>"NOOO YOU CANT HAVE HER FIGHT WHILE PREGNANT!"It's a cartoon. Common sense doesn't apply here...

>"NOOO YOU CANT HAVE HER FIGHT WHILE PREGNANT!"It's a cartoon. Common sense doesn't apply here. Wanna know why Batman doesn't use a gun? Author narrative. Author narrative overrides common sense. It's fiction.

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>>137263110We get it, you have a fetish for heavily pregnant women fightingIt's weird, but just own up to it

>>137263110Your thoughts on fiction are shitty.And that's not how kids interpret things, there are lots of people who see the world according to Disney movies and according to MCU movies, etcThe point of content for children is to guide them into adulthood, not abuse their brains

>>137263110ur right user, dont think just consume, if anything doesnt make sense you can justify it as being author narrative. What was the infamous Grant Morrison quote?

Cool blog post, but, unfortunately for you, it's still retarded and you're still a faggot.The idea of Batman not using a gun is indicative of a refusal to kill, this chick fighting while pregnant is indicative of her being a very bad mother.

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>>137263133>>137263166When you're going up against enemies that pack heat, common sense is to pack heat yourself. Sorry, but this stuff is fiction for a reason; it's actively against "common sense" in favor of character preference driven by author narratives.

I know that this is just trolling, but it's so annoying seeing this argument from people. They harp over and over about how serious and mature animated movies are, but then turn around and use the cartoon angle as an impenetrable shield. I just hate doublethink.

>>137263187This happens constantly. If heroes operated on common sense, Batman would use a gun. Know why he doesn't? Author narrative.

i'm still confused why they made Jessica Drew black instead of using another Spider-woman

>>137263213We needed a black spider-manC'mon man

>>137263110It makes more sense for Jessica Jones to fight pregnant than Jessica Drew. At least she was actually bulletproof.

>>137263110If the idea of Spider-Verse is capitalizing on the idea of 'Spider-Man could be anyone of any race or ethnicity under the mask', then what is the point of Spiders like OP that flagrantly flaunt their face/skin-color/massive black power 'fro?

>>137263250You have to know they're black. That's why Miles' suit is black since they had to cover him to be a Peter replacement, but they still needed people to know he was blackAs for the 'fro, portraying black people without black people hair is racist and feeds...their hair-shame or something? I can't remember what the term is for black people not liking that they don't have everyone else's type of hair


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>>137263288This isn't Disney.

>>137263189you really dont understand the difference between logic and realism and it shows. It's logical that batman doesnt have gun as it upholds his belief, it's not logical for a woman to claim to be a hero and still endanger her child, we are NOT on about realism you idiot, we're on about logic. Niether batman and spiderwoman are relaistic so the>Sorry, but this stuff is fiction for a reason; it's actively against "common sense"is invalid, batman is logical in his themes that he doesn't want to kill as he believes that's what heroes do, whil spiderwoman being a good mother is a logical contradiction if she's endangering her babyand GUESS WHAT, it doesnt matter cos it's a fucking movie, movies have plot holes, jus admitt and move on.

>>137263227So this verison of jessica is a pregnant "man"?

>>137263110fiction doesn't have to be stupid unless you're writing a parody. Is this movie supposed to be a parody of life?

>>137263196It's a nasty little bit of sophistry. An intellectual act of autofallatio, completely insulating the little twat from facts and logic. After all, if he says there is no objective measurement, no reason behind it than no one can refute him because any argument they put forth is as arbitrary as his own. Of course, we HE argues that something is objectively good or bad, than he's more than happy to claim that any arguments against him are based on personal opinion and therefor invalid. It takes a special kind of mental midget to unironically make this argument, but they've been growing in numbers for years now.

>>137263250But then you have to make them commit vandalism and/or murder to let the audience know.

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>>137263205I'm not going to attempt to argue facts with you. You're a faggoty little sophist and corporate cum is you're bread and butter.

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>>137263377>>137263300That's......literally my entire POINT. ALL choices made about characters are for author narrative. How does what you're saying here counter anything I've said?

>>137263412NTA:The author narrative is retarded. Now what? People call Batman's no-kill rule stupid and contrived all the time. It's a constant conversation.

If I was a villain I'd just kick her as hard as I could in the belly. Hope the impromptu abortion was worth your vanity.

>>137263110If Peter can bring his baby to this intense action then so can this woman.

>>137263377>>137263453Literally w/o the narrative given by the author, the character they create is simply just a blank slate. No personality, no goals, nothing that makes the character unique on its own. It's up to the author to craft the character in their own vision to make them unique.

>>137263110I can suspend my belief enough for a man to not use a gun to kill criminals I CAN'T SUSPEND MY DISBELIEF ENOUGH FOR A SUPERHERO TO PUT AN UNBORN LIFE IN DANGER!

>>137263300And that part of his character didn't just magically appear. It's there because of.......author narrative. That's literally how a story works.

Correct me if I'm wrong but in the comics when Jess was pregnant she was just doing private eye stuff right? She wasn't doing flips and flying around and shit?

>>137263110Nigger. Also it’s needlessly pointless to argue why she pregnant, but it is weird that you would fight crime while pregnant. Not only is it dangerous for the baby and mother, but there’s be weird weight to carry. In the end it’s not the end of the world, but does she not worry about her or the baby in her? Has she seen what King Pin can do with one fist?

>>137263276There’s another black Spider-Man with an afro so the afro CAN be hidden under a mask. Hell, even Miles’s hair can be flattened, albeit his hair is smaller. But some reason the design team likes pregnant spiderman to have the hair out. It’ll get caught on something. No capes!

>>137263227>We needed a black spider-man>manBlack spider-woman you mean


>>137263110I dunno senpai, worked pretty good for BatgirlMiscarriage, I mean.If anything, idiots should not reproduce so there are less idiots in the world.

>>137263110I don't know anything about pregnant/newmother spiders, is there anything fun they could go with for pregnant Spider-Man?

>>137263133Is it true you raped your niece

>>137264008You cant hit a woman, but you can definitely hit a man

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>>137263213There are no black spider-women.There are like four that are latinos though.

>>137263110Common sense applies in the real world where you will never be a woman.

I feel like the debate over whether or not the baby would be harmed is a complete distraction from the actual topic, which is; Is it responsible or even vaguely heroic for a heavily pregnant woman to still be doing superheroics? The answer to which is no. This woman should have interdimensional CPS called on her.

>>137263129it all makes sense now>>137263205the logic there is that hes so good and strategic he doesnt need a gunnigger retard

Fucking nigger faggot brained OP is so stupid he's honestly suggesting that all authors intents are equal and make no difference in the quality of the story.Boo this faggot, boo him!>>137263129Also, pic related

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>>137263552You're defining your morals by capeshit. The movie isn't justified by itself, it's justified by an outside standard (God)>>137264034+5

>>137263110Will they joke about her intentionally looking for someone to punch her in the guts? Like you know, the kind of punch that makes you have a miscarriage?Will there be stairs?

I'm fine if someone punches her in the stomach and it results in a dead baby.


>>137263196>They harp over and over about how serious and mature animated movies areWho? The only people who say "animation needs to be mature" in 2023 are children and manchildren who still haven't grasped why Family Guy is still running and why Bluey is loved by adults.

>>137263110I don't think it's ok to have pregnant women fight because it might encourage men to beat their pregnant wives

>>137263110Consumer shill.


>>137264691Somebody's never heard of Valerie the Librarian.

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>>137263110>Black fighter character>Giant ass broccoli hairffs

>>137266204No one has heard about Valerie except for people looking through the Spider-Woman disambiguation page on the wiki

It's not that a pregnant woman, especially since she has super powers, can't fight, it's what kind of pregnant woman would choose to put herself and her baby in danger? This isn't like working a regular desk job where you can show up to work safely pretty much until the week you're due. What happens when a super villain does not give a fuck and just lands a super powered punch right on the stomach?I just don't get why this is a thing writers would go for, it's so weird. What's the point? Is it some sort of empowerment thing? I feel like being pregnant in the modern world it's pretty universally accepted it's ok if you don't physically exert yourself.

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>Punches the pregnant woman in the stomachWhat now?

>>137264691>There are no black spider-women.There is now

>>137266279You're overthinking a movie that isn't out yet. This version of Jessica has like 3 lines of dialogue and 10 seconds of screen time at this point. We don't even know the PLOT of the is movie right now.


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>>137263129I prefer heavily pregnant damsels in distress myself

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>>137265469wtf, I love Spider-Verse now!

>>137263247Was she?Alias makes it ambiguous with a "I don't know and I don't want to find out" line and I don't care enough about Jessica Jones to read her other comics.

>>137266825>Was she?There's only way to find out.

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>>137263247I distinctly recall her getting shot in the head and she most certainly wasn't bullet proof.

>>137264799Imagine being so sad and pathetic you really feel the burning desire to reply to a meaningless conversation. Like if you dont get the one up on some fucking retard your life is that much better.Heres to Russia and Ukraine blowing the world into a million pieces.

>>137267443>Heres to Russia and Ukraine blowing the world into a million pieces.Way ahead of yah buddy

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>>137267456Thats hilarious man

>>137263110>Common sense doesn't apply here.Actually it does.Common sense applies to all stories that indulge in cause and effect as cause and effect is logical story progression.

it's funny you think the problem is the logistics and not just the blatant SJW pandering.


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>>137263110Are we forgetting that that godawful Wolfenstein remake pulled almost exactly the same shit?

>>137267661Didn't people already criticize Wilfenstein for that when it came out?

>>137267677It was mostly just very funny.I don't have the Webm but she straight up rips her top clean off and dual weilds machine guns in one cutscene.Naturally her twins turn out retarded in the even more forgotten sequel.

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>>137264741It's just as wildly irresponsible to be a superhero while being or a parent or a spouse. The only responsible choicd is to never do anything heroic at all, lest you endanger yourself and those around you.

>>137263196>>137263339It's what America's critically acclaimed writers have done when it comes to Science Fiction. They want to be taken seriously when they want fame, but use the "it's just silly books" defence when they are criticised, be it for their writing quality, or their political views that are blatant in their writing.

>>137267757>science fiction and fantasyFTFY

>>137267685>>137267677>>137267661Is it really that bad? I was kind of liking it game wise. I never really got the story that deeply anyway.

>>137267783Nigga did you actually play the game. The game supposedly tries to claim the Nazis are an evil threat that are horrific in their ideology and merciless in their warmaking yet they come across as the three stooges in black and literally everyone from the emasculated MC to random pregnant goblinoids can slaughter them in their thousands.It's sort of like Inglorious Basterds in a way, but Inglorious doesn't try to pain the Nazis as winning the war and having overwhelming technology.Oh and all their tech is based on ancient Jewish machinery, instead of powered by ungoldy satanist shit, because of course it is.

>>137263110It's irresponsible and dangerous since you are not just endangering your life but the life of the child inside your womb. Anyone that disagree is just attempting to virtual signal.

>>137267764Thanks. The group I'm talking about btw is the SWFA.

>>137263552Peter B Parker is also retarded for doing that.

>>137267801Honestly I can't think of a more apt description of modern women.Entirely self-absorbed and reckless to the point of absurdity. Modern ideology seems to foster a weird idea of invincibility in women that borders on suicidal.

>>137263110Author narrative doesn't mean much if it breaks suspension of disbelief just by existing.It'd be like introducing a hero with IBS or some other humiliating medical condition. You stop focusing on the character and instantly question the logistics of how they function in their adventures. It's not a good look for a gimmicky side character.

>>137267801I would hate to physically signal something thats too much work

>>137263227What you and everyone else that thinks that needs is to gtfo the internet for a while and get a job. Perhaps read some good literature while you're at it.You don't need "a black Spider-Woman," that is a want, and a very dumb want in fact. Don't you get tired of Whitey's handouts every once in a while? The movie studio in general thought so little of a black female Spider-Man that instead of creating a new character, they just chose one and raceswapped them because your standards are rock bottom. Get the White Man's dick out your mouth and see this for what it is: a lazy attempt to pander to you. Heck at least with old blaxplotation films when they raceswapped a character, it was 100% a new character with a different story.

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>>137267819>>137267801There are dozens of heroes who have their loved ones threatened, kidnapped, maimed, or straight up murdered on a regular basis. A hero intrinsically puts everyone they know in immediate danger, regardless of whether those people are born or not. But they fight anyway, because the alternative of retiring and letting the bad guys win is unconscionable.Batman literally trains children to fight crime with him, and he doesn't get this kind of scrutiny.

>>137268024The children have been excellently trained and oftentimes choose to fight with Batman. They are of an age where they can defend themselves. They can leave or refuse on their own accord. Its still possible even if Batman says they must fight, to leave him without dying. A fetus does not get a choice to be in a certain mother. It doesn't go "That cracksmoker there, I don't want her as a mom. Can I go to this lady who hasn't smoke or drink a day in her life?" It also can't leave the mother if things become too dangerous or they don't want to get injured. And they can't defend themselves. Mother smokes? Goes directly to baby. Mother falls down flat? Damage may go to baby. Mother gets gut punched? There isn't a way for a baby to defend against a punch even when they are outside the womb, what makes you think its better inside it?Once they are conceived (involuntarily), there are only two options for the baby: die, or be born. And any damage accumulated by the baby in a fighting scenario is directly because the mother is a piece of shit. In any other scenario, its child abuse. In comics its still child abuse. In the movies, surprise surprise its still child abuse. Only someone in a fucking cult would have enough cognitive dissonance to not see this as heckin dumb.

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>>137268024There is a difference between risking your loved ones to fight for a greater cause and literally just webswinging while pregnant because you want to play the Hero.You can't hide the fetus or safeguard them at all.

>>137263196>I know that this is just trolling, but it's so annoying seeing this argument from people. They harp over and over about how serious and mature animated movies are, but then turn around and use the cartoon angle as an impenetrable shield. I just hate doublethink./Thread

>>137263110I'm all for preggos, and preggo superheroes, but comic Jess' pregnancy storyline is some of the most tonedeaf arrogant self-centered spoiled white womyn shit I've seen in a long fuckin time.Child services should've busted down her door and taken that child away the moment it was out.This movie only makes it worse by doubling down on the stupidity of this choice by making her black and giving her a caricature design.

>>137267799>emasculated MCAh it’s just culture war nonsense, never mind.

>>137268373No, I am talking quite literally. BJ goes even in the remakes from a fearful unstoppable juggernaught the Nazis fear at every turn to being bossed around by literally everyone and whining as he does.

>>137268024>A hero intrinsically puts everyone they know in immediate danger, regardless of whether those people are born or not. But they fight anyway, because the alternative of retiring and letting the bad guys win is unconscionable.But they don't actively put them in harm's way. This would be like if Batman fought crime while Alfred was glued to his chest for 9 months straight.

>>137263371>vandalism and murder are equal crimesIdiot.

>>137267757I just want the pulpy adventure stories back. Just solid entertainment. None of this pretentious shit.

>>137268640That user never said they were equal, just that they were crimes.

>>137268734It’s painfully white to get upset about that type of graffiti art

>>137268780Defacing buildings is pretty fucking cringe. Especially for your criminal uncle.

>>137263110Built to carry white fetuses

>>137263110All the women in this franchise cannot be attractive in any way and some are not even real women

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>>137269285ok cracker

>>137268551>This would be like if Batman fought crime while Alfred was glued to his chest for 9 months straightThat does kind of sound like something Batman would do.

>>137263110>>137269360neither of them have tits and ass lol, not even black spider-woman has tits being pregnant

>>137269360It’s a children’s film, user

>>137263129Not him but, yeah

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>>137269645Yes, and?

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>>137263110It is kinda funny that after these years, the only thing Jess is known for is "Pregnant-man" Did she even get to keep her bio energy web or is that a Mile.tm thing now?

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>>137263196They also seem to be the same kind of people that whines about sexy heroine outfits for being "impractical"

>>137263110If Homer can be Spiderman with complete body paralysis she can fight while pregnant.

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>>137266204>A literally who one note character


>>137263166Cope hard.

>>137269285That wall is expressly given to him legally by his cop father. The only walls he “defaces” he does with little harmless stickers

>>137263110Jessica Drew in live action will look like the OP pic, skinny with a big afro, they really hate what the fans love about Spider-man comics, especially the women they always change everything and always for the worse the box office of this movie will be the best response from the fans to Sony and Disney

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>>137269645>It’s a children’s film, user

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>>137263110Historically, plenty of women have fought pregnant

>>137263573One requires the hero to have morals, the other requires the "hero" having no morals.

>>137266204Honestly all are for it. Better than race swapping.

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>>137272180Two idiots beating each other up at a baby shower doesn't countt. dad is a cop and has done that, twice

>>137271580>putting only the best case scenario in the headline >The Little Mermaid tracking to open 60% higher anyway>Flash getting a ton of positive press and impressions Owari da

>>137263110It was retarded when Wolfenstein did it, and it’s retarded here too.

>>137271495What happened to ACAB?

>>137267783Explain to how BJ’s heavily pregnant wife fighting Nazis isn’t the most retarded in the series.

>>137273039Lmao WHAT she actually fights? I havent got that far yet desu I thought she was going to stay useless

>>137273127Yes. >>137267685

>>137263133This is a nothing argument, and it's only being drummed up to cause friction. I'm not surprised you fell for this.

>>137263110This art looks like it was made by a member of the Klux Klux Klan

>>137268780I’m Latino and I hate that shit. Disliking criminal behavior isn’t AND shouldn’t be a “white” thing.

>>137263110I'm not even against it due to safety logistics.I just think it's really weird to have a character's defining trait be something temporary. Like if Miles meets her again in a month, she'll be demoted from pregnant spider hero to black spider hero #3, cause she already gave birth?

>>137273269What “Latino” do you put on the census

>>137273275She’s Black Spider-Woman

>>137273275I mean it’s better than being white spider hero #518

>>137273235There is no argument, it's the truth, and I was one of the first people to grill this movie over it, calling her miscarriage-woman. Typical, you trolls can't actually make any input besides trying to take away my accomplishments

>>137263110>Black baby>Will have no dadWhat did they mean by this?


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>>137274793Then you are dumb for leading the charge. She's a cartoon.I'll tell you a tip. We don't always apply logic to the fantastical. Sometimes we just put silly or fun ideas into our cartoons.

>>137274878Trump lost.

>>137263133That makes Ren and Stimpy and SpongeBob inherently bad for children to watch because they teach no inherent morals and offer up bad, imitatable behavior. That's fucking retarded.

>>137275035>he doesn't know that Ren and Stimpy teaches Christian moralsStart reading The Manly Dispatch.

>>137268780Really not helping your case when you try to insult your boogeyman by calling them civilized.

>>137273332Indio. As in the “brown” kind.

>>137274972See >>137263133>>137275035The whole reason why I advocate for Ren and Stimpy is because of what a great impact it had on me as a little kid but no one noticed how significant it was.I haven't even fucking rewatched the series.