The Flash Final Season Talkback

Show starts in 9 minutes.>S9 E12 · A New World, Part Three >Team Flash works together to figure out how to protect Barry, all while being very careful who they trust; Cecile is skeptical of the plan after an unsuccessful attempt; Khione's confidence in Chester enables him to convince Cecile to try again.>

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>>137263173thanks for the stream user, you saved me. Super excited for cobalt blue!

It's almost over lads

>You could be a clone or a cyborg

>>137263243What stream? The link redirects.

>The dimensional rift is back tooLOL

>>137263311Shit, didn't notice it was fucked up due to maintenance. Try this

>Nobody ages in 26 yearsWell okay then.

>evil NoraHuh

>>137263348> redirects to different sites, like to ad sites or something, just like the other one, for me.

Nora's surprisingly cute with a blonde pixie cut.

Wew Eddie. Can't say I blame the poor guy though

>Cecile's power works across timeWhat the fuck even is this show any more

days of future future

>More of Cecile dramaSTOP IT

>Cecile fucks up because she learned how busy superhero life isFUCK. OFF.

Where the fuck is Barry? We only have two episodes left of his own show.

>not it>not it>damn it!

Ah yes, the greatest word in the Arrowverse, CHOOSE

these bastards waited this long to give us evil nora.

>>137263599He came back to job. Congrats!

>>137263652We did get some bits of evil Nora back in season 5

Jessica Parker Kennedy's pretty good at playing the evil temptress.>>137263661Yeah, but that was more of a whiny, angry, accidental hazard type of evil.

Eddie pls

you cucked me while i was dead, barry!

This is literally bad post-season 1 fan-fiction. I can't believe this is how the show will go out.

Oh shit old Iris

>Costumed CecileOh wow. Looking good.

Give it to me straight, does the finale have a good chance of being good?

>>137263941Ehhhhh it's looking rough

>>137263941Given the last three episodes, it's probably going to be half amazing, half bullshit.

Really? Nobody going to point out how they straight up ripped off Dr. Strange just now?

>>137263958The show hasn't been the same since it became focused on making money with netflix. As long as it has one good moment, then it will be ok

>>137263973That implies anyone here watched Dr. Strange to know what got ripped off

i'm a suppository, eddie. you know what to do.

Next Week Series FinaleBOSS RUSH!

>I Guess That's Why They Call It the BluesHeh.

>>137263941Wellsoboard might be fun. Otherwise, no.

I haven't watched the show in years. What's the deal with Eddie Thawne as Cobalt Blue?

>>137264043Don't kinkshame the evil entity.

>>137264211Basically, the evil counterpart to the Speedforce brought Eddie back to life and traumatized him repeatedly just so he'd cave in and become its avatar.

>>137264211A fan theory from way back in season 1 or 2 that they're actually making canon to end the show on.

there any place to catch up on this season?

>>137265420Your friendly neighbourhood torrents.

>>137264074Wellsobard is always fun.

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>>137265841I'm glad they brought back Matt Letscher near the end, and glad the OG Eobard will be in the final episode.

>>137266194A great bookend for this insane series.

>search the episode on torrent sites>0 uploadsits unironically over

one last bump for us sad oddballs still watching

Remember the good times, frens.

>>137266755Maybe it's just been delayed?Ah, who am I kidding...

>>137264005Plenty of people saw NWH and Endgame though.


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First part of this final arc was still the best. Going to miss Matt Letscher ad Eobard. Perfect casting

>>137270150Yeah, they really gave him a good send-off. Surprising since everything else about this finale feels so underwhelming.

>Final episodes four>Barry is barely there for twoWhy is this show called The Flash anyways?

>>137270150At least it was satisfying to see Eobard closing the decade long circle.

>>137263388Nora is always cute. She's the only reason why Iris is bearable.

The final episode should have just been Part 1 of this finale.

>>137271981TV production schedules - in order to actually have 2 episodes (parts 1 and 4) of this arc be fully Barry-focused, they had to write him out of the other two as much as possible. The schedule is grueling and has always been designed for Flash to only be in half the scenes, which is a huge issue for a show called the Flash when you want to do all-Flash episodes.

>>137263652>>137263692I wish Nora would humiliate me in a sexual manner

>>137271981Such is the fate of all CW shows with a bloated cast.Happened on Arrow as well, when Oliver was personally trained to Ra's Al Ghul to succeed him but you needed all the others to shine, so he was sidelined and jobbed to fucks like Anarky to make Thea look good.

>>137272102What's so bad about ditching half of the cast if they are bad and make the viewers shut off when they show up?

>>137272161*by Ra's Al Ghul

>>137272161>Cisco axed>Caitlin/Frost dead>Joe mogged>Ralph cancelled>Barry barely there>Iris has it better than all them>Cecile, Allegra, Chester and Mark always front and centerWhat's the point of adding so many characters if they waste screentime on the lamest ones and fuck off the good ones?

>>137263173I can't wait till this shit is over, you Holla Forumstards need to fuck off back to your own board. This shit isn't Holla Forums. It's not even an adaption so it doesn't fucking matter that Flash a comic character originally.

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>>137263367I like how Iris was the only one that seemed to have aged in 2049Maybe others had procedures done on them to stop aging

>>137263473They are just ripping off mainstream Marvel stuff at this point, First they started with Metas facing similar ostracization as Mutants. Then this episode pretty much ripped off Days of Future Past and Dr Strange

>>137263834I had some hope for the finale arc when Barry went to the night of his mom's death and saw the other Barrys and Eobards. Honestly that itself would have been a decent finale

>>137263941I would say slim to none

>>137263173Haven’t seen this show in forever We still hate Iris, right?


>>137267784Thanks user, you kept the thread alive long enough for me to participate

>>137272390>>Cisco axedWhy>>Ralph cancelledWhoa, what?


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>>137272691>We still hate Iris, right?She isnt great but tbqh she isnt the worst eitherAfter I heard Iris actress got ignored by fans during the Conventons / meet & greets i sorta e,pathize with her

>>137272741Cisco actor left the show around S6.Ralph actor got fired because of some over a decade old offensive tweets.

As much people hate this show for very justifiable reasons, I gotta say it has one of the best showings of the Reverse Flash in any media. Before CW's Flash, I always felt Reverse Flash was always underutilized.

>>137272769>Cisco actor left the show around S6.Yeah, getting axed implies he was fired. I also had heard he was just quitting the show>>137272769>Ralph actor got fired because of some over a decade old offensive tweets.Just looked it up and he seems to have gotten canceled around the pandemic. I had too much shit going on to keep up with the show around then. The actor was even made series regular, poor bastard

>>137272769>Ralph actor got fired because of some over a decade old offensive tweets.I wonder what he is doing now

>>137271981>>137272102Apparently Grant got COVID near the end of the season, which is why he's shown up so little in the latter half.

Any webm requests?

>>137272900Nothing. The guys been off the grid ever since.

>>137272975Ah fuck. A hiatus would've been better than having to leave the chucklefucks in the spotlight.

>>137273210>A hiatus would've been better than having to leave the chucklefucks in the spotlight.You know that would never happen. Networks always put profit before people. Time is money after all. It's why the last season of Game of Thrones turned out so bad.

>>137272776>I always felt Reverse Flash was always underutilized.He really is. Considering he plays such an integral role in Barry's life, pre/post/whatever crisis, he should be popping up more.I get they want to keep him on the downlow and not oversaturate him since he is such a glorious clusterfuck of hate and IRL shitposting against the Flash, but damn, throw us a bone.

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>>137273193I wonder if he is still eligible for residuals and its enough to live off

>>137273232>It's why the last season of Game of Thrones turned out so bad.In case of GoT, HBO was ready to pour more money and keep it going for few more seasons. But the showrunners wanted to move on to other projects while not wanting to handover the show to other people. So they rushed to end it in that season and ended up shitting the bed

All I know of Flash lately is that Speedsters use the Speed Force like Green Lantern rings and just construct whatever they want. And I think Arrow teased Diggle as becoming a GL but he turned it down, though watching the scene I was stupefied by why the ring seemed to give absolutely zero shits about seeking out someone to wear it and was just chilling and being nonplussed both at people considering taking it or turning it down.It's almost as if, at a point, they started being written and overseen by people who dgaf.

>>137272075Yeah, we'll see how the finale plays out but at this point it seems part 1 of the story and the previous episode with Bloodwork, Wally and Oliver are more fitting finales then what we've been getting

>>137272751Flash TV show has basically no connection to the comics at all, Barry isn't even the same character. This is a tenuous stretch at best.

>>137273818the board rules are clear as stated in >>137272751

>>137273818>Flash, one of the oldest superheroes in comics, isn't Holla Forums relatedBrah. That's like going to /a/ and saying Luffy isn't /a/ anymore because he is getting a live action adaption.

What the hell even happened to Caitlin?Why can't they just write her out the show?Everytime she get's a new character role her acting gets worse and worse. I swear compared to this deity hippy thing she is now her acting in Season 1 was oscar worthy.Cisco really dropped out and saved himself

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>>137274040Because Caitlin has been stuck with the dead-loved-one personal plot for nine years and doing that with Frost but her in a stick in the mud situation writing wise. So killing and replacing her with an inferior version was the only bullshit these writers could come up to stop repeating themselves and it somehow turned out worse.

>>137273989The flash is obviously Holla Forums that's not the argument. The flash TV show which barely fucking featured Barry who barely acts like his comic counterpart who is only really lending his name to this CW soap opera of OCs is not really comic related is what we're talking about here.

>>137274040>Cisco really dropped out and saved himselfNews broke that Valdes was just super sorry that he wasn't able to make it for the final episode and all I could think of was "smart decision bro"

>>137274718None of this characters are OCs but because of their continuity obscurity and their role in the show one could consider them so.

Alright bros, gonna watch the second half now.