>"Growing up with 10 sisters isnt easy"

>"Growing up with 10 sisters isnt easy"

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>>137269786>picLet's be honest, you would.

>>137269791no thanks, I like my boys to be ADULTS


>>137269786>Sometimes you wakeup and one is sweatily working out in your room, filling it with her scent.

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>>137269791In a heartbeatWhy isn't he in his underwear all the time like in the show?

>>137269786I like the hair but wtf are those eyebrows


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>>137269786>"Growing up with 10 sisters isnt easy"so... many... pants to sniff...

>>137269791Of course this is the first post

>>137270819They probably pay him in panties for favors. Though, knowing Lincoln he probably sells them to boys at schools so they can claim they've had sex.

>>137269791Fuck you pedo.


>>137269791>>>Holla Forums

>>137269791I'm alot of sick things but im no fag, user. The older sisters though...

>>137269786Ingoring the pedo shit going on in this thread is the show succesfull in adapting the series?

I wonder if Wolfgang gets sucked off by any of them?

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>>137271656not luna

>>137269791Only the cartoon version, I have standards you sick fuck.

>>137269791The best thing about the live action show is that the local nonces can no longer use "it's just a drawing" as an excuse.

>>137271701Lori Luna and Leni are all over 18.

>>137271701it's just light on a screen you retard

>>137269791I'm calling the cops.I can get jerking it to cartoons, but to real kids, loudpedo?

>>137270416Low budget production, couldn't afford to burn his eyebrows and replace them with fake blonde ones PLS UNDERSTANDFUUFUUU

>>137270737Does he beat them up?

>>137271716Why not just admit you're a nonce?

>>137270737>luna actressHonestly? I would

>>137271734All the Loudfags who screamed "It's just a cartoon!" are proudly saying they want to do things with all the sister actors, especially Lucy's

>>137269786It isn't. Like, barely half as many sisters and i wanted to shoot myself. "user, it's laundry day, make sure you separate all our unique stuff like x bra and pantie, this and that color, etc etc" "No user, let your sister's use the shower first, they need to get ready more than you do""user, make your big sis breakfast, but use x and y because i don't want to get fat~"And then puberty hit them...i wish that upon no man.

>>137271656I'd bet so.

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>>137271701Its just pixels on my monitor bro

>>137269791No thanks, as much of a shotafag as i am, actual kids aren't attractive

>>137270737Luna sexo (when she's 18 obviously)

>>137272056The actress is and that's what counts.

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>>137269791Fucking gross dude. I aint gay, would the sisters tho, hot damn did they chose the perfect ones.

How faithful is this Live Action?

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>>137271910>implying you wouldnt get turned on too if an actress perfectly played your waifu

>>137270737>>137271656>>137272127Damn, haven't seen this version but Luna's actress is really cute. Might watch it just for her.

>>137269791Eat shit and die

>>137270737The original Leni was cuter


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>>137272511Any nudes of her I wonder?


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>>137269791>>137272677 >>137272715>>137272761

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>>137269786>>137270737why did they cast actors who were at least 5 years older than the characters they're supposed to be playing?

>>137271656For some reason... I'd like to see the live-action versions of The Loud House drawn in the style of the original Ben 10.


>>137272677>>137272715>>137272761>>137272773Quite the... pic collection you have there, user

>>137271916You shouldve fucked one of them user

>>137272761He looks like my gay cousin. He's clingy as fuck and the older members of my family just laugh it off because sexual harassment is funny when kids do it. I fear that one day he will figure out how to spike drinks and rape me like that schizo smasher Captain Zack did to Nairo before blackmailing him.

>>137269786i aint gay but I admit hes hot and i cant blame the sisters

>>137273196>i aint gayThis. It's the chaddest feeling to want to fuck smaller things like watermelons and pikachu plushies.

Best sister by far

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>>137274027Live Action Luna is so much better than cartoon Luna it isn't even funny.

>>137274197>Live Action > CartoonLunaLincolnLeniLynn SrRita>Live Action = CartoonLynn JrClydeLuane>Live Action < CartoonLisaLoriLucyLisaLola & Lana

>>137269786Why couldn’t they replace the voices with the characters from the show?

>>137269791shota, loli, femboys, bbw and alt girls all have something in common: They can be alluring in fiction, but in reality they're all disgusting.

>>137274508barachads wouldn't know about that.

>>137270737Now I remember where I saw that punch poses...>crossover when?

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>>137269786He has to drink a lot of water.

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>>137274998Is that show actually funny?

>>137274197>>137274436Agreed the live-action Luna is perfection, but Leni is a definite downgrade. If it was the Christmas Movie Leni, I'd agree.

>>137275006Lisa created a special to keep him hydrated, which is good for 10 sisters with so much energy.

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