If you were a Christian man isekai'd to a world full of demons...

If you were a Christian man isekai'd to a world full of demons, total demon death would be the only sensible and logical course of action.

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>>137268136If I were a Christian man isekai'd to a world full of demons, I wouldn't assume off the bat that said demons follow the same rules and logic as the world I came from.If this world has no christ, for example, I would not assume there was a lucifer whom the demons swore allegiance to, ergo I would not assume that they were angels whom were outcast from heaven for their betrayal of godDemons are not bad simply because they are demons, they are bad for their betrayal to their holy father. If I entered a world where demons did not betray my god, why should I waste the effort to exterminate them?

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>>137268136how long you gonna keep this going

>>137268136>Christian manHere's the problem, user. Belos for better words is a PROTESTANT YANKEE. Being protestant is fine, and dandy I suppose. But the mere fact that he is a Puritan scum, the ones that were exiled from England, makes him by far the worse kind of Protestant ever to exist. I can respect the germanic and Anglican kinds, for they have some mere credit. And I respect the Orthodox sect more. The fact of the matter is that he is a filthy Puritan Protestant, but that wasn't the case.Belos is a FUCKING YANKEE. A YANKEE. For all that is holy, being a protestant is fine, but a Yankee. There's a reason why those dumb country people are dumb in the word Yankee. Not only is Belos is a protestant, but the absolute fact that he is a Yankee, makes Belos nothing more than a jester, a literal shit.Belos being a Yankee and Protestant makes the worst kind of combination. He not christian for his Yankee tendencies corrupt the words of the Old and New Bible, and being a protestant just makes him a chaotic mess. Fuck Belos.

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>>137268343What's wrong with being Protestant yankee?

I like how modern Christianity has been corrupted into a religion based on forgiveness to one that is open about abandonment and genocide against anything from demons to non christians and most followers would break the ten commandments if convinced it was in the name of God, it's an epic worldbuilding feature just like in my hecking fictionerinos.

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>>137268136No if you were an actual Christian man who was "isekai'd" to a world of demons your first assumption would be you've went to hell. Then you'd probably try praying to god for forgiveness/or to find out why he sent you to hell. When you realise the demons aren't all torturing you or working for a guy named Lucifer you'd probably get really confused and have a spiritual crisis as you try to rationalise the situation you've managed to find yourself in. Then, if you come to the conclusion that alternate worlds do exist you'd probably try to escape. No teachings of Christ require you to kill a bunch of things that look like demons but don't act like demons but understandably he wouldn't want to live among them and would rather be back with his family. If he can't escape, he'd potentially try bringing the teachings of Christ to the "demons" he is stuck living with.Belos/Phillip was not acting as a Christian man at all during his reign as emperor in the Boiling Isles, he committed numerous sins such as murdering his own brother, murdering countless clones of his brother, and not to mention the constant lying. Anyone who thinks that the "noble Christian" thing to do would be to commit a bunch of murders, lie, and then attempt genocide of a population consisting of potential converts then they are not a noble Christian, and in the case of Belos' "fans" they likely just enjoy pretending they are Christian so they have a cultural identity to latch onto while never attending church or studying scripture or doing charity or anything else remotely Christian.>inb4 what about muh witch huntsWitch hunts were in no way following the teachings of Christ and was just immoral people accusing people they didn't like of some difficult to disprove accusation so they could get them killed. The rational Christian world looked down upon these farce trials.

>>137268363>>137268343Catholicism is pagan devil worship painted up to look like Christianity. Why do you think catholic priests are notorious child-touchers? venerating of 'saints' and 'relics' when they should only be venerating Christ?it's Moloch worship and idolatry all the way down. Wake up.

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>>137268383I'm not sure if you replied to the right post, mine literally said modern Christianity got corrupted and that goes for Catholicism.

>>137268328As long as it takes.Belos did nothing wrong. He was right. Fuck Luz, fuck fags, fuck trannies, and fuck the horse you rode in on right in her mare vag.

>hate witches>get isekai'd to a world where witches look like this>live there for 400 years>still hate witches???

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Holla Forums once again proves itself to have the shittiest fucking takes on religion.

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>>137268136I'd at least to try and fuck them first

>>137268136>not converting them>>137268630/thread

>>137268136Realistically? It all depends on person, his level of faith and his level of theological knowledge. The Boiling Isles are a nightmarish place for humans, period, so anybody would be horrified by them. It's a landscape made from corpses of titanic beings, it rains boiling water and the whole place is filled with monsters sharing names with mythological specters and fiends. The most human-like part of populace are strange beings capable of causing wonders on a whim. Just being there would be taxing to sanity of any human.But from perspective of a person of faith? Well >>137268378 makes a good argument. I'd also add that a person with great enough knowledge of theology would, at certain point, notice that, despite the whole place sounding like it was named by random guy picking up the most demonic names he could, very little fits any theological definition of magic, occult or diablerie. From the theological perspective, the inexplicable phenomena can be divided into natural and supernatural. Supernatural ones are cleanly split between miracles and diablerie, neither of which fits the strange works the locals call "magic", which lead to the logical assumption that whatever happens there is natural or at least natural for this very strange place.People often forget that the theological definition of supernatural phenomena is actually pretty stringent and that the occultism isn't condemned because it works. It's condemned because it's a load of hogwash and lies that nevertheless opens people to the spiritual danger. Occult is to theology what essential oils enemas are to medicine.

>>137268754I think a proper Christian would ask about the history of the Titan, and upon learning of the origins of the isles, come to the conclusion that the Titan is one of the angels who fought either for or against Satan during the war for Heaven, and because it was an attendant of God, it’s body possessed a fraction of his power, thus giving birth to a small alternate world in it’s deathThis is why the Boiling Isles are so bizarre. Because they were not shaped by a loving and masterful creator, but rather by scattered thoughts of a dying Angel, with Witches being an attempt to remember humans, and the demons being attempts to recreate the animals or Earth so that the Angel may have companions in his final moments

>>137268136I wouldn’t because the “demons” of the Boiling Isles are demons in name only.

>>137268136>If you are shipped to an unknown land then the best course of action is to genocide the local populationwtf refugees are based now?

>>137268136Remember when it was built up like there was something really important in his backstory?

>>137268363>Christians don’t want mentally ill men in dresses grooming their kids>Oh my Science, these fascist genocidal bigots!I can’t wait until Islam takes the west

>>137269335>mentally ill men in dresses grooming their kidsErm, you mean priests in robes?

>>137268136Fuck jesus freaks and fuck jesus lmfao

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>>137268343>retard still doesn’t know what a yankee is

>>137269316This. The amount of people frustrated with how Belos was resolved as a villain has more to do with his backstory failing to give him any resolution regarding his ideology: Belos' ideology is never exactly proven wrong (as defeating the antagonist in this sort of story requires both a physical defeat and an ideological one), it's just deemed ontologically wrong by the Titan/Dana so the characters never have to confront what Belos believes in or what THEY believe in.And if that wasn't bad enough, the teasing of his backstory would SEEM to suggest that there's a WHY to his current self, that there must be some narrative explanation for his downfall. But we never get that, we're just left with "he's evil, shut up" when it's poorly carried out.There's a difference between suggesting that the villain was once good but fell to evil, and going "NO HE WAS ALWAYS EVIL" but then not being consistent with that. I feel like Dana didn't really understand that you can humanize a villain and give them aspects that are tragic or sympathetic but still ultimately put them in the wrong. Plenty of villains exist in that manner.

>>137268609Yes, how they look and act is irrelevant the fact that they are demons and use magic makes them inherently evil.

>>137269389No, I mean trannies, tranny

>>137269389>These terrible people did this terrible thing>We should be able to do it tooYou people are demented

>>137268136Making pacts with demons and using demonic power = Christian logic.Got it.

>>137269389>>137269470>>137269479Who was the first person to start the "trannies and drag queens exist to groom kids" myth? They managed to trick a lot of gullible people into believing it.

>>137268609Considering how anons react to Amity, it is not illogical to conclude that it's her charms that evoke the degeneracy, therefore she must be destroyed


Times like these make me happy I'm atheist. If I were isekaid to the boiling isles is fuck every last witch hole without asking questions later, really that's the simple answer

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>>137269466Belos is pretty obviously just a Political Strawman for Conservative Christianity as many people have pointed out. This is a progressive show. I'm not even arguing that he's an inaccurate one. He represents in a very on the nose way someone who wants to destroy anything he views as "degenerate" because "muh Jesus" and considers anyone (like his brother) who's not "pure" about that ideal a traitor (like his brother) being an actual literal puritan Christian just makes it very on the nose. The show has gay characters. There's where there is a little bit of allegory, Belos attacks "witches and demons" but he could be attacking atheist and gay characters using the same belief system.The argument of the show is that he was evil all along because his orthodox and radical Christianity really is seen as being evil all along. I mean the specific interpretation of it he started out with, which is about violent persecution, which is not something that everyone who is Christian agrees is the right interpretation of the Bible at all.Spoilers: It is evil. Sorry 4chan.

>>137269629They want Belos to be the good guy because they perceive him as being on their "side". Or at least closest to it. But regardless of Belos' political or religious views he's still an evil character. You could make him an atheist and his actions would still be just as evil. You then get two camps of Belos fans, the ones who say he should have been depicted as more sympathetic so they could feel better about relating to him and those that double down on him being "based" and that genocide is good. Of course the latter have a very flimsy argument if they try to argue that he wasn't evil, because genocide is evil.

>>137268136I don't blame him, if I also ended up in an island where half the buildings look like Zerg units and it was actually a giant skeleton demon I too would see to burnt the place up.

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>>137269757While I do agree, I think because Belos is a fictional construct, here he can't be separated from his particular religious and political views. I don't think the show is trying to say that all Christianity is bad by a long show, but a very particular kind of conservative idealogy and religious zeal is. Even Belos just "wanting to be the herO" is that was, in part a symbol of the way this ideology is cloaked in righteousness. Even if Belos was not literally a conservative Christian character, I think that would probably be a big part of the allegorical point. The show just skips a few steps of the usual allegory by making that part of the allegory literal. I agree that you could have him be an atheist and be the same, but I think him not being one is deliberate in this case.Again, I don't think it's "Christianity is bad" I DO think "this specific kind of Christianity that's just about hatred and violent persecution of 'bad' people while it calls itself the righteous hero but that's bullshit...is evil" is actually deliberate though. Of course 4chan hates that.

>>137268136Yes, but even characterization that obvious and basic was too big of a task for the Hooters Chateu's crew so they basically reduced his crusade's motivation to him being jealous of his brother for choosing witch pussy before god.

>>137269335I was talking about stuff like the crusades but nice job making it about trannies, of which a good chunk of Christcucks love, just as much as you'd submit to Islamic white genocide in the name of traditionalism.

>>137269958>I was talking about le crusades! Something that happened thousands of years agoDo the world a favor and 41% yourself, tranny.

>>137268947Dying angel hypothesis is legitimately cool idea. Powerful spiritual being creating a messed up realm while dying and trying to remember the creation he fought to protect would be a genuinely fresh perspective.

>>137270180Nice cope. Keep focusing on trannies while all other problems fly you by like jews want you to.

>>137268383Not to argue theology but Protestant churchs have similar amounts of pedo incidents, they just get less coverage and are the subject of less public interest

>>137268136Nah I would try to take over the world. becoming an immortal leader. If you have no power here, might as well find power in the BI/Demon Realm.

>>137268607Anon that's bestiality

>>137269503It's political posturing and the very successful kind. I think it came from the same think tank that caused the panic over "CRT".

>>137269503You can understand why old conservative people, who have zero IRL knowledge or experience with drag queens or trans people, would be wondering why organizations are pushing so hard for drag queens to read stories to kids in libraries.

>>137269887Tbh I kinda wish we got to see Belos's brother alive so we could get his perspective on things, but it probably got cut in the season three cancelation. Belos was a terrible terrible person, even if you want to argue a spiritual justification for him he uses magic just as readily as the witches, and sins against sinners are no less wrong. I can see people being upset with that if they see him as the only Christian character and thus a stand in for them, it would have been nice to pair him with a brother who was not a deranged, power hungry, sociopath. But that's just a good general rule for representation anyhow. That being said the more I think about it the more I wonder if the owl house is just dorohedoro fanfiction with the moral crisis ripped out. The door, the bile sacks, the witches living in somewhere close to but not quite hell. In which case I don't know what the fuck they were trying to cook with belos.

>>137270524>wondering why organizations are pushing so hard for drag queens to read stories to kids in libraries.Is that even a thing that's being pushed? I literally never heard about it or stumbled upon an instance of it happening until people specifically started complaining about it being "groomer" stuff. If there are organisations pushing for it I can only assume its because they want to encourage gender diversity stuff that's popular at the moment.Personally I don't really get why drag queen story reading is a thing in the first place not for any "grooming" reasons but simply because I can't imagine most kids care about drag queens. I am sure they'd much rather have a superhero or a fairy or heck even a pirate because these are all things that actually appeal to kids, while drag queens is generally something that appeals more to older people.

>>137269503>>137270524>>137270429It's not a myth retards. Look up drag story hour queens getting arrested for child rape and pedophilia. It happens

>>137270604Anything happens it's about the numbers, plenty of child entertainers are also pedophiles it's a bad thing about the world. You need to prove that it's disproportionate.

>>137270591I never heard about any of It till people started yelling, it seems to be a very neich thing that has ironically gotten more popular sense people started making a fuss about it, cause now it's a political statement.

>>137270591their brains have melted because all they do is consume libs of tiktok or tucker carlson daily and have convinced themselves that .1% of the population somehow have a grasp on their daily lives. I live in liberal fagland LA and have yet to see any drag shit outside. Nobody in the real world actually thinks or talks about this shit.

>>137270604I mean, you could probably also find plenty of non drag queen story hour child molestations, or just with any other occupation that involves interacting with kids. This is people coming to a conclusion before any evidence and then selectively choosing only examples that support that initial conclusion while ignoring all contrary evidence. The vast majority of drag queens and trannies are not pedos, just like the vast majority of any demographic aren't trannies and pedos. There's just no actual correlation.

>>137270321That is pretty rad.

>>137269466>Belos' ideology is never exactly proven wrongThe fact that everyone on the boiling isles is more or less normal decent people that have zero interest in the human world beyond 'oh that's interesting I guess' already proves him wrong

>>137270556Oh I agree and I think the lack of nuance is one thing that makes this kind of a Strawman (which is always a writing weakness in my opinion) instead of a nuances exploration. If they brought in his brother you could show a Christian who isn't evil and could point out Belos' hypocrisy as a Christian for example he also uses magic which makes him a bad Christian and more clearly make the point that it's about bad people who use religion as a justification and an excuse for their actions.Unfortunately maybe because the series was cut short they didn't get into that much and Belos is the only real representation which does not show much nuance in the way that spirituality comes across.

>>137270591Here's a local to me example of an organization pushing it. They get earmarks from City Counilmembers as well as private donations to fund it:dshnyc.org/aboutI assume it's for the same reason you said, to encourage gender diversity and get kids comfortable with the concept.But merely by virtue of growing up in the modern age, most kids (especially in a big city) will be comfortable with the concept because it's part of the ambient zeitgeist they absorb as they develop into adults.I feel like it's causing more problems than it solves. It gives haters a target, while puzzling neutral people who aren't part of the culture.>>137270604But what's the proportion? Is it 2 out of a thousand, 20 out of a thousand, 200 out of a thousand?

>>137269335>>137269389How long will it take you to realize that any position with easy and unsupervised access to young children will attract pedos?There's nothing inherent about the church that generates pedos, in fact school teachers have higher rates of child abuse

>>137269466I don't think Belos could even prove himself right or wrong. He hadn't even been in the human world for hundreds of years, he was completely disconnected from the people he supposedly championed.But if I remember right Disney made it clear they weren't giving the show any more seasons so maybe they had to wrap it up really quick.

man the owl house sucked

>>137270321Kind of gives the place a melancholy feel. The Angel could remember the miracles of God, but he could not remember where they came from and so magic was born. He could remember the animals too, but he couldn’t quite figure out all the details, misplacing some faces and limbs and forgetting if parts of their descriptions were memories or not. Forgetting as well which animals were actually created and which were simply myth. And finally there is the titans blood which creates portals to the human world. The blood which a Christian who believes this hypothesis might assume was the angel’s one last attempt to return to Earth, and return to God before passing on. Leaving behind only a doorway far too small to enter


>>137268947Anon, Paradise Lost wasn't even written when Belos went to the Boiling Isles. And Angelic Hypotheses is a Papal pastime.That said, a good Christians first response to coming to a strange land full of friendly Samaritans isn't to kill them, but to integrate and proselytize to them. >Thou shalt neither vex a stranger, nor oppress him: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt. Interestingly, this line is actually in the very same part of Exodus 22:18 that user is googling to spam at me to justify Belos vexing and oppressing strangers.

>>137268343>t. seething plastic paddythe know-nothings were right, we should've never let you ungrateful papist shits into our country.

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>>137268136Maybe it was intentional to make Belos look like a hypocrite, but him using magic and glyphs makes him a retard. If magic and witchcraft is forbidden why did he think he was in the clear?

I have never watched the Owl House (I am not a pedophile), but every time I see someone post about this character I get the feeling that it is just people complaining about clear lost potential. They had a neat character concept, only to waste it for anti-Christiaan bitching from the author. Faggots defend said bad writing either because they are leftists; or because they are horny for the characters and don't want to admit the show they hail from is badly written.

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>>137271431Yes, it would give this place this forlorn aura of a dying dream. It would also make the witches of the Isles particularly tragic - an attempt to meet again God's beloved mortals, made as close as possible to the original, with strange powers resulting from the angel trying to give some part of his essence, resulting in stuff they call magic.

>>137268136>christian "fanatic" rules a society for centuries >makes no attempt to proselytize or criminalize sinful behaviorIt just doesn't make any sense. It would've made more sense for him to be a xenophobic deist or atheist. A fanatic would never rule over what they view as a pagan and demonic society, they'd either try to change that society in anyway they can or they'd go down killing as many of them as they could or even just separate themselves from that society and live as a hermit. They wouldn't become it's pagan emperor and larp as one of them because that would be blasphemous.

>>137272492Slightly unrelated but reminds me of a greentext I saw a while back trying to create a biblical explanation for the titans. Equally tragic as it implies that the titans were robbed of the reward God gave them by the archivists

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>>137273027Yeah, very tragic. They had their own watery Eden to call home and yet were robbed out of it by others.

>>137268136owl house demons have free will to make moral choices for goos and are natural creatures. belos did everything wrong.

>>137273068Honestly I think either interpretation makes for a tragic tale that fits in line with the Biblical lore. Also the idea that angels and other powerful beings could create their own worlds parallel to his really makes Lucifer seem like even more of an evil deceiver. Because if God is willing to allow his angels to create their own places once they’re done helping him create his, then that means Lucifer is not only prideful but also impatient, and a thief. Demanding Earth as his own instead of asking for a planet to shape with which to prove his skill. The Devil in this context is a being who wishes to reap every reward while putting in zero effort, and when he doesn’t get what he wants, he cons other angels out of the chance to create their own worlds by convincing them to join him

>>137273151Frankly, that's kind of point of the devil, he chose his own ego and petty vendetta against what he perceived as lesser, unworthy beings over everything, including even his own happiness. Canonically, angels are powerful enough to carve out their own happiness by themselves. It's just that they have the knowledge to know that they are better off with God. Devil literally chose to suffer just to make humans suffer with him.

>>137273206Indeed, I’m just contemplating how if God allowed the angels to create their own worlds then he could’ve essentially pulled a paradise lost without the bad parts and ruled his own little planet as a god to its people. But like you said, his inherent selfishness instead drove him to ruin what others had made instead of attempting it himself

>world of demonsOh, I know what I'd be doing...

>>137273368let me guess... sex?

>>137273502What? No! Wholesome romance and affection!

So many bad takes in this thread.Belos is /ourguy/.

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>>137269335>>137269479>Priests also groom people>OH SO THAT MAKES IT OKAY??I know you've never read the book but there's a bible verse about logs and eyes you might want to read


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>>137268136Belos did not give a fuck about God. He was only in it for the crusader LARP.

>>137274948Wow, he's literally me.

>>137273303I suspect the main issue would be limitation of perspective. Big G could see all possibilities and make the best choices. Lesser beings could not, dooming their efforts to inevitable dysfunction.

>go to a different world with different history, people, creatures, rules etc. from your own>immediately and arrogantly assume what you know and believe applies

Belos ended up a boring villain because he exists in service of a moralistic power fantasy. There is nothing to debate, no point at which he took something too far and crossed a threshold into evil. He was just dumb and wrong from the get go.

>>137270321Isn’t that sort of what happened in Pathways Into Darkness?

>>137268614>Holla Forums once again proves itself to have the shittiest fucking takes on religion.Matthew 18:9 ; And if your eye causes you to sin, tear it out and throw it away. It is better for you to enter life with one eye than with two eyes to be thrown into the hell of fire.

>>137275074>>137272416>>137269629>>137269466Belos was rigged to be just a punching bag for trannies

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