Gay Husbandos

Post your Gay Husbando, rate othersIll start

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Do you mean actually gay characters, or characters I'm gay for?

Why the fuck do these threads always have the worst possible OPs? kill yourself

>>137260086Your gay for

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>>137260249Jusko drew this?!

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>>137260287It's an edit.

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>>137260130It's like they go out of their way to pick the most arbitrary character they can find.

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>>137260067dogshit. i'm an autistic weirdo who wants to fuck nick wilde but at least my sexuality wasn't formed by Jim Henson's muppets

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i love him so much

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>>137260067I'd paint his insides white.

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>>137260067Getting real sick of seeing this guy


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How come Holla Forums husbando threads are always the worst? Is it because this board has more women?

>>137260067I dont know who this guy is or why Im seeing so much of him but based on where I keep seeing him I'm going to go out on a limb here and say he's from some new indie analog "lost episode"-esque horror

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>>137263895Worst in what way?

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>>137264546NTA but the characters that tend to be featured.

>>137260130/co/ has always had the worst taste in waifus/husbandos, probably due to the high amount of users with legitimate autism.

>>137264917If it was autism, then people in these threads would probably have more interesting choices rather than Conventionally Attractive Capeshit Beefcake #4081

>>137264917>>137264900What would you consider an acceptable husbando, then?

he can be my daddy in all ways than one

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>>137265126I'd say either one of them.>>137260249>>137260284>>137260312

>>137265219Women dont get opinions

>>137265219If everyone's husbando was a beefcake, that would be very boring. I like variety and the range of stuff people can get attracted to, it's fascinating to me.

>>137265141I bet I know who you arethank you so much for all the art you've done of a certain purple and orange couple

>>137260067you belong to the streets

>>137265318There can be variety even amongst that. It's just that there are plenty that I find to be bizarre or uncomfortable. As far as we've seen in the thread thus far. OP's pic is among those as well.

i think everybody's husbandos are perfectly valid choices. it doesn't matter what they look like or who they are or how unique they are, or anything else: all that matters is that you love them.

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Bi husbando

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>>137265440thats because you're a south pedo, and a particularly shit one, so everyone elses choices are solid gold in comparison to yours

my beloved

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>>137265462nah. i wouldn't husbando any of the other characters in this thread, so why would i compare my "choice" (it wasn't like i decided i wanted to love kyle, i just started loving him) to theirs?

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Why are husbando threads filled with constant shitflinging while waifu threads are usually civil?

>>137265626i dont know, why dont you go there and stay there?

>>137265422>there are plenty that I find to be bizarre or uncomfortableSkill issue

>>137260611Why do people like men who act like women when attracted to men?


>>137265820why do people who are attracted to women like tomboys? same thing

el gato

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One of the only actual gay husbandos I have.

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Piper is cute!

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>>137260067why can't we have a normal husbando thread instead of a niche one :(

>>137267724what the fuck does that even mean

>>137267747Not that user, but I guess it has something to do with the characters featured thus far?

I love him dearly

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>>137267747Just a husbando thread instead of "only husbandos who are ___"

>>137267823I see nothing but basic taste and one FOTM OPHusbando threads are sad, no one wants to talk about their husbandos and just treats this as an image dump like /cm/ is

>>137267902Well who or what did you want to discuss?

>what do you like about your husbando>do you own husbando merch>do you draw/commission art of him

>>137267902Last year I talked about the husbando I share with another user a lot, and people complained about it

>>137268036>Simple copout answer is, everything. Non-copout answer would be his personality, coolness, heroicness, and of course, his looks. Great show too.>I'm poor.>Still poor, but I do draw him. Luckily for me, he's super easy to draw.

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>>137268062Are you a Brunofag?

>>137268211But that's stupid, fanart is a huge part of comics and cartoons fandom culture and right on topic for Holla Forums, where oc has always been well received. What lunacy.

>>137267724All the husbando threads are gay, user. They always have been.

>>137268773not entirely

>>137267724this but shipping threads

>>137268882I'm sure this mod isn't here anymore and those threads could come back


>>137267297>>137266013Why do you like annoying girly men

>>137268036Strong will to survive, ambition to take what he wants, not really an "i can fix him" as much as i just want to win him over in spite of his issues. I also just like men in uniform, bad guys, and think he's cute No, but none exists yetPlanning on it

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>>137260067gaaaayCaptcha: onions


>>137265141Eyy, Paw-user's here

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>>137269926The hobo ratman cometh I see. Seems to be the natural cycle of this place

>>137268036He is perfect in every way and has a cool character concept despite himself being a parodyThere is noneI am not that good but I drew pic related

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>>137273728Damn user id say thats a pretty good drawing. Hope you and your husbando happiness in the future

>>137273760Thank you user.

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I love Charlie!

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>>137274025As do I

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>>137260067I don’t know if networks would’ve let a baby show puppet be openly gay in 1970. They weren’t that obsessed with demographic charts yet.

>>137268036>what do you like about your husbandoeverything, but what i love most about him is his personality. he's a really kind (he can be mean and a bit of a bully sometimes to certain people, but usually he's not unless they're rude to him first), compassionate, and caring person who tries to do the right thing and help make the world a nicer place.>do you own husbando merchyes, i have a plushie of him that i got from a friend (i met him on 4chan by talking about kyle, actually). i sleep with it every night, it helps my anxiety a lot.>do you draw/commission art of himno, i can't draw and i don't have money for commissions. the closest thing is that one of my friends who can draw has drawn me some pictures of him before, including pictures of both of us together. i still love looking at those images, they make me really happy.

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