Death Battle

Death Battle returns May 22, season 10 to premiere with Atom (Ray Palmer) vs Ant-Man (Hank Pym). Sources to be to report and ignore shitposters.

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Give your Batman Rogue Gallery vs Spidey Rogue Gallery matches.Obviously starting with Mysterio vs Scarecrow

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>>137262936The worst types of fights in VS debates are toonforce fights. I will not elaborate on that.

>>137263103I mean, there's the big three, I think.>Mysterio vs Scarecrow>Black Cat vs Catwoman>Sandman vs ClayfaceAfter that, I think the well is pretty much tapped for good fights unless something changes dramatically.

>>137263103>>137262423in the first duel involving an orichalcos card, yugi dueled against Gurimo. Yugi tried leave and failed, then triedto use his MP to break out of the seal and

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>>137263262I might add>Kraven vs Bane (very competent, foreign mercenaries who are here for the challenge as much as anything nefarious, Kraven uses several mystical tonics to boost his strength while Bane uses Venom)>Vulture vs Man-Bat (both primarily have the advantage of flight over their hero)>Green Goblin vs Joker (CRAAAAAAAAAAZY arch-enemy)>Scorpion vs Mr. Freeze (slightly more sympathetic villains trapped in suits they hate)>Molten Man vs Firefly (Fire Elemental)

>>137263289Anyways, no.If you've actually seen the series, you can tell that he can use duel monsters and their effects irl as seen vs the orichalchos god, where yugi can summon whatever he wants and even use his magic against non duel monsters beings.This also happens in GX, BBT and once with Bakura haxing a guard with a magic card in season 3If you wnt to include pyramid of light and capsule monsters, yugi can also just attack people with monsters without agreeing to a "duel".He duels in season 4 to reach dartz and get people to give him back yugi and release the professor. It is also a ritual.

Smol boys

>>137262936>Fight Preview:> That's a shorter preview than usual.Were they running behind on the animation for this one?

>>137263360Molten Man vs Corrosive Man or Dr Phosphorus would be betterVulture vs PenguinMan-Bat vs Man-Spider

>>137263496They wanted to "try something new" by just using a short clip from the fight instead of showing the first minute. Why? Uh......

>>137263541I mean...I guess that makes sense to pick a cool moment.But this moment was nothing but Atom killing a couple ants. Should have picked a different part

>>137263541they thought that ant quote was way too funny

Anyways, post lists and rate each other's matchups!

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>>137263569They should've just used the moment before (it looks like Ray and Hank were having a post-shrinkage fight) or after (it looks like Ray was about to either go big and stomp the ants or go microscopic to avoid them completely) this clip. The Atom Sword looks nice and all but like...that's really it.

>>137263103Doesn't Mysterio win by virtue of his helmet literally just being an airtight seal so he can't get slapped with fear gas as easily as Scarecrow can get fucked by his illusions? You'd think Batman would recognize this by now and just have a dedicated rebreather function in the cowl

>>137263529>Vulture vs PenguinShit, I never considered this one before. Poverty vs wealth, inventor vs mob boss, bird vs bird.

>>137263646Pretty sure Scarecrow has injectable versions.

>>137263646>>137263665How is scarecrow ever injecting the true mysterio

>>137263665True but in a straight fight Mysterio would have the advantage I'd think, dude goes one-on-one with Spidey on a regular basis, Scarecrow doesn't really have the physicals to compete and depending on the version he may be more susceptible to getting gassed

>>137263764I'm just pointing out that he has alternative methods to just airborne fear toxin.


>>137263289>>137263375Well, Scholars. Which is Stronger: Orichalcos or Toon World?

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Apart from Goku's Arrival of Namek to End of Namek, his God Amp against Beerus, War Arc Sauce and Nart, and Wano Luffy what would you guys say are the most ridiculous amps a character goes through power wise in anime/manga?

>>137264185Note I'm not counting shit that (should) kill you like Eight Gates, or shit the character has zero control over like White Haired Demon Yusuke


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>>137264185like ridiculous in terms of how they end up (like Goku nearly destroying the universe with punches) or just compared to how they were before (G4 Luffy vs G5 Luffy)?

>>137264568Superman vs SephirothSuperman vs the 4th doctor

>>137264185Baki in the childhood saga goes from being considerably weaker than Hanayama to punching approximately 4 times as hard as him, and he trained for the big fight with Yujiro by tanking punches from Hanayama for hours on end

>>137264185All those light novel protags that go from wall level to universe level.

>>137264603A mix of both.

>>137264694I more mean in like a single arc/fight than an entire series.

>>137264662He did WHAT

>>137264185Mata Nui. Goes from a 9 foot tall body to a nearly 35 million foot tall body that can potentially destroy stars

>no Raiden vs Nero>no Raiden vs Genos>no Raiden battle royale between MK, Genshin, and MGR Raidens>no Sundowner vs Adam Smasher>no Monsoon vs Buggy the Clown>no Mistral vs Sheeva>no Bladewolf vs Rush>no Jetstream Sam vs Shadow Ranger>no Armstrong vs Funny ValentineChrist, I'm STILL seething that the rare MGR matchup slot got taken by a chink gacha advertisement, of all things

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>>137262000I don't know, I think it's hard to say if he'd be THAT much physically weaker than Toa, because even if you don't scale him to/above the guy via Lolong, Ohma doing this when he was still a Niko Newbie should currently make him somewhat near Toa's strength level as of now. Most likely a bit weaker in terms of power though, but that just depends on if Agito was being genuine when he said that Raian was physically superior to Waka.>I don't see why. Stronger, sure, but not by that much. Well for one, self admittance. Julius just outright says that he's gone further above his KAT self when Mueteba goes to recruit him. Granted, that could be him talking about how his new technique made him stronger, but I don't think that that's completely likely since Julius has no real reason to gloat about muscle control over his pure strength. If I had to give a genuine number to his Omega level of power then I'd say he's like, 1.8-2.2x stronger.I also don't think Fei would've died. He'd more than likely take a fuckton of damage that would've hindered his ability to transform, but killing him? Ehhh...maybe if he took two back to back he would've died, but people have survived point blank Blast Cores. Granted, those people include a highly trained assassin who sky dives into his missions without a parachute, a roid monster who has a 3-0 record against dumbbells and race cars, and Ohma.>The focus of that fight was in their respective abilities and how they clashed with one another. I actually hadn't considered that. Frankly, I mentally checked out during that fight because instead of it being a battle between two hulking monsters, it was "The Not Niko Style™" VS "Not Techniques™".

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>>137264568The Thing vs The Blob

>>137264568Light vs Johan Liebert

>>137263103Who should Octavius fight?


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>>137263607Posted this last thread, what do you think about this match up? Who wins between Kevin 11 and Grudge from gen13.

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>>137265115Toa was just as big and strong as Julius, who is one of the two designated tanks of the Kengan Association. Ohma is definitely nowhere as mighty as Julius. Demonsbane is also not something Ohma can output by himself, and it's heavily reliant on whomever's punching him at any given time. Ohma is not portrayed as someone physically comparable to Julius or otherwise Julius's attributes would be obsolete, and he's not physically stronger than Wakatsuki just as Lolong isn't physically stronger than Toa. Lolong isn't some powerlifter type, he's an elbow spammer with perception hax who should've beaten Ohma.>Julius just outright says immediately after that flashback we're shown it's because of muscle control, not because he got a hyperbolic time chamber type of power-up. After that flashback he uses his muscle control to immediately one shot Toa. Toa likely only surviving because he's another tank archetype.>give a genuine number to his Omega level of powerI'm all for making guesstimates, but don't expect me to take yours and run with it. >people have survived point blank Blast CoresJulius managed to survive two because of aiming and reach issues (couldn't reach his vitals), which he went on to explain when he put Waka in a bearhug. And even considering that, it still messed him up immensely, and Julius is an absolute BEHEMOTH with durability demonstrably superior to Ohma and Fei. I don't remember Waka hitting Muteba with BC. >"The Not Niko Style™" VS "Not Techniques™"It pissed me off so badly that Sandro went with some gay "he spun his blow to avoid getting countered" instead of being true to Julius's philosophy and putting a hard cap on how much force a fighter is allowed to redirect.

>>137264662>>137264803Baki was warming up by fighting Hanayama and Yuri at once, before his first fight with Yujiro. Also Baki recieved a significant power up after loosing virginity to his GF.

>>137265570He also received o my Hanma blood and the Demon Back in the Maximum Tournament

>>137265472Assuming statistical parity, which is unlikely since Grunge is under the umbrella of DC and likely scales to their bullshit, Grunge has one more ability than Kevin does and that's his ability to phase. And better technology absorption, he could steal Kevin's car. Still probably Kevin's best matchup personality and power-wise, since I don't really remember Grunge's story so I can't speak for that particular thematic connection.

>>137264568Sonic vs Reverse-Flash

>>137265570>Also Baki recieved a significant power up after loosing virginity to his GF.Let's not forget how the guy somehow regained 80% of his body mass and completely recovered from an incurable hyperlethal poison by drinking some sugar water. Bakiverse is borderline toonforce, Ohma doesn't stand a chance.

>>137263103Kraven the Hunter vs Raish al ghoul

>>137265927Not just any sugar water, but sugar water mixed with Retsu's hands so that there was 4000 years of Chinese love in it

>>137265927Yujiro grabbing Musashi's katana, palm striking him so hard it sends him flying back, Musashi's unconscious body still gripping his katana and making Yujiro fly alongside him was some troll science shit

>>137265966And yet, Retsu's 4000 years of Chinese dysgenesis corrupted Katsumi's stalwart Nippon genes and turned him into a toad.


>>137265927To be fair it got cured prior, but the damage it did was still there

>>137265427Mr. Freeze is one ive been seeing resurface

>>137261655Actually there are two kinds of universesAn observable universe which is the highest of the energy joule rating scale and an infinite universe (a universe with a space that is infinite in size)An infinite universe could be classified as a timeline, as time is infinite and serves as a fourth dimension/extra spatial layerMulti-Universal is just multiverse but with observable universesMultiversal is what it is with Timelines/Infinite UniversesImo it ends with Infinitely Multiversal (2-A), all that high dimension shit is fucking retarded because VSBW treats 2D as paper drawings, which if it would apply to 4D we would all be dead already, existing in multiple directions does not make you strongerThis is only if we consider the time to be real, because after all time is a concept used to perceive reality, its not fundamentally realIf it isn't then the highest is Infinitely Multi-Universal which just ends up turning Multi-Universal into Multiversal

Time is a dimension, its fabric encases the 3D dimension

>>137264568Kasumi from DoA vs Mai from KoF

>>137263360>>Kraven vs Bane (very competent, foreign mercenaries who are here for the challenge as much as anything nefarious, Kraven uses several mystical tonics to boost his strength while Bane uses Venom)That actually sounds pretty cool. >>137264568Armenian Cory vs Fucktoy CoryThis is probably the worst request you'll ever get.

>>137264568Sakura Haruno vs Amy Rose

>>137264568Aristotle Nostradamus 'Bull' Shannon vs Moses Hightower

>>137264803the baki childhood arc was like a fever dream. he went from fighting yuri who could solo a pack of wolves with his bare hands to the yasha ape who was a gigantopithecus gorilla to hanayama who could punch holes several times bigger than his fist into concrete to gaia's squad who could bend and break tank plating with their punches and kicks to yujiro stopping that earthquake by punching the ground

>>137267167If Amy is allowed to go super she stomps.

>>137264568Alien X vs GER (Novel)

>>137263862>Well, Scholars. Which is Stronger: Orichalcos or Toon World?canonically orichalcos>>137266526infinite 3d mass is infinite 3d mass.4D must have time.>>137268138you mean jorge joestar?

>>137263862toon world wins if it's used by pegasus. amazingly voice acted character

>>137264568Mash Burnedead from Mashle vs Oliver Horn from Reign of the Seven Spellblades. Battle of the Anime Harry Potters, Light Novel protag vs barbarian

>>137263360Goblin has super powers and high tech. Joker would be killed in like 1 second.

>>137263862While orichalcum has infinite points snake, toon world has toons which are beyond power and numbers and dodge anything, which would include it. The orichalcum card effect itself sucks, still it affects the real world, but so can Toon World with anubis hax.Furthermore, the card that beat GEH was given to yugi by Pegasus. It's not on his deck, tho, despite being a higher cardinality of infinity than orichalcum, so obviously then he didn't even bother with it, meaning GEH is below even relinquished-tier, and since GEH is the peak of orichalcum power that must mean Toon World beats it thanks to scaling ez.

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>>137268184>jorge joestarYeah thatIf no then maybe jump force

>>137268184Infinite 3D mass is timeIts infinite, meaning it exists everywhere and everytimeIts not truly infinite if it doesn't exist at any time

>>137268972Thats retarded af, just say that timelines are infinite 3D mass

>>137261655You can actually work around universal+3-A should be observable universe and 2-C should be multi observable universes (or Multi-Universal)A timeline/infinite space is infinitely bigger then multiple observable universes therefore it transcends the joule scaleThe rest of the dimensional hierarchy is delusional, the whole higher infinity shit doesn't seem to work and apply to energy considering dimensions just add directions, there can only be ONE INFINITE and the most concise one is Multiversal+ (2-A)That's the truly highest tierOmniversal doesn't count because you can't have infinite infinites (hilbert space does not count)

I think that dimensional scaling is a proof as to why sci-fi is the strongest genre in fictionEven if its used on fantasy, it mostly exists due to theoriesAnd theories are fictional

>>137269153Sci-Fi is a fantasy genre and there are plenty of ways a non sci-fi can make use of higher dimensions

>>137269153DC stomps Xelee

>>137269554Lol no chud, DC got downgraded to 1-C, at bestDarkseid officially jobs to Thanos

>>137269575>chud>citing vsbattleswiki>linking vsbattleswiki>calling vsbattleswiki “official”Holy tourist batman

>>137262936guys how do you beat jiren?you'd think the answer would be "by being stronger"but he is INVINCIBLE and STRONGEST OF THE can't beat's truly over isn't it? fiction has been solved...

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>>137269723Yeah but Guts beats guys stronger than him all the time

>>137269723By being the strongest of the stronger duh

>>137269122>there can only be ONE INFINITENope. Infinite points to a line. Infinite lines to a plane. Infinite planes to a space with depth. It goes on and on, forming layers that can contain the whole of lower layers. A timeline will contain every state of the space. An infinite collection of timelines will contain every possible variation of the space. You can get a higher structure that contains different starting conditions which form their own infinities. The infinities start looking like sets so the justification for dimensional hierarchy naturally follows.

>>137269723i become his wife, i fucking kneelthe west as fallen, we need more /a/ references in our media

>>137269863infinite is infinite, making it singularsimple as thatSet Theory is pure schizobabble metaphysics (like most of them such, especially quantum mechanics) that has never caught on with the general populace and is used by VSBW to wank whatever weebshit they are biased toyou can explain an ordinary joe what a multiverse is and they will get a grip on the concept fast, but you can't explain them what dimensional tiering is and expect them to not be confusedmost ordinary joes are above fiction and outnumber people who use dimensional tiering and are therfore stronger, and as we all know the word of the people is that of god (who is also fictional)so really unless you simplify the concept, your system is very flawed's_paradoxOh no no no no...dimensiontrannies...its over...

>>137270001>you can explain an ordinary joe what a multiverse is and they will get a grip on the concept fast, but you can't explain them what dimensional tiering is and expect them to not be confusedAnon I don't think anyone debating fictional characters care about what an ordinary joe can understand. The whole point is to get into the weeds. Not being simple enough for ordinary joes is not a case against dimensional tiering. As it stands, you can't really refute the existence of different levels of infinity.


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>>137270045you can keep saying that to your discord sistersbut the black hoodlum kids who put your white nerdy ass in the locker agree that goku and superman shit on every visual novel/JRPG character that is 384D according to your pseudoscience blog about their cosmology, and the general popularity probably agrees with them tooits a matter of recognition, not factuality, especially when its fiction of all things, so trying to apply to it logic with pseud science is even more contradicting and flawedDimensional Tiering is like saying that Fluid Gender exists, it doesn't, there are chromosomes XX and XYjust like how there is infinite and finite

>>137268972>have an infinite amount of ps5 controllers>somehow that means timeretarded faggot shit foreign vegeterian leftist feminist communist fuck shit cunt white guilt piece of human garbage

>>137270172>Dimensional Tiering is like saying that Fluid Gender existsshit thats actually a good comparsion, he got >>137270045 your ass there

>>137270195you dumbass, he is talking about a singular structure with infinite mass, not infinite structures

>>137270172This is the worst ad populum argument I've ever seen. You might as well say Endgame is the best film ever made.

>>137270228that would be relying on statistics, theres no ad populum in that

>>137264568Pepsi Man vs Coca-Cola Kid (video game)

>>137263289Bringing up filler/non canon stuff is not worth it if you're trying to downplay Yugi. Bonds Beyond Time helps him a hell of a lot more than him having a temporary disadvantage against Orichalcos harms him.

FallacyCHADS get in here, heres our tiering system>EX TierAd Populum, Ad Hominem(Popeye, Goku, Superman, Gurren Laggan, Jiren)>SS TierOmnipotence(Some guys from bleach and naruto, godzilla)>S TierDestroying/lifting an infinite amount of mass(Shazam, Atlas, Chronosapien Time Bomb)>A TierToon Force, No Limit Fallacy, Reality Warpping(Bugs Bunny, Saitama, Bill Cipher, Gojo)>B TierBIG BOOM WAKU WAKU ACTION(John Wick, All Might, Jotaro, Jason Voorhees)>C TierNormie(You, Me, Sheldon Cooper)>D TierSchizo Babble, Unconfirmed Statements, Descriptions(Pokedex Entries, Plasma Peashooter, Cell)>E TierLore, Cosmology, Anti-Feats and Jobbers(Krillin, Living Tribunal, Alien X, Mario)>F TierShit that doesn't exist, fanfiction, pseudo-science, headcannons and shitposts(SCP, Earthbound, Shin Megami Tensei/Persona)

>>137270489Where do pixel calcs and WoG not actually expressed in the source material go?

>>137270489Aren't most universe level guys D tier then? I feel like theoretical universe busting is super common. Even a certain beyblade has it. There's much fewer characters who have actually done it, or resisted it.

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>>137270539Pixel Calcs are BD or E, but if its confirmed later on through a visual spectacle then it can go in big boom waku waku action to potential S tier

>>137270489So F-tier is all non-major-publisher works?


>>137270489Is this from best to worst or what?

>>137270624i wouldn't say non-major-publisherid say its mostly non-official shit and fan interpretations like with Truth of the Universe from Earthbound or calling a game mechanic a superpowerindie stuff like Red from Dick Figures and Peppino go in B (peppino is potentially A tier)

>>137270434What the fuck are you talking about?Season 4 is CANON to the animeverse, which is the one GX adn 5DS follows.Anyways, it is just proof that his magic can be nullified by other magic.Which is yet another instawin Sakura has over him, you know, alongside fucking time stop and passive magic resistance.

>>137270632godzilla is omnipotent user, don't you know? he's been to hell and killed god

>>137270489I can't tell which end is supposed to be worse.Both ad populum and fanfiction are unusable and will just get you ignored.

>>137270759There is no BBT in the manga, faggot. There is not even a Yugi vs Jaden duel there.There is no Yubel in the manga. There is no low multiversal dimension merging.There is no duel monster hax. And without the 4kids stuff like PoL and Capsule monsters, it is even more doubtful he can use hax on people who are duelists and not monsters.

>>137264568Banjo Kazooie vs Two Legs Joe

>>137270776>ad populum and fanfiction will get you ignored>he says this posting in a death battle (fanfiction) threadKEKAROOOOOOO

>>137267948Amy has never once gone super, there's no reason to give her the Chaos Emeralds.

>>137270759>Season 4 is CANON to the animeverse, which is the one GX adn 5DS follows.... Hence Bonds Beyond Time.Most people go manga only for Jump series.Otherwise you got shit like planet tier Kinnikuman and movie scaling Saint Seiya (which has power creep so bad they foderize the gold saints).

>>137270825Would be funny if that Frontiers story dlc ends up giving her one as Knuckles talks about going Super Knuckles and he will be playable in it.Its really unlikely, but would be pretty fun fragging titan facsimiles with a giant chaos hammer construct

>>137270759>Anyways, it is just proof that his magic can be nullified by other magic.Why is that worth making him scale to a multiversal villain?

>>137270826Toei Saint Seiya is valid as there are several animeverse only sagas like asgard and soul of gold.Anyways, the point your retarded ass does not seem to get is that manga yugi is infinitely weaker than anime yugi.And anime yugi, like it or not, uses season 4.

>>137264568Kyubey vs Flowey

>>137270904Because you have a low attention span. The whole argument last thread was that season 4 was "filler" and could not be used as proof that yugi's magic can be nulled by other magic.Aka, what Sakura can do with The Dark and other magic that surpasses that of Crow. (the ultimate magician in the clampverse).Seaason 4 is also where Yugi is actually shown being able to use duel monsters hax irl.

>>137270909>your retarded ass does not seem to get is that manga yugi is infinitely weaker than anime yugi.You're actually illiterate. See:>>137270434>Bonds Beyond Time helps him a hell of a lot more than him having a temporary disadvantage against Orichalcos harms him.The entire point is that you cannot use that anti-feat without making Yugi way more powerful with other anime shit.How on earth did you get the idea that I thought manga Yugi was stronger from that?

im probably the only one in these threads who unironically likes brandon yates' tracksi can understand hating on his vocal stuff but i kind of got used to it and sins of liberty became my favorite, writing lyrics that describe matchups is kino because you can end up with something like tarkus or soilwork

>>137270954I wasn't even In the last thread so that's not my problem.I am fully open to using anime continuity stuff. But it helps Yugi more than it hurts him, so it's weird to see someone trying to use it to downplay.

>>137270954And unlike Ash, Sakura actually has feats of being able to passively resist magic and haxes. Like against Freeze, Mirage and Eriol/Crow's city wide Sleep spell.>>137270958Because saying that is an anti feat just to dismiss it from a infinitely superior magic user is retarded.Without Season 4 and that CANON anti feat that is not even an anti feat since NOTHING contradicts it as no one has ever tried nulling a millenium item before or after, Yugi loses his best haxes.

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Can enough hax overcome raw power?


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>>137270992That is my fucking point.You have to accept that Season 4 Yugi can get his MP nullified (its not even like that thing can even help yugi at all in this matchup anyways.) to also get the Orichalcos god fight, GX and BBT scaling.>>137271042That is what happens every time a magician fights a character with no resistances.Wanda can mindhax the strongest guy ever if he doesnt resist mind control.

apologies, anons. I was a bit caught up with stuff, but I'm delivering the remaining few requests from last thread, then the stuff here.

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>>137271042That's supposed to be the norm. It's just shit like Dragon Ball and Bleach reverses that because their main characters are just bricks

>>137270909Almost no one uses the toei Saint Seiya movies. It has Seiya beating a guy who absorbed the power of multiple gods, including Poseidon, and is implied to be stronger than any of them on his own. That would put Seiya way beyond the Hades arc and Next Dimension scaling he has.But even the most desperate power leveling Saint Seiya fans don't use it.

>>137271032>>137271063Why would anyone of that matter. He scales to a multiversal villain in BBT. We have to assume you need at least that much power to nullify him.Just assuming he has a NLF weakness to magic nullification makes no sense.

>>137271042No. Hax is just raw power with an unknown variable.

>>137271158Low Multiversal. Scaling slightly above than Yubel/Judai if you consider him to be at his best at the time since he didnt awaken his two eyes.Atem got his magic nullified by someone stronger at the time, wich means he has no resistance to that.Anyways, Sakura is infinite multiversal with a scaling chain above Crow, who considers her his superior and he was able to restore the clampverse with his magic.>>137271187Retarded shit.Hax is time stop. Hax is soul hax. Hax is reality manip. Hax is probability manip. Hax is mind control.

>>137271229>Hax is time stop. Hax is soul hax. Hax is reality manip. Hax is probability manip. Hax is mind control.And there are characters who can overcome those abilities meaning hax has some variable.

>>137271262That means having resistance to that specific hax, fuckwit.Do you think a man that can lift earth is immune to hax?


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>>137271284>That means having resistance to that specific haxBy having higher raw power, overcoming the hax's variable>Do you think a man that can lift earth is immune to hax?Lifting strength =/= raw powerThis is baby shit user.

>>137270986In my case it comes down to the specific track and I can only recall a few from memory. Some examples of what I would consider Yates' best work would be Zealous Blades, Chronal Acceleration, Bloodlust, Bury the Moonlight, and Sins of the Father.

>>137271229*Clow Reed. The magician that took this kid's body >>137271032, created the infinitely timelined CLAMPverse which includes tsubasa chronicle, xxxholic, magic knight rayearth and of course Card Captor Sakura and had his own magic (Mirage, Freeze and his city-wide sleep spell) NULLED by Sakura's own without her having to do anything.>>137271305Wrong.If you have the power to destroy a universe, that does not mean you can now resist being put to sleep or time stopped.


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>>137271326>If you have the power to destroy a universe, that does not mean you can now resist being put to sleep or time stopped.Buu is not going to be able to turn the AM into candy. Hax is not all powerful, it has a variable.

>>137271229I don't know what happened in the other thread, but if you're argument is that Sakura is simply on a higher tier than anime Yugi, then there's no reason to worry about the Orichalcos instance ether way. It's not like if he had resisted the power of the ring, that means he could do the same against someone much more powerful than him.

So the next MK game is gonna be set in a universe made by Fire God Liu Kang. Fucking rip literally any chance of Liu Kang vs Jago

>>137271284Jiren was specifically vulnerable to Hits time prison then just powered through it like it was physical but object to be strong-manned. He just powered through the hac without any resistance to it, shocking even the angels.

>>137271042depends on their speed

>>137271392AM?>>137271427That means Jiren has hax resistance thru Dragon Ball Ki. Not that every strong person in fiction automatically can resist being mind controlled or timestopped.>>137271405There are smurf characters like those in Kingdom Hearts and Magical Index whose durability and haxes are far above their physicals.The orichalcos instance shows that Yugi has no special resistance to magic that could prevent him from getting his MP and Ba nulled by The Dark or the fight ending by any of Sakura's haxes like being put to sleep or time stopped.

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>>137271262No it just means the writer is too dumb to think of a smart way if dealing with it

>>137271481Anti-Monitor. Also interesting you mention Magical Index since it does what I'm talking about. Accelerator is able to compute and adjust his calculations for different hax that he encounters.

So why is one dude insisting that Yugi should fight a Naruto character instead of his real match with Ash

>>137270770So have a ton of JRPG protagonists, user

>>137271541Why would he fight Ash? Ash can't even use the creation trio, it wouldn't even be animation worthy.

>>137271582You having no imagination does not decide if something is animation worthy or not

>>137271631It's not a match up. Yeah I can see why someone else would pick a character that's at least from a battle shounen In the same magazine as Yu-Gi-Oh.Ash vs. Yugi is some Makima vs. Gojo reaching shit that only makes sense to surface level orbiters. Get that garbage out of here.

>>137271413Is there any reason why they couldn't just have the battle be with pre-Fire God Liu?

>>137271541>>137271582>>137271631>>137271661Because they have more connections other than "muh walmart trading cards 2000s nostalgia 'murica"Also, Ash gets violently haxstomped by Yugi.unlike Sakura, Ash has no resistance to just being fucking insta killed with million knives, having Pikachu brain controlled or his attacks reverted directly towards ash or Ash being sacrificed to summon a dark magician thru dark renewal.

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>>137271677What's the point of a DB if you know the one guy isn't at his best? Even if the other guy wins it's a pitty victory.

>>137271677>>137271413The universe made by Liu was thru the hourglass.

>>137271661NTA, I can understand not wanting Ash vs Yugi because of how the battle would work, but saying it makes sense only of the surface is just dumbDid you ever like, talk with another kids during recess? That shit is a Charizard vs Greymon, Superman vs Goku level battle, you couldn't just not compare both when you were a kid

>>137271728Yeah, and Yu-Gi-Oh was compared to MTG, because even a kid realizes Yugi isn't a just master of monsters, that's just a type of magic he uses, summoning. It's a complete mismatch where even a schoolyard kid realizes Ash would just die if Yugi used a manifested spell that targets the enemy directly.

>>137271690>Because they have more connections other than "muh walmart trading cards 2000s nostalgia 'murica"And instead you went with "generic moeshit for 5 year old girls and 50 year old men"Yeah no, old school kids on the playground discussions will always trump muh paragraph of connections

>>137271541I think Yugi should fight the face of the other popular trading card game.

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So, new Godzilla shit coming out. What absurd tryhard bullshit is he gonna do this time

>>137273155Do you mean Legendary Godzilla where he and Kong are fighting Lanky? Nothing because it's just another dirty ape he's gonna low diff like KongIf you mean Toho, maybe we finally get Bagan and they use the Game's lore for him to give him absurd scaling.

>>137273155>preemptive seething LmaoGamera will always be a fraction of a percent of Godzillas power

>>137272369love neo vs kirito, han vs kirk and rocky vs ippo. But he'd end up fighting Mac instead for sure.

>>137273568They’re absolutely gonna give Lanky Kong some bullshit that lets him do picrel

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>>137273914Mac is an even worse stomp than Rocky. Mac could walk into Baki or Kengan and he'd be moderately successful.

>>137273914Ippo gets the shit knocked out of him in pretty much all of his matchups. He is a terrible boxer

>>137271541because he has no respect on a good legacy match

>>137274015His bigger problem is he's flyweight, and most famous boxers even in fiction are Heavyweight. The only exceptions are Joe who is just Ippo but with talent, and Mac who is just retarded strong.

>>137272369>Buffy vs Ash>Crypto vs Zim>Rayne vs SelenePretty good.>SHODAN vs XANAI really like the track Therewolf


>>137274111or maybe, i just do not want Yugi wasted on a nonsense match against fodder like Ash.Or worse, death battle actually being retarded and saying yugi cannot use duel monsters irl and loses to ash despite the vast difference in their feats and haxes.

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>>137274242What happened to that “leak” that had gamera in a huge black hole, said nothing about barugon or zigra did it? I highly doubt they’re going to have a returning kaiju teleport him for no reason

So who's winning? Hank or Ray?

>>137274274God I feel that. I want a match-up for Gash Bell and Kiyomaro and I really do not want it wasted on Ash.

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>>137274331I have secret insider knowledge which tells me that Hank is winning.

>>137274331What does Ray know about propain?

New Therewolf track. (Optimus Prime [G1] vs Optimus Prime [Bayverse])

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>>137273155Legendary or Toho? I'm up to the ass with Legendary godzilla, please tell me it's not that.

>>137274331Hank is going to kick his ass I tell you h'what!

>>137274373Toho is coming out this year and Legendary next year, seems like they’re alternating. It’s a good plan tbqh, Toho provides the experimental once a year and Legendary provides a more traditional take once a year.


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>>137274301Fuck if I know, probably fake.Rebirth Gamera is shaping up to be strong as shit though. Guy manhandles Jiger like it was nothing

>>137274361G1 Optimus rapes if he gets all his stuff

>>137274415Good news then.

>>137274361>Tfw I just got the instrumental version beta mix of my Yates commission>still needs the lyrics (guest vocalist) and final mixing>want to share it around but I can’t until he uploads it to YouTube>he’s in Japan right now so he’s uploading very slowlyI really love the track btw, it’s not rock or heavy like the other two I got, it’s more tribal and feels like it could belong in either series. Pic relatedAlso this if the first time I’ve posted since the last season ended, how are you guys doing?

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>>137274361I like his other Optimus one more.>>137274522>Also this if the first time I’ve posted since the last season ended, how are you guys doing?The season starts in a few days, just as I'm finishing up the semester. So, I'm doing pretty good.

>>137270172You're drawing a false equivalence between sex and gender to make your point, which weirdly illustrates the problem with your point of view better than I could have done.

>>137274274There’s not much of a point in even bringing a Yugioh character on just to say “they can’t actually use their monsters” is there? Like Death Battle can make some dumb decisions, but I think they’d at least understand there’s no point in doing a match with them otherwise.

>>137264568Duke Alcedor (Infernax) vs Dante (Dante's Inferno)

>>137271708He still gets scaling even further above Shao Kahn>you remember they mentioned scaling Shao Kahn to True Darkseid as a joke counter to Asura's Wrath AkumaLiu Kang vs Goku when?

would Dante beat Ichigo Kurosaki?

>>137274331Ray's changes evaporated when they showed the y axis page. The time bomb isn't going to go off before Hank slaughters him with Dr. Doom scaled Wonderman strength.

>>137274910It would be funny as fuck to see Bleachfags and DMCfags go at each others.

>>137274910Dante's more popular so yeah

>>137274824he also beat Shinnok someone who is stronger then Sharp Kahn to the point where he can tank an attack comparable to the Big Bang and that can shake the infinite universe

>>137274930Here's a better question: Can Pym Particles counteract the timebomb?

>>137275014If Hank figured out what was done to him in time, yes, because all you have to do to counter the time bomb is return to your original size. The problem with that being that returning to your original size means Ray pulls a Darkseid kill.But it's moot. Doom scaling means Hank turns Ray into a smear before he has to worry about the time bomb.

>>137275128I wonder how that works

>>137275145It's very stupid.Pym particles are fundamentally connected to Vision's density powers and Wonderman's ionic powers. Those exist on a "Y axis." While it was implied only Scott could pull power from the Y axis, they showed the page, implying they're going to use it for Hank.Scott summoned Wonderman powers to beat the piss out of Dr. Doom, the guy they gave multiverse scaling to. Ray isn't surviving that, especially when it stacks on the density strength granted by Pym particles.He matches Ray's size and density, pops the Wonderman powers, and it's Wonderman vs a normal dude.

>>137275216It turns out that turning small has absolutely nothing to do with Hank’s victory, he just happens to have scaling that lets him beat the shit out of Marvel top tiers.Sounds about right.

>>137274930Can't Ray be scaled up there too? They gave Zatanna multiverse level. If they assume statistical equality, who would win?

>>137274331They gave him a sword, swank is gonna play around hank's shit

>there are people who unironically think Jack vs Guts is a better matchup then Guts vs ClareDo yourself a favor and listen to

>>137271113Lucifer? My eternal cope is that God Himself interfered

>>137275407>there are people who unironically think Jack vs Guts is a better matchup then Guts vs ClareWell, yeah. Because it is. The themes are more interesting. The contrasts on all levels is more compelling than the "monster hunter in a shit world" angle, which Jack vs Guts also has. Posting a music track isn't going to change that.

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>>137274350They genuinely don't have many other MUs though. Lightning characters are usually reserved for side characters and villains and any Digimon MU is an utter fucking shit show stomp against them.Like even if we said Kiyo and Gash vs Tentomon and Izzy and pretended Izzy was just retarded for no reason HerculeKabuterimon just solos Gashverse

>>137270909Lol what? The Saint Seiya movies much like the DBZ ones literally can't happen in the timeline we're given. For example the Asgard saga and SoG have constant references to previous events and characters such as Sigmund who is Siegfried's brother and the Gold Saints' sacrifice, and it takes place at the exact same time as the Elysium arc of the Hades saga. The Asgard movie conversely has nothing to tie it into the SS timeline and is considered a non canon escapade