Avengers #1 Storytime

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Bump if you're reading.

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>>137254703McKay fucking sucks and fuck Carol.

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>>137254731>Black Panther>KingActually, if you read his ongoing series, he isn't king anymore. Even Wakanda got tired of this shit.

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>>137254714Awful, I hate cutesy writing

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>>137254708>Bump if you're reading.lets see if it's good or not

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>>137254748Lazy art, awful choreography, boring composition. Nobody at marvel can write or draw action.

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>>137254722wasen't Project Pegusus shut down the last time we saw it? (I think that was in that Death's Head mini)

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>>137254737>Jarvis LoungeThat's that place from the recent Wasp mini.

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>>137254782Project Pegasus has been shut down and revived so many time nobody even cares anymore

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>>137254757so is this meant to take place after the current Thor run is over? the continuity of were Avengers ties into character solo books always gets confusing

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>>137254771was T'challa ever into Sailing before?

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>>137254776is Canny a word American use? thought that it was Scottish Slang

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>>137254782>>137254747McKay reads Wikipedia not comics. It’s been painfully obvious for years.

>>137254703Does mackey pass as a woman? Why does he dedicate to writing female protagonists?

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>>137254857He seems to think he does it “right” but just makes them Mary Sues or moral arbiters.He’s the male version of “I’m not like the other girls”

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>>137254855>>137254747The book acknowledged that T'Challa is no longer king right here >>137254771Read the damn comic before accusing others of not reading comics.

>>137254840This shit is awful

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>>137254875>book contradicts itself >user is the problem

>>137254829so Clones and Robots did not get judged by the Celestial even though the Eternals which are basically super-powered clone robots did get judged

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>>137254871Funny how with everyone else the members had to explain their current headspace and Carol had to give them a reason to join, while Wanda is just all "yeah, I'll be an Avenger, don't even bother asking."

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How long til we get the patented MacKay Felicia cameo?

>>137254896Wanda hasn't been an official member of the core Avengers team since 2004, she's desperate.

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>>137254871so Villa must have started drawing this really early if Wanda is not in her current costume

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>>137254771>T'Challa made protocols to take down the Avengers that were then abused by bad guys and so the Avengers are now mad at himSo it was literally JLA: Tower of Babel?

And that's it. If you liked this, support your LCS or whatever.

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>>137254744>the Avengers are in a transitional phaseThat's it

>>137254909>The Scarlet Witch uses her probability-altering magic to make Black Cat's bad luck powers more powerful than ever

>>137254708>Bump if you're reading

>>137254942>Felicia uses this power to steal Galactus' ship Taa II

>>137254741I wish i could fuck Carol

>>137254857>>137254869>Guy writing one of the best Moon Knight runs"Why is he only writing women?!?"

who the hell is Jed MacKay?


>>137254847Canny is a word Americans use (meaning quick-witted). Cannae is Scottish slang.

>>137254916Noooooooo ptsd

>>137254916>Yet another time travel and/or multiverse storyEvery fucking time. Didn't we just do this?

>>137254847>>137255212We also use uncanny. Perhaps you've heard of it.

>>137255221Its the best stuff.

>>137255158One of the best writers Marvel has at the moment. He was given the throwaway Taskmaster book that was only being made for MCU "synergy" and ignored the movie so he could make an honestly fun book with a plot that ended with the ghosts of Dark Reign and Norman's final doomsday weapon.

>>137255221You're saying you want a story with based Kang without time travel?

>>137254801how is t'challa the most dangerous man alive

>>137255127His moon knight is awful. His strange is worse. You shills don’t have any power here faggot

>>137255249The point is don’t write a kang story >>137255256Because McKay is a faggot and watches cuck porn so he praises black men as superior

>>137255158Easily one of the most overrated writers at the moment. He shows every hallmark of Tom Taylor and Jason Aaron comics - plot is secondary to cutesy moments that will be reposted on Twitter.He’s literally never written a good comic, Bemis’ moon knight wasnt this bad.

mckay hater doing overtime for free lol

>>137255256>>137255293That's his tagline for a while. He even had a book named so.

>>137254708Reporting in for Carol Holla Forumsrps

>>137254776Ok this exchange was nice.

>>137255282You sure prove me right, tourist-faggot-kun.Now fuck off back to >>>Holla Forums, please.

>>137254744What is Tony going through?

>>137254793>>137254801>capStop it.

>>137254744What happens at the God Quarry? I missed Avengers Assemble Omega


>>137255532Huh? Anons right his moon knight is dogshit

>>137255688>No IP changeOh wow, surely not the same retard mad about a writer.Anyways, OP, thanks for the storytime, it's kinda of... a really small start for a book, but considering everything after Aaron's run, I'll take it.

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>>137255672Robbie turned into brown haired Anglo-Saxon man and sacrificed his life to save multiverse.

>>137255717>defending any modern writerthe only retard here is you. I am really sick of fanboy cocksuckers who HAVE to suck off their "favorite" writer. it happened with ewing, it happened with cates, now it's this whatever dude. fuck off and die


>>137255717Learn how the site works retard

>>137255717Take the chance, I mean there’s the weird repeat of the main quote but yeah I’ll kill for the idea of a better multiverse story and it involving kang makes it great

>>137255717>but considering everything after Aaron's runthis is what happens when a shill tries to fit in lol.Nothing has happened since Aaron’s run. This is literally the follow up.And you’re doing the same thing you shills do with she-hulk. “It’s not as bad as Aarons avengers so it can’t be bad!” Despite it being even worse than Aaron’s avengers.

>>137255688no user wrong his moon knight is god tier

>>137254817It never used to be confusing, it's just that Aaron's run was so shit that no solo wanted to acknowledge it and Aaron's such a hack he didn't reference any solos except for his own Thor stuff


For me, it's the Holla Forums user(s) who really fucking hates MacKay for some reason and comes into every thread about him to very angrily tell you so.I definitely don't think MacKay's a fantastic writer, but he's certainly not awful either. He's middle of the road but can write good stuff occasionally, which is still a lot better than most other modern comic writers

>>137255972Why do people have to agree with you?You’ll definitely say I’m “that” user but I firmly feel he’s a bad writer. Offensive? No. Not yet at least. But he’s not good, nor worthy of such ridiculous defense force. I genuinely feel the opposite of you,that he’s pushed extremely hard around here and that because of it a few people have become vocally against him.

For me McKay is pretty hit and miss, but I liked this issue so I'm gonna keep reading

>>137256000Have you tried not being a complete schizo? His name isn't even mentioned outside of storytimes, solicits, and announcements directly related to his books.

>>137254923I'm ok with that, Glad the stupid magic hair stuff isn't here either

>>137255117I wish I could wear Carol.

>>137256019Nothing I said was schizophrenic user. All I said was that he’s bad and gets a lot of push around here. Have you tried discussing comics without a binary “best/worst” attitude? You’re acting exactly as you said others are.

>>137256000Huh. I feel the situation is the opposite. Whenever talk about MacKay comes up or one of his books gets storytimed, there's then always at least one poster (or multiple posters) vehemently shitting on MacKay throughout the thread. The reason I posted >>137255972 in the first place is because I feel there's such a ridiculous ATTACK force against him for no real reason. Maybe he really is just a middle of the road writer, and we anons just happen to be walking on opposite sides of the street.

>>137255972>>137256019>everyone is one user>s-schizo!Buy a mirror and reflect.

>>137256037I don’t care what other people say, good or bad, and I don’t care about finding an agreeable position with you.I don’t think he’s a good writer. It’s that simple. It’s not for any specific reason, certainly not some random internet culture shit whether socio political or merely personal animus toward him.I just simply, objectively, completely removed from your online battles, think he’s a bad writer.

>>137256029Ok show me where he's pushed. Show me a single thread that isn't specifically for one of his books singing praises about Mackay beyond 1-2 posts brought up in a strange or moon knight mcu thread

>>137256052No lol. Lurk more, idk what to tell you. This isn’t capital hill, you don’t agree with me? Cool.

>>137254708>>137254714We're never gonna be free from this bitch are we


>>137256039I'm not the guy who accused the other user of being schizo. Shit like that is unhelpful>>137256051Fine, you're entitled to your opinion. I just don't get why every Holla Forums thread where MacKay is brought up, there's posters acting like he's one of the absolute worst writers to ever pick up a pen.I don't even care about MacKay. I've read some of the early issues of his Moon Knight run before I just fell off of following the book, that Kang one-shot, and then this issue. That's it. I don't think he's an amazing writer in the slightest, but I just want to understand why he gets so much hate seemingly out of nowhere when, at worst, he's average, inoffensive, and unremarkable. It's a bizarre level of sustained hate for something as tepid as this.

So diregarding the reeing about Mackay how about the fact that CF Villa seems to be constantly on the rise at Marvel. Guy started out doing a Lockjaw mini in 2018, eventually got to be the main artist on Black Cat and now he's doing Avengers and X-Men.

>>137254912>>137254916Finally we can confirm that Carol is Kang's nemesis

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>>137256159I wonder if Carol will ask about Marcus.

>>137256140He seems decent enough from this one issue. I think his style is probably a little too soft for a big action team book, but it works okay and there's nothing majorly offensive or bad about the art. Probably my only big criticism is just that it's kinda generic, in that modern way.

>>137255825I don't think you uber retard don't fucking get, so lemme explain it to you.After the GIGANTIC SHITSHOW ON A PLATE OF TURDS that was Aaron's run, and how it should have been cut way sooner than it was, this is a good start. No multiversal bullshit atm, just Kang(s) and shiet your usual Avengers team would get.If you are still that mad that Mackay is writing the book, boy do I have the cure to that problem, and you just need to open my spoilered picture.

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Is Marvel less woke now?

>>137256241>take medsAnon already told you to do that before user. Maybe take the rest of them this time and stream your suicide.

>>137256256Lol as evidenced by this comic that’s a negative ghost rider.


>>137256334Nothing, seems like a fine jumping-on point.

>>137256334>>137256349Just go ahead and don’t read this either

>>137256334You can read timeless before or after since that seems to be the major arc Mackay wants to build to over time with the first arc being whatever freaked out Terminus which from solicits is a bunch of interdimensional warlords teaming up and travelling the multiverse to be dicks .

>>137254916Looking forward to white Kang turning into an Afro American.

>>137256400Aaron just did that story tho?

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>>137255221Blame the MCU going all in on multiverse bullshit. Avengers is a planetary threat/multiverse book now.

>>137255158Just another shit big two writer, like Tom Taylor, Tom King, Dan Slott, Joshua Williamson, Jeremy Adams, Collin Kelly, Al Ewing, Tini Howard, etc.

>>137256450Yeah but that's a retarded group of evil versions of heroes + doom and kid thanos. These are weird monsters that look like they are from a different genre.

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>>137256705I know they don't actually look the same, but they feel the same as those super witches from Death of Doctor Strange.

Only flipped through to check out the Vision and Wanda pages and they were good. Hope the rest of the book comes together

>>137256705So the same plot we just had with OC donut steel. Great..

>>137254896it's only natural since Wanda is the very first Avenger friend Carol actually had

This is there the MiracleMan Timeless teaser pas off... Right?

>>137254871>>137254879Hope the interior artist keeps using this costume for Wanda. Cape is infinity better than the weird Starfire hair.

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>>137254731I hate that sort of titling shit, it's so pretentious. Their codenames should've been at the top and their real names at the bottom.

>>137254855>most literate Holla Forums poster

>>137256085Why would you want to be?

>>137254703Really uncreative line up and issue desu. Might as well have just gone full classic avengers and ditched crappy Blacktin America for the real one.

>>137257712I want Ms. Marvel backyou know the bitch with all the problems? the one who took a skrull to space just to watch it asphyxiate retvrn to bodysvit

>>137257643The titles are there because that's supposed to be the theme of the Kang plotline.

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>>137254784>antarctic vibraniumWhat's the difference between that and Wakandan?

>>137257752Anon that's the same character, Carol DanversShe was Ms. Marvel before she became Captain Marvel

>>137254916God they must be so fucking pissed at Majors and his legal team for sabotaging this attempt at MCU synergy

>>137254793I hate this page so much. Like Steve is right there, why would you choose someone with just a shield and wings over someone with actual Super Powers? You're handicapping your own team.

>>137258423Oops I meant this one >>137254801You're trying to counter deadly earth shaking events experience >... social worker lol

>>137254932Thanks, OP. I didn't like this. I will check out the next ish or two to see if it improves. Cautiously optimistic for Kang

>>137258423Sam has superpowers, he can talk to birds.

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>>137258476She should have listened. There's saving the world then theres time for PR bull later.

>>137258476Avengers comics have never been good, have they? This is awful.

>>137256140Character design is fine but the paneling and action choreography are awful.

>>137254801So Falcon is just a charity case.

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>>137257783Yeah and it was pretentious and stupid there, too.

>>137258423Its sad but we all know the reason they picked Sam for the team is IRL reasons rather than a solid logical in universe one.

>>137258668bad writing. diversity wont save the planet on that one.

>>137254916Before I even fastforwarded to the end, I thought "it's a McKay book, so the cliffhanger has to be some new character to the plot gratuitously dropping in the last page". 'lo and behold.

>>137254854So, what's he yakking about? Thor film had a convergence, DC had it. Link to (a) Kang??

>>137258773Well, not a new character. It's the Kang from the last one shot. Does that count??

>>137254925The first time T'Challa did this was before tower of BabelIt is established that learning this is why he became an avenger in the first place in 1998, two years before tower of babel

>>137254703I stopped reading the last run. It got kinda meh with the story. Hopefully this one is more interesting.

>>137255212English people in the north east tend to say canny when they're describing someone in a positive light.

>>137258773this isn't even a mackay thing at this point, i swear the first issue of every new cape run ends like this.

>>137254916This is gonna be another long boring run like the Jason Aaron run, isn't it? Oh well, back to the Manga chamber I go...

Better written than much of Aaron's run so things are going to trend upward at the moment.


>>137254916Funny how hard they'll push Carol, as unlikable as she is, instead of killing her off and trying to salvage Kamala. Instead, Ms. Marvel is the one who dies and we still have to deal with Carol. At least Kamala was ok.

>>137259349Sure bud, whatever makes you feel better.

>>137259337>trending upwards

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>>137254890This isn't like the movies at all. Eternals are evolved humans in 616, not constructed by the Celestials like in the MCU. The only Machine that exists is Earth's defense system which was built by Phastos.

>>137257712>Why would you want to be?Because >she has been pushed down out throats for a decade plus>stole Rhody from Iron Man>constantly fails upward>is consistently the worst part of any event she headlines>steals space from other female heroes>has an obnoxious fanbase both on Holla Forums and off I could go on but we'd be here for a while

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>>137255673It's just one faggot who's obsessed with shitting on MacKay because he's a DCfag who's massively butthurt nobody here read the Jeremy Adams Flash run.

>>137254801The whole "multiple people with the same codename" thing really rankles my ass. It's one thing if it's a legacy name and the old one is dead (like Carol being Captain Marvel), but it's just dumb when they're still alive/back from the dead. Plus, when you hear "Captain America" you think of Steve Rogers, not Sam Wilson. When you hear "Wolverine" you think of Logan, not Laura Kinney. The whole thing just feels artificial and forced.

>>137258012Antarctic Vibranium is the anti-metal, it melts all metals that are near it.

>>137256994I gave up pretty early in Aaron's run, came back to try the new book because Wanda and Vision are back on the team. Not wild about the art, but the story was a solid enough start.

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>>137259452MacKay and Adams are both shit writers.

inter with Mackay about the issue>cbr.com/avengers-1-jed-mackay-interview/

>>137256450I can't help but laugh at Kid Thanos with his comically oversized gun

>>137254744by in universe logic, there should be dozens of avengers team active at all times.

>>137260072they should bring back the 50 state Initiative and also an International version

>>137254916He's dying, he will be replaced by his black son just like Nick Fury, that's why they made Ravonna black in his latest mini.Myrddin, the mysterious villain of Timeless, is his black son.

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>>137258641stop using words you dont know the meaning of

>>137260198but is is attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed an showing a great lack of intelligence

>>137259186greenpost user doesn't read comics.

>>137254771Fucking Batman.

>>137259304At least it's not a mysterbox plot like every other new Marvel run has been

>>137259502That's modern Marvel for you. Everyone's gotta be Spiderman, Captian America, Ironman, etc.

>>137254877Your mom is awful.

>>137254744>Jess, Rhodey, Jen>Captain Marvel businessShe means foursomes.

>>137258476So was she having performance issues or was she simply PMS'ing?Also, people bearing the power doesn't necessarily mean they know how to use it better. Look at retards like Electro or Absorbing Man, people who are way too fucking stupid to understand how much more powerful and creative they can really get with their powers.

>>137260503I think this was when she was having real bad problems with alcoholism

>>137260532Because of performance issues, yeah.

The art is too ugly for a relaunch, I won't continue reading

>>137260330>That's modern Marvel for you.>IronmanTo be fair, Rhodey took on the mantle of Iron Man for awhile decades ago, before he became War Machine.

>>137254801>I need a normal personNothing says normal like someone who can talk to birds and has a pet falcon that's also a vampire.

>>137254708>Bump if you're reading.

>>137254703>New Avengers #1 dropsDidn't know it was coming out, no one talked about it>Lead by Carol DanversThat explains why...

>>137258012antartic vibranium is a vibranium isotope only found in, you guess it, antartica.it vibrates at a frequency that causes loss of molecular consistency in most metals thus causing them to break down just by being near to it.including secondary adamantium.

>>137260089>an International versionwriters keep forgetting many(if not most) countries have their own super-powered teams, including international ones

>>137254916Is it me or did the art on the last page take a steep nosedive?

>>137259861>cbr.com/avengers-1-jed-mackay-interview/>"These relationship sub-plots suggest that you’re just as interested in the soap opera elements of the Avengers as superheroic ones.">"Well, within reason. At the time of writing, 6/7 of my Avengers have their own books, so there's a limit to how much relationship drama can go on."Is it still not happening after all?

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>>137262490From that answer, it seems like it'll happen only if Wanda's writer wants it to happen.

>>137262568Orlando might allow considering the book succsess is dependent on Wandastans who like that shit in general

>>137262490>>137262568I don't get the vibe Orlando is against it but it also doesn't fit into the way he's planning the book so far. But Vision being the one character without a solo means he has to have his drama in this! That's how Avengers work for characters without solos

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>>137260162>Myrddin, the mysterious villain of Timeless, is his black son.We'll allow this, but only if Kang introduces him to the Avengers by singing the My Black Son song from Family Guy, if Myrddin's real name given to him by Kang is Black Marcus, and there's a Black Marcus - Carol - White Marcus triangle.

>>137261570Yeah and Tony wasn't wearing it. That's the point: when Tony came back, Rhodey became his own thing instead of sharing the title.

>>137262608>But Vision being the one character without a solo means he has to have his drama in this! That's how Avengers work for characters without solosWe already have that for Vision from this issue, another bout of feeling like he's not a person despite the rest of the team all accepting that he is. I wonder if the Judgment Day thing will actually be addressed later on.But it's not just himself Vision needs to convince. He really needs a writer that's angry enough about what guys like Byrne did to him to write something to refute and disprove everything they ever said against him. Like slowly explaining all the personality differences between Vision and Wonder Man point by point so even retards get that they're not the same.


They really need to stop making Avengers teams where almost everyone on it has a solo. That defeats the whole point

>>137263011>They really need to stop making Avengers teamsWith you 100%.

>>137263026Why would you even go into a thread for something you don't like?

>>137263069But I like comics.

>>137263026Fuck off they just need to make the team more interesting. This current lineup is the most boring, safe team they could possibly have

>>137263125They would need reinvent the wheel for it to work.

>>137263154Or just use people like Hawkeye, Wonder Man, Pietro, Hercules, etc.

>>137263125>This current lineup is the most boring, safe team they could possibly haveGood. After close to 20 years of Avengers lineups that were trying to be "different" and frequently full of people who had no real history with the book, it's about time we had a proper classic Avengers lineup again. If Marvel want to do another Avengers book with more unusual choices for members, that's fine, but I like the main team, the main book finally looking like The Avengers again. And most of the characters here have enough past history with several other team members that it shouldn't be hard for any writer to come up with some drama between the fights.

I haven't read Avengers in a long time. Are they still based out of a dead Celestial?

>>137263229There were still better picks for the team than what we have. I'm not saying go full Waid and make a team filled with complete non-Avengers, but maybe use some that haven't been on the team in a while and don't have a solo. Having Wanda and Vision back is nice but they could've done more.The current team is boring.

>>137263154*need to>>137263176I don't know if those would work. If they're not strong enough on their own, they're not good enough together, because they really shouldn't be used at all. Get rid of shit characters, don't cram them into a team book and call it a day. That shit is poison.Cancel the shitty solos of the characters you need, they're not worth the paper anyway, make sure the art and writing are as balls-to-the-wall as possible. That's it. Stop wasting my time with low-effort shit.

>>137263282Absolutely shit taste

>>137263234No, they're out of the Wasp's bar now.

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>>137263176Hawkeye's leading the current version of the Thunderbolts, I don't know how their mini sold, but Marvel seems to be keeping the team together to occasionally appear in other books, and MacKay seems to have chosen Falcon as the team's normie representative instead.Quicksilver's going to be in the upcoming Uncanny Avengers mini, alongside Steve Rogers, Deadpool and some mutants.Wonder Man will probaby show up again in time for his Disney+ show, they're likely waiting to see what the MCU does with him. And the book Wanda and Vision are in is the last place anyone wants to see him.Not sure where Hercules is at the moment, last I saw he was in space with Noh-Var and had a gay makeover.

>>137263315>Stop wasting my time with low-effort shit.>Absolutely shit tasteSomeone likes the taste of feces and is upset that others don't, and it's not me.

>>137263449No you have shit taste because your first response was> If they're not strong enough on their own, they're not good enough together, because they really shouldn't be used at allWhich is retarded because the Avengers has been traditionally made up of a bunch of characters without solos since Cap's Kooky Quartet onward.That and you just have shit taste in characters coupled with an ego that thinks your time is worth anything

>>137263362Those were just some random classic-era Avengers that I took from the top of my head that aren't in any ongoings. You're right about Hawkeye and Pietro, but man that Thunderbolts book was shit.

>>137263519>Those were just some random classic-era Avengers that I took from the top of my head that aren't in any ongoings.OK. I think we may have a reasonable chance of Wasp showing up if the team is going to be living at her bar. That can't be healthy for Tony or Carol.>man that Thunderbolts book was shit.It had this moment, I guess. It was more mediocre and forgettable than outright bad.

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>>137263666I still think it was pretty bad even if it wasn't Aaronvengers bad. The team was shit and not Thunderbolts at all (seriously what was with the not-Cable and why was he never explained), and it continued the trend of Hawkeye being shit on. They just need to stop giving Zubb books.Then they need to bring back the WCA but for real this time

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I liked this issue a lot. I'll be happy to buy the next one.

>>137254771What did he do?

>>137263707>seriously what was with the not-Cable and why was he never explainedThere should be some rule against introducing mysteries in a mini and not resolving them by the end of that same mini.>and it continued the trend of Hawkeye being shit on.Fraction's Hawkeye book really defined how everyone writes him now.>They just need to stop giving Zubb books.Marvel has always had writers like that, who never rise above mediocre but keep getting work, usually because they're friends with one or more editors. The current crop of writers like this may be the worst Marvel's ever had.>Then they need to bring back the WCA but for real this timeSomeone here claimed that Brevoort dislikes West Coast Avengers on a conceptual level, and that's why there's never been a proper relaunch. Not sure I believe that the modern version of the book was a deliberate attempt to kill the brand, but the rest sadly seems plausible.

>>137263501>has been traditionally made up ofLike I said, reinvent the wheel. >with an ego that thinks your time is worth anythingTo me, it's the only time that matters. Your time should be the only time that matters to you. Don't make excuses for these people that aren't you that are getting paid to make this stuff. I'm not handing over a cent if they can't do their jobs properly.

>>137263853>Fraction's Hawkeye book really defined how everyone writes him now.It did and the fact that so many people think it's Hawkeye's defining work pisses me off to no end. Freefall was pretty good though, it's just a shame it was never really followed up on. Wish they'd commit to giving him is old costume back too, the newest one is decent but I want the mask back

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>>137260072Honestly, it was great when we had 3 active teams. Hell, Hickman’s Avengers Machine had some nice potential for allowing there to be sub-teams so things could be kept fresh. Fucking hate how Aaron’s run brought us back to only a single team especially when Avengers Mountain was perfect for another Avengers Machine

>>137260072There should be atleast 3

>>137263229>After close to 20 years of Avengers lineups that were trying to be "different"that never happened, its been thor/ironman/cap/captain marvel/black panther then some hangers on since around 2010

>>137264500>its been thor/ironman/cap/captain marvel/black panther then some hangers on since around 2010It's amazing how much of a difference it makes to an Avengers book to have the other members of the team be actual longtime classic Avengers instead of random hangers on.

>>137264575Of the classic avengers though they're all boring picks except Wanda and Vision, because they've been overused on the Avengers since Heroic Age. There are a shit load of classic members they could've picked from but they went with the safe, MCU-friendly team

Bumping to read

>>137255212>>137255227So 'uncanny' means 'not quick witted'?

>>137265975No, actually. en.wiktionary.org/wiki/uncanny

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>>137266003So what does 'canny' mean then?Hard mode: Use your words, not the dictionary's.


>>137254801>"We need a token weak helpless dude for the team"Carol is rude, dang

>>137262987So what Busiek did in his Avengers run?

>>137266043'inflammable' means 'flammable'? what a country!

Thanks OP

>>137263707As someone else said, Brevoort DESPISES the West Coast Avengers, both as a "soulless spin-off" but also, because it led to a situation where for about a decade, the main Avengers book was a cavalcade of litteral whos and only having Thor, Cap, Wasp, and Vision as classic A-List Avengers on the team in terms of how Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Hank Pym, and Hawkeye were coopted for WCA. Not to mention that West Coast Avengers is why Brevoort's been unable to mandate USAgent and Spider-Woman II's deaths as it made them so popular, that Brevoort hasn't been able to not only kill them off like he did Eric Masterson/Thunderstrike, but also permanently keep them dead. Not to mention, until Chelsea Caine rendered her radioactive, why no one was able to hook Hawkeye up with anyone new due to WCA enshrining Mockingbird as Clint's one true love.And hell, the only reason we've gotten WCA hardcovers/trades/omnibuses is due to the fact that there was a mandate for more Avengers collections with Iron Man front and center, meaning that WCA had to be released due to it being Iron Man's exclusive Avengers home for about a decade.

>>137266043>Hard mode: Use your words, not the dictionary's.Foxy

I don’t know why, but I’m not really feeling this book so far. Like, the arts okay and the characters actually are in character, but there’s an air of “We’re doing [x] cause that’s what the scrip pt says”. Then again, it’s the first issue, so it should hopefully find its narrative footing by the third or fourth, right?

>>137254731Thor is more king than Black Panther>The Icon>FalcapKek no

>>137259502I can see working with some heroes, Green Lanter or Thor because obvipus reason or when you can have one in a comic and another in a team and not overwork(Wally in Flash and Barry in JL).

>>137256648Some of those got big because Image autist shilling their author owned comics

>>137267851No it does not work with Thor. That’s literally his name, it’s not even a code name

>>137254744>Actually referencing Carol's alcoholismColor me surprised.

>>137267758I think so. I liked it and I'll give it a bit of time to see where it goes.

>>137267592The un-foxy X-men?

>>137269634Uncanny doesn't mean the opposite of canny, user.

>>137269678That's uncanny.

>>137254848Solar Beam!

>>137254869So Greg Rucka or Brian Wood?

>>137267758I know why.

>>137257643Yeah, Fraction did that sort of thing too and I never liked it. But I can appreciate setting up mirrored archetypes like >>137257783. But that's kind of thin to build a while run around, especially considering your cast is bound to change beyond your control. Better that your archetypes are subtext like JLA.

>>137260616The art is sloppy. Sucks that Garron was shackled to Aaron. His cartooning was perfectly suited for this kinda thing.

>>137254761All righty then. Reading bump

>>137270998Do tell, user

Will Jed be able to make people like Carol? Everyone liked the way he wrote Black Cat.

>>137272340Everybody already likes Carol!

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>>137271038I like when Talbot did it on Heart of Empire.


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>>137255117Spider-Woman, get off Holla Forums.

>>137254744>We were on opposite sides in Civil War II, and that storyline was garbage so the current writer is fixing itGotta love on the nose lines like that.

>>137273774You've got it backwards: Carol wants to fuck Jess, Jess is oblivious.

>>137266119>So what Busiek did in his Avengers run?>Create some shared interests Vision and Wonder Man have in common to try and force them to fit into Byrne's stupid narrative that they were the same>Create so many similarities between them that it reinforces the idea of Vision just being a copy, and makes more fans think that>b-b-but he's a better copy and Wonder Man envies him for not being a criminal and a screwupThat run didn't really do Vision any good at all, let's do the exact opposite, and refute the very idea of them being alike.

>>137256547Kang was more of an Avengers villian than Thanos ever was.

>>137256648You forgot Morrison.

>>137274407He's still writing comics? Either way, he's one that fell from grace instead of never being good like those other ones.

>>137269634>The un-foxy X-men?I mean next time, yes.

>>137259861>I think there's a perception of the Avengers as the group that's always going to come down on the hero/heroes of your favorite book, as The Man. I'm as guilty of that as anyone else (see: Moon Knight), but I feel like that does them a disservice in the long run, and it's a characterization I'd like to get away from.At least he's away of the problem and wants to do something about it. If editorial were doing their jobs this would never have become a thing.

>>137273963Wah, wah. There's always an user or two who whines about the whole triangle plot but as a Vision fan I appreciated the drama. I mean, you've gotta move the chains along — seemed like Busiek was trying to set up the impetus for Vizh to define himself separately. Idk, I always believed he wanted to get there but ran of time. Johns def moved Wanda and Vizh closer, but also ran out of time.

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>>137267913Now, I'm not a fan of the Carol Push, but her alcoholism was never hidden and did pop out somehow regularly.>>137273963Busiek SPECIFICALLY went out to highlight the differences between Vision and Simon, including giving Vision his own "secret identity".Their attraction for Wanda was basically the one thing they had in common

>>137273948>Jess is obliviousif she uses internet, she 100% knows

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