Pics that go hard

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can you guys please post Holla Forums characters in dripthanks

>>137256281>cosmo bongisn't that kinda gay? If you are gonna suck it off someone have wanda do it

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>>137256376In all honesty all of (the few) Craig McCracken’s drawings (that have been released) go hardThere’s something so likeable and effortless about his style and yet i can’t put my finger on it.

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>>137256427I think this thread is for pics that "go hard" ironically

>>137256420>isn’t that kind of gay? If you’re gonna suck a dick it should be a female dickAnon

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>>137256427His designs are full of the kind of abrupt edges and messy curves that look great in graffiti.

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>>137256567omg i LOVE this

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>>137256613>>137256698What's with Brazilians and The Simpsons, why do they like it so much?

>>137256874why is he cooking with baking soda is this a drug thing

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>>137256897the ending we were denied

>>137256281And very hard for Timmy too.

>>137256281wtf is Wanda supposed to be?

>>137256376pure kino

>>137257171Liquor. Possibly tequila or vodka.

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>>137256773>>137256753Shit like this makes me a little depressed.I was in a smoke shop the be other day that had an ash tray of the entire belcher family smoking.And the thought of Louise being high just made my heart sink.


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>>137256947I think he's making crack.


>>137256613>>137256698>>137256858>Brazilian soccer fans bant each other by drawing stonned Simpsons murdering each other>Mexican soccer fans bant each other by drawing bara ryona of their teams' mascotsLatAm is something else.

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>>137256698>>137256613Why are people so violent about the most boring sport ever and invented ?

>>137257302Making crack requires heating up cocaine and adding baking soda.


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>>137257321Spics fucking adore and follow soccer like a religion to them and it's glorious

>>137257201idk what any of this is supposed to mean but I'm saving this picture


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>>137256951Well now I'M hard.

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>>137256427Where can I see more of his new drawings?

>>137257231The fuck were you doing in a smoke shop if you act like a little bitch about fictional characters getting depicted as smokers. The fuck were you expecting.


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>>137257231seeing some random unofficial piece made your heart sink? Good luck if you everwalk into aco unintentionally

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>>137256427more of this pls

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>>137258374I like that the artist had to include her headdress despite it being a violation of uniform code, because without this is just a generic fursona.

>>137256521God I wish that was something for sale

>>137258405Marian makes the rules


>>137256613>Ja, ja! Se re regalo

>>137256521>>137258465 Friendly reminder that someone found it and it sadly wasn't a wallet like everyone assumed. It was a compact mirror.

>>137257445Spaniards too. Constantly.

>>137258324Is this the post-credits scene of The Super Mario Bros movie right?


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>>137257823Not pics that make me hard

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>>137258374There's nothing hard about racism other than a symptom of being pussies about the unfamiliar


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>>137257171Pretty sure it's 1800, which is tequila.

>The Marian image was so hard even the janny had to interfere

"shhh... shut the FUCK up and let it happen!"this is from one of those retards that post in /hyw/ its a bit edgier than usual and caught me off guard ngltbf he or she is the most talented artist from those threads, which isn't saying much.

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>>137256748lol he looks like leany, i remember this being shared on the fb "community" nearly a decade ago. good times.

>>137259628Just wait until she hears about this Marvel Comics situation.

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>>137257231I was at a dispensary and they had a mural of all the 90s nickelodeon characters smoking weed, including all the babies from Rugrats

>>137257445futbol is a huge betting industryNarcos literally decide who is going to win to make profit

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>>137257321>about the most boring sport ever and inventedNo one is holding a pig skin though

>>137259751AWW. Thank you user! Seeing my fans puts a smile on my face desu~

A lot of bootlegs somehow go hard

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>>137256874>>137257256Go back, tourist.


>>137261599nice dubs fake bones.

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>>137261947Her son:

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>>137256567>Princess of Evil moves to Earth and falls in love with a human boy>All while paladins, angels and so on try to take her out before she can become the next Queen of Evil>It's a race between time and The Dick to see if she can be turned to being not evil.>Will true Descartes conquer all?

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>>137257321>the most boring sport ever and invented ?Golf?

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>>137257321>Panem et circensesAnd it works because most soccer fans are moronic zealots with literally nothing else going on in their lives

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>>137257231It's cringe to be sure, anyone purposefully depicting wildly underage characters smoking weed is as guilty as one drawing them having sex... Which is to say, legally, allowed.The worst part is, i feel ya. Seeing rocko or the rugrats or... Well, no, ren and stimpy getting blasted seems appropriate.But the OTHER TWO, it feels gross.Memories of a less jaded age, contaminated with your modern worries.I get it. I swear i do.

>>137262661I like louise belcher porn

>>137256521nah, thats cringe

>>137256371Chad Daffy is best Daffy.

*hits jwhat if the owl house sequel was just luz and amity getting high

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>>137259560>hella butthurtKek

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>>137260620If nazis hadn't fumbled the bag we could be wearing this right now

>>137256376bros, Buttercup?

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>>137263526>Looney Tunes character>expensive suit>black & whiteeasy formula for 'goes hard'

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>>137257231>>137262661Oh yeah that makes sense: Fear of the fucking drugs getting to kids and shit, that's actually a good one.

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>>137262999It's a gorillaz universe thing. They are actors or something like that.

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>>137257316>Brazil >Spanish Try again.

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>>137263934>implying there's any real difference between Spanish and Brazilian

>>137262724We were robbed

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>>137263934>Spanish is the only romance

>>137263934Nobody cares they sound the fucking same.

>>137257231>And the thought of Louise being high just made my heart sink.Are you kidding, that sounds hilarious.

>>137256947Yes, that's how crack cocaine is made, Timmy.

>>137261522You're right, user, how could anyone say that the sport with 90 minute games where the final score is 0-0 is unexciting?

>>137262991Nazi win would have just collapsed and turned all of Europe into East Europe.

>>137263983There is between brazilian fans and say, argentineans >>137264266? >>137264317>american education

>>137264013>I don't mean realistic depictions of a panic attackkek.

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>>137262078>a giant green MnM will never stroke your magical blunderpuss

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>>137261522Americans dont like it because it doesnt have any obese black men sweating over each others bodies.

>>137256281>Timmy, Timmy Turner>He be wishing for a burner

>>137258349I want that as a shirt or hoodie.


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>>137264013imagine luz was admited into a hospital and put into a strait jacket and OD'd on tranq pills

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>>137261290Murrlogic would NEVER buy that shitty 99c walmart bread!!

>>137262727>hellaNo wonder you're so upset over racists lmao

>>137264561>MS Paint guyque?

>>137264403Keep seething. Your shithole country has nothing worthwhile separating it from any other 3rd world crapshoot.

>>137264403>waaahhh why does nobody care about the minute differences in my gutterspeak languagesYou NEED to learn English. Nobody needs to learn your language :^)

i love this kinda stuff

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>>137264646newfag doesn't remember the guy who spammed the Batman draw threads with hundreds of poorly drawn fetishistic fanart comics of Maggie and Selma's kid

>>137264403>?You assumed I didn't know Brazilians speak Portuguese and not Spanish because I grouped them with the rest of Latin America, so I posted these links to explain why Brazil actually belongs in that group.

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>>137264697>Hello, this is the CEO of racism speaking, how may I help you?

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>>137257347what's up with that

>>137264697yeah, a lot of it's wacky and fucked up but (for the most part) you can tell the artists put love and effort into making them>>137264719what? no way this is real.>it's realwell alright then!

>>137264719Is this the inspiration for Bitch Hunter from 30 Rock?

>>137256281W-what is Timmy gonna do with that gun?

>>137257845>The fuck were you expecting.I dunno.Shit like Bart Simpson getting high and stuff doesn't bother me. There was plenty of that in the shop. That feels par the course.Gene and Gina, I can kinda get that too.Louise just feels really wrong to me.

>>137256298This shit cracks me up.

>>137260620>lucario legs

>>137256613>Homer gets stoned and knifes flanders Brazilian Simpsons is so weird.

>>137264735>NewfagHew now, this isn't a drawfag thread. Not all of Holla Forums visits those

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>>137264642>LmaoI would never have known

>>137264678>minute differences Like I've said, american education.

>>137259628>hard>Furry shitWonder who posted this

>>137263934>>137256613Which part of Argentina is this?

>>137264795>Garsh Mickey, Of course i listen to Burzum! I'm Goofy not stupid! a'hyuk!

>>137262367First loudhouse fanart I've ever seen that made me feel something positive

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>>137263734Now you slave at the Amazon warehouse looking over your shoulder to not get cancelled.

>>137265024Mar Del Plata, on the neighbirhood where football club Aldosivi resides>>137264317Brazilians sound different from the rest of the world

>>137264788>"Heard you're building a team. We want in."

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>>137258324Oh no.


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>>137259416Even better, you can do fat lines off of it.

>>137259628Stop trying to fit in, dogfucker. You've never been wanted here.

>>137256613Such a dark aura this image has. Very bad people made this!

>>137262991>expecting anything good from socialistsAnon, >>137263734 has it right. All you have to do is look at the Soviets or the Chinks to know what a Nazi would have looked like.

>>137257171She's a bottle of 1800.

>>137256951>see gallery of the artist>no single image about weight gain>i get mad

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>>137263734What? Chill out you gay retard. I don't want anyone exterminated besides maybe (You).No labor camps, secret police or authoritarianism at all. Just wanted to be able to wear cool uniforms but they fucked it.

>>137264448This is hilarious. why is this a thing?

Cartoon character but drugs, street or guns is so absolutely for poors.Why is that?

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>>137265640It's relatable.

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>>137264266>>137264317>>137263983Why are Americans so aggressively ignorant?

>>137263734>the world would be the exact same but no minoritiesso you admit it would be better

Going to sleep now but I hope this thread is still up by tomorrow morning. I'm phone-posting right now and I got some relevant pics in my hard-drive that need to be reposted for posterity.Kino thread BTW, OP.

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>>137256943>>137257316>>137264936That's from Argentina, not Brazil.

>>137265596This feels very Shad-esque

>>137265785Why do third worlders have such an inflated sense of self importance?

>>137266030see >>137264266 >>137264317 >>137263983 >>137264656 >>137264678


>>137265800He’s saying that would not be the case you retard. Learn reading comprehension before you post

>>137266096That's like saying people from Mexico and the US are the same because both countries have a 41.9% obesity rate or that half their youth have their brains melted by anime.

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>>137266121check out this seething shitskin

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You fucktards already have a shitty thread dedicated to off topic cringefaggotry. Stop spamming.

>>137263734I love spergy Holla Forumsumblr faggots.

>>137259416That can easily get turned into a wallet, a profitable niche waiting.Notes taken.

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>>137263612TGT is so fucking Kino

>>137266073That's what >>137265785 asked tho?

>>137266426post hand mulatto

>>137265024>Which part of Argentina is this?literally every neighborhood in buenos aires has a shitty simpsons graffity.

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>>137264379As opposed of a game consisting of:15 minutes of ads5 minutes of jackoffs in a booth explaining everything that just happened with squiggles because everyone who likes the sport is mentally handicappedAt most 2 minutes of actual playing the sport

>>137257445Soccer is the deciding factor on whether or not someone is subhuman.A white man might not care for sports or will like hockey, football, or even shuffle board.But Africans, eastern europeans, British, and latinos will kill one another over soccer.

Remember Horridus? They killed her for good in one of these "very special episodes" about getting the vaccine.

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>>137261799finally, he caught something

>>137256567Evil star be like: "i don't support genocide"

>>137264887Use it on Trixie when she starts going into her attention whore fits again.

>>137268751>reading tmntdeservedMake a new thread silly billy holy shit that's tactless


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>>137268751>superheroes are supposed to die saving the worldWow what a bitch, you'd think superheroes at least deserve a calm death surrounded by loved ones.

>>137257321Europe stopped shooting eachother but they gotta find some way to be extreme nationalists somehow

>>137256326Lmao this is fucking great


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>>137264719I miss the unadulterated edge of the 1990s

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>>137261522Sorry the rest of the world is complete pussies

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>>137269890says the guy who plays with protective gear

>>137257321Nobody cares about the sport itself you moron, its used as a proxy war for civic or national pride

>>137269925Because you’re smacking another person at 15 to 20mph. It’s gonna cause major injuries even with protective equipment

>>137270082I probably have CTE from all the times i hit myself as an act of self harm

>>137270095That’s sounds like a you problem

Hardest thread on Holla Forums, thanks OP

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>>137270185You know there wasnt a hint of irony in the creation of this image

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>>137270095Nobody cares about your self harm faggot next time go all the way and just end it instead of looking for attention

>>137257231>shit like this makes me a little depressedHahahaHUH? PUSSYYYYYY! pussy pussy pussy pussy pussy PUSSYYYY!

>>137256371>elf slave, wat do?

>>137262066I went to a thrift store in Japan that had a ton of black Bart Simpson shirts for some reason

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>>137268008So are we going to ignore all the riots apetackle caused?Are we going to ignore hockey players killing each other mid-game is part of the sport?

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Attached: beavis_and_butthead_jv_style_by_plunketta-d4h8m2a.jpg (800x1000, 92.53K)

>>137271077Jthm Bevis?

>>137268751>Stupid, stupid girlThe guy writing this understands the character was left in front of a television set and locked in a room for a majority of her life right?Not sure referring to her as stupid is the right way to word this. Even in the heat of a moment.

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>>137256281>Shoes on bedDo USans really ?

>>137270082Try playing rugby. It's what USan "football" wants to be.

>>137272017hush ESL.

>>137270756>Gyrlzhow is that supposed to be pronounced? gai-rls?

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>>137259538Sometimes I forget actual faggots like you browse Holla Forums

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>>137272117I gladly accept your concession.

>>137257231The legalization of Marijuana and its consequences have been a disaster for western civilization.


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>>137272666Instead of people using it but everybody pretending nobody does?

>>137270185What the fuck?

>>137270961No, organized sports are cancer but the alternative is for countries to keep declaring wars at each other to satisfy our tribalistics impulses.

>>137272690Dude there is so much more use than before.My entire middle class whitish neighborhood stinks of it.

>>137272477>preggy twigonna cum


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>>137273060damn son

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>>137266114>Samefagging own post because no one caresCringe

>>137268751>one of the most popular characters in a series running for 30 years>her mutation was explicitly said to make her immune to human diseases>lived through the killzone>in a span of two issues they introduce COVID, she refuses to get vaccinated and dies of it>"yes it's canon, get used to it, she won't come back, just like your friends who refused to take the shot"

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>>137272477It's still up.

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>>137272477That baby always cracks me up holy shit

>>137265064You must be supergay.

>>137261290>It's not about buying's about sending a message

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>>137268751>>137269614>>137271223>>137273374Do you know what the most retarded thing about this is? The only people who even read his shit at this point are those with the keen ability not to throw up from all the progressive political shit he shoehorns into it or those agreeing with it. The first group ignores anything he has to say applicable to the real world and the second group already thinks like him. Horridus was killed off for nothing.

>>137269776A woman could get away with this, but for a guy, it wouldn't be worth the questions. America pretends that its fine with freedom of expression, but it isn't. At all.

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>>137272017Football is rugby evolved but more popular and violent so it’s far better than soccer or rugby

>>137264965pretending anyone else is butthurt when you cry first doesnt work because it cant work

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>>137256558nailed it

>>137269776Imagine unashamedly blasting a load all over that hood.

Reminder that a picture isn't hard if you can't hear 679 whenever you look at it

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>>137259560That's literally me wtf where did you get a picture of me+99999999999999999999999


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>>137273715So I suppose nobody gave a shit about her death

>>137272477That fucking baby man wtf+69

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>>137273495anthro is banned on mlp so technically its allowed here

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>>137273495The point of that pic isn't the anthro Mordecai, it's the funny

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