Will Star Citzen ever gonna be released?!

It's been 6 fucking years already!

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'Will Star Citizen ever be released?!'


'Is Star Citizen ever gonna be released?!'

Fun fact: it already surpassed the budget and development time of GTAV, it's getting close to the TORtanic budget.

It will, but completely half-assed and with tons of butchered content due to "time and budget constraints.

I think that the tech demo is starting to become really impressive.

I hope something decent comes out of it so that we would have something that would shit in the mouth of the industry.

Now that Amazon has become involved I think that it will go somewhere.

Can't you play it already?

They're too busy trying to obtain tax exemption status.


Sure. You can eat floor and salty water with a little bit of yeast. But i prefer to eat bread yk…

6 years, buffalo queers.

Never ever

That comic was made by an illiterate who was so incensed that he had been corrected, that he thence undertook a great act of pedantry in order to prove that pedantry was done unto him.

It's dead, Jim.

The prophet Roberts will lead us into the Citizenry of the Star. But only if we dig deeper into our wallet to buy more jpgs.

When it becomes a tiny economy and Chris Roberts is gonna be the Star King.

He didn't make that post because of grammar you dumb fuck.

SIX FUCKING YEARS. Christ. Six fucking years and 75 dollars I'll never see again because I had second thoughts about it far, far too late.

your working on this shit? Cause it looks like so ;)
Intentionally deviating from the subject is quite a clearly demonstration of not wanting the subject to develop, that points a question: -Why? Do you work on it? Do you want to damage control?
But if you only really want to point a grammar issue then we can assume that you might have some problem with your socialization skill, are you an autistic? Because fyi if you don't know, this is no test, you are not in a school and finally nobody fucking cares…I am sorry and go away.

What kind of floor does your house have that it's edible? Did you hire Willy Wonka as a building contractor or something?

Wait. So all that begging for money because "muh publishers would never fund it!" and they still get a publisher?
They still get a publisher despite the ridiculous amount of money they got?

wew this shit is gonna end up a bigger shit show than MN9

Alright, i got it wrong, i am sorry.


'Star Citizen' switches to Amazon's game engine
please use archive.is/2016/12/24/star-citizen-switches-to-amazon-game-engine/
How can they change engines 4 years on dev?!?

If you want to discuss subject A, it helps when you don't distract from subject A by retardation B. For example, if you want to talk about the shitshow that is Star Citizen, it helps if you don't come across as an illiterate nigger, and then double down on your pride in being an illiterate nigger.

You should like a desperate faggot who threw shekels at Roberts.

Every time, you know it. Nothing but money-grubbing kikes and retards.

remember to always ==N.U.T.A.B== , user.


pics related

They started on CryEngine, then moved to an engine that is derived from CryEngine. So they didn't really change much.

Don't forget




I honestly highly doubt this game will ever see the light of day, but if for some bizarre, nonsensical, time paradox-ive reason it manages to actually come out…would you play it?
Though to be honest, I don't even have an answer because I just usually hate "what if" questions in this industry.

Would I? Sure, if it had a good single-player campaign.

What would the game be, the updated Wing Commander or Privateer? Or a space shooter in that vein but also a sim and FPS? Or all that and survival sim? Or is it a space sim that is so mindblowing not even VR can contain it? Even as a what if, shekel yidizen still drags the feature creep along.

If Robert's (peace be upon his his scamming) history pans out, a publisher might buy it and do triage on the trainwreck, either salvaging what they can and maybe release it as a P2W F2P space shooter with season pass and shit.


It's an amazing demonstration of what you get when you give the crytek guys $162M and tell them they can just blow it on technical art.
There's no game at all and there never will be as the actual 'game' is selling jpegs. You guys don't realize how gamified that actually is as it's usually only talked about by the whales. There's ship melting, war bonds, buyback tokens, cross chassis upgrades, LTI, concept sales, etc.. A whole pile of systems around buying, selling, and trading jpegs that is far more detailed than anything in the game itself. The average 'backer' is in it for nearly $100 because so many end up on this ride.

I > IV > III > II >>>>>>>>>>>>>> V Propheshit

And then there's SC. What the fuck happened?


Buying that chinese clone lego ship probably yields more fun per dollar vs buying a Roberts brand jpg ship.

This came out 6 years ago

and it sold 10 billion copies, thanks to you

I just look forward to the mass suicides of people who spent 20k plus on this

Huh? Steamspy reports about 220k at most

There are only a handful of people who actually did this, the 15k pack was a limited time offer and as of now only 4 people bought it.

Oh i'm mad

There are a very large number of plebbitors that buy the $750 ships, though. They even scarfed up the shitty Optane drives that Intel can't find a market for just for the bundled JPEG.


that's just sad
For $30k he could've bought a used 1990 Nissan GT-R.

That man obviously doesn't have a family, single men don't need cars for anything.

Say what you will, this guy is actually smart.

He sees the immense amount of money that has been put into this game and thinks it's going to be the next EVE where the game and reality are so closely linked that money from prostitution goes into funding EVE ships. He's trying to be one of the elites of this new emerging technology, and the fact that he even has 30k to spend on 'virtual goods' also indicates that his business risk taking has paid off.

That being said, the fact that you can even spend 30k on video game space ships also seems to not only be a way to sipher large amounts of cash from the player base, but also seems to have a dual purpose of also creating headlines. 'Man spends 30,000$ in STAR CITIZEN'.

Why would he want a shitty car jpeg when he can get a spaceship jpeg for the same price?


blogpost warning:
And that's how, after 6 years of laughing at it, now I'm kinda wanting this to succeed

The tech demo does look interesting, but it's still just a tech demo. It's at what, Alpha 3.0 right now? Almost?
Six years and it's still in alpha, and more than half of its features aren't even at first-pass yet, and nearly half of their ships are still in concept or first-pass - and they keep adding more for some reason.
If I were seeing this video in 2013 rather than 2017, I'd probably be feeling some kind of hype welling up within me. But for fucks sake, they're falling into the Duke Nukem Forever trap - taking so long to develop that technology outpaces their "revolutionary" game - so they take the extra time to rebuild shit to the newer high-end limits - and in the time it takes them to do that the tech outpaces them again and so on.
Chris Roberts is chasing the dragon of his dream right into a black hole. It's just not clear anymore whether the dragon is his vision for Star Citizen, or $$$. I'd love to not be cynical about this, but this is the Berenstain Universe, and Cynicism is a fundamental physical force here.

I'll admit, though, when I see shit like what I've embedded here, I can understand why some people just abandon all reason and surrender themselves to blind hope. It's very easy to get absorbed in the world they've created with their animated short films, and I do wish that world were real. I wish I could just transport myself into a future sci-fi universe where all of the space adventures I've ever dreamed of having could actually happen.
I'm too old and cynical now to allow myself to fall into that trap, but there's a fuckload of people who don't have that filter inside them, constantly reminding them that "nothing good will ever happen." These people are throwing all of their money into a fire just because they refuse to realize that "wish" and "will be" are always mutually exclusive.

But man, if there actually was some kind of deep-dive fully immersive VR universe you could just jack into and live another life like that, even with all my big tough-guy talk I'd probably immediately lose myself to it and just starve to death at my rig or something.
It's a very potent form of digital crack that CR is peddling. Gotta give him notoriety props for that, at least.

Didn't we later find out that this guy had a wife and kids, blew their college funds on this game, and eventually got divorced because of it?

Not sure if its the same guy

That's what I was thinking of.
How many people have spent over 20k on this game?

Did these jpgs even increase in price? if he still holds onto whatever he bought I'd doubt he'd make a profit from them now.

Not sure but there has been a few of them going by these prices.

Lots of people made good money on the jpeg grey market a few years ago, during the initial storm of monthly LTI concept sales.
I don't know what the status of it is now, but for a while there people were buying lifetime-insured bitmaps and flipping them to plebbitors for 30-50% markups.

This guy isn't smart, though, he's just a gambler. The chances of a game of SC's scope and budget being a massive runaway success are extremely low. He's basically slamming 30k down on the table and then hitting on 20.


That unfortunate thumbnail placement always bugged me, here's a freshly updated 16MB version.

It's random. Some people make money, some lose it. RSI does increase prices on some jpegs occasionally to manipulate people into believing they need to get in early like every scam does. It also keeps them hopeful their 'investment' will pan out, so they don't ask for a refund until it's too late.

Reminds me of a movie that was based on a real story. "Owning Mahoney".



As long as it's not poisonous, it's mostly a case of compatibility and consistencies of the bricks. That said those chinks have advanced some in the years. I'd buy a bucket of good clone bricks vs official Lego brand legos. I'll even sell some jpgs of them.

M8 I'll let you in on a secret, half the time the knock-off brand items are produced in the same factories as official items after hours.

Yeah I've read the stories and I knew someone who worked briefly there. Not the chinese steel.jpg pasta guy, but fairly close.

You've clearly never experienced the pain of knockoff legos.
I bought a Mega Bloks set once. ONCE. It was a Halo Warthog, and while the pieces seem identical to Lego at first, problems reveal themselves in the build process. Some parts were misshapen ever-so-slightly, so they fit together individually, but the whole model WOULD NOT STAY TOGETHER. Something had a slight curve to it, or the peg was too big for the hole, I could never find the problem piece. Maybe it was all of them, and their sets have a limit before the problems compound to a critical point. But I had to hold the finished product with an iron grip or the pieces would force themselves apart. I finally got it to sit on my desk and it quivered, waiting for an errant touch or a slight breeze to make it explode into several smaller pieces. It collapsed again without provocation that night.
In addition to the structural failure that can't be pinpointed to any particular brick, they just look like shit too. Mega Bloks have these swirly patterns in them like the color wasn't even mixed into the plastic long enough. I don't want to know how fucking bad some random chinese knockoff can get, if Lego's #1 competitor is this awful.

Lego has cited their stringent quality standards and perfect materials as the reasoning behind their high prices before, and ever since that Warthog, I believe them.

Not at the chinese autismo block factory but general business manager stuff.

Storytelling is exposition - there's no such thing as storytelling without it. I'm really not sure what you mean there.
But yeah, I agree that it's extremely pander-ish and also extremely obvious marketing advertisement. But pretending that CR and Star Citizen don't exist and just watching the little animated short in a vacuum, I quite enjoyed it. It's just enough to get my imagination fired up dreaming about a spacefaring future that will never come.

Well you probably bought too cheap knockoff. In China it's a way of life, you get what you pay for. They can make an extremely cheap items but don't expect them to pass any quality control. If you pay reasonable amount of money, then you will get good items.

I always assumed people superglued legos together when making intricate models and whatnot, so that if it's accidentally dropped or something it doesn't smash into a million little bricks.

That used to be a good and more than fair reason for their higher prices but nowadays it's mostly licensing. Lego patents has expired, it's now mostly licensing fees for shit like SWars that drives up a lot of the prices.

I just want them to go back to making good games, instead of the same fucking thing with a different movie license.

Lego doesn't produce shit in china like everyone else though (until JUST recently and it's one factory out six). The quality standards I'm talking about are retiring the molds after a specific number of uses (to resist deforming from heat over long periods of time), having inspectors constantly checking for bad pieces, and making sure the plastic mix that goes into the molds is ideal. China doesn't do any of these things unless a team of foreign representatives is constantly on site making sure they do. And knockoffs (even western) aren't paying anybody for the Lego-tier quality control because they want to hit a lower price point and can't afford it.
I've bought them recently and they're still high quality. Unless you're saying the cost of maintaining that quality has come down, which I'm not sure how that could be possible because the cost of QC is peoples' salaries.

Mega Bloks, like I said, is the #1 Lego competitor at least in the USA. They have the most selection and it's basically the only knockoff name you even see in stores. There's a couple others that I barely even know exist and occupy almost zero shelf space in relevant stores.

Yeah but you should be able to put a brick model on your desk and have it support its own weight, or not threaten to blow apart from some invisible elasticity.

How should I feel about the crossovers?

For example, because of Holla Forums, Gamergate, and Trump, I've become very sensitive to what products I buy. I see Lego and Starwars sets crossed over all the time, for example, and I know Disney is king jew and I don't want to support that

Goddammit some people just have too much money to throw at videogames.

I remember when shills were talking about how this game was going to be something like "the World" from Hack.

No, I'm saying the cost of paying those licenses such as SWars is adding to the cost of an already not cheap prices for the QA lego uses. As their patent expired they faced a challenge against other companies. Sad to say that quality of the bricks alone will not help them in an era where more kids are swayed building a pre-designed set instead of making something from their own imagination. When I was a kid I had more fun making my own stories with legos and resetting and building something new again, now it's increasingly "build this officially approved SWar or other popular franchise brand with Lego!".

Praise Roberts!

Dead Space was so meta.


Have you seen their recent stuff? There's still not-licensed Lego that's good. City is eternal, and always great vehicle and structure sets. They have a jungle explorer line that's fucking great right now and reminds me of that Indiana Jones ripoff they had back in the early 00's. Ninjago might not be everyone's cup of tea, but at least it's original and there's a cool huge mecha set. Plus they have Creator ones where you can build 3 different things with the same set of bricks and they're mostly generic pieces with infinite uses, instead of those fucking purpose-built cockpit windows and stuff that come with Star Wars.

I'm just saying, I know how to spend money. I'll buy the knockoff if it's comparable quality, I got all my HDMI cables from some chink on amazon for $2 a pop. Lego is one of the things I will not budge because they are ACTUALLY higher quality than their competitors and it gives tangible results. You just don't see those results until you use the shitty version and get frustrated without them.

Both Origin and EA (Electronic Access) are in-lore companies. 27 years later and Roberts is still ass-blasted about Freelancer.

Sure, but the licensed stuff is what is being pushed and pushed hard. Last time I walked through walmart it was nearly all licensed stuff on the shelves and promo pieces.

Didn't they already memory hole any mentions of VR.

My local walmart is absolutely shit-tier for toys these days. They have the bare minimum, Target is way better.


Exposition is info-dumping on to the viewer, but the viewer isn't part of the story so the character providing the information has to awkwardly dump it onto another character in the story who likely already knows what is being explained.

Fug forgot to take off the flag.

Yeah they are. The one near my area was briefly good overall when they reopened as a super center. But it got fucked over by niggers and pajeets.
No Tarjays within any reasonable distance where I'm at unfortunately. If I ever have lego autism again I'd likely buy with some savvy lego collectors for bulk savings on the unlicensed stuff or something.

now how about that fag?

That's how those pretentious and lofty tech press conference speeches are supposed to be, though. Pretty by book.
1. Dangle something shiny and simple in front of the viewer (look at this star)
2. Lofty monologue about how civilization's greatness is due to the little guy to flatter the main demographic (the Zeus)
3. Mention smart science people that everybody recognizes so you sound credible and the audience feels smart (albert einstein bit)
4. Misdirect into product reveal with swelling music

Nothing about it was surprising or particularly bad. It was pretty much like any old Steve Jobs or Elon Musk press speech, just with the polish ratcheted up a few notches.
Nothing about it is meant to inform the audience or tell them anything they don't already know. The point is to convince the audience that they've always known and always wanted what you're about to announce.

What is the game even about?

Buy some jpgs and find out if you dare, dubs. You want it to be an FPS, you got it. A space sim, sure. A space exploration shooter, yes. Anything you like big boy, you buy jpg and Roberts will love you long time. But buku wallet only, big buku cash money, you buy yes.

This game changes by the our. It started as a Wing Commander kind of game.

Now they're selling goddamned GROUND VEHICLES.

Are they in .jpg or .bmp?

Willing to pay even $100 IF it ever releases bro

It's funny how you can source a snarky yet still inaccurate cartoon but can't write an accurate topic header

Boom, dynamite laid pleasingly.

Well since you gave me permission I'm gonna go ahead and call him a retard and now we'll see who comes out looking like a chump.

To my eye that looks like they're such practised hacks that they've made a digital hype-man, rather than have a real one who people can point to as a liar who sold them a load of bullshit.

Yeah I'll fucking bet they are at 6 to 18 grand a pop. Moreover, how could a digital product they make ever go out of stock unless they were creating artificial scarcity?

It looks like what NMS should have been but it's still empty, there's no game and *any* reliance on procedural generation creates the very definition of 'filler material' as we saw with NMS, it's shit you speed past because it's boring nothingness. I'd much rather have one curated city over a billion procedurally generated worlds. Especially if there's a 6+ grand pricetag to get anything somewhat unique.

The idea and scope is impressive but they can only fail to fill something that's as big as that claims it could be. They'd need a legion of (good) sci-fi and quest writers all playing together churning out shit, even then you can't fill a galaxy with enough stories for it to feel as overwhelming as it should if it were done correctly. My money is on infinite random refreshing quests Fallout 4 style.

I'm really glad I'm not on the hook for buying any shit for this because I'd be kind of forced to play along and go:

Even if it releases I can only see disappointment in their futures, it's not gonna be as good as they thought when they ponied up their moolah. The cash grabbing prices are fucking terrifying and worse they somehow hit upon those numbers because multiple someones were actually willing to pay them, madness. It's as if they've missed every instance in the past where EVERY SINGLE hyped-the-fuck-up game has fallen painfully short of expectations.

Technical limitations will kill this or nerf it into something weaksauce.

They upgraded their engine to support .tiff files now.

Well that changes everything. I'm dropping at least a grand on it, along with an intel optane and an i9 right fucking now for that shit. If you're not a Starry Citizen, you're just an earthbound slave. Praise Roberts!


Really? I thought that Roberts was only using a modified version of Amazon's CryEngine.

The movie guaranteed the death of this series and should've buried Chris Robert's career permanently just like the Spirits Within, but furries who pretend to like video games because pretending to want to fuck animals isn't fulfilling enough had to say otherwise.

I have a friend who's a diehard supporter of this game. Whenever we talk about games, somehow the conversation always gravitates back to Star Citizen, and how it's growing exponentially and is going to be the biggest and baddest game of all time. I don't have the heart to tell him that the project will never become a reality anytime soon.

Also while I'm at it there's tons of gorrilla marketing for this game and Chris himself in the vein of "he made Times of Lore" like anyone gave a shit about that when it came out. The Faery Tale did everything that game did better and earlier but you don't hear a peep about it because the makers didn't go on to suck shriveled Hollywood producer cock in a desperate attempt to remain relevant.

I haven't really paid attention to this whole mess.
So what do you get for your 18k? A hand full of ships? Can't you get them ingame? Or do you actually need to spend real money to get ships?
The fuck is the gameplay even going to be if you start with the biggest ship? Isn't the appeal of these games to work your way up to better ships over the course of the game?
This is so confusing.

You get a JPG of a spaceship. That’s all you get.

The marketing behind Star Citizen was brilliant, really, and that's what the game is, marketing. They went to reddit, and went
and the neckbeards and retards threw money at them.

Ask a die hard SC fan what they think of the show Firefly, they'll almost always tell you it's amazing. It worked well because Firefly became huge after it was canceled, and Star Citizen rode the wave of people wanting a big sci fi world where you wander the stars with a crew of friends to millions and millions of dollars.

The game will never release, yet he'll keep asking for money. Why would he release the game? It's more profitable to keep stringing everyone along and getting them to send you money. Specially because SC fanboys are so thirsty for a space game where you just fly around aimlessly with your friends and they have no alternative.

Realistically SC has such a grip on that market, someone could release a legitimate clone of SC and none of the SC people would touch it. It is marketing genius and it's never going to end and become a final product, because lying to people and telling them to give you money for this game will make far more money than a released game will.

Out of everything that has happened with this I will never understand why people actually bought pictures of ships that arent made yet. This baffles me beyond everything else

It makes sense when you realize it's mostly furries who pay hundreds of bucks for badly drawn porn and goons who spend hundreds of bucks for avatars and ban appeals.

Fools and their money are soon parted, user.

But none of that makes sense. God will punish us for this faggotry.

Furries and goons are the punishment.

It went big because there is a lack of space sims during the time it was released, not because of a cancelled tv show.
I STILL thrist for a space sim.

I don't know what to say to him so I just don't say anything. You guys are right about it being like a religion. He doesn't even care when it gets released, he's convinced it will happen and be the best game ever made, and every time they release some new ship concept he spends hundreds more dollars.

Stop being his friend.


Either way, no.

Goons and furries.

are those prices in real life currency?


Exposition is NOT storytelling. Exposition is the setup for a story. A "story" which is nothing but exposition would read like a dry nonfiction book detailing the culture or history of some people or region.

From the tech demoes I've seen (including the FPS one) it looks like the game was built for tech demoes, so gameplay was the last thing on their minds. This game just looks like it was made to be aesthetically pleasing as possible, rather than build the foundation of the game, from gameplay.

I think the game will be released, but it will be bloated mess with shallow gameplay where the only people like it are these delusional fanatics that jerk off in their ships.

False digits. Why do you think people criticize Hollywood movies for having constant exposition for the dumbed down viewer? think real hard about this one user. Exposition is a tool, you can create and tell stories without it.


Is this real?

If Star Citizen Releases you will find ship codes in every Childs Menu.
Limited Sechuan Citizen Sauce package deals.
20% Discount on your first purchase and a SC Skin if you sign up for a new Aldi Memberscard.
Let the investments flow with those marketing strategies.

If Overgrowth got released chances are SC will be released.
The question is not will, it's when and of what quality.

Yes. Its the intro from a real guild's youtube channel. I still remember rendering the webm with webm for retards and no tweaks in the ffmpeg commandfs like a total moron. Do you know what else is real? All of this.

They are still at it? The game is 3 years over its fucking dead line and there is still no working game.


You answered your own question.

jpegs use up a lot of limited resources user. Why don't you keep quiet until you get a higher IQ?

This was 3 years ago during the big Stream that was supposed to reveal how awesome and great the game is. Meanwhile, the FPS module as originally developed was slashed, everything from Elite Dangerous poorly aped and the single player campaign cut into pieces so they could make it last year. Meanwhile there is some new shit from assburger negro's forum:


Croberts and his clown troupe have lost £2.4 Million somewhere between shell companies.


Also this game has to be involved in money laundering, the whole project reeks of it.

It eventually will, after the gravy train comes to a stop.

Yup. As in they forgot that it was even there.

There were more allegations of that kind. Suspicions about Eric Roberts showing Chris some neat tricks from his time with the Swedish Mafia. There was illicit gray Market for Spaceship JPEGs. Ortwin Freyermuth who was also involved with Robert's production company was sued in summoned to a German court over a shell company he ran there. This shady as fuck figure is still Robert's lawyer as well. There are rumors that say, that Chris and and especially Sandy Roberts are using the game Project as vehicle to get back into Hollywood. Yes, that Hollywood that has been turned out to be a paradise for raptists who who frankly speaking belong on /r9k/, pedos, horny sodomites and other perverts.

Just googled some of this shit and "Derek Smart" keeps popping up. Looks like the guy knows his shit and is trying to warn people of this shit company/game. It's funny how the Star Citizen fanatics vilify him as if he's going to break their little dream world. Reality is going to be a bitch for all of these faggots that are getting bamboozled. All of this is way deeper than I thought it would be.

Oh yeeeah, WingCommander2:the sequel that no one asked for boogalo is just around the corner then? :^)

Don't get me started on fucking Mega Bloks. I had quite a few as a kid, because I love robots and dragons and Mega Bloks did both at the right times for me. They do not like to stay together at all. I've never had Lego refuse to stay together, but I always had problems with Mega Bloks.

There's a few other knock-off brands at my local Dollar General, including one that has an official Transformers license. No actual Lego, though.

Old news, old news. In fact his Blogpost about his purely engineering related concerns and the Escapist article that came out a few months later were the very happenings that blew the lid on it. Just get that into your skull: Derek "finish your failed autism game at home for free" Smart
of all people was right on a game engineering issue.

Roberts has produced more than that. Among the movies under his belt is Lord of War which was a commercial flop. Am I surrounded by newfags who crawled to us from halfchan or am I getting baited here?

The even funnier part is that Derek has worked on more space sims than Roberts ever has, yet they still hate him.

Nah, I don't watch much movies. Roberts only came back on my radar when one of my friend told me he bought 100$ worth of ships during the early days. Thankfully that's all he spent on it.

After seeing all of this stuff I really want this game to fail.

I just want to take a moment to thank you for your diligence in correcting very basic grammar. I have noticed a very sharp decline in simple English speaking ability on this website over the years and can never muster up enough fucks to give to do what you do.

"Show, don't tell." I get it.
But he's giving a speech - basically verbal writing. Everything he says is just exposition.
If, instead of a man giving a keynote speech at a press conference, the video was about the actual events he's describing, then a narrator just spouting words about it would be pretty lackluster and out of place.
But that's not the framing of the video. It's a video about a guy standing still delivering a rehearsed speech. It's exposition from beginning to end, and it really can't be much else unless he brings a theater troupe onto the stage to deliver his speech through interpretive dance or some shit.

There will be no MMO
And Again CIG has pissed away all that time to not put the basic tech in place.


That T-shirt just begs to be shopped for the writing "Cuck"!

I've always wondered, if they're as cash strapped and near death as i've heard, how they manage to keep operating. Smart says it's a handful of whales doing most of the heavy lifting. I'm assuming this was pre-Amazon cash infusion. So what's the nature of this Amazon thing anyway? Are they coming on as a partner for the game now?

Speaking of Amazon, the buyer's remorse is strong with this one.

I'm sure CIG will crash and burn in 90 days THIS time, right?

i hope it's sooner, but what's the fun in that when you can have a long painful death?

For what it's worth, I really hope this game turns out great. I'm really impressed with the visuals i've seen so far, but I still can't shake the feeling that it doesn't look like there's any actual game mechanics underneath it all. Considering we're 150 mill. and 6 years into this process, they should have much, much more to show for it.

That tech demo seems to have more content than Elite Dangerous.

Fuck those kikes Roberts and Braben for killing the revival of space games with their respective jewery.

People in the first vid need to be gassed for:

I was gonna ask "What are they thinking?" but it's clear they just aren't thinking at all.

At least we know they'll all kill themselves when the game fails.

I find that a much more entertaining thought than whether the game will come or not. If this game disappeared overnight or was going to close down at an unexpected date, what would all these people who spent over $2000 to buy ships do?

If these failures haven't found the initiative to kill themselves yet I don't think they ever will. They'll delude themselves into making people believe they never cared about it if it ends up sucking because they're just that petty and unwilling to admit they were wrong.

Who knew Trump was a game dev?

It has been released. The ship sales are the game, goy.

You typed that out without realizing how stupid it was.

Where did Elite:D get it's concepts from?

>the amount of money I'll need to pay back in (((student loans))) is lower than the amount that has been dumped into Shekel Shitizen

Someone needs a brush up on their dictionary definitions.


Holy shit they've got fucking *nothing* done.

No because even if it gets completed and every aspect is exactly what Chris Roberts images it to be, it'll still be a shit game because they went for "muh realism" which means 99% of the game is walking and the other 1% is hitscan combat.

In more ways than one.


SC actually has reached a point where it has a very long-term upper hand in graphics. As everyone has noticed, games nowadays barely look any better than 5 or even 10 years ago, and this is of course partly because tech doesn't have that far to go anymore, but also because most games hit a "reasonable modeling budget" limit, the developers just can't afford to spend tens of millions on making super-detailed models that completely utilize the engine and modern GPUs. On the other hand, SC can and consistently does. Most likely nobody else is going to come around in the next ten years making a game with this level of model quality on a vaguely similar scale, because indies can't afford it and AAA studios rather spend the money on advertising.

They're not that impressive not to mention they're only appearing in vids to scam more people out of cash.

At least indies and kike publishers are capable of releasing their products.

At the very least, the models are in the game, and they are definitely a lot higher detail than any other game out there. Design is a different question, but just as far as model quality goes, I haven't seen anything better.

SC's problem is primarily in programming, they constantly have massive networking issues and endless bugs and they don't have enough time to move ahead with implementing actual content. Which doesn't come as a huge surprise, trying to make a 50% scale universe everything-simulator in CryEngine, of all things.

Ever gonna will then be of to the babas goo?

That's one of the problems, the other is that Roberts has no fucking idea what he's doing and is developing three games simultaneously despite a proven track record of being a horrible project lead. This "game" is already dead, and whatever shape it ends up coming out as, I guarantee you that it will be nothing even remotely close to what was promised. In a few years they'll being cutting features en mass, eventually sell out to a publisher that will cobble together whatever they have produced through mismanagement over the years and call it a day.


Except Larian Studios

They're Belgian.

Said it before and I'll say it again: Chris Roberts will not lose a single cent when this project fails. He hasn't invested any of his personal assets. I suppose he will lose his reputation, whatever is left of it.


It'll get released along side Cyberpunk 2077

Sorry for the Ytube embed but listening to this fucking autist rattle his jaw about these *ideas of ships* is wholly disheartening on a human level. He's coming to terms with being totally pissed off with their incompetence and lies in other places but can't see the bigger meta problem of there being void where a game should be, he's so deeply mired in their nomenclature and shipshit reeling off 'facts' and his opinions on literally nothing. So fucking much vitriolic chatter and a mealy-mouthed conclusion to boot, his timorous titter is infuriating.

Don't get me wrong I get being into sci-fi shit but there should at least be a product or story, or something to wed this brain meltingly boring/obsessive personality trait too, trying to pair it with nothing but FAQs and online brochures and .jpegs is gonna make school shooters out of these backers, or workplace shooters given how long it's gonna take them to emerge from this cloud of empty guff and realise what they've been doing for 6 YEARS holy shit, people are gonna die yo.

I can't imagine having to listen to this shit IRL, I'd fucking punch him so hard for being being so dumb and yet such a nerd.

So he's saying the MVP (hahaha) constitutes the game so niggers can't get refunds on their never ever ships for their never ever ever game, in a desperate scramble to prevent the rats from gnawing their way out of the sinking ship. They must have pissed every penny of even their fake money up the wall by now, shit's gonna crash.


you can't pimp out graphics in a game that doesn't exist or one that nobody plays


tbh it'll get released when i lose my virginity

i'm 3.5 years away from wizard.

I bet your dumbass has never seen THX

I didn't know Randomercam backed Star Citizen. No wonder he drinks so much.


I guess it depends on what you mean by "released." Do you mean: "when will I be able to buy the game they intended to make?" Because you already can buy all those ship JPEGs.


Did you just arrive from another universe where the prequels didn't suck, the original trilogy hasn't been fucked with for home releases, and the best film wasn't directed by someone else? Because being compared to Lucas should be taken as an insult.


Well, that's one way of seeing things alright :/

I think the biggest obstacle to graphics advancement has been consoles.

this reminds me of project zomboid except a lot worse and he gets away with it

hang thyself

I was going to reply to you with a long list of things David "Honestly, Barney the Dinosaur should turned into handbags" Braben and his team was getting from his three previous Elite games and implementing into Dangerous that CiG was hastily copying into Star citizen, but was much faster than me. To answer your question without any effort, Elite Dangerous gets all its concepts from Frontier: Elite 2 in particular.


this is a new level of loser i think :/

what, are you already running out?
allow me to show you how it's done
;-b blululululu!!!


It sounds like somebody is fucking murdering their dog's squeaky toy.



Man I would be fucking pissed if I actually paid Money for that piece of ass

Holla Forums can't into business. Videogames are commercial products. Making a 100 million budget game for high end PCs is not good business.

Anyone with half a brain makes sure that their videogame runs on a toaster, no matter how much it makes graphics whores cry. I mean people still bought Witcher 3 despite the graphics downscale.

For vidya is a hobby. For the industry vidya is a paycheck.

Lost as in it's in Sandy's vacation fund

Let me let you in on a little secret about bitches. You probably let yourself get intimidated by them because you're sure they're so perfect, meanwile you obsess over your every flaw, amirite?

The secret is, pretty much all bitches are burning dumpster fires. Even the hot ones, pic related, their bodies aren't as great as you think without all the makeup and other adornment. Not to mention, getting with a woman means assuming an obligation, having to deal with her neediness, her craziness, her filthy personal habits that you only learn about once she's comfortable around you.

My first time getting laid I tripped into some pussy. A friend from work was a weekly club guy so I ended up going out with him like every saturday. In the club one day, this guy tells him she thinks i'm cute, we exchange numbers, couple days later we bang. Just put yourself out there.

tl;dr– take them off the pedestal, and stick your dick in one.

New stuff from the black dude of autistic spreadsheet simulators. As obvious to anyone who isn't a Wing Commander autist or one of the handpicked whales, the Evocati turned out to be another disaster.

Not even Super Computers can run that shit.

They also have a new shell company going on there. Its Cloud Imperium LLC operated from Delaware. Check it out on the site of the Californian Business Registry itself. I could only archive the initial list. Pretty interesting shit if you are assburger.


They didn't know that it was somewhere, even if it was intended for Robterts' vacation fund.

Said toaster is a usually some console that never changes the specs. Before the financial crisis, people could afford new computers with everything and a useless plastic cube. Nowadays they can't. Technical limits also still stands, because if your game only looks and runs good on a super computer, it'll end up some obscure rarity only only 40 year old blokes and spoiled brats have played like pic related. No affordable Amiga at the time could run it. Ultima IX and Unreal were similar case. At the time of their release it wasn't that much of a problem, because Computers were advancing at a tremendous pace so that people could afford the necessary tech half a year later. Nowadays Computers neither advance quickly (Some parts of them are have stopped at the brink of their hard physical limits like Processors which can't get micronized any further as fast it used to be and can't take stronger electrical currents due to heat development) nor can people afford them like it is the 90s and the economy hasn't crashed under the sheer weight of a 1000 Ponzi schemes.

sorry, but I gotta roll for that

oh, forgot to mention this:
You're wrong. Your scope of what women are is limited to the type that go to clubs. There are a lot of good women out there - pious ones that know how to do housework and take care of children. There are plenty of women who dress modestly and still carry the elegance of old. Try going somewhere other than a club to look for women. I admit, you're at a disadvantage having not already found a woman to call a wife before the age of 18. The best loves are the ones that sprout at a young age, hence why the 'childhood friend to lover' trope is so often used in anime/manga/etc.

Also, I really don't appreciate you going around and telling vulnerable anons this shit. You're a part of the problem with society these days. You claim to be above normalcy and modernity, yet you take part in and encourage it by going to clubs and having premarital sex. You're not above normalcy, you're just normal.

Don't listen to that faggot. Keep your head up. Love is always within reach, but don't sell yourself out like that other user did and settle with used goods solely for pleasure. The best and most upstanding loves are ones founded on not only intimacy, but passion and commitment as well.

When W3 came out I had a radeon 7850, a card under the official minimum requirements, I could still play with most things on high and some on medium. I'm glad they downgraded

he looks like a cultists

You’re a degenerate and will only ever find degenerate women. Fuck off.

All women have that aspect. He told user how to get laid easily and that's about it. Nothing more, nothing less. Finding a woman you can marry and get stuck with for life is a different story though. Its also cool how you forgot that casual sex usually fucks your shit up and might bring you closer to God (Personally, I recommend a peek into demonology for that shock). Can you now stop derailing the fucking thread now?

Who do you think is the target audience for corny pickup routines? They didn't come up with the Cock carousel meme, because they figure out you have to be a sexy clown for getting that insane notch count.

Its the eternal conundrum

My advice was only to help user get laid. Reaching wizard status before your first sexual encounter isn't healthy. Yeah, it'd be nice if society were set up the way it was when Christ was alive, marriages were prearranged and you didn't have to worry about hooking up. But that's not the world we live in, unless you're like mormon or something.

The things I said encapsulate all women, not just club chicks. They're all needy, they're all crazy, and yea they all have gross personal habits, we all do. (Find me a woman who doesn't burp or fart, I challenge you.) Hell, grossness is biologically programmed into the female species. I'm not trying to denigrate them by pointing out their flaws, just pointing out that you should realize they're not perfect either so don't get in your own head about your flaws. I shared my personal experience just to point out it's not as hard as user may think it is. Make yourself available, and stop assuming girls are so perfect. Ask one out. If she says no, fuck it, ask the next one.

Ehh, but anyway, yeah, video games.


Took me a while to filter it down:

Lot of unimpressive tits and mannish shoulders in there, got them down to 21 in my first pass, a moody face just ruins so many chances.

Oops, didn't spoiler. Try this again:

153 master race. This girl has a body built for sex.

I think I'll take my $500 and go buy another few hundred rounds of 7.62 instead.

"built" in a cheap mexican operating room

I think I'd rather spend my $500 on VR goggles and a fleshlight to fuck my waifu. Is there a chart for 2D?

And I'm sure the last dozen people who fucked her would agree. She looks way past used goods.

Pretty much this. According to this nigger goon the game should've ran out of money a few years ago already. I did agree with him on a few points back in the day but at this point the game is already coming together quite well by the looks of it, so even if they ran out of money tomorrow they'd have (((investors))) lining up.

How do I request a refund?

You can't anymore. They have plugged that hole a few weeks ago.

He didn't account for all the whales and shell companies back then. Meanwhile, there is still no fundamental tech for the game.

By going back in time and telling yourself not to be a fucking retard.

That shit's been on my watchlist for so long, thanks for reminding me. In the mood for a movie like that.

Check out this, btw:

I look forward to Smart becoming an hero when the game comes out and is not only pretty good but gets better with post-release content.

LOL it will never be released in any enjoyable form.

too old

The best possible outcome for SC will be its cancellation, no refunds and a bunch of suicides among its fans.

Won't that turn Chris Roberts into the Chaos God of lies.

He'd have to battle Todd first.

Amazon lends them the improved-for-net Cryengine version they managed to hack together and handles the bureaucratic nightmare of selling globally. You need an entire department complete with lawyers and shit just to handle that bullshit.

And honestly, of all the things that could happen, having the ear of the IT of AWS is going to be a net positive for the multiplayer experience when this comes out in 2077.

Except it doesn't exist, comes with a cash shop, a extremelyshit community. Also you need a chines super computer to play it.

Fuck you

Yeah you stupid fucking asshole but that doesn't mean that you have to artificially norm the fuck out of all the different version to achieve some sort of egalitarian platform parity, you absolute cunt sucking fuck chode.

You can make a fucking 2007 Crysis level grafix game for PC, allow it scale down massively through settings so that it can also run on toasters and then fine tune each console version so that it fits somewhere in between, exactly according to the strengths, weakness and kinks of each console.

That's the right way to do it, chucklefuck. But devs don't like it because it's a little bit of extra work and they think thy have to jerk off consolefags and make them believe that their little shitbox is almost as powerful as a PC by making sure the PC version doesn't stand out nearly as much as it could.

They nerf the PC version on purpose again and again.

Fuck you. You're glad they downgraded the high and ultra settings just so your ego would get stroked? You are the fucking problem.

You mad toasterfag?

Back in my day sound didn't travel through space

Just have faith, it'll come soon.

Fuck off Chris.

They're most likely short on funding. The best thing you can do is add more money to their collection.

they're still hiring testers in every office. worldwide. and coders. its a long way from completion. years

It will release in the same year as Bannerlords.

I played eve for 2 years. its all about the rockpaperships dude. have the big ships, now you get invites into better clans. get in better clans, make more money, get bigger ships, get into better clans have more fun. that's what these guys are banking on. that they will have some power in virtual world because they lack it in rl.
I don't think they are lying, they are molyneux-ing, they promised the moon and are struggling to orbit. coding is hard as fuck.

More like CR is the George Lucas of the video game world.

it's shitty writing

it's his santa claus. When he grows up, he'll have the inspiration to continue the work that should've been.

How is six years bad? Cyberpunk 2077 was announced before SC wasn't it?

How long was Skyrim in production?

user the game hasn't even reached 20% completion according to star citizen tracker. It's sitting at around 16% completion for main features.

doing gods work user

also skyrim was made in 4 years and its release was a bug shit fest. on top of that the game was absolute shite

What I wanna ever gonna answer is if the will cyberpunk 2077 ever gonna be released.

user you didnt pay thousands of dollars for a jpeg right?

CD project released Witcher 3 with 2 big expansions during that time, they also never announced an actual release date. Star Yidizen was supposed to come out in 2016.

The teaser trailer for it was just something to entice investors and to gauge if people would like a Cyberpunk game. Remember, the PnP has been dead for almost a decade before they got their hands on the IP.

That said, I don't think that game is going to be anything special. CDPR has been bleeding talent and they've only started going full time on it after they finished Iron and Wine so expect it in four years.

Let us kill goons together with internet spaceships and shitposting

No need, goons will commit mass suicide when SC fails to deliver.

SC reminds me that its not just normalfags killing games.

An old article that I dug up.


There is no hope for man.

You're not entirely wrong. Making a game nowadays takes a long time.

The difference is that nobody should be stupid enough to preorder a game 6 years in advance. The only people who invested money in Cyberpunk are the CDPro investors.

You just know that some degenerate autist will make a Fart Porn Mod for Star Citizen and call it Fart Citizen.

I could live for years on 30k

Not at all, because my Computer can run almost anything on full. Thanks for parotting stereotypes, because the fact that a space game made in a heavily modified version of Cry-Engine 3 needs a unreasonably powerful servers and computers to run instances with 64 players.

False gods always eat their followers. :^)

They hiring because so many people leave CiG.

True save for a few exceptions that are usually some old guard from the 80s.

I hope it's gonna be compatible with the scat porn mod, Star Shitizen

I hope you play it on your official Sitar Citizen instrument peripheral.

How much of a literal child do you have to be to think insulting someone for correcting your atrocious grammar will win you sympathy?

post your jpeg so we can pirate it

Where on the dumpster fire scale does Interstellar Marines fall? It's been in development hell pretty much as long as SC.

She's not my cuppatea but whatever floats your boat user.

Oh dear.

…appears to be the entire working model for both these titles.

Literally everyone in the company left except for the owner who had to live with his granny. Feel kinda bad even though I got scammed.

first of all, kill yourself you pathetic fucking newfag