Autism Thread

It's been so long since I've last seen one of these, post all those cringe DA pics.

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you got it

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>>137257467The entirety of the Welcome Home fandom

autism thread?

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>>137257467I hope the Joker realizes how salty that stuff is

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>>137257675autism thread.

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>>137257467>DASomeday they'll start deleting accounts and uploads, just like YT and Imgur did. What will you do when that happens, Holla Forums?

>>137257939Nothing, honestly.

>>137257894Eww, that is wtf curse!

>>137257939>SomedayThis year

>>137258261Everyone's favorite plumber

>>137257894Is this implying everyone's watching dexter have sex? That's just weird.

>>137257894Those hyper-detailed legs...

Been waiting for this thread

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>>137257531>Ha! For making fun of me others like me!So pathetic. Imagine defending retarded spergs on DeviantArt of all places.

>>137257467The Joker replacing Gotham City's water supply with Ocean Water would be a fun premise.

>>137257894I was not prepared for Lazlo and Patsy. They completed the piece.

>>137260117They've done nothing wrong, being weird and goofy isn't a crime, and people wouldn't have to defend them if people like didn't attack them for no good reason.

>>137260169We're not going after or indicting anyone, we're just laughing at autism in drawn form.

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>>137260169>if people like didn't attack themLol vapid hole thinks posting pictures on an imageboard is "attacking them."Shut up retard. Complain when people a-log.

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>>137260169>They've done nothing wrongThey ruined DeviantArt and contributed into turning it into total joke among most outside places. I hear it's pretty much impossible to filter out most of their shit and find actual good art and written works thanks to the shitty new algorithm.>being weird and creepy isn't a crimeAnd making fun of them for doing that ain't one either.>attack them for no good reason.Nobody here is attacking them outright; they're just making fun of them behind their backs, and while mean, literally everyone does it once and a while. Are you just mad because you'd be part of the demographic being mad fun of?

>>137260248I mean, if you think that one person is defending them, then it would mean that you think you're attacking them, wouldn't it?

>>137260279Blessed read.

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>>137260056I don't think this is autism, I just needed an excuse to post this

>>137257905hell yeah.

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>>137260293You have three people calling you a retard, retard.And there's a term for "defending" people that aren't being attacked and who don't ask for your shit: white knighting.Kill yourself.

>>137260368You're attacking me, will you deny that now?

>>137260293>then it would mean that you think you're attacking them, wouldn't it?More like they think you're being a utter buzzkill who's getting in the way of a good thread.


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>>137260383>Oh what the Hell? I came into a thread and started acting retarded and now people are calling me a retard how could this be happening to me!?

>>137260077>dynamic poses>actually trying to stay true to human anatomyYep I'm thinking he's GMI

>>137260383..Are you Eoinghost? I've heard that guy lurks around here from a wiki awhile back.

>>137260389This entire whining fit happened because >>137260117 started crying about being made fun of in return

Who wins?

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>>137260383A-logging is not okay.Making fun of faggots (you) who come into the thread to cry is.Semi-related, but is KF down for anyone else?

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>>137257894>grigori in a cringe thread

>>137260467>This entire whining fit happened becauseAre you serious? People dunking on you and calling you a retard is not you a win for you. Your dumbass literally pulling a pitiful "No U"! in the at the start is now mad because people are laughing at your autistic ass.


>>137260077Actually not bad. Could work a little harder and this artist could get really good.

>>137260467>started crying about being made fun of in returnOh no. An autist going "no u", acting like some wannabe rule enforcer, and also assumes I'm OP because I hurt his feelings, thinks I'm "crying". How will I recover, lol.

>>137260248when i looked at that thumbnail, i really thought a massive schlong was between the two of them

>>137257894>What; did moaning "GET PREGNANT. JESUS CHRIST GET PREGNANT FOR ME" while I pumped a load into you not get the point across?

>>137257894Is that weird LeeLee autist now actually commissioning thinly veiled self-insert porn?

>>137257651Bully the fuck out of these sensitive theater kids

>>137260494Amazing how the difference between "Weirdly serious Pokemon comic" and "Oh. This is a purebred Deviant Art comic" is the single press of a Pg Dn button.

>>137260077is this just Cuphead Jojo?

>>137260345It's a great image, but it could stand to be more autistic. Seriously, no Jerry and Mouse themed Vtuber in the sandwiches? It's a layup.

>>137260494Absolute newfag

is it ok if some of the stuff I find isnt from DeviantArt?

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>actual reddit tier comment chain This thread was for showcasing cringe, not fucking being it you retards

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>>137261038>>137261070Far be it from me to leave a fren out.

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>>137260921Look I don't keep up with half the sidestream shit Null posts updates from or whatever.

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>>137260056this ain't it. there is a level of quality and concept that that either falls into autism or a decent shitppsting

>>137260040Fatfags can't into anatomy

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>>137260040>among us crewmate approaches randy cummingham

>>137261453same proportions

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>>137260494God i hate lily orchard so much its unreal

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The loud house fandom is a fucking goldmine

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>>137261517Good to see I'm not the only one who remembers Tom and Jerry Tales.


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>>137261981Pete the power cuck


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>>137257467I always thought the ocean water thing was a joke.

quite a character

What did he mean by this?

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>>137257894I need source of this

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>>137261980Why does FNF produce nuclear fallout levels of autism?

>>137262060It's worse than that!

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>>137262174But don't worry, Pete's on the rebound.

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you can post autism without cringe you know

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>>137262158you know for a laugh haha

>>137257894>the endHold up, there has to be more.

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>>137262162Dude from the fandom here, quite simple really. Same reason as Smash Brothers. Mass crossover autism, Original Characters and Newgrounds all crammed into one small rhythm game is bound to cause sum shit.

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>>137262286Not even SSB is this bad.

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Myster box is a special guy

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>>137262331Wait, isn't this the plot of....Oh shit.

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Heres some VHS autism

>>137262283would you?

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>>137262384Top comment reminds me of


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>>137261472This dude's page is Wild. Why does he have a Pac-man fetish?

>>137261981He grooms children into thinking a dessert is an actual breakfast and sets them up for diabetes and obesity later in life despite supposedly championing for fitness. Tony the Tiger has no morals. At least the other shitty cereal mascots don't present themselves as athletic.

>>137262401Why do all autists have the same weird hand movements?

>>137262505I get what you're saying, but frosted cornflakes is NOT a dessert. Unless you're saying it's nutritional value is closer to an actual dessert.

I can't laugh at this stuff, it makes me really sadI would pay SO much money if it would just eradicate autism. I know there are way worse disorders, but none like this which are growing exponentially, with unknown cause, and fucking -universal support- so nobody's even studying the cure.

>>137262421Tumblr autism is a different breed from Deviantart autism. One much worse.

>go to the newest page on DA>there's normally some prime autism>there's an account dumping pics of nude children>12 maybe 6 years old>can't tell if it's AI>pray that it's AI>can't find report button on his profile page >no way in hell am I clicking on one of those images This hunt stopped being fun.

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>>137262544Yeah that's what I'm referring to. >>137262576It's so shit how all these websites come down on you at the speed of light for saying no-no words or posting copyrighted music, yet to report stuff like cp its buried under a bunch of buttons.

>>137262624I'm sure there's a report button if I go to the page where the image is, but fuck man, I really don't want to for obvious reasons.

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>>137262345The plot of what user


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>>137262401>Muh Meg abuseThey stopped this shit in season 14

>>137262576Link it, or you're making it up

A fucking helicopter.

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Qui contrôle le terrain? (Matuidi)Blaise Matuidi, eh (Matuidi)Avec lui on est serein (Matuidi)Blaise Matuidi, eh (Matuidi)Qui contrôle le terrain? (Matuidi)Blaise Matuidi, eh (Matuidi)Avec lui on est serein (Matuidi)Blaise Matuidi, eh (Matuidi)Passement de jambe, crochet à gauche, à droiteKylian MbappéAccélération, virgule, petit-pont, frappeKylian MbappéJ'sais plus si j'suis gaucher ou droitierJe tire des deux pieds, Ousmane DembéléJ'sais plus si j'suis gaucher ou droitierJe tire des deux pieds, Ousmane Dembélé

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>>137262315I saw Opal for the first time today and didn't blink an eye but I had to close that image before I made it to the third panel.And I make some really fucked up porn.

>>137262742Will you find a way to report it if I give you the info?

>>137262331she kinda cute. Or i sure hope is a she and not some gay shit

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>>137262258It's a porn comic

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>>137262882And? There has to be more SFW pages.

The 2022 movie's starting to look good right about now.

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>>137262924Thought this was a TLoU2 meme for a sec

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>>137261329>no bathroom in a water parkwhy did they choose the one location where you can pee almost literally anywhere??

>>137260040Among Us tf fetish?

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>>137262837Will try

>>'s already gone. Thank god. Well, now I don't have proof, but whatever. I don't care if you believe me or not. Just glad someone took care of it.

>>137263150The implication is that it's the artist's fetish, with an additional layer of forcing people who wouldn't partake in such an activity to partake.

Oh good, AI can be just as autistic.

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>>137262735That looks like a really old video (the title says it's a reupload) but I can't be bothered to try to figure out exactly when it was made.

I remember this one sick fuck called AndersVG whose shit kept coming up while I was trying to find preggo art. He outright tagged his pieces as necrophilia, and every image he uploaded was some variation of a pregnant woman laying limp with her eyes closed and her mouth open. A lot of his drawings were literally just pictures of the same body growing progressivley bloodier and more discolored. He had series with names like "Corpse Catalog", "The Kosmetic Killer", and "Erotic Decomposition." Each of these apparently had volumes reaching into the 100s. Fortunately he and his mspaint atrocities got nuked and I don't have to deal with it anymore.

>>137261484>>137263152He's supposed to be a sumo wrestler.

Looking for something I can't find. In the meanwhile, have this.

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>>137261054Why is this so good?


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>>137264195It's simple and clean.

>>137262940Chicken Boo ain’t slick.

>>137262492>>137262878Looks like it's something to do with vore

>>137257569>claims to be a Christian but misspells itLol.

>>137263439Oh God yes I remember that shit too. Did you also get the sperg who would just flood the zone with hundreds of celebrity pics of Milla Jovovich pregnant?

There was a guy whose art was posted on here and I tried to follow his DA and as soon as I did he deactivated it. Fucking pussy.

>>137262418Fucking dirtfags ruin everything.

>>137264398wtf is the context for this?

>>137257531>>137260467>makes shit joke>gets criticized>diesReal autism.

>>137264480Socks and vacuum cleaners too

>>137264823i took two screenshots and that's all it took to set this thread offthe absolute state, i was genuinely joking and it struck nerves i didn't think would be there.

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>>137264533Fuck I almost forgot about that.

>>137257467About once a year I run all the way thru mollyhaleismyfriend's full DAAn exercise in madness


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>>137257467Does Sonic counts? Found this shit the other

I think about this one every now and again

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>>137262162FNF was THE trend game of 2021 before it was kicked out by poppy playtime and "horror for kids", it drew millions and millions of views with the most viewed FNF video being a whooping 203 million views. This was possible by it's charming style, unique music while also bringing popularity to the mostly niche genre of rhythm games which were and are still being dominated by stuff like OSU! or geometry dash and finally it's community.Fuck, the FNF community back in the day was more united with people clearly wanting more of the original game with some making mods to expand on said game while bringing along familiar faces to bring more audiences, due that the funkin crew made the source code of this game public and everyone, I mean EVERYONE can make content with this game.Also it's very nature of songs and music contribute to this considering all you need to make a FNF song in just hop on fl studio try something out and then add chromatic scales based of a voice or instrument as the main singers and bam your done.Now FNF is so divided you can count dozens of subcommunities coexisting like a ecosystem all united by this simple open source game and as the years pass more and more are uniting to the FNF modding scene, it's so fucking silly watching everything go down from a outsider point of view.

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>>137260494>Semi-related, but is KF down for anyone else?You need a VPN or some other browser like Tor or Brave.

>>137265396tl;dropen source attracts autism

>>137262624If they got serious with stopping CP, then the anime community would be erradicated in a month


>>137257467Posting this gem

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>>137262158>>137262975I've found some pics on paheal, just search grigori

>>137265445>>137265396Not to mention a lot of the mods feature around things that have obsessive fan bases to begin with or things that were very popular and could almost be considered nostalgic, especially with horror. For instance there are a lot of Creepypasta mods. And there's a mod for Doki Doki. And I think there's one for Among Us? Basically a lot of kiddie horror from a few years ago. Though I'm not sure how many were actually around for a lot of it. Shame about Hypno's Lullaby. So those attract more autists, and they make more mods because its easy, which attract more autists.

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>>137261609This shit rocks dude.

>>137265567Kill witches. Behead witches. Roundhouse kick a witch into the concrete. Slam dunk a witch baby into the trashcan. Crucify filthy hags. Poison a witch's food. Launch witches into the sun. Stir fry witches in a wok. Toss witches into active volcanoes. Urinate on a witch's broom.Judo throw witches into a wood chipper. Twist witches heads off. Report witches to the Conformatorium. Karate chop witches in half. Curb stomp pregnant demons. Trap witches in quicksand. Crush witches in the trash compactor. Liquefy witches in a vat of acid. Eat witches.Dissect witches. Exterminate witches in the Unity. Stomp demon skulls with steel toed boots. Cremate witches in the oven. Lobotomize witches. Mandatory abortions for demons. Grind demon familiars in the garbage disposal. Drown witches in apple blood. Vaporize witches with a ray gun. Kick old witches down the stairs. Feed witches to titans. Slice witches with a broadsword.

>>137262399Why is she so breathy? dude best give her an inhaler.

>>137265739There's more where that came from.

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>>137262742He's telling the truth. CP is an issue there now.Both AI and legit pictures.

>>137265773He's literally me.

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>>137265445>>137265629Not that im complain tho, sometimes this shit hole still manages to produce one or two things that are yeah it's a mess the best way to see how many of them are connected to FNF is by look at the most recent ish but every turn a different character sings it cover, or betadciu for

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>>137265396>>137265823These thumbnails radiate the sheer Deviantart autism that is missing nowadays.

>>137265875You know the best part?They are paid commissionsSomeone got paid to draw these

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FNF got instantly worse when it revived interest in creppypastas with it's mods

>>137265967It's fucking funny tho how they bastardized these silly stories

>>137266000forgot pic

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What happened to Holla Forums? It used to stand up for mentally disabled people on DA and encourage them rather than try and be , it was once the safest board on 4chan. Now you’re acting like a bunch of god damned school yard bullies. Cyberbullying is really and can really affect people, especially the people on Deviantart, which consist of severely mentally disabled people just trying to find an outlet for their creativity. Just like Holla Forums used to fucking be for everyone. This shit is Abelist and can get someone seriously hurt. This is supposed to be a safe board and you all fucking ruined it! How the fuck do ANY OF YOU FUCKING SLEEP AT NIGHT knowing you made fun of innocent severely handicapped children like the kids on Deviantart? I swear this shit started after you all decided to call people who use names and are a little bit off but just wanna share their opinions “Schizos” which is such a fucking hateful and Abelist term. (well, except for guy, he can fuck off because he’s a self admitted pedophile. You still shouldn’t used the word schizo to describe scum like him, though.)Fuck all of you scumbags to hell, you’re bullies and abusers. You remind me of those shitty FNAF fans who attacked Vivziepop for calling Scott Cawthorn out for being sexist and homophobic and rightfully saying he should be punched. How the fuck in God’s name do ANY of you sleep at night?!?! Especially knowing you’re on Holla Forums, a neurodivergent friendly board where literally ALL OF US ARE NEURODIVERGENT! Fuck these threads, and fuck cyberbullying disabled children! Holla Forums is supposed to be a supportive and safe board, and the most diverse board on 4chan including autism.

>>137266014Who the fuck draws mickey like he was a ugly bastard

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>>137266050Twitter groomers apparently

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>>137266014>>137266068 this is a Twitter comic?


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>>137266109Ye and it look like he rapes her btw

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>>137257467>cringeI need this to show up in a comic.


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>>137262742>>137262576>>137265782DAs report system is fucking garbage toothey always want you to provide a link to prove the age of the child in question, because it assumes that you're reporting a you could be reporting literal honest to god CP and the report page will ask you "SOURCE?"

>>137266014>>137266068>>137266138>>137266150>>137266163>>137266175Suicide mouse just wants to fucking die not groom underages like a modern Disney manager

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>DA Autism thread>Most of the pics are just fetish picsCome on, fags, that's just low-effort.>>137266175Five minutes later:

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>>137266196I'm 100% sure dA makes reporting someone as big a pain in the ass as possible because they don't like doing anything. I remember a few years ago when I was active there, one of the site mods outright stated they'd like for the site to mostly moderate itself. what the fuck he meant by that is anyone's guess, I'm assuming he just wanted its users to harass undesirable people off the site?

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>>137266238Another based /exeg/ connoisseur...

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>>137257894Who's the girl?

>>137266238>>137266319>Exefags in Holla ForumsNow i know who is popping up those analog horror threads around here

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Do the teletubbies count as Holla Forums or they are more Holla Forums?

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>>137266406You tell to my face that thing is a teletubby oc then I'll call you an absolute massive autismo for giving her a fucking gun

>>137266406Where's her teletubbie screen?

>>137266283that ones mine :(

>>137266510Yeah teletubbies OCs do exist but they divided between the normal series OCs and the Slenderman parody games Slendytubbies OCs which let me tell you it's a very different can of worms in terms of autism

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>>137257467>DeviantArtyou anons are really dating yourself with that.


These retarded threads have literally nothing to do with Comics or Cartoons. Fuck off to Holla Forums, /trash/, kiwifarms, or whatever shithole you crawled out of. Everyone else, fulfill your civic duty as a Holla Forumsmrade by reporting it for off topic.

>>137266607You're very upset :)

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>>137266607Blame the niggers who started to bring along shit outside of Holla Forums media, normally it's just a fun time looking at what a severely autistic mind can do


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>>137266607Are you so mad that you're gonna go fuck your girlfriend so you aren't as mad?Who am I kidding?

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>>137266692Jesus user spoiler that shit

>>137266561Sure it's fetish-y, but it's also pretty well done, artwise.

>>137266607>I didn't get my way, so I'm gonna bitch and cry like the little crybaby bitch I amAre you crying? Good.

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>>137266566>Slenderman parody games Slendytubbies OCs which let me tell you it's a very different can of worms in terms of autismYou can't just say that and leave me hanging

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>>137266607>These retarded threads have literally nothing to do with Comics or Cartoons. Fuck off to Holla Forums, /trash/, kiwifarms, or whatever shithole you crawled out of.>Everyone else, fulfill your civic duty as a Holla Forumsmrade by reporting it for off topic.

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>>137262576Just report it to the FBI. A couple glowie harassments would do a shitty report system like that good

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>>137266722no shit nigga it's my fetishbeen drawing these for ms Holla Forums every year and no one appreciates meI'm not upset, I know a tickle fetish is cringe as hell, but I like bringing it up here and making people uncomfortable.

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>>137267172Don't cry.I don't have a tickle fetish or even a bondage fetish, but I fap to that shit anyways cause it's hot as fuck.And yes, this is autistic as all hell, but still...

Attached: a_ticklish_road_to_taz_mania_by_mamei799tickle_d8939e4-fullview.jpg (900x634, 119.25K)

Average lesbian couple.

Attached: hss_kiss_by_tanasweet123_dfnlxa5.png (3449x1049, 1.48M)

To all of the degenerates that made the so-called "artwork" being shared in this thread, I seriously hope that they can find Jesus and straighten their lives back into the path of righteousness 'cause watching this stuff makes me feel extremely uncomfortable, holy shit.

Attached: Jesus.jpg (675x900, 116.88K)

>>137262421>OBSESSED w/ animeThis gives weebs a bad name, and that's saying a lot.

>>137267467yeah jesus if you could come cure autism already that'd be great. and dispense with weird ass fetishes too. oh right you're too busy


>>137260494>>137261587Me too, buddy. Me too.

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>>137265375Weirdly specific. Good find

You wanna see some real autism?>>137258510

>>137268187Yep, its just some shitty namefag drama nobody cares about.

>>137266036concern trolling is funny and because concern trolling is such a rare type of trolling people never realize its a troll and just keep taking the bait.

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>>137267929Imagine being that close to having your dreams come true.

>>137263488That was a fun thread

>>137268259What did Pan do this time?

>>137265773literally the only difference between this and your average >>>/trash/ /ceg/ poster is that the niggas at /ceg/ can actually draw.>>137266607>reddit do your th- i mean fufill your civic duty, Holla Forumsmrades>>137266694unironically fuck this guy for cementing my vore fetish.

Attached: wander_helps_furrball_warm_up_by_footballlover_d6tdxmd-fullview.jpg (1024x2022, 475.01K)

>>137268519nuPPG apologist didn't care for pan's review of the show. ends his 'response' review by murdering pan with his edgy reaper

>>137262576There's nothing sexual about naked children you creep.

>>137263164>hero or liar?Worse, traitor.

>>137263987>Leni is IC >the situation is awkward but realisticThe only thing making in deviantart shit is the bad art and the fact we actually see the girl peeing, you could have the same comic with her unseen behind a tree or bush and it would just be a regular funny Loud House comic. I mean bathroom humor is the bread and butter of TLH.

>>137257467>>137260040>>137260220What's with DA and allowing this shit that's obviously just some random kid (or usually some grown up dude with the mind of a kid) taking random fucking images from google and barely modifying them?

>>137266406>>137266566>teletubbie ocs are the best art in the threadA genuinely good artist taking time to draw serious fanart for a literal baby show will always be more autistic to me than weird fetish shit. Like Sonic has millions of fans of all ages, so of course there's going to be tons of freaks who want to combine their fetishes with one of their favorite game series. But how does anyone older than a preschooler have enough interest in Teletubbies to make an OC?

>>137257569that looks very much like an ironic joke

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>>137269010the response to this image was better than the pic itself

Attached: 3.png (1845x313, 81.19K)

>>137269010This is one of my favorite crossover pics.>>137269017 mostly for this reason.



>>137261609Post the sandy pic nigger, i dare you

>>137261084see its descriptors like "someone who's brain works the way pretzels are shaped" that perfectly described shit like this, because genuinely, what the fuck? id sooner assume this is just absurdist comedy than actual autism art, because that implies this actually makes sense and appeals to someone on some kinda primal level i mean... why the number 7??

as usual, a lot of stuff itt is just intentional irony >>137262267anon this is hardly autism, its just the setup to a shitty porn comic or something probably i mean sure you could argue its the same thing, but this doesnt fly

autism is my superpower ^_^

>>137269010>>137269017I'd legitimately commission this dude to draw oddly specific scenes from movies with cartoon characters inserted.

>>137262315the last panel always makes me lose

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>>137269147Being a faggot ironically is still being a faggot user

>>137262576if it makes you feel better, user, theres a near infinitely high chance that its AI

>>137269147You're telling me mollyhaleismyfriend is just pretending?

>>137269172why are humans like this

>>137263488>>137268400i wanna know

>>137268873>bathroom humor is the bread and butter of TLHthat was the thing that instantly turned me away from itwhen i first saw the show i was drawn to the classic comicbook reminiscent artstyle, but then i saw how much toilet humor there is in it and i was disappointed its not often we have a show with a fun pleasent artstyle and an equally nice and simplistic premise, but the comedy just doesnt fare

>>137262576>>137269172this is exactly what i feared AI will lead to, haha.

>>137269171youre right, but it doesnt have the same effect

>>137266758Basically>10 years ago a guy called Sean, also known as Zeoworks, had an idea>It was dumb as hell but also funny>Slendytubbies 1 was born>It's a massive success, lest players from all over the world played it, including PewDiePie>Work in sequel>St 2 releases in 2014>It's also a success but less considering the slender craze has officially began to die>By this point he made a loyal fanbase of underages and autism>Start work in third and last foreseeable game>ST 3 releases in 2017>It's an absolute shitshow because Sean decided to make a story mode for the game along with a solid multiplayer with different game modes>The campaign is like a fever dream of a kid who watches teletubbies and plays cod zombies>Regardless of it's quality, it still made his fanbase happy>Zeoworks pround of his work continues to make additional content for st 3>Fast-forward a few months >His fanbase enters puberty and starts to act horny, too horny for zeoworks taste and also act like a bunch of annoying little shits>It grew so bad he had to cancel the additional content he planned so just to prevent it going any further than having ERP 24/7 in his servers and doxings or death threats for the dumbest of reasons>After everything calmed down, he started to work in another St game which will actually be the last one before he fuck offs and leaves behind this autism he created. It's a case of a parody fucking out living the thing it parodied while also transforming into its own separate thing

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>>137257467>It's been so long since I've last seen one of theseGee, i wonder why that is.

Attached: i'm drinking ocean water AND THERE'S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT.png (479x476, 17.78K)

>>137268982Its actually impressive how much talent tubbyfags place into the dumbest of things, its almost like the sonic.exe cult but even weirder

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>>137266694Vore isn't funny or cringe anymore it's mainstream and boring and people have to invent new kinds of vore like being eaten by doorways

>>137268645What's weird is how the show actually had a fan. What kind of people actually enjoy this nuPPG?

>>137269545Probably an industry enabler.

>>137269314>>137269504Feels like Thomas tank Engine tier autism

>>137257569Future Army Veteran is a fantastic bit

>>137269314Slendytubbies' secret success was including a legimately fun multiplayer mode. It was Dead by Daylight before Dead By Daylight, and people always loved the idea of playing as a killer.


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>>137257467>no mention of this masterpiece

Attached: 1644087020080.jpg (1023x564, 51.64K)

>>137269314One of my favorite parts is that Zeowork somehow convinced actual musicians to make some songs for ST

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Attached: autism_acceptance_2022_by_celmationprince_df3756u-375w.jpg (375x279, 33.47K)

Attached: 1562564077.menditoanthroenthuz8502_the_raccoons_characters_at_the_urinals.png (1373x750, 1.6M)

>>137269728>Zeowork somehow convinced actual musicians to make some songs for ST 3It's clear they were friends and did it for shit and giggles

Guys, this entire thread thus far was just meant to make you build up resistance for the real cringe.>An IQ of 500

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>>137269707always gets me

Attached: 2.png (407x202, 46.94K)

>>137268899Why on Earth should they care?


Attached: 1586725852117.png (355x540, 413.02K)

>>137269772not bad and an actual autism post>>137267279can verify that this is what lesbians look like in their final form


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>>137270002>ArtaponGod, is he still making comics?

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>>137261980I always get a kick out of kids not noticing when they’re favorite characters aren’t superheroes. So many autists just think SpongeBob is an avenger for no reason

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>>137270056Here's another

Attached: prayforlasvegas.jpg (560x350, 78.68K)

>>137270071various cartoon characters reacting to current news events is a subtle genre that has many cheap imitators and not enough of the real thing, but when its good, its real fuckng good.

>>137270030Nope just the usual stuff for a dino autist, still i don't know how could he make something that could peak The no end house comic

>>137266350k i n o

>>137262742Why did you ask for a link to child porn

>>137270120>i don't know how could he make something that could peak The no end house comicSoon...

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>>1372701702 sucked balls compared to the original I don't have high hopes for this

I find it funny how the DA community bitches about their venture into AI, but with shit that's basically just random google images cobbled together with ms paint drawings and outright facebook tier meme images being the majority:1. That shit might as well be made by an AI already2. The DA AI is going to be trained on that garbageDA basically just is Facebook for "That weird kid" at this point, more than it is an actual art site.

Attached: det39hc-8fe5133d-fa21-4be0-bc58-650fc2ad2536.png (772x1013, 649.25K)

>>137269504...Is there more?

>>137265559Even funnier when he got btfo'd later.

>>137262421has this artist been identified

>>137262829no anonyou only THOUGHT you made fucked up porn

>>137262421People will attempt western VNs, but then do writing and visuals like this unironically.

>>137270249More than you think There's a of wiki for that if you are interested


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>>137271098This isn't that surprising tho that doesn't take away the massive autism of it


>>137270170the random anime girls are sending me


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>>137271421Please just stick to stuff you find in deviant art because otherwise this thread will go off the rails and gets it killed

>>137271456anyways is this the thread?

>>137271456>this thread will go off the rails and gets it killed

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>>137270002>mermaid barnacle>man boyhuh?


>>137266036Fuckin' SAVED

Attached: 1652580822839.gif (301x405, 2.92M)

>>137268982>But how does anyone older than a preschooler have enough interest in Teletubbies to make an OC?Autism and hyperfixation in a childhood thing sometimes causes some unexplainable shit to happen, also it doesn't help that many kids nowadays first impressions of teletubbies as a whole is tainted by Slendytubbies shit

Attached: 1679780151080018.jpg (414x360, 34.09K)

>>137271421>even the fucking funny train fandom thinks this fic is a load of dogshit nowKEK

>>137267279Many such cases!


>>137269314Hell yeah dude, that rocks.

>>137257467To be fair this does seem like the kind of craaaaaazy thing the Joker would do

>>137271686>also it doesn't help that many kids nowadays first impressions of teletubbies as a whole is tainted by Slendytubbies shitYou mean teens because Slendytubbies is now old enough that the kids back then are now legal adults and those that stick around for this thing are the ones who make content like this >>137269504


>>137271421The best part is sodor is located next to a Powerplant

>>137271891Imagine having a horror parody that bastardizes another generation childhood be part of your childhood

>>137260077Looks like shit but I drew like that too 8 years ago

>>137262878>theres more than one pac man fetish guy on dA>theyre both specifically horny for the hanna barbera series>the one Im thinking of is actually talented and draws considerably well despite having such an odd obsessionthe industrial revolution and its consequences have really reaped some weird shit

>>137269772>skadi and tsuyuatleast they have good taste

the talented autists of dA really fascinate me the most. pic related is the pac-man guy I was mentioning. half his gallery is stuff like this and the other half is astonishingly on-model lewds of HB Sue and Ms Pacman.

Attached: dc1dng7-f6aa800d-f382-476e-be0f-9c161e5213e0.jpg (800x700, 241.73K)

>>137257467Joker is fucking BASED, I can't believe he would just go and drink Ocean water

Attached: Reggie scream.jpg (1280x720, 43.38K)

>>137266692>>137266406What a shitty oc when you cant even tell its a teletubbie, literally the most defining detail is basically left outAt this point its just a character with 0 relation to the show

>>137272883The owner just forgot to draw the screen>>YES SHE HAS A SCREEN I just forgot to draw it x'D

Attached: 7hppb0oh6l961.jpg (1024x683, 137.17K)

>>137273871>Amity is still blushing>Even in this situation

>>137270170He really should’ve called it NoEd House.

What drives someone to end up like this

>>137272061If I had a nickel everytime there's something from a past generation childhood turned into a monster that is fondly remembered by the next generation I'd be drowning in money right now

>>137271686Hyperfixation is truly something. If its targeted on something academical/useful it can end up being a net positive, like those math wizards that care about nothing but solving problems, but on the wrong thing its just weird, like the thomas the tank engine obsessives.Its like being a wizard who may end up using his powers for good or for the dumbest shit possible.

>>137274894Being raised on some obscure ass cartoon, and then being left in the car one fateful day and sitting on the floor.

>>137274988This. I hyperfixated on academics, I wrote my master's thesis in two months. I hyperfixate on 4chan, and, well, here we are.

>>137267172draw more milly faggot

>>137269017>read this in rusty's voiceFuck it's perfect.

>>137274917aside from the obvious examples like fnaf, winnie the pooh, thomas, dora, sesame street, etc Im having trouble thinking of any others


Attached: ss (2016-07-25 at 03.58.41).png (812x532, 90.8K)

>>137275221BayformersNu-star warsCreepypastas with sonic.exe as the main culprit Teen Titans goPretty much anything that had a shitty reboot or taken outside it original appeal into a bastardized self


>>137275317“Evil cannot create anything new, they can only corrupt and ruin what good forces have invented or made.”


Attached: 1474813562843.png (270x341, 127.07K)


>>137274917Think of any episode of a cartoon that was scary to you as a kid and I guarantee you someone else is obsessed with them as a fetish or comfort thing

>>137267279reminded me of this, thanks

Attached: 1633371792168.jpg (1800x536, 240.59K)

>>137275317oh fuck you're right. I was thinking strictly within the parameters of "X but creepy". Yeah man I think its safe to say we're entering an entertainment dark age. It really feels like some mass extinction event has gone down in entertainment in the last decade. Im almost happy that remakes like Robocop 2014 were just boring because things could have been so much worse if it were released a few years later.