Wazzo Wednesday

It's still wednesday my legionnaires, a day to talk about that intangible girl everyone in the club house loves, which may or not have a privacy system working.

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>>137266229When will DC put out new Legion content?

>>137266420Wasn't there a cover or something with the founders in their classic-esque look on it for a coming issue or something?

So, last weekend was Mika Abdalla's birthday, the actress who played Tinya Wazzo in the Flash Series.I wasn't expecting much from the series and still disappointed me on her; so missused it could’ve been any other character.How you think was she? Did she come back or is she even coming back to that mediocre show?

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A follow up to these >>137166704 >>137172294 When I found it was late to post it, but still, let’s enjoy that time Tinya was in the way of becoming a milf, but in a better quality.

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>>137268230And here ends the story of Tinya, her newborn and Brin on Rimbor

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It was nice to see Linya in the recent Flash issue

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>>137268410Interesting, what issue is it exactly?

>>137268532#799 it just came out this week

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>>137266490I think it was just one of those variant covers that are meant to look cool rather than have anything that actually happens in the comic, like pic related, Joker never actually rides Doomsday in the book.

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>>137266490Issue #14 of World's Finest came and went, and the only characters from pic related to be in the story were Batman, Superman, and Metamorpho.So yeah, this was just another variant cover meant to show the parallels between Batman and Superman, like the ones with their respective imps, love interests, sidekicks, evil counterparts, etc.

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>>137268866>Issue #14 of World's FinestThat's the one, could not remember the title. So that’d mean the only new legion stuff in the schedule that hasn't been leaked is the Bendis cartoon? I mean, if hasn't been scrapped yet.

>>137266744Cute feet

>>137266420If it makes you feel better, Jon's new character sheet doesn't have them on it as affiliates

>>137266229Watched the supergirl legion movieI enjoyed it but ….didn’t like how they treated Mon-ElNor do they set up original brainiac . Also brainiac 5 has blonde hair !

>>137266420Whenever Geoff is done with JSAhe finished Star girl so I hope he brings Todd with him since he draws young characters so well

>legion of middle aged heroes (featuring adult version of classic legion and their pal Superman)…art by Gary Frank>legion academy (new kids in the future , featuring de-aged Jon and some off spring of original legion heroes…though some all new characters) …art by Todd Nauck >L.E.G.I.O.N. set in modern day with Dox and Lobo fighting space crime …art by Henry Flint

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>>137270143Are those suggestions, leaks or actual issues?

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It has its issues but Kara was the best she's been in a long while

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>>137270887How was pink Tinya?

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>>137271302She looked cute but like 2 voice lines :(

>>137270143>art by Todd Nauckhow will todd get secret into this hypothetical legion academy book?

>>137271321>but like 2 voice linesKidding, right? that's like half of her lines in the trailer, can't be that low?

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>>137271454I was exacerbating a bit but it's pretty minimum, Trips and Dawny got more speaking moments

>>137271505At least she got plenty screentime, at least for the hots?>Trips and Dawny got more speaking momentsThat's something.

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>>137271762What's her best design?

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>>137271855I'm all for the 2006 cartoon, as Triplicate and Duo.

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>>137266420Probably never, their bosses clamped down on them and they don't publish anything these days except Batman and other A-listers

>>137266420Ask Geoff Johns.

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>>137272518Oddly the rare cases of making a white character look 10x better brown

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>>137273264She’s well designed overall, the dress, skirt, gloves, the highs thigh, and also the haircuts sit nicely. Movie Luornu could’ve taken better notes on that, especially on the hair.

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>>137271321>>137271505>>137271602Weren't kidding, it’s less than I thought.youtube.com/watch?v=lpwrt9ymDDoShe cute and shy, but why keeping the bendification on her if wasn’t gonna appear as much?youtube.com/watch?v=nVa5CsIVZGUhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MX0dJZdLDj0>Trips and Dawny got more speaking momentsThey got lucky.

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>>137271373She sneaks into a time bubble when Jon Kent goes into the future


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>>137274832lol what is that stupid face she's making?

>>137274832Omega men are still alive after their nightmare book?


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>>137274832>>137274893It's instinctive against baldness

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