A fitting character for a literally pozzed community.

She also looks straight out of a shitty SFM animation off deviantart

are they trying to appeal to the nazi crowd?

I bet the modelers who made the actually attractive characters weer all fired over a year ago.

Randy called, he says you can take his design
and his wife

it literally says in the screencap that image is faked. you can google search it yourself, u spaz.

She just strikes me as OW THE EDGE personally
I'd need to try that fucking game on a free weekend or some shit

That's David Bowie.


Isn't the whole "duality" thing already the monk robot's schtick?

And where does it say that?

aside from the haircut i could fap to sombra, dunno about this new one

Is that Hisoka?

They'll eat it up and you know it, OP

And it still looks far better than Battleborn and Lawbvreakers

And that one was only fappable because they just copy-pasted Laura from SFV.

that's an extremely low hurdle

If i'm fapping to OW characters its gonna be pharrah most the time anyway

Blizzdrones will accept anything and everything I'm not sure what you're going on about

I don't think even the overcuck community can take this. Normalfags don't like ugly character designs; SJWs do and try to convince normalfags that they're revolutionary

Pharah you say?

but real talk this character will just help build the games coffin, now they have seemingly 4 characters with no-aim death beams and various "get out of jail free" cards.

Damn right

It's already floundering.

Half the characters in this game wear purple.

As someone who plays it only because of the artstyle and because tf2 is dead, It would take a sudden addition of 15 new unique characters to get me to go back to this game.

Blizz wants to play the moba game, they have to shit out the moba roster.

Well, dues ex had a good design team, of course you could.

no surprise, they only thing they consistently add to it are skins, people who wanna play shooters can find other games with more frequent content or even maybe fan made content.

I think it's just because it appealed to normalfags, and the have the attention span of a minnow. So when PUBG came out that was the meme game of the week to pester your friends to buy and play with you.

my buddies already did this to me with overwatch, which at the time i accepted gladly because we weren't playing games as frequently together anymore. Didn't allow that trick to work again with PUBG

If the character was male and they played it like a David Bowie-esque persona it would have worked better. Cause it looks like fucking David Bowie. But since it's actually a woman, she's just an ugly manjaw shooting piss at people. Overwatch was successful in the first place because of the ATTRACTIVE characters. No matter how pozzed their lore and stuff was, the female heroes had T&A and cute faces, and the male heroes were handsome and musclebound. This character is a mistake and I genuinely don't think their audience will put up with it, or else they would have been playing one of the ugly fucker competing games to begin with. Same with Sombra, nobody likes that bitch and the only ones who play her are fags who abuse her mechanics to troll.

They genuinely think the tumblr audience was what sold this game.


Real talk though when is this chick gonna be playable because GODDAMN

Just imagine the influx of JoJo-fags

She almost looks good, but there's something about her that feels unnatural. Maybe its the lips and arm structure in first pic.

it's probably not worth it anymore unless you have a bunch of friends who play. the player base has dwindled down to whales and koreans.

It's a fucking cartoon.

probably a tranny

She's stronk, but the good kind. Weightlifter/hard labor look with just enough fat on top. Look at those thighs. Look at those forearms. Zarya can fuck right off, this is the perfect fusion of athletic prowess and femininity.
Also that samus haircut gets me rock hard every time.

…was that a fucking naruto run

How observant of you.

So overcuck finally has a tranny in it. Was really only a matter of time.

Come back with a real argument.

The design is a fucking mess

Those are the best kinds of cartoons.

She's much better than Zarya, yes. Forearms are nice as well. Biceps are where I have a bit more of a problem. Thighs… I can't get a good bearing on with the angles, and those calves look kinda silly.

Zarya isn't bad at all without her tumblr cut.

I'm not sure those are calves, I think it's pants over a highwayman's style boot.
And biceps are biceps, they look the same on either sex when you work them.

Her jaw structure and her entire body is literally a more built and chiseled version of the Heavy.

go to hell


And that's why you're a pleb.
I think she's perfect though

Marry her then.
Except she would turn you down harder than any 3DPD would.

Why are they even your friends dipshit?

This is like a League of Legends reject character. Did they diversify their entire design team?

Didn't think they'd get the rights to Dr. Blight from Captain Planet. Bold move to give her the edgy 90's look because that didn't work with the nu-power rangers movie.

She runs like Naruto

Even the overly poofy sleeves make her look like one of the Akatsuki. God what a shitshow.

Nothing about her design or her powers makes me think she is scientific or a geneticist, they could have called her some ancient dark mage and it would make more sense. I get some of the appeal in the game is wanting to fuck the characters but she isn't even that hot either. What is blizzard thinking?

Is that a rejected battleborn character?

Did you miss the part where most of the Blizzard oldfags left during the past 5 years?

stuck with em


Shut up no she wouldn't.

Oh and she would also fuck some chad e. nigg because he's big strong and black.
Wasn't one in the game already?
Yeah that guy.

Why would someone intentionally get GRIDS?


Insurance claims?

natural selection?


Because they're so far down the degenerate rabbit hole, they have attached a sexual stigma to the acquisition of transmissible diseases. They want them not to have them, but so they can pass them onto others. Without the others' knowledge or consent.

New here huh, just lurk more. You'll find out soon enough. You won't like what you find, and you'll wish you could forget the things you learn here.

I know Overwatch has less story than your average Metal Slug game, but is she supposed to be a bad guy? Good guy? Where were they going with this shit?

Stop thinking with your dick and follow the path of reason and virtue.

I think she's a fenceshitter who only cares about her science, but got funding from the bad guys so had to adopt a edgehog persona to fit in with them.

In their lore, there were good guys and bad guys and the robots that wanted to kill all humans, but all that shit was in the past and there's no clear reason why everyone is fighting each other NOW.

I like some christmas cake now and then but blizz brought out christmas pudding

don't quote me but my guess is she's a bad guy becuase they already have a good guy healer. not that that matters since you can play with good and bad guys on the same team

I don't hate on blizz for giving this game fluff story that doesn't affect the gameplay but that fluff is a joke and characters that -would- be funny or interesting get choked out by how safe they play everything. Every single character is just plain and boring so they can tweak the characters to feed the forum goblins who say shit like "tracer is a fag and pajeet is autistic and mei is a fat bitch and hanzo sucks dog dicks" without affecting lore

Battleborn is still getting new characters?

This trash is absolutely huge in Korea.

The good guys kill the bad guys, the good guys kill the good guys, the bad guys kill the bad guys, and the bad guys kill the good guys, and they're all clones of each other. Shut the fuck up and buy my lootboxes now, goy.

What is your basis for this? I can't find anything stating it's losing players lately so what are you talking about?

because that someone is a flaming homosexual whose fires are very hot
they took a rocket ship straight to the black hole and got to the other side

Wait times. I bought the game sadly, and of the few times I went back to check out an update the queue times have just gotten longer and longer. So at least in my location, it's loser players.

i never hear anything about the game anymore, it's flavour of the week shit like pubg

meant for


It literally hurts seeing this much degeneracy.


gameplay wise she already seems more fun to play than every other healer in the game. That orb shit actually looks pretty cool.


She looks like a dude. I'll be waiting for the transvestite reveal

Sorry for not engaging in the circlejerk and actually talking about gameplay on a video game board.

fuck off if you don't like it


I was honestly thinking that she seemed like a ripoff of Best Dad

Yes, infact the end pose you see in the trailer is the exact same pose the monk has.
They copied their own character in the same game

Would there ever be something like that? Steam seems like more or less the only place that has transparent player numbers and Blizzard games aren't on there.

I mean fuck, it's shouldn't even be that hard for you shits to actually talk about the gameplay. I mean her primary attack is the same lock-on shit that Symm and Winston has so you have plenty to bitch about there as well.

Only retards think any of it means anything beyond a flashy toy for… those people written about by Smash Mouth.

did someone say overwatch?

Also, observe my repeating integers.


Literally nothing wrong

g-guys i thought she just looked like some wrinkly middle aged magic chick like sienna from vermintide
i was okay with this
am i becoming pozzed?

why would we care about how she plays if the rest of the game is shit already?

not seeing the resemblance.


Makes as much fucking sense as "We got a new mad scientist hero."
It really frustrates me how bad Overwatch's worldbuilding is. Instead a clash of ideals embodied in timeless archetypes, it's a lowbrow furball made up of cliches.

It's literally David F. Bowie.

user, she's Irish. They're all soulless gingers. Keep the carrot top.

If only, OP

Can't really design bitchy irish sorcerer, user. Especially with some edge.

Its all a ploy to put in gang violence content.

nevermind she's the best character in this fucking game now

I think i know where inspiration lied.

literally who cares?

From the very beginning nothing about overwatch seemed coherent, none of the characters seemed like they meshed with the world they share, hell their models alone makes it seem like they shouldn't even be in the same game.

holy fuck this character is so absolutely, inexcusably disgusting i actually can not believe it but at the same time i can since this is OW after all. i was already pointing out that OW devs didn't seem to want to make good looking female characters before (as opposed to the male ones who are pretty much all handsome) but holy shit this is the next level. they actually tried to make her as ugly and shit looking as possible. inb4 she's also obnoxious af

blizz doesn't know how to do muscles on women. they always just give them male arms like "hey, it's muscles, they're the same". look at zarya for example. luckily it's not nearly as apparent here since this chick's supposed to be more naturally fit unlike the roids riddled zarya. aside from that i really like her. i don't mind anything about the face. i love the muscly and meaty look to her. she's like a proper mechanic and they somehow didn't make her seem repulsive despite the fact that she's female which is a huge surprise considering OW's female character design direction.

she doesn't have a dick in the original picture if i remember correctly.

Blizzard went full NRS, lol

then go to 4chan or whatever you fags go on now a days
why don't you let people shit on a game for once?

It's the head-shoulder ratio. Not exactly man-like (by Blizzard standards, anyway) but her shoulders are too wide to be womanly. She's in some weird middle ground. Pic related

I barely come to this board, and even I know it's futile.


Tbh I would consider it an improvement mostly except the nose ring ruins everything. At least they fully committed to the David Bowie angle in this iteration.

Those are pecs, not tits. Seriously, this just looks better as a man.

Passive-aggressively whining that Holla Forums shits on a bad game isn't talking about gameplay lad

This character was designed as a man.

If anyone saw the poorly drawn pictures of crystal treatments that lengthened the EQ girl's hands, that's what I'm reminded of by her freaky digits.

No user, you're not thinking big enough.

They had better fucking not but I know they will.

Is there even an explanation for why they fight each other?

If it was a tranny they would actually make it look female.

You mean in the lore or in the game? Cause in the lore it's "robots should be given rights/treated as humans" and the other side thinks they should all be destroyed or something. In the game, there is literally no reason as people on different sides of the conflict can be on the same team.

I once saw an autistic breakdown on their robots lore. We're supposed to sympathize with the robots even though apparently in some recent comic is shows they can go ballistic at any given moment

The retardation is beyond what i thought was possible, impressive!

I never understood the "pro-omni" side. Humanity just got devastated by malicious AIs an we're just supposed to be all happy and cheery towards them because they have feefees and are real sorry for genociding us.

fuck man, I can deal with OW's "diversity" focus when it comes to characters, it comes off as really captain planet-y and makes for interesting design potential
but this really scares me
at best its just an ugly chick who aesthetically doesn't fit with the other waifus, so just zarya 2
at worst they may actually be trying to purposefully make a trans character
I know for a fact that tumblr is already gonna start throwing that out there and eating that shit up, if they can claim someone like lucio is, they absolutely will push it with man-eater moira


OK now that is obviously David Bowie.

What's his stand called?

supposedly the omic crisis was 20 years ago in universe, which most would assume isn't even enough time to repair the damage done. blizz cant' write for shit

What? Really? Fucking bitches about korea getting razed and she's no older than 18.

He is a stand.

(checked and ID checked)
For those dubs? Anything you want it to be baby.

so like


and they never could.

Together in Electric Dreams


Her face doesn't match her body. It looks off because you can tell her face is too soft for such a masculine frame.

So they finally added a jew.


Yeah, it pisses me off that the writers keep trying to portray the omnics as a poor, downtrodden underclass that's being oppressed by the mean, bigoted humans. Even though they deserve to be treated like shit for trying to wipe out humanity for no reason.

I've seen better ripoffs.

He doesn’t have one, he uses Nanto Seiken.

Looks a lot like Fox from Gargoyles.

「Dead or Alive」

We’re going to fucking blow your brains out, DISEASE-RIDDLED QUEER.

Do you know anything about them other than what kikes tell you?

This is the written equivalent of shouting to sound smarter.

Wew. It's spreading.

That sanic run was cringe incarnate

What wasted fucking potential.




Cuck Queen


because all women have a subconscious desire to be the most putrid beings on the planet


Oddly what disturbs me most about those are the extra thick nipples after getting stretched out then shrunk down. If it were only unsightly then it'd lose to what's down below, but I can't look at the nips and not think about what tits were ruined to make them.

I look at the third one and think it went:

are ashkeNAZIs big gamers? I too think jews of any sort are toxic.


she gives me a disney villan + EDGE kinda vibe

I don't really like overwatch but she's a decent character design.


fuck off nigger

I am so glad I don't play this game, oh my god this is terrible.


Moira ain't no MILF though, she's like Reaper's edgy daughter.

She's a bad goil.

To reiterate, I am REALLY glad I don't play this garbage.

You spin me right round baby right round


I don't think the design is bad to be honest, pretty edgy but overall she looks better than the russian dyke with the ugly hair and the spic 1337 hacker gurl with the ugly hair


Should I point out that she isn't speaking in an Irish accent? It sounds more like a generic British one.

I always assumed that the omnics, having reached true AI, split into two groups. One that wants to kill all humans, and one that wants to live among us as equals. Humanity was at war with the Kill All Humans omnics so naturally they wouldn't trust the ones who say they want to live peacefully. They could be spies, they could be outright lying and waiting for their day to personally kill the most humans possible, they might not even be really intelligent and the "nice" ones just resemble it enough to pass a Turing test and act as sleeper agents.

Glad I'm not the only one who immediately thought of that.

Working out doesn't affect your face except in the weight loss aspect.

The design IS bad though. People smarter than me could break this down easier but ill go ahead and attempt this. A good way to grade a design is the practicality of it all. All that shit she has on with all the tubes and everything else can not be explained well. A good design has practicality in mind as well when making a character. When you make a character, things that they are wearing have to "Work". They dont have to show being used or working but must be able to portray that it "works". Its like when people see a generic robot and the artist throws a bunch of buttons, lights, meters and gagues on it to show that its "advanced". All they did was add clutter to fill up space while it has the illusion of it being "hi tech". Its shitty design and lazy. When you design something it needs to convey that it needed to be in there in some way. It doesnt have to say it loudly but it does have to make "sense". As in "Would this character if he or she was alive, wear or have this on them". Look at Rob Liefield's bullshit character designs. Look at the japanese and their overuse of belts. Sure this characer isnt "As bad" but practicality is something that exists in all humans regardless of where they come from. Sure some have this desire more strongly than others but still.

As others have pointed out the body just doesnt work. Usually when you make a character the shoulders and hips need to be the same width. Thats just how it is for proportions in art. Im not an "artist" but i do know a thing or two about what has been taught me and one thing that people have told me is that the shoulder length and width of the hips must be around the same if not the same to make the character look decent. Also when it comes to women the shoulders need to be a lot smaller as compared to a male. This is obvious due to genetics of men and women (men have stronger torsos and such have more defined shoulders for muscle mass ect ect). Im not saying she has to be dainty but you need to be thinking about practicality. This is obviously a human female. This character is obviously being portrayed as a female and not some shitty "muh alien race" where their shoulders can have V8 engines placed on each side. Speaking of length, an artist can correct me if im wrong but I believe that the arms need to stop around where your pockets usually are, generally underneath the hips. Her arms look like something you would see out of fucking one piece in

When looking at the attached pictures you will see the unnessicary items that are just used up as filler to make things look more tactical or more intricate, which actually hurts the design. It looks cluttered, clunky and just all around shitty.

So yes, its a fucking bad design. I wont even get into the fucking running. Which fucking autist at their building thought people would ever EVER run like that?

Well the robo nigger looks like shit too and she just gets ignored, no reason why this would ruin existing good characters when it comes to the only good thing about OW, the porn

Every time I see that sword from FFTA I'm hankering for pizza, am I the only one?

It's not that bad, not every character has to be waifu bait. That said though, reusing character moves and styles is incredibly lazy.

Mother fucker, I see it now.

Well, the theme for this character seems to be genetic engineering, so wouldn't it make sense for someone who is obsessed with perfect genes to look like a man since the male physique is superior?

Maybe someone who watched too much naruto

Look, you've made a good point. It really is bad character design from an artists perspective, but ultimately good and bad are subjective, so the only thing that will matter is wether the people who play this game will like it. And seeing how many edgy and shitty characters are already in this game people will eat this one right up.
All I meant to say was that I personally find this design better than some of the existing character

At what point is having arms that are longer than a black persons rap sheet useful. If you practice genetic engineering using you have learned a bit of rationality when you need to. I dont think anyone would practice genetic engineering and say "I need my arms longer, im tired of not being able to reach the top shelf". If anything its a cop out on bad proportions.

Though yes art is subjective but at a certain point we need to tell people to fuck off. Otherwise we will have more people painting with period blood or all sitting around while someone puts a show of opening a fucking food can to a round of applause. Subjectivity has a limit.

Also this, because you cant post images and videos together.

I've got to stop clicking on censored images.

One day mods are going to censor every fucking image on every board with spoilers so it will turn into a russian roulette. "Will I find the imagine pertaining to the topic, or will I find a monkey jacking off into a dogs mouth?"

It's genetic engineering, I don't have to explain shit

Well duh, was my silly justification of a work done poorly not obvious enough?

At the same time millions of people will like this design, we are the minority here. All we can do is to train hard and become influental artists and character designers so we can shape the characters in future games to our subjective preferences.
But lets be honest, we both rather waste our time on imageboards


You would of gotten so much farther if you titled that image "Emperor of the Labyrinth"

The Bowie comparison has already been made. I just thought it looked like Dissidia concept art.

Looks like fucking kefka.

Just because someone has already been on the moon doesnt mean that other people cant go.

Is that actually fucking David Bowie?

Going back to the moon could have real scientific benefits. Repeating an obvious comparison between a glam-rock character design and a real glam rocker has no value. Don't act so fucking high-falutin'.

I'm torn up with this design:
on one hand, it's pure sjw pandering
on the other, i feel the design is justified by making her be a "villian"

you can see that "geometrical" face look on a lot of disney villians, like the sleeping beauty one (except she wears heavy makeup), cruella deville, even ursula, they all have this "villian look", which doesn't accentuate femenine attributes as much as the protagonists designs
but yeah, i hate the copy/paste feeling of her skills
i hope they go full Bowie and make a Labyrinth skin

OW's first transexual character?

I mean, look at this shit, it's like they searched "disney villian" and copy pasted, specially maleficent, and they played along with the androginous look

holy shit

This tbh

Looks like the antagonist in thor ragnarok.


That's a man baby!


She looks like a Battleborn character

They really need to learn how to draw proportions, because as it stands it reminds me more of pic related than an actual human

One of the most bland, uninspired design I have ever seen. And I play JRPGs.


Ugly as sin.

Stardust Memory

It's a tranny. Probably a self-insert of someone who works at the company

I dunno she kind of just looks middle-aged to me.

that's called the servers fucking being crushed by the player rush you mongoloid


I don't get it, it doesn't look any different from the other characters in the game. Why make a big fuss over this one when all the characters look just as bad?

Holy fucking shit my sides are gone.




Worse than HD gore tbh

Hopefully ever

You got to be proactive user. Whenever I click on a spoilered image I make sure it's close to the bottom of the screen so I can scroll down slowly to make sure it isn't tranny porn, or whatever other disgusting shit anons like to post.

nice try, user.

that would actually be kind of enticing with a few tweaks (so long as it was a man)

But yah blizzard doesn't know what they're doing

it looks okay and fits overall shit style, and i don't even like overwatch, are you mentally handicapped? is this autism central?

Blizzdrones will buy literally anything that comes out of blizzard's asshole and defend it to the death.
They can do whatever they want and still print money from these retards.

Did you watch the Mei animated short from a couple months ago? I wanted to screech about it at the time but we haven't had a good Overcuck thread since its release. I'm baffled by Blizzard's continued refusal to incorporate even the most basic potential character details into their work.

And apparently her desktop is nothing. I was looking forward to seeing a bit more of her character: does she have a wilderness desktop? Does she have an abstract colour spray? Does she have traditional Chinese artwork? Does she have some album cover?

Nope. She has the default logo for whatever OS the base is using. That's the equivalent of booting up Windows XP and actively changing it away from the rolling hill so you can have a giant WINDOWS XP PROFESSIONAL on your screen at all times. That's exactly what a professional scientist would do, right?

It's such a small thing and it would have been so easy to have some easter egg in there, but no. Fuck you. She doesn't have a personality.

That is not how the principles of art work, you postmodernist drone. There are objective tenets of art and character design which the artists who created Moira clearly ignored. Their design is objectively bad and should be revised: her appearance tells me nothing about her, and her history of being a geneticist does not combine with her stature.

What you are trying to say is that the objectively awful character design on display does not matter because blizzdrones, much like you, have no concept of artistic quality and will thus eat anything.

So fucking what? Who gives a shit if the unwashed masses are unwashed? Their faults aren't my problem, and you'd need to be monumentally stupid to think otherwise.

Blizzard is too afraid to give their characters too much personality, lest they risk "offending" people.

Overwatch is a game of Marry Sues. You'll never see any amount of actual creativity put into these characters, don't bother trying. You'll never see anything like a "Black Scottish Cyclops" in OW

Tommy Wiseau?

Knowing Blizzard and the "diversity initiative", I'd say yeah.

That's the exact opposite of what scientists do. The driest I've seen is pictures of their own experiments or something relevant to their research. So yeah, Blizzard doesn't even care the slightest bit about the characters they build. And then they have the gall to shutdown porn of their characters when they're nothing more than a costume and a set of skills.

I don't understand how people think OW design is any good considering they ripped off something quite popular that's superior in every way except in wank material. I guess that's a testament to how easy it is to please normalfags.

What I would give to make this game never had been reality.

One of the characters is quite literally a sanitized Taimanin Asagi in looks and backstory. Completely shameless.


But they do have magic. How else do the dragon spirits used by Hanzo and Genji work?

Don't remind me about how they scrapped the prequel graphic novel entirely, because they realized they were walking on eggshells in regards to not "disrespecting" the fucking headcanons and shipping faggotry from the tumblr crowd.

They are willing to sacrifice their creative freedom in order to appease a group of people who NO LONGER PLAYS THE GAME since it reached levels of "toxicity" equal or bigger than other DOTA clones.

Why would blizzard give a fuck about bunch of mentally ill snowflakes landwhales and the schlickbait they write?

Because they don't want to piss off potential new employees.

If the game wasn't so expensive it would've happened sooner. But the community is actually starting to become tolerable now I jump on every once in a great while because I already wasted money on this piece of shit and the gsme is too big on my HDD to just want to delete now. Even the Overgay servers are fucking gone now and people aren't afraid to use the chat anymore. Someone even called Blizzard a bunch of Jews in a custom server chat.

This game is really bad, do not buy it. But for retards like me who wasted money on it, there's still an okay community hiding in there somewhere, too afraid to come out just yet, but soon…

These women have probably taken testosterone injections or HGH, you don't just suddenly start looking more like a man if you start doing a lot of squats or something

It does affect your face dipshit. Especially due to testosterone.

The steampunk gentlemen robot was cool

That was my point user. Here's squats without the roids

Every Blizzard game community only seems like decent people because they're scared shitless of actually acting true to themselves thanks to the overbearing moderators and the whole account system in place. That's the impression I always got anyway.

That's what I get for not actually reading the thread

This a fundamental issue most body builders have to get around because the exact opposite is true and most of the time to get massive gains you need to take steroid injections to boost test, and then they look like as opposed to say Women would have far less trouble being body builders if they could just exercise to get test.


I didn't even buy it
Get on my level

Why not remove the stupid tubes on her back and make her an actual witch? Remove that stupid eye patch too. Soften that diamond-cutter chin of hers a bit too.

Oh my.
>you will never engage in loving sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation

Fair is fair

Blizzard were not the ones that designed the first characters, they only designed the centaur robot forward (and also strayed from sombra actual design).
The first ones designs (AKA the good ones) was made by a third party company that also made the short movies.
You didn't really thought someone from blizzard could make a charming character right? they lost that ability 14 years ago.

Just get a non-hambeast gf and buy her some home weights. Once they start getting /fit/, and see all the health benefits, it's easier to get them into the gym

Remove the nose ring and make it a guy. It would be much better than what the current version is. It would be a Bowie homage, but still better than the current mess.

sounds legit, but you got any source for that info?

If the characters had personalities it would get in the way of the SHIPPING. 19156 Overwatch fanfictions on ao3 as I'm writing this post.

As for Moira, I think you guys are looking at her the wrong way. She's not a failed waifu, she's a fucked up androgynous cyborg who's crammed into a game where you're not allowed to be a horrific freakshow and are forced to be cutesy so fujoshis can write fanfics about you. I'd pity her but she's Irish so she can get fucked.

Thanks for reminding me how alone i am and unhealthy this county is.


i hate muslims but I really like arab girls and they crave my cock
this is a problem for me

Intelligent, nihilistic, and with a wicked sense of humor

I want to fill those tube things with my cum and have her spray it all over the female heros

These are not trannies, user. Rare genetic mutation can result in complete androgen insensitivity in men, then they are born with female genitalia. Partial androgen insensitivity can result in genitalia that's part-way between normal penis and normal vagina, depending on severity. Microdick is an example of moderate androgen insensitivity. tranny vagina looks like an open wound, you might as well call a slab of raw meat a pussy

They're FtM trannies.

I liked her powers when I saw the release trailer.

hey, what happened to that titty monster queen of junkertown?

paladins has no marketing. overwatch is the new lol, its gonna be around for a while

Nah, Blizzard doesn't know how to e-sports
I predict a year from now they'll be down by 60% or more of their remaining fanbase for the game

I literally just booted the game up and instantly got into a match. I think you're lying user.

Very unlikely. Blizzard doesn't understand how to let a community grow. Eventually the influx of new players will slow down, and the game will die. Like a plant that keeps being uprooted and planted in a new location blizzard communities can't get established.

im sure you know them better than i do.
reminds me of when they tried to cull the porn of the game. what goddamn maniacs. that is free advertisement.

She's not male, just half-dwarf.

Where's the feminine beard?


It's supposed to be manly vagina, not feminine beard.

What a fumble

That's a 4/vg/ cap. cuckchan is just pozzed in general.

I mean yeah I can see how she's not everyone's tastes but for me this is a pretty good waifu. Needs freckles and longer hair and she'd be 10/10. Maybe a tight bun.

I don't even mind that she's not a tq goth, but for a geneticist I want Tzimisce-tier flesh crafting shit. Not Edgy future wizard with a half Phantom of the Opera half mask. I don't even own this game, but this is so lame

That's pretty much stolen from Sir, you are being hunted with a bit of low quality Steampunk glued on.

yeah but i wanna plow the demon loli

Killer Queen


You are probably thinking of the cartoon OKKO.

She doesn't even have the accent though. Every other character has their "diversity accepted" borderline legit racist accents

like pottery

What's with height=sexy anyway?
Why should a guy be taller than his girl?

Tall men are physically imposing.

i'm 5'6" but I also live in Miami so most people are short anyway.

You are physically unhealthy. Shortness = malnourishment.

Biology and natural order. Size is a natural form and sign of dominance. I prefer taller girls though, and I'm confident I'll get a nice one to wife someday in the near future.
tfw 5'5"


Do you like getting pegged? Guys who want to be smaller then their girl always liked being dominated by them.

its just nigger logic

Same reason a girl shouldn't be a fat fuck.
Men and women have what a guy and girl should look like hard wired into their brain and a man being taller than a women is one of them since being short as a man indicates poor nutrition.

No but my girl seems to want to peg me real hard so there might be something true about that

Not sure how that's unhealthy tbh
Polite sage for not vidya.

I always thought it was bitches just going on about their "type". I got my own reasons for wanting a shorter gf related to cuddling and other lewd things.

user I…Ashley Burch

Fucking manlets, when will they learn?

What fucking gets me about this game's world is that it's basically nothing but goddamn backstory. The new Reinhardt and Mei cinematics are just retreading shit that's been known
Ever since the Winston and Widowmaker cinematics, it's been backstory. Even the one story event they did in the game was just MORE backstory, and what really got me about that was that it took place after a story development of the Doomfist gauntlet getting stolen and where Orisa got released, and it's been crickets from her since. And fuck, Sombra's keeping track of a worldwide conspiracy and goddamn Junkrat and Roadhog got more story development than her or any of the other characters, resolving their worldwide heist in the form of a new map and expanding into what the fuck Junkertown is and the fact that they have a goddamn queen . There's also how other characters have been left to the wayside and forgotten, Zenyatta's been in the game since the first gameplay trailer and his dead brother has had more story appearances than him, and all Zen got was a fucking cameo in a fucking Chrimbus comic. There's also how D.Va has to deal with a hueg omnigger that constantly razes South Korea, and she's one of their most poplar character, especially in terms of merchandising, and there's jack shit in her front in terms of story. Shit, people and Tumblr are so deprived of characterization and story for this game that some tumblrina who made an essay post dissecting the implications of a fucking ring in Pharah's cameo in the same Chrimbus comic mentioned earlier. The writers and devs say all this shit about how they want make Overmeme the next biggest Blizzard universe and expansive as other Blizzard universes, and it feels like they're either afraid to or just flat out don't know where to lead these characters next.
TL:DR: this game is nothing but backstory and it fucking baffles me

Someone here doesn't lift

5'7" is manlet levels
You're right about the second part though

At what point did this thread become a height feel thread and not an homowatch hate thread?


Averages of anything about people are composed of people who didn't try.
If your IQ is 100 you're fucking retarded assuming IQ is even a valid measurement of intellect, which it isn't, if you're "average"-sized you're a manlet.
"average" height measurements are based on people who eat nothing but bread, sleep 6 hours a day (not even during the night/evening) and live a sedentary lifestyle. And actual dwarves, too.
If you're below 6' you're a fucking manlet.
t. 6'1'' not tall, not short.
Speaking of height tall women are best, assuming they are 2D of course.

You don't seem to grasp this whole "average" thing very well.

What I'm saying is that averages are invalid because they all include people who aren't competing. Averages are better used as a reference for being in the bottom end of something.
When someone says they're tall because they're above average height measurements they are basically medieval britain claiming to be a big military power because they could beat niggers with wooden tipped spears in africa.

I'll say it again, you seem to really not be understanding what a fucking average is.

No nigga you're the one who's not getting it.
Average height can't be used as a standard to tell if a person is short of tall because the common person measured did everything they could not to grow (probably unknowingly). The common person doesn't eat, sleep or exercise well (all of these are things that help growth).
Something similar happens every time you get the average of anything people.
A truly tall person is tall in a way that's beyond normal, not "taller than a sedentary hotpocket eater with a sleeping problem", that's just being taller than short, which would classify as normal.


user, average is just a mathematical term. If you're average, you are above half the population and below the other half. "not trying" does not change this value. What seem to want is "natural height", whatever someone would grow to provided they are "trying".

Looks a lot like Hisoka.

i may be spiteful and autistic but not in the way that her mere voice will turn me off. if something isnt constantly reminding me, im almost never going to think about the voice actor anyways so even if it did bother me it wouldnt be that often.

besides, if you really hated ashley burch you would make orendi into a huge r34 star. it would really get her goat.




Fuck off.