Adult Swim is Moving to 6 PM later this year

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>>137259934Just change the channel to Adult Swim at this point, this is fucking ridiculous.

>inb4 mature shows get their chance on adult swim>cancelled shows are allowed back in

>>137259934I had a feeling this would happen.>>137259965Like Sealab 2021?

>>137259946adult swim survives because the only people watching tv this late at night are high, drunk or losers who have given up on life, so they can essentially fund random crap because it barely affects the ratings

>>137259946[da bad show channel not for kids]

>>137259934Cartoon Network is fucking dead. Has been for a while. As an user ITT already said, just make adult swim 24 hours at this point. Kids just watch youtube anyways.

>>137259970Damn right

I guess they are investing in less weird shit that they can show on daytime, like that Superman show or the Unicorn thing.

And nothing of value was lost.What are they gonna air, though?

>>137259996My picture of the average person watching adult swim daily in 2023 is a late millennial living with parents. Parents who still love cable and watch reality tv, sports, TLC shows, history channel crap, how stuff is made, news, and can’t imagine consuming media any other way. So long as nothing changes that makes it more likely that old people migrate their passive media consumption to some kind of app, their millennial child will continue to have their adult swim.

>>137260092American dad

>>137260126Man, I dread the day Disney gets their greedy hands on that.

>>137260092all the shit CN itself has seemingly passed up in addition to reruns of older [as] series and whatever new shit they already had in the works.

I miss the cable format of TV since I would really only leave it on for background noise and liked the variety. I can't really do that with streaming, but I'm not paying for cable. Anything I want to watch on-demand like I would with cable I can literally just google "X watch online" and find a billion results.

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>>137260175I mea what does AS have thats "tame" enough for 6pm. Kids are still gonna be watching probably.

>>137260171doesnt warner own american dad now? i thought that was how TBS landed the series rights in the first place

>>137260180like I would with streaming* whatever cable is dead when all the boomers die off

>>137260192Pretty sure they just pay for airing rights and new seasons, its still a Fox IP.Warner SHOULD buy it though.

>>137260180Make a really cool playlist dude

>>137260185samurai jack, their various DC leftovers, basically anything above TV-PG that doesnt dip into hardcore gore or naughty language. if fox hadnt gotten gobbled up by didney i imagine KOTH would be on this list aswell.

>>137260224Part of the fun was being essentially given the playlist for me by whatever was on the air. Sometimes I'd even decide to watch like a form of "grab bag" entertainment. Now it's pointless.

>>137260227They just got KOTH reruns back, it airs every night.

>>137260218>pays for airing rights and new seasons>doesnt own the series outrightthat is bizarre, atleast in the instance of Nick/Nelvana and FOP Nick owns the majority of the series and the character rights while Nelvana owns just the first 5 seasons and a few of the movies.

>>137260250had no clue, I guess thats what they'll fill the 6 to 9 timeslots with.

>>137260272That and Bob's Burgers (but they're losing that in September). American Dad doesn't start until 10 or 10:30. Or used to.

>>137260180>I can't really do that with streamingPluto TV says hello.

>>137259934I havent seen CN in years, but what exactly is "waiting for gumball"? Is that a new gumball show?

It wouldn't be so bad if they actually showed their old shows. They could easily put together a two hour block of their old 15 minute shows.

>people ITT handwringing over AS airing early not being suitable for kidsThat's not the thing though, kids don't watch Cartoon Network. 75% of the CN audience is over 18

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>>137260295surely warner has enough content in the vein of KOTH or Bob's Burgers that they could avoid rerunning the same animated sitcoms for a while right? at this point just fill the dead air with reruns of space ghost and sea lab or something. You'd think the dwindling cable subscribers would drive them to pinch pennies.

>>137260092>What are they gonna air, though?They'll air the same thing every cable channel airs. The same 4 shows over and over and over and over and over and over and over

>>137260245This is exactly what you need then:

>>137260338You'd think. I know they have Home Movies, maybe they'll dust that off.

>>137260331no shit sherlock they chased away what remaining child audience they had after 2013/2014 when SU became standard CN fare. those TTG reruns can only float a channel for so long.

>>137260331I have an idea, how about you fuckers air some nostalgic old shows that 30+ year olds grew up with? Since nostalgia seems to be the thing making all the money all over the industry at the moment? Just a fucking thought. You idiots.

>>137260359>home movies from 6 to 7>space ghost C2C from 7 to 8>sealab from 8 to 9>ATHF/Squidbillies from 9 to 10its not that hard

They don't even have enough content for adult swim's current length.

>>137259934So now it’s definitively on when kids are watching. Damn CN is hurting for shows.

>>137260378Murphy only Sealab, of course.

Kids would watch cable if you gave them something actually worth watching. The undiscerning autistic woke audience will only make you so much money.

>>137260378Rerun fatigue will set in fast. They don't have many episodes.

>>137260331It's a bit of an oxymoron, isn't it? Most of Cartoon Network's audience is adults, so that means adults love watching CN. Yet Discovery insists on moving Adult Swim up, because they can't imagine adults would prefer watching CN over AS

>>137260387ofcourse!>>137260439just switch out the shorter shows after a few months. ATHF and Squidbillies can become mainstays just for how many episodes they each have. The earlier spots can go to higher octane but comparitively tame series like Samurai Jack or PPG. The best way to go about this new schedule in the abscence of new programming is simply reruns. Also like >>137260376 mentioned, millenial nostalgia might be the only thing floating the network these days. Dexter, PPG, Samurai Jack can easily ease viewers into more adult after hours content. Then the new shit like that upcoming superman series can get the focus every friday or weekend nights.

>>137260435not wrong. there's a reason gumball, regular show, and TTG are still relevant almost a decade later while no one discusses shit like clarence or craig.

>>137260185Family Guy, American Dad, KOTH, Futurama.

>>137259934>Holla Forums wants animation for adults to be more prominent and be taken more serious as a medium >Adult Swim is doing so>Holla Forums: NOOOO YOU’RE DECREASING THE HOURS OF THE TTG CHANNEL NOT MUH KIDDY BRANDLmao you are all brain dead this is a great thing and CN, Nick, Disney needs to die for animation to progress

>>137260571yes Im sure getting rid of kid's major gateways into animation will surely help bolster the progress of animation. playing more anime and rick and morty reruns will help out way more.

>>137260525TTG is many things, revlevant is not one of them. And before you say anything, riddle me this, where are the kids talking about TTG? Where are the memes from 20 year olds because the fucking thing is 10 years old now? Where is any kind of reverence for it that something like Regular Show or Gumball has?

>>137260644>playing more anime and rick and morty reruns will help out way more.Unironically, yes, it will. At least more than literally anything CN has right now.

>>137260378you want my advice, i think shows that being rerun would make perfect sense. Regular Show uncut at this time would be a good start. i'd also suggest much of the DC animated cartoons would be great. maybe rerun Dragon Ball Z Kai and Super (there's a more edited version of the Final Chapters that never got released that Funimation actually recorded for in that case, might be a good time to do it)

>>137260644Sarcasm sea


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>>137260644>playing more anime and rick and morty reruns will help out way more.This but unironically, I've seen kids with Rick and Morty backpacks. That's just the way it is.

>>137260644Kids need to stop being associated with animation.

Why don't they just:>Make [as] it's own channel>Ditch Cartoonito for more CN>Make Boomerang just a block again

>>137259934Makes sense to me. AS is premiering the new Superman show this fall which should attract adults, so they deserve the hours. When CN makes TV-PG comedies that attract adults like Adventure Time and Regular Show again, they will probably get the hours back.

>>137260723Are these suggestions or are you asking why they aren't?

>>137260331The actual problem is that there isn't any programming on CN for children who are alive right now, just manchildren trying to relive the 90's. If CN put some Spanish language shows on, it'd be a huge hit.

>>137260571>>137260571Aside from Genndy and MacGruder, who on Adult Swim has ever taken adult animation seriously as a medium? Their entire brand is just very cheap shows with manchild humor.

>>137260679That make sense to ease people into it with PG, then go to 14, and end up with MA.But they aired the Robot Chicken orgy scene once at 8:30 when Adult Swim started at 8 (which people were saying was way too early when it happened) so what do I know


>>137260309Side material for the show, for the episode, "The Puppets". On demand also has the individual "songs" from the episode "The Singing" as well.

>>137260095Millenials are also super attached to the cartoons they grew up with. It would really help if Cartoon Network mixed up the schedule and put those back into rotation every once in a while. 6-8 would be the perfect time for a "nostalgia block", and the few kids still watching the channel could discover these shows for the first time.

>>137260644I don't want children polluting my animation anymore.

just how long will [as] last? they fucking tore down the wall at william’s street, most of the shoes they produced are either cancelled or shit, and toonami is slowly dying as well. is there any hope if so please tell me

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>>137260951>shows FUCK

>>137260951They also lost an important cornerstone of the channel a little while back (Family Guy). It wasn't produced by Williams Street but it was a big part of Adult Swim's identity.They are also losing Bob's Burgers at the end of this year. Disney isn't renewing the contracts and keeping their animation on their own channels.

>>137260988I don’t understand why they just have a streaming live th option on hbo max or something? I feel this would help them modernize their format a bit

>>137261051Yea, there's no reason in this day and age that 2 channels need to share the same airspace. Just have one 24 hour CN stream and another 24 hour Adult Swim stream

>>137259934Well hopefully this means that more people will take an interest and pitch more mature animation


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>>137260272They need to air Home Movies

>>137260180PlutoTV and Sling Free. I replaced my HGTV watching with one of a half-dozen design channels. There's Holla Forums shit you just have to be okay with nothing new.

>>137260828That'd be neat, I wanna learn Spanish.

>>137259934You know, when I was a kid Adult Swim didn't start until 1030.

>>137260859Brendon Small's shows weren't cheap manchild humor. They were either cheap and thoughtful or expensive manchild humor.

>>137260525I think you have that backwards. Especially since Craig is an ascended streaming series.

>>137260744Adding onto this, remember back in December that Ouweleen said the goal for both CN and AS in the long-term was for them to service adults, which gets them better ratings and allows them to sell more ads. CN doesn't have many (any?) adult-appealing shows right now, so AS has to take on more hours to pick up the slack. But let's say in a couple years CN makes some new shows that are Adventure Time-level hits with the YA audience. they are not gonna restrict those to the early afternoon hours, and CN would get the evening back then

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>>137261244Then they should make more family shows that everyone can watch and enjoy together.

>>137261072the reason is cable is dying. CN makes no money and is quickly fading from the public consciousness. [as] makes more money erego they're hedging their bets on an Adult Swim Network.

>>137261403>WTF how can "binging" one show for 10+ years with no variety cause our channel to die?!?These fags caused it themselves

>>137261168the lack of bumpers and constant ads kind of ruins alot of those for me

>>137261417they completely did, thats partially why Im not even sad about seeing the channel sink in real time. it was inevitable and its happened to countless other channels before. at this point putting cartoon network down would be seen as merciful given what it's since become.

>>137260951>nick studios is gone>cartoon network studios is gone>disney pissing all over its legacy with remakesits over bros

>>137260859Hammer and Publick?

>>137261396They are:>"The path forward is to lean into that and make really great stuff that appeals to young adults and kids can watch it too."But animation takes a long time. Those shows probably won't be ready until 2025 the earliest

>>137261417Variety on TV channels is dead in general. Just run the same 3 show in multi hour marathons all day and call it a "channel". That is the main reason I got rid of cable, ignoring everything that streaming offers, it's just stale, boring repetativeness schedules that was starting in the late 00's. Nick's overeliance on Spongebob was a clear early example of this. There's so much more they could be showing and so much content we could be discovering, but there's no fucking point when it's just the same thing every single time you tune into the channel. I just made my own TV channels (about 25) with disquizetv and have literally a thousand shows downloaded. 65% I haven't even seen a single episode of yet, but to me, nothing beats turning on the TV and seeing what's on and watching something you normally wouldn't voluntarily choose to watch on a streaming service. I'm always discovering new stuff every day.

>>137261510>Those shows probably won't be ready until 2025 the earliestAdd at least a year for strike time.

>>137260663>relevant is not one of themthe show is a cash cow. it costs nothing to make and has had three fucking films. TTG merch can still readily be bought even now. I would even argue its the most relevant aspect of the DC brand when it comes to children since Batman hasnt had an animated series in almost a decade now. I've seen countless TTG memes in addition to all this aswell. Dont get me wrong, I loathe the series, but it's been a massive hit for CN. Furthermore its pretty easy to find Gumball and Regular Show memes if you go looking for them. They're not as ubiquitous as Spongebob memes mind you, but then again few things are.

>>137261513what shows do you have in rotation?

>kids have a little less than a decade to cycle in and out of kids' networks like Cartoon Network>spam nothing but Teen Titans Go for a decade>"why does the new generation of kids have no attachment to Cartoon Network?"Honestly the only thing keeping [as] from having the potential to be its own full-time network is the fact that I have literally zero idea what the fuck they would air during the day.

>>137260723>>Make [as] it's own channelWhat channel is [as] supposed to replace in this scenario? Boomerang? Let's say they do that, but they can't raise Boomerang's viewership up significantly from what it is right now—about 40k people a day. How are they going to air new shows and sell ads with that kind of viewership? They would fuck themselves over. Where it is right now is the best place it can be

>>137261420Sling has bumpers. Actually, they also play fewer ads than regular cable channels. You can tell because the shows will cut as if they're going to a break and then start back immediately. Sometimes they'll run out of commercials to air and just run the bumps, which are either channel specific demo reels, or super chill Sling "we'll be right back" type of deals.Example music: Just Let It by Diego Martínez

>>137261591if things are to keep going in this direction CN needs to be overhauled completely to merit being kept around in the first place. fucking boomerang is more of a cartoon network now than cartoon network itself is. this cartoonito shit seems especially dense to me when you could just as easily air the same programming during cartoon network's morning hours. [as] merging with toonami into a teen/adult block by comparison just seems way more obvious. It practically was that when the block first started.

>>137261664im looking into sling now then thanks user

>>137259934kek. Fucking knew it. 12 hours for Adult Swim and 12 hours for Cartoon Network. Not even that when you add Cartoonito into the equation.

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>>137261537That just says its cheap and easy to produce, and that it got all it's relevance by leeching off decades of previous DC properties, not that TTG itself is any relevant. > I've seen countless TTG memes in addition to all this aswell>They're not as ubiquitous as Spongebob memes mind youSo in other words they don't fucking exist. If I'm wrong, prove it. Not even comparing it Spongebob, I've seen more people bring up and have a certain fondness for AT or Gumball than TTG. Tell me, for as much as they fucking spammed it, where is its relevance not at all tied to DC as a whole, or people who shit on it years ago

>>137261567Hundreds of cartoons from the 80s-00s that are pretty much forgotten at this point. Here are my cartoon channels:>Action Packed Animals: Classic TMNT and all the shows that were inspired by it. Stuff like Street Sharks, Extreme Dinosaurs, etc.>Video Game Toons: All the cartoons that spawned from video games.>X-Treme: Action shows from the late 80s to early 00s.>Fantasy: Cartoons based on fantasy and folklore.>After School Cartoons: A bunch of cartoons that were syndicated in afternoon kids blocks from the 80s-00s>O Canada: Canadian Cartoons>Learn Stuff: Educational shows. A lot of this is PBS stuff from the 80s-00s>Ranger Central: 24 hour Power Rangers and similar shows like VR Troopers. Airs from MMPR to RPM. >Anime: Self explanatory>Cartoon Cartoons: Cn Originals>Nicktoons: Nick Originals>Toon Disney: All the Disney cartoons up until 2009.>Hasbro: All the Hasbro stuff like Transformers and Gi Joe.>Rad 80s: A ton of cartoons that came from the 80s. >HB: Saturday Morning stuff from the 60s and 70s.There's more that I'm forgetting right now. I made sure every channel has at least 15 shows so things rarely get boring.

>>137260571/co/ will never be happy, but I think that's something we all know at this point.

>>137261676>>137261698Was Cartoonito even successful in any capacity? iirc they literally re-air 30+ year-old shit like fucking Caillou and Thomas the Tank Engine and shit and their only real attempt at an original show was that shitty Ellen Degeneres vanity project that was so irrelevant I think some of it is lost media now.

>>137261762It's hours have been dwindled significantly, so probably not.

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>>137261796Good riddance.

Cartoon Network on cable is dead, long live Cartoon Network on Max

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>>137261762>their only real attempt at an original show was that shitty Ellen Degeneres vanity projectBatwheels and Bugs Bunny Builders have premiered since and they've been much more successful

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>>137261711you misunderstand me, its children who enjoyed it. it was visual white noise in the vein of johnny test. even now nobody reminicises fondly over test but we've all seen atleast an episode or two. as for memes here you go.

>>137261735fuck that sound badass

>>137261923>nobody reminicises fondly over testI mean, I do. It turned out to be better than it had any right to be. TTG would have been fine if it had aired a few times a day, but it was on constantly and crowded out any other series of interest. TTG is like Wal-Mart, or a planet: it cleared its neighborhood and when it's gone there will be nothing left.

>>137261991TTG is better than Johnny Test though. I'm not going to fault TTG for the network being annoying with it

>>137261991do you remember the late aughts to early 2010's when johnny test made up most of the cartoon network schedule? TTG basically came in to fill the void. we can argue that at some point both of these series were good, they both were at one point, but overtime they became mindless airtime filler.

>>137261936Thanks user. Basically it hooks up into the Plex and creates a new category of channels for me to watch. I wish there was a relatively easy and reliable way for me to share my channels with other people. I tried once but I could only do 1 channel, and it didn't have the cool schedule that Plex TV has. I'm sure there's a way but right now I think that might be too time consuming and expensive for me. Maybe one day.

>>137260871>Fish Tank Live becomes AS' Big Brother

>>137259934Why not just get rid of CN altogether at this point?

>>137262098CN still has some brand power in theory

>>137261923TTG has been on air for 10 years user. For reference the "original" TT was 10 years old by the time TTG came out and already garnered nostalgia for it. You presented one meme to me, and a Lego video that I'm not convinced wasn't made by an actual child. Which frankly is barely anything when for as often as people liked to say "it wasn't for you, it's still good, but it's for the kids" there should be more. Quality should speak for itself, and sooner or later it does by nostalgia of it. I'm not saying kids didn't enjoy for being white noise, but I am saying is that it had zero staying power, it has no relevance. And I have yet to see evidence to contrary.

>>137262105What 'brand power'? WB for years has undermined it, to the point where most of their beloved IPs become less relevant by the day.

>>137260357I don't have the budget to set up a Plex server, isn't there something that can generate schedules from a list of episode titles and can export as an xspf?


>>137262098CN doesn't exist just in the US, it's a global brand with channels in over 110 countries. They can't get rid of it without screwing over their entire network business

>>137262230correction: over 190 countries

>>137262136Listen Ive seen zoomers shit up the web with this stuff. Ive picked out a random smattering of page one youtube results to prove to you that zoomers ate this shit up. I've already noted that I disliked the series in addition to all of this. Im not sure what else to add other than the simple fact that it was relevant enough to recieve a shit load of merchandise and 3 seperate animated films in addition to nearly 8 seasons. At no point was I discussing quality. The show speaks for itself as far as quality goes. Cheap, brightly colored, flash animated hogslop and loud noises. That's the extent of what it had to offer and it was good enough for kids born in the late 2000's to glom onto long enough that they shit up with web with their infatuation for the series. For anything to stick around for a decade it clearly had SOME shred of staying power. The only other animated franchises which came about and stuck around as long were Rick and Morty and The Loud House. And if we can agree that both of those series are "relevant" then clearly so is TTG, for better or worse.

>>137261991Kids WB Era Johnny Test was an okay show. The switch to flash is what really killed it.

>>137259946Meanwhile, in spicland, CN is still a 24/7 kids channel and AS is nowhere to be seen on TV.

>>137262168this is an especially apt point, not just with regards to CN, but Warner as a whole. the company upto this point has just gobbled up smaller companies to ultimately do nothing with their acquisitions. DC should have been firing on all cylinders as Marvel was gaining a foothold in cinemas, but they doubled down on batman as the Xmen, Spiderman, Iron Man, The Fantastic four, and Hulk all leapt to the big screen. Both Hanna Barbera and MGM had a massive pantheon of beloved characters as memorable as Batman, Spiderman, Mickey Mouse, and Popeye and they did nothing (with the exceptions of Scoob, Tom and Jerry, and Droopy occasionally) with those brands aswell. And Ruby Spears? I wouldnt even be surprised if they had outright forgotten they owned it. And now the same fate will befall the CN characters.

>>137262278the same was true of teen titans go while DJW still had a hand in it early on. when he got the boot the series took an abrupt change of pace and we got stuck with the shitshow we're all too familiar with now. TTG was the sole survivor of the DC nation block. All those brilliant shorts, and we got stuck with a dumbed down aimless knock off of what could have been a pleasant little

I don't give a fuck how many hours Cartoon Network or Adult Swim get, just make good shows on them again. there's nothing decent to watch on either right now besides Unicorn

>>137262325You forget the simple fact that Latin Americans have more kids on average than first worlders do. The demand for children's entertainment therefore is higher. That said where do they air shit like R&M or Family Guy across LatAm? I know Simpsons is still massive down there.

>>137260032I'm pretty sure kids don't even watch cable at this point. I watched cable at a hotel for the first time in 13 years and it was a fuck-ton of marathons with odd programming choices.>Sci-Fi has Warcraft movie going...and tomorrow as well>the majority of these channels are literally playing the same shit daily>advertises it's own channel with old movie listings as if they are new and epic, don't miss out!>Cartoon Network is a mixed bag if you don't like Teen Titans Go, even during primetime hours>shit is dead outside of that>[AS] originals are slop still, but at least its a large improvement over Perfect Hair Forever type of garbageBut at least I discovered Gumball at 6am, laughed my ass off at every episode and would wake up at 6am just to watch it.>Go to CN's streaming app fianlly>it fucking sucks AND you need a cable subscription to avoid the drip-feed of episodes.>Fucking zero legacy content.>Immediately drop CN and pirate their showsFucking dogshit broadcasting company, regardless of Zoomers ditching them or not.

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>>137261735Interesting. Would it be feasible to add in bumpers in between shows or does it just randomly play whatever? This might be the best way to emulate older eras of channels I missed out on.

>>137262391/threadthe channel's been mismanged into the toilet. its been this way every since the bomb scare, it just got worse over the years and now the network is in its deaththroes

>>137262271It sticks because it's cheap and is attached to DC and CN refusing to kill it. Not because of any quality it has. And I'm not even really talking about quality, just general staying power. TTG never had any staying power, and still doesn't. I've seen my share of zoomers too, and from the ones I've seen I've seen them wax nostalgic over a dozen other shows that were airing at the time more than TTG. I don't like or give a shit about Rick and Morty, but I'm not going to sit here and claim that had no staying power or is irrelevant despite how I much I want it to be, TLH same deal to a lesser extent. but at least there's genuine discussion on "the good ol days"TTG is only as relevant as the characters its based on are, which frankly are also burning to the ground right now, but I digress. The only thing TTG ever had was "but the kids like it and eat it up" which gets less true literally by the day. A new season of TTG literally just started and not a single person cares, is it good? Is it bad? I don't fucking know nor do I care, and clearly nobody else either.

>>137259934They don't wanna sneak in 4 more hours of TTGo, I thought it was popular?

>>137262414alright I can say we're fully on the same page now.

>>137260032>Kids just watch youtube anyways.That is exactly why there needs to be kid's cartoon channels. I do NOT trust any content made on the internet for the consumption of children.

>>137262396Absolutely. Right now I have it set up so shows start on 5s (For example, if TMNT starts at 2:15 and that episode is 22 minutes, the next show starts at 2:40). Right now it's just a blank screen between shows but it can be filled with bumpers or whatever you want. You can also do cool stuff like set blocks. If I wanted, 4-8 on weekdays could be "Dino Time" and the channel would only air shows like Extreme Dinosaurs, Dinosaucers, Dino Squad or Kung Fu Dino Posse. Then Sundays could be a marathon of a select show, like Thundercats could air all day on one Sunday, with the next one could be Street Sharks all day.I have all the tools to do this, but like I said before it's a time consuming process, and I don't think it would be worth it unless I could broadcast these channels to other people, which isn't feasible right now, at least as far as I'm aware.

>>137262596every parent right now should be amassing a collection of physical media they're okay with showing their kids. cable costs a shit ton of money, the internet is as hazardous as ever, and the people pushing out entertainment now have other things in mind beyond entertainment.

>>137262635I wish there was somewhere you could stream this feed. Id kill to sit through all this.

>>137262389>Rick & MortyI THINK that's only available through streaming >Family Guy FX>The SimpsonsThat used to air on FOX, but then FOX became STAR and STAR then died so you were forced to sub to STAR+ (which debuted along with the channel) which is just where all the R rated Disney stuff is.

>>137262673I try looking into this every once in a while. Ideally you'd just be able to connect to my network through Plex (which is what Im doing myself) and watch any of the channels I have up. I have no answers yet, but if I run into one I'll definitely let this board know.

>>137259946Forget Boomerang. Bring back ToonHeads and put that on from 5am to 7am. Then it's Cartoonito until 11am. Then we can do a new block that is 90's "retro" cartoons until 1pm. Then CartoonNetwork standard airing until 6pm. Then the kid version of Toonami plays until 8pm where it's a mix of anime and action shows for pre-teens. Then go into Adult Swim starting at 8pm and transition with something "soft", like how it used to be that King of the Hill kickstarted Adult Swim every night because it wasn't very offensive.

>>137261868These shorts are released so slowly that the show outlived HBO Max. I wonder if the 256 classic cartoons will still be missing.

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>>137261165Ratings blackhole.

>>137260378They don’t run the first 3 shows because no one watches them

>>137260679Crunchyroll would never allow AS to pick Kai or Super back up.

>>137263880no one watches them because they're never on tv

>>137260723>more CNTarget advertising demo for CN doesn’t watch. They are getting rid of the problem while also making AS it’s own channel

>>137260744Genndy’s new show and Superman WERE PG shows meant for CN that got stripped away and thrown on AS

>>137260951The “wall” was painted on the foundation of a building that belonged to someone else. They sold the building and the new owners tore it down. If AS wanted their wall to live, they shouldn’t have painted it on a building that belonged to someone else

With all this extra time for AS, can we get some love for Toonami? I don’t even care if it stays 3 hours long, can we just have 6 new anime series running at any given time instead of the absolute shitshow we have seen the past few years?

>>137261891The median age for people watching Batwheels is 29 so I don’t think it’s successful in the right way

What has CN even made since 2017? Last I heard shows like Ben 10 didnt even know what would happen after the acquisition. Are they even producing anything?My sisters have kids that are teens now and their best memories of CN are from Regular Show and Teen Titans. What does CN even do anymore?

>>137264306Since Ben10 in 2017? Lemme go down the list>OKKO: Dead>Unikitty: Dead>Apple & Onion: Shit>Craig of the Creek: Shit>Summer Camp Island: Mediocre>Total Dramarama: Shit>DC Super Hero Girls: Dead>Victor & Valentino: Dead>Mao Mao: Shit (furfags need not reply)>Infinity Train: 1 great first season, several lackluster follow up seasons, dead.>Steven Universe FUTURE: lol lmao>Thundercats ROAR: even the showrunners wanted it dead>elliot from earth: deadand probably more, since EFE premiered in 2021.

>>137259965Hellbenders bros, we're going home

>>137264408>braindead normalfag doesnt like Mao Mao despite not even watching itLike clockwork

Attached: normalfags.jpg (1280x1418, 232.78K)

>>137264578Don't you have some mawshots to freezeframe?

>>137264625Dont you have some normalfag tears to shed about degenerates?

>>137259934damn, they added another hour to the plan already

>>137262828Hey do you have any recommendations for someone wanting to create their own channels? How does someone set this up? I have a lot of home media that I wanted to rip but I was looking for something like your describing to keep them in rotation so I can just sit down and watch.

Good but this should've been done 10+ years ago.

>>137260828fuck.the orcs

>king of the hill is sometimes running 3 hours a night>futurama is 4-5am weekdays and like 9pm weekendsi love [as] but what the fuck can they do with ANOTHER hour?

>>137264886>i love [as] but what the fuck can they do with ANOTHER hour?PJs, Oblongs, Baby Blues, Mission Hill, Home Movies, Metalocalypse, BoondocksCreative solutions: Duckman, The Tick, The Maxx, or even Classic Anime.

Attached: 1349240596893.jpg (1024x768, 89.75K)

>>137259934i mean even back in nick's hey day nick at nite used to start pretty early at like 9. but starting at 6 is unthinkable. CN is a shell of what it used to be though

What's the future of AS now that Rick and Morty is declining and Roiland is gone?

>>137265233Smiling friends and Pibby (if its greenlighted) are looking like to be their next bread and butter due to both of them being talked about on the internet

>>137265241They took too long with Smiling Friends. Fanbase died.

>>137262389>>137262718The Simpsons airs on public TV channels there, I think.

>>137264912Nobody will watch any of the shit in the first row and everything in the second row costs money. They will just add more KotH and Futurama. By the sound of it, the baseline for success is incredibly low

>>137265241You retards are never gonna accept Pibby is dead, are you?

>>137262015>TTG is better than Johnny Test thoughI disagree.>>137262029>do you remember the late aughts to early 2010's when johnny test made up most of the cartoon network schedule?I do not. I don't think that that happened, at least to the degree that TTG was pushed. Most of my viewership of JT waswhen it originally aired on KidsWB.

>>137264912Boondocks absolutely can't air that early. Every episode aside from The Itis is TV-MA. Plus it's a controversial series and always has been. I don't think I've ever seen it air earlier than 10.

What are they going to air for 12 hours? Normalfags already flock to FXX for their adult cartoons, plus Adult Swim has only like two cartoons anyway.

>>137260227Samurai Jack season 5 was TV-14

>>137262405Frankly everyone on this board should ACAB. Essentially a media pillar brought down by authorities who got egg on their face and wouldn't take responsibility for their fuck-up. It goes beyond CN, because just a few years later, there was an ACTUAL bomb that BPD missed, and 3 people died, scores were injured, and the search for the search for the suspects was completely botched (martial law declared, unconstitutional searches performed, main suspect shot to death so the only person who ended up being brought to justice was his teenage accomplice, who was only found because someone called in a tip). They want to talk about "Boston Strong", it was a smokescreen to hide their incompetence.Sorry for ranting, the situation just pisses me off. CN was forced to drop millions in "restitution" for the mooninite thing, and the leadership basically got wiped. Toonami was gone the next year, CN Real came. Absolute shitshow for something that wasn't even CN's fault.

>>137263037I think you misread the implied message.

>>137265413Tbh every American who is old enough to get a work permit should watch The Lemonade Stand.

>>137265241smiling friends is on hiatus until zach gets over his meth additction

>wall is gone >scribbled over spike is gone >even the original nick with the slime and the time capsule is gone too I hate this timeline so much

Attached: Adult_Swim_wall_1.jpg (2560x1920, 1.34M)

>>137265625what the hell happened to this guy? is he okay?

Attached: the wall.png (259x419, 210.97K)

>>137265233They brought back Aqua Teen for a reason. There's also Smiling Friends Season 2 but who knows when that's coming.

>>137265658Looks like a piece of plumbing, and it was obviously there prior to the painting since there is a big gap between the words

>>137265625I don’t think people realize how fucked up the wall was before is removal. AS did absolutely nothing to maintain it, a few of the paintings had nearly peeled off entirely

>>137259934Does that mean they'll start airing shit at watchable times?I want to support [as] but I got a fucking job and airing all your new stuff at midnight or later is not exactly convenient.

>>137265433>>137265413Considering the obvious disregard for CN, is content rating really something you think they are worried about? They know no kids are watching anyway so who cares if Granddad is waving his dong around at 6pm?

>>137261762I feel like Cartoonito largely exists so that they can get preschool content on HBO Max. Netflix, Disney and Paramount all have material for that demo. Prior to Cartoonito, WB did not.

>>137262854 Cable TV is an increasingly outmoded form of media. I'm not sure what you do with CN the cable channel

>>137263037they are saying the boston pd destroyed CN and the Romney killed Toys R

It's pretty much Jetix's takeover of Toon Disney all over again

>>137265755It’s this, but I think they actually did believe there was a greater market they were not tapping. Their mistake was not realizing toddlers don’t really care what’s on so long as the screen is flashing

>>137265725They straight up stopped naming/dating them after they got to the 2010s stuff too.

>>137265525Toonami was going to be gone with or without the Mooninite thing. The success of Naruto ended up being the downfall for the block at the same time, with the network seeing no reason to buy other content when they could just spam Naruto. That drove people away, and there was no getting them back. Not to mention the simple fact that people were growing out of Toonami. They may have had 1-2 extra years before the now teenage audience was tired of censored shonen

>>137265727Nope. 6-10 are considered primetime for other networks, AS has never been able to compete in those hours. They will just fill that time up with Fox filler and new content will premier at 11pm at best

>>137265931They completely stopped adding to it around 2015. I believe Mike Tyson Mysteries was the last show added to it, and it actually survived since they painted it on their own building since the original wall had filled up

>>137265959>>137265931They also got kinda arbitrary about what did and did not get added to it. The earliest parts show acquired anime like Inuyasha and Bebop but not long after they stopped putting anime on at all. They also stopped adding small time acquired shows, despite Mission Hill making the cut towards the front. IMO the most telling state of that wall was the fact any time it’s brought up, the same picture of it is used, from when it was in good condition and towards the earliest end. We never see pictures of the later end, or it in recent years

>>137265959Looks like one more was added, called Smarf. Literally never heard of it

Attached: 3D5A26EE-187B-4799-81D5-314B0A6D56E4.jpg (1170x1556, 1.51M)

>>137265932I don't buy it. AS Anime went strong throughout the hiatus, we also got Generator Rex, Secret Saturdays, and Ben 10 basically running in the would-be Toonami slots. They would have picked up Gundam 00 instead of SyFy, run Shippuden instead of Jetix, picked up the Sengoku Basara and Soul Eater... Oh, you know what would have done stupid numbers among normie Toonami viewers even though Japanese and American weebs alike hated it? Basquash. There were a ton of shows ripe for the picking as the industry experienced a mini-collapse and licensing bids dropped (which is he only reason CR exists).

>>137265932Didn't help that Naruto was also in it's infamous 2 years of filler.>>137266087I liked them, but why did they pick stuff like Moribito and Durarara instead of more known stuff?

>>137265988I'm the one who keeps posting the nice shot. Every other picture of that wall starts looking like this pic.

Attached: 8557002197_ae917d5145.jpg (500x333, 102.05K)

>>137266046that's the cat puppet from Too Many Cooks, which is technically part of DVR Theater/Infomercials

>>137266087>AS anime went strongASA was in such a shit state they were about to cancel it. Starting in 08 they were only adding one show a year to ASA. And every time they did, they ran bumpers about how shitty they expected it to do>08 Morobito>09 ???>10 Kekkashi>11 DRRRAll dogshit, bottom of the barrel shows. That’s not “going strong” by any measure >Soul Eater>on regular CNIt would have been censored out the ass. ASA could have aired it, but it was actually popular and thus costed money so they didn’t

>>137266110>Didn't help that Naruto was also in it's infamous 2 years of filler.It wasn’t back then, at least not with the waves of kids who were tuning in for it. “Filler” is not something you learn by watching Toonami. It’s something you learn later on when you delve deeper into the anime rabbit hole

>> miss this adult swim. The one that would gladly air a show they knew would do terrible just so they could talk shit about it


Attached: 1596207293884.png (1626x1032, 616.15K)

>>137266249>>137266206The Toonami audience is too fragile, they can’t even make tiny jokes at their expense without them going into a frenzy. ASAchads were so much better

>>137266110Those were good shows though.>>137266140I see we're just making shit up now. ASA during the hiatus was Bount/Hueco Mundo/Fake Karakura Bleach, essentially the height of its popularity, plus FMA:B, Code Geass, Death Note... There were enough people watching religiously that by the time the April Fool's arrived word spread like wildfire. I know you're going to be a Holla Forumsntrian but you're just wrong.>It would have been censored out the ass.They ran Tenchi and Naruto, it would have been fine.

>>137266249>Ergo ProxyThis is a bad troll.

>>137261212I was there at the start when it was at 11PM, where it fucking belongs.

>>137266265No generation of faggots, trannies and pussies can only handle facetious comments/satire if it fuels their own narcissism. Everything else is "problematic".

>>137266274/con/trarianI'm goigto fucking bed make sure this thing is still live when I wake up tomorrow you fcukers.

>>137265802Steaming is outmoded as well. We're headed for a total media crash.

>>137266265>>137266298And stop samefagging you knob

>>137266274>calls me a contrarian >has no reading comprehension and lists a bunch of shows that were acquired in previous yearsSo you are retarded, got it>they wouldn’t censor Soul Eater, here’s two shows they heavily censored to prove it!Cartoon Network is the reason the entire dub for part 1 never says “die”

>>137266285Elfen Lied is worse. Zero chance that could have aired under the stricter censorship guidelines of the mid 00s. Would be tough to swing on Toonami in 2023

>>137265943>They will just fill that time up with Fox fillerPeople years ago said [as] was going to die once it lost the rights to reruns of Macfarlane shit. Now it's very possible [as] might straight-up outlive actual CN.

>>137266206>web dub pirations>in 2008Ah yes, the good old days of watching a constantly buffering tiny screen you couldn’t enlarge in crisp 240p

>>137259934They should end Cartoon Network at this point. The network didn't had anything good since 2020.

>>137266363AS was genuinely in a really bad place in late 2021 when Family Guy left. Ratings were crashing and they just couldn’t fill gaps in the schedule. Then they pulled KotH and Futurama out of their ass a few months later and plugged the holes in their sinking ship.

>>137266389>2020Been in the shitter way longer than that

>>137262635>Dino TimeWhere is it?

>>137264764I'm using dizquetv and Plex. run the dizquetv server on your PC and then watch with the Plex app. You can view it in your browser, get the app for your TV's digital media device or watch on your phone. Once your scan your media library with Plex, it'll populate it with stuff like episode names, descriptions, original air dates etc. Then when that's done you can either make an algorithmic based schedule or manual schedule the time slots yourself.The only downside is you need Plex Pass which is about 5 bucks per month, but I think it's well worth it.

Attached: TVSchedule.png (1244x455, 191.36K)

>>137266300Doesn't help that everyone and their grandma has their own streaming services meaning, You'd have to spend more money to get all the shows you want or just pirate.That and it reduces the quality of exclusives, Fairly Odder was total dogshit

>>137262666Elsagate doesn't help, seems like Youtube ignores anything marked for kids no matter how inapproriate it is.

>>137262666Children shouldn't be exposed to television or the Internet at all, in any amount.

>>137267091But then that means the parents would have to spend time with them. Cut them some slack, they're TIRED!

>>137261513I wouldn't mind more channels being aired over the internet with large amounts of Variety for free.But I guess that's not plausable outside of Pluto TV's limited selection

>>137267118You should give this a shot >>137267006

>>137261762Don't forget Cocomelon, which is already on the internet to begin with.Is it because it's dirt cheap? Never saw it but I hear people hate it, why so?

>>137267152I don't have the storage for that sadly. Maybe I'll also try Sling Free mentioned in >>137261168 The more we get these "free internet TV Cable" services the better

>>137267091This is how you raise an autist

>>137267158>people hate itParents hate it because toddlers love it which means they often have to watch it. Unlike Cailou which parents hate because it teaches negative lessons like throwing a tantrum can get you what you want

>>137267287So it's insufferable to everyone but it's target audience of toddlers? Makes sense.

>>137262673>>137262828You need the 5 dollar plex pass for this right? Can you even pay for it on the IOS with prepaid apple cards?

>>137267261You're right, I forgot about that. I had to get some external hard drives to hold all of the shows. I'm at around 5TB with just the cartoons. Maybe a better solution will come out in the future, because there's people like us interested in watching TV this way.

>>137267314I don't use IOS or apple cards so I'm not sure, sorry.

>>137267322So pluto TV, Plex free (I see retrocrush there and Tokushoutsu), Sling TV freeHopefully there's more, and they introduce more variety int he channels. I like this concept.Honestly not interested in sitting around for 10 hours watching some streamer constantly trying and failing to spedrun and the only real sounds are them getting angry over it.

AS could salvage this if they had some good opening shows that could keep viewers for more than an hour

>>137267347There's other free streaming services with live TV but they don't really show anything different than the ones you mentioned, and suffer from bad schedules. What would be cool is for Tubi (Many, many free shows) is if you could build channels out of their library, and it would stream directly from their server, instead of having to download a bunch of shows and store then like I did.

>>137267393On an added note with the Tubi idea, you could share your channels with other people, since it's just using free shows from their service anyway.

>>137267347some things pop up on cytube every now and then, however some of them requires a special greasemonkey script...which doesn't work anymore so those channels are effecively useless.>>137267393>streaming services let you make your own channels of things you chose and potentially throw in somethign different every now and then if you want.Why aren't Netflix and Hulu hiring people like you instead of screwing themselves over?

>>137260828>If CN put some Spanish language shows on, it'd be a huge hit.Isn't that like the entire appeal of tooncast?

>>137267406specifically a script for google drive, which cytube has dropped compatiblity with

>>137267347I also watch artist streams if they're also showing tv shows or movies. Even if it's in a small corner, in those cases I use them as background noise as well

>>137260525clarence and craig have extremely terrible art contrary to what you may think don’t like accepting horse slop.maybe toddlers but they can’t understand.

>>137267406>Why aren't Netflix and Hulu hiring people like you instead of screwing themselves over?Now that I think about it, this idea could work for any streaming service. Netflix, Hulu, Paramount+, Disney+, HBOMax, Pluto TV, Tubi, etc. I wonder if they considered it at some point, because I can't be the only person who came up with that idea.

>>137267303Pretty much. But the usual solution of “just don’t watch it bro” doesn’t work for parents of toddlers. They are a captive audience to something they hate and that just makes the resentment grow more

>>137267347tubi tv offers free channels too

>>137260723[as] isn't big enough to support itself as a channel, you'd just be getting a lot of Rick and Morty and Family Guy reruns. Most people aren't trying to watch something as niche as Squidbillies or Venture BrosDespite what we on Holla Forums might like something like Venture Bros isn't super popular with the public and Squidbillies is one of those things that more enjoyed if you lived in the environment that it is a satire of

What even is the point of turning CN into a channel that just airs Fox reruns? Fuck's sake UPN justified its existence better than this shit.

What will the daytime CN hours finally be replaced with? I'm betting movies. Just random ass movies from the catalogue. Cheaper and older the better. Mostly live action.

Might as well just go to 4 pm. Toonami used to start then and end at 6 pm.

>>137267287Throwing a tantrum DOES get you what you want. Worked for me as a little kid and it certainly works for people in the Current Year.

>>137260723They should just license the entire AS catalogue to Pluto essentially getting it's own streaming channel or sell the catalogue to Tubi. HBOMAX is already taking a bunch of AS series off it's service.

>>137261051Multiple options like putting their stuff on Twitch and having ads in-between to make money or licensing AS shows to Tubi.

It feels like CN always had a rough time existingDamn shame, but I wouldn't feel much losing it now

When I was a kid I got really annoyed that nickelodeon stopped at 8PM and changed to Nick at Nite. Was pretty stoked when they moved the slot up to 9 on weekdays.Not important, just re.indes of it.Not important but I'm just reminded of that now.

>>137266342>Thinks I have no reading comprehension>Proves that he has no reading comprehensionNice.>they wouldn’t censor Soul Eater, here’s two shows they heavily censored to prove it!I didn't say that they didn't censor them, I said that they aired them without trouble. The censoring didn't effect the popularity of those shows, Soul Eater still would have been an afternoon hit.>>137266351My intended implication was that no one wanted to watch Ergo Proxy, but yeah that too. I think after Evangelion, FMA:B, Deadman Wonderland, etc., it could probably fly now, but does anyone want to watch Elfen Lied in a weekly format, late night? What AnImU SuX user doesn't get is that Toonami and ASA thrived (THRIVED) on a different wavelength from niche weeb tastes.

>>137267406No one gets hired for having good ideas in this economy. It's nepotism all the way down.

>>137266087>>137266140 is correct that there was no way in hell CN would ever air Soul Eater without either heavy censoring or just cutting the entire episode.

>>137267272Uhh, no, every single autist out there nowadays grew up on a steady diet of television and internet exposure.

>>137259934Didn't it JUST move to 7? Is that preschool block still on? Because Adult Swim will be longer than CN in that case.

>>137268064They already have streams on their website.

>>137260272Anime? They've had it in the past

>>137270623It starts at 7 now and they just show like 5 episodes of King of the Hill in a row.

>>137270623They don't have the money to license anything anymore.Why do you think current Toonami is so anemic?

>>137260571>CN, Nick and Disney die>no progress is made

>>137260571>Lmao you are all brain dead this is a great thingHow? It's literally just going to be reruns and kid's shows CN didn't want.

>>137264578True as that might be, RIP Mao Mao.

>>137263950I said>TV-PG comediesTV-PG action shows always flop on daytime CN. Sym-Bionic Titan, Thundercats 2011, Beware the Batman, the list is long. They're best used as Toonami fodder, which is why Ouweleen moved Unicorn and Superman over to AS as soon as he took control. Comedies that appeal to young adults like Adventure Time, Regular Show, Steven Universe did the best, so I would expect New CN to lean into making more shows like them

>>137270841>Comedies that appeal to young adults like Adventure Time, Regular Show, Steven Universe did the best, so I would expect New CN to lean into making more shows like themSo basically go the DTVA route with TV-PG action shows being their Jetix. Not a bad idea actually.

>>137270841Does CN still have the rights to Sym-Bionic Titan?

>>137270885They legally can't air it but they still have the rights to it. Netflix had it on streaming a few years back but CN/WB yanked the license from them.

>>137270683It's just Holla Forums being bitter, unrealistic twats. They'd much rather destroy than create.

>>137270973>They'd much rather destroy than create.there's nothing left to destroy

>>137259934If Adult Swim is so popular, why don't they greenlight more shows for it? Every time they expand the block, it's to fill it with more reruns of King of the Hill, Bob's Burgers, Futurama, etc. Yet they're staunchly against making their own half-hour TV-14 comedies that have the same wide appeal. They'd rather spend their money on ugly shit no one watches like Royal Crackers instead. I don't understand it

>>137271060Hence the "unrealistic" part

>>137271072>Holla Forums is hyped, thinking this will lead to more shows like Primal and Unicorn.>[as] just green lights more R&M clones.A monkey's paw if there ever was one.

>>137270649Still better than nu CN

>>137271249Not really. Not a knock on KotH but both channels are suffering from a lack of new blood and variety.

>>137270706Everyone is pointing that out in this thread, user is just bitching about other people bitching.

>>137268029Probably wouldn't have worked in the 1950s

>>137260092Back-to-back King of the Hill and then back-to-back Home Movies followed by back-to-back Futurama and back-to-back American Dad.

>>137271349All boomers do is throw tantrums

>>137271408And zoomers. Early millenials we’re the last great generation.

>>137271422'94 user here. I'd say late-millenials and early-zoomers are more cringe, but some of them can be tolerable

>>137261452>>nick studios is goneNo it isn't?

>>137271450>I'd say late-millenials and early-zoomers are more cringeThis is what I was implying by early millennials, t. born in 1982.>but some of them can be tolerableNo they aren't. They're completely cringe because they grew up with 2000s shit.

>>137266249>Fastfoward a few decades>more people care about anime than western showsWho's laughing now?

>>137271530I think you're misunderstanding the point of that bump. It wasn't shitting on anime fans per se, it was trying to explain what does and doesn't get accepted.

>>137271464if they're not making any original shows and are just a reboot/IP factory from now on, they might as well be

>>137271549East vs West fags tend to do that.

>>137271530Lol, dumb zoom zoom, even back then people cared more anime than western slop.

>>137271408In the 50s you'd get your ass beat by your dad, or even your teacher, if you threw a tantrum. This was considered normal.

When's the last time the Metalocalypse movie had any mention? VB getting info sooner is unsettling regarding it's status

>>137271485>No they aren't. They're completely cringe because they grew up with 2000s shit.You seethe a lot. The 2000s wasn't that bad of a decade. 2000s is the final good decade actually, and I will die on that hill and defend the 2000s as it was a strong continuation to the 90s. 2010s onward is shit.

>>137271618Right after the Venture Bros. movie comes out

>>13727166500s felt like 90s lite.

>>137271683Both are still good decades because at least they had soul. We thought the 2010s had potential but was ruined by 2015 onward and this decade is not any better so far.

>>137271665>>137271683The early 2010s weren't actually that different from the late 00s; people forget that decade shifts don't happen immediately. 2014 onwards is when a decline happened.

>>137271718I literally just said that on my post >>137271705you're just repeating what I said

>>137271549It's still kinda bullshit and arbitrary, even it is tounge and cheek, especially if it's based on any kind of factual metric they were using at the time. I'm not sure when this bump aired, but Bleach did end up being a hit in the west and did major numbers for themHell, Ranma 1/2 was in the "don't bother" tier, when it was airing on Toonami in Mexico guess it really doesn't matter anymore, damn near everything here gained cultural ground in the west without AS, but I digress >>137271586Just calling it like I see it. >>137271596Not when Family Guy was their benchmark for gaining views.

>>137271705>Both are still good decades because at least they had soul. Spoken like a true zoomer. Most oldfags agree those decades were soulless as fuck. But what could I expect from the generation that grew up with Slipknot and Avril Lavigne.

>>137271618Dethklok announced a tour in april

>>137271596>>137271742>Not when Family Guy was their benchmark for gaining views.That, as well as Robot Chicken and Aqua Teen as they were the most popular original shows on the network. Especially Robot Chicken because ti was even more popular until Rick & Morty came out, and both RC and R&M are still on the air.

>>137259934I mean adult swim is mostly just cartoons for teenagers anyway.>>137259946No, they should just ditch that name and call the network Cartoon Network. Because these are cartoons and they’re barely even TV|14. Most of the original Y7 cartoon cartoons were more risqué than Rick and morty or whatever they’re showing.

>>13727166590s was more about the shows and the tech, it felt like a more wholesome time where people in general were more social, friendlier and more focused on their local lives and their community than all of the fucked up stuff happening in the world.9/11 was the tipping point of peoples world views. While the lasting effects weren't immediate, it created the slippery slope into "fear everything". All neighbors were now scary people for your kids to stay away from. Anyone helping a kid they don't know giving them 25 cents for the gumball machine they want is now automatically a pedophile. This is also reflected in our media. Everything is narcissistic, nothing can be wholesome, and you're a terrible person if you don't believe the exact same politics that I do. It's ok to be miserable because everyone else is miserable too and seeking generally happiness in life makes you selfish. People don't do good things because it's the right thing to do, but because they want to be more popular or generally liked by others.These things didn't really start making an impact until the 10s, but the seeds were planted on 9/11.

>>137260059Both of those are made for fags so not their best flex.

>>137271742>Hell, Ranma 1/2 was in the "don't bother" tier, when it was airing on Toonami in Mexico user it was a potshot at standards and practices; Ranma had so many topless shots that it wouldn't have made sense to censor it all, hence don't bother.I'm not sure why you're making this east vs west thing.

>>137271753You're a dumbass retard for thinking I grew up with Avril Lavigne. You act as if you have the biggest dick size because "muh 90s," yet ignore the culture surrounding the 200s, thus you project your words. Have you forgotten that the 2000s had Max Payne, Halo, and other video games? What about Smackdown? You are a complete actual retard for stroking your size. Both decades are great, but you get all;dr you will never be a nostalgiatard

>>137271742>Just calling it like I see it. Nobody asked, just like anything east vs west related.

>>137271780On an added note, I remember the year 2000. It was a very exciting time. We were now in beginning of the future. Everyone was super excited and optimistic at what was to come out of this brand new millennium. The millenial generation was going to grow up in a world where all of the problems we were combating in the 90s was going to be solved, and have kids in a world that topped our own childhoods. The opportunities were endless for the next generation!

>>137271792>What about Smackdown? Bitch I grew up with WWF. >Have you forgotten that the 2000s had Max Payne, Halo, and other video games? I was around when video games were fun and not colorless edgefests. Your generation is a joke.

>>137271726Dawg our posts are a minute apart. It's not a particularly unique opinion.

>>137271843>I was around when video games were fun and not colorless edgefests. Your generation is a joke.That's because the 2000s still had video games being fun and not some type of joke until 2010s onward. Which is why Max Payne, Halo 1-3, OG CoD, GTA SA, etc. were fun. 2000s also had cool shit like Bionicle, Fairly Oddparents, Peter Jackson's LotR, Adult Swim, etc. And without the 2000s, you would not have your precious things such as these

>>137271843Not him but 2000-2005 is the objective best era of gaming in history

>>137271853My mistake

>>137271895For me, it was 2000-08. 2008 was the final good year for vidya.

>>137271895>>1372719121995-2005 was where it was at.

>>137271789>>137271810I'm not making it "east vs west" you insecure retards just see it as that, I'm just pointing out how cathartic and vindictive it is. Also no shit Ranma would've been a hassle to put on TV, but bullshit is still bullshit even if it was the standard of the time. Also they put Elfen Lied and Berserk up there which also would've required a goddamn metric ton of editing for AS. Which leads me to believe none of those were ever actually on the table in the first place. But again, none of this matters anymore

What's the point anyway. Kids have been watcing Adult Swim since the Brak Show days. Creepy idents didn't stop 16 year old me. Neither did late nights stop me from watching the porn channels.

>>137271349>>137271408>>137271422>>137271450>>137271485>>137271596>>137271600>>137271665>>137271683>>137271705>>137271718>>137271726>>137271753>>137271780>>137271792>>137271839>>137271843>>137271853>>137271895>>137271900>>137271912>>137271935Let's just settle this like adults and agree that the 1790s was the final great decade. Everything went downhill by the 1800s onward

>>137271975Wrong.The industrial revolution was mankinds greatest venture. Maybe not for Americans, who have this weird hatred for learning trades, but for England certainly. The Post Industrial revolution was a mistake.

>>137271876>That's because the 2000s still had video games being fun and not some type of joke until 2010s onward.Lol what? 2000s video games were considered a joke because they were all grey meat with shooty elements. Even Mario and Sonic were going through a rough time.>Which is why Max Payne, Halo 1-3, OG CoD, GTA SA, etc. were fun. 2000s also had cool shit like Bionicle, Fairly Oddparents, Peter Jackson's LotR, Adult Swim, etc.Cringe dude.>And without the 2000s, you would not have your precious things such as theseBut these things suck.

>>137271951I remember being 12 and watching stuff like Inuyasha and Full Metal Alchemist at midnight. Also watched the scrambled porn channels when I could.

>>137271948>I'm not making it "east vs west" you insecure retards just see it as thatAnon you're feeling "vindictive and cathartic" over an old bump that is clearly tongue in cheek and not meant to be taken seriously; that's insecure AND retarded than what those two guys are saying.

>>137272058I remember finding porn tv to be really boring and dissapointing.

>>137271948>Which leads me to believe none of those were ever actually on the table in the first place. Almost like they were fucking with the audience, like AS has a history of doing with it's audience.

>>137272018>Lol what? 2000s video games were considered a joke because they were all grey meat with shooty elements. Even Mario and Sonic were going through a rough time.>Cringe dude.>But these things suck.You're still projecting and not even trying to prove some points. Very typical. I'm not gonna argue with you. I'm gonna head out. I got to go to work anyway.

Attached: projecting.jpg (490x333, 53.93K)

>>137272080You didn't give the scrambled channels much of a chance. If you watched for 10 minutes, you might be able to make out a actual naked boob for 2 seconds.

>>137272072Anon. I made ONE fucking easily ignorable post that got "well akschully'd" right out the gate, which also missed to point, since half of those things couldn't/wouldn't have aired anyway.

>>137272091>going to work at 11 amAnon is full of shit lmao. 2000s fags are predictable, even pulling out the old "projecting" argument.

>>137272123.)user. I made ONE fucking easily ignorable post that got "well akschully'd" right out the gateDude, every post is "ignorable" but we reply to posts we want. Don't act like a bitch because someone decided to responded to your posts, otherwise why couldn't you ignore it.

>>137272089Yes, am I not allowed to point and say how it wasn't funny? And the whole joke was "neener neener neener, you weebs aren't getting shit from us, what are you gonna do about it?" Then years later anime is in high demand and AS can't get shit now? Am I now allowed to point at the irony of that?

>>137272099For me it was just a naked girl sort of bouncing up and down.

>>137272129That’s because you don’t have a career. I am a lawyer. Also, it’s just about 10am where I’m at. You’re also a faggot for not even doing research to win an argument. Keep on stroking your cock.

>>137272169Likewise don't act like a bitch when I respond and act like I'm the inscure one, when I'm not the one claiming "east vs west" bullshit, espeically when I said nothing about the quality of said series.

>>137272184>10 am>acting as if that's betterZoomers love to lie huh?

>>137265625>pokemon killed batman beyond>CG animation killed 2D animation>reboots and sequels have been standard fare for nearly 20 years nowit seems that we exist purely to suffer in this timeline

>>137272190>Likewise don't act like a bitch when I respond and act like I'm the inscure one, when I'm not the one claiming "east vs west" bullshit, espeically when I said nothing about the quality of said series.>>137272173Yeah, you're not the insecure one…

>>137266046>mr fucking pickles got to be on the wallI am seething over this

>>137271742>Not when Family Guy was their benchmark for gaining views.Zoomer forgets how DBZ and Pokémon were taking the world by storm since the 90s.

>>137272198>implying you never live in Pacific Time>doesn’t even know how time zones workTypical how you keep projecting amd stroking your dick in hopes of winning an argument. Have a nice day.

>>137266389>since 2020anon the network's been in the toilet since 2014 at the latest. its only snowballed since that point.

>>137272231>continues to argue in hopes of winning>doesn't see the irony in saying projectingZoomers suck at conversation.

It's going to suck hard when people grow up and start getting nostalgic for the 2010s. The war never ends…

>>137272270I'm already nostalgic

>>137272184I'm just laughing my ass off at your post. Visualizing in my head a lawyer calling people faggots and stroking their cocks.

>>137272214Yeah, I'm not. This isn't even about e vs w anymoreI made fun of a 14 year old promo, and even said it really doesn't matter anymore. How I am being the insecure one?

>>137272280Of what?

>>137272296If it doesn't really matter anymore, why did you respond to all those people?

>>137272302the 2010s, retard, it's in your fucking post.

>>137272331But what exactly about the 2010s is nostalgic to you?

>>137272296>How I am being the insecure one?If you have to publicly ask that question, the answer is pretty obvious.

>>137272328Because they responded back. Because what doesn't matter anymore is the promo and its message.Why are you being so fucking dense about this?

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>>137272341watchin lego animations and nerf war videos

>>137272364>Why are you being so fucking dense about this?Why are you getting flustered that people respond to you to begin with? If the promo and it's message doesn't matter, why are you typing up long form posts and feeling "cathartic and vindictive"?

>>137272270not that user but he really means 2010-13>>137272249also not that user but you were sorta projecting and arguing the same way as him dude

>>137272407I was merely explaining myself user. We're going around in circles you're the one dragging this out. Also if you think my posts are long, then please read an actual fucking book or anything longer than 4chan post

>>137272455You can stop anytime you want you tard. Keep giving people (You)s, they have no incentive to stop dragging things like that guy.


>>137266249You've been spamming your autism in adult swim threads for years. Fuck off already.

>>137272455>Also if you think my posts are long, then please read an actual fucking book or anything longer than 4chan postlol, you're the type of fag that gets mad when he hears lefty meme.

>Awoke Swim

>>137272555Your art fucking sucks

>>137272587Anime is winning

>>137260828Just air Dragon Ball Z.

>>137271665>>137271683>>137271705>>1372717182000-2004 was still good because it still had some leftover vibrancy from the late 90s (Lord of the Rings trilogy, Malcolm in the Middle, Jet Set Radio Future, early AS). 2005-2009 is when you could feel the decline more with the prevalence of reality TV, the start of the reboot/remake trend (starting with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and King Kong remakes), Rockstar-era Nickelback, Soulja Boy, every game becoming a brown shooter.

>>137272510Maybe adult swim should have fucked off when they mocked anime. Now look who's laughing.

>>137272612The global recession and the WGA strikes were a disaster for entertainment and we're still feeling their effects to this day.

>>137271753Slipknot started in the 90s and was listened to by Millennials you tard

>>137272716You think a generation shitter would know or care about that?

>why don't they just make [as] a 24/7 network???It's not Adult Swim's original programming that's doing good enough in the ratings to justify expanding the block, it's the Fox re-runs. If you made a 24/7 Adult Swim channel with all the shows that WBD actually owns, i.e., Aqua Teen, Smiling Friends, Metalocalypse playing during the daytime, no one would tune into it. And WBD wouldn't be allowed to fill a 24/7 AS channel with Fox reruns because FXX already exists. AS can only ever exist as a primetime block, and it can only ever play second fiddle to CN

>>137259934when are they gonna rebrand it as something else besides adult swim, cause thats not what it is anymore

>>137272916The pool's gonna be closed for kids all day long at some point.

>>137272911But if no kids are watching the daytime stuff either, like they say they are, then whats the point?

>>137260092Three hours of King of the Hill.

>>137265285Can confirm. I remember watching the Simpsons at 8:00 PM and Futurama at 7:30

>>137272653Don’t forget Virginia Tech, 7/7 London, Hurricane Katrina and the ongoing War on Terror

>>137272911I mean if they air countless hours of Aqua Teen, Robot Chicken, Boondocks, Metalocalypse, Superjail, Eric Andre and Smiling Friends (plus some third party syndicated reruns such as King of the Hill, Futurama and American Dad) then yes, they’ll just be a 24-hr network than a legit program block for CN.

>>137272858Well some shitty musicians did start in the 90s bro. Your decade you like is actually like every other decade

>>137273212I can cop to that. Sadly shitters like the guy you were responding to will never do the same; anything shitty that popped up is the fault of the generation after because they won't dare criticize the decade they grew up in.

>>137273154At this point it's no longer a block. It's a channel that shares the same airspace as Cartoon Network.

>>137273315Maybe if things didn't truly suck ass in the current year then millennials would stop obsessing over the 80s and 90s and how much they wish they could go back. The viewpoint during those years was excitement for the future and what the new millennium has to bring us and leave those decades behind. Now the future is here and everybody wants to go back to a time where they truly felt like they could generally enjoy life.

>>137271999I take it back. The 1490s was the final great decade. The 1500s when things started to go downhill

>>137272973You're right, kids don't watch CN, which is why they're rebuilding CN to appeal to adults, see >>137261244. CN will be for young adults and kids can watch it too, while AS will be just for young adults and adults. AS originals don't work during the daytime, and Disney won't allow them to rerun Fox shows as much as they want out of fear that they'll undermine FXX (which is Family Guy got pulled in 2021). There's only so far they can stretch AS

>>137273414>Maybe if things didn't truly suck ass in the current year then millennials would stop obsessing over the 80s and 90s and how much they wish they could go back. They obsess over those decades because that's when they were still children or teenagers during that time. Of course everything is going to look better when you're still a kid.

>>137273385This was even hinted as early as 2005 when CN treated it as a channel of its own, but was still a program block as it was. It's 2023 and it's about to be an actual channel that will replace CN as we know it, especially the current state the network is in.

>>137259996My cable provider already moved CN to a premium package that I refuse to get, so it's whatever. The channel is doomed.

>>137273485I've talked to people who are now in their 50s and 60s and they feel the same way I do. They're nostalgic for their own childhoods but felt like there was some big shift with humankind. People are angry, people are assholes, people think they deserve everything for nothing. Because those era's were far more than the entertainment that came out at that time. Those things like cartoons and video games are still consumable to this very day. What we've lost and can no longer get a hold of is the daily human experience that was far more wholesome, optimistic, friendlier. You knew your neighbors, you weren't taught to be afraid of everything, you could be friends with people with radically different political viewpoints. THAT is what the 80s and 90s (and early 00s) was to me, and what I'd do anything to get back.

>>137273586>What we've lost and can no longer get a hold of is the daily human experience that was far more wholesome, optimistic, friendlier.If you were white and middle class perhaps.

>>137273586>>137273604"Not being afraid of everything" was already going out the window by the 80s, when they brought in kids on milk cartons and the "Do you know where your children are?" PSAs.

>>137273604I'm white, but I had neighbors of all colors who had very similar lives as I did. We were a community who treated everyone else as equals, it didn't matter whether you were white or black or anything else.Because we were taught that it doesn't matter what you look like on the outside, but who you are on the inside. This is now a controversial take for some reason.

>>137273652Lower income schools and urban districts had already been calling bullshit on that idea for a while now. The main takeaway that I get from both of these is that it's always been a class thing, it's just easier to call it a race thing.

>>137273646It's possibly the start of the slippery slope, but I don't remember much of that happening. We didn't have cellphones and generally were let loose in the neighborhood to do whatever we wanted and would come home when our parents yelled at us that it's dinner time. They just assumed we followed the rules (don't go past these street signs), and we did. And if we didn't hear them they'd go to the neighbors and ask if they've seen their kids, and were able to track us down in less than 5 minutes.

>>137273687That's why the rich and powerful are pushing it so hard in media. Making it a race issue means they don't have to do anything themselves to solve the shrinking middle class problem. They portray it as a white (middle class) vs. everyone else (lower class) problem, completely leaving the rich out of it.

>>137273735Kind of goes back to what user was saying how things looked better when you were at a younger age; bad stuff has been around for a while but you didn't really notice then. Just look at the anons who genuinely enjoyed the 2000s; they're not wrong in their opinions, it just shows what period they came from.

>>137273414This is why while I love the 90s and 2000s, they're both flawed. Millennials only religiously love 80s and 90s for being flawless decades and claim to be "muh perfect decade" but after all that is said and done they are both as flawed as the 2000s and especially any other decade. 80s and 90s also had large scale tragedies. Remember, the 90s had LA riots, Waco, Oklahoma City, Atalnta Olympics and Columbine massacres, respectively, as well as the Gulf War. And they happened after the Cold War had ended, being warning signs of stern things to come, such as 9/11, Katirna, global recession, swine flu, Japanese tsunami, Boston Marathon bombing, Paris shooting, Vegas shooting, COVID-19, etc.

>>137273804The mid 00's to me, was the start of the big shift and by the time the early 10's came along it was evident what was happening. Maybe 2007 if I'm being generous. It wasn't a "one day everyone changes", but it was the beginning. They have very valid reasons to be nostalgic for their decade. I was already an adult by the early 00's and I still remember things being more or less the same as the 90's, and I just assumed that's how thing would always be. But in hindsight, I could see the cracks starting to show in the mid 00's.

>>137272595guy, how many times do we have to tell you that you will never be japanese

>>137273812Yeah the 90's aren't perfect by any means, and horrific, tragic stuff did happen in those decades. But the way most people would react to that stuff was vastly different than they would now. You could still enjoy yourself even knowing horrible things are happening, you didn't let it consume your entire life like people do now.

>>137273927Exactly. That's why I enjoy 90s and 2000s for their respective culture and entertainment of their times. And by the end of the latter decade, we thought the 2010s and 2020s would have continued on, and while the early 2010s showed some promise, things started go downhill by 2014 or 15 and had continued to be horrible today and it's gotten much worse and worse and worse.

>>137273927Mostly because the internet and social media exist so it's less escapable and makes it easier to fall into that trap. The worst people in the 90s had to deal was around the clock news that they could shut off. If Facebook existed back then, people wouldn't be as favorable to those decades.

>>137273414Sounds like millenials are just copying their fuck up baby boomer parents t b h.I don't disagree that shit is tucked but constantly wanting to go back to the past hurts rather than help.

>>137274009I think the first event that truly consumed people's lives was 9/11. Columbine was a 90s thing, but while people were shocked, they believed that school shootings could never happen again, that this was a one time thing only. Now it's over 30 years later and fear of school shootings are a regular on both kids and adults minds. A school shooting is no longer a shocking national tragedy, it's just another Tuesday here in the states. Not once did it cross my mind or my parents minds that I could get killed at school by some pissed off kid, it was a crazy hyperbolic that wasn't worth even taking a second to think about in your head.

>>137274122>Columbine was a 90s thing, but while people were shocked, they believed that school shootings could never happen again, that this was a one time thing only. Carlin was making reference to schoolyard deaths from his childhood and quick google search showed several school shootings dating back to the 20th century; Columbine was simply the biggest body count and the most covered.This country is full of stepford smilers. It just took for 9/11 for the mask to finally crack.

>>137274122Waco and Oklahoma City had given us warning signs before 9/11 as the two were more tragic with 9/11 having more deaths than tge two. Columbine was more of a warning sign from mainstream media outlets by pointing fingers to blame for said tragedy, from musicians like ICP, Marilyn Manson, Cannibal Corpse, Eminem and others to video games like Doom and Resident Evil to even movies like Scream.

>6pm rolls around>Little Billy and Suzy start watching this cute cartoon

Attached: MV5BYWY3MTliMWYtMmQ1Zi00NDE0LTkzYmUtZDI4MDM1MTgwZTc4XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjAwNDUxODI@._V1_FMjpg_UX1000_[1].jpg (1000x1426, 241.56K)

>>137274205I'm not saying they never existed, it's happened even in the 19th century. I'm saying it wasn't something that was ever on most people's minds or anything to worry about at the time. Simply being able to be ignorant to tragedies lead to happier and more fulfilling lives.

>>137274272>Simply being able to be ignorant to tragedies lead to happier and more fulfilling lives.Yes exactly, stepford smiler. Baby boomers had perfected the art and had passed it along.

>>137274238What's interesting is those are incredibly tame compared to the stuff kids of even younger ages are exposed to. Keep your kids the fuck away from YouTube kids.

>>137274310>Keep your kids the fuck away from YouTube kids.Amen to that

>>137274272Clearly this recipe for happier and more fulfilling lives ended up being bullshit since it allowed those tragedies to happen.

>>137274384And those tragedies are still happening in much higher numbers, despite every American today being very aware of them. And they show no signs of stopping.

>>137274384Many school shootings could've been avoided if the perpetrators didn't know that school shootings were even a thing to begin with.

>>137274397There's a multitude of reasons for that but being ignorant of the problem really didn't help until it was too late.

>adult swim gets an hour>thread devolves into nostalgia and moral faggotryYou're not even talking about old school Adult Swim kind of nostalgia.


>>137274441We're enjoying this conversation, so too bad.

>>137274412Or, y'know, maybe parents should actual pay attention to their fucking kids for once.

>>137259934Wtf is going on?

>>137274465See>>137274457Now fuck off, we're trying to have a conversation here.

>>137274463That's also a problem compared to 80s and 90s parents.

>>137274499Nigga, 80s and 90s kids were latch key kids and children of divorce. Millennials are fucked up, partially, due to their parents.

>>137274457>>137274485Two oldfags complaining about how their lives were so much better when they were ten is pretty off topic for a thread about people wanting to talk about adult swim.

>>137274553And I was one of them. They trusted us to not do stupid shit when they werent around and most of the time we didn't. But they were still involved in our lives at different points. They knew what we were watching and playing and encouraged us to try new things. If I spent too much time playing video games they told me to go outside and play and socialize with the other kids. We'd watch TV shows, cook together and a bunch of other fun stuff. The point is we established trust between them that we'd behave even when they weren't around. They knew us very well.Now days, parents are involved in their kids lives in terms of overprotectiveness and assuming the world is out to get them, and they're the best kid in the world for no reason. They don't play games or do activities anymore, just give the kid an iPad to let them watch God knows what on YouTube. They have no idea what their kids are interested in or what they're watching or playing. Also my parents got divorced, but we'd switch back and forth between my dad's and mom's house every week, and they continued to be good parents even after that.

>>137274590Then talk about Adult Swim and ignore our posts, nobody is stopping you.

>>137274682Actually the mods are; the encourage off topic posting and will stop any kind of retailment

>>137274712You're not being on topic in your posts either.

>>137274670I feel you're just pushing anecdotal evidence and over generalization to maintain this idea that the 80s and 90s were all wonderful and everything afterwards sucks. Not every modern day parent is as bad as you state, not every parent were as good as yours, and you're getting that time period back.

>>137274745I'm not saying that applies to every parent on the planet. One kid I knew was raised by a drunk single mom that was always smoking. Her cat had cancer, the cat would meow from pain and she'd tell the cat to "shut up".There's always going to be exceptions to the general vibe of things. But that's what I saw in my parents and most of the neighbor kids parents. And what I described of today is what I generally what I've seen of parents today. Again, I'm sure there's fantastic parents out there today, but from my own personal experience, it's a lot less now.

>>137274499Anon, if Columbine happened in 1999, what would make that the parents of the shooters?

>>137259934Being AS 24/7 would be good then we could get older toons like Cow and Chicken on during the day

>>137274766Sounds like you're just clouded by your own personal bias, making this whole conversation pointless. Also move on and try to make the best of any day.

>>137274770Bad parents of the 80s and 90s.

>>137273414>>137273485Most millennials don't remember the 80s except some oldest ones. Most millennial nostalgia is the 90s and the first half of the 2000s.

Why are Americans so self centered?

>>137274801Why do Europeans care so much about Americans?

>>137274801America is a man's game, if you ain't first you're last, surviving isn't good enough it's about winning.

>>137274457>>137274465Here's a new thread for you dinosaurs to ponder your navels in.>>137274674

>>137274787Maybe I did. I'm still trying to understand all of this and maybe I never will. >Also move on and try to make the best of any day.It's all we can do. Life is short and I'm pushing 40. The situation of today isn't where I'd like to be ideally, but I and everyone else can try to make the most out of it. It's 2023 and every second that passes we get further and further away from the 90s and our childhoods. Maybe I shouldn't have made it seem like humankind is hopeless, I just feel we can do (and have done) a lot better than this.

>>137274829>I just feel we can doChange has to start with you.

>>137274825nah I'll stay right here, wannabe janitor cop faggot

>>137274851This. Fuck adult swim and fuck their threads.

>>137274829>Life is short and I'm pushing 40.Yeah, maybe arguing in a cartoon thread on Mongolian basket weaving forum isn't the wisest decision. But obviously I'm in no position to talk.

>>137274841My wife and I had our first kid a few months ago. At the very least, I can try to give him the same fun and fulfilling childhood that I believe I had myself.

>>137271753>>137271485>>137274829>>137273414Shut up industrycuck

>>137274920>millennial parent>gen alpha kid

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>>137274925Ha. I knew that schizo was going to pop up here sooner or later

>>137274862I agree. Fuck modern Adult Swim. Outside of Primal, Ballmasterz and Smiling Friends, I cannot stand nu-Adult Swim. 2000s to early-2010s Adult Swim is where it's at.


>>137275045Those shows suck too. CN stopped being good when it stopped focusing on the old shows in 1995.

>>137275032Actually it's smalldick. He's always posting about how slice of life shows ruined animation, EENE sucks/is a 2000s show and not 90s, he hates late millennials, 2000s ruined everything, anime is better than the west, etc.

>>137274272I legitimately can't parse out how much of the world is objectively shittier than it used to be or how much I'm just noticing more and reacting more because I'm an adult. I think it's a mix of both and retards pretend it's either JUST getting older or JUST shit being objectively worse when it's really both.

>>137275119>anime is better than the westOpposite. He thinks anything Asian is inferior to the west.>>137275158This sounds about right.

>>137274987Early millenial, and I'll do my best.

>>137264556Why Hellbenders?

>>137275193>early millennialYou act like that's any better than a regular millennial.And in all seriousness, shouldn't you be paying more attention to your kid than post on 4chan?

>>137275193Are millenials seriously trying to divide themselves into "good" and "bad" millenials?

Holy shit, who cares? No one has cable anymore

>>137275235I took the week off and he's sleeping. Maybe I got too dramatic about the past after realizing he's going to grow up in a different world than I did. I just want him to experience the best possible life.

>>137275079shut up Industrycuck

>>137260180I just miss being able to talk to people about the week's episode and discussing what could happen next. Netflix ruined this just to pump their numbers for investors by releasing all at once

>>137275119That makes whole lot of sense quite honestly

>>137275383Just a bit dramatic bruv, gg.

>>137275439Wouldn't it make more sense for them to release stuff weekly? So people stay subscribed for multiple months in a row?

>>137269426Elfen Lied couldn’t air because of the tits. Demarco has shot down other shows that would need frequent tit blurring