Now that the dust has finally settled, did you prefer Puss in Boots or Mao Mao as a character?

Now that the dust has finally settled, did you prefer Puss in Boots or Mao Mao as a character?

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is this thread going to be deleted?

>>137262658I dunno, which one is more likely to wrench all my cum out of my dick with his asshole?

>>137262658>both series start with the sword wielding cat protagonist finding a concealed town protected by a magic shield, then destroying said magic shield, and vowing to protect the town that now is visible and under threat from outsidersWeird

>>137262658Mao Mao is hotter. That's just the truth.

Holla Forums should be deleted. We already have /lgbt/.

>>137262658Neither. Li Bing is better.

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>>137263631has the second season ever been translated?

>>137264138It was subbed. But many of these videos was taken down.

>>137262658For me it's cyborg kuro-chan

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>>137264536Please do tell us about it

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Neither. Badgerclops.>>137262695Probably, since its not about underage girls.

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>>137263631Sorry, who?

>>137264801Have you never clicked on a Star Vs or Turning Red or Fairly Oddparents or Raven pornbait thread in your life or something?

>>137264815Dont forget Ben 10, Molly, Powerpuff Girls, Avatar, Glitch Techs, Owl House, and Hilda.

>>137264815Star and Mei are teenagers.>Fairy OddparentsAlmost never see them, the only ones I see are to shit on the new girl or the dog? I don't care for FO stuff after 2010 or so.>RavenDon't care. She's a teenager too lol, "Teen Titans".

>>137264878Teenagers are still underage last I checked, kiddo.

>>137264881Teenagers are lewdable. They aren't "kids" kids exactly. Also no one cares if they are lewded anyway, online artists certainly don't.

>>137264934You sure switched from "those threads get deleted too" to "ok they dont but I dont care." fast.

>>137262658Puss if it’s TLW version, otherwise Mao

>>137265011Just take the L. You think Ben 10 was referring to Ben and not Gwen?

>>137263631and who the fuck is he suppose to be?

>>137265029You say Gwen but felt more like a 12 or 13 year old. She's supposed to be more mature than Ben anyway.


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>>137265091You just keep lowering the bar to "Not underage enough for me to jerk off to."

>>137264734>>137265033Him.>AlsoThe last opening was

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>>137265110I never said that.

>>137262682Superior to vorefaggotry>>137262695Hopefully, dogfuckers don't belong here.

>>137265674>dogfuckers don't belong here.Says who? (You)? Haha.

>>137265674They’re cats dumbass

>>137262697Mao Mao. There's an entire episode about it

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>>137265650>Who tops?Death

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>>137265746I mean between Puss and Mao.

Out of the two of them who is the more mentally retarded?

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>>137264456That show was weird.That episode when those two tall freaks married and made explosive babies freaked me out back then because everyone was under their mercy.

We love Puss

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>>137262658Still not watching panic attack cat movie user

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>>137265157Looks like a knock off.

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Go fap it to lackadaisy smut

>>137268963>lackadaisyWhat's that?

>>137267445Still your loss weeb

>>137262658I miss Mao Mao...

>>137269763>What's that?

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>>137270612I don't know, that's why I ask.

>>137262658I don't know Mao Mao, the only thing I know about that show is that it was one of the shows that Warner purged when HBO started bleeding money, should I give it a try?


>>137272112Okay, downloading it now from an old mega thread I found on desu.

>>137272187Hope you enjoy it

>>137266626Puss. Mao Mao couldn't top a pizza

>>137272222Quads of lies.

>>137272234Quads never lie

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>>137270735>I don't know

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>>137272077Give it at least 7 episodes.


>>137273786NTA but because it was a good show, maybe?

>>137272192Thanks user. I was busy earlier but I watched the first episode right now, and it was pretty funny, I liked it, I think I'll keep watching.>>137272808I think I'm already sold desu.

>>137265674But what if panic attacks because being vored?

>>137274070Thats good, since IMO the first episode was a weak start. I think it expected you to already be familiar characters you know absolutely nothing about. And the world too. For example when Mao Mao meets the Sweetie Pies theyre supposed to be weird looking, but we don't know nearly enough about the world to have any idea whats supposed to be off about them.

>>137274131as someone who used to be a superfan of the show (member /mmm/) looking back i feel like the main characters were wasted on pure heart valley. i ain't a lorefaggot, i think that can shit can be an equal waste of time as "filler", but Parker was definitely banking on there being a Season 2 to explore backstories and reuse out-of-townies like Rufus and Tanya and Shin which was a mistake on his part

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>>137274375>mmm/What does it stands for?

>>137275165/trash/ general for Mao Mao, the full abbreviation is an injoke for his full name (Mao Mao Mao)

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