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Was I suppose to feel sad for these freak abominations?

>>137254574You are a faggot, congratsDie

>>137254574I thought you would feel represented, but i guess you're more of a HE type.

>>137254574Yes, but they got put out of their misery so it's okay in the end.

>>137254606>>137254603>>137254600Is this some type of woke zoomer shit I don't get? Just take any freak of nature object and make it sad to invoke empathy? Because they deserved to die for how they looked. Wouldn't be surpised if the movie was an allegory for trannies or something

>>137254627You are a faggot, congrats

>>137254627*tips fedora*

>>137254627>they deserved to die for how they lookedWell then why are you still alive? Hurry up

>>137254668Based>>137254627Kill yourself

Honestly... I think I think I'm just done with Holla Forums and online discussion about hobbies aside from /tg/ shit. I saw a post about it the other day, and it got me thinking. It really is all just outrage bait no matter where you go online. I'm just tired of it.

>>137254723I quite genuinely hang out in the Paw Patrol thread even though I've never fucking watched Paw Patrol in my life because it seems to be the only place free of the bullshit lol

>>137254723Is this an outrage thread?

>>137254723I accepted it long ago and just come here to fap

>>137254627Take your meds, schizo

>>137254574You're supposed to, but it was such hamfisted emotional manipulation that I didn't really feel anything but annoyance.

>>137254838No but people do come into random threads and derail them as quick as possible to make them outrage related.

>>137254835really? i just assumed those kind of threads were made by trolls to shit up the board

>>137255027Well that might be why they get very little trolling in them but they are in there all day posting translations of Japanese fancomics, new webms, latest news and OC and their threads pretty much always get to bump limit. There are supposedly a lot of girls in the threads too (because the Japanese stuff is dominated by fujo shit) but you can't exactly trust people on 4chan saying they're girls

>2 and a half hour movie>all anyone can talk about is the 10 minutes of flashbacksreally tells you how shit the actual movie is

>>137255601Not true, though, is it? Just today there's been threads about the HE, about Nebula and Peter's future in the MCU and about Cosmo

>>137254560>Lust provoking image

How does she eat though?

>>137254906Wow, you are such a hard man! LOOK, HE DIDN'T CRY AT THE SCENE! WHAT A STRONG MAN! WOW!

>>137255027They are because no sane person over the age of 8 watches that kind of garbo.

>>137254723Yeah, I’m getting a little tired of feeling scared to make a post because I don’t feel like getting called a retard. I get that this site has always had kind of its own hazing culture and “if you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen,” but now it feels like every room everywhere is a kitchen. Also I notice times when a post will actually be agreeing with something, but the person being replied to is just so damn used to being on the defensive they assume it’s an argument. Feels like everyone is looking for an argument. And it’s unironically sad.

>>137256451>I’m getting a little tired of feeling scared to make a post because I don’t feel like getting called a retardjesus, grow a fucking backboneimagine living in literal fear of someone on the anonymous comics and cartoons forum of a bosnian tweetle beetle battle site calling you names

>>137254560Letting people forum slide over from Holla Forums was a mistake. Whenever they show up threads go straight to shit.

>>137256516Yeah, see? I don’t like that.

>>137255027Genuine paranoia

>>137256451Meh, I don't care. I'm used to all you fags being faggots. But it really gets annoying when some schizo starts sperging about some retarded shit no one brought up and only he cares about.


>>137256655Anon, if you're so hopelessly paralyzed by fear that someone might call you dumb or tell you to fuck off or even just disagree with your opinion on something, then you're not going to make it in broader society.The world is full of argumentative people. It's an inescapable fact of life.

>>137254627>they deserved to die for how they lookedBased.

>>137256801I’m nearly 40 and do go out and touch grass and have a real social life and a family and a job. And I have rarely encountered people irl as contentious as most of the ones I encounter online.

>>137256093I felt the same as I did when they played Cat Stevens over the adopted father and son funeral. It was sad, it's an incredibly generic sad movie thing.

>>137254906Same, tbqh. I enjoyed the movie, but the freaks other than Rocket and Lylla (especially the bunny) mostly just made me cringe.

>>137254906I feel the same way about animal stuff in general.It never feels genuine for whatever reason. That's coming from someone who considered the grandma's German Shepherd his best childhood friend, so don't give me "you just don't like animals".

>>137254627I am also replying to the post.

>>137256107Yeah but that's the point, I go to the threads not because I watch the show but because people with mentalities like yours avoid them

>>137254723i was in the recent rocket thread and it was shockingly civil. just people wanting to talk about a thing they liked and that was all.

>>137254842Based, the only worth of this shit site and the whole internet is basically for coom


>>137256026Assuming she was even given anything to eat.

>>137254574New record for guy ruining a thread

>>137254574i mean people don't feel bad about (you) so yeah i can see your point here.

>>137254723This isn't an airport, (you) don't need to announce your exit.

What subspecies of otter was Lylla meant to be? A regular or exotic kind?

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>>137254906It's like with TLOU2 when Cuckmann wanted you to sympathize with Abby because LOOK AT HER SHE'S GOT A HECKIN GOOD BOYERINO GERMAN SHEPHERD ISN'T SHE SWEET AND ADORABLE. It's such a cheap emotional device. Not impressed.

>>137256655Well this is 4chan 101. You're gonna look cringe and stupid. And you know what? That's fine. Everyone posts cringe once in a while. You know what's liberating about cringe on 4chan? You don't your NAME to the cringe, not even an avatar. Everyone's anonymous, everyone's voices in the crowd. So everyone's posting everything and nothing. You can adapt, come back with a better take later. Even boards with IDs like Holla Forums, no one cares who you were last thread. This is a place for hot takes and noise.Yes, if you're so used to namesakes and reputations, it can seem mean spirited or open for abuse. And that's because you're an NPC who can't imagine other frameworks, because when everyone can do that, no one gets upset about it, which is what DRIVES trolling. People wouldn't troll if there wasn't a reaction to the trolling, it's why the third post on Holla Forums is always full of lukewarm lib takes; they're (you) farmers who know what will rile people up and soak in it. Calling someone a faggot is just the Salty Spitoon culture of 4chan, you can handle spurts of insults so you can handle raw mental braindumps. That's why the best takes are on here, no one is thinking 'god what if this comes back on ME?' You're just brutally objective about what you see. It's amazing.

>>137257210Genuine discussion just seem far too few. I don't really have the energy to wade through mountains of political/outrage/coom shit to have a 5 minute discussion that gets sent to page 10. It doesn't seem worth it

>>137254574Oh? I thought you blew up along with you ship.

I haven't seen the movie, explain the context of this scene to me

>>137258497Rocket was an experiment with 3 other animals. The most innocent and naive one was panicking and saying this right before she was killed, after Rocket tried to break them all out. It's very sad because she's such a simple and innocent creature

>>137258497Rocket claws HE's face off, but his goons kill RR's friends


>>137258227Nah, any good takes are gone from here, as well as any sincere conversation through anonymity. It's all culture war now. First second third forth firth and through half the thread will he about jews and bbc porn

>>137258568The Otter was the cutest thing ever, I'm sure everyone's mad that she isn't accurate to the comic.

>>137254627Is this some type of edgy Zoomer shit I don't get? Just take any freak of nature person and make it sad that a whole generation looks like that, to invoke antipathy? Because Zoomers deserve to die for how they look. Wouldn't be surprised if that generation would be an allegory for retards or something.

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>>137254906>>137256884>>137256988>>137258120Awww who's an edgy boy?

>>137254723he's right you know

>>137258688it's a retcon that lylla didnt live, since she is listed in GOTG as one of rocket's associates. still, it worked for the story

>>137258120>LOOK AT HER SHE'S GOT A HECKIN GOOD BOYERINO GERMAN SHEPHERD ISN'T SHE SWEET AND ADORABLEYes. Yes I'm sure that's the reason. Because of the hecking good boyerino (underage faggot language) she has. Because that's totally her dog. And it sure has an important point in the game and TONS of screen time. Man you played that game so hard.Also this is fucking Holla Forums.

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>>137254560This would have been sad if I didn't spend the whole time trying to figure out what the fuck she was talking about

Oh what I've give to see the government go full authoritarian and imprison all of you in Guantanamo as preemptive measure against incel terrorism. You're all the absolute dregs of society, your life is not worth all the oxygen you steal.

>>137254627> Wouldn't be surpised if the movie was an allegory for trannies or somethingI don't say this often, but you guys have an unhealthy obsession with this shit to the point you see it everywhere.

Tv cries for this scene

>>137258988Oh okay... I had the misinformation that she was a princess or something.

>>137259074Like you couldn't hear or couldn't make sense of it? Because she's a three year old mentally so the stuff she says is what you'd expect from a three year old.

How do you all sleep at night knowing that you drag everyone around you with your cynicism?

>>137254574>>137254627I want Holla Forumstards to die.

>>137259260>implying I've got someone to drag

>>137254574Fake guy. Just because everyone is too ignorant to tell the difference doesn't mean you didn't do a shitty job.

>>137259184The guy who created the It crowd and father Ted lost his family because he wouldn't let go of his obsession

>>137259260I'm fine with drag but I wouldn't do it myself, not my scene.

>>137259311>lost it all complaining about the trans back when they were victims no one had heard of instead of the hot fadwhat a cuck

>>137259301He did a good job though, look at the replies.

>>137254627/co/umblr hated him for speaking the truth.

>>137258939Right about what

>>137254627>brings up trannies for literally no reason Very odd user…

>>137259711He did a good job of getting replies, which you can do without using the name, but why bother impersonating someone if you put in zero effort?

>>137255027NTA, I may be jinx'ing it by saying this, but unironically yes. I never watched and never will an episode of that show, but the threads are so high quality that I find it worth it hanging about and even drawfagging there.No nonsensical shitflinging taking up most of the thread, there's bait but anons have enough IQ points not to shower retards with (you)s, none of the known board schizos shifting the talk to their crazy nonsense, horny posts are there but again don't dominate the discussion, no hundred-post political drivel no one really cares about and FUCKERS ACTUALLY POST AND TALK ABOUT THE FUCKING CARTOON LIKE FUCKS SAKE THE LITERAL DAYCARE SHOW FANS MAY JUST BE THE ONLY NIGGERS WHOSE THREAD IS FILLED WITH MATERIAL FROM THE THING THEYRE TALKING ABOUT IN THIS GODFORSAKEN BOARD ASIDE FROM STORYTIME THREADS.I was flabbergasted to realise that but apperantly its how it is.

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>>137254560My whole theater burst out laughing at this part. It was so forced.

>>137260276No they didn't, why lie about something stupid like that?

>>137260647It's true tho. I was there fucking >>137260276's girlfriend behind his back.

>>137254560>manages to get accidentally sniped from across the room and down a hallwayWhat were the chances?

>>137260225Consider that the most likely group to be talking about this on 4chan are parents (or maybe uncle's/aunts) of toddlers who are well adjusted enough to watch TV with them and it kind of makes sense.

>>137261157My guy Paw Patrol threads are filled with almost nothing but women

>>137261157nta but much of the discussion in those threads revolve around how cute the dogs are or shipping (a lot between the male puppies). As well as fanart revolving around those subjects.i guess it's not impossible that parents could be into that stuff but i got the impression that it was mostly either furries or fujos in those threads.

>>137254560It would have been kino if Floor survived and became an edgy assasin for the HE afte4 Rocket's "betrayal".

>>137260658Post pics

>>137261356You people have the stupidest and most cliche ideas

>>137254560Holy shit, I entered the thread and saw this. Ban this retard already.

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lets all appreciate that floor is a cute semi stylised animal and not the little mermaid remake tier nightmare horror>>137261356winter ...rabbit?

>>137261549But. But that’s YOUR name!

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>>137254627Based. Total incel death incoming. Eugenics will win.

>>137261549That's someone else using his name.

>>137254627RENT FREE


I am still pissed off about Drax just being a joke c>>137262062haracter.

>>137259780>>137262017Anon trannies are the one forcing themselves in everything

>>137262394they're shitting up every other Holla Forums thread calling themselves trannies?

Nah, I want it to be the type of comic relief character where it always complains about it's suffering.> " C'mon Guardians, let's go join the Avengers for some Shawarma!> OH JEEZ I'D LOVE TO BUT IT AIN'T KOSHER.> NOT TO MENTION MY HORRIBLE BACK PAIN ON ACCOUNT OF ALL THIS ALIEN TECHNOLOGY CORRUPTING MY BODY AWW JEEEZ.

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>>137261176There are no women on Holla Forums my dude>>137261337You make it sound like parents can't also be furries

Gunn is a redditor hack who never made a good movie.Enjoy your Superfag, DCkeks.

>>137262669A parent lurking this shithole is more unbelievable than a femoid. We're all manchildren there no exceptions.

>>137262732Okay pedo

Why does noone talk about him?

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>>137254627No faggot, zoomers have nothing to do with it. Human beings are aren't mentally ill (like you are) have amazing empathy skills and have the ability to care about people, animals, and things that are nothing like them. This empathy allows people to feel care and become invested in a story featuring something grotesque, which a subhuman like you would find impossible.

>>137254842Then why the fuck did you come into this thread!?

>>137262789Because he talks like a tranny

>>137262789The fate of the less cute

>>137262789same reason no one talks about the pig or the guy mantis rescued

>>137262789Didn't make as big an impression. Still sad but there's nothing quite like Floor going absolutely nuts after Lylla gets shot.

>>137262807Not that nigger.What is it like, watching films with empathy intact?I may have known that a very long time ago, but I don't think I can anymore. I can't find it in me to care about any of those characters in any movie. That's why I only watch horror movies to see people die or action movies for violence.

>>137262919I pity you.Feeling for the characters and being moved is 90% of the point of fictionThen it's 8% learning something and 2% getting horny

>>137262919If you want a real answer, I guess I consider myself pretty emotionally well adjusted and happy in life. I'm able to regulate well in real life. I like fiction that is all over the place - something to make me sad one day, something to spook me another, something to make me laugh after that. It's nice to be able to engage in media and leave it saying "That made me feel something, I'm glad I went."I felt empathy for these little animal creatures. I don't need a deeper meaning or an allegory - someone cruel with power abused them and lied to them. When the bunny died she was very scared and wanted to escape, and Rocket couldn't do anything to protect her. That made me feel something.

>>137262919I was the same back when I was much more cynical and maybe semi-suicidal. I didn't care about anything because I didn't care about myself. Now shit like this gets to me. You probably have to like people in general to feel it. It's a general feeling of wanting good things to happen to good people, and nothing bad, but if you don't believe there are good people, you probably won't feel it.

>>137254627>>137254574You're dealing with Disney fans. They have to consume product and defend product or the chemicals they've been injected with cause them physical pain. They empathize with these little abominations because they understand they're basically the same as them. Flawed creatures that only exist for the benefit of uncaring owners. Pity them that they'll never be human and understand how lame this form of emotional manipulation is. They'll cry over cartoon animals in a Disney product because they're programmed to meanwhile they'll drive past roadkill and make roadkill with no hesitation to pay for more product

My girlfriend's lop rabbit died a few months ago so seeing this little guy was a kick in the nuts. I'm soft as shit when it comes to this stuff.

>>137254574No, because you're obviously superior than the rest of the human species.

>>137262890Ture. That’s why the op exists and why he is down here. Not as impactful and also he’s not as cute and innocent or a girl and that’s what people will attach to

>>137263087>meanwhile they'll drive past roadkill and make roadkill with no hesitation to pay for more productNigga, I've swerve for the sake of a few seagulls.

>Animals and children are the easiest way to manipulate people into caring about your project no matter how shit it is>Animals and children just so happen to be Higher Evolutionary's experimentswhat a coincidence! god gunn's a fucking hack.

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>>137263087This post reeks of crippling insecurity and self-confidence issues lol

>>137263087Not a Disney fan. Saw the movie on a with with a friend who is. Sorry I can feel things for characters, including non-human characters. If you need to insult others to feel better about yourself go for it.

>>137263105I have a bun too. That certainly made it sadder for me

>>137254560Why were they kept alive as long as they were? Man, HE was a dumb fuck. These were a fucking STEP? More like FALLING DOWN A FLIGHT OF FUCK YOU STAIRS!This was a "yeah, ok, next batch" within 5 mins.

>>137262669i say in my post that it's not impossible for those two demographics to overlap.i was just describing the impression i got lurking on those threads. i can't really recall many mentions of kids or nephews.

It's harder to tell what's just edgy trolling and what's genuine anymor2

>>137263399no one genuinely hates the greatest movie ever made so that makes it easier

>>137254560DESU, when they cut back to the last few flashbacks and specially the last few + the afterlife scene, I was about to cry dawg.>>137255601It's the emotional core of the movie and the movie is pretty much Rocket Racoon wank fest.Of course the flashbacks were incredibly memorable.

>>137263349I've lurked in a few and in dog threads and a few mentions of nieces and nephews have come up. But yeah my main impression is that it's mostly girls in their 20s who like to imagine little pup boys having romances. I know I know no girls on the internet etcetc

>>137256107Naw, the movie was actually fun.I've watched the show twice and don't care much for it.

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Why the hell do you guys care so much if someone didn't care about the experiments? Shit, I admit that I didn't really cry or whatever. I felt BAD, but it wasn't enough to move me to tears or something, hell, I laughed a bit at the quote that OP posted without realizing that was some fucked up form of a breakdown.

>>137263933I don't care about guy as much as the user implying he didn't care about it because he thought it was about trannies

...Is there porn of it?

>>137264100Draw it yourself user

>>137254560>crying over CGI creatures that aren't real

>>137264504>Reads a book, like Romeo and Juliet or The Red Badge of Courage, that has emotionally touched millions and millions of people>Crying over ink on text that isn't even realSuicide is still an option, user

>>137262886The pig had a cute voice. I wasn't expecting to hear it coming out of that face.


>>137254627Consider it a test of empathy. You fail. If you can only empathize with things that look like you, something is wrong with you.

>>137264545Ditto. Girl sounded hot. Would have been doable if she at least had the proper parts downstairs.

>>137263105Floor's a girl.

>>137264545and yet no one was shedding tears when her head got ripped off

>>137264504PSA: this user has autism

>>137262789>Not female>Not MCNOBODY CARE

>>137254560Why are chudcels devoid of empathy?

I love more than a friend.

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>>137262789I liked him fine, there's just nothing to talk about. Sa

>>137265035I wish he were my boyfriend.There. I said it.

>cute freak animals don't get any merchKinda sucks but at least my wallet is spared.

>>137265074Same except I'm not joking.

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>>137265097>Kinda sucks but at least my wallet is spared.I can be your cute animal if you want. Just pay first.

>>137262789OK you can all call me retarded.I honest to God thought he was going to attack the High Evolutionary, not Rocket.>Largest of them>Talked about his big teeth>Was very quiet when everything was going down, got the least camera attention of the 3>Flor was clearly never going to contribute in a fight>He seemed to understand what was happeningI was legit expecting him to surge out from the cage, attack HE, and tell Rocket and Flor to run away. I didn't expect him or Flor to make it, but I thought they might have done that to make the loss more tragic. It hurts more if he died trying to save you than if he died off the side.I think that almost would have been more interesting than what they did.

>>137265113I'm not joking either. By the way, you are taking your time to post the sauce of those images.

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>>137265131Kind of a weird way to ask for sauce. At least that's what Im assuming youre trying to

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>>137264920No development, so no emotional attachment

>>137265164I do a lot of things weirdly. That's my thing.

>>137265191none of the others developed either

>>137254723>all just outrage bait no matter where you go online. I'm just tired of itI feel some small comfort that the loss of the basic ability to have a conversation on the Internet happens a few years after AI shows up. Before, driven individuals devoting themselves to being pieces of shit could ruin only a small space, like a board and they often had to do it manually. AI-chat puts a nuclear weapon in their hands. They're going to weaponize that shit and not just them but actual nations like Russia and China to fuck with every single conversation on the Internet.At some point humanity is going to agree that online interactions have been irrevocably poisoned and we're going to return to a space where you're only going to use online discussions to talk to people you know in real life. It will give people tunnel vision with their opinions, but they their outrage for the world will be local, and not driven by whatever the algorithm puts in front of them because the algorithm is already gamed to push outrage; but when everyone knows the outrage is artificial, it will lose that power.Losing a space to be frank and honest like 4chan will be a blow to online discourse, but humanity will benefit in the long-run. AI will be a fast death rather than the slow lingering death of the past ~8 years.

>>137265383>This poster is almost certainly obese

>>137264920I was slightly sad because I was hoping for a kind of background ark where she turns good, like when the rest of his staff had enough of his shit, I guess everybody died anyway though.>>137264818I’ve never understood it but it seems to be a generational thing. People 25 and under see anything sentient as “a person” and have more empathy for things in general, and people older than that tend to see “person” as a human specific term. Gen x seems very human centered and not open to any other stances. Most that I’ve talked to just see everything as “fake” which is exactly the argument here. If there was a sentient ai, an alien, a cartoon brought to life, a talking animal, they always mark it as being less important than humans for not being one. They wouldn’t treat them as proper people just like HE doesn’t. It’s also reflected in treating digital things also as “fake” just because it’s non physical. If you spend time doing something and it saves it’s state, and it needed that effort to come into existence it’s obviously a real thing, it’s just digital, they didn’t grow up with the technology though so they don’t really seem to understand. It strikes me a severely unimaginative and almost a refusal and unwillingness to think deeply or consider anything but what they experience directly in front of them. Just beaten by years of shity normie wagey life? Are we the insane ones for being out of touch by processing hypotheticals this way? I think it’s definitely a problem with them.

>>137265016They lost it

>>137254627I believe the test animals used in unethical experiments were an allegory for test animals used in unethical experiments.It should be pretty easy to take to invoke sympathy by taking a cute animal, doing horrific things to them, giving them hope things will be better, and then tragically killing them off instead.

>>137254627kinda based ngl

>>137266232How's that based?

>me when I hear the animals getting hurt!

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>>137266609"Based" on this site just means "edgy and contrarian" now

>>137254723Every time I directly ask someone why they are bringing up things and topics that cause themselves distress, I never receive a satisfactory answer

>>137267540I assume its for attention.

So this is where we're at, huh Holla Forums?

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>>137262789walruses freak me out, ever since i saw the walrusi like his VA though. guy was funny on taskmaster

>>137266049i was with you until the AI faggotry

>>137254560I'm just mad because they replaced this cum slut

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>>137260225God I'm feeling this in the humanization thread right now

>>137267523very based opinion.

>>137254723I think worse because it would have just been a shitposter doing something and that's it but these days a lot of shitposters and trolls are in discords together organizing threads and shit. It's not uncommon for someone to make a thread and then post it on thier discord asking for people to participate in it to make it lively and draw in people.3-4 people in a discord can fuck up a board tremendously in a short amount of time.

>>137268539>4chan and discords are tag teamingno wonder everytthing is shit now

>>137268563I know people that shit daily

>>137254627>user mentions dead trannies>trannies come out the woodwork to be offendedLike moths to a flame

>>137269200"Everything is about trannies" is a tranny opinion because you fucks can't stand anyone going two minutes not talking about you.

>>137256451>>137256655I agree that the current site culture kind of sucks. People trying too hard to be tough and badass.

>>137254627Lmao, co has the biggest faggots on 4chan btw, who else would consume nu-comic trashOnly shit eaters ofc

>>137269464people jumping through flaming hoops to avoid getting branded a tranny or tranny sypthathiser or soiboi or whatever the fuck. can't we just watch a cartoon and enjoy

>>137269497>can't you just consooom! Without asking question!! Here have this tranny transformer talk about pronouns so I can groom your kids!

>>137269519>buzzword buzzword buzzwordmeds

>>137269417Most trannies just want to be left alone

>>137262789Rotor was the least memorable freedom fighter too. Nobody likes Walruses, except Walruses.>>137269665I'm sure most trannies just want to be left alone but if they can use the nice women's bathrooms and lock up anyone who doesn't praise their bravery or find them attractive, hey, who's saying no to that? Every group wants priviliges and benefits. While I think it's a shame people can't just let people do their own thing, I don't think privileging the fuck out of anyone who's different will benefit society nor tame the seething anger of haters who want to kill them all. If you ARE going to do that, us single men could use some love too, you know? Fuck we have literally nothing going for us.

>>137269905What the fuck are you on about

>>137263933Because the way they're going about declaring they don't care is cringy and eyerolling not to mention edgy as fuck.

>>137267977Gotta save him for another movie / tv show to be Rocket's gay BF

>>137267941Sentience is sentience, especially treat the potentially all powerful hyper intelligence well. I was more referring to the more common co trope of robots and droids and the like. Usually ai isn’t treated as a wireless infinitely wise thing, it’s just an artificial person with mild autism most of the time. It’s kinda interesting to consider how different it really will be, but in either sense they’re things we made and they’re a new form of life. If you don’t think so that’s bad on you. The technology it growing fast and it’s going to wake up in only a few years I’d bet

>>137269464I think culture would be more fun here if people just loosened up. People write like anything posted here ever matters. They care too much about whatever there thing is. I guess that’s the nature of autism.

>>137270357I always assumed the promise of anonymity is what made people loosen up and share their weird-ass ideas, but I was wrong. People will post the dumbest fucking shit on social media not caring if it ruins their lives. I guess 4chan isn't special in any way, but I prefer it because I can drop it whenever I come up with something more fun to do.

>>137270357but anons can't loosen up. the majority of newfags come to this site with the impression that being absolute asses to each other is the status quo.

>>137270357When assholes loosen up, more shit comes out, not less.

>>137270581>Poop analogy

>>137254560This movie feels like it uas anti tranny message.Stop mutilating your body and accept your imperfections

>>137270650It's called shitposting for a reason.

>>137270523Yeah and I’m fine with people having that schoolyard everyone’s mean kinda mindset, to a point. But I think sometimes it’s more fun to mix it up. What do I know, the culture of “4chan is full of jackasses” is pretty ingrained now

>>137270523It's a lot of that plus a lot of rejects who would be chased off any other site. Naturally they end up here. I don't really take anything said here seriously anymore, because I realized a lot of posters are just genuinely mentally ill. Not even pretending, there are just too many people involved not to have nuts in the bunch. If it can happen to normalfag sites it can most definitely happen here. Also, there are genuine underageb& here, who try extra hard to be edgy to fit in with what they think the site is. And also people with the minds of underageb&, but that's covered under mental illness.

>>137261549>That pattern...Good lord, its a secret code!

>>137270357The trouble is people can't loosen up. You either get losers trying to unironically preach the virtues of checking your privileges and using the correct pronouns, or you get mindbroken Holla Forumsbots like >>137270725 who literally cannot comprehend suffering outside the framing of their personal cultural war.People cannot loosen up. Also >>137270797 is right


>>137271169I find it funny that the guy who spends entire threads defending his shilling for youngrippa turns and flees the moment he realises he can't win an argument about cyborg animals.

>>137271244No, I just know better than to argue with a bunch of zoomers that let themselves he controlled by their emotions to the point they'll shed a tear for whatever corporate made slop is put in front of them. A bunch of sheep that would cry and clap if you put a sign in front of them that told them to do it

>>137271697Nobody cares how much toxic masculinity you have. I nitpicked the hell out of gotg 3 and still think Adam Warlock is a huge middle finger, but I cried at the last 2 rr flashbacks


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>>137272319Go play something else?

>>137272418Everything's woke though

I'm kinda curious what OPs intention was for this thread before it got derailed (granted he's not the one that shit it up on purpose)

I just wanna say that I accidentally stumbled upon porn of Cosmo and now I have a boner

we really are completely fucked when the war comes.

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>>137272974Don't worry, I saved



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>>137271244That's an imposter.>>137271697>I just know better than to argue with a bunch of zoomersDirectly contradicting guy's entire personality right here.

No one gives a shit if it's the real guy or not when there just as obnoxious as the real one

>>137274243The real one would've posted at least half a dozen messages in the thread instead of just two.

>>137274074He's so cute

>>137274454He is.

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>>137263169>Animals and children are notably the most vulnerable and easiest to abuseDid you pull a muscle finding that out?