Ultra Rare Video Game settings

Post some really rare settings, I'll start: Indian myth. I'm no poo in the loo but indian myth with all it's many armed retard elephants could be pretty interesting as a setting.

The only game I know that has indian monsters that I know of is genji, dawn of the samurai.

Racing simulators with actual visible depictions of the damages.

There used to be quite a lot of those when I was a kid.

Modern RPG's. Besides cutesy Japanese games, it seems to be relatively untapped.

I heard they stopped doing that because of licensing agreements. Something like

Apart from pic related I can't think of many games that are set in Ireland apart from a bunch of grand strategy games and some Warband mods (plus the Viking Conquest expansion).

What's weird though is that I can think of a ton of games that feature Irish mythology in some way. Apart from pic related, there's DMC3 (the Dullahan), Darkstalkers & MvC (the Morrigan), Nioh (Saoirse), Smite (Cu Chulainn who has a Scottish accent for some reason, which would really annoy me if I cared about that game), Warcraft (Banshees), Fate/Grand Order (Fionn mac Cumhaill/Finn McCool), and probably way more.

Oh shit I remember folklore. It was so hyped when it came out.

Yeah, I remember being quite excited for it at the time. I got it when it came out and I vaguely remember it being pretty good, but I don't remember that much about it as I never got to play it that much. It still sticks out in my mind for being the only game set here that I can think of, though.

Digital devil saga has a lot of Indian myth shit going on. The names of locations, groups, and items are derived from it. Though I guess SMT is cheating since it features all sorts of mythical creatures.

SMT/persona has some Irish and celt mythos representation, but it's still definitely an untapped source for media. Maybe Dullahan popularity in japan will spread awareness at some point

Ancient south- and mesoamerica with Maya, Inca, Aztec and stuff. Some games have some bits and pieces here and there but I would love to see a full fledged fantasy RPG like the hundreds of western games but with pre-columbian america feel and lore instead of the same old medieval europe stuff we always get.

SMT's another one that slipped my mind. It seems to be Japanese games that feature Irish myths the most, dunno why. One of Japan's current princesses even went to Dublin to study English a few years ago, I believe.

Dullahan would rape your shit in Saga Frontier.

I had an idea for an Exile-like game set in the Indonesian isles, if I ever made it. Though, what advantages do those cultures have in terms of style and setting?

As says, precolumbian americas as an actual setting and not just a "generic aztec/maya/inca themed level".

I already made a post about this in another thread so I'll just link to it

if the irish and the japanese combine forces we can finally destroy england and make london toyko 2

Now that I think about it there are not that many action games or RPGs set in rome. None that are good.

pre-medieval Europe is pretty untapped as far as settings go

a thousand times this, I'd sacrifice several anons if it meant getting a good game based in Aztec or Mayan culture


I didn't know potatos could even speak English let alone write it, that's amazing!

I want some more games with cowboys, with magic and mechs. Every time i think about it i'm surprised it's so niche.

They're only pretending to be retarded!

Dunno if pic related has magic, but it's quite a fantastical take on the western setting.

Wasn't there supposed to be a PC game based on Deadlands at some point? Whatever happened to that?

Also, not vidya but I maintain Doomtown (the original, not the watered-down remake) was the best CCG ever made, it blows Magic right out of the water.


call of juarez gunslinger could be considered very light fantasy when you think about the shitty injun levels

Check out Boktai, especially the second game. The central plot is about vampire hunting and sun/dark magic, but the game has a lot of western inspiration. There's a shit ton of references to old western movies.
The gameplay and music is fantastic, too.

Sanic adventure sort of did (devs even traveled with a Sonic plush over to South America to see ruins). Music is a bit inspired from that as well (mystic ruins music).

Any post-1945 war setting the US propaganda system doesn't want kids to learn about

Asura's wrath is Hindu/Buddhist mythology.

Part of me wants to make an RPG set in the US, either in the present day or sometime in the last century, with semi-stylized "realism" like MGSV. It would actually be unique for its genre. To my knowledge, the only popular RPG set in the "real" world is Persona, which is very distinctly Japanese.

It became Savage World system (think engine for vidya). The makers became retarded lazy and just slap their system on every bloody settings, including Deadlands itself as Deadlands: Reloaded.

They became footnote and everything was forgotten about them except this one gem itself.

Anybody knows anything based on slavic folklore?

Are there even any games like that?

I honestly thought OP meant rare video game settings, like putting antialiasing on low/off and occlusion on Ultra.

Asuras Wrath is a complete waste of some very cool visuals and themes on what's essentially an interactive anime

So did I. I was so confused.

Ethereal/meta-physical planes. Whenever there's another plane of existence in a game, it's always carnal.

Check out Wild Guns.

I should get around to playing the 3rd one soon.

Played that game. Wish they'd make more in that style unreliable narrator.

Gay men's assholes.

I'm in the middle of the second game. The soundtrack is blowing me away.
I smirked when I realized who Ennio, Marcello and Luis were named after.