Futurama returns July 24 on Hulu


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Where's Amy


Just let it stay dead, jesus.

Finally, a sophisticated cartoon for sophisticated people like me.

>>137272141Oh yeah, this is a thing that's happening.

>>137272250Unlike The Simpsons, Futurama actually has stories for years to tell.

I hope they let Zoidberg keep the gf he got on like the penultimate episode.

The first revival like a decade ago felt like it was soulless.I'm sure this will be much better

>>137272141>Bender gets a phone>Fry has a bear>Professor becomes a robot>zoidberg gets married to hermes

>>137272141animation errors being in this short 20 second teaser really isn't a good sign

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Words cannot describe how much I hate the soulless automaton at Disney who legitimately thought, "hmmm it would be great if the same zombie treatment we gave to The Simpsons and Family Guy got extended to the ONE show that got a proper ending."


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>>137272141Place your bets now, How are they going to ruin it?

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What modern sensibilities are you expecting in the reboot? Times change from 3000 to 3023 after all.

>>137272338>3023wait, it has passed 23 years since the show started? Why they look the same?

>>137272307>The first revival like a decade agoWhich one?

no weight gain scene no watchsimple as

>Fry has been in the future for two decades nowHe's an old ass man pushing 50

Hank get chatgpt

>>137272141Is Futurama the show that has been revived the most times in such a short period of time?

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>>137272310Anon, that's the at least shitposting claims that you would simply use because you don't know the real season details.

>>137272368Which is the one that had the bender origin episode? Whichever that season was, I remember it feeling very off.

>>137272388Hulu only asked 2 seasons, then the show will end again again


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>>137272307the forward time machine episode was kino though

>>137272388>The Simpsons crossover is 10 years old next year

I thought the show already had like 3 different formal endings? youtube.com/watch?v=Tw8EJIWk3og

>>137272430>wish for a dommy mommy>get thiswhat do?

Boot feet

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>>137272409Can anyone translate retard?

>>137272155Couldn't find a sound-a-like of the appropriate ethnicity in time

>>137272417That's the second revival. First was the movies.

Will Fry finally knock her up?

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>>137272462Canonically a size 12

>>137272471he saying you're making shit upI might be a bit off

>>137272347Pop culture references. Everyone sounding way too old and dying like in the other shows.

>>137272482I will not watch then.

>>137272347Trump parody. They are so fucking overdone.

Man.Why can't it just. Stay. Dead. This is why I'm afraid of getting into animation. If I want something to last three seasons, then there's a good chance it won't.

>>137272524I'll be shocked if they don't replace Nixon with Trump.

>>137272471Just a zoom zoom who didn't understand the reference.

>>137272347Bitching about Trump and/or some character of note trooning out or something

>>137272381The Professor is a couple hundred years old. Better medicine and all that.Also that time they took a dip in the Fountain of Youth.

>>137272513>>137272482her original VA was asian, user is bullshitting

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>>137272381Mutant pussy keeps him young.

>>137272548Amy is Martian, retard

>>137272307still better than actual Simpsons seasons

>>137272286You know good and well they won’t.

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Amy is a fat slob.


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>>137272381Its the future.

>>137272548That's Amy's VA? Whoa mama.

>>137272347Bender doesn't want to get vaccinate episode

>>137272388>2017 >Audio double-episode Come again?

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>>137272338I don't see it.

>>137272482Pretty hard to find someone from an uninhabited planet

>>137272141Animation doesn't look any worse. I expected it to take a major hit to compromise with the vision of the series having a lot of detail, like how Invader Zim came back but had to be animated with flash/tweening or whatever to maintain all the stuff they were animating.

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>>137272680The part where Kif waxes Zapp's chest feels symbol based with in-between frames missing.

>>137272705Oh yeah, I just noticed how Zapp moves. Shame then.

>>137272599>>137272548You mean Lauren Tom?

>>137272680You are a dummy. Groening's other shows are still animated on paper, and even the Zi m movie was animated on paper. If Hulu wanted to bring back something as iconic as Futurama, odds are they would fork up the money to keep it looking the same as before.

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>>137272535Reference, your grandma!! >zoom zoomThat's so X of you, try again old head.

>>137272780The Zim movie was full of awful tweening especially in the moose chase sequence, and any time it might not have been the framerates were really jank.>If Hulu wanted to bring back something as iconic as Futurama, odds are they would fork up the money to keep it looking the same as before.They almost lost Bender's VA. Assuming a streaming service like Hulu wouldn't fork out all the money needed to give it perfect animation isn't dumb at all and from the teaser it does seem like some shortcuts were taken. We just can't see much yet.

>>137272614It sucked

>>137272141How many of the staff from Disenchanted are working on this? The should keep the voice actors and the background artists and dump everything else.

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>>137272141Only the original run is good.

>>137272141Their writers arent on strike ?

>>137272989monkeys can't go on strike

>>137272614Yeah they made a podcast it was ok.

>>137272989Shit was written months ago. It's probably at the late stages of animation right now.

>>137272141>a day after my birthdayWhat the fuck? Why did I do to deserve such trashy gift?

>>137272286>>137272568I will feel sad when they ditch Zoidberg's gf just for a cheap laugh.

>>137272141this looks so coolcan't wait for this

>>137272141I'm not opposed to revivals of cartoons, but Futurama really didn't need it. Same with King of the Hill.

>>137272141>Watch Futurama as a kid>Have crush on Leela>Will be 28 by the time the show comes out>Still getting new episodes with Leela in it

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>>137273115I want her bare nipples.

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>>137273062At least Mike Judge is consistent enough

>>137273062It's oddly a good thing that Futurama has not only been cancelled multiple times, but also has multiple great ending episodes. I'd prefer that to having it cancelled for good but also having a terrible finale.

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>>137272339>to the ONE show that got a proper endingThe show got like 3 proper endings

>>137273133Best I can do is underboob

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>>137272141I was rewatching old Futurama episodes the other day and was taken aback how much sovl was in them. There is so much worldbuilding and the world actually feels lived in. Even the best stuff out there today can’t compare to Futurama. They’re just going to revive it to promote DNC grooming and that makes me sad.

>>137272495This im fully expecting a leela gets pregnant episode

>>137273346A leela gets amy pregnant episode

>>137272347We have ten episode titles.

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>>137272141>Current Yearama.I'm worried.

>>137273133We'll be lucky if she ever gets a buttcrack, I hate modern days.

>>137272524>>137272529The only upside to this is that he'll probably be voiced by Frank Welker, who apparently has a legendary Trump impression

>>137273398>Rage Against the Vaccine>Zapp Gets Cancelled >Related To Items You've Viewed>Santa is in the trailer so that means there is going to be a Christmas episode like in the listOh...

>>137273398>How The West Was Q

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>>137272417You didn't like the Hermes bender origin?Fuck off man I loved it

>>137272417Yeah, I'm just in the process of rewatching the whole thing and those last 2 post-revival seasons feel really off. They still do have good moments, but the writing is just not really the same. One thing I've noticed is that there's way more unfunny non-sequiturs. Previous seasons had them too, but they usually still felt more or less appropriate to the setting and to what was going on, in newer ones it's just random for the sake of it

>>137272428>Hulu only asked 2 seasons, then the show will end again againMight be more than 2 seasons after Roilands Solar Opposites issues. Going to need a hole to feel that void.

>>137273398parasites are back, baby!

>The streamer promises that the 10 all-new episodes will have something for everyone. New viewers will be able to pick up the series from here, while long-time fans will recognize payoffs to decades-long mysteries – including developments in the epic love story of Fry and Leela, the mysterious contents of Nibbler’s litter box, the secret history of evil Robot Santa, and the whereabouts of Kif and Amy’s tadpoles. Meanwhile there’s a whole new pandemic in town as the crew explores the future of vaccines, bitcoin, cancel culture, and streaming TV.From an article on Deadline

>>137273788>ncluding developments in the epic love story of Fry and LeelaWhat fucking more is there to develop?Theyre going to fuck with a good thing and ruin it

>>137273788>more Pandemic stuff how long until that stuff is finally over2024?2025?good fucking lord

>>137273815The only way they could advance it without rethreading old ground is baby episode

>>137273837It would be funny if Leela's parents' genes kicked in and their kid was born as some absolute ultra-mutated abomination

>>137272277like…fry becomes a robot

>>137272561Martian is a nationality, unless you mean the Native Martians, and they aren't worth more than a single giant diamond-shaped bead.

>>137273398>Rage Against The Vaccineoh boy, that surely won't be unbelievably dated

>>137273884Maybe Zapp gets a cell phone

>>137273974Has Bender ever owned a bear?

>>137272585i understand this.

>>137273988How bout a crazy wedding?

>>137274049Where something happens and doodoo do do do...

I suspect the writing crew will have all the veterans that were also there for Disenchantment (Cohen, Keeler, Weinstein, Pat Verrone, Eric Horsted and Bill Odenkirk). Oakley and Shion could eventually bolster it now that Close Enough and Inside Job are both canned

>>137273988Shut the fuck up Boco.

Why is he still here?

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>>137273398So will "Zapp gets cancelled" be "cancel culture is good, actually"

>>137274079Cohen Keeler, Verrone, and Hosted are all confirmed, alone with Verrone's wife Maia Williams, pink-haired black nerd Cody Ziglar, Sybil Shepherd's lesbian daughter Ariel, and an Asian girl whose name I can't remember.

>>137272600>Bender doesn't want to get vaccinate episodeSo the episode where he becomes wood, but worse execution.

>>137274140Asian girl is actually Iranian Shirin Najafi, Ivy League graduate. Kaplan is back too- he has been working on nerdy comedies like The Big Bang Theory for years.

>>137272355Life expectancy and anti aging practices are better in the future

>>137272355Sliding timescale

>>137274066Have no fear they have stories for years

>>137272355Something in the water...

>>137272141I totally forgot this was a thing. I think I would like it more if it didn't already have a perfect ending. On the other hand there are no good comedy cartoons to watch and it can't be as bad as Disenchantement so I will give it a watch and just ignore if it doesn't work for me. >>137272347Parodying/addressing very current short-lived trends that will be irrelevant by the time the episodes air instead of making fun of possible futures and timeless issues or problems with post-modernity in general that were already a thing 20 years ago and will still be a thing in 2100.

>>137272141Yeah, I miss this shit so hard.

>>137274140Worth noting that Cody Ziglar wrote on Rick and Morty S7 right before this. >>137274189Anon might've meant Jeanette Lim.

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>>137272307There were some really good episodes in the revival seasons, not as consistent as the originals but much better than say the Family Guy revival seasons or anything the Simpsons has put out in decades.On the other hand they did kind of give it a near perfect ending.

>>137272452I really love both the original run and revival endings, the other two are okay but those are both just kinda weirdly pognantly beautiful.

>>137274759Her too. Looks like the new writers are all diversity hires, two Ivy League alumni included. I guess you gotta be either non-European or queer to work on the show.

>>137273945Nah, antivaccine shit would never be date.The problemis the writer being hacks and making those episode felt dated

>>137272141Fuck me.

>>137272307>I'm sure this will be much betterYou cant be serious

>>137272355>it has passed 23 years since the show started?10 passed before the comedycentral revival so it makes sense.

>>137272355>Why they look the same?Regular use of stem cell-based moisturizer.

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>>137274104>Calculon's back!

>>137275212i forgot, didnt he die?

>>137272495the bigger question is: will he get cucked by his future self again

>>137275279Probably a commentary on how we can CGI dead celebrities into movies now and by extension, keep using famous actors who are already dead in order to keep their characters in franchises. Especially with voice AI getting progressively better and better, eventually studios will only need legal access to an actor's likeness to have them digitally inserted into a film.


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>>137272631Bender's shoulder is above the seam on his chest.

>>137275335that sounds too smart for a revival....

>>137272381In the future, 50 is 20.