Do Americans really live like this?

Do Americans really live like this?

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>>137261760I need waige dog girl gf

americans live in constant fear and paranoiathey own 100 guns but never feel safe

Do Americans really call sandwiches "Sammies"?

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>>137261760yes, but with more guns

>>137261760as an american, this art style is making me cum

>>137261760Cute.Anything is better than poorly drawn [AS] humans.At least the animals are cute or have interesting designs.That being said, the voice acting and audio is kind of weird.

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>>137261760Maybe if you live in the Midwest.

>chug energy drinks to make it through your fucking shiftYeah, I've done it a few times. I do not understand the sort of person who just drinks those things all the time though. They taste like shit and I don't want my heart racing when at I'm home chilling anyway.

>>137261819Well we do have 2 types of gun owner and that is definitely one of them. The other type are people like me who only have 1-2 guns but actually spends time practicing them and learning them and keeping one in my pocket all the time, because it's not about having a weapon it's about being one.

>>137261808>>137261911>>137261870Go back.

>>137261819And third-worlders like you live in constant fear and obsession with Americans. You own 0 guns but never feel safe.

>>137263410I mean America does go into third world countries on behalf of the Jew

>>137261760where do you live, user? basically every corner store seems like this

>>137261760non-Whites and stoners do.Junk food, drug consumption, "high" visuals, and boring plots revolving around mundane things like working at a gas station with a bit of ethnic voices and that's pretty much what that op video is. Mainstream Cartoons aren't cartoony anymore, it's about slice of life or stoner culture.

>>137261760At least it’s not another beanmouth cartoon

>>137261760I'm American and I like it.

>>137263410>You own 0 guns but never feel safeI mean, the basic assumption is that the person who owns a gun would feel safer than the person who doesn't. So a non-gun owner not feeling safe wouldn't be especially surprising or noteworthy.

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>>137261834That’s a California thing we cringe at it too.

>>137263443I mean, only in the Midwest are those stores owned and operated by White people.

>>137263643What is it about slice of life and stoner culture that would prevent it from being cartoony?

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>>137264879Weed influenced art is usually bland, ironic when stoners try to claim it makes them more creative, when weed smokers make is usually generic and lacks emotion that drives things to be funny, entertaining or cartoony. Slice of life can't be cartoony because it's trying to hard to take itself seriously. Wants to be relatable and hit you with the feels or some garbage like that, usually very failed at doing so.

Short takes place in 2013 as the "you must have been born on this date to buy booze" thing has 1992 on it.

>>137264911Sweat-er puppy

>>1372652172013.... the last year before things went wrong...

>>137261819yeah the u.s. is definitely fucked up but if fascists come after me, i am absolutely taking some of them out before i die. can you say the same for yourself or do you live in a country where you won't have the means to defend yourself from literally any invading force, cartels or far right military juntas?

>>137267863I live in a place with no minorities and a good social safety net lol

>>137261760>Rude and weird customers that make small inconviences into a bigger deal than they actually are>The weird off-standish Manager that's been here for too long>Your older co-worker who's also been here for too long>The obnoxious shipments >Pulling long shifts when you should have left at 3Yep, pretty much what you shoudl expect working the wagey life styleAll you need now is for someone to try and rob the place

>>137267873that's not what i asked

>>137261760This shit looks like it was made for 30 y/o Twitter users with possum avis and usernames like "PISS GOBLIN"

>>137261760yes, that's why union membership is important.workers are strong together.

>>137267911>All you need now is for someone to try and rob the placeI can’t decide if that’s prime episode potential or something they’d avoid

>>137262200Some of us enjoy the chemical aftertaste, and the various wacky flavours that you can't get with regular soda are quite a draw, especially for us in countries where your options for soft-drink flavours are plain old cola, Fanta and it's legion of copycats, and Sprite and it's gaggle of imitators.But I do agree, the caffeine rush is quite a detriment when all you want to do is relax.

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alright cool where's the fat artit's begging for it

europoids pissing and shitting about the US not realizing we are the reason they can buy food at the super market thanks to our glorious farms exporting food to 90% of the world

This was made for possum fans and stoners. Good thing I'm both.

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>>137270833no user that's ukraine/northern africathat's why your food is increasing in price


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>>137271066I don't eat onions, I'm alergic.I don't drink, I'm a Methodist.

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>>137271075ah so you eat tree nuts and onions. so a typical euro diet

i forget that changes automatically.

Why are there no model sheets

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>>137271153There was some sketches from last thread



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>>137270799Cheap guitar lessons!

comfy slice of life shows about nothing are by bread and butter

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Please stop obsessing over Americans. Faggots exist all over the west. Get a life.

Gator seems like a chill bro. Would hang with him.

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>>137272709Do Americans really drink 30 beers a day

>>137263643>a bit of ethnic voicesIsn't it just in the South?

>>137263401no u

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>>137272902hahawhat if she got obese haha

Why did the boss call her "little doggy"

>set in furry world>Gassy's sells kibbleDo the dog people have pet dogs?

>Tall Boy Tea>Mountain Dude>Energizing >Thriller Slow Life>Thriller Low LifeWhich one are YOU drinking, user?

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>>137267863Anon, do you understand that if someone comes after you you aren't going to go out in a blaze of glory like you think but instead they will use law and authority to make your resistance ilegal and turn you into a paria, or overpower you with force, right? No one's coming after you with muskets and an appointment so you can get ready

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theres barely anything to say about this anymore

>>137270417It's so common that you can't avoid that.

>>137272717He's probably sharing with his bros.

paying wagie overworked anthros to suck me off

>>137261760Yes. We do. Cope.

>>137273104i'm going to assume tall boy tea is just arizona

>>137273104Tall Boy Tea, caffeine makes me want to die.


>>137273841getting sucked off by a chicken would hurtthe beak, man

>>137270853ok the second head is starting to bother me

>>137275292Don't be racist

>>137275292I just realized the two heads let the boss work all hours. Half of them can work while the other half catches some Zzzs

>>137272538>implying there aren't far right militias that will do some idiot like trumps bidding at literally any time

>>137261760Do Americans order pizza from a fucking corner shop?

>>137273705anon do you understand what dead cops means?

>>137261760I can confirm, I live with a two headed cartoon cat and a bird cartoon girl. why? how do you guys live?

>>137272942She is small

what do her eggs smell like

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