Humanization thread

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>>137258510No, sir. I don't like it.





>>137258510I honestly can't see Sam or max as humans except if they're wearing very bad looking Reagan or mike Meyers masks

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bump so more idiots can seethe at OP's picture


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>>137261160yo is this Worthikids?


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>>137262445This is just Aqua Teen Hunger Force but replace Frylock with neurotic Squidward


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>>137261378This actually makes sense

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>>137262550What does the notes say

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>>137262620Idk, the Paw Patrol threads have a dude who translates all the Japanese but I don't have it saved

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I'm fucking jealous when shows get cute humanizations. My shows universally, every fucking time, get brown-skinned Tumblr blobs


>>137261378Kinda wish they were with their canon human lookalikes in this.

>>137263039what show?

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>>137258510This one works


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>>137258510>Fur colour is the sane as the Skin ColourI mean.. sometimes

>>137263753I feel bad for laughing

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>>137261787>>137261820>>137261831They can all top me.

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>>137265666>>137265858I think he should be bald, Satan.

>>137265938How about this?

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>>137261095>>137261095lightning mcqueen would not be a twink. he's a nascar driver (and clearly supposed to be Dale Sr)

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>>137262650Why would you draw Gumball and Darwin like they're 25?

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>>137265341I like this one. Wolf looks so earnest and Puss's look of pure hatred is great.

>>137266412>humanized>schnitzel is just him but meat instead of rock.

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>>137258510Old human Rita drawing I made months ago, its shit. might make another one.

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>>137267639Never post this abomination again

I seriously love this humanization of puss. It perfectly captures his personality imo.

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>>137264676I thought fags were fruits not vegetables

I love how they kept her rabbitness. The key to a good humanization is that the design must retain what makes the character unique.

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How would she draw Vyxx though?

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>>137267712havent drawn her in a while, will try to improve.

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>>137267771You know you could have used your cringe mental health break to actually improve your art instead of immediately coming back here and be the same fucking insufferable namefag as alwayssincerely fuck off

>>137267818Shhhhhh actually contribute to the thread or fuck off. you already got 2 pruned due to your cringe.

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>>137267771Not trying hard enough, evidently

>>137267835Well then give me some suggestions? like what should I change?

>>137267830Okay, do what you want, don't be upset again if no one wants to give you advice on how to improve your art and rather act like a 14 year old troll and schizo who pretends everyone who replies to him is the same person

>>137267852How about you leave this board and read the /ic/ sticky instead

>>137267861I'll try, I wanted to know what you guys thought I should change.

>>137267867How about you change your shit personality

>>137267874How bout you change yours.

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>>137267901>No uFuck off with your 14 year old troll shit, I regret even replying to you

I know that they have canon human designs, but this is closer to their cartoonish cat selves.

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>>137267901Who's that on the right?

>>137267925I'm going to out myself as a blind idiot, but who are they supposed to be?

>>137267927No named foreign chick

>>137267959And why did you draw her?

>>137267954lackadaisy fellers i think

>>137258510built for BBC

>>137267965Cause I felt like it, didn't feel like drawing just Rita. if it makes you feel better shes kinda based off an old Lizard girl design I did.

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>>137267954From left to right, ivy, Rocky and freckles from the webcomic "lackadaisy" which recently got an animated pilot.

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>>137266412These are nice.

>>137267979And why did she get called out on Holla Forums as loser?

>>137267994Why are you asking these questions? what are ya the fuckin Holla Forums Stasi?

Sorry. stuff on my mind right now.

>>137267996Why are you drawing weird things you can't even explain? I don't get it

>>137268003I just draw shit, to improve my shit. one of the things I was told was to keep drawing and studying to improve.

>>137268011Why did you put a speech bubble with "Still mad over being called out on Holla Forums loser?" in your drawing if you can't explain it?

>>137268017Oh fuck off, you're trying to get me to confess something I didn't do. just go back to the old shit you were doing.

>>137268022I was just asking a questionWhy do you post something on Holla Forums and then get defensive if someone wants to know what's going on in the picture you drew?

>>137268031Sorry my fight or flight is on. Okay so the context for the text box was based on people arguing now it was inspired not based on it. also I like adding inside joke shit.

>>137268022>you're trying to get me to confess something I didn't doWtf does that eve mean? No one tried to make you confess shit. Randomly bringing that up though makes you sound guilty of something. user just wanted to know the meaning behind the random shit you add into your drawings with no context.>>137268052>my fight or flight is onNow I really do think you did something wrong.

>>137268052What inside jokes? With who?

>>137268063>>137268065You know what I'm not gonna say anything and just leave for a bit. testing something.

>>137268063Anon the person on the right he drew is that artist Pluto, who Birchy wanted to be friends with but she blocked him insteadThen Birchy had a mental breakdownNow he's back drawing the same shit but is too embarassed to talk about it

>>137268080Bro what? Yep I knew these posts were you. almost got me. the poster number hasn't changed and you're trying to put on this "Lmao I'm gonna pretend to be somebody else to mess with him" fuck off.

>>137267925Amazing how well this translates

Anybody drew Kiff as a human yet?

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>>137268091Why can't you just be honest or not post your cringe shit here? Even if I was that person you posted a picture here and then got mad when others wanted to know what's going on in itYou seriously need mental help, you're hoplelessly obsessed with a random stranger on the internet you almost killed yourself over

>>137268111>Is trying to rebuild the lie after being caught. Look I'm not gonna tell ya again. I don't care what shithole country you come from, I don't care about your fucking art. Stop trying to derail threads over fucking drama thats been dead and buried. you already got 2 threads pruned, take that as a hint and fuck off.

>>137268123What the fuck are you on about? Just explain your shit drawing without throwing a schizo tantrumTelling me more about your inside jokes

>>137266962>Only Callie looks like an actual humanlmao

>>137268091You have mental issues and should either move to a site where you can see posters names or get off the internet altogether. You have a schizo meltdown when someone questions you and accuse everyone of being the same person. There are 45 IPs in this thread and yet you'll still believe only 1 person could possibly not like you.>>137268080I don't know who Pluto is and don't give a shit about namefag drama but drawing art of yourself and someone you want to be friends with is incredibly fucking gay. So if that's true I don't blame them for blocking them.

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>>137268133You know what.... no I refuse.

>>137268123Why are you drawing art of a person you hate Birchy? I don't think that's going to improve your art

>>137268147Shes based off of the lizard character I drew. >>137268145Aght you good. Sorry I have my guard up.

>>137268091>the poster number hasn't changedHere's a new IP for you. Kill yourself.

>>137268145Yeah Birchy is obsessed with artists and their sonas, he also drew art of Vee, that shotacon who left twitterHe's also obsessed with an artist here and drew his own sona for them as you can see here >>137267901It's very cringe and I don't know why anyone would do that and why he's throwing an autistic tantrum about it now, like no one forced him to draw it

>>137267754I'm the fruit, they're the vegetables.Except for BobAnd Pa

>>137268159That doesn't explain the speech bubble

>>137268166>Drew art of Vee OH SHIT I FORGOT MY QUEEN HAS A SALAMANDER FORM. Wow almost forgot that.

Can you all shut up about this namefag? And namefag can you stop being a namefag? What a trainwreck of a thread this is now

>>137268179>implying this thread isn't just namefag replying to themselves for attentionI'd say report for being off-topic but jannies never do aything about these faggots. Just filter their name and all replies to them and try your best to ignore. They won't go anywhere.

>>137268177If you want people to forget about your ""incident"" stop drawing fanart of it, how about it?If you moved on from the drama why the fuck are you drawing fanart of it?>>137268179I wish the mods would just permaban him already

>>137268179I'll keep quiet now, I've been trying to get this fucking thread back on topic for a while now.

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>>137268190Stop being obsessed with artists and their sonas you fucking autistic creep with your fucking weird parasocial relationships, you seriously need professional help

>>137268200Please just shut the fuck up, you're just fucking egging him on, and I'm fucking tired of it.

>>137268190>I've been trying to get this fucking thread back on topicNo you haven't. You've been schizo posting about everyone being the same person. You cry about drama then bring it up constantly. You're the single biggest source of off-topic posting on this board.

>>137268204He's the one drawing weird fanart and then acts like a victim, fuck him and fuck you

>>137268206I don't give a fuck. If you hate him so much just fucking use 4chanX.

>>137258510this one is better

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>>137268207I want this guy to stop drawing his disgusting obsessed shit, I'm not going to ignore it

>>137268217Max looks fine, Sam on the other hand ugh.

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>>137268218>"I don't wanna see his art">gets told to use 4chanX >"I can't just ignore him"You are just as retarded as he is.

>>137268225Would both of them.

>>137268231No I said I want him to stop drawing obsessed creepy shit altogether, learn to read

>>137268217Getting better but I'm still not quite feeling it

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>>137268250Sounds like you are jealous, in that case I hope he fucking draws more.

>>137268251>The bald spot.

>>137268263It's quite the opposite, maybe do your research on the insufferable namefags on this board before taking their side

>>137268269>Implying I care about namefags

>>137268277Then stop posting

>>137268291You stop fucking posting too.

Okay I'm posting glorious humanized pups until you stop

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I drew some Spongebob stuff a bit ago

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Ok I think they stopped

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>>137268269>do your researchOn a literal fucking nobody on an anonymous image board? Holy shit just kill yourself you're obsessed with this fag.

>>137268473Fffffff you didn't stop

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>>137268357Nigga bob

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>>137268473Kill yourself and stop derailing the thread with your namefag schizo bullshit

>>137258510post canon versions

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>>137267632>shrunken head Pops souless

Did they stop?

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>>137268488>Accuses the namefag of derailing the thread>Is doing it as well. Retarded Zoomer.

>>137268505Fffffff stop trying to continue arguments

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>>137268511You're right. Sorry. also CUTE.

>>137268512Ok great thank you

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This guy has a LOT of humanized pups huh

>>137268535Oh there's PLENTY more

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>>137268520Anime when

>>137258510Id fuck that max.

>>137268591He looks like he'd bite your dick off and then fuck you with it


>>137268559Is this just ... her with ears and nose taken away?

>>137268595He looks more like he'd get embarrassed angry and reject it at first but devolve into being obsessed with riding cock

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>>137258510>>137261045I'm seething at it because Max isn't naked. In fact, if he were human he'd be even more of a nudist than he is as a rabbit.

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>>137269268took me a second to realize they were going for the cannon ice age human style


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>>137258510>>137259282>>137259297>>137261378>>137262445>>137265252>>137266474What the fuck is this

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Based fujo mediator stamping out discord with police pups

>>137269620>Male characters come in two flavors : anime twink or gay bear Fucking faggots i fucking swear

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>>137263753still got the hook noseFAILIURE!!!!!


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>>137268848really good


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>>137272266Human Scoob looks exactly how I'd picture him.

>>137272266You just know

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>>137268225Ok, who are they?

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>>137262445Smiling friends?Why does the tall one look like hisoka from HxH

>>137267980Tracey has already done actual humanizations of them though.


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These are some bad humanizations, as I don't recognize majority of them (98%)