help for Jylland, then annex Denmark, then war Sweden / form Scandinavia / whatever, start warring Germany for all the North German stuff. In multiplayer you could combine this with a human Austria taking all the South German clay so that together you hold all the German land.

Why the hell would you…

Ah, you are that type of cancer.


You could impress r/paradox with that.


I see no wrong user.

Also how do you even exist withouth states and can you post a pic of your "colony"? Would be pretty interesting to conquer Africa.

i had to cheat to add the three eastern colonies as states im confused too how i survived with no states ive tried to invade france to the east but as soon as their peacetreaty with germany ends they declare war on them and promptly get destroyed


What did you do to God to deserve this?


Just one letter short


Quick aside before the point: I fucking hate it that you can’t take a capital state until the very end. That’s an utter fucking bullshit mechanic and not at all historic or rational.
1. You can have a nation with zero states. This mostly comes from releasing nations like that, but it’s possible.
2. Take the NWO mod; it’s broken now such that when Britain releases India, all of its states are still colonies and it is released as an uncivilized nation. It has no technologies, can’t build naval bases, apparently HAS no naval bases when it is released, and as such can’t convert any of its colonies to proper states because it has no colonial power. As such, it’s always carved up by its surrounding countries instantly, since the war score for a colony is less than half of that for a state. Seriously bugged.

i think this might have something do with their primary culture being south han/north han

Chinese Copts? Do they actually control any of Egypt?

Your game has gone terribly wrong.

yeah germany controlled egypt but they got dismantled

post europe

bowds dot fou chain dot org/b/thread/750705538/dropbox-links-thread

I've always wondered why people went with the word Clique to describe the warlord nations in China like it was a highschool group.



Hey user you really seem to know what you're doing map editing wise.
Is there any chance you could take a look at the French Flanders/Belgium France border area? The fugly shape of Lille Cambrai and Dunkirk have been triggering me for years and the only mods that touch those areas are either alt history or hopelessly broken.

I like the way the divergences mod handled it with the nice organic lines as opposed to vanillas rough edges, pic related is what I'm talking about.

Someone should've called the ISIS goons Islamic Clique years ago.

Is he the Chinese Voldemort or something?

Goddammit I used nationalist china's tag (KMT) for Khemit. Gonna fix this shit real fast.

So what exactly do you want me to change? Lille, Cambrai and Dunkirk's shapes, the coastline, wut?


Like this you mean?

That would lead to stupid shit like Laos gaining a conquest CB on China

Exactly that, almost an aestheticly perfect Franco-border.
Only thing in that that I'd change is adjusting Lille so it didn't stab into Dunkirk so as not to ook so horrible when console cheated into GrossNetherlands, the congress of Europe mod on the para forums actually adds a couple of provinces in around there to split it into Dunkirk/West Flanders but that might be too hard to justify.

How about this?

It's different from vanilla and therefore 100% better,3.14/10 please upload.
Dunkirk is still nasty though, for reference here's what Divergences and CoE have done with the area, ignoring the additional provinces all they've done is reshape them to not be oblong shaped and made a 100% united Low Countries palatable.

I actually copypasted the Divergences provinces into the mod, so it should be fine.

except that new province next to Dunkirk of course.

Beautiful enough to satiate my autism then, next items on the agenda: The entirety of France and East Prussia, IMO the CoE shapes are just better.

Gonna need 2 anons for this shit.

That one's doable

Anyway here's another version of user's HFM Edits, it contains some changes to the low countries' shape and I've corrected some fuckups preventing the Republic of China from popping out (Previously it was the Coptic Republic of Khemit, which is silly), now it's just the Republic of China and the Republic of Khemit is the Coptic Metropolitanate.
Not compatible with pre-existing saves, sorry about that, but I can't simply test everything in one run without fucking up.

by the way you dont actually get any infamy at all from the genocide decision (apart from the +0.10 infamy for 12 months)

Where can I find HFM without cucking for Paradox? I can only find HPM in the mod folder.

The real infamy begins after you take the decision, it triggers an event to select what types of pops you wanna kill.


>became the leading superpower in 1989 after a nuclear war between the US and USSR over Ethiopia
>largest economy in the world just ahead of Germany
Now if only CWE reduced the prestige gain of the WW2 victors so Bongistan isn't considered a superpower because they have 10000 prestige.

Hotfix. Game crashed on load because some flags had the wrong tags.

Also delete your map and flag cache just in case the game crashes.

thx m8

is this compatible with the israel minimod?


Check my multiplayer game, im Austria and my friend was Brandenburg and became Prussia and then Germany.

I holocausted all the non Austrians in the Balkans and most of northern Italy.

My friend annihilated all the p[oles as they removed Prussians from some Teutonic order provinces that he wanted.

Ottomans are absolute shit and a menace even though i was trying to hurt them or contain them for most of the game.. But by the end they were destroyed, but are still obnoxiously large in Africa.
I decided to rule the non Austrian area of my empire through client states and vassals so as to keep my nice borders.

Muh Catholic Mediterranean.

Also i helped gas a lot of Turks into Greeks cause the AI hardly ever uses the exterminate button to get rid of turkroaches.

We were both allied with Russia for over two centuries and i was allied to Castille. but i dropped Castille towards the end and then Russia rivaled me after i released Hellas as a client state.

Here a youtube video of the timeline.

yeah the event triggers a year later and you pick either cultural or religious but you dont get any infamy

I just console-tested the event myself and got 27.5 infamy like it's intended, also check the rest of the decision (& related events) and it seems fine. Got any other mods aside from HFM?

I already deleted my map cache (not sure about what you meant by flag cache) and the game still crashes when its trying to startup (specifically at Executing History). Im not sure what is causing the crash, im running Vicky 2 v3.04 all DLC's and running this mod along HFM (not HPM).

That's map cache
That's flag cache.

Delete what's inside both folders.

thanks lad. im a retard and somehow I got the wrong folders. Im going to try again

My game still crashes at Executing History when its trying to startup. I already deleted whats inside my flag cache and map cache. I want to stop being a retard help.

Another update, this one changes the goods of several provinces in Colombia (Coal in Antioquia) and Venezuela, some aesthetical changes to the Sinai (it's now a mountain) and a gold rush in Mahdia (Guyana, 1893)

Download the new version and see if it works. Remember these edits are for HFM 1.25/1.25a

Did it work?

Had to switch to >phoneposting sorry. It still crashed, HFM ( v1.25a) works alone well but whenever I tick your mod with HFM and launch vicky2, it crashed at Executing History.

That's odd, anyone else getting this? My game's fine and I've deleted and used a new V1.26 folder straight from the zip and it works. I'm also using HoD DLC 3.04

My game crashes as well, but during gameplay, rather than while loading, seemly at random. However, this also happened with NWO, and the last time it happened, I was using HFM 1.24a, so it probably isn't the same issue.

How come everyone's crashing and shit and my vicky2's never ever unintentionally crashed on me.

Not even England has that much available.
Seriously fuck this shit.

One of the things I noticed while playing HFM is that there are unique pictures for certain major provinces (like London or Paris), and I think that there could be many more. The biggest problem is that for numerous provinces, the picture does/would not make sense at the start of the game. The Suez province shouldn't have a picture of the canal until it is finished, Pretoria should have a picture, but only once the Boers come along, and so on.
What I want to know is whether it is possible to change the picture of a province in-game.

On a semi-related note, I just remembered that the British Raj had a summer capital in the town of Simla, because it was too damn hot to run a country in the summer in India if you weren't in the Himalayas. I think that it would be a nice bit of immersion to include a series of events to rotate the capital between Delhi and Simla, based on seasons.
The way I think it could work is sometime after the acquisition of Delhi, there would be an event explaining it, and asking the player if they wanted to go through with the cycle, maybe making some sort of modifier, so that the people who do the cycle get some payback for having to deal with two events every year.

Of course, you make the picture with GIMP, PS, or Paint.net and put it in the gfx\interface folder.
Then, you add the new province-specific terrain by editing map\terrain.txt
THEN you tell the game to use those two (picture and new province-specific terrain) together by adding it to interface\province_interface.gfx
After this, all you have to do is localization (telling the game new_province_pic means something like Pretoria or Grassland Hills)

Sadly you can't make those pics change after a set amount of time, it really does bother me that Suez has the canal already and Austin, tx has a fucking electric trolleybus.

As for Simla-Dehli, I think you're underestimating the annoyance that is a yearly event changing your capital. Seriously user, it's very, VERY annoying.
I like the idea, but a yearly event could be too much for a lot of people.