They cannot assume the current hyper casual WoW player can deal with Vanillas autism right?

They cannot assume the current hyper casual WoW player can deal with Vanillas autism right?

They are going to hate it. So much.

More like they aren't going to touch it with a ten foot pole and are going to keep on giving money to Blizzkikes.

Oh fuck that's giving me flashbacks.

Vanilla will not have the same audience as nu-WoW
Its like OSRS vs nu-scape


they'll play it out of sheer novelty and you know it
best case scenario they prefer it over casual wow and the focus groups cater to a hardcore audience

Wouldn't best case scenario being some freak accident that kills them all?

I was surprised that they said they're not going to put in LFG/LFR or cross-server shit either but on the other hand they said they're going to hire for it. They haven't even got a fucking team together to do it yet.

You know what this is going to be? A slightly watered down current WoW. Stuff will be scaled down (i.e. max level you'll have 4,000 HP instead of 10,000,000 HP) but that's about it. I already know they're gonna butcher it in typical nu-Blizzard™ fashion.

And with this announcement that probably means all the private servers are gonna say fuck it and discontinue their projects, so say goodbye to Vanilla WoW for a long time.

There's a good chance they won't even go through with it I'd imagine. This is just a carrot on the stick to get more people paying attention to them.

so vanilla? it seems blizzard is getting desperate

It depends on how they roll it out. If you look back at fights in, for example, Molten Core, they're infinitely less complicated than modern fights. Trying to complete them with modern class mechanics would be beyond trivial, even if they bumped up all the stats to match max level players.

I like you. I hope I end up on the same classic server as you.

Your turn.

They actually said on stage "h-ha r-remember those server blades we auctioned off? w-we need them back now!" and i cannot honestly tell if it was a nervous joke or not.


I do in fact agree with this

"you think you want it but you dont." They have no clue what they're in for.

They even had a ice cream analogy to announce this. Nothing much announced at blizzcon: new character for overwatch Moira, a roguelike Hearthstone dungeon single player experience (they even had a live choose-your-own-adventure session with the audience), Bethesdala- i mean Blizzardworld map for overwatch. The usual cinematic shorts for overwatch for Reinhardt (the voice actor even came out to toss out candy) and Starcraft 2 is free-to-play. Montage of esports shit and I think that is about it. Oh.. new characters added to Heroes of the Storm if anybody still cares about that.

But BC is far superior, minus flying mounts that shit was cancer and killed world pvp.

Resilience, welfare epics, and dailyshit were also cancer elements introduced in TBC

Blizzard is genius. Nerds will re-sub just to prove that they wanted it.

It's pathetic just how quickly a lot of people caved for this and I'm pretty sure the only reason it worked is because they waited nearly two years. That's like a century in internet time.

how much IS IT free to play? also the multiplayer was F2P

someone got a webm of all the highlights?

This will be the dark souls of warcraft's dark souls of dark souls of MMOs.

only the multi is fp2. if you want to play the dumb story to have to drop shekels

It's the Game of Thrones of competitive e-sports Cupheadlikes.


There had been a ton of people wanting to play Vanilla or BC for ages because they disliked the changes that came with the various expansions. It'll get at least some dedicated players the same way FFXI did, which may only mean a few tens of thousands of player, but that's still a a dedicated playerbase that is staying on to pay subscriber fees.

What I'm interested in is if they'll make just have one base subscription fee or if they'll do multiple for different types of WoW. Also it'll be interesting if they make it so you can transfer off the classic server and join onto a later expansion server. Because then you could have people start out on base vanilla WoW and work on as they please in whatever expansion they want.

vanilla WoW is still gonna be ruined by incompetent women and indians on visas
i may actually go for it if it isn't a bugfest though

So what of the fan-made legacy/vanilla servers? Did they C&D them for this or are they still up?

Maybe this will become the Dark Souls of Thrones of Game of thrones of rogue-like Cupheadlikes? But the real question is how does this Dark Souls of Game of Thrones of Warcraft negatively impact people who want to play the game and don't have arms.

I can assure you the shoah is coming if those servers are still up.

Honestly they are probably just going 'a-at least we are f2p!' right now as this is gonna lose them a fair bit of traffic i imagine.

Tfw spend 10 mins running/swimming through horde lands just to get a shot at doing SM.

make sure you don't get near that zeppelin


They're so late to market it's unbelievable, and it's their fault too, they were so convinced that nobody wanted this but the joke's on them now. Anyone that was interested in re-experiencing that era has already gotten their fill from one of the private servers, for free, and Blizzard's hostility towards those servers has earned them nothing but contempt from people who were interested in this idea to begin with.
Only a small, tiny portion of those players are going to be willing to uproot, again, grind through it all again, and to have to do it for a price this time. Especially when they know the money is going to fucking Blizzard, the company that told them they didn't know what they wanted in the first place.

Why don't they just play a private server?

So, how do you guys think they'll fuck it up?
I'm going to bet a week of semi normal play which will then be 'tweaked' to accommodate new players, and introduction of loot boxes for either raid gear or cosmetic items from the current version.

because there aren't any good ones right now… yet

It'll have some kind of cancerous battlenet functionality I'm sure.

They'll put in lfr/dungeonfinder

I used to love that shit. Dungeon finder, buying skills without doing skill quests, more travel connections, etc. ruined the feel of exploration being an actual part of the game.
I used to love racing to be the first to a dungeon to help summon people, making the darn/SW run (including showing new people how/where to go), going to way higher level horde areas as alliance to grab flight points and fun grind zones (thousand needles/gadgetzan).

They specifically said they would not put those in though.


and SJWwatch

Or is this what they said at the event?

They also specifically said we didn't want vanilla wow and they wouldn't make it.

Ill never understand why would you want to play vanilla wow outside of nostalgia, sure the game was fresh and smooth outside of the launch back then and molten core indeed provide one of the great instanced PVE experience of all times cosidering the game went to shit after WOTLK and everybody else decided to start releasing bad copies of a bad game, but the fact remains that vanilla wow still failled to provide a better PVE experience than everquest, a worst sandbox experience than ultima online and a worst pvp experience than DaoC.

Maybe it's just nostalgia, but I remember BC being bretty gud.

Fam, you HAD to run Kara to get a spot.

You can not reexperience the nostalgia. You know when you get the urge to play some old game that you played in your childhood or 10 years ago and it sucks? It is NEVER the same. You can not reexperience those moments again. You only crave those moments because when you played it as younger you, you have a feeling that times were better back then. You felt better. It is better to leave those memories and feelings in past and intact.

Not true. I replayed vanilla in nostalrius and had fun.

Some nostalgia is just nostalgia and revisiting ruins it.
Some is actually just better than the current day.

Both are valid, so lets not start this.

This. A lot of these faggots will be disappointed when they play it.

so did i
but then i got bored and quit months ago, before the light's hope thing

Started rewatching the pre-show and some of the beginning of the opening ceremony since I did miss that earlier. They really shill that virtual ticket hard. Who could not forget about the Rascal Flatts looking guy saying "Let's get Blizzie with it". Also, this mistake in the gene pool during that montage about community and family through Blizzard games.

How narcissistic do you have to be to have a t-shirt with yourself on it?

Imagine you father a son, your legacy, your heir. You want to give him all he wishes for in the world, to see him become a man and stand tall and be someone you can respect and be proud of.

and he turns into that after being indoctrinated by college or tumblr. This is how your bloodline comes to an end. From the first stirrings of life in the primordial oceans of our young world through millions of years of adaption, surviving multiple extinction events and all that biological impossibility resulting in this abomination dies here.

Even if she were hot having someone present themselves with a shirt like that is just unprofessional. It says a lot about how they feel about Blizzcon in general really.

gr8 b8 m8.

They'll do whatever makes them the most money. But at the same time, they are desperately trying to gain back what they used to be. So it will probably be a subscription for all of wow. inb4 they bring out Classic Burining Crusade, wotlk, etc.

More like what said. they probably lost/got rid of their old shit and have been remaking it using scraps of private server code.

"B-But its real go-guys! We loved vanilla too!" and they'll love it more if you give them money for it

WoW was a blending of several mmos when it launched, coupled by being "Warcraft, THE MMO!" and Blizz being a decent company back then, is what made it successful. It as easy to get into and easy to play. It didn't need the best of anything that makes an mmo an mmo. It just had to grow. That's why better mmo's like Daoc, WAR, AoC, went under. They couldn't rival the ease of entry nor could they rival the fact that it was the four installment of a highly popular series of video games.

Faggots/trans are all mental defective narcissists. In this case, this thing has to constantly remind everyone around that it is a "woman". even if that means putting her dumb fucking face on a t shirt

The only thing I would want them to change is the character models, the new ones are really good. The rest i want to be exactly the same.

Underrated post.

Reminder this MUH DIVERSITY and MUH SOCIAL JUSTICE shit portion of Blizzcon had more priority than doing anything for Diablo. Have another reminder that Tracer being gay had more priority than Diablo turning 25.


Did they even announce anything for Diablo!?

While you cannot capture the fun of playing a game the first time, saying that you cannot go back and enjoy games from when you were younger is wrong. I played quite a bit of Age of Empires 1 and 2 and still enjoy playing them.(Although revisiting 1 after playing 2 ruined the experience)

what do you like about wow gameplay?
combat feels like shittier version of diablo

It was okay until sjw furfag ruined it.

what is the point of wow classic after youve experienced everything it has to offer? is the pvp that fun?

More like chaotic, but yes it is fun.

was the combat even main appeal or was it more setting+people+potential?
i came late to the party and uninstalled after i gave it chance for a week

That only applies to multiplayer games, faggot. Singleplayer games don't age or die like MMOshit.

That and datamining tech was really piss poor at the time, so there was actually some mystery to the world.

No thats the funny thing. The crowd just went "yeah fukken diablo!!!" and "heh. hearthstone. i guess. yay" and you could see him fucking sweating thinking 'i hope the shareholders didnt see that'

They're going to be forced to uproot when Actiblizz drops the lawsuit hammer on anyone running a private server.

The only way I'd consider even trying the "new" WoW Classic service is if they actually did some updating to make vanilla WoW not feel so fucking dated (as ironic as that would be).

Three sets of tier gear armor for paladins, two or more sets for warriors, two sets for priests, etc. Add in a token vendor to trade in for set pieces, now there's a dps/tank/heal set for paladin, a heal/dps set for priest, etc. Undo all the mistakes, like putting consecration into the holy tree of talents, put it back in retribution.

Now .. the fact that I know Blizzard won't do any of this is precisely why I don't care, and I won't be playing vanilla even if it will be the authentic vanilla WoW experience without bugs. I don't play private servers because they're all so fucking awful, why would I give money away to play a dated WoW experience? I did that back in the mid 2000s, why would I want to pay for it again if it's just 1.12.1?

After the trainwreck that is Diablo 3 I'm glad they're leaving Diablo alone personally.


Diablo 4 lootboxes

I'm grading on a curve here, okay?

Actually schlomo, I have been back and played the games I used to enjoy, and they are in fact better than the crap being made these days.


No, it's not okay. Calling a tranny "she" validates their mental illness. That's not a she. That's a fucking dude who's pretending to be a woman because the world is completely upside down. Stop enabling these pieces of shit and their insanity.

I call them "it" or "them". To me they are neither man or woman, but Jewish created abominations, that are incapable of being Golems, because in the end, Golems destroy the Jew.

They're also going to know that at some point, Blizzard will just pull the plug on classic again in the future, which means it's better long-term strategy to stay on private servers anyway. Blizzard can't provide as much long-term security as private groups for something that's increasingly niche, because Blizzard is now just a business, not people who labor by love.

People are crazy if they think it's going to be World of Warcraft 1.12. They dubbed it CLASSIC for a reason. It's going to be an updated edition of vanilla.

It will be 1.12 with transmog, achievements, mount and pet tab, and current UI

But it will still be 1.12, just with a polished interface.

I don't think they'd touch the gameplay, otherwise it would be counter-intuitive.

or you could just yknow, stop playing fucking wow and tell blizzard to fuck off
i have not touched blizzard since gummys wow went down and i refuse to give them another penny, and now they want money for what I already got my experience with from nostralius? go fuck yourselves actiblizzz

That be awesome.
Even if only that means private servers can finally get all the data of actual vanilla wow that they want without having to sift through old clips and pictures. If they have a vanilla server for 2 or so years, I am pretty sure that private servers can be perfected with all the new data that can be gotten. We are living in a time where we KNOW that we want to capture all this data for the future. Many MMOs and even vanilla WoW did not have that luck, although vanilla WoW was lucky enough to already have an emulator community when it was still alive.

I honestly don't get this but to each his own I guess. i played the shit out of spore as a kid and found myself enjoying it a lot more as an adult. making reptilian creatures is so much fun

Vanilla was always shit. It was just better than EQ2 at the time.

can heartily agree, DOOM and witcher 3 were pleasant surprises, other than that most games today have gone to shit compared to what i used to play

Don't know if shit tastes or casual pleb

That's so cute.

It's funny how many idiots there are who refuses to remove their rose tainted glasses and see how shitty the game was back then. Specs that were literally useless, easy ass raids with barely any mechanics, spamming chat for a tank or a healer for ages and a fuck ton of other things. Like why would you want to play that fuckfest? You're not 15yo discovering your first MMO where everything is new.

Just because nobody is in the other thread anymore doesn't mean you should come here.

Click it, what's the worst that could happen?

Let's also not forget:

I wonder if this is the first sign of the de-casualization of MMOs.

Why would you want to play a game where the world is a ghost town because people are sitting in their single player realms doing shit before logging off and never seeing people outside raids that are nothing more than move and clock

Actually quivers were for a speed increase with auto attacks.

Enlighten me user
why would they shoot themselves in the foot and give a Legion gameplay vanilla experience? They could simply make timewalking if they're gonna do that.

ive seen that sorta shit all over DA. ugly ogresses like her will make cutesy anime versions of themselves to further delude their minds and forget their ugly forms

The same reason it took them this long to make vanilla servers. They are fucking retarded.

quivers worked for melee? I thought they patched that.

It was on a per-server basis, you weren't the underdogs you think you were. It would have been as simple as move to a server where horde is dominant, but instead you loved to pretend that 95% of players were alliance and that the horde were some kind of underrepresented faction. But you're on notice, and I'm pointing out how stupid (and bullshit) your bullshit really is.

There was never a alliance-favored balance of power, other than on certain servers. Just like on certain servers the horde were far more dominant.

Ranged auto attack you goof.

Spoken like a true newfag. Wotlk was fucking shit. Endless mana, shitty aesthetics, cartoon villain level arthas, dungeon fucking finger, and more bullshit than you can shake a stick at.
Get the fuck off Holla Forums.

You got me thinking
Maybe they will BALANCE Vanilla so the classes are not shit, all the while keeping the same Talent system, abilities and general gameplay?
Because that would be cool.

explain to me why doom was bad compared to

doom blew every shooter game thats come out in the last 10 years right out of the fucking water, no reloads, fast paced action and no story? its a step in the right direction and thats better than nothing
what the fuck is wrong with you

Witcher in general is a bad series. It's a poor man's Kingdom Hearts (in regards to Action RPG gameplay, not story)

and maybe my dick will grow 4 inches tonight

That's what vanilla players actually want, and what vanilla private servers (and possibly Blizzard) for the most part completely miss the point of. Sure it's nice to play the game back before homogeneity crept in .. but no one wants to play a stasis-locked version of a game. It needs updates and fixes, otherwise you're just playing with the same limitations and wondering what the fuck it's all for.

Yeah, love it when that action gets interrupted constantly by context kills and walkietalkie bits. Jesus you aren't even trying.

why is this allowed?

Because he got here before you did, retard. If you want to make your own Holla Forums, go for it. I wish you the best of luck, but considering you'll probably try to run it with an iron fist and ban games you don't like, you'll see why we let Mark continue to run the board.

WoW had quite a lot of very cool game elements which gradually got fucked up by removing talents and dumbing down stats/abilities. Like there was the basic ability in Vanilla to get +healing gear to make using lower ranked healing spells more efficient, so healers would have a dozen healing spells they'd use routinely rather than just the 2-3 they use now.

Ah yes, the +damage and +healing stats on gear, I do remember that vaguely. Before they turned everything into "muh spellpower."

You can leave too.

A dozen version of the same spell for different mana costs clogging the skill bar. Wew lad that'd deep gameplay.

better the kike you know than the kike you don't.

This is a bad idea. Despite the fixes that could be made, and there are many doing so will is a bad idea for two reasons.
1. Blizzard are fucking incompetent, and couldn't possibly do anything but make it all worse.
2. Making a lot of changes will completely fuck over the community since many guides will no longer be usable. This is especially bad for raids, and pvp. Once a game is released you don't want to do a lot of balance fixes because it keeps the community from growing. Just give me vanilla with the bug fixes.

HA. Nope.

It's little things like that which made the game a little richer. Plus there was the whole nature of having groups needing to actually use crowd control to get through regular dungeons because using no crowd control would mean your group being raped.

Everything in the game just felt a bit more significant.

You can always simply tune damage percentages for those who need it, like ret paladins.
It's honestly not hard or heavily game changing to the point of imbalance, user
If anything vanilla is already imbalanced and needs balance tuning

Nothing wrong with that
mages used rank 1 frostbolt for quick snare application,etc.

Imbalances are mostly classes doing less DPS than others, being utter shit in PvP while others are gods (balance druids compared to warriors, etc)

Just buff damage where needed with percentage of damage buffs and buff talents that need buffing without changing them greatly. Simple quality of life and small bandaids where needed. Vanilla definitely needs it. Unless you want holy paladins to be stacked in every raid and no one being anything than warrior or rogue for pvp

You do though, by going to another offshoot like the many tried before. The issue is retards like you won't move because legacy boards have brand recognition

I'm not saying vanilla is balanced. I'm saying letting blizzard do anything because fix bugs is a bad idea. Take HoMM 3 for example, it's horribly imbalanced but making changes to it will only hurt the community that has grown around it. Blizzard to balance vanilla would have to gut the entire game, and rebalance everything. Rogues themselves would be the biggest problem of all. Just leave it alone I say.


Shit I forgot about ranked spells for mana consumption. Didn't priests used to use a lower ranked cleanse or hot because it was basically the same but cheaper?

The best they could possibly do is just add more loot that emphasizes the strengths of less used builds but good luck getting Blizzard to design something that isn't just a big bonus to two stats.

What about draining souls for soulstones and spellbooks for demons? being a warlock was suffering AND WE LIKED IT.


I replied to the idea that anyone here has a say in whether or not Mark runs this board you illiterate nigger.

didn't like witcher but i did like nu-doom
didn't want you to feel alone
they will fuck up the sequel

all the flavor truly has been sucked out of current year wow.

It's good you suffered, because your class was nothing but annoying cunts in PvP.

You do have a say though. Like I said leaving for a offshoot is a say. Don't claim it isn't a say in the situation. Because it tells mark that all the good posters are leaving leaving him the shit ones. Menaing he does either have to man the fuck up or let the board rot

The game was always shit or average at best, yet it only went to shit after the release of wotlk alienating and going against what the player base wanted, The decline of wow after the release of cataclysm is not arguable, Arguing about whatever WOTLK was good is asinine in this context, i am sorry you have such shit taste you can differenciate between different tastes of shit

The higher ranked versions cleared additional debuff types, that was about it.

One thing I always found interesting was how Blizzard had the design ingenuity to create lore for classes to have various abilities that other casters didn't have, and lack abilities other casters had. Like how there was no way for a druid, a paladin or a priest to remove curses. Because they had no real exposure to those kinds of spells.

Warlocks are annoying cunts in general.
t. warlock

If it was a good idea, I guarantee it was an accident.

I considered that, but I want to believe they had some idea of how to balance things out so that you needed at least one of every class in your raid.

Never said Zul'Gurub being bad. Read again.

On Arthas, it was absolutely 80/20.

Server transfers didn't exist until 2006, kiddo. Good try, though.

Hordefags will never give up their delusions.

Druids could remove curse.

I didn't say transfer, I said move. Start over.

Ah, my mistake.

The point still stands though, but I doubt they did it from a lore perspective and more from a "we don't want one class removing all buffs" perspective. Priests not being to get rid of poison for example makes no sense.

vanilla servers always had more alliance than horde for the obvious reasons, shamans were shit while paladins were better not to mention alliance leveling zones were pure handholding while horde leveling zones were near contested zones prompting alliance to gank horde more often

and AV was pure bullshit, it took Blizzard 7 months to redo the AV terrain to make it less favorable for alliance but still alliance could just jump over the horde fence to get to Drek while horde had to deal with the alliance bridge of death

more like alliancefags will never give up their delusions, even today on TBC servers you have alliance crying about "OP horde racials" to explain why horde has slightly more population than alliance on TBC servers overall

its because people like playing blood elves you stupid midgets

Who cares, thats what lifetap was for.

It's almost like giving a retarded furry who plays vidya on a tablet full control of wow was a bad idea.

No, it went to shit with the release of WOTLK because it removed all illusion of difficulty and management for big numbers. The only reason why you like WOTLK is probably because you were a late hopper who joined during the expansion and have no frame of reference as to what wow used to be when it was GOOD.
WOTLK subcriber everyone.

Playing an afflic lock in bgs with a good resto druid was pure fun. The amount of rage you could harvest was great.

so is it vanilla forever? or will it progress to BC and WOTLK eventually?

Fuck that. Why would I have moved when I had free honor at every turn and corner? Even at 20%, Horde still dominated. Eat shit.

Wow was never diffcult retard, you sperged after reading that i said that wow went to shit after wotlk and missed the point where i clearly stated that the shit was always worst in terms of pve experienced than everquest, worst on the sandbox aspect than ultima online and worst on pvp experience than DaoC, fucking youngfag

The problem with the horde was two fold. Now this is based on my experience with nost specifically since it's recent, and the horde/alliance population was mostly equal. Horde would be at a disadvantage in world pvp because most of the quest trails people would be on had lower level quest for horde than alliance. This meant it was much more likely for low level horde players to face higher level alliance. On top of this many of the horde players were pve shitters, and even worse many had this idea of not attacking unless they were attacked. The result was that even though the population was equal, the alliance still dominated. Horde players deserved to be bullied into submission. I say this even though I play horde to avoid nelffags.

Just admit you're a band wagon hopper that came on late and have shit taste user. It's already obvious to everyone else here.

oh wow its that faggot who spams the same line over and over again when vanilla or TBC wow is mentioned on Holla Forums, i always thought you were some kind of Guild Wars turbonerd hating on WoW but it seems you were just a retarded wotlk baby which actually explains your attitude and shitty mentality when it comes to older expansions.


Holy fuck you are dumb. just admit you didnt read the rest of my post before sperging like a retarded blizzdrone

On the flip side

Why isn't that server that let you create custom classes super popular? They even have a hard core server where you drop your items on death.

The biggest mistake in WoW was stopping Jaina from gassing the Horde.

I don't understand why someone would pay money every month to play a grindfest but i'm not a cuck so I guess I would never know.


I remember it running like absolute shit last I tried. Something like 25fps just idle in an empty cave while any other Wrath server was in the 40s and 50s.

gas yourself

you mean the passage that could be shutdown with a single mage casting Blizzard over and over again while alliance could just jump over the last line of defence and kill Drek?

Your own post you capped refutes your own claim! You just said two different MMOs were better at specific things, at no point did you say wow wasnt hard. And you went on to say it was only shit post WOTLK. user, what the fuck is wrong with you kek?

Every expansion is shit, wotlk is not the exception, arguing when something that was shit to begin with started to become even shitter is absolutely stupid, WoW peaking in popularity as an MMO in wotlk is not debatable even if the expansion is objetively worst than TBC or vanilla

That sounds like a disaster and a half

if waifus were real, they wouldn't be your waifu.

Do you really think an MMO can provide a better experience in those aspects, without being challenging, addying layers of complexity and rewarding skill? Second again the only way you woudnt consider that wow went to shit after wotlk is if you think TBC and Vanilla were good to begin with, if you go for any other metric you would say that wow peaked and went to shit as a MMO after wotlk was released even if the expansion was objetiverly worse than the average MMO experience TBC and Vanilla provided

if they should do anything to the gear, they should do a squish so that, for example, naxx loot would be T2
offset pieces are good enough for specs that don't use tier loot; fury warrior gear was good enough, so was retadin gear after naxx came out

also there is one and only 1 bad spec, and that is beast mastery for hunters… when they hit 60 and get some blue items

ret is useful for PvP, especially with a good 2 hander, or even just a naxx 1h+shield
arcane is useful for PvP, and can be used in PvE so you can blow your cooldowns to burn down the boss faster in the enrage phase
balance… i guess has its uses for pvp, but thats the only arguable one
feral druids are good in pvp and are useful as offtanks in PvE, who can also pull a palpable amount of damage as a dps when not wanted to offtank, but then can offtank in the same set of gear in just 3 seconds
affliction warlocks are good for pvp, deep destro warlocks are good for pvp, enhancement shamans can hit players hard with windfury, elemental shamans can burst good in pvp, deep shadow priests can buff shadow weaving, and are also good in pvp, every deep rogue spec is good, survival hunters are good in AQ40 and up, and prot paladins are at least okay offtanks

Never played Warcraft so I don't have that strong of an opinion about the mechanics but it just seems like greedy kikes backpedaling and doing something that another has already done better and for free.

you outed yourself as a wotlk baby your damage control now is useless, atleast now i know that you are just a retard who started playing during wotlk instead of some butthurt Guild Wars fag who spams WoW threads on Holla Forums.

Blizzard didn't lose the code, Blizzard lost all the numbers, all the databases with talent values and all that shit.

Now those are trips of truth that deserved to be checked.

Just admit you were wrong user. It's not that hard and you'll feel better.

THe legacy servers are kind athe last straw for them.They know that players have been asking for it and it should've been a neasy weay to provide considering how fans managed to do it for years on end.
Legions numbers must be abysmaly bad for them to actually do it, if you look at how hard they always went against the idea of providing them.

I'm certain they'll intentionally sabotage just as an excuse to pretend no one wants it, assuming they ever even do it at all really.

Yes, someone that played DaoC, Vanilla,TBC, Everquest and ultima online is a wotlk baby. Please keep the mental gymnastic going blizzdrone that cant admit how average the experience was on vanilla and TBC, and wotlk outside of molten core.

Legion is losing players faster than WoD and that should tell you enough about it, even the most obnoxious Blizzard drone streamers like Towellie, Asmongold, Bajheera and that skinny faggot who took steroids to look like Pich Piana from Method are getting boring and stream less than usual since they cannot bear to play the game anymore

Retailcucks are so fucking triggered, Reddit, The Official Forums are fucking imploding.

I couldn't care less if its the 100% authentic experience, I'm just so fucking happy I WONT HAVE TO DEAL WITH FUCKING CHINESE AND FAGGOT EUROSTANIANS ANYMORE.


Euro here, I'll be playing US.

are you anti-islamic at least?

Not you babe, Specifically the server hosting faggots.

you'll have to deal with BRs

You better not be a filthy chink apologist.

I miss this shit.
Also don't forget about waiting several hours for your dungeon group to gather at the entrance unless you had a warlock.

You are full of shit, you outed yourself as a wotlk baby and your claim about playing DaoC, Everquest and Ultima online are nonsense

Lmao calling me a blizzdrone because i recognized your stupid ass from the vanilla/TBC threads you shitposted for months? Now you really must be desperate and humiliated, i just hope you werent on my server during Wotlk because i have fond memories of it despite having a certain amount of obnoxious faggots like you after Wotlk launch.

nobody cares about you Rtas, go back to playing your shitty FPS games with autists from cuckchan

Prepare to get banned for killing people in world PVP.


Why because wowfags get mad every singletime someone says that the game peaked and was more succeful on wotlk? The game was always shit, if you coudnt grasp the context of my original post and understand that the went to shit after wotlk was purely based on a business metric over a quality metric.

You're not fooling anyone you massive newfag. It's so obvious it's funny.

Well it wasnt exactly hours but yeah walking through all the zones to get to Blackrock Mountain was pain in the ass if you were a Horde, i think the main issue on vanilla was people were too afraid to admit they didnt know something so they would wander around until they find the right path/entrance or until the group kicks them for taking too long.

However doing UBRS/LBRS/Stratholme/Scholomance was truly a nightmare when it comes to time, doing UBRS with randoms would take 3 hours minimum.

Not really. Not ever, even after years and years of development. Warcraft private servers are rife with the typical modder drama, except it's modder drama that wastes thousands of hours of player time after each and every fuckup.

Blizzard entertainment is literally the most jewish company in all videogames and so I hate the fact that small independent devs can't do exactly what you said, but that's how it is.


just stop embarassing yourself, if you werent retarded you would admit your mistake and say "I want to experience vanilla/TBC so i can compare it to Wotlk when i started playing", instead you went on an autistic rampage and damage control when you outed yourself as a wotlk baby.

Fun fact: Wotlk had only 5% more subs than TBC during its peak which means Wotlk alienated alot of old players but in turn brought in alot of new players aswell, faggots like you that thought welfare epics and steamrollable Naxx were good PvE designs.

oh thatd be something


on Nost entrance to Blackrock Mountain was always camped by PvPers, even if they didnt target you directly you would die from the sheer amount of AOE spells being used in the narrow passages

I guarantee they'll only keep the server up just long enough to seek legal action on private servers or trick the staff into joining Blizzard and then arresting them like that one dipshit who pirated the HL2 beta.

I really wonder what they'll do.

This will be an interesting experiment assuming they go full vanilla and use it as a containment sponge for all the potential subs that want to indulge in nostalgia.

How long will this last when you have very finite , aged content and no progression beyond a certain point? If this isn't a shitshow from the start, it will likely be huge and generate huge numbers initially, then taper off. I think thats entirely relative to xp/drop rates. We are theoretically looking at vanilla time frames assuming there aren't half measures and compromises for casuals. There is quite a potentially for this to become a containment for autists who just world pvp and battleground for grand marshall.

Theres also the potential that this generates enough buzz to warrant independent new content catered to this crowd which exists in a sort of alternate time line. I simply think this won't happen. I think Blizzard realizes there is a revenue stream out there toiling around on shit scripted homebrew servers and that its time to kill the private servers and profit in one fell swoop. Vanilla WoW obscene will is likely going to boom and then bust leaving nothing but the hardened autists and smug Blizzard richer, while they tell you how they told you so.

Then again, who knows. You watch private server campaigns pop up here and you just know they're going to go to shit sooner than later. I'm actually excited not to play it, but to see how the whole thing pans out now that Blizzard itself is making the attempt.

Fun facts, I played both Vanilla and TBC, saying that the game went to shit after WOTLK considering that woltk was more successful than the previous expansion is factually correct, even ifas woltk as an expansion is a worse experience than TBC and Vanilla

Truly it was harsh times.

Don't forget class quests. I can't imagine the idea of a quest that can't be soloed at level will sit well with the newfags.

You are hilariously stupid

Nonsense, you will not convince anyone with that bullshit, your reaction image just further proves you are on a heavy damage control.

Making up bullshit about wotlk because you started playing in wotlk is not "factually correct" thats just your bullshit and damage control, how long will you continue this autism and keep embarassing yourself?

BC was shit.

I was so happy when they finally did away with that shit and moved us to Wrath, only to get smacked with even more retarded shit and a lackluster ending to the WC3 story.

warriors were actually pretty good in PvP once they got a weapon from ragnaros, or at least a different MC weapon
why whine about reagents?
warlocks may not hit as hard as mages, but you still want them for banishes and curses, and they have a very different function for PvP
they also have a "pet"
theres 15 minute party-wide paladin buffs, though they use a regeant

the rogue poison quest can be soloed at 20, each enemy iirc has a certain weakness

it can last for maybe 5 years assuming that they progress to fixed TBC then fixed wrath within a reasonable timeframe

I was that warlock, and often late. And when i was on time, me and my buddy a warrior would start shit with any horde we saw and cause massive pvp battles right at the stone. I loved those pre raid waits.

I wouldn't mind if they actually made new lvl 60 content post Naxx, like they implement some of their scrapped original vanilla ideas, like the Karazhan, Uldum etc. All the naga shit they had planned, pic related.

But they will most likely go down the progressive server route.

TBC was peak of WoW, i didnt like the spacegoats retcon, Naaru and how blood elves visuals were changed from WC3 but it was really the best version of WoW, Wotlk in beta was interesting because they showed some fun stuff and promised much more but eventually the fucked it all up in the last 3 beta patches and cut alot of content, for example only reason players got Trial of Crusader in 3.2 is because ICC wasnt finished in time and devs removed Vrykul + Nerubian raids from the game.

I was thinking more the warrior ones like going into fucking RFK at 20.

only if they'd do an item level squash, and have more raids per tier

oh, i forgot about that
then again though that part of RFK is easier than the rest of it

Do you really think i care about convincing blizzdrones that thought Vanilla wow was a better experience than Everquest, Ultima online or DaoC was the intention of my post? WOTLK was the most succeful expansion and wow as a whole peaked during that expansion with 12 million of subscriptions was the game better overall? No, but it was successful. This success that was never founded on the game being good was the thing that went to shit after wotlk but you faggots never accept it

even tho i enjoyed TBC i wish they kept the old system of releasing big content patches in vanilla, i always wanted to see where those 4 portals behind Nightmare Dragons would lead into or what was that raid planned for Hyjal that had Archimonde's corpse still there with Legendary dagger that transforms you into an Dreadlord and that hidden raid entrance in Azshara underwater region and many more

Did they ever do anything with lower karazhan and the upside down sinners? That shit was spooky


Where in Azshara was this?

do you even know private server playing faggots? they live to hop on the latest FRESH hype train and reroll

so much this
No more broken-english announcements from "community managers" (lol) moaning about how they need more pocketchange for vodka and tracksuits and overseas holidays so they don't completely forget what the sun feels like
Probably still goldselling and account black/grey market, but not run by the developers behind the scenes
Proper US ping times
Proper US playerbase that occasionally act like human beings
It'll be great if blizzard doesn't fuck it up

It'll probably be like diablo 2 ladder seasons or something
I'd like new classic content too, but the majority of people would rather move to TBC and wrath, so.

do you know some more stuff about that portal?

oh right the vanilla Karazhan was insanely big and the crypts beneath were even bigger

this was in Bay of Storms part under the water right next to night elf ruins, sadly this was removed in 1.12, Blizzard even planned a BG for Azshara zone but scrapped it, on vanilla servers you can still see the alliance and horde banners that were planted but with NPCs missing

It's the little things like this that give me nostalgia.

I'm surprised you haven't tried and failed to change the picture to pretend that you were right all along!

There's BR servers. They don't play US servers.

since when?

think it will have the raid finder? also curious if it will start as a fresh world with everyone at lvl 1

lmao you keep calling us blizzdrones because we outed you as a wotlk baby, just stop being autistic and stop embarassing yourself, you prob heard about DaoC/Everquest/Ultima from some gaming journo site when they did an article about a 10 year anniversary or something

I just logged off a private server, just about all of general chat in Ogrimmar was people wondering if they should just stop playing right now and wondering how long it would manage to stay up after this announcement.

The very first alliance warlock quest has you queueing up with 600 other people to loot some book on the ground that respawns every two minutes
After going through that they find out they can't CC anyone because the other faction is 90% forsaken
It's the only class for a trve vanilla masochist


cast fear on the undead, then after they blow their racial cast deathcoil and run until the racial wears off maybe a second after deathcoil does

There is only one single situation in which I'd even consider giving this the time of day, and that is if they add servers for TBC and WotLK as well, with the option of e.g. playing through a classic server, then keeping my char there while copying it onto a TBC server and so forth.

dude just stop embarassing yourself, you are not gona convince anyone with your lies, you got outed, your damage control is beyond pathetic now

Best thing is No more dealing with the reddit guild that's been posting on here. glad their thread got nuked

Maybe if wrath used the cut ideas like 'kill your existing character to make it a death knight'

Yes i am such a wotlk baby for stating facts, how dare you to say that Vanilla wow didnt give a better pve experience than Everquest, or a better sandbox experience than Ultima online and had a worse pvp experience than DaoC and say that the WoW peaked on wotlk with 12 million subscriptions or how ittwent to shit from a business perspective after it.

You've lost long ago user.

I liked interacting with a server community, guildmates, and questing. This was before there was a dungeon finder or cross-server instances. Parts of the world I legitimately liked e.g night elf and the mystique around Emerald Dream. Eventually though if I don't have a group to play with or whatever I end up piling up gold and jewing the auction house until I quit.

it seems you are one of those idiots who dont learn from their mistakes

that would be convenient for you, right?

The community before wotlk was what made the game great. Learning who was reliable or a cunt. Who the best healers or tanks were, the best dps. The best pvpers. Stirring shit against the other faction alongside another guild because they fucked with you. It was great.

You gonna delete that post too faggola?


This. It's going to be vanilla WoW in game only.

Even if it was a carbon copy of vanilla it wouldn't fix the dogshit community the game has now. It's been 13 years, let it die already.

WoW combat and Diablo II combat aren't similar. However combat is not a real appeal of either of those games.

Yes i am such a wotlk baby in damage control i mean stating facts, like saying that Vanilla wow didnt give a better pve experience than Everquest, or a better sandbox experience than Ultima online and had a worse pvp experience than DaoC on top of saying that the WoW peaked on wotlk with 12 million subscriptions or how it twent to shit from a business perspective after it is such a atrocity

I loved vanilla but the people I played with either moved on or quit vidya or died. Wouldn't be the same without them.


< casualized reputation
< team and world PVP ditched in favor of arenas
< most endgame is far away from the rest of WoW
< daily quests and achivements
< broken flying mount shit
< lame instances
< outland is seriously stupid
< sitting endlessly in Shattarath listening to the high pitched hum of crystals and shit wishing that the map looked and sounded cooler… actually fucking missing the endless time I spent in gay ass laggy Ironforge.

Granted a few things were slightly better:

I'm sure there is shit I'm forgetting but while people left in Cata, I feel like the shit that made people leave started in TBC.

Here is what is going to happen, because this is Blizzard and you all should know better anyway.

< They are going to start to notice small changes.
< The shit that was shitty about vanilla is going to be slightly shittier
< maybe even see some microtrans shit or other monitization schemes creeping in
< Blizzard will use this as a platform to try to get old players back into new WoW
< See user, this thing that is shitty in Vanilla isn't shitty in the new x-pac!
< No really, user. It isn't shit

tl;dr they are just going to try to sucker old players into playing nu wow, and probably vandalize Vanilla in the process.

One just has to pay attention to what they did with diablo and their "bringing back a classic". What a complete shitshow

No, that's still validating their mental illness by accepting they aren't a man. Genetically speaking, they will always be a man. He is a delusional, mutilated man.

Ironically that validatez a previous liberal notion that you can be that big of a sissy and still call yourself a man.

This. I would rather not play it at all at this point than ever give bliz another cent.

What did they do?

They brought back a piece of diablo 2 in diablo 3 for some stupid event. Embed is one of the first hits I got from youtube so expect a high dosage of cancer.

Holy shit the madmen actually swallowed their pride and did it.

Except it isn't. He is a delusional weirdo. Still a male, but a pathetic loser.

for what purpose, though?
for any expansion past WOTLK, you could just level a new character to where the expansion starts quick as hell. and gear has never transferred, even as early as the first expansion people were replacing their raid gear by the second expansion leveling zone.

Probably for item transmogs, recipies and mounts.

That's a bad thing?

This is why I liked Tibia's system of only feeding map data to the player when they actually see that part of the map. That game still has unsolved mysteries and even some quests that got removed because no one could figure them out.

Official Tibia Classic servers when?

>We're going to fucking win

A part of my soul died the day cross-server battlegrounds became a thing.

>mfw found out a few years after i lost touch with him he fucking killed himself and some people
i can be your vanilla friend-o, m-maybe

Not a bad thing by any means. Just some of the shit that really stood out to me at the time, the good as well as the bad - all of it entirely unforgettable.


Just found it in my folder as you said it.
This hits hard. What hits hardest is the idea he's happier having moved on.

Now let's think about what the alliance was probably going through during that same match.

day long AV was great but cross server battlegrounds needed to happen.


Nost wasn't killed by blizzard. Nost themselves tried to use their own server as leverage.

The frogs fucked over their playerbhase for blizz jobs and nothing came of it

Had to play my druid as a healer in BWL/AQ in order to scrape together throwaway raid cloth for boomkin funtimes.
Rank 2 healing touch was bread and butter.

This came of it. Apparently their arguement was a compelling sales pitch but they had no reason to give those fags jobs.

literal furry cancer. Play a mage you fucking scrub

Then the answer isn't to dilute the entire battlegrounds pool, it's to increase the chances of gaining honour outside of them. World PvP was a great laugh when Hillsbrad was a near-nonstop deathmatch. The more of that, the more players could be involved, the more honor for everyone. The answer wasn't to drag everyone down to scrub-tier level.

Then the Alliance can just git fucking gud
Seriously, I'm not saying that to troll, rallying pubs was not a lost cause. On Earthen Ring EU there were good Alliance guys who could always lead even the most clueless scrubs into giving us a run for our money. I hope you're taking care of yourself, Valimar.

My server had a boomkin who kept swearing it was a legit strategy. Ribbing him was fantastic

The frogs were pulling triple time on that scam because they also let a droprate bug go untouched for the first few days so that all of the big guilds that donated could steamroll to 60 on the back of easy loot and then have the entire economy on lockdown. It was rigged from the start.

Don't knock the furries, you want at least one to chain up in the corner for the crit buff. That shit was insane before they killed rolling ignites and then changed from crit % to crit rating on gear.

They aren't human, they're subhuman, so "it" is an entirely fine word to use.


I just liked being able to solo any elite with root/starfire spam, like doing all those silithus grinds without help



mein nigga
truly brings memories back.

stay in your cancerous memes of memespansion version then faggot.

My first memory of WoW is getting a Demo CD for 99 cents at future shop.
Rolling night elf hunter and spending hours around that big tree in the starting zone.

Was hooked ever since.until wotlk at least when LFG killed any cohesion

You best be joking you bur speaking pinko

Get out.


I didn't get to keep him as the demo CD didn't transfer over.

Orc shaman's my favorite class/combo though

Fuck you, leatherman. I'll show you who is the boss of this battleground.

Maybe you should stay in memespansion land, faggot.


Nice projection fag. Now get out.

Wasn't everyone's first character a dwarf hunter?

I would probably like orcs a lot more if their starting zone wasn't so shit.
Dun morogh is still the best, in vanilla and beyond.

Mine was a tauren druid

Reminder that the Blood Elves are only the Horde to raise its playerbase.

Mine was an undead warlock because I heard warlocks were OP.

Though horde got the short end of the stick in terms of questing paths we had some of the best starting zones. Silverpine forest can suck a dick though, especially considering that many servers don't implement the kiting right, and you end up pulling 6 to 7 enemies at once in that damn place.

is that what you'll roll if you suckle on Blizz's vanilla teat?
I'm thinking about druids cause of their role flexibility but I dunno..

Barrens was nice because you could literally grind 15 levels in 1 zone.

It was fucking huge to, and fun to explore.

My first character was orc rogue

I still remember the biggest acheivement for me was scaling the mountain line and leaving valley of trials to find even more or the world out in front of me. Learning of towns beyond was interesting.

Players like you are why wow died.

Mine was a troll shaman because I saw that they get raptor mounts. Then in shadowfang keep I saw a hunter tame a worg as a pet and I thought that was the coolest thing ever. Made a tauren hunter since my buddy told me their stomp racial was the best for pvp (lol) and that was my character for 10 fucking years. Called him Vorhaan. Laughing skull server represent my niggas.

I still had that worg pet when I stopped playing in 2011.

Fucking good. Perhaps people who enjoyed it will be able to get away from all these massive niggers.

Lol no.

fuq all these lost memories


No, I didn't like it very much. Also I hate subscription fees so I won't be playing on Blizzard's server.



Also the only changes from modern WoW I'd even consider tolerating are the updated player/npc models (especially the shit that was still using placeholders in vanilla), and transmog. Every thing else needs to be pure vanilla or it's a no go for me. Having xrealm battlegrounds would be a huge deal breaker.

I liked the worg model better and that it was pitch black just like my IRL dog that I named it after.
RIP Jacques. I miss you buddy.

You're almost not wrong, even though Blizzard are the ones who killed WoW, not players. Battleground/honor farming turned into cancerous arena farming which was just fucking boring and stupid.

Doesn't negate the fact that battleground queues were a fucking bitch for servers with lopsided populations and that needed fixed. The only way for Blizzard to do that was increase the player pool. You either do this by merging servers which Blizzard's servers were too shitty at the time to do that, allow factions to intermingle which obviously wouldn't have been a great choice, or cross server battlegrounds, which is the option that obviously won out. I agree it did weaken server community, though. That is bad.

Here is my question: Are they going to roll everything back until the very last patch before BC?

If so this will be amazing. Manaburn, mind control, 40 man dungeons that takes a day of walking, non stop AV, everything lvl 60 is now hardmode and will actually FUCK YOU UP, Elites actually exist and are god tier mobs that will kill you if you dont know what you are doing, rogues permalocking everyone into the ground

I can go on and fucking on. As an old player that actually knew what they were doing I will LOVE to see the new wave of players that the old gen can fuck with non stop. God this will be fucking amazing. The Possibility of rage quitting the classic server will be astronomical

Yea BGs killed pvp back then.

It better be PVP. I killed so many allies with frostshock and self-res

There are going to be issues with this within the player community.
Which pre-BC patch was best patch?

Midway through Vanilla, Blizzard axed unique pet traits/attacks, among many other things. That was a huge loss imo. I wouldn't want anything past that.

Again, others might disagree so it's hard to say where Blizzard would draw the line.

PvP servers are kill user. All servers are apparently the same with phasing out for pvp players.

while were talking first characters mine was a human warrior. All I did was go around mining stuff and making armour which was garbage but I still liked it.

only ever got to level 43 though after grinding murlocs and gnolls and centaurs and all. I still have the centaur hooves in my bank and my warrior can use crossbows.

I am thinking that there are two ways they can go about it. They can just act like the game just came out and over time release the patches (like you are experiencing the game as it came out, which would be funny since people like me know about each patch's bugs and will abuse the ever loving shit out of them) OR the most logical is to have the last patch be introduced at the end. I think the second choice with staggered content would be the best. As having a hunter as a first character, pets mattered so much and trying to get neat unique pets with cool skills as something that you had to have if you wanted to be worth a shit. Getting that rare pet tamed for a unique look/skill went farther than anything else. Only things I didnt like was having to worry about arrows and feeding the faggot. But it made sense. Made roleplay a bit more worthwhile for those who did it as well.

some of my fondest vidya memories where grinding those basilisks with my priest friend to make food for the entire raid group hours before the raids started.

I bet you they're going to add dungeon group queues and dumb the game down some how. Theres no way the rainbow hair SJWs are going to enjoy actual nerd (autist) games from a decade ago.

Hes talking about the days when Will of the forsaken was a passive. Just think about that for a while.

It should have stayed that way, or honestly they should have made undead affected by fear so warlocks were not so useless in scholomance, and stratholme.

that was all the way back in beta. Though, WotF+PVPtrinket(or the blacksmith trinket) might as well been perma fear immunity, especially if you were an alliance priest.

Though that was another fun vanilla thing… being fucking worthless as a priest if you were anything besides undead or dwarf due to overpowered racial spells.

I can't remember, did warlocks get deathcoil before or during BC?

Warlocks had death coil before BC I think.

Death coil was something people complained about on forums a lot when I played vanilla, so yes.

Since Cata or Mop

Speak for yourself. My first was a human warlock. I already knew it was the class for me as soon as I read "summons demons and throws fire"

I can't believe infinity guild is going to be a real thing, triggering real paying customers.

This truly is the greatest timeline.

Y tho? Since the first day I played wow I always thought it was stupid that there wasn't a mercenary faction that damns all allegiances, and just in it for the money. It makes perfect sense if you want to argue lore, there's always people or groups that are in it for themselves and none else, see the grimtotems.

I don't know. I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally don't want to give blizzard any money at all.


Would not recommend.

why? horde are cucks.

I dunno man, providing that it's not total shit to begin with, I really don't see an issue with cucking $15 shekels. I'll get literal /played days out of it and my chars wont roll back 20 levels cause some Russian fuck forgot to save cache.

Plus raiding alliance towns with Infinity Guild was fun on Nostralius, but people didn't care cause it was free and they were old school players who knew what they were getting into. Imagine all these millennial normalfags waking up to what Vanilla WoW was really like while we stand over their corpses for hours?

Yes, it's abundantly clear to all you're a trash newfaggot, you can leave now. wasted dub dubs

This to. We'd get reported faster than a jew at hitler's birthday party.

My first retail character was a druid because I played a mage in beta and was still butthurt that invisibility was removed, so I figured a balance Druid would be the closest thing to it.
Then the balance spec turned out to utterly suck for basically… the whole life span of the game really. Fuck moonkin form, fuck a lack of proper burst damage, fuck not having a proper interrupt that wasn't a long cool-down gimmick.
After that I tried a troll shaman which loved the fuck out of, and a human priest which I also liked until about level 55 when I made the horrible realization that it was the worse possible combination of class faction and race for doing anything in raiding or pvp, yet couldn't bring myself to do that torturous early level priest grind again.

Found the triggered Blizzdrone.

I'm all for it.

What are they going to do? Ban people for using a guild name "infinite?" That would be unprecedented even for Blizzard. If they did that would be the lulziest shit ever.


mudskin detected

No I mean we will get banned really quickly for just being ourselves. This is acti/blizz we are talking about.

I don't know, I would probably play as alliance a little bit if not for the nelf fags.


There is nothing bannable about corpse camping, tagging low level mobs away from enemy chars, yelling REEE as you demolish Ashenvale..

Just don't go full sperg and call someone a nigger. You'll be fine.

Should have been Tyrone Jamal.


Unless they plan on policing guild chat nobody is going to get banned for anything they don't plan on getting banned for.

It's abundantly clear that you're a fucktard Vanilla fanboy who doesn't realise it was terrible back then and it won't ever be the same.


just use in-game races in the place of actual races… what are they doing do? Ban an undead player for saying "gas the dwarves, faction war now!"?

do you have brain damage?

you need to go home, casual

I would say gas the nelves, and yes they would probably ban me.

which would be hilarious because Forsaken actually gas people.

This board has had guilds on almost every popular Vanilla private server. Where the fuck do you think you are? Lurk more faggot.

Forsaken dindu nuffin that was Varimathras, demons made them do it.

doing anything in Southshore or Theramore would feel a little weird now.

Nigger what? Its not muh PR to say that we would be banned if we talked as we normally do and therefore it would be stupid to give them money.

It should just be a divergent WoW; where it builds into WotLK and then the Dungeon Finder doesn't happen so the community and gameplay stops becoming shit because casuals have to actually start putting effort in. Also, all the lore fuckups get unwritten and they have to essentially make two sets of xpacs going forward.

If they make more than one tree per class viable in the end game, especially for tanking, I might come back. That's pretty much the only problem I have re-trying vanilla on private servers. I have grown to loathe MMO's that advertise being able to "do anything" but end up forcing you down one set path if you want go accomplish anything.

We'll see what they do. But then again this is Blizzard we're talking about. They'll probably fuck it up.

it's vanilla WoW, there was literally only one class(and one tree of that class) that could tank aside from gimmick fights where the boss spams polymorph spells to make bear druids not seem worthless.

That's nu-wow, Every server is a PvE server by default. Being flagged is now optional.

Am I the only one that liked classic Sunken Temple? Thought it was atmospheric as fuck the whole way through. It was really challenging and interesting to find out the secrets of this forgotten place buried deep in a spoogy swamp. They should have made it a lvl 60 dungeon and gave it decent rewards to makeup for the huge time spent figuring the place out.

the whole swamp of sorrows felt under used as a zone.

Because aside from ST it was a fucking cancer.

All the mobs aggroed easily, they blended in with the environment so you couldn't see shit, the humanoid enemies cast nets so you'd be even more fucked, there was no graveyard so you'd walk for ages, quests were fucked up and made no sense in terms of pacing, etc.

that was one problem with vanilla I'd be happy to see changed, have all the unfinished zones retouched a bit. Like SoS, Ashzura, and the Blasted Lands

If Holla Forums does ever make a guild on classic WoW, please dont do the whole "post a meme in the thread" bullshit. Shit like that is just really really fucking gay. Its cringy, its stupid and honestly it serves no purpose but yet someone always gets the bright idea to use "post a meme" to weed out people. Planetside 2 people did that and it was probably the shittiest thing since all they got in the guild was nothing but people who spammed cringy shit in voicechat all god damn day. Its those people you dont want in.

I'll join if it's mainly focused on griefing, national socialism and trolling general chat.

The secret password is:
Garrithos did nothing wrong.

That shit I dont mind, but when its nothing but cringy shit like "spamming dank memes" it turns into shit fast. Ill definitely troll the shit out of trade chat like no tomorrow. Was famous on my old gorefiend server for that shit. But I dont want the guild to be nothing but people spouting internet jokes all day.

I wouldnt mind a password or something for thread only faggots. I just dont want to have to say things like "Give me your shekles, goyim" and other retarded shit. People went waaay too overboard with that when everyone was doing their Planetside 2 phase.

There were a lot of zones with wasted potential. Half of Kalimdor was fucking_nothing.jpg; who the hell ever went to Desolace or Thousand Needles or Feralas except on their way to an instance? What was in Un'Goro besides Nintendo memes, leather galore and devilsaur pets?

Also the funny thing is that in order to get some of those flight points you would have to go through horrible zones and quite a few of them were brutally long and dangerous because you were under level 40…meaning no fucking mount.

Also to answer your question: Mythril was there. Though that place before the "rebalancing" had a ton of elites that would shit over everyone trying to farm there. You would have a better time farming Plague lands.

What is fucking wrong with you?

You disgust me.

Thousand Needles and Desolace are my favorite zones though.

Thousand Needles was fun on my mage because of slow fall. I was so disappointed when they flooded Shimmering flats for Cata instead of finally adding some sort of vehicle based racing mini game to the race track.

Desolace can suck it though, that place was shit for both factions

I dont think anyone really said it was good but more along the lines of they enjoyed this or that.For its time it was kind of one of the only MMOs that wasnt chink shit that the majority of western people knew about. Hell I didnt know about Ragnarok until after I played WoW. The only other contender was Runescape, which was even fucking shittier. When WoW came out EQ was going out the door due to internal faggotry (really just listening to one guy bitch about shit and ruining it…which i think that same guy now works at blizzard). So im not surprised that a lot of people remember having fun in something they played a long time ago. No one is saying its good, they are saying that they had fun here and there.

I enjoyed Asheron's Call until the devs gave up and just catered to the endless level grind crowd to the point that they eventually had to add an alternate leveling system because the engine was hard-coded to a set max level and stats, then later had to add a *second* alternate system because people were running out of augments to do from the 1st system.

I think thats a problem in games. People always think that they need to "raise the cap" just like they need to "raise the spending limit" You then get a never ending cycle of people hitting that cap and people having to raise it in order for a shitty sense of progression.

If anyone has ever read Overlord and saw other games styled like that in an MMO setting , the better thing to do is not raise a level cap but instead add content. They use a level cap as justification to push through storylines and zones because people need to "Relevel". Thats a terrible way to get people to experience the zones. People like me wont give a shit, skip the text and attempt to get through to the next part. People are more concerned with leveling to where everything else takes a back seat. You should make people want to visit areas not because "its the next place in line to level" but because it can offer new experiences. Hardcaps are great. You cap the level and force the player to experience the game with new content. If your development is tailored around leveling your players instead of creating unique worlds and new challenges, your game is obviously going to be shit. Instead of worrying about leveling they can devote their efforts into customization, gameplay,quests, intricate plots and overall world dynamics. But what the fuck do I know, i just play the god damn thing.

They disabled the ability to make black humans back when Holla Forums did a raid pools closed in Stormwind. A lot of us suicided in the water, flooded stormwind with corpses of nogs.

what the fuck happened to those never say die gamers? there was as time when people actually gave a fuck, but now these fucking kids jump off a cliff to "troll" if things arent going 100% smooth. Is it just the uptick in millennial sensibilities? is it the games?

reminds me of when i first played everquest. at first it was this paradise of exploration, you were naive enough to think the girl who partied with you 24/7 was actually a girl. there was no such word as train, or troll. When you saw someone in ur area you hailed them, and spoke for a bit. And you'd joined forces to find out where the fuck the quest started because neither of you had a clue. Maybe it's just that i dont have that kinda time anymore, but i do miss that. If this was the blizzard of back then, maybe i could get excited about this, but we all know whats going to happen. To any brave or foolish enough to try this again, let us know how it goes.

Desolace was my favorite zone that didn't end with "Plaguelands."

a mixture of millennials and a certain jadedness toward these types of games

But I actually WANT that. A vanilla base with re-balanced, not useless talent trees and dungeon groups that don't take as long as the dungeon run itself to find would make me consider resubbing for the first time since WotLK.

Its dubbed CLASSIC because they don't want people confusing it with the mainline product. That is called branding. They would be stupid to fuck with it too much since they are trying to attract vanilla players. I don't think "Hey, here is vanilla wow but we fucked it beyond comprehension." would get many to resub.

Then again, this is Blizzard we are talking about.


Undead warrior, ended up swapping to a human warrior since the undead area was too hard for little babby me at the game's launch

Horde was at a disadvantage for a long time because Alliance could get through things like Onyxia and Magmadar(?) with relatively ease due to Fear Ward which only Dwarf priests had. Instead of needing a relatively squishy shaman to go right next to a tank that is dealing with boses with conal attacks, you could have a dwarf priest cast fear ward from afar.

This made it so alliance raiding guilds could have a much easier time working their way through the raiding content for gear that would of course be used in pvp.

And yet somehow the top raiding guilds were always horde.

It's pretty widely accepted that WoTLK was the turning point for the game. It was the last time you had a completely new class that felt unique being introduced to the game and you still could feel like the game world was significant.

With expansions like MoP it was kinda hard to care about a new class as it just felt like a recoloring of all the other ones, which is a result of the balancing process Blizzard enacted to keep all classes fairly in line.

This is something I will always appreciate FFXI for. Their classes weren't balanced to all do the same damage to everything and they didn't care because why should a thief do the same damage as a warrior. They justified that particular situation by saying how Thieves had their trait that let them get increased drop rates which balanced things in its own way. Having everything be balanced makes things boring.

For me it was when they started fucking around with character builds and talents in Cata, using "we've deleted all those boring stat bonus talents (except when we didn't)" as an excuse for reducing the total number of talent points, then forcing you to go 31 points in a tree and passive bonuses to destroy hybrid builds, along with crippling off-spec healing to the point where rogues and warriors had better self heals than an enhancement shaman or ret pally. Basically giving every class some sort of obnoxious combo point style ramp up mechanic to try to balance pve/pvp damage Then finally deleting talents and builds altogether in MoP and making every class all of four buttons complex.

I wish Blizzard would figure this out.

I often found heading to Ghostlands before Silverpine (I was an Undead Priest) made the zone more tolerable.

I fucking dug Dustwallow Marsh, that zone was my fav for world pvp back in the day. Used to ambush allyfags that went in too deep to the swamp. Held Theramore ransom for 8hrs with my mates. Good Times.

you gotta be exaggerating, or are you telling me heroes of the storm is a more complicated game than wow on a basic level at this point?

"Blizzard is trying to make the classes too moba like" was one of the comon complaints when the changes were announced

So when is this classic server shit happening? Is there a time frame given for it. I'd assume they'd want it already out long before before the next WoW expansion in the hope people get bored of vanilla and are ready to play what ever the new shit is.

oh boy can't wait til we can watch cutscenes about the orc general telling the player how to properly clean their buttholes out before anal :^)

Thats pretty fucking funny since I always felt like ASSFAGGOTS felt like simplified WoW PVP with a more fun moveset.

If i was designing an mmo, it'd be that players make weapons and armour and people grind mats for people that make shit. The higher level players equipment the further they could explore. This way all the devs have to do as add some new materials in a new continent every xpac.

It's ok there never was a 8ch guild. Turns out was really just some redditors using 8ch as a front. They now run around under a new guild name and actively and openly recruit normalfags, going as so far as to make a 3rd discord to make it "normalfag friendly" with some of the people in their showing their true redditor colours.

If classic turns out to be anything I'll probably roll by my lonesome and join up with normalfags. As for what realms I hope they bring blood furnace in as a classic server.

My 2h windfury crits gave zero fucks about any alliance gear so meh.

i'm playing this shit idgaf im tired of dealing with private servers i cant rely on because they get hacked and taken down or just forced to close, not to mention all the fucking bugs

i just want to fucking play the game again, hopefully they don't cuck shit and it's straight to the point, but who the fuck knows

The game became more about gear progression, and raids. If all people care about is gear they are not going to be willing to spend the time to overcome a challenge.

As sad as it sounds, I'm looking forward to making lifelong friends over vidya again.

They better not fuck this up.

That's because Blood Elves are the Alliance of the Horde. Horde was just fine before Burning Crusade happened. Once that did, the overall faction skill dropped tremendously.

Thankfully it took a bit for the shitters to reach level 70, but we were all fucking dreading the day we'd see shitty Blood Elves running around Shattrath.

This is how Blizzard plans to finally bring back Vanilla WoW servers

http: / / www . please use

https: / /

It's going to be totally separate servers, just able to hold more players due to the better hardware, and they're going to try and make it as authentic as possible. There's also a totally separate team, probably from their legacy games department that's been updating Warcraft 3 and did Starcraft Remastered. SC:R was pretty damn good imo, nothing changed just upped graphics with the option to switch back and forth; and aside from the requiring to be logging in shit, if you take that away its perfect. Not to mention Warcraft III still works separate from everything even after the updates, it's just minor bug fixes, and if it stays that way I'm good. I'm hyped now that I know it's a team that appears to care and listen.

They've been hearing feedback about SC;R being shit strictly due to the online only shit, they changed it to needing to be logged in at least once every 30 days. I'm sure if there's more complains they'll just release the restrictions in due time. But maybe I'm just optimistic

Will we be able to log into the classic wow servers without a steam client? It's been so long since I have been on a legitimate server I don't know how things even work. If I have to make a steam account that's a deal breaker even before I give in to the idea of giving blizzard money.

nigger since when was blizzard games ever present on steam?

I hope all these faggots go back to Alliance now they have Void Elves.

are you retarded? you log in through battlenet.

World of Warcraft Classic: We ask Blizzard our biggest questions
https: / /

More information regarding how its going down, they already have some infrastructure in place


Oh that's right. I completely forgot.


i'm going to be your bully user, and you can't do anything about how retarded that was

i still love you


habit I picked up from Holla Forums
it's been awhile since I've been there not sure if they even still break archive links still, I just know they did for awhile

For what fucking purpose?

The reason you break archive links is to prevent the other site from linking it as traffic I think. I don't recall the exact reason they do it, but there is no reason that I can think of to break links to something like blizzard forums.

Again it's to deny ad revenue or something or the other. I don't recall, but they use it when showing news articles.

if i recall it was something about being a honeypot of sorts
we're derailing the thread we should do this

Yea that was a shill meme, you break links to sites you dont want to know where the clicks are coming from. Archive doesnt gain anything from clicks

They reduced a lot of things at mop.
Some things got good like laser chickens who finaly got some gameplay.
But the game got 4-5 button play for most of the game and a 2-5 button burst that most people would bind to a macro, 2-3 survival spell (often macro'd too) , 1-3 heal spells, 2-3 situational spells and 2-3 CC spells.
Some buffs around and you got the whole gameplay.
And that was it.

The most complex class had to keep 3 dots on a target. (affli lock)
The easiest one had to keep up one buff (retardin) Otherwise just smash the other button down.

Also the game was so balanced that a hunter could wipe a 2-3 man arena team solo by spamming a macro in the first patches. You could imagine the quality of the game when every genius switches to hunter, backpedalls across the whole map and attempts to imitate that.

The reason is so that it forces people to open a new tab, and paste the link in there.

If someone were to just click the link, the website at the end of that link will be told where that traffic came from.

If you link from Holla Forums to a YT vid being raided for comments, the analytics on that YT vid would show traffic from *Holla Forums going to that vid, which would explain why there's suddenly thousands of comments calling out the merchant. Now the admin/uploader has a reason to delete a shitload of comments, because they see it's a raid.

tl;dr: It's to mask the referring address.

First character was NE Druid. Played a Druid in D2. Not a furry or ever was. Shapeshifting is cool as fuck. Spent the entire first month of the game just running around Teldrassil jumping on trees and exploring. Running from there to Stormwind was the most fun I've had in a game up to then.

buddy weve been at the bump limit for a while.

were monks at least fun and engaging to play?


I still think their main goal is just to get attention and reactivate oldfags and introduce them them to new and gay WoW instead

I believe you got half of that right. They want the hardcore cashcows back that lived and breathed WoW. They are starting to realize that this new model of instant gratification was a bad idea. So they cater to us, the older players who raided 4-5 nights a week at the least and spent all their god damn time running around doing stupid bullshit and enjoying the single rare we got.

All I hope for is that they dont revert to the old models. Those looked like ass.

Like a lot of other's are saying, there is already a way ingame to switch between the new and old models, and I'm sure that'll be something thats implemented into Classic.

The absurd thing is, they haven't pandered to us proper yet. The design team for WoW has likely long moved on, or just been downsized like so much of Legion's budget. But what made vanilla WoW good? It doesn't need a massive budget, but it needs more than pennies. It needs good design, a proper model that follows the memorable parts of vanilla WoW, and the willingness to get that right.

If you ask me, any games that tried to replicate vanilla would have to go like this:

Forgot to say, but in a nutshell? Don't coddle people any more. Let it be hard, and don't soften it. Fix bad design, sure, but be willing to let happy little accidents carry on. Don't repeat the fucking mistake Blizzard already made once.

this I disagree with. Not because of the travel part but because unless you can also guarantee nearly instant queue times (which you can't with single server BGs) that leaves people stuck waiting around a BG entrance with nothing to do beside waiting who knows how long for a "join bg" popup. Waiting for people to show up for a dungeon is one thing, as there's a clear amount of time for that wait. But a BG could take minutes, could take hours to pop, a person will never know.

At the very least, let people queue up at the capital cities at well.

My main issue is gearing. If they leave gear something to be desired instead of something you can just spend 20 minutes to get then it will be mostly ok. The main issue for a lot of things was the instant gratification that was ruining the game.