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is there any hope for him yet?

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Lowe is getting cooked

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slott of course wants a piece of suffering too

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from death of venomverse

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>>137264109>I love this runOliver, get some fucking taste. You don't deserve this Doop pfp

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I miss Superior Spiderman.

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spider-man universal ride in japan is closing in 2024. Has a new ride>fucking scream of all charactersjapan have a really weird obsession with symbiotes

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>>137264160I love Dell Otto connecting covers so much omg

>>137264231>japan have a really weird obsession with symbiotesbasically tentacles with extra stepsalso not just Japan, judging by the sheer amount of symbiote comic events and fanart

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Spider-Boy Leaps into His First Solo Adventure with Mark Bagley's New 'Edge of Spider-Verse #3' CoverCheck out Mark Bagley’s new variant cover for 'Edge of Spider-Verse' #3, on sale June 21."The all-new, all-different Spider-Boy of the 616: He's got strange new spider-powers, secret ties to dark corners of Spider-Man lore, and a story that's all his own... that is right about to begin!" Slott promises.

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>>137264099Not as long as retards think meaningless suffering is somehow deep and interesting.

'Ultimate Invasion' Launches a New Age of Marvel ComicsIn a new trailer for Jonathan Hickman and Bryan Hitch's 'Ultimate Invasion,' the Illuminati fails to stop the Maker from remaking his home universe.youtube.com/watch?v=dagPKfcYHn4"[Revisiting the idea of ULTIMATE COMICS] couldn’t be replicating or revisiting what Bryan did in the original ULTIMATES—creating a streamlined, modernized version that would eventually become the spine of the MCU. And it certainly couldn’t be what I did, which was a final chapter of a pre-existing universe," Hickman explained to Entertainment Weekly. "We also thought the very idea of Ultimate Comics needed to be inverted from what the original universe was—we wanted this to be something that could really only exist in the comic space: a new way of thinking about, and enjoying, a new version of the Marvel Universe. I’m pretty happy to say that it feels like we’ve accomplished those things and we’re very excited for everyone to get to read it," he added."It’s been more than 20 years since I started work on THE ULTIMATES, a project that would have a big impact on my own career and beyond, so when Marvel came to me with the idea of revisiting the Ultimate Universe with the man who so brilliantly and spectacularly destroyed the last one, I was both feet in!" Hitch said. "Jonathan is a terrific writer of big, sprawling epics, and we’ve talked about working together more than once so for this new Ultimate Universe adventure to unite us is very exciting. I get to bring two decades of new experience as an artist and storyteller to this. It’s new, different and familiar. It’s big budget, high-concept, widescreen storytelling. I feel right at home."

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Spider-Verse Unlimited Infinity Comic (2022) #50Published:May 16, 2023Peter Parker, Miles Morales, Ghost-Spider, Silk, and Madame Web unite, and the mystery man’s identity is finally revealed!

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Frenz The AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Vol.1 # 283Cover re-imagining!

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the original by bob layton

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hmm thought I had more stuff to post but that's it. You can procced to shitpost

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>>137264099>is there any hope for him yet?Hopefully public domain

>>137264503whatever happened to ditko estate trying to acquire the rights to spider-man?

>>137264567Besides a million other legal and financial difficulties preventing that, would they also not need the Lee estate to play ball?

>>137264600this was suicide on ditko's family part but I wonder if it was possible to get some rights. I mean they don't even own exclusive rights for ditko's spider-man art >Lee estateI don't think they care. Marvel bought the "stan lee" license for 20 years in 2022.


>>137264099A ton of people would have to be fired.

>>137264334So they're gonna bring back the Ultimate Universe after this in some capacity but Miles will not be sent home

>>137264109>>137264130Something is definitely up at the Marvel office right now. How do you go from "Shame on you for spoiling it!" to "HEY LOOK AT THE NEW THING WE'RE DOING!" ? Either there's horrible miscommunication between Lowe and his marketing team when trying to damage control, or the fallout has been so bad Disney has had enough and trying to get ahead of this. Also remember Spencer's run ending, the stuff that screamed last minute rewrites and editorial interference, was also leaked before they wanted. Someone over at Marvel apparently doesn't like how things are being run given the pattern.Do you think Lowe is in hot water right now with Disney and SONY given his actions on ASM? Normally neither would care, but his antics are screwing up the marketing for Spider-Verse, Spider-Man 2, and now The Marvels.

I gotta wonder, how the fuck did we get from>Spider-Man is also everyman Peter Parker, who has human problems like the rest of usto>Watch Spider-Man get beaten to death in an alleyway by villains he should be able to turn inside out all the while getting cucked by the editor's self-insertin this amount of time?

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>>137265753They got assmad at spencer.

>>137265753>>137265777It's two contrasting takes on how a hero should deal with the world coming down around him. In Spencer's run the odds were stacked against Peter, but he never gave up and still found a way to go home to someone who cared for him. In Wells run we have the exact opposite, a hero that is constantly getting kicked when he's down with not even a bit of uplifting victory to see him overcome even the slightest hurtle. It's night and day, and I'm scratching my head over what changed besides writers.Looking at Paul alone, it doesn't make a lick of sense. I can see what they're TRYING to do (not saying it's good), but none of it lines up. You can't just go from MJ sticking by Peter after a few months away shooting a movie with Mysterio and dealing with demonic centipede bullshit, to her instantly losing faith after a few months with a guy she just met with zero on panel character chemistry. Then you got Kamala, who shouldn't have been in the book to begin with, and doesn't really fit at OSCORP, being killed off in an unceremonious way that not only disrespects the character but makes you ask why the fuck it happened at all. They oversold the shit out of ASM26 like we were in for another Gwen Stacy tier tragedy, and it's with a character that has no footprint in ASM. Had it been in X-Men with Cyclops, I would have understood that.And then we're left with the question; Why? What's the point of any of this? What lesson is Peter learning? What challenge is he supposed to overcome? Where does this leave ASM? They're just doing things, not telling a story

>>137265702>and now The Marvels.I right Wells, the guy that has been shitting oon Spiderman this whole run is also writing for that movie, right?Oh man if Spiderman fans are not happy with how Peter is being treated recently i think they shall let Marvel and Disney know by boycotting that movie, respectfully expressing their discontent.

>>137264099just all of the hope in the world

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>>137265911I'd like to point out their relationship hasn't done anything fun in 26 issues since this became a thing. Part of the reason is due to this out of order storytelling, not to mention the pacing. In ONE Black Cat annual they had something entertaining, so there's no excuse

>>137264311has anyone theorized that Spiderboy might be an Inheritor that's also a Spider totem?

>>137264311>>137266017I don't think anyone cares, nor do I think he'll stick around or be mentioned after Slott uses him

>>137264099No. Spider-man after 2007 is like if Teen Tony and the Crossing or the Chuck Aursten X-men went on for 15 years. You can't come back that. It would take another 10 years of fixing to bring this character back or a full on reboot, which would itself be a pretty shit idea.

I don't read Spider-Man comics, or comics in general all that much anymore, so what's the quick rundown on why everyone on this board is constantly depressed over what's apparently happening in current Spidey comics?

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>>137264099think of it this way. marvel will never shit on any other character as hard as they've shit on beast.

>>137265933Spa date + Valentine chapter + Wedding trip.And it's fine because dont forget the point of current run is explaining Peter's past year.

>>137266104It's an NTR-fest with Peter and MJ (right after the previous run kept trying to repair the marriage) and they're fridging Kamala Khan to distract people from it

So what are the odds of the normalfags/secondaries getting involved ala Hydracap and the botched New Warriors relaunch?

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>>137266198go shit on spencer's face for baiting you like that

>>137266213High I'd say.

>>137266186>filler arc by another writer >marvel infinite story>backup where she's only in three pages What a relationship.

>>137265845its bizarre that they're not using Miles for one of the few things he'd be good for (having an emotional connection to Kamala)

Where comm fag

>>137266280Current arc focus is Peter's past user. And you are messing thins up, ASM ain't a romance comic

>>137266213I'd argue this is trending more and received worse than HYDRA Cap. Even New Warriors wasn't this bad, and more laughed at. So stay tuned to see how far this will go.I'm more curious on what will become of Spider-Boy. Isn't that the new New Warriors?

>run is shat on from day 1>kamala outrage finally kills itWould be kek worthy

>>137266326>Even New Warriors wasn't this bad, and more laughed atIt showed up on Joe Rogan's podcastIt caught the attention of people way outside of comics

>>137266303So if it's not a romance comic and that romance is the only hope you have for ASM then by all means there is no hope for Spider-Man

>>137264109When isn't he

>>137266367You have a point.

>Issue was potentially leaked by someone at Marvelinb4 it was someone like the fucking janitor at the place

>>137266337This will too, only on the other end of the spectrum. New Warriors was something to joke about and came off like a parody, this stuff with Kamala however is really pissing off SJWs

APOLOGIZE>Added memorable characters>Had some fun twists/plot points>Didn’t tear down Peter as a hero, even when it made him the clone temporarily>Gave us back Norman OsbornClone saga isn’t even in the top 10 worst Spider-Man storylines anymore

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>>137266367but im not even the one that posted the imageyour' too narrowminded user.peterxfelicia will have their moments in the future but Asm as a whole doesn't thrive or fail because of that.thinking that way is what brought your current ruin

>>137266457I may apologize to clone saga but never to maximum clonage

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>>137264099I hope not, every Didney product that crashes and burns is a ray of promise for a better media landscape in the future.

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>>137266486If you remove maximum the clone saga was fire.

I know casuals brought in by the movie would disagree but Spiderverse is absolutely one of Spider-Man's worst arcs.

>>137266500Without Maximum Cloneage and the retcon with Ben being the real boy Clone Saga was actually good

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>>137266303>ASM ain't a romance comicno it's a cuckold fetish comic, that's why they put too much emphasis on MJ and Paul relationship.

>>137266331>kamala outrageWill blow over in a week.

>>137264320I'm curious, is any other comic character going through something similar to peter in terms of storylines?

Just when you think mjcucks couldn't get more pitiful ......

>>137266750Batman was left at the altar by catwoman, got to hear her talk to the guy she was fucking on the phone in a recent issue, lost all his money, and Alfred died. So kind of.

What did wells and lowe smoke.

>>137266853What rumors are they believing now?

>>137266881Batman i heard. Funny how it's the top two characters of their respective brands that go through this. I guess someone like daredevil, hulk, moon knight, captain marvel etc. Because the way i see it, uts been business as usual from the glances i do on them.

Rest in piss

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>>137266213Give them a few days. The crazies are already turning things into a race-related issue. .

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>>137266951Man Twitter needs to be nuked

>>137266951Well to be fair the "Women in refrigerator" was a pretty sexist thing to do from their part.

>>137266951Great, thats the only thing marvel gives a shit about. If it changes stuff I'll tolerate giving Twitter this.

>>137266967Sure, but for now it's an "enemy of my enemy" kind of deal. I hate Spider-editorial and all the Quesada dickriders so much more than I hate any feminist or a faggot.

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>>137266517For sure. It was good.


>>137267181Didn't you start talking about your thing when no one else was? And you still can't even screenshot kek

>>137266508Nothing Slott did stands up. I stopped reading the series after his butchering.

>>137267361>afterI meant "during".

>>137264311Should have been the regular cover, not a variant.>>137266017Haven't heard that one before.

>>137267361I never read Slott's Spider-Man, but most of what I hear is "he doesn't understand Peter" and "he doesn't understand Mary Jane." The most obvious thing to be butthurt about is Superior, but I also hear a loot of people actually liking that story. Besides Superior, what are the big hated arcs from Slott, the Sins Past/One More Day equivalent? I'm asking because I rarely see specifics brought up.

>>137264192Heyw that's pretty cool. It could fit in spider-man unlimited.

>>137266951These people are mentally ill.

>>137267048>>137267055You're both making a mistake.

>>137267446I haven't read his entire run, but I don't think he's written anything quite as hated as Sins Past/One More Day. The Clone Conspiracy was pretty bad, though. He's the one who started the trend of turning Ben Reilly into a crazy villain. In that arc, you had Peter and Kaine writing off their clearly mentally ill brother as a monster, followed by Peter saying Otto "isn't all bad".

>>137266951I mean, besides the muh sexism, Kamala's death genuinely suck in multiple way. Litteraly a shock value death to make the book "dark and mature", as expected of Zeb "Lizard eat his kid" Wells.

>>137266115at least evil beast is entertaining and is most likely ending in a reset to Avengers era beast

>Have spider fans against them>Now will have the wokes against themI bet felicia fags are outraged that their girl is used as a third wheel.What audience are they chasing?

Kamala really is a cursed character isn't she?

So dudes gone from losing an entire worldwide corporation, to getting cucked yet again and having to call in Norman Osborne to save his ass? Wtf are they smoking at marvel?

>>137266951He's not a normalfag/secondary though

>>137267520>entertaininglol. roflmao even>likely ending in a reset to anything at all, let alone avengersbold assumption

>>137264099Peter is trying usurp Yu for the title of Suffering-Man

>>137264170who's the guy in the back on the essential between the Red Goblin cover and the Extrembiote cover?

>>137264170The last of these is Uncanny Spider-man right? otherwise the Sentinels in the background make very little sense

>>137264192Miles continues to steal from Peter like the parasite he is.

>>137265845I honestly hate Spider-Man and enjoy when he gets shit on but even I think shit is too much and I'm throwing in the towel. Like, I laugh and post out of context panels to imply Spider-Man's a cuck or a Pym-tier spousal abuser and refuse to accept Norman deflowering Gwen and knocking her up is anything but canon but I literally pray Jesus shows up and smites Marvel for their bullshit. Maybe I'd accept it more if we weren't getting a latter-day Terry Long, but probably not. Throw in the towel. Peter's had enough.

>>137266457Who's the big guy on the left?

>>137264099>Lowe has told others internally. This whole thing is not an issue and everyone will move on as it's not a big deal. It's's shocking ending that Wells really wanted to tell from the start. And Kamala is a Spider-Man character by her connection to miles by proxy and even though he's not in the book his spirit is

>>137264130Slott posts like the few, whiny bitches-and yes, they DO exist-on Holla Forums actually defending ASM. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he's one of them.

>>137264130Slott be like: you shouldn't spoil comics, you should read the entire issue... oh never mind, here's a list of my favorite stories that I've written

>>137268490Spidercide. It's fucking insane how his return was one of the best things to happen in a Spider-Man story last year.

>>137269044His design got worse though

>>137268090I dunno they made a point about his Avengers era memories being the only ones left. A man can dream

>>137266115I dunno man Ben’s been shit on pretty hard. He was literally raised from the dead to be shit on

…..I like Chasm Ben and Hallows Eve. Rest of the run is dogshit

>>137268452MJ is next. She and Miles will get married in a few years.

>>137266881I just don’t fucking understand. Why are all major white male heroes cuckolds? Why does every female love interest need to go find bigger and better cock? What are DC and Marvel trying to say?

Kamala’s last words will be asking for her fanfic file folder to be deleted

Comics rn is fucked. Maybe we get hope once the run is over.Every other form of media surrounding the character is shaping up to be p good.youtu.be/MokxwHbscQ8>Honestly this scene is cute

>>137267446>>137267500The problem with Slott isn't that he wrote one singular awful story, it's that he hogged the character for 10+ years while doing absolutely nothing with itSlott believes very strongly in the 'illusion of change', which means that for that whole decade he was on the book, there was no real character or wider plot development. You could honestly skip from the start of Slott's run to the very end and you wouldn't have missed anything of any lasting importance. All his arcs eventually get reset back to the status quo no matter what. And his standalone episodic stories aren't that good either, because Slott isn't that great a writer. Very few of his ideas are memorable or creative and, even if it is a decent germ of an idea (like Superior Spider-Man), then the execution always leaves a hell of a lot to be desired.Another big reason why Slott is disliked is because he's also largely responsible for the worst aspects of Spider-Man that have reared their heads in the last decade. He's the one primarily responsible for Peter's manchild characterisation, where he's now both a ridiculously capable adult with multiple high profile scientific jobs under his belt and numerous past girlfriends while also someone who has the humour of an unfunny teenager and unknowingly irritates almost every one of his superhero colleagues. Slott also did the Spider-Verse events, which were obviously insanely popular and detrimental to the core concept of the character at the same time. He's also got a bad habit of constantly coming up with new OCs who never stick around or are good enough to justify making them in the first place, which you can see most recently with his Spider-Boy.And finally, on top of all of Slott's general poor writing and lack of creativity, he's also a massive bitch online who obsessed over his image while also blocking anyone who gives even the slightest criticism.TL;DR: he's a company man, and not a very good one

I’m just looking forward to the game. Might finally get some news next week

>>137267500>you had Peter and Kaine writing off their clearly mentally ill brother as a monsterI've been hating Peter and kaine since this happened, and I've loved them

previous marvel writer talks about behind the scenes stuff. Wells confirmed it's his decision on the major death in asm 26 and that lowe gave him okay, so it doesn't apply here

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>slott is still going

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>mary jane black cat beyond oneshot gunning for eisner The bar is that low huh>a black cat bookno self-awareness from mckay

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>>137270978>Everybody (publishers, editors) wanted me to write "feminist" stories and characters. And all I wanted to do was write Wolverine or Joker or whatever the fuck.>I was also encouraged by several people in the industry to "come out" as a lesbian (even though I wasn't a lesbian) to increase sales. I was advised by a person in Marvel to pitch Cloak & Dagger as an LGBTQ story (which I did).>I had one person in the industry ask me "what the harm" would be if I just "marketed" myself as gay, just as a "hook".WowMaybe Comicsgate had a point

>>137264099He's a straight white guy who preaches responsibility and has a black book of supermodel level women who have swung in his websThe current dynasty of "writers" will NEVER give him a break, they have to utterly break him, and keep kicking the corpse until the end of time.

>>137264567>>137264600>>137264689I still think that was nothing other than a ploy by Disney to get Sony to renegotiate the current contract

>>137270995Is it just me or is Slott becoming more unhinged? He better watch his mouth because he’s likely to get in trouble

>>137264130Fat fuck always has to be centre of attention

>>137270978I remember she was telling some story about Dan Slott being an asshole, does anyone remember what it is?

>>137271351God I hope he'd get in troubleWorst thing about him has always been his internet presence

>>137270995Dan Slott: Blocks hundreds of strangers for nothing. Also Dan Slott: WHY DID YOU BLOCK ME?

>>137269544Spot on, fuck Slott

>>137271409Which skimming his posts he’s already riding the line. I suppose the Spider Boy reaction is getting to him, and his embarrassing course correct on his previous ASM26 comments has him more agitated (because he’s never wrong). We just need a little more push

hamster timewhat previews are we (hopefully) getting today?

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>>137269544Slott's also a major contributor to the "Peter's life is irrelevant" syndrome. Look not further than JMS and Jenkins years, Peter Parker was every bit as important to the stories as Spider-Man was, Aunt May and MJ were actual characters, etc. When Slott came it quickly became evident that he can't write human interactions for shit so at best you get is bland capeshit that can only try to hook you with what I like to call "toyetic" writing. Don't know how to explain what I mean, but it's loud and obnoxious. Flashy new stuff like tech suits, high stakes, but ultimately hollow and uninteresting.

>>137271537hallows eve #3 extreme venomverse #2spider-man dark genesis #4daredevil & echo #1 (for demagoblin)

>>137271651thanks, bro. I also now realised I forgot to read Hallows' Eve #2 when it was storytimed

We really don’t talk about Hobie Brown enough, do we?

>>137271684he's not shown up since the end of Beyond when Ben beat him into unconsciousness offscreen.

>>137271709I mostly mean Hobie being a veteran ASM character hardly spoken of and got screwed out of his own persona thanks to Aaron Davis

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asm 32 var

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>>137269319Dude, we know. You've been saying it in basically every fucking Spider-Man thread at this point. We get it, you you're a fan of the creative decision a lot of us have an immense hatred for, good for you. You don't need to keep repeating it like a broken fucking record. Say literally anything else for a change. Christ.

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>>137271818yasssss a SPIDER-GWEN VARIANT COVER! What a joyous occasion!!!

venom 24 var

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>>137270978>They wanted me to write feminist stories>I wanted to write wolverine or the jokerKind of based.

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>>137271866>ONE CHAPTER OF A THRILLIING THREE-PART SAGA!do we know what the other characters for these One-shots will be?

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>>137271358I once read that slott can bench 350. You think that’s true?

>>137271819This is the first time I’ve made this post?

>>137271388don't know which tweet you are referring to. Does anything here fit the criteria?

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>>137272208Wish Lowe had the sense to shut down Spider-Verse and Parker Industries and the Clone Conspiracy and the Osborn Identity and so on.

>>137272208>one of the editors Slot worked with groped me all the timeDidn't know Lowe was that based.

>>137272274Lowe probably fully supports all of those things, user

>>137272321Yeah of course he does, I was responding to Slott talking about editors saved him from writing his worst mistakes.

>>137272208Thanks, I didn't see these. In those tweets, she said that Slott told her to reply to some fan on the Internet and then because of this, Marvel was angry with her.

>>137272208>Kamala Khan is dead and Peter is cucked because a rapist is in charge of editorialkek can somebody spread this? Marvel can obviously get away with just putting out bad comics, but so far we've got racism, sexism, and now an actual crimeif there was ever a tipping point to try and make Spider-Man comics good again, this would be it

>>137271679That's the funny part, hamsteranon. It wasn't storytimed.

>>137272208>I was yelling at Slott and he started cryingKek

>>137267000No it wasn't, the same thing happened to Uncle Ben, was it sexist then?

>>137267446This has been said numerous times (mostly by me, honestly), but Slott is an abysmal character writer with an exceedingly poor grasp of Peter's character, and no respect for it. He is a GOOD idea guy, for the most part. But when it comes down to the character himself, Spider-Man being Peter and vice versa, Slott has flanderized and brought to the fore the most cookie cutter and shallow aspects of Peter's character as the end all representation of the character as a whole. He is not nuanced, he is not mature, he is not responsible, and he is barely a man in the heroic sense. He is replaceable, unoriginal, the opposite of unique. He has zero weight to his character despite being a veteran, and is not even the leading man of his own book. He is full of platitudes but zero grit, and is unable to mature.What Slott does is, as I've said in the passed and an user also said ITT, is portray a toyetic Spider-Man. His stories and interactions are made to be in cartoons on an easy to digest block to spawn a lot of merchandise and mass appeal by people who don't or care about the character outside popularity. And that's why you see a lot of people liking Superior. It was fucking dogshit when you look at the implications of the story against the history of the character , and the consequences (which are handwaved away, ofc) - but people who don't know or care about that, eat it up.And there's also pic related. Slott is quantity over quality, and his grasp of the character is utterly diluted.

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>>137273135>He is not nuanced, he is not mature, he is not responsible, and he is barely a man in the heroic sense.Uhhh but uhhh user Slott puts the "great power, great responsibility" line in every Spidey issue he writes so OBVIOUSLY he gets the character

>>137272720A lot of companies have "don't argue with customers" social media policies but when you're a favorite, they let you bend/break the rules. Slott's mistake was not realizing that a newbie wouldn't be able to get away with what he does.

>>137273135Also he had "Peter" (the fragments of Peter's mind left over in Otto's mind, because Peter was fucking dead), in Superior, try and stop Otto from saving a child who was dying, in an effort to hide his presence from Otto. He also condemned Otto for putting down Massacre, who Peter of course had spared during No One Dies, but Massacre had gone on to murder more people, including children, in another shooting during the events of Superior.As a result of the events of Superior (Gage wrote this, but someone pointed out it was likely as a result of editorial) MJ walked out on 'Peter' when he relayed everything Otto had done. How he was essentially dead, body jacked, used, and forgotten and no one knew or thought to suspect. And she abandons him.And then during Clone Conspiracy it's revealed that Peter is merely a faulty mental backup of himself. Which is whatever, comics, I get it. But not only was he murdered in Otto's body, saw the pearly gates, but the 'ghost' that witnessed Otto fuck Anna Maria Marconi was then ERASED in totality by Otto, memories and self and all... only to be somehow resurrected as a the complete and original Peter Parker. That isn't a condemnation of the act itself, it's comics, I get it. But it's fucking awful had has such a horrific implication of everything that succeeded it.

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>>137273190Oh, thank you for reminding me of Spider-Boy's first outing in ASM. It was a hamfisted joke. >Muh Uncle>Muh responsibility>Muh inability to learn process muh guilt

>>137273261>Also he had "Peter" (the fragments of Peter's mind left over in Otto's mind, because Peter was fucking dead),No, that was Peter. There was no soul transference, which would involve magic, not science. Otto transferred his memories to Peter's body and vice versa. The Ock who died was an Ock who believed himself to be Peter.

>>137273321When Superior first came out, that was considered. And just like then mind-melding/memory transferrence is leagues fucking worse if that's the case for obvious reasons and was universally shit on at the time and isn't backed up by the later allusions and callbacks to the storyline at all.But I don't think it is because Peter literally went to heaven, saw Ben, Gwen, all those people. That would imply Peter's memories in Otto somehow enabled Otto to see them unless it's just handwaved away as "It was just a vision bro".The only concrete memory transference happened toward the end where Peter and Otto see each others lives and come to understand each other, which inspired Otto to be the 'Superior' Spider-Man in the first place. Now if I'm wrong, I will admit as much, but for the sake of an already shit storyline, I hope not. Because then it's even worse.

That didn't take long

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>>137273447Why's she doing the pogface in the bottom panel?

>>137273447>before the revealKamalafags cried about how being an inhuman was so lame and they should follow the MCU's example and make her a mutant>after the revealeveryone suddenly pretending they ever cave a shit about the inhumans and crying about how the comics shouldn't follow the MCU's examplethe funniest part of the current drama

>>137273307Spider-Boy's already shown up in mainline ASM?

>>137273486No, my mistake. It was adjectiveless-Man I think. Where Peter super charges his spider-sense to be the big brother Atlas of the city. Unironically Otto's spider-bots was a much better idea than that.

>>137273421That was just a vision. They didn't even transfer minds. Otto made an AI back up of his memories, his bot put that into Peter's head and then it made an AI back up of Peter's memories and put it into his head so a version of Peter would have to suffer. It was Peter who wasn't fully purged from his own body who ended up taking control of his body again. And as you noted yourself, Otto put his digital memories into a cloned version of his original body where they merged and destroyed the version of Peter he had put into himself.

Hallows' Eve #3 preview

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>>137264099The most popular fictional character in the world not named Mario or Jesus? Yeah, I think Spider-Man will be ok.

>>137273513I'm pretty sure this is like the second or third time Slott's done the "Spidey works out a way to be aware of all the danger in the city and has to learn he can't save everyone all the time" plot

>wearing the Oscorp suit againthey really can't decide if he should wear it or not

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wishing nothing but bad things for the person who created .webpthat's all for the preview

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>>137273636Unless it's damaged or unavailable, he's supposed to always be wearing it at the moment.

>>137273660Thanks. I'm just gonna say it, Schultz sucks and this book has no editorship.

>>137273578>That was just a vision.Longshot and the time travel defense force in that issue where Otto was babysitting the F4's kids, recognized it was Otto. Not a mere brainwash, but Otto. The latter knew from history that it was Otto in Peter's body, not Peter thinking he was Otto. And they both conspired to keep the con going.What you're saying is far, far worse. So Peter ruined his own life, alienated all his friends and loved ones, ruined his own reputation and development he had worked for years to establish, brought into question his own moral fiber, abused his own powers, tortured his own rogues gallery, and in the end took the bitch way out and had... Peter come and clean up the mess when shit got too hot for him? And to top it all off, no one had the ability to see shit going on?Jesus Tap Dancing Christ. I'm not even arguing about it. I'm not saying that you're wrong. I just hope that you are.

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>>137273660Imagine if someone said to you "hey, remember Ben Reilly's girlfriend who had a terrible father? What if Peter Parker beats the shit out of her? Cool huh?". You would think this man is crazy.

>>137273782It was an Otto AI in charge of Peter's body.

>>137273798She was a murderer and even now she's continuing to commit crimes.

>>137273636That's an insensitive thing to say to her pete.

>>137273782It's not what he says. Otto backup ≠ Peter Parker.

>>137273798Imagine going from The Lost Years to Clone Conspiracy to Beyond to Chasm. >>137273810Sure it was, user. Sure it was. Thanks for trying to lessen the hindsight-horror. I'm going to go back to memory-holing all that comicslmao shit now.

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>>137264231Wait, I'm confused. Is that the new ride or the one that's closing? That's just an update of the one in Orlando. Speaking of which that's why Scream is there. Seems an odd choice now, but the ride's been there since the late 90's/early 2000's, presumably they wanted a symbiote and a female villain, probably weren't allowed to use Venom/Carnage, and killed two birds with one stone.

>>137273798Hard to judge characters when everyone is out of their minds, but to be fair he doesn't know her past. Still, give it a fucking rest Peter, this whole situation is your fault.

>>137273924I assume ben would have told him. They were close for a while.

>>137273960I'd imagine Ben wouldn't dare share her secret. Plus, Beyond implied Peter only knows her as Ben's girlfriend.

>>137274008Eh I feel he would once she's alive maybe.

In other news, Peter with the self confidence and charisma of a froggy voiced pizza faced 13 year old. How amazing- no, how spectacular.

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>>137274008I imagine that was part of her defense at her trial but it didn't matter, she got sent to prison for murder.

>>137274045I don't think the current writers even remember anymore.

>>137273924I'm not judging the characters, I just think it's weird that this even happens. I never thought I'd see Peter beating Janine.

>>137265702I doubt Sony cares all that much, since their products are self-contained and unrelated to whatever the fuck Marvel’s editorial is doing. Disney might be mad, though.

>>137274045Good point, but realistically Peter has no reason to be familiar with her case. Maybe if, you know, Peter was written in character and actually wanted to help Ben after meeting him doing his best Kaine impression.

>>137273660You’d think that pete would try to talk her into helping him reach out to Ben, but then I remember that the editor of the spider line hates peter as a character>>137274037God damn do I hate what they let Slott turn Peter into, god damn who is this booo written for? The writers seem to hate older fans and the stories are incomprehensible for anyone whose never read the comic. It’s like it’s intentionally being sabotaged

>>137274008She told MJ her story

>>137274037Yeah one of the worst aspects of post-OMD Peter is that he acts like such a beta male around women. Even teenage Peter was oozing with confidence. He's Spider-Man, why wouldn't he be?

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>>137274037>>137274099>>137274110It's honestly insane how comics Spidey has been consistently poorly characterised with shitty stories for a decade and a halfAlmost every single adaptation has been a better Spider-Man than the main one. This is Marvel's flagship title

>>137274110insane how Ditko Peter was pulling women left and right, while modern Peter, a good 10 something years older now, shits his pants when he wants to ask a woman out

>>137273578I don’t think it was a vision, I think it was real IMO

>>137264221I liked the idea more than the execution

I want to see a mayday vs shathra comic

>>137274110Damn, Peter was a fucking chad. Fuck Marvel editors and writers for lowering his character to their own level of patheticness.

having a good giggle at the CBR freakouts still going on over the Kamala news. The dude he's replying to is pointing out legit things and Kevin here is still shitting his pants over racism

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>>137274504>they made her a brown body for a white manSounds sexual

>>137274518if she'd died for a white woman - let's say Carol for the obvious choice - would it have been okay, I wonder?

>>137270978So, if I got this text right, basically >Marvel editors forced writers to do controversial plots and then have them take the blame >They also wanted her to come out as gay for the attention even if she isn't a lesbian and want her to appeal to the feminists even though she just wanted to just write some fun stuff>Also wanted the mexican dude to write mexican spider-man just because he's mexican and rejected his actual pitches >Nick Lowe was the editor behind this >He was also the guy behind that Miles Thor comic The levels of irony on this are huge. On one hand, Twitter is actually right to call Lowe bigoted, but on the other, this is from Lowe trying to appeal to those same type of people, but is literally making angrier.Lowe seems like is the type of leftist that doesn't realise how racist his political ideas are or he is just trying to hide it while trying to look progressive.

Fucking jannies deleted the thread before I was finished typing this out. Not to turn this into another Miles thread, the mods can't get away with wasting my time like this.>>137274368Dick has had a long history with Bruce for 80+ years being his adopted son/fellow crime fighter and being taught everything he knows from his martial arts skills to morals, before eventually moving out, becoming his own hero, to being accepted as Bruce's equal into adulthood. Because of that history it made sense for Dick to be the one to take up the mantle of Batman.Miles didn't even know who Peter was before watching him die, and only decided to become Spider-Man for the sake of it. It really doesn't go any deeper than that.And after Miles got reconnected into being from the main universe, it's even more ridiculous since Peter isn't dead, so there's no excuse of filling in for him, he just stole his shit, and for some reason, everyone including Peter is perfectly fine with it. That's my reasoning.

>>137274504I always find it funny that these kinds of people capitalise 'Black' but never 'white' or 'brown' or any other raceEither do it for all of them or don't do it at all

>>137273648>>137273660>Thinks Peter is annoying >Hates him, wants him dead >Wonders why Ben wanted to be like him I know Peter is written to be annoying and I don't that much about Ben and Janine's relationship, but why would she feel that way about Peter when Ben was the same as him before before getting caracter asassinated.Also, Peter really doesn't sound like he should be reffering to Ben as just a duplicate.>>137274099>You’d think that pete would try to talk her into helping him reach out to Ben, but then I remember that the editor of the spider line hates peter as a characterThis.

>>137270978Wait, this was yesterday? Oh man I hope it gets traction

>>137264231Florida uses SCREAM in their sinister six too

>>137274680It's a cult thing, look it up. By the way, extraordinary amounts of cognitive dissonance required to be into Xenoblade and end up SJW.>>137274731Hate playing devil's advocate again, but Janine was mostly exposed to Lost Years and Redemption Ben, who acted more like Scarlet Spider Kaine (one could say Yost drank a lot from Lost Years). Whether Schultz intended it that way or was simply referring to dry court jester Chasm is up to you. It's also my personal headcanon that the years in exile socializing instead of non-stop caping, along with his existential dread baggage, made Ben's Spider-Bants more insightful and less in your face.

>>137272208>>137272306>>137272775lol, didn't see this before, so forget what I said the last sentence of comment here >>137274563So, what are the chances Lowe actually gets canceled or fired over this? Like, he seems to be the type of person cancel cultura searches for.


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>>137275021>So, what are the chances Lowe actually gets canceled or fired over this? Like, he seems to be the type of person cancel cultura searches for.he feels like a Yes man to me, someone higher ups are satisfied keeping around since they don't rock the internal boat too much. So I think him getting booted for Kamala is pretty slim. It's always easier to wait for the screeching to die down and then move on like nothing happened. People bring up this disrupting the promotion for the Spider-Verse movie, but they might see it as people getting so mad, they flock to see the movie as a "gotcha" moment against the comic, despite the fact that this might all be part of a big, semen slurping promotional moment. Or I dunno, might be just dumb people doing dumb things. But I'm cynical enough about these big corpos using whatever they can to make a buck>>137275088well, some of these are Spider-verse threads, so I don't know why you're lumping them together with actual Spider-Man content

>>137275109>some of these are Spider-verse threads, so I don't know why you're lumping them together with actual Spider-Man contentI see what you did there.

>>137275088The greatest telling sign that no one likes Spider-Verse and that all parties involved are either marketers or shills is how the Spider-Gwen's dump's dump thread has no traction whatsoever. I'd even claim Penifags are the only sincere actors in this subject.

>>137275184>all parties involved are either marketers or shillsMarketers or shitposters, I mean.

>>137275184>Spider-Gwen's thread started an actually legit discussion about whether or not LGB people should distance themselves from tranniesGwen's ass is so mid, it can't sustain even a coom thread.

>>137275109>so I don't know why you're lumping them together with actual Spider-Manbased, fuck spider-verse

>>137269114yeah that's one event, and the clone saga was bad in the first placebeast's character assassination is the greatest character assassination in Holla Forums history because he was a good aligned superhero that the writing has been so sustained and incredibly fucking bad and contrived

>>137273082Uncle Ben wasn't a beloved super heroine from a minority group with her own comics series.And the worst part is that her death was made solely for shock value.

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>>137264099No. At least not this year.

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