Unofficial Sonic Storytime: Various Stories #131

Previous Thread: >>137247563Pastebin: zCXhuqLwAvSonic and the Freedom Fighters Fancomic: mobiuscomics.comUnofficial Ride Website: the-ride.neocities.orgToday is a half and half day! That means that 50% of the storytime is here and the other 50% is elsewhere. Actually, it’s more like 30% here and 70% elsewhere. We will start with a short comic about a surprise ship. Who and who and what’s Amy’s role in it? Let’s find out in What’s Up Amy Rose? Have you ever been tricked into reading a very non-Sonic “Sonic” fancomic because it has “Sonic” characters?Also, last thread had an update for Idol Amy AU. Check the OP of the last thread for posts replying to it.

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Other urls found in this thread:'s sally&pid=0 sally_acorn>>137272629>That

>>137262524Sonic is so confused his speech balloon is mostly barcode.

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>>137262524>Question: Have you ever been tricked into reading a very non-Sonic “Sonic” fancomic because it has “Sonic” characters?Well yes, but omly because this Ride is exceptionally good at baiting you in.Anyways LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

>>137262556Once again, Amy showing no interest in Sonic has him curious.

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>>137262556Even Sonic is shocked!

>>137262524>Question: Have you ever been tricked into reading a very non-Sonic “Sonic” fancomic because it has “Sonic” characters?I mean, not so much tricked per se, but that's kinda half the comics we end up reading here. I was, however, tricked into play a bog standard fantasy game when I wanted a space opera JRPG. Fucking Star Ocean. No wonder nobody really cares about that series since it's all a bunch of dirty LIES.

>>137262572These faces are pretty funny.>>137262558GOTCHA!

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>>137262585Geez Sonic, take a hint!>>137262581That response really caught him off guard.

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>>137262572>Sonic: Wait, Amy DOESN'T want to be around me and try to blow me? Something is up.

>>137262598Yeah, hurry up and fuck off Sonic. You had your chance.

>>137262598Now to find out what this is all about!>>137262583I hear people do like to come onto the internet to tell lies.

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>>137262556>Not now, hedgehog!... Did this artist fuckin' forget that Amy is herself a hedgehog?

>>137262619ENTER SHADOWAnd Sonic isn't liking what he's thinking.>>137262610The only blow is to his ego!>>137262614;_;

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>>137262622She's been around Shadow too long.

>>137262633While Sonic contemplates murder, the other half of our mystery date appears.

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>>137262633Sonic is unironically seething.

>>137262643Works out. Shadow seems to have a thing for dead girls.

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>>137262643ENTER TIKAL?!

>>137262656I'm shocked Rouge didn't plan this.

>>137262656Oh and this artist is a huge Sonamy shipper so there's also that. Now on the next (incomplete) comic.>>137262644He's going through a lot of emotions. None of them are good.>>137262657That's the plan!

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>>137262656Sonic's potential chance at getting laid is saved! Meanwhile, Shadow can help repopulate the echidnas. >>137262667A happy ending and sexo for all.

>>137262667This is a recent comic but it is now on hiatus. So let's see what we have so far in this short comic. This is Camping!

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>>137262688Yup! Just a camping trip for us guys! Bros only! No girls are going to be a part of this!>>137262665Then she'd be the one smooching Sonic and we can't have that!>>137262684Smooches for everyone!

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>>137262667Okay, this was really cute.

>>137262705If only the cover didn't spoil the surprise.

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>>137262716>Sonic calling anyone else a hermit

>>137262716Sonic's taking this well.>>137262708The best part was the crazy reactions.

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>>137262728>>137262716Sonic, you crash at that Hermit's house and eat his food. You hobo.

>>137262736The place?>>137262728Meaning Tails likes to seclude himself in his workshop. Sonic's the sociable homeless bum kind of hermit.

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>>137262736His camping trip with his little brother has been hijacked by GIRL.>>137262760Sad Amy.

>>137262760Whomp whomp!>>137262758>a person living in solitude as a religious discipline.Which means that Sonic sleeping on Tails' couch helps fix this.

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>>137262716>Tails>hermitHe has a house that's shaped like his own head! And a workshop in Mystic Ruins. What the actual fuck are you talking about?

>>137262774Unfortunately Sonic and Amy getting lost is not the story. I don't know what the plot is because we're almost out of pages.

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>>137262786Things are looking good-ish.>>137262785He lives by himself and spends almost all his time in his workshop or working on the Tornado. That was what Sonic was talking about when he called Tails a hermit. The camping trip is to get him out of the house and to spend time with his brother. Because even if Sonic is crashing at Tails' place, he's going to be spending a good chunk of that time trying to get Tails away from his work.

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>>137262786>Sonic destroying Tails equipment. Again.Dammit, Maurice. Stay OUT of the lab.

>>137262810And that's it for this comic. It's listed as being on hiatus and hasn't been updated in a month but maybe... just maybe the artist will come back to this! Unless they start a new comic...

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>>137262825D'oh! Seems like a new series starting soon. But for now it's just a cover. Now for some random stuff, credits in the filenames.

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>>137262841Honestly I like that look.

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>>137262786Sonic did that on purpose to keep Tsils from "ruining" the authentic camping experience.>>137262825Damn!

>>137262859Now for some more fun with dumb and angry lesbians!

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>>137262716>>137262728They both kinda are hermits lol

>>137262870If this is about bagels, what's with the rope?

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>>137262870How is she alive? >captcha: D0088Captcha pls

>>137262884The last two people you want in the kitchen. Thank Chip, Blaze wasn't helping.

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>>137262884Still not sure what Wade's goal was with that one.

>>137262900>when you do a clothes swap meme but that includes your weapons going to the spastic retard

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>>137262900>>137262923Poor Whisper.

>>137262923So good to get the occasional Sonally comic.

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>>137262736Why would Tails betray Sonic like this?

>>137262937Sometimes I find the weirdest crossovers. So... here's this.

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>>137262950There's actually quite a bit of this crossover but I saved four of the comics.

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>>137262937Cute.>>137262950SOOOOOONIC, MAGIC MUST DEFEAT MAGIC

>>137262900Tangle and Whisper are genuinely some of the best additions to the cast. I love these silly lesbians so much.

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>>137262900>TFW Whisper & Tangle go to jail for letting Sally cook

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>>137262963The only one I understand in this comic is uncle.>>137262935>when you're in love with a retard>>137262938If I were to guess I'd say it slipped during a conversation and Amy invited herself.

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>>137262950>>137262963... Seriously? Okay, internet, I give up. I can't even begin to unpack this one.

>>137262988Not to sound like Eggman but I'd love to see uncle hitting Sonic for every mistake he makes. Sonic wouldn't even see it coming.

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>>137262963ZOOOOOOOOOOOONE COOOOOOOOOOOP-Oh wait, Uncle already knocked them out.

>>137263006And I'll end this thread on this. Tomorrow at 7pm EST we'll do more comics. I will go over to the other place and post another comic but before I do, it's that day again.

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>>137263006Poor Sonic.

>>137262970>Whisper, Sally, Rouge, Tails & Boom Amy give each other knowing tired looks because they gotta wrangle retards on the regular.

>>137262524Sonic and the Freedom Fighters Issue 3 Page time, Brutus had the advantage and had the Freedom Fighters right where he wanted them. This time? He’s the one outnumbered and caught off guard.

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Starting now. You know where to find me.

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>>137262950Holy shit, it's Uncle from Jackie Adventures!

>>137263038This Brutus is pretty pathetic compared to the one who needed Super Sonic to even damage.


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>>137262643>>137262656>Tikal and shadowYes, I like this

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Less toxic Shadamy. From the artist that likes to physically abuse characters.

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>>137262524>QuestionNo, but I did trick you all into reading The Dark Forest! Now if only I could trick more of you into reading PSYN...>>137262598Really getting sick of Sonic always hitting on Amy, she's just not that into you! Hopefully someday we'll get a comic where Amy's into Sonic instead>>137262633>that Amy tailwag>that Sonic seethingDelicious!>>137262667>Sonamy shipperWait, there are people that ship Sonic and Amy? Maybe we'll get to do one of their comics one day>>137262705Art's really pretty in this, loving the mottled texture>Yup! Just a camping trip for us guys! Bros only! No girls are going to be a part of this!The best kind!>>137262814I'm getting legitimate flashbacks to that drill-press comic>>137262859Rouge with bangs is so good most fanartists draw her that way>>137262937Very wholesome!>>137263018Thanks Konductor!>>137263038>douchusWords hurt Sonic, words hurt!>>137263705Well that was certainly something

>>137262643These could use more Tikal.

>>137262643>>137262656>TikalxShadowNow that's some high quality crackship

how the hell is there enough sonic fan comics online for you guys to have been doing this for 131 threads

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>>137264931>131 threadsOh user that's only for the threads with misc. comics! That doesn't count the threads dedicated to a specific comic, artist, or platform! I think we're 400+ threads since it's been ongoing for over a year.

>>137264931The Ride Never Ends.

>>137264931>>137265051This is our 487th thread, and there's still so many more comics to do!

I found an interesting Sonally comic and posted it elsewhere. You've been warned.

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New reaction images.

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>>137265881Despite the... interests the comic has, I do think it's sweet and has some funny moments.

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>>137265891And Tails is the cherry on top. Aside from a muscular Sally and fat as fuck Sonic passionately going at it while everyone is rooting them on. Except for Tails.

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>>137265897He just wants to sleep

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>>137263705Unironically, this is closer to most Shadsmy stories than it has any right to be.

>>137265891>>137265897Little brother finally knows the curse of non-soundproofed walls.

>>137264750The crackiest.

>>137265897That comic was so cursed

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Inbetween that terrible IDW thread, we actually got some decent news.

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>>137262643Who's got the google docs link for the shadow/Tikal folder?

>>137267069Oh boy, more Pirate Knuckles! I sure hope you're all ready for more out of context Sonknux webms!

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>>137265891>>137265897Which comic are you talking about ?

>>137267160>Thirstposter moments before they push more Prime Sonic and Amy, leaving him a crying mess

>>137267364>implying I haven't been teaching myself Blender to "correct" any scenes I don't like>>137267226The comic in the other thread. There's a link on the website

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Can he finally steal all of the Chaos Emeralds and Ukrainian washing machines with the help of the Wagner Group?

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>>137262524>Have you ever been tricked into reading a very non-Sonic “Sonic” fancomic because it has “Sonic” characters?That multi generational story about Tails's family that is mostly about OC and mostly made of snippet and is very slice-of-life/Soap Opera and a complete mess of chronological order.

>>137267492Ah yes, THAT one.

>>137262622It's okay when an Hedgehog says it.

>>137262937No cheek tufts but still cute af.

>>137263018Thanks, Conductor.

>>137263038Douchus is a perfect word. And congratulation on your 500 watchers on DA.

>>137265809No cheek tuft and gruesome yet also wholesome in a way.Guess they really found each others.

>>137266316Well, that's some blue-balling...

>>137262937Ah this is what I love, Rizi is being a true ally keeping the ship alive.

>>137267637I mean, it IS Reboot Sally. The lack of cheek tufts is kind of expected.

>>137268118Reboot Sally isn't with Sonic, though.

>>137268199Yes, but the design in that comic is clearly her reboot version. Preboot Sally never wore clothes.

>>137268203Fans have been drawing her with her reboot clothings AND her cheek tufts, though. Improve the look,

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>>137268220>>137266316Also, she appeared once with cheek tufts in the rebooted comic, but mostly due to Sonic hallucinating and probably the colorist being stealthy about it.

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>>137268296Also exposed feet

>>137268674By the way, I managed to edit this with mspaint, but I am still bothered by how the color of the feet doens't match the rest of her fur and the pen tool on mspaint will only do a dirty mess. Anyone with actual skill can actually edit the colors right?

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>>137268711I at least managed to fix the missing toe that was bothering me.

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>>137268850Had a go, turned out not too bad I think. Ended up using gimp to do it

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>>137267519No wonder Shadow gets away with it.

>>137268946Thanks a lot.

>>137265881>nicole is in the same room, watchingThey probably didn't register her presence the first time and now, they don't know how to tell her she shouldn't be there.

>>137269223No worries, but it's only fair I hinder as much as I help! For the geography nerds, it's Penders' latest creation:>I put together this topographic map of Avion so I'd have a frame of reference where events take place in SHATTERED TOMORROWS. The waterfall is where an epic scene occurs, and you don't see city skyscrapers because all dwellings and places of business are built into the landscape.

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>>137269352He is still going with his Lara-Sue Chronicle.

>>137269382You just activated my trap card! He is, although at this pace you should expect the thing to be finished in about 200 years. I'm still mad he's turned my husbando Remington into a pizza delivery man

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>>137269409Those are completely normal heads, shading and facial expressions.

>>137269434Say what you like about his character renderings, but his backgrounds are stunningly photorealistic!

>Fandom could crowd fund and put out the Sonic comic they wantHow does it feel Konductor? How does it feel to know your comic has Penders' blessing?

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>>137269531Okay, I'll stop Pendersposting for now, but not before I leave you with a sneak peak at his high-tech comic of the future. I love that he just recorded the screen with his phone, boomer-style

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>>137269352...That's literally just Angel Island with the license plating filed off. How has this fraud not been completely blacklisted from the industry yet?>>137269531Penders is retarded. Not even about the crowd funding thing, but in the sense that he believes any amount of fan enthusiasm can match the output of a publishing firm like IDW - these threads have proven countless times over that having a love for Sonic can only go so fucking far.More than that though, we'd probably be getting more and BETTER stuff along the lines of what he's suggesting if Penders wasn't such a fucking cunt. That, and Penders himself obviously only keeps bringing up Sonic because it's his only claim to fame and he knows he can't actually publish any of the shit he's "promised" without Sega nuking his ass into oblivion.

>>137269632It's not Angel Island, it's Avion™©! I'm kinda surprised he missed some of those shutterstock watermarks, his Photoshop skills must be declining>How has this fraud not been completely blacklisted from the industry yet?He only got the job at Archie because he was friends with one of the higher-ups, and never worked on any comics after he quit. Unless you count his feature film The Republic™©, coming soon in 2012!>Penders is retarded.Well you're not wrong there, he's got that Boomer Dunning-Kruger ego! Yeah, as someone who worked in the industry he should know it costs 5-10 grand per issue just to fund the artists and writers. It'd be pretty hard to croudfund that amount of money monthly, even if Sega allowed it>he knows he can't actually publish any of the shit he's "promised" without Sega nuking his ass into oblivion.Sega's extremely permissive with fan content until it becomes commercial. They'll definitely send in the lawyers if he ever tries to sell his comic

>>137269801>Sega's extremely permissive with fan content until it becomes commercial. They'll definitely send in the lawyers if he ever tries to sell his comicHe knows this, which is why he's been pussyfooting around on it ever since the "comic" was announced alongside his plans of reprinting and republishing all the Mobius: 25 Years Later stories. He knows that him and his family would get sued into hell and back - especially after it came to light that he actually owns NOTHING involving the Archie characters, only stories they appeared in (whatever the fuck that means).He's also apparently been trying to push old black-and-white 'authentic' prints of old Archie issues for around $500, so I'm guessing he's actually strapped for cash despite his claims to the contrary.

>>137268946Decided to fix the few things that still annoyed me, using mspaint.

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>>137269861Ironically, his wife's a successful lawyer and has been bankrolling him for decades. I agree about him not owning the characters. He has an agreement that Archie wouldn't sue him for using 'his' characters provided they don't look like Sega's IP. It's not like the Medieval Spawn case, since Archie was only ever a licensee of Sega's IP and therefore never owned the rights to the characters, derivative or otherwise.Reprinting the Mobius: 25 Years Later stories is pretty disrespectful to the artists that worked on them. Same for any 'authentic' prints. I don't think he's strapped for cash though, I think he just wants attention>>137269999Very nice! And quads too!

>>137269861>(whatever the fuck that means)It means Chronicles will never be canon, even if everything else get to one day be?

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Had a bit of fun with AI again, it's still got a long way to go. At least the hands look okay>>137270077Chronicles was mentioned in the Encyclo-speed-ia and that was only published last year

Attached: I tried.png (768x512, 449.61K)

>>137270153Yeah, but even the Encyclo-speed-ia reinforces that it's not actually considered canon to the Modern continuity by SoJ. Not that this matters, thanks to SoA's "everything is canon" but still.

>>137270196>tfw the constant in Sonic's canon is SoA and SoJ bickering over itHonestly, they change what is and isn't canon so frequently it's completely meaningless

>>137270331Pretty much. Really, it's telling that the only continuities with any degree of consistency are the Western ones that are almost entirely divorced from Modern as a concept. And even those have radically different takes between them.In my case though, Tom and Maddie have just become the definitive parents of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles.

>>137270508I think the Western writers just get to have a bit more fun with the characters and the premise. Sonic X always felt a bit awkward and constrained, like Chris and the whole stranded on Earth thing was being forced on them. It might actually have been a last minute change, since the original clips in the opening have them in an anthro city with hovercars no humans. The OVA was great though, really captured the sense of adventureYeah, tom and Maddie are great additions. I'm still surprised how well the films turned out

Which one do you prefer?

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>>137270895Oh well, this is a complex question with many factors to consider and THE ONE WITH CHEEK TUFTS, OBVIOUSLY!

>>137270952>Archie Sonic as Prime-SonicBased. Let it be known that Archie did Sonic Prime before Sonic Prime.

Attached: prime.jpg (2100x1059, 2.04M)

>>137266919The whole frame is exploitable, really.>>137267069>shatterverseCalling this sonic Shatter-Sonic so that I can keep referring to the main Sonic of Archie Sonic as Prime-Sonic.

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Attached: 0.jpg (994x1320, 93.31K)

>>137271062Isn't that ABT's art?

Attached: 1675006094526507.jpg (1560x2080, 279.08K) artist still look like she has room to improve, but the art already has something endearing. also, seeing younger fan still shipping those two is always nice to see.

Attached: 0.jpg (1280x1047, 157.15K)

>>'s a redraw, thanks fully. You had me worried for a moment that I had posted an art thief.>Did it myself mid last year mate! Coloured to try and look like an album. However it's a redraw of Adam Bryce Thomas's Sally. Probably my favourite drawing of herAlso, didn't knew ABT had done some Sally. Nice to see it.

>>137271333Whatever.>Also, didn't knew ABT had done some Sally.There are a few more pics sally&pid=0 sally_acorn

>>137271547>There are a few more pics here.Thanks a lot and oh! hey! look how the stars align... >>137269999

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>> now I have discovered fuckwolfamy, who seems to be a trove of both humor and sexo, but they don't seem to have a dedicated gallery of their own.

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This one is for TP.

Attached: 0.png (894x778, 84.8K)

>>137271844>>137271854And this one is for me. (not that I like this pairing, but there is a serious lack of SataM style Bunnie Rabbot)

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Attached: Sonic's Rival.jpg (1200x903, 318.39K)

>>137271854Very nice.

>>137271870Bunnie no!

>>137271854So passionate!

>>137271870Not all of his stuff is in the booru but he usually posts it on /vg/ with the same

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>hisThat artist is a womanAlso goes by aboralrodent on inkbunny

>>137272629>Also goes by aboralrodent on inkbunnyThanks.>>137272629>That artist is a womanI had an inkling of that...

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>>137272868Sometimes you just know

>>137272868>sonadow comicdelicious

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>>137274469This one is definitely not fat, though.

>>137274232This isn't even the first time we had a disembodied Knuckles head on The Ride.

Thread is going to be an hour late today.