Magic Animals

Story caught my interest. Curious to see if anyone else would wanna have further discussion on this from the last thread that was unjustifiably pruned>>137252870

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>>137257807Also, it's more a novel with illustrations than a comic

>>137257827>ripped straight from a children's book.You South Americans disgust me.

>>137257839I think it's got enough illustrations to be warranted for discussion I'm not even sure if this would be fitting to post on /lit/

>>137257827>>137257875Admittedly not my proudest fap

>>137257875it's from Spain

>>137257936Your ancestors have been fucking since forever, you're the same shit and I don't take back what I said.

>>137258237Some of their tempranillo wines is god tier. In this context there's no surprise about all the fucking being done


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>>137257839>>137257912Going by the preview, it's both, it changes between novel with illustrations and comic. Maybe mostly novel, judging by how little comic pages ended up the main character is the bird tho, the cat from the cover of the second volume is cuter.

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>>137257827wtf? Why are latinx so thirsty for child pussy?

>>137257807Cute artstyle

>>137257875>Cum-brained murricans think nudity=sexualization>Culture founded on Anglo/Celtic Puritan valuesI guess it's true, repression does fester deviancy.>inb4 innocent pic-related draws loli footfagsGo ahead, prove me right.

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>>137257807this doesn't even belong on Holla Forums it's just a regular book

>>137257827this page gives me made in abyss vibes

>>137261934>no uYou diagust me and the cultures from your continent disgust me.

>>137262427Violine is a French bande dessineé, goblino

>>137262542>it's french, bro!So is Cuties. Disgusting culture.

>>137262116>it's just a regular bookI wouldn't say Regular, way too many illustrations plus a comic inside of it. It's more a childrens book then a good old fashined book book.

>>137263051I have a digital copy of the book, it's just a bunch of chapters with a few illustrations inbetween and a very short comic at the end.

>>137263070Fair enough then, you have a point.

>>137257912They should make a board where all the baby shit can go.

>>137263128Yeah, it's Holla Forums, you're posting in it right now.

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No Storytime?

>>137261934>I guess it's true, repression does fester deviancy.Yeah. Look at Japan.

Why are latinX so based

>>137264696no bueno, put-xSpanish, a Romance language, has grammatical gender represented in the endings of words, and so a female prostitute is puta in Spanish while a male one is puto

>>137264597do you really want a storytime of a spanish book with just a couple illustrations

>>137259615Why does only the cat girl go around with no clothes on?Who do only the bird and the salamander end up with human skin? I guess the salamander makes sense but if the furry animals get fur the bird girl should get feathersHalf-baked coombait

>>137265831I haven't read this, but the bird and salamander are in their human forms I think while the others are in their totally not a furry form.

>>137265831>>137266009Forgot pic

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>>137266023Oh okay I take it back thenEw the salamander


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Who is this?She is a cutie......

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>>137266591Hela Crow, info about her is here in spanish>>137266023I think she might be an antagonist, or at least an uneasy ally.

>>137257807This artist makes so kawaii art

>>137259615tumblr furry artstyle

>>137261934Hey could you go ahead and post the pages where she is drunk and her shirts half open.Uh, to help prove your point.

>>137267343Do you guys remember several years ago when americans on Holla Forums first discovered european comics sometimes had naked little girls in them, so started having regular "European Comics" threads that exclusively talked about and posted the same like seven comics and ten lewd pages for like a year or two?

>>137267372No one tell them about las novelas vaqueras they will dehydrate

>>137267372Yeah, but compared to the Holla Forums and Holla Forums threads where they discuss movies and tv shows with actual child nudity I can't say it hit me hard

>>137267411Oh yeah, I don't really have strong negative feelings about it. I'm just pointing it out for the euros here going "heh, are you repressed americans gonna get horny over these perfectly innocent feet hon hon hon" the answer is a frothing and ravenous yes. Just absolutely dick blisteringly horny.

Who is the artist? Link to twitter

>>137257827>pedoshitModsMods Mods

>>137267787His name is at the bottom of the cover,

>>137267833Thank you, I don't speech European so I couldn't find it


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>>137268081Water teamsforms her body?

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>>137262427You are a member of a culture from our continent. A particularly retarded culture, one that had to cross an ocean, so other European cultures would stop calling it hopelessly retarded. But now, thanks to the wonders of the internet, we can do it live. You fucking retard.

>>137259615Invasion of the Pepes.

These are pretty cute, I like em. Better than the boring ass kids books I read when I was a kid.

>>137270582This is like, reverse animorphs

>>137270594Never heard of it in my country

>>137269850How did you know I was Canadian?


>>137263636Bigger version.

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anyone has an actual rip to share? english if possible but I can work with spanish

>>137270678I read animorphs a lot as a kid. It's about a war between 2 alien races called the Andalites and the Yeerks. The Andalites are kind of like centaurs, except with two stalk eyes, no mouth, and they have a long tail with a scythe on the end. The Yeerks are parasitic slugs who enter the brain of their hosts through the ear canal or anything similar depending on the species, wrap around the victim's brain, and control them. The story begins with 5 kinds accidently discovering that the Yeerks have invaded Earth, and to fight them, they are gifted the power to morph by the dying andalite prince Elfangor, which means that any animal they are able to physically touch and acquire, they can later turn into as many times as they want. Since they can't tell anyone what they know out of fear that the Yeerks might discover their true identities, the kids are left to try and stall the Yeerks however they can until the Andalites can send reinforcements to bail them out.It's a real good series, I think all the books have been uploaded online for free so if you're curious I highly recommend it.

update on >>137272820searched everywhere (ebooks IRC, zlib, torrent) but didn't manage to find a single copy of this book. I guess I'm fucked unless an user has it and is willing to share>>137272181do you have it?

>>137267372WHEN is my live action remake of the one with the girl and the bear?

>>137273246>do you have it?Nah, I just found an image on Amazon.This user supposedly has a digitial copy, but who knows if he's still around.>>137263070

>>137257807this artist definitely draws porn, doesn't he?

>>137274255All artists draw porn. This one specializes in little boys and girls, as is the custom in his culture.

>>137274255Yeah, I feel like all artists draw porn. Whether they show it to anybody or not. He's also European, though, so maybe you're picking up on that.

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>>137274685The anatomy, the clothes, the character design, the art style, everything in this screams "I make porn too"

>>137274706I like how you didn't mention the fucking tentacle.

>>137274720lmao I didn't even notice itI don't fucking get when people bring up shit like >>137257827 or >>137267372 and them retards come up with "you're all prudes"it's fucking obvious those are made for sexual appeal

>>137265654>so a female prostitute is putaIt's prostituta. Puta comes from another latin word but ended meaning the same anyways so it's thought as an abreviation of prostitute.

>>137267343>>137267372how do they get away with this?