Remember when the soldiers in WWII flew the fag flag?

Remember when the soldiers in WWII flew the fag flag?

That's mean to the dutch tbh

Remember the Wehrmacht battalion composed of strong black independent womyn who need no man?

thats pink you colorblind freak

Actually according to wikipedia it's magenta/lavender/blue so we're both colorblind :^)
What is the middle one supposed to be though?

Black lives matter.


I hope this is a joke because holy shit is that bad.

Damned right they do.
Slaves are expensive

Look at the flag. It's intended to depict a strong black arm pulling up and helping the weaker white arm. I don't agree with it but it's painfully obvious what they were going for especially in light of all the other bullshit flags they threw in.

Soul plane sent to Berlin

Jesus Christ, what is wrong with redditors? Serious question.

Is this the evolved form of the Chips Handon copy pasta

At least they didn't mention puppers or doggos, anyone who uses those terms should be gassed.


I guess it makes sense. Berlin ended up looking like a prolapsed colon after the allies were done with it.

Back to /fur/ with you and don't come back.


keep going

Remember when the British tried to "fix" Alan Turing? That was a ~fun~ time to be gay.



Back in my days of Normandy, we had supply boxes that dropped weed camo.

Only meme spouting 12 year olds ands wiggers play this shit, most faggots would rather play mobile shit while getting aids

I'd rather just have AIDS thank you very much.


check the catalog nigger.

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Can confirm

I thought all liberals knew that because they loved to bring it up to help shit on America.

That's not gonna add up to much.

Nu-lurker here. What's the name of the advice board?

use the existing thread please