So THIS was supposed to have a bigger box office than Mario?

So THIS was supposed to have a bigger box office than Mario?

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Its not supposed to escape its legacy, its supposed to make money off of retards who watch these shitty remakes.

>>137273228Anybody else really excited to see this? I already got my tickets. Seeing it with my fat girlfriend on opening day. lol no. Fuck this movie.

>>137273228We got post that say you're racist if you're not supporting this movie yet?

>>137273228She is the moment (this is not an edit btw)

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We won chudbros

>>137273228>looks like she's waiting for a dick to cum on her faceSaved.

>>137273328Our AI overlords are already here.


>>137273328Is there a compilation of production errors?

I doubt any critic would dare to critsize a black actor's performance

>>137273451Richard Roeper is still a genuine film critic. I trust him.

I mean Mario had shit reviews too and still made bank.

>>137273381Yes director; I'm ready to receive your hot sticky load for the part of Ariel

>>137273451I can talk shit without even mention the skin color. Removal of a song because because it's wrong. Changing Ariel motivation because it's wrong. The dumb ass cg animals. The underwater looks too dark when in time the coral reef should be a lot more without all the pollution there is today.

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>>137273328Most leftists don't like this movie either. The only difference is that they say it looks uninspired and soulless while the right almost exclusively focuses on the race aspect of it

>>137273272Had me in the first half, I almost took the bait.

>>137273605Don't lefties generally like these Disney demakes though? They're all uninspired and soutless...

>>137273605Race-bending is uninspired and soulless.

>>137273688Nobody like Disney except MCU and Star Wars fags, which are spread across the spectrum of political faggotry.

>>137273228>So THIS was supposed to have a bigger box office than Mario?lmao fuck no

>>137273328to give credit to then, she does look like a fish

>>137273592You missed the part where they make Eric arm candy by having Ariel command the ship that takes down Ursula. That also ruins the idea of Ariel and Eric saving each other. >>137273605The blackwashing was stupid. Disney didn't want to make this look like a movie only marketed to black people, so Ursula couldn't be black. So you wind up with a Vanessa that has to be white because Disney was never going to turn Melissa McCarthy into a black girl. Am I supposed to believe Eric thinks white Vanessa was the black mermaid who saved him?

>>137273933>o you wind up with a Vanessa that has to be white because Disney was never going to turn Melissa McCarthy into a black girl. Am I supposed to believe Eric thinks white Vanessa was the black mermaid who saved him?Wait they actually did this?

>>137273956I haven't followed the spoilers for this beyond its ending, so I don't really know how they're handling Vanessa. The actress playing her (Jessica Alexander) is a white woman who looks nothing like Halle Bailey, though.

>>137273228Does anyone actually watch any of these aweful live action remakes? I don't know a single person who has seen any of them. It almost feels like they don't actually exist. Clearly these movies were made by commity rather than actual artists.

>>137273228the highest grossing animated film of all time is the live-action Lion King remake with a 52% RT critics score

>>137273688>Don't lefties generally like these Disney demakes though?My entire friend circle is lefties to different degrees and several belong to different art and culture communities.There's not a single one who likes these remakes, only a few were ambivalent to The Jungle Book, but that's probably just because it came before it was sort of an established thing to remake them.

>>137274076The animated Jungle Book is an okay movie but not a masterpiece. Basically nothing from Disney’s Xerox era is. So remaking that stuff is not as bad as having the audacity to try to one-up a revered classic from either the renaissance or golden age Disney.

>>137273228AND IT WILL!

>>137273272Wisen up to it at the girlfriend part

>>137273328>DIDNEY WHORL

>>137273228It's projecting to have a strong opening weekend.I wanna say I doubt it'll make that much money - like enough to call it a success but not a runaway hit - but I've been wrong so many times about these live action remakes so who fucking knows.

>>137273228Why the fuck are her eyes so far apart?

>>137274196Bad genes.

>>137273592Wait, did they actually remove "Poor Unfortunate Souls?" For fucks sake, first "Be Prepared", now this?They're definitely going to remove Hellfire from the Hunchback remake, aren't they?

>>137274127This is the biggest sticking point for me. Why not try and remake something that wasn't very good and/or didn't sell well? Imagine if they remade Black Cauldron or Treasure Planet. Done right, it could kick ass.Then again, I have no faith in Disney anymore, so maybe it's better this way.

>>137274306Treasure Planet by James Gunn would have been kino.

>>137273605lol retard

>>137273228No? Maybe? I feel like this constant stream of lazy live action remakes is a lowest common denominator thing where they figure they usually make at least so much but don't expect them to all really make bank, they just think they're easy money, and creatively bankrupt. This is just their billionth one. They're also NEVER good.

>>137273228Literally the biggest animated movie of all time for box office was exactly this but with Lion King

You guys think it's each newfeed site having their own intern reposting this shit here?Or a paid outsource that has one guy spamming it all

>>137273228I don't care what anyone here says, Halle Bailey is cute as FUCK. I'd kiss her right between her cute little eyes.

>>137273228Jesus Christ, her eyes are so far apart.

>>137273228I don't recall anyone ever saying that?

>>137273228I'm betting $800m but going above a billion isn't too unlikely

>>137273228>can't escape it's animated legacyIs that code for the original is better?

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>>137273717>Star Wars fagsmost hate what disney did with the franchise>MCUthis phase is the least popular

>>137273228> can't escape its animated legacyThat's a weird way of saying that the cartoon is far better.


>>137274717he's a troll

>>137274073You mean to tell me that CGI animated remake of The Lion King was actually an animated film?

>>137273282I mean we already got that the second they revealed the casting



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>>137274196The Innsmouth Look

>>137274990Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, and Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland were the only remakes that got more than a billion worldwideJungle Book came closeI expect Little Mermaid to get close to a billion at best, but that depends on how good the film is and if it can overcome the ill will Disney has been getting the past year. If it's getting mid reviews across the board (not just from critics but also audiences) then I don't think it's going to get a billion.

>>137274196Because people might not be as angry about the casting if they hired an attractive black woman

>>137273605>Most leftists don't like this movie either. The only difference is that they won't openly admit itFixed.

>>137275189It's more important to be seen publicly supporting the movie than it is to actually go see it

>>137274306It’s because they were unsuccessful that they’re not remaking them.

My favorite moment in remakes is in Aladdin when Jasmine gives kids food from that guy's stallIn the original she didn't realize she needed to pay for it because she's so sheltered and offers to go to the palace to get money.In the remake, she gets angry with the storekeeper getting pissed off she stole from him saying that the children were starving like it was somehow his fault for not giving away his food for free even though she's literal royalty and could feed hundreds of starving children herself if she wanted to.

>>137273451Meds, schizo

>>137275256The message is always the main goal.

>>137273228They could at least have taken a good looking negro... Oh wait they're all fugly.

>>137273328>>137275163>Leave my wife's name out of your mouth!

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>>137275374How much do you think his wife is beating him up over Cleopatra going over like a wet fart that somehow managed to piss off an entire country enough to sue her?

I do not get the appeal of any of these cgi remakes

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>>137275410They get TONS nostalgia coverage no matter what. If this was an original live-action IP made by Disney, only a few people would probably care. But because it's something that's already established and watched a billion times, we're naturally more inclined to give an opinion.My own thoughts: I never really liked the old version, and this new one looks way worse.

So uh, where are these reviews?