Destiny of X Storytime

Where Orchis begin to make moves.Comics in this thread:>X-Force #40>X-Men #22

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Bump if you're reading.Question of the week: So, uh. Do you think that they're going to resurrect Kamala and retcon her into a mutant in time for The Marvels?

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Sorry Wade, you're not invited to this trip.

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Was expecting that to happen.

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what the hell are those

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>Beast Priestoh no

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>>137258656Ugly ahh creatura


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Welp, looks like they got to kill more Hanks.

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Oh for fuck's sake.

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And now for X-Men.

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How long has it been since we last saw Karima? Like more than a year?

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We've seen this chart before, but the last part of the text is new.

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That's going to cause problems.

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>>137258608I didnt know deadpool was a jannie???

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>>137258598Most likely, with Wells writing Marvels it seems they'll be leaning into synergy

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>>137258916Based lariat

Oh fuck.

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>>137258934Wolverines bones.Time for action figure

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>>137258598>TQprobably it's the easiest way to resurrected here and it helps synergize the character with the MCU

>>137258680I want one of these for christmaslook at the lil' bugger go!or shoule I say...bubber?

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>"How many times has Logan died and we haven't recovered his damn skeleton?"Well...

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>>137258680so we are back to Surfboarding Silly X-force with Wolverine being the serious book Percy is writing for now

Next week: Bishop: War College #4, New Mutants: Lethal Legion #3.And that's it! If you liked these, support your LCS or whatever.

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>>137258690Castle Beastskull?>>137258815Since Inferno, I think.

>>137258706This seems fine.

>>137258975I don't think that's going to work Forge, Orchis and world Governments will just say you are useing your housing program to spy on and eventually control the declining Human population of the earth


>>137258815>>137258821Doesn’t omega sentinel want to kill both humans and mutants so the AIs can rule?

>>137258990between this and the uncanny avengers preview, I can't believe those stupid fake leaks from a month ago are probably right.

>>137259067what were the fake leaks?

>>137258598>So, uh. Do you think that they're going to resurrect Kamala and retcon her into a mutant in time for The Marvels?I would not be surprised, I'm still just laughing at how goddamn dumb this entire thing is

>>137258670>Beast PriestWell this thread is gonna suck ass

>>137258958>>137258965So how many of us were surprised she not only succeeded but survived this

>>137258945so he has Reverse Dazzler Powers but he looks like a Lizerdman. why did the X-gene decide he should look like a lizard?


>>137258656Those are quite obviously Belgians.

>>137258598>Do you think that they're going to resurrect Kamala and retcon her into a mutant in time for The Marvels?they will retcon her into a mutant, but they won't change her powers.

>>137258656>average day in romania

>>137258965>>137258958>>137258952No way, Firestar is doing things? I must be dreaming...

>>137259067What leaks my fellow X-enjoyer?

>>137259067which ones? there were like 4 or 5 different leaks

>>137258815wait isnt Omega Sentinal, Moria?

>>137258598>Bump if you're reading.

>>137258845What happened to Brand again

>>137258996>Bishop War College>"New Mutants" mini>nostalgia Storm solo in the past>Betsy mini>Deadpool>more BishopThe next two weeks or so look grim.

>>137259077>>137259690>>137259748something along the lines of Hobgoblin steals the Captain Krakoa suit, uses it along with clones of X-Force/Wolverine corpses to do falseflag mutant attacks


>>137258996Oof next week is total dogshit

>>137260517That literally already happened in the latest Free Comic Book day story last week.Did not know it was Roderick tho.

>>137258759>snikting intensifies

>>137259077>>Roderick Kinglsey is Captain Krakoa >>ORCHIS is using the corpses of the X-Force roster that died fighting Nimrod as proxies to frame mutants for massacres ORCHIS/Kinglsey carries out>>That the Uncanny Avengers team hyped for the new series only last for one storyline >>That the second storyline for Uncanny Avengers would be a crossover with Slottt's new Spider-Man book, and will resolve Ned Leeds being framed as Hobgoblin again. Ned will become a heroic version of Hobgoblin after the arc ends and join the team, alongside Hawkeye and Photon. >>That there was going to be a new Slaymaster and that she was going to blind Captain Britain to set up a parallel between herself and Betsy and the original Slaymaster and Brian>>That Sentinels were going to kill about 99% of the mutant population of Krakoa and the resurrection protocols. >>Beast uses the fact that he built his own resurrection protocols to get a full pardon and rejoin the X-Men.Captain Krakoa was Roderick Kingsley, the Sentinels will slaughter most of Krakoa's population outside about 20-30 mutants who are in new books coming coming out of Fall of X, and that the previewed Uncanny Avengers roster was only going to last a single

>>137260517Why would it be Hobgoblin, though?The guy who stole the Captain Krakoa suit and did the false flags said he was an old soldier. Someone had the theory that it could be Captain Hydra, somehow resurrected by Orchis and holding a grudge against mutants (Selene killed him), and a good thematic enemy for the Unity Squad, since he'd be an enemy to both Cap and the mutants.

>>137258975I was hoping he was going to say that he was finally going to build the city on Krakoa that he planned out.

>>137258945Woofer could use his ability to liquify someone's brains. or produce a calming binaural soundwave...he's got a rich potential.

>>137258975Jean short and a Polo are a negative?


>>137258902Am I supposed to know who the doctor is?

Has main Beast been dealt with yet?

>>137260473Outed by Sunspot I think.

>>137259062She's of the Kill All Humans mindset, and says the same of Nimrod, even before they proceeded to murder their human allies before the fight with Xavier and Magneto in Inferno. Doesn't mean she's fully shed the masquerade, especially when dealing with humans.

>>137258853I somehow can't not see Nimrod and the boys in their super sleigh bestowing Orchis Christmas miracles.

>>137261471>>137260473Yes, but she also managed to get away, only to be caught by Fisher King, who somehow was waiting for her to show up at one of her secret safehouses, which goes to show there's more to Fisher King than we know. She hasn't been seen or heard of since.

>>137261388no that going on in the Wolverine book until July I think

>>137258656>>137258670>>137258706Is this the Burdens of Beast timeline

I really wish Laura would get a different outfit. I hate the copycat outfit.

>>137258780Beastinel Sinister?

>>137261013That sounds like total shit. I have some problems with Krakoa but resetting it all with another Genosha sounds boring as hell.

>>137261555May be a purposeful connection given the holiday themed Wolverine skeleton in this page>>137258984

>>137259047if it release the tech completely as in "anybody can make it from scratch thus making sure there are no trojan horses", it can work....then again this is the book where Orchis promises cure for X-mutations and then forces people while a soft approach would be much more effective.the problem with the Krakoa era is that everybody is stupid!

What really annoys me about the possibility that they might actually get rid of Krakoa entirely and do another Genosha is that they specifically kicked Hickman out of the X-Office so they could keep the status quo… only to end up destroying it all anyway, after what, one or two extra years? So in the end, all we’re getting is a worse version of what was already going to happen, with Duggan at the helm instead of somebody with actual vision. I just hope Ewing, Gillen, and Spurrier can salvage some decent stories out of this whole clusterfuck, they’ve been putting out the only readable books for over a year now.

>>137261018X-Men need villains so they are swapping Kingsley to the books in exchange for a sales boost cover with slots Spidey book and a launching pad for a ned Leeds as a heroic hobgoblin book since goblins are the new symbiotes to whore out

>>137262767Let’s be frank, Krakoa was always going to go pop like a pimple. You’ve seen the stories they’ve come up with using the extra two years, it’s just the same old X-tales, same stakes, same paper thin foes. The only reason Ewing, Gillen, and Spurrier even have decent books is cause they’re tackling a different kind of story, where the heroes are given the power and authority they’ve dreamed of and had to learn the hard way that it’s not all they were hoping for. And you don’t need Krakoa specifically for that kind of story, hell it might be easier to do with showing the consequences of their failings in action. >>137263418Orchis is still the biggest botch up of this entire run. A bunch of pro-human villain groups teaming up to achieve a common goal, only to be this pathetic and lame in execution

>>137263462The problem with Orcus is that the SJE hacks writing the child have made them into being 100% right, which I'm pretty sure was something the writers realized to their horror, hence orchis being sidelined and the twist that they are being used by AI to destroy mutantkind so they don't stop AI from killing all hjmans

>>137262326Looks more like a Beast Nimrod

>>137258799This reminds me, I'm betting the one who achieve Dominion status is Omega Sentinel

>>137263462>Orchis is still the biggest botch up of this entire run. A bunch of pro-human villain groups teaming up to achieve a common goal, only to be this pathetic and lame in executionThe whole Krakoa experiment feels like a giant missed opportunity. They spent so much time playing up the idea of a mutant specific culture. Mutant language, mutant music, mutant fashion - but ultimately there's nothing really there. There's no actual mutant civilization. They tried, rather half-heartedly, with things like X-Corp but ultimately there's no real mutant industry; even their crops are shat out off-panel presumably by some automation. We've never even really seen any mutant city. There's barely anything there. It's why the place is mocked as mutant orgy island because basically all we know is that it's spring break all the time despite only having one rather tiny bar. The only good thing it did was bring back a bunch of dead characters, even if they didn't do much with most of them. Some of them died in such bullshit ways, it was good to know they could be back in circulation. Now, however, they're just falling back on Genosha style mutant culling and we've just come full circle. What a waste of time.

>>137263418>>137263462It still amazes me that Beast's heel turn has been the only entertaining villain the entire last couple of years

>>137262272Beast Bullshit maybe

>>137258608X-Force really hasn't been kind to the veritable force of nature that is Omega Red.

>>137264323She's from the future where the mutants were killing the Technarch Titans and Dominions, and the last Titan sent her mind back in time to infect and replace her present self, so she prevented that future.But the Titan sent her through a black hole, maybe in some way she remained in the extratemporal place beyond the black hole, even as she infected her present self.On the other hand, being extratemporal, does that mean the Dominions that existed are dead because of that future? Or did they only kill the local versions of the Dominions before they could upload?

>>137264335Because there wouldn't and most of all SHOULDEN'T be a single unified mutant culture. There should be many mutant cultures based off of more specific similar powersets the thing that absolutely would cause the creation of culturesThis is all off the top of my head>Telepaths have completely foregone verbal communication and only communicate by thought, look down on and believe they are being held back by the rest of their brethren>Rock people have discarded clothing and have instead taken up body paint and crystal/moss/plant growths as an alternative. They look up to Ben Grimm as a great hero and one of the first of their kind>Beastmen have gone feral and have started forming packs, some have taken to hunting other animal type mutantsIt's really sad how the writers fought to wrestle the ship from Hickman so they can explore shit but then they did NOTHING with it

>>137258780Can we assume this Beast Nimrod wants to destroy Mutants too or what? Also, I wouldn't be surprised if it ends in the present and sends his info to Orchis.

>>137264913> killing the titans and dominionsgiven that's a Hickman thread and Ewing/Gillen really put in effort trying to come up with OP mutant circuits, wonder if we find out how killing these things is possible.

>>137264829>i guess this would be Blunders of BeastYou deleted it but I think it was a good jokeThen we'd have Wrongs of Wolverine, Mistakes of Magneto, Stumbles of Storm, Fumbles of Forge, and Miscalculations of Moira (though that's just Inferno)

>>137264963They did it with a "Phoenix blade", so I guess they got a weapon from the Phoenix, or indeed turned it into the weapon.It does seem to be a mutant circuit as pictured here, but they're not recognizable characters.The one holding the blade/spear kinda looks like Sunspot.

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>>137259547I really don't want that. I want Kamala staying as an inhuman, specially because this will end up burying her in the X-Men's trash.

>>137265160Better buried in Mutant trash than buried in Inhuman trash

>>137258736Fastball Special:1x Piotr1x SniktHarden Piotr and form a bowl. Place Snikt in bowl.

>>137258584Thanks for the dump, user

>>137258656Beast went off the rails with his clones, I guess. This is some Sinister type shit.

>>137262458>the problem with krakoa is that everybody is stupidespecially the writers>>137258656>what are thosethey're the latest made up bullshit to shit on beast some more. what else? literally everything about "beast is a villain" arc is just some arbitrary nonsense piled on top of arbitrary nonsense. it's a completely purposeless dead end and does nothing to add depth to any character. nowhere on the path to forcefed villainy have writers convinced anyone that this seems "in character" or makes sense at all

>>137265009Wreckage of Writers

>>137259547So she’ll become a female counterpart to [A] / Evan , minus the bioblasts and Xternal immortality ?!

>>137258598Did she even die ?! And what about Monica ? It’s been retcon-revealed recently that her 616 version was apparently BORN with her powers

>>137258766Good ol' Marvel alt-verses never fail to give my monthly dose of cannibalism


>>137258845I thought Judas Traveller was an insane mutant. What happened?

>>137258879Damn, 5G really was meant to kill us all

read bump

>>137262346>but resetting it all with another Genosha sounds boring as hell.That was always the only possible endgame. Mutant islands get genocided. Thems the rules.

>>137266783Still is. Iirc, he's on some "mutants need to be humbled" shit. Muties got too arrogant with Krakoa, and need to be bitchslapped to know their place. That sort of thing.

>>137266783We don't know. We know he's in Orchis, and has appeared briefly in a couple of lesser books (I think one was one of those Infinity webtoon shit comics), but to my knowledge, he hasn't done anything or had any development

>>137258647Huh, did Quire do that on purpose and then just not tell anyone?Also I'm surprised that Colossus doesn't seem to know he was being controlled.

>>137267702If he did , he’d be a traitor instead , duh !

>>137258879Man X-Corp is really dropping the ball for not checking their product. You'd thin mutants would be aware of false flag operations by now.

>>137258780they can't just keep beast as a good guy and give him a power boost. nah. it can only come through some major ass pull timeline shenanigans

>>137258888Surely it can't be that hard to actually deliver in a less creepy way.

read rump

>>137262122he ALSO knows her True Name, which was apparently somehow secret or at least nobody cared to ask her about.

>>137267702>>137267740Iirc, way back when, Piotr said something about black outs, which I assume are the times Chronicler was puppeteering him. Shows he can't remember what he did during that time.Also, when Piotr watches Domino leave after being confronted about the painting, he punches himself, calling himself a spy and a traitor. Which implies he's aware of what he's doing.So I figure that when the connection is lost or severed with Chronicler, he loses his memories of what he did during that time. But while he's being puppeteered, he's fully aware. But he just can't do anything about it.Really, if Percy wasn't a hack, he could do a bunch of interesting stuff with Piotr with the whole trapped in your body, trying to warn everyone but unable to do thing.

>>137267557To be fair, he's not necessarily wrong in that regard

why do these threads exist

>>137258663>>137258670They left Omega Red behind a second time. Is he splittng up the team?

>>137258766That's a bit anti-climactic. You'd think a god would know which mutants aren't safe to vore.Or at least to chew them a bit first.

>>137269356Why does anything exist?

>>137258584X force art is kinda uggo this week.



>>137269163Genuinely, the fact that Piotr hasn't been himself for literal real-world years at this point and we've barely gotten any of his actual internal dialogue in relation to this is pretty shitty.

>>137260674Was this storytimed?>>137263968>the SJE hacks writing the child have made them into being 100% rightWhat's SJE? What child? What did I miss?>>137264925This is a great idea.

>>137258965>postmortum faceplant in titsI have that dvd

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>>137264925They should have STARTED as country-based subcultures which BEGAN to evolve into powers-based cultures once Krakoa started.In general, early Krakoa should have had MUCH more internal strife, especially toward the known villains: country-based groups rioting against this-or-that villain that singlehanded caused anti-mutant laws in their country, for example.scaled-down racism\nationalism fights, as well, because decades\centuries-old bad blood between cultures doesn't stop just because they now have one more gene in common.Also they should have shown more parts of Krakoa being more and more detached\independent from the Quiet Council, going their own way.

>>137264925>It's really sad how the writers fought to wrestle the ship from Hickman so they can explore shit but then they did NOTHING with itThis is it, really.I like Krakoa. I would've been fine with years more of it. But if they're gonna Genosha it, they should've let Hickman do it.

>>137258869>>137258879Midtown Manhattan and not a single superhero is around to save this guy from falling?