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vincent chads keep winning

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Hashtag relatable

fugg it's broken up into several images. the filename should have tipped me off. it won't let me delete the thread so I guess I'll uh.. post the rest

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>>137259332Where's the rest, dumbass?

>>137259358working on it

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>>137259369Is that supposed to be Cooper's OC? Didn't even try to make him look like him

>>137259382no cooper's is this one

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>>137259382it's the dad you blind single-celled faggot

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>>137259355thought that the edgelord was calicomale, but this is catmom? Bunda

>>137259369>>137259395>Drew himself thinnerWhat a lying faggot lmao


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>>137259408there you are. go fuck yourself

>>137259407He's still living in his pre-kid days in his mind.

>>137259408Every time I look at your art butchery I need a new pair of glasses

>>137259408>>137259385>>137259355>>137259332Better D&D adaption than the recent live action movie that flopped hard.

>Husband does the same thing wife does but so much betterWhy is it so common?


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Final Catasy

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>>137259385>A sword>A horse>Another sword>A fire sword>Knight>I am magicBros... how do we stop him?

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>>137259512Where'd you get this from

Filters on picsart

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>>137259332I have had DMs like this but they were grown ass adults.

>>137259553Copy the original in there.

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>>137259553Boys only want one thing and it's disgusting

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>>137259553amazing edit 69/10

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>>137259632Now we need a cat dadditor version with "you" replaced with "I" of course

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>>137259355>fran's pee

>>137259355>>137259369>>137259385DAMN! Cat mom does know how to draw

>>137259474Good crop and reaction image!

>>137259664It's a collab with her husband. He drew these.

>>137259632Bad crop and bad edit!

>>137259332anyone else sick of these unfunny soccer mom comics?

>thank you for being able to babysit at such short notice, katia>his private teacher, nicole watterson, should be here in an hour

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>>137259632So do I roll for anal circumference now?

>>137259689I'd guess anyone finding these unfunny isn't showing up in threads about them, you fucking faggot

>>137259527take a guessthe author shills her comics here, she's probably OP

>>137259712your comic sucks

>>137259689Feel free to leave anytime.>>137259693>KatiaDon't bring this ugly mutt cat into this. There's only one webcomic series that deserves to be with Litterbox Comics.

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>>137259715I know she does, but I thought it's on her husband's twitter or something because of filename. idk.

>>137259648lol>>137259652pro:>it's catmom peecon>it's cat pee

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>>137259715chesca is probably competent enough not to fuck up posting her own comic

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>>137259789She's not competent enough not to post her edit on twitter right after it was posted in a thread, or revealing personal life details...

>>137259408typical shitty dm thinks his job is to "beat" his players when he has the powers of god

cats being silly

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>>137259916She already got mom bottoms, she doesn't need these. Ruined.

>>137259926tits > ass, you fag

>>137259999Ass>=thighs>>>boobsAnd that's objectively speaking, homosexual.

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>>137259385Who would win?

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>>137260027>objectively speaking, homosexualcorrect

>>137259332is that forbidden or something? I don't play nerds & dice

>>137260075It's an equivalent of *teleports behind you*


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>>137260075The DM is supposed to give you threats that you can possibly deal with. If he just says "a million skeletons appear around you and kill you" out of nowhere, he's not doing his job very well. The joke in the comic is that the kid thinks that he's supposed to "win" by killing them all immediately.

>>137259385I like how he changes his name.

>>137260119oh, what a stupid game, can we play UNO or something else instead?

>>137259385Such power...

>>137260167Sure thing, kid.

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>>137259693I miss prequel story.>>137259693

>>137259512Hey, Chesca! When are the new Bunny strips coming? Bring back retriever mommy

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>>137260316mother of all cringe

>>137259806or that swinger party....

>>137260343But why

>>137260343if it was /lit/ we would be showing our pissbottles

>>137259689I think they are cute. Unlike say Eddie Puss there is a real heart to them AND a hot kitty milf.

>>137260316>animal characters are openly racist towards eachotherYou love to see it.

>>137260353With all those juicy, degenerate details, yeah...

>>137260316This comic has many milfs

>>137260364it's traditionthis dude gets it >>137260366

>>137260460Gross tradition but okay

>>137260233Would the kids love uno?

>>137260343You do that and I'll start drawing diaper porn and post it here.

>>137260748>>137260343...well? C'mon guys, don't be chickens!

>>137260027> And that's, objectively speaking, homosexual.Fixed

>>137259693vincent trades fran to gumball for nicolefuckmeat milf slaves are used to being traded to new masters

>>137260343>>137260748Can you fellas draw something hot instead?

>>137261076like...a pizza?

>>137259729Every character on this pic fucks each other. Every single one of them with all the other ones there.

>>137259385>carrying his horsekek, nice touch

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>>137261148No, buns

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>>137259632What font is this

>>137260399cant believe they used Cheez-whiz in such a sacrilegious way

>>137259385I kneel, Headchop-sama…

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>>137259332>>137259385>Vincentchads keep winning>When Cooper clearly won at life

>>137261547you like penis

>>137259355Too clothed

>>137259522>Bros... how do we stop him?with a dragon, I guess

>>137260256I just re-read the whole thing this week and only now realized only 4 days have passed in-universe and she's only been sober for 2 of then.

>>137259762>>it's cat peeGood drugs

>>137262187this makes me wonder what fran would do for catnip

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>>137262263Probably nothing because it's most likely illegal in-verse but I would gladly put some in her drink without her knowing

>>137259408Love how coop is just hanging there

>>137262351maybe skooma exists in catmomworld too

>>137259385That horse is filled with determination

>>137261076Where would be the funny in doing that

>>137259332that's actually funny

>>137259332kinda sad to see how hard they try to make their kids love the same shit they do.

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>>137259355>that tiny midriff based beyond all reason

>>137263067dunno, it's just sad, like the failed ballerina mom forcing her daughter to dance until her legs break or the football dad forcing his kid to be on the team until he gets all his ribs broken.

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>>137263120So you think showing them a D&D game is causing them permanent physical harm?

>>137263126whatever you say

>>137263063That's your read of the scenario? It's a lot more common for kids who spend a lot of time with their parents/family to take an interest in their hobbies rather than parents forcing their kids to like what they like.

>>137259407>what is role playing

>>137259385>and I'm magic.

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>>137263063>>137263120>>137263141LOL! Ask me how I know this fag doesn't have a Dad. It's not about making them just like you or forcing them to enjoy the same things as you. It's to give them the experiences and options a lot of people without a Dad don't get to do because Mommy is a slut who is always working and bringing home Uncles late at night. Poor user...

>>137263170damn! you are gonna go blind if you project that hard

>>137263192>make stupid post>get called out by multiple people>lol projecting

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>>137263120Or like showing your kids music you listened to growing up so that maybe you can share an interest. But yeah getting your kid to play dnd with you now that it's more popular than ever sounds like projecting onto your kids.

>>137259632>new /lgbt/ banner

>>137263063There was a strip recently how they tried to force Star Wars on them, based kids just left. They know garbage when they see it (sometimes)

>>137263244should have started with Episode 1

>>137259332>blue eyesDad got cucked

>>137263202yes you won. it's very great really and I'm happy for you. I really like your comic but I'm just sad at how the parents just can't let their kids enjoy the things they like

>>137263279do you understand what recessive genes are, user

>>137263280They look like they're having fun so what are you even arguing about. How would they know what they like if there was no one to show them things?

>>137263319Parents need to raise their children in a complete void, and should never expose them to anything lest they risk corrupting their natural development.

>>137263279>>137263293All kittens have blue eyes, they change as they get older or stay blue. Get a cat user.

>>137260167>oh, what a stupid game, can we play UNO or something else instead?

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>>137263279I wish, but no. Vincent is just disabled, a male calico cat.

>>137263120Or the user forced by his dad to stop wearing dresses?

>>137263370Why’s the other kitten got green eyes like mum

>>137263413and that brave user became the founder of 4chan so he could become the littel gurl.

>>137263264They left at the intro so I guess they didI've never seen SHIT wars and I won't

>>137263386>Vincent is just disabledIn other words, he's retarded

>>137263279the kid is a male calico, a very rare genetic abomination, he will never be able to have children and probably will have a fuckton of sickness while growing up, the blue eyes are the least of his problems

>>137263370huh, that's pretty cool. i've never owned a kitten young enough to ever see that transition>>137260167every time someone talks about D&D it just sounds like people getting pissed at each other for three hours. whatever people see in the game, i just don't get. complete mental disconnect

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>>137263120bro there's nothing wrong with trying to connect with ur kid with the things you likeif our parents only tried to engage with us with what's "new" then they'd look like a bunch of "how do you do fellow kids"

>>137263530warhammer is better, it's still 3 hours of people screaming and getting pissed at each other but that's actually part of the game, specially when you run out of ammo.

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>>137263530>D&D it just sounds like people getting pissed at each other for three hoursHey hey hey, that's very wrong. It's getting pissed at eachother for one hour and a half, maybe two if you count the pre-planning and scheduling needed.

>>137263690what about the snacking and bathroom breaks? that's probably the most time consuming part.

>>137263063>>137263120The only thing wrong with it is that it's pop/nerd culture garbage instead of the actual culture and stories that are normally passed down from parent to child.You're supposed to inculcate your child with good values and culture.

>>137263824pop culture is the only culture Americans have

>>137263854that must be why so many countries import american entertainment

>>137259385The Emperor Protects

>>137259355>Crop top>Midriff>BarefootHmm...

>>137263876>people without culture actually believe tv shows are cultureplease stop user, this is just...

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>>137259385Yo, >>>/tg/ is that legal?

>>137263876factually correct, they have no identifying culture so every other culture can consume their entertainment without cultural shock like happens with anime

>>137259385If they're unironically making the kids consume warhammer the kids need child service ASAP

>>137263959That’s a regular paladin with some magic items my dude

>>137259332The DM always wins.

>>137263989>he doesn't know

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>>137263952>baseball>fried food>intense protestantism>faggotry i don't know if that's any better than europe>soccer>flavorless food>people smell like shitthe only cultures that are still of any interest are the ones where men stick their arms into piles of fire ants

>>137263975There's plenty of cultural shock that's why europeans can't stop making "WHY DO AMERICANS" threads on /int/People in bumfuck Tajikistan or Indonesia or Angola know the Simpsons and by virtue of that know the cumulus of regurgitated day to day American surburban life and pop culture nonsense.

>>137263952Actually TV and Movies and games are the the culture of the time.

>>137263989Its just DnD you Flippant Faggot.

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>>137264243I don't get it

>>137263530Picture a jRPG but instead of running on a computer it's run in your DM's brainInstead of your actions being limited to pre-preprogrammed sequences you can do and say literally anything you want.

>>137260316Halloween is top tier, TOP TIER

>>137263244>>137263460Death take you

>>137266964Only when you're a child. Adults doing this shit is cringe.

>>137267144Whatever went wrong in your deserved it.

>>137263500Same thing

>>137263141>>137263120>>137263063>whatever you sayI say you are a passive aggressive faggot.

>>137259332Goddamn munchkins

>>137263063>spending time with your kids bonding over hobbies and introducing them to things you think are fun is "forcing" shit on themyea kids schools just be given endless screentime to scroll tiktok or play games someone online told them is good, and to figure shit out on their own, rightYour parents failed you user

>>137263120>playing games you enjoy with your kids is the equivalent of forcing them to dance against their will until their LEGS BREAKwhat the fuck kind of personal trauma are you projecting here, exactly? Having fun and sharing your interests with your kids is -very- different than the "I've decided you're going to be an elite champion athlete, my 5 yo toddler, don't fail my expectations look at all I sacrificed for them" schtick some parents do.You sound like you somehow failed your parent's expectations and are now projecting that to every parent being a good parent and bonding with their kids. It's tragic you have no idea what good parenting looks like

>>137263120>failed ballerina mom forcing her daughter to danceIs this spoken as someone who has never had kids in their life and only watches Dance Mom-kinda shows? kids just take interest in their families hobbies man, is not that complex


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>>137260370I’m an absolute moronIt took me this long to get the joke behind the name Eddie Puss

>>137259355>average 4th edition player

>>137259895That's a dog.

>>137266945>kill yourself because you don't like a shitty webcomicgenius, you should run for president

>>137267815>I’m an absolute moronYou are then the target audience for litterbox comics

>>137263063real problem here is that they decided to show them something so uncool as d&d. very boomer of them.

>>137267952genius you came into a thread you didn't like, President Autisim

>>137268012and why not? but I see that you are too busy circlejerking and sucking each other's cocks, so yeah, I'll leave you alone

>>137268060Good riddance.

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Animated series when?

>>137260370Eddie is soulful in his own way.

>>137259689No, because i can relate to the family with kids stuff and popculture things.I am more annoyed of these onions webcomics that are so boring and have no plot besides two characters talk about woke stuff.

>>137268311nobody likes soi things. with that said, I don't think 4chan is family-friendly website...

>>137259385Thunderguy Headchop is too powerful

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All Brutus cuck artists should be fed to starving lions

>>137268439Hit the gym, J.

>>137268143What would it be like? Bluey with more hijinks and an actual visually pleasant art style?

>>137268500An adult comedy on Fox (canceled mid-season)

>>137259385Oh hey it's your average WH40k primarch

>>137263120>>137263063>childless virgins thinking small children will play with things they don't like or find boring

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>>137268580How adult are we talking?

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>>137268772I have read enough chinese illustrated pamphlets of the fanmade kind to know where this convo is going. And I approve.

>>137268784That's a fancy way to call hentai

>>137263120>>137263063I'm sorry you guys weren't raised. Like at all. Most families share hobbies and interests.

>>137269118These threads are infested with fatherless zoomers who think being plopped in front of the TV or ipad is proper upbringing, that much is obvious

>>137269150>These threads are infested with fatherless zoomers who think being plopped in front of the TV or ipad is proper upbringingFunny you say that

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>>137259385>my potions are too strong for you trav—OH SHIT IT’S THUNDERGUY HEADCHOP!!

>>137263120My dad introduced my sisters and I to DND and was our DM for years and it was a great experience. There’s a very clear and obvious difference between a parent sharing things they like in the hope that they can bond with their kid over it and parents living vicariously through their kids by forcing them into shit in an abusive way.Sorry you had a shitty childhood.

>>137263120My parents did the exact thing you want and now I'm a shut in with no real hobbies. Thanks.

>>137269069The term, Clyde, is Doujinshii.

>>137260075It's pretty much like arching from Venture Bros, the DM's supposed to keep it cat and mouse, not cat and incinerating

>>137263959/tg/ here. he is playing WYSIWYG so it's all legal.

>>137269150And how were you raised?

>>137268439This. Everyone knows Fran fucks human males exclusively, not that self insert fursona.

>>137269943Oh ..same shit.

>>137270233Motherless, apparently

>>137263505Not to mention he's gay

>>137272215How would you know? He fuck your ass or something?

>>137263120>Sharing things you like is CHILD ABUSE!!!Are you okay?

>>137259355>The catmom not sexualized in any wayDROPPED

If I never see a single tweet with less than 70k views, how the fuck is a new comic artist supposed to break through on twitter?

>>137263989>makingwarhammer is cool and baddass with blood very adult. Its better than p*w patrol

>>137272744>not finding the tummy eroticfag

>>137272744>implying tight girl midrifs aren't for sexualFag. I might even go so far as Homosexual.

>>137259693Haha! Women molesting boys is still pedophilia.

>>137263120>posts truth>gets bulliedbased

>>137270103surprisingly accurate

>>137272389>being this obtuse

>>137269350I'm sorry you had a shitty dad. No wonder you ended up here

>>137273629Yes the good kind

>>137273629And that'a good thing!

>>137272744>being so low test he cant jack off to fully clothed women.couldnt be me lmao

>>137259385Damn what a badass

>>137274020Armor is a bit overdesigned to be sexy, nice bust tho.

>>137259385>But not good guys>MostlyBased Chaotic Good

>>137262759Why the hell would they live in TES world

>>137259355>>137259369>>137259385>>137259399>>137259332Didn't the mom/author blatantly inform everyone that her older kid is autistic? And like, full-spectrum-autistic at that, not just sample-size-autistic?What the fuck did she expect when trying to play DnD with an actual autistic kid?DnD (esp. DMing) practically REQUIRES you to have an understanding of your players' emotional investments and unspoken intentions.Unless the joke is:>We expected him not to do the autistic thing, but were disappointed yet again

>>137261235He says he has a horse, not that he rides one. Checks out.

>>137274558>Didn't the mom/author blatantly inform everyone that her older kid is autisticI don't remember her saying that, but that would explain a lot.

>>137263120>t. That Chinese kid in class who cried whenever he got a 98% because he knew his dad would beat his ass until exhaustion, only to tag in his mom who would already be perched on the top ropes

>>137274558He's a calico male, of course he's fucked up

>>137259522We don’t. All we can do is hope he doesn’t go Roronoa Zoro on our asses

>>137259385I could beat him up no diff.

>>137274558That would be a good joke, so no, I don't think it was intentional



>>137259689theyre funny sometimes and just ok other times which is actually really good in a relative sense compared to a lot of other comedy webcomics.