Nimona teaser tomorrow

Nimona teaser

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>>137261186Cool. Let's talk about it tomorrow.


>>137261186Could be fun but every pic I've seen so far makes the animation look videogame tier.Neat that Disney were ok with another studio finishing it though.

>>137261415>every pic I've seen so far makes the animation lookImma stop you right there. What do you think animation is?

>>137261186Weird how it felt like all the hype for project died after Netflix saved it. It's out next month isn't it? There's like zero promotion but I guess that's not super uncommon for Netflix.Anyway I found Nimona pretty grating in the comics but I can see her being more tolerable with a strong VA and fun animation. Wondering how much more gay they made the story.

>>137261485Animation student, stop grooming. This picture shows how good Looney Tunes is by itself, making pictures move doesn't make them better

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>>137261677>stop groomingWhy do all the pedos hop on the grooming meme? Don't talk to me.

>>137261186Okay but why does it look so ugly

>>137261415>Could be funNo.

>type in Nimona to see what this is about>google results are 10+ articles that all say QUEERhow to ensure that anybody not already indoctrinated never watches your film

Not watching anything related to Noelle Stevenson

>>137261186Is the main character going to be a punky, headstrong girl who totally wants to prove herself and constantly says things like, "This is AWESOME!!!!" and then gets sad around the third act about how she never used to fit in?

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>>137261186Is that psychotic grin supposed to be offputting? Because almost all the screenshots I've seen of her have this expression

>>137261186MC sounds insufferable already

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>>137261186was this based of a comic? if so someone storytime it

>>137261186I like how angular her devil smile is. Helps make her expression more specific and unique.

Ain't nobody outside of fat lesbians with dyed hair and their polycule watching this shit

>>137263436That gremlin looks like Midna but nowhere near as cute. Also, is there anything worthwhile about the original comic because it looks bad.

>>137261186I haven’t seen it and I can already tell this is going to be a wokefest that twitter will go crazy for.

>>137263571>is there anything worthwhile about the original comicRead it when I was in middle school and from what I can remember it was complete fucking garbage. Nimona died or something at the end.

>>137263571The two gay guys are okay.There's an absent minded quirky scientist lady that's kind of funny.

>>137262909Every major character in the comic version was gay or lesbian.

>>137261186>synopsis sounds nice>decent colors>guy looks good>annoying and ugly female brat MCEvery single fucking time. I should stop even checking. Fucking why. Her faces look so dumb too I hate it.

>>137263639It's been ages since a I read, back when it was a free webcomic. And while this is true, I also don't remember it ever actually being a thing anyone ever explicitly said. It was fairly obvious the blond hero and the villain were exboyfriends or something or had some otherwise romantic entanglement, I'm pretty sure absolutely no one ever even said this. It was just obvious.

>>137263639Ahh, so it's one of those stories that's bait for white Karens and no one else.Pass.

>>137263571It's been years since I read it, but I recall that the blond asshole who fucked up the black hair guy's life got away with all the horrible shit he did consequence-free because the black hair guy still wanted to fuck him. Seems to be a theme of Noelle's works

>>137263571You're talking about that one scene where she pulls the psychotic gremlin smile?

>>137261186>Have no idea what Nimona is>Search it out>by ND Stevenson>"Huh... wait a minute...?">mfw I discover Noelle Stevenson finally went and did it, she is now a heI know I skipped many She-Ra threads and such, but how come nobody was making threads about this? (Because you know, this being Holla Forums, the last thing you can usually find are actually Holla Forums related threads)

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>>137263940>Seems to be a theme of Noelle's worksNoelle is literally a cuck (that one comic she made about listening to her girlfriend fuck someone else in the next room). Emotional manipulation has to be her fetish.

>>137264052Could have sworn there were threadsSomething poetic about a misandrist lesbian becoming a man, though

>>137264128People that obsessively hate something are always said thing.

>>137264128I remember when she got top surgery and was in the "enbi" face, many were predicting she soon was going to go full trans.>Something poetic about a misandrist lesbian becoming a manDo we know what the wife felt about it?

>>137264210So every single "Fish needs a bicycle" feminist is actually a transman?

>>137264217Dunno, I know that Elleniot Page's wife wasn't happy

>>137264229Probably or they project their own issues into men, want to be them or simply relate to many of them but don't want to admit that so they turn it upside down. It's a bit like raging gay haters often turning out to be gay. There is a difference between not liking something and being unable to shut up about it. If the latter is the case there is some connection between the hater and the object of hate which is why they cannot let it go. I don't know exactly how it works since I think I never had it myself, but it's something I noticed a lot of times with others. Happens with political fags in my country too. A fanatic of X that hates on the opposite end of the spectrum Y. Fast forward a few years and you check back on him and realize he's an Y now. Many of such cases. Though it could be some chicken and egg problem. Maybe if you keep thinking about your enemy all day and read about it at some point you develop sympathies, not sure.

>>137263940I'll give the blond guy one thing he wasn't as bad as Catra - he really only had one moment of fuckery and I'm pretty sure the big bad government agency (the Institute was it? something generic) pushed him to it. He's still an ass for it but I don't remember him hurting innocent people which is more than Nimona or Catra can say.

>>137262909Nope. That's what you're meant to assume. See the guy in the back? He's the one to pay attention to. This is his story. She's the living macguffin that gives his arc a jumpstart.

>>137263436>MCTitle character, yes.If it stays true to the book, she isn't the MC.

>>137261186Why does she look like this? In the comics she was cute

>>137261186>not a mara prequel>not a scorpia's parents tragedy prequel>not a sea-ra and the star sibling spinoffyeah i read nimona, it wasn't really that great. this is time and effort that really should have been spent on she-ra reboot shit

>>137261415Disney still owns her but it's in a wild copyright limbo like Clerks The Animated Series & Genndy's Clone Wars.Any further Nimona franchise plans is up to Disney first.

this is either going to be pretty good or the worst shit in history, either way probably gonna watch

>>137263571>is there anything worthwhile about the original comicStory is a mess, setting makes no sense and there's only 1 somewhat likeble character

>>137261756Classic Deflection. Sidenote, why do you fags reply to guy? I thought a retard that publicly announced who he is would be easy to avoid.

>>137261186this looks hideous and i am huge sucker for the spider-verse style

>>137264052People made a fuss for about a month and then nobody cared anymore. The only time you'll ever see her transition posted is in She-Ra threads where it gets ignored.

>>137266275Or.. it could be mediocre to alright.

>>137266275Imagine having this state of mind. BAKA

>>137261677Guytard, if you want people change to your tasteDo it on twitter and facebook, not here

>>137261186Christ, why is her face so fucking punchable?

>>137267560Well she IS a villain.In more ways than one.

Blackheart's so-fucking-done-with-it-all expression is reminding me of Vinny.

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>>137261186This movie will be forgotten a week after it comes out.

>>137263639Nimona wasn't gay. Nimona had no interest in fucking, or doing anything except causing trouble. The fact that she was so single-minded (and increasingly alarmingly unhinged) was a big part of the plot.

>>137268215That's not saying much. Fuck, Wolfwalkers wasn't even allowed to come out properly, meanwhile fucking Mario is setting records despite having the most trite paint-by-numbers story possible... and maybe one solid joke every 20 minutes.

>>137262848>indoctrinated If watching gay characters in a show is enough to make you want to suck a penis, I have some news for you…

>>137264217>Do we know what the wife felt about it?Molly is the one who probably groomed her

>>137264052Because who gives a shit, pronouns don't impact how he's gonna perform as a director.

I've watched the teaser.I am beyond hype for this movie. A badass redhead shapeshifter going on adventures? I couldn't have asked for something more catered specifically to my tastes in a million years.

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The main character seems like an absolute piece of shit, why would I want to watch this?

After watching the trailer all I'll say is that I can see why the project was initially cancelled

>>137270272>if the main character isn't superman then why watch itgreat take really

>>137268245>Wolfwalkers wasn't even allowed to come out properlyJust remembering how that fucking masterpiece got done dirty by the ghost of Steve Jobs infuriates me.

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>>137270654I get it, you want to fuck her, but that doesn't make her an interesting character. The only thing I learn from the trailer is she's a fucking psycho that for some reason we're meant to root for?

>>137270867We see basically nothing of her other than she seems to have a vendetta against traditional fairy tails, which I'm certain will be explained. This instantaneous reactionary "wow the character isn't perfect from the get go what shit writing" is precisely the type of shit that has the comic industry as a whole in an ouroboros of sucking their own cock constantly to always return to the status quo, because any deviation from the norm is met with a bunch of idiots like you who refuse to even engage with anything slightly different.

>>137270888Of course, this is just based on the trailer. I have not read the comics, I do not know any of these characters, but imma be honest, if I could turn into a dragon, I'd probably go kill some royals too.

>>137270888>>137270899Let me guess, you fucking love harley right?

the after premier stream they mentioned they all wanna go hiking, and that made me smile a lot

looks like it might be fun with the transforming.. i think the main character is cute as well so i'll definitely at least give it a chance.

>>137271000Actually haven't seen it, but I'd probably like it, knowing myself. Anyways killing royals is morally correct so I wouldn't say Nimona's a psycho.

>>137261319bueno dias mandy

this looks like ass

So this is basically Shrek for the LGBT+ crowd.


>>137264052Poor boobies :’(

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>A New Kind of Hero!>NimonaI mean I get it's just marketing but... she really does nothing heroic unless they dramatically change the story.

>>137270805>done dirty by the ghost of Steve Jobscare to elaborate?

>>137261186Which is more likely that the main character is either lesbian, or manage to bag a prince after treating him shitty?

>>137261186I think the animation looks nice, but I don't know if it will be as good as people keep claiming it to be. Because as harsh as it may sound, it does feel like more people are hyping this up due to having a gay protagonist, rather than on its own merits. Like when blue sky closed down, there was more people who felt upset that a movie with a lesbian didn't come out, rather than the fact that a studio with so many workers ended up collapsing. There's also the fact that people even pinned it being shut down as disney being homophobic. In my head, it honestly kinda baffles me how some seem to prioritize representation in some cases. Even if I can get it, it can almost become borderline priority for some, rather than a minor thing.

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>>137271795Just to be clear it's not Nimona who's the gay protagonist - she never expresses any interest in romance - rather it's the black knight character she teams up with (he's in OP's screenshot - for the life of me I can't remember his name) he's the one who's gay. And even then in the actual comic it's just strongly implied - he never kisses his love interest which I guess they changed for the movie.

>>137261186>Disney cancels Lumberjanes animated flick by 20th Century Fox due the poor box office of Dark Phoenix and other Fox films post buyout.>Sells Lumberjanes to HBO Max but likely got Zaslav-ed and the rights where given right back to Disney>Disney cancels Nimona from Blue Sky Studios due the poor box office of Spies In Disguise, they let the guys from Sausage Party finish it and sell it to Netflix for distribution however franchise plans for Nimona are still up to them and knowing Disney they will never want to continue Nimona.>Disney greenlights Neon Galaxy a show by Molly Knox Ostertag (N.D wife) for Disney+What did Disney meant by this?

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>everyone has gotten so used to lesbians in cartoons they immediately assume the little girl is the gay onekek

>>137270272>The main character seems like an absolute piece of shit, why would I want to watch this?Denji happened Everyone want be like him

>>137272026>Denji happenedWho?

>>137272026>Nimona first published in 2015>Chainsaw Man started in 2018

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>>137271867>rare gay manhuh, i might actually watch this

>>137261284TODAY IS THE DAY

>>137264252>Elleniot PageIt's not even funny anymore, I just feel sad about Page. You can see her eyes and know she's just an empty shell.

>>137272125/a/ related stuff. In orld where 80% of the population has "powers" to some extant, he doesn't and wants to be like the Superman of his world.He's a faggot.

>>137271534hero does have the secondary meaning of protagonist, a lot of times.

>>137272893Nevermind, mixed Denji and Dekuck.

>>137261186Was that first part of the teaser, a middle finger to Disney?

>>137262848Me after watching 0,1 seconds of this movie, realizing I'm now gay and trans and I will never be able to enjoy pussy ever again because the main character happened to be a lesbian

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This looks fun and I look forward to it.

>>137271688It was released in Apple+ or whatever the fuck it was called, meaning it was born dead.

>>137261186So how assblasted/mind broken will you think noelle will be when this bombs?

>>137261186>she's literally just lina but somehow made annoying and unlikeablethis is te next level of hack

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>>137273757I think at this point Stevenson's just glad the movie got made since it almost wasn't.

>>137273757Nate* (yes, I know you did that on purpose, don't give a shit) is most definitely just stoked it's gonna come out at all, given Disney's attempt at kiling it right as it was about to be done. Also even if it bombs (Which it probably will as pretty much everything on netflix nowadays) it's still gonna gather a significant fanbase thanks to the preexisting she-ra fandom hopping into it like hungry beasts, and if you really think numbers are more important to an artist than engagement from fans, you've never created anything in your life.

>>137261186There's a good number of aspects from the original comic that was unappealing, mostly Nimona herself, so I wonder since this film is PG rated how they'll work out and streamline that stuff.

>>137273931Don’t care nigga, I just want to know troon will be angry or not.

>>137273992No, he won't.

>>137274047I disagree but k.

>>137261186Is Nimona supposed to be an unhinged psycho?

>>137274145Just like her troon creator.

>>137273976What things did she do that wasn't PG?

>>137274145Actually yes.


>>137274145>Is Nimona supposed to be an unhinged psycho?In the 3 pages I've seen she's basically a Borderlands character.

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unironic question, should I read the comic?


>>137274117You know literally nothing of him if you're saying this lmao.


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>>137274145>unhinged psychoI've said this before in the thread: Killing royalty is morally correct, and if you have the power to and don't do it you are, in fact, far worse.

>>137274285Sorry user, are you afraid of some pronouns? Did they hurt you while you were little?

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>>137273931>it's still gonna gather a significant fanbase thanks to the preexisting she-ra fandom hopping into it like hungry beaststhe she-ra fandom cancelled noelle for making a "racist" comment years ago anonif I were a content creator, I would really not want these fags to become my main fanbase


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>>137274311NTA but you're mangaposting on Holla Forums (and you picked one of the most garbage manga of the decade)

>>137273797Why did you post an old lady?

>>137274308>the she-ra fandom cancelled Nate for making a "racist" comment years agoIt was pretty much instantly forgiven, and she-ra still gets a significant amount of content made on a daily basis even to this day. Just look at the engagement in the latest tweet, people are hungry for more content from him.

>>137274341>Karen>prolgbtalso you seem lost

>>137274311You do understand the stereotype of "karen" is also conservative, possibly religious, and definitely transphobic, right?

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>>137274365>>137274371Anon, Karen just means an annoying white woman.Pretty much all prolgbt white women are fucking annoying, ie they're all Karens.Imagine thinking your dumb white bitch ass ain't a Karen because you tongue tranny assholes.You bout to learn today.

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>>137274311not that user but who the fuck uses terms like "karenposting", esp while posting /a/ shit on Holla Forums?far cringier

>>137274385just fyi, I'm not really a woman anyways, so lol lmao

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>>137274371Quite listen to that tyranny please.

>>137274341>intentionally posting offtopic /a/ content on Holla Forums to annoy people and shit up the board>calling it mangaposting due to being a clueless retard newfag>capitalizes karen like a dipshit and things there's any on fucking 4chan of all placesgo and stay go, you're too young to be here

>>137274428>I'll just assume you're a white faggotI mean, by the loose definition of faggot used in this site, then most definitely. Fail to see how it relates to Nate being a he/him though.

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>>137274460>and things there's any on fucking 4chan of all placesI literally know an IRL autistic Karen who uses 4chan.

>>137274385okay yeah you're definitely lost

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>>137274462No, I mean by the "takes it up the ass" definition.And unfortunately for her, Noelle will never be a man.Or maybe fortunately, since I'm pretty sure she hates men.

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>>137274498Karen just means "annoying white woman."Any white person who pretends it means anything more is just coping and doesn't want to admit that white women are fucking universally annoying cunts.

>>137274514wrong, you mongoloid

>>137274514I was about to just post you this without any comment but I'm having serious doubts about your capacity to understand the word "entitlement"

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>>137274537Cope.>>137274541Don't give a fuck about some internet shit written by a white person, Karen = annoying white woman, simple as.

>>137274501The funniest part of all of this is that Nate is not really fully a man. If you read his comics, you'll see he kept the second name Diana 'cause he's still somewhere in the NB spectrum, and that he just goes by he/him for the sake of conveniente like a lot of enby folk.

>>137274566Yes, I'm well aware that Noelle is a mentally ill Karen looking for extra oppression points to make up for being white, no need to remind me.

>>137274311>CSMfags are bluttering idiotsNo surprise there.

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>>137274580Anon you really need to stop using words you don't understand.

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>>137274594Sorry user, but this is happening.You will never be able to change how we use Karen, it will always just be used for white women we find annoying.You can cope all you like, but it won't change much.


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>>137263436accurate to the comic

>>137274594Stop grooming.


>in the animation industry>every animation group chat is filled with discussions about how ND and his wife are bitch ass nepo babies who gatekeep other marginalized creatorsCancellation is imminent

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>>137261186Lite Meru.

>>137274694>>every animation group chat is filled with discussions about how ND and his wife are bitch ass nepo babies who gatekeep other marginalized creatorsWho doesn't this apply to?

>>137274694pics or it didn't happenalso what? Is he actually hated like that for some reason? Guess that could explain why he hasn't been on anything other than nimona since she-ra

>>137274694Where did you pull this from, your ass?

>>137274733Very few people, it's insufferable. But it's especially egregious with the two of them. Molly making the Forbes 30 under 30 is the most ridiculous thing anyone had ever heard of because her writing is painfully mid. Her dad is in publishing or something. They keep it a secret obviously.

>>137274145Yes, actually. At first she's meant to be "quirky," by the end the story is that she's broken and extremely fucking dangerous. She is not the hero in this story.

>>137274694Even if this is true (Which I'm inclined to believe, though I also suspect you're probably blowing it out of proportion), it aint gonna happen. Also who gives a shit, She-Ra was great and I have high hopes for Nimona. Don't give a shit about Molly tho.

>>137274694My uncle that works at Nintendo says not to trust anons on 4chan.

>>137274750Doesn't ND come from money as well?

>>137274308Only on Holla Forums do you still see people bring this up. Nobody gave a fuck a week later, it was less an issue than Aaron Ehasz getting "called out" for not listening to his social media manager when she tried to tell him what to write. Touch grass, etc.

>>137274771wait really?Fucking sickI love unhinged characters who only get more unhinged. this just gets more appealing by the second.

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>>137274847Yup. The guy in the background is her "mentor" who slowly realizes he bit off a lot more than he thought letting her join him.

>>137274738I'm not gonna risk my relationships by screencapping anyone, sorry. When he started She-ra he had no experience but pretended he knew what he was doing. Basically was terrible to work with if you weren't in their inner circle, acted like an entitled baby, etc Also they have like this little kweer cult within the animation industry that is even creepy to the gays. A couple journalists that hype up their work too.>>137274778>She-ra was greatShe had a co-showrunner if it was any good.I don't think they'll get cancelled publicly or anything, but there are a lot of big people that don't want to work with them. Kind of a soft blacklist.>>137274796Yeah, he talks a lot about growing up in a religious cult but his parents still support him.

>>137261186The stills aren't doing her justice. The trailer looked much better.

>>137261319What's funny is that the Homosexual character in Nimona is the Guy.

>>137274935LORING.>I'm really part of the industry and neutral>"She"Stop LARPing.

>>137274847It's not unhinged in a cool way though. Nimona is a shit character from the beginning so you don't really care. Then she has a shitty emo teenage "YOU CAN'T FIX ME!!1!! IT'S NOT A PHASE!!!" moment arguing with Blackheart instead of just ripping out his throat and proceeding to burn the rest of the village down. It's an absolute wet fart of an ending and I hope Blue Sky changes the story from the ground up.

>>137274935>Also they have like this little kweer cult within the animation industry that is even creepy to the gays.Something tells me Dana and Cotugno are also part of it

Im just gonna make a quick summary of what I remember of the comic since I read it while it was being published as a free webcomic So the story starts with Nimona wanting to find a villian so she can be her henchman, she decides that the man that keeps fighting the kingdom organization is the one, this guy was part of the organization when he was younger but saw the corruption behind it and decided to end it, his gay lover and childhood friend is like the main knight of the kingdom and they are always fighting, but at the end the villian and his gay lover unite forces to end the organization which upsets Nimona bc she tought he was evil, then its revealed that nimona is an evil shapeshifter monster that has lived Centuries and terrorized people so the two gay lovers have to fight her and stop her, it ends with both of them "killing" her but is implied she is immortal and leaves them alone [\spoiler] this might be really wrong but is what I remember

>>137274935>When he started She-ra he had no experience but pretended he knew what he was doing.I don't think that's a big deal, everyone has to start somewhere and he clearly was pretty good at it anyways, especially since he wrote some of the best episodes in the entire show.>He had a co-showrunner if it was any good.Literally who because as far as I can tell, he was the only one credited as the showrunner.

>>137275083>Literally who because as far as I can tell, he was the only one credited as the showrunner.Chuck "Chuckles" Austen was brought to co-showrun in season 2 onwards

>>137275097So season 1 was still all Nate? 'cause it's a damn amazing first season in general, and doubly so if ti came from someone with no experience.

>>137275075That's low-key kind of sick.

>>137274992>Nimona is a shit character from the beginning so you don't really care.If by this you mean she's an unhinged gremlin from the start then you are severely underestimating my capacity for enjoying chaos for chaos's sake.

>>137275075This sounds like the most obnoxious yaoi fic a woman could make.

>>137275116>'cause it's a damn amazing first season in generalNigga. Season 1 was the most boring season of that show. Half of it was introducing shit we'll never see again and the other half was just planting the seeds for the other things the show was going to do going forward.

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>>137270112You would think so. But there also isn't any reason why being a transwoman should guarantee dark triad personality traits..and yet..

>>137275159Let's see:The first two episodes which are the entire setup for the show, which are fucking dope.Episode 3 which is sort of establishing a status quo, AND Razz, which is a perfectly fine episode.Episodes 4, 5 and 6 which are a 'gather the crew' sort of deal and adding worldbuilding, and Salineas and Drill become recurrend and important locations later on, and even if Plumeria is left aside Prefuma sure as hell isn't.Episode 7 which sets up Mysticor, Shadow Weaver, and is a great episode too.Episode 8 which is /the/ Princess Prom. Do I need to say anything else here?Episodes 9 and 10 which deal with the fallout of Princess Prom, both of which are wonderfully written too. Episode 11, Promise, arguably one of the best episodes of the entire show and literally the foundations for both Catra and Adora's arcs into the future.And 12 and 13 which are not remarkable compared to the other season finales (I'm not counting s2/3 as separate seasons) but are still fun and gives us the gay tsunami.Are the other seasons better? Yes. Of course. But if you want to sell me that season 1 is somehow bad then you're out of your god damn mind.

>>137274288>killing royalty is morally correcttrue

>>137274694>nepo babiesi don't know what that means>gatekeep other marginalized creatorsprobably bullshit. do you have any proof?

>>137275231And all of this without going into many fun and amazing details or how stupidly charming the writing is or how effective it is at making us care for all the characters that will be recurrent and important later on.Like, user, if it's true Nate did this without experience, then holy shit, this is just making me gain a whole new level of appreciation for She-ra as a whole.

>>137275272Neop = nepotism = you have only been given a chance because of who your parents are, and not because of your own capabilities

>>137275357So literally any half successful person in the world? Good to know. As we say in my country, Contact beats Resume