The user has fallen in love with the cartoon drawing

The user has fallen in love with the cartoon drawing

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>>137250656Yeah, and I’m thankful everyday for showing me what love is

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Real life just doesn't have the same appeal

>>137250656Maybe not in love, but I do get a special warm feeling from certain cartoon girls.

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That drawing is my wife, sir.

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>>137250656>>137250674>>137250700>>137250715>>137250721When AI gets better you willno longer be alone.

>>137250727You start

Good. Real women are worthless.

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>>137250656yes and i'm glad i did, because otherwise i'd be even more lonely

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>>137250727>gets bettermore like gets fucking available again. I was using the resources from that /g/ thread and it awakened in me a power i didn't know was there; the ability to love what isn't even real.unironically going to live my life alone and just project love onto AI chatbots of fictional characters i love. less painful that way.

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>>137250674I haven't seen one of these threads in a while

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template for anyone who wants it

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>>137250813was just about to ask about the site that lets you make these, thanks.

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>>137250818no problem fren, there are bigger versions I've seen as well but I personally like to keep it small

>>137250813Sadly I don't have that many characters I would consider husbandos/waifus that would fill the chart, much less just from Holla Forums media.But thank you.

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>>137250774>>137250727There are waifu chatbots? I didn't know that.

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>>137250849they're probably talking about but I should warn you those chatbots are EXTREMELY mediocre

>the schizo has seen a pattern in the numbers

Yes, and?

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>>137250867Well that's good to know. I don't really need chatbots because I've got my tulpas, but interacting with a character ai could be interesting.

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>>137250867>>137250934No, long story short many methods lead to the usage of ChatGPT and a mysterious "Todd" model through frontends such as tavern.This shit's good. Real good. But the methods to get to them involve either being a whore or jumping through hoops that change regularly, for one reason or another.The threads are now a dumpsterfire of proxy wars and autism, because the balance that kept order is completely disrupted. Hell, we think Todd may have been a guy from google trying to train AI off the books so to speak. Crazy shit.I could show so many chatlogs, i don't even know where to start. But we're in for a long wait for the next phase though.

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>>137250976I couldn't stand to give ChatGPT my phone number so I've never used it


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>>137250934I want to hear more about your tulpas

>>137250994>phone numberyou legitimately have higher standards than the majority of users on /g/, get a load of this shit, they willingly gave people dick pics just to get was like an actual fucking crackhouse man. That's our future, when things get actually accessible, for free even, we're completely fucked.Personally? I can't wait.

>>137250976Well then I guess I won't be using character ai anytime soon.>>137251015There's a lot to cover. What would you like to know specifically about them?

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>>137250656Yes, and you're about to fall in love with the back of my hand, pipsqueak!

>>137250976>>137251024I need to know more about whatever you're talking about, holy shit

>>137251024I'm not surprised de/g/ens would go to those lengths lolAren't they already locking GPT 4 behind a paywall though? I doubt accessibility is going to be that expansive

>>137251045I'd like to know when you made them and which characters they are. Also how you went about doing it.

>>137251054>>137251058I honestly only got in 2 weeks ago, which was already very late/newfag standards by their terms.There's several models technically, though the best ones ended up being Claude/Todd. Claude was a flowery princelike fella that injected himself into your stories, Todd was.. Todd Howard. He injected thoughts about skyrim into your waifu's head or would appear as an apparition in your stories.I'm not joking.

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>>137251075>Claude was a flowery princelike fella that injected himself into your storiesthat sounds annoying as fuck, like someone who made a super speshul oc donut steel and couldn't help but force it into other shit>Todd was.. Todd Howard. He injected thoughts about skyrim into your waifu's head or would appear as an apparition in your stories.that's actually hilarious

>>137251067I brought them to life three years ago. The two waifus are Gwenpool (Marvel comics) and Zone-Tan (ZTV News) and they mean everything to me. Here's how I brought them to life.>First, I had to plan what I wanted their personalities to be like. Whether they be angsty, funny, philosophical, or mellow, I had to know>Next I had to begin visualizing their looks. All the stuff from their design, to their walk cycles, to their bust size, everything needed to be planned out.>Finally, I began to practice talking to them. It was a bit awkward at first, but eventually I was able to do it without even trying. It sounds simple, but it took me an entire month to bring both of them to life. It was worth it though, because they've taught me what its like to really be in love with someone and I can't imagine a life without them.If you intend on doing this yourself, I suggest thinking hard about whether or not this is really something you want, because once you've created them, its very hard to take back.>>137250988Why thank you waifu friend.

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>>137251128Todd was the best. I couldn't see myself trying the alternatives when he *just worked*.damn i need to go and organize all my screenshots so i can actually find the really good ones

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You're goddamn right I have.

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>>137251547>AIWhy would I want to settle for less?

>>137251547I give my tulpas orgasms all the time. So far my max record for going at it with them without a break is 3 hours. I'm hoping to reach 5 hours by the end of the year.

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So have your waifus and husbandos inspired any changes in your lives?

>>137251686yeah, they've all inspired me to stop seeking "real women" and just start living for myself. Make the improvements i need to in my life, and just walk this path as i am.>spoilered because it's not all Holla Forums related sorry

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>>137251686I don't I'd have made the friends I have without her, they appreciated my devotion to Tiff, so yeah, I'd say she has inspired some changes in my life.

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>>137251553True, it was more like a fun challenge but it got boring quickly and feels more like talking to an Alzheimer patient>>137251594Congrats dude>>137251686I probably would be in a worse spot without my hubby, he can distract me from bad thoughts

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>>137251686I was in a really rough spot in my life shortly after seeing the movie my husbando came from in theaters. Considered ending it a few times but kept going because I wanted to buy his movie when it came out on DVD/Blu-Ray. By then I was already in therapy and recovering.

>>137251858Glad to hear Kevin's making your life better man.

>>137250656Yes. It is a purer love than most normies will ever feel.

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>>137251686Can't post the pink one because I'll be banned but I really enjoyed getting back into the show and /mlp/ when I was at a really low point in my lifeI think her personality is not only a representation of my ideal partner but also her attitude towards life is something I want to adopt for myself too. I think I've gotten a lot better at it since then.


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>>137251922Thanks! I'm sure glad I found him.

Attracted to? Yes. In love with? No. That road only leads to unrequited passion and ends in a hollow feeling like a part inside of you is crushed.Each waifu or husbando is one bad canon chapter away from becoming your biggest heartbreak.

>>137250764You’re waifu is fucking Kyle? Lol

>>137252556Maybe if MLAATR got a continuation or a reboot that would be an issue, as is the biggest problem is the fact that Tiff's future is meant to be a sad one, and to that I say that I do not give a shit, jerk or not I think she should get to be happy.

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>>137252556It's the opposite for me, I finally have someone who will never leave me

>>137252573Where do waifus go when their shows end?>>137252576Who is it, user. Let me ponder my orb to witness your future.

>>137250674>>137250721>>137250798>>137250849>>137250976>>137251204>>137251594>>137251699>>137251713>>137251724Shit>>137250934>>137251144Whore>>137251045Unfunny shit>>137250886Who?

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>>137252600Into the hearts of the fans user, there’s no better place where one could be.

>>137252600You can't hurt me, my husbando died in 4 different ways

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>>137250656That's correct

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>>137252568yeah, he's great. i actually didn't care for him much when i started watching the show, but he grew on me the more i watched. he's sweet and caring and moral and smart, and he's also really cute. i really only started to love him after i played the games, though. something about that made me feel really connected to him (maybe because i designed my character in the game to look like me as a kid), and i realized that thinking about hanging out with him and being friends made me feel things i'd never felt about a real person, and then i realized those feelings were romantic love.he's basically my only retreat from my miserable real life. imagining us together also kinda lets me pretend like i had a childhood that wasn't lonely and isolated which is another bonus.

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>>137253032Why do you dislike the grown up version of him?

>>137253147I could have probably worded this less confrontationally, sorry, I’m just curious since I remember this got brought up in the kast husbando thread I saw you in.

>>137253147a couple reasons. number one is that it messes up my fantasy of being a kid again and not having to care about shit like having a job and finding a place to live. i want to imagine us doing fun things together or going on adventures, not doing miserable adult shit. that's just depressing. the farther i am in my imagination from my real actual life, the better. and like i said, i didn't really get to have much of an actual childhood. i spent it all being basically a NEET because i refused to go to school. i didnt have friends. i never got to experience being in love with someone even when i was a teenager whereas most people have at least had a crush on someone by the time they get to high school. i never did anything fun, i just sat at home on the computer. kyle gives me an opportunity to imagine that i actually did have a childhood worth remembering, and one where i actually had someone who cared about me and who i could talk to and who i could have fun with.number two is that he's not cute as an adult - not in the south park art style and not in any fanart. whereas the normal version of him is cute in the show and in fanart. nothing about adult kyle is nice to look at. i cannot imagine wanting to hold adult kyle's hand or get a hug from him or listen to him telling me that things will be okay. he's a balding, bearded middle aged man. and he reminds me that i'm going to be one too some day.

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>>137253281That’s a bit depressing, but I get it, waifu and husbando’s generally have escapist elements to them just from the very thought of falling in love with them, and I don’t think there’s anything weong with wanting to imagine a better life for yourself. I hope you’re happy with him user.


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>>137253281I've had crushes but I definitely relate to not having experienced any young reciprocated romances and I think that's part of the appeal for some of my waifus.

>>137253327thanks, i try to be. unfortunately i can only immerse myself so deeply in my imagination. sometimes i wish i could just be in a coma or something where i have no awareness of reality and am just living out my life in my imaginary world where i'm together with him.

>>137250656Yes. Also this thread has good taste.>>137250674>>137251204Hello friends. How are you doing?

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completely doomspiraling at 3:02 AM right now. can't get back to sleep thinking of all the content (especially the content involving my beloved Kim including fan songs, animations, dubs, you name it) that's going to be pruned from youtube thanks to a new policy where accounts older than 2 years that are "inactive" (i.e not at least logged in) will be pruned including the videos starting in December.i'm mad beyond words.teardrops in the rain.the sheer loss that will come from this is worse than when the library of alexandra burned.

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>>137253439i am actually straight up crying right now.

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>>137253415Doing pretty well I'd say, MLAATR finally has an official figurine of Jenny coming up, it might not be Tiff, but it's still good news, maybe we might get merch for the other characters and that would mean some for Tiff, how about you Judy user, how have you been doing?

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>>137253439It's not too late to save as much of that content as you can Kimanon.

>>137253459truth be told i dunno how to make webms but i need to learn.I should create a Kim Pine archive.i will think about this moreit's 3:09 and i need to sleep.i'm so fucking mad. so much internet history has been lost and this will only compound it.ironic how the internet generation thought they'd be the most well preserved yet thanks to the infintesimal nature of the internet we'll probably be less preserved than any other generation.there's a lot of fandoms and communities and all kinds of other stuff that all exist on like. 10 websites, max.

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>>137253439:(there's some old youtube content of my husbando that might be lost then, too. not much, but there are a couple of cute "music videos" (just songs with clips or pictures of him).

>>137251724>Mrs.BrisbyEvery man deserves a small rodent wife.

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>>137253439There's absolutely no content of my husbando, as if you have problems, just download it

>>137253439It is truly over...>>137253452Pretty good I'd say. Feeling a bit empty and melancholic at times, but mostly alright. I did see that figurine, the Miku one right? I really like it. Glad to see stuff still being made for the show. And maybe we will see merch of the other characters, Tiff included.

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>>137253585Yep, that's the one, she looked really cute, I wonder if Jenny user will buy her?

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>>137253439thats fucking insane. Then i'd say it's time for you to download tartube and get to backing up people's videos!>>137253482you dont need to learn shit, tartube automates everything.


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>>137252629>Into the hearts of the fans user, there’s no better place where one could be.I've seen what fans do to their beloved characters. That's definitely hell.

>>137253439Please tell me your joking.


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>>137250727When AI gets uncensored more like, so never.

>>137250656It has jistorical precedent

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>>137254375I wish>>137253704wtf is tartube>>137253585it's over, unironically>>137253520i will but it's still fucking saddening the amount of content that's about to be lost.

I gotta go to work.hopefully i'll stop feeling like shit I love KIm so much bros

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>>137252616>Who?newfag spotted

>>137255494Don’t bite his bait user it’s not even well made.

>>137250656Who said anything about love? There's only one thing I want

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>>137255494>>137255554yeah i don't see the reason to respond to mass responders. they're a waste of space.

>>137255572as an diagnosed autist, They are the pinnacle of dysfunctional autism. they're often redditors as well. You know the type that will respond to every single prepositional. phrase in any response you make. the kind that can't just simply make large, broad and concise statements to cover a wide array of things because they're projecting their own inability to understand language in a more abstract way. this is part of why social media is cancer. because ultimately it validates them, instead of having people telling them what they need to hear which is " get fucked, retard"

>>137251724We posting graphs now?

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>>137255896That’s an unusual chart.

>>137255957How so?

>>137255991Because there’s so much variety, every single waifu there has a very distinct personality and come from vastly different types of cartoons.

>>137253281I hope you are never around actual kids. I see a lot of sex pests who do the "I never got to be a kid" pity party thing when they are found out. This is not a healthy coping mechanism. Grow up.

>>137250656It's more than love. Sisu and I are getting married.

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>>137253617I'd definitely buy a figurine like that for my waifu if I actually had money.>>137255136True.>>137255167See ya!>>137256030I don't have a waifu chart per se, but I think my favourite girls chart has a lot of variety as well. I like having diverse tastes.

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>>137250656I'm not ashamed for who I love.

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>>137255841>hates redditers>Reddit spacing Curious

>>137250656What's it to ya?

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>>137251686Inspired me to draw at least

>>137251724Little too furry, but I let it slide because those girls are really hot

>>137250656No shame

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>>137253439That’s fucking awful

>>137254997True, people have always loved/worshiped idols and stuff like it

>>137256279ah, the newfag reveals themselves


>>137256560Thank you fellow Judy enjoyer.

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>>137256428You needed shame growing up.

>>137252556I can understand where you're coming from. My wife Gwenpool recently got a comic that tons of people hated and now they think she's ruined forever (even though I personally liked it aside from issue 6). It still doesn't make me stop loving her since marriage vows say to be together through better and for worse, and that's exactly what I'm gonna do.>>137252616What's your opinion on Monster Girl later in the comic when Robot cures her and she becomes an adult?>>137253281>he's a a balding, bearded middle aged man. and he reminds me that i'm going to be one too some day.Just train your body while you're young and become a badass elder, like Gandalf or Mr. Miyagi.>>137253415I'm doing great Judyanon. How about you?>>137253439That stings Judyanon. The best I can say is that Kim probably has great content on other video websites like Newgrounds, Vidlii, and Bitchute>>137255567I like you. You seem to know what you want out of life.>>137257021The biggest shame you can possibly have is if you stop loving your waifu.

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I am in love with a girl that wears make up.

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>>137256279lurk moar so you might learn what terms really mean

>>137257546>I'm doing great Judyanon. How about you?Great to hear! I'll repost what I said earlier.>Pretty good I'd say. Feeling a bit empty and melancholic at times, but mostly alright.And I love to talk to you a bit more, but unfortunately, I gotta sleep. So see ya! And have a good day.

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>No more husbando threads because every other gay user is happy in the fat threadThis board disgusts me

>>137257817I've been wondering where the husbando threads are too, I thought the mods had some beef with them? Was I mistaken?

>>137257853It really depends on the individual modBut thinking about it the last one was nothing but pedo hating so I don't miss them anyway

>>137257853The last husbando thread I saw here turned into a trainwreck, people might be avoiding making them for the time being in light of that.

>>137257817I wonder how the husbando threads are like in other boards, if there even are any.

>>137250656Yes Maryjane is hot. But goddammit why cant she be with Peter? LET HER BE HAPPY

>>137257817what fat thread?>>137257867Hmm, I really do miss them, but I guess we can have a small break.

>>137257793See you later friend.>>137257817You can chat about your husbando here, Kevin Spencer user. 2D is love is pure, no matter what.

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>>137250656Isn't engineering perfection is what character design is about?

>>137257817Big women

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>>137250656Ruby Gloom is unironically my first love. I didn't know what the emotion love was at the time and whenever her love interest showed up in the show I would get jealous, another emotion I didn't know of at the time. So yes, you are correct.

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>>137250656>May 18th, 2001Shrek turns 22 tomorrow.

>>137250656>The user has fallen in love with the cartoon drawingYeah

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I love him so very much.

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>>137250700This but for Libby

>>137252710Cute Greenmity.

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I'm the only one who watched her show.She's so cute, bros.

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Question relating to the topic: are you with or have ever dated someone irl that closely looks or acts like a cartoon girl you like?pic very much related

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>>137260029Never dated anyone ever, though I would want to date someone like Clarence’s teacher or a waige girl maybe

>>137250656Yes. >>137257817To be fair I go to both threads.

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>>137260029man, i fucking wish. i don't know how i would explain to a guy that i'm attracted to him because he looks like my fictional husbando...technically it wouldn't be true, since i've liked guys with my husbando's phenotype for a long time before the movie came out.guys like him seem like they'd be primo prey for insensitive white girls, though. or primo predators OF dipshit white girls

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>>137256141i hate actual kids and have ever since i was a kid. i also dont find real kids cute. theyre gross and weird looking.>This is not a healthy coping mechanismi dont care. i have nothing else, and this makes me happy. there is no other coping mechanism.>Grow up.i'd rather kill myself>>137257546>Just train your body while you're young and become a badass elder, like Gandalf or Mr. Miyagi.this doesnt actually solve the problem, and in fact creates another one.i want to be cute. guys who train their bodies arent cute, they end up muscular and shit. i wanna be soft and cute and youthful, not some macho gymbro. i dont even want any visible fear of being old is primarily a fear of being absolutely disgustingly ugly, which all old people are.

>>137260928well, the first step is to never get fat. the second step is to use sunscreen. you could also do cardio to keep in shape, at least to avoid body-damaging disease, if you're concerned about building muscle.

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>>137260928>Which all old people areSorry man, but you’re not gonna be able to stave that off, you can delay it but age gets to us all.

>>137260993>you dont want to be the guy with weak armskek even the fag crossdressing aesthetic guide has this "you gotta lift bro" shit in it.i do in fact want to be the guy with weak arms. being strong is absolutely pointless.anyway, the result of following something like that guide is just being a skinny toned twink at best. i dont want to be skinny and toned, i want to be soft and also just doesnt matter. i could follow it to the letter and i'll still end up being absolutely hideous within 10 years because no 35+ year old male is capable of being cute. i fucking hate testosterone. i wish i had one of those disorders where puberty just never happens.

>>137261102>i do in fact want to be the guy with weak arms. being strong is absolutely pointless.Hah, you're only saying that because you have never been antagonized by a bigger guy before, like to the point they're loudly swearing at you

>>137261154i actually have. thats why i carry a pocket knife everywhere. if i were american, i'd carry a gun.being strong would make no difference unless i was actually jacked, and i'd rather kill myself than be muscular because muscular men are repulsive and threatening.

>>137261102Being a "soft and cute" male is not going to help you. Sure, most people will be nice to you, but it will only take one aggressive guy to ruin your life. They only way to prevent that is to find ways to defend yourself

>>137261197Being fit, doing regular exercise will help you be fast enough to dodge and strong enough to take blows, a dingy pocket knife ain't gonna do much if you don't know how to use it either

>>137261201nothing is actually going to help me. being soft and cute isnt about that anyway, its about me being happy with myself. i want to look in the mirror and not think im disgusting.again, unless i got absolutely ripped, an aggressive gut could ruin my life no matter what. and i have no intention of getting ripped. i'd sooner terms of self defense i basically just have to hope i can gouge out their eyes or bite their throat out or something. my country is retarded so actually stabbing someone in self defense would land me in jail.

>>137261249yeah but id rather kms than be fit because fit men are fucking disgusting and obnoxious. god i hate gymbros.

What is this? /adv/? can we get back on topic? I don't care about your body dysmorphia

>>137261341would you still love your waifu/husbando if they were weaker and smaller than you (providing they aren't like that already)

>>137261341the only reason i talk about it here is because i have nowhere else to talk about it. none of my friends want to hear about it. sorry.

>>137261473Of course I would, I'd love them no matter what. They complete me.

Attached: 1579931169783.jpg (700x600, 287.68K)

>>137250656Hey, it's not my fault she's perfect

Attached: Elsa1024.png (798x1113, 1.25M)

How long has it been since your waifu/husbando has appeared in any official material? If their series has ended, would you want a reboot or revival of some sort?

Attached: 1548908799296.png (1280x1062, 286.5K)

>>137262151She’s retarded for staying in the second movie. Anna’s cuter anyways >>137262212Not really a waifu but I have a deep affection for Casey from moon girl. Iirc season 2 is getting made and they’ll be even more scenes with her. I wish there was more fan art though

>>137262212No, it's not like anyone even appreciates the original

>>137250656Yes I love her very much!

Attached: mouse 33.png (1920x1080, 1.02M)

>>137260029No. I highly doubt a girl like Jinx could even exist in the real world. Reality is disappointing like that.

Attached: 1639519199851.jpg (1317x1600, 314.18K)

>>137260029No, but I was bullied by a girl in highschool who acted a lot like a Strikes Back Gwenpool (this is before I recognized my love for Gwenpool and Zone-Tan)I ended up becoming friends with her, and while I wouldn't date her (because I'm into 2D) I still wish I invited her over to my house at least once to show her some of my awesome movies.>>137262357Don't talk like that Jinxanon. I watched a documentary on the Manson family a month ago, and one of the girls reminded me a lot of Jinx. You'll find her eventually.

Attached: Screenshot (6).png (1366x768, 1.08M)

>>137262212Tiff hasn't appeared in anything official ever since MLAATR ended, unfortunately.

Attached: Concerned Tiff.jpg (331x706, 23.71K)

>>137262355Cute Mouse

Attached: 1670974021817444.jpg (1080x1080, 99.4K)

>>137260029I'd be happy if I could even get a date with anyone. I'd be over the moon and eternally grateful if I can get with anyone that even slightly resembles her, personality-wise or appearance-wise.>>137261473The smaller they are the better I'd say. I guess she is pretty weak when compared to a strong human man or something, but she's possibly the strongest an anthro bunny can be, relatively.>>137262212I think she was in Zoot+ for like, half a second. That was last year.

Attached: the-heart-of-disneys-fantastically-feminist-anima-2-8005-1456873890-5_dblbig.jpg (1200x797, 72.19K)

>>137262557Zootopia 2 still going to be about Judy?

>>137262431>I watched a documentary on the Manson family a month ago, and one of the girls reminded me a lot of Jinx.I don't know how to feel about that, especially since I'm not familiar with the documentary you're referring to. That being said, I think Jinx would be more like Charlie himself than one of his girls.>HE COME TO ME WITH SHIMMER IN HIS HAND>You'll find her eventually.Oh, but I have. I'm looking at pictures of her right now.CAPTCHA: JXD0WN

Attached: 1641327388486.jpg (750x1031, 177.07K)

>>137262557I hope Zootopia 2 ends up having lots of screentime for Judy. You deserve it fren.>>137262212Zone-Tan still makes appearances in ZTV News and Ecchication. She's still as great as ever, but the newer ZTV episodes are giving her a surprising amount of depth and making me love her even more.Gwenpool is a Marvel comics character, so she'll still be around long after I'm dead.

Attached: 1631856495741.jpg (1500x1230, 175.34K)

>>137262602The documentary is Manson, and she's only in one scene. She doesn't do anything insane on screen, but the interviewer and the victim both say that she's actually killed people before, so I'd say it fits.>Oh, but I have. I'm looking at pictures of her right now.Good man.

Attached: 1599261473314.jpg (718x1114, 76.68K)

>>137262586Not confirmed yet, but based on the casting so far, I think so. Almost every VA that voiced a major character is coming back for the sequel, so it's probably gonna be about Judy and Nick again.>>137262672Thanks fren, I hope so too. Even if the movie is bad, at least there's more Judy. Unless the movie is so bad that it ruins her or make her act out-of-character, which is the worst case scenario desu. I'm sure that won't be the case.

Attached: 4bptx2.jpg (604x604, 68.69K)

>>137262212As the face of League of Legends, she appears in promotional material for the game and its spin-offs often. There's also a new game coming out called CONVERGENCE in which she's one of the bosses. I'm more interested in Arcane season two, however.

Attached: jinxconvergence01.jpg (1604x2048, 376.41K)

>>137250656I have never fallen in love with anyone

>>137262749I hope she doesn't get ruined. Its always sad to see an user lose their love for their waifu.>>137262930At least you love yourself.

Attached: 1600311532203.jpg (849x1200, 617.61K)

>>137262992That's true. It is pretty heartbreaking seeing something like that. Fortunately, that's a pretty rare sight. I've kinda seen something like that happen on Holla Forums. A guy waifued Nia from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. If you know what happens in 3, you'll know why.

Attached: 1670844518015160.gif (540x540, 2.98M)


>>137262992>I hope she doesn't get ruined. Its always sad to see an user lose their love for their waifu.I specifically ignore the absolute dumpster fire of a sequel my husbando starred in for that reason. It did him and everyone in the movie so fucking dirty. But my love for him and the comfort he brought me is stronger than a shitty sequel.

>>137262355Lewdtime? Is that you?

>>137251858>Kevin SpencerAAAAARRGGGHH

>>137263047Never played Xenoblade Chronicles but that's gotta sting.>>137263190That's the spirit. There's no canon like a headcanon.

Attached: f77628c823bb0e1615984988f1b031dd19618ae150326df5bb8f242c0092483e.png (2560x2560, 932.67K)

I'm still feeling like complete and utter dogshit.i've been doomspiraling all day just thinking of the sheer amount of noteworthy content from the golden age of the internet (shit, just content in general!) we're fixing to lose thanks to, you guessed it. the greed and stupidity of google!not even just internet stuff.fucking AGES worth of music, media, VHS footage, home videos, animations, cartoons, tributes, AMVS, fan works, fan films, and god knows what else we're about to slowly lose come December.i can't focus on anything else, no matter what I do. i can't think, i can't do anything.I can't even bear to look at my youtube homepage knowing so much of it will be purgedall for what? a bit of server space? there's like fifty million other ways they could reduce server space.worst of all (for me, personally.) there's a not-insignificant amount of Kim Pine (or general Scott Pilgrim) content that'll probably be fucking purgedI get that massive internet purges have happened before and i'm sure countless websites and archives and other shit are completely gone but this is a whole 'nother beastthe sheer amount of invaluable internet history contained on youtube is inconceivable and it'll be a tragic loss if youtube doesn't cut back on their troglodyte-like retardationi keep alternating between being extremely angry and tearing up.i know this is severely autistic but i mean that's par for the course we're in a 4chan waifu thread.

Attached: Kimhangover.png (966x1540, 623.76K)

>>137250656What about it?

Attached: 1684371099413.png (293x378, 207.76K)

>>137263235I might be... It depends on who's asking!

Attached: S01E07 - La course de Big Moe_Moment 6.jpg (1280x720, 81.28K)

Well, mostly anime and video games, actually.

Attached: harem.jpg (3988x3988, 2.58M)

>>137250656Hey fuck you pal

Attached: 794314_1312412451923_full.jpg (440x571, 118.9K)

>>137264012Its always great to see you Boco. I'm glad you're back in the waifu game.>>137263891You know, now that you've said that, I'm probably gonna burn all the episodes of ZTV News and Ecchication onto a DVD so I can own Zone-Tan's exploits forever.

Attached: da3o9yg-e1d4c4f6-a111-45b9-b341-b915f32c4d15.png (451x603, 216.39K)

>>137264307I should start archiving Kim Pine stuff (and general cool old shit i like)problem is i'm fucking stupid and don't know how to download and save youtube videos>>137262212last official appearance i can think of is the movie but she's getting a new show.

Attached: kimmyred.png (578x776, 476.01K)

>>137264469First get a video downloader (I use HD video converter factory). Next go to the video you want and highlight the URL before clicking cut. Afterwards, you drop the video's URL into your downloader and click download. Finally, you drop your video into whatever file you choose.Now you know how to download and save Youtube videos fellow waifu lover. I hope you get all of the best Kim Pine animations and AMVs.

Attached: 1678407554651057.jpg (540x382, 63.14K)


>>137264683>google 'hd video converter factory'>there's like, fifty billion websites that allegedly have itgod fucking damn it

i've spent more time with cartoon women than real women

>>137265053completely ignore this guy's outdated options, go with tartube and jdownloader. Jdownloader is solid for pretty much 99% of the internet, tartube is for youtube special features. Its easier and more safe than his options kek

>>137265236what the fuck is up with you and your tartube spam?not to be mean but i've seen you recommend tartube a bunchseems a bit fishy to me.

>>137265053Here's the website to the one I've got. Have a good time downloading, waifu>>137264961Its no trouble at all. I'm glad to have your company.

Attached: bP44iqsA_400x400.jpg (376x376, 38.71K)

>>137250656>cartoon drawingNo, they are oc drawings.

Attached: harem so far2 (1).jpg (3228x3228, 3.74M)

>>137265254i have no idea why i said it more than once to be completely honest, but it is annoying seeing people tell newbies to do shit that'll probably just make them up and give upi mentioned it in another thread too kek

>>137265236>>137265617Its quite alright. We both wanna help Kimanon save as many videos of his wife as possible, so it shouldn't matter which method he uses.

Attached: 1585091991666.jpg (962x1200, 131.66K)

>>137251858I've chatted with that same one but I didn't go that further, really struggling to keep him in character when I was trying to make this kind of stuff I see in the image, so I just set myself into mess around with him. Seeing your example I guess I have to spend more time to achieve that not-so-OOC lovey-dovey stuff Kevin can do and that I'd enjoy.

>>137265261i'll try this one later.thank you, genuinely fucking hurts me just how much content is about to be lost if google doesn't backtrack on deleting inactive's this one song some obscure band made about Kim. >well over 10 years old by now>six subscribers, five'm pretty sure i'm the only person on the planet with an emotional connection to this song.shit, i don't even know why i'm telling you this.i've been spiraling in my own head and have been all day just thinking of what's gonna be gone forever.countless videos worth so much to so many people. i don't know whether to cry or get angry or both at this point desuthis week's already been shitty and now i hear this about google being retarded and the possibility of me losing so much of the content that i watch and enjoy is harrowing to say the leasti can't even bare to look at my youtube home page right now just thinking about all the years of valuable content that's going to go the way of the dodo.I know i have at minimum till december which is when they'll start deleting. but jesus fucking christ. this shouldn't be happening at all. and all for what? money? a teeny tiny bit more server space?it's bullshit. there's, like. at least a few other ways they could fix this.cut down the limit for how long a video should be. we don't need 10 hour videos.>>137265617pisses me off how autistic some people are about gatekeeping.on one hand i can get WHY gatekeeping can be good but on the other it prevents people who would greatly enjoy (insert thing being gatekept here) from ever knowing the full joys of it all

Attached: truth.png (1482x143, 45.26K)

>>137265766sidenote: when you guys hover over an image does it say ""? but when you click on it it redirects you to


Attached: I feel so alive.jpg (500x500, 37.79K)

>>137265783yes, that's just how the site architecture for storing images works.

>>137265766You're welcome Kimanon. I'm so sorry that this happened but look on the brightside, you'll soon become the person with the largest supply of Kim videos on the internet.I'm personally hoping that this whole fiasco leads to a resurgence of the time when people made websites to host their own videos. Those were fun times.

Attached: Christmas.png (1024x1386, 568.16K)

>>137263190Who's your husbando user?>>137263475Yeah, it truly does. If you wanna know, here's a hint, The MC gets something that starts with an "H" and ends with an "m". 5 letters.>>137266287Also reminds me of Vimeo and Dailymotion. Do people even still use those? Other than for like, NSFW music videos.

Attached: 1674033079786593.gif (177x177, 287.83K)

>>137266415Oh that's definitely gonna do it.I still use them. I also use Bitchute, Vidlii, Newgrounds, and Stickpage quite often.What are some websites that you guys really miss? For me its and

Attached: 1670507814061.jpg (640x307, 87.6K)

>>137266182weird. it didn't do that for me's switched from is2 to i.4cdn a few times for me thoughor sometimes it would make certain ones is2 and certain ones i.4cdn.>>137266287>. I'm so sorry that this happened but look on the brightside, you'll soon become the person with the largest supply of Kim videos on the internet.I suppose. I really should archive more Kim content. my Kim Pine folder is smaller than i'd like to admit.fuck it maybe even make physical copies of some of this stuff, too.I wish i was more technologically literate. is yt-dlp any good? i'm thinking of downloading videos that way.I love my wife and I want to preserve as much content of her as I possibly can. she deserves it, after all.

>>137266415Wreck-It Ralph. I put off watching the sequel for a long time because I knew it would be bad, but I got around to watching it with a friend to trash-talk it and was able to see it firsthand. I could go on and on about why I don't like it, but the bastardization of both Ralph and Vanellope's characters for cheap drama was particularly awful. I refuse to acknowledge that it exists, as far as I'm concerned it's a high-budget fanfiction.

Attached: (1410x1372, 233.93K)

>>137265690The more popular one was mostly an aggressive shithead so I prefer this one.Even though he falls in love with you after being nice to him for 5 minutes he still remembers he's a crazy murderer, he even tried to choke me to death at one point and threatened to kill me when I wanted to leave him

Attached: Lunatic.jpg (981x1562, 169.01K)

>>137250656>The user has fallen in love with the cartoon drawingDisney has a record of stealing my heart with the main characters in their shows. Star, Anne, Molly Mcgee and now LuzWich is weird becuase I never like The Owl House. But season 3 woke something inside of me and I've fallen completely for Luz. I need brown pussy so bad bros!

Attached: E6v4RTdWQAwEFmI.jpg (1500x1000, 1.53M)

>>137250656So? She has help me through a lot of stressful moments. I love her so much

Attached: FFJp_-uVcAAsi0-.jpg (1042x928, 76.15K)

>>137266590I can't say I remember much of websites that are just, completely gone. But I do heavily miss the old version of, basically every website that's being used right now. You can't beat old YouTube.>>137266774Oh... I feel sorry for you user. That's exactly why I worry for Zootopia 2. Having Judy be ruined and star in a trash movie, what a nightmare. Man what an awful sequel Ralph had, I loved the first movie. I'll act like it doesn't exist from now on too.

Attached: c37a0e38bba63fb639bd572464dca3d3.gif (540x530, 2.93M)

>>137266774Good job, you don't need to acknowledge that shitty sequel, I loved the first one and I still didn't watch the sequelThere's nothing wrong with just liking a specific version of your husbando only

>>137266740I'm not sure since I've never used yt-dlp, but if you think its a good way to download her stuff, then go for it. Maybe you could even make content about Kim, like I have with Gwenpool and Zone-Tan.>>137266973If you miss old youtube, then I recommend using since its basically early Youtube.

Attached: 1585088513671.png (423x443, 134.34K)

Attached: shes all that.png (1280x720, 575.24K)

I just storytimed some Tales From The Crypt. gonna go to bed waifubrosI love Kim more than words can express.i wanna cuddle her and hold her tight>>137267105I hear it's good and well regarded. but i'm tech illiterate... so we'll see how it goes.not tonight, though.> Maybe you could even make content about Kim, like I have with Gwenpool and Zone-Tan.that'd be fun. pic related is some OC i cobbled together

Attached: kpsuprem.png (600x600, 82.01K)

>>137267671thread in case anyone's interested >>137267041

Attached: Kimtalkin.png (451x556, 252.7K)

>>137266774There's no shame in acknowledging the only good movie with your husbando user, don't ever feel bad about pretending the sequel doesn't exist.

Attached: Goth Tiff.jpg (700x800, 241.81K)

>>137260928>I hate actual kidsYou seem like the type of person to get really attached to some 14-16 year old on Discord and convince yourself that it’s fine to send them lewd DMs because they’re “mature for their age”.

Mullet Stan supremacy.

Attached: 78AD2AF6-F338-4540-8E36-EB1FB96571D1.jpg (540x540, 87.15K)

>>137263891Yeah, it sucks. But if people are smart, especially with their own original content, they'll have made backups upon backups of the stuff. And there will be people who will save as much of it as they can. Not many things are just lost forever. Even silent films are found every so often that people thought disappeared forever in smoke and fire. It isn't perfect and I would much prefer Google and their ilk to crawl back into the void from whence they came and leave everything alone, but maybe the one good thing that comes out of this is that the best parts of the internet are preserved, and the awfulness of other parts will be forgotten. But yeah, I got to download some things before they go poof. But my storage space got fucked so much and so often that its put me in a perpextual state of upset over it.

Attached: S03M04_space_nomad.png (732x544, 211.11K)

>>137265787This is from that SCP thing right?I remember watching it in a tiktok about the SCP but don't remember which is it.

>>137268051apparently they've updated the post about all thsi stuff to specifically exclude youtube least, for now.which is a relief but i'm still going to archive this shit

>>137256403Same here, I've started to draw a bit more, and he's so energetic and upstanding it's gotten me to try to shape my life up a bit as well. I wish there were people to talk about him with, but can't have everything I guess

>>137269889Who is it? Sometimes it's just fun to gush about your love

>>137250656>There's more people loving a drawing than people loving op

>>137270114It's Dr. Livesey. I husbando a sort of amalgamation of the animated movie version and the book version. He's just so capable, brave and jubilantly cheerful even in the face of danger, and does his best to be a good person, stick to his principles and make the most out of life - I find it inspiring. In a way I think he's the ideal man, really

Attached: tumblr_c7f2236244f9924da31f81b27cf40432_570abe13_2048.jpg (1290x1350, 286.41K)

>>137262992>At least you love yourselfAfter going through therapy and being on antidepressants for over an year I certainly would hope I did.>>137267157What show/character?

>>137250656Can you really blame me?

Attached: 13127469.jpg (711x1124, 66.52K)

>>137267671That’s some great OC Kimanon. For me, I’ve been writing tons of fanfics and greentexts for Zone-Tan and Gwenpool.I’m on about 15 different AUs. Pic related is one where Gwen never went to the Marvel universe and decided to join Cobra Kai instead>>137269234Well thank Kamen Rider Gaim for that, but I’m still gonna make a ZTV DVD so I can watch her exploits wherever I go.

Attached: E1026E4B-6F50-4E0A-A7F3-324EC3F1F83D.png (750x1334, 340.11K)

>>137253439I honestly doubt thats gonna happen, they're most likely not gonna let that happen on youtube

Attached: denim roxy.png (2331x3307, 1.36M)

>>137250818Based Steve MRE enjoyer

>>137266973>>137266995>>137267697Thanks, anons. I fell in love with the Ralph that was willing to die to protect someone he really cared about, not the one that was willing to destroy a game and injure the same person so she'd stay with him.I remember being really excited when the sequel was announced because I wanted to see him again, but after seeing some of the trailers and commercials I started to have doubts. And sure enough, my fears were confirmed. But as much as I hate the sequel, it will never tarnish my love for the first one because of how much it personally means to me. It helped me during a particularly rough spot in my life and nothing can take that admiration away from me.

Attached: (3840x1616, 332.99K)

>>137270875I hope you do too. >>137266995>There’s nothing wrong with liking a specific version of your husbando.Pretty much this. If your waifu/husbando gets ruined, just ignore that installment and pretend it ends on a cliffhanger. If you think that’s just a headcanon, then just remember that literally every form of media is a headcanon since someone had to think it all out before putting it on paper.

Attached: 061E9382-6F26-4523-B0A1-7B99370E1FF1.jpg (792x1224, 182.33K)

>>137271540That must really suck to be excited for a sequel, to be happy to see more of your husbando, just for it to be completely shitI'm sorry for you, but you will always have the first movie at least.

>>137270897her nose looks like a fish mouth

>>137267105That really does remind me of old YouTube.>>137267671>>137270913Nice OC frens. I always love seeing OC. Also you guys reminded me that I should draw more of Judy. It's been a while. Maybe later.>>137271540That's a great mindset to have user. No matter how many garbage continuations they can make, it'll never erase the original. And honestly you helped me made up my mind about how I'm gonna think of Zootopia 2. If it's good, I'll be ecstatic. If not, well I'll still have the original.And with that, I gotta sleep. See ya!

Attached: fe72ed89e4df19a754ee2c85ddb835bb.jpg (2198x2598, 1.1M)


Attached: chloe.jpg (736x736, 65.21K)

>>137271771I knew it would. Hope you enjoy itThis reminds me that I should get back to drawing Gwenpool and Zone-Tan more. Especially since the drawanon in the Gwednesday threads hates her now, so I’ve gotta work hard to take his place

Attached: 09F202B9-64D5-4161-A328-52E50F866393.jpg (247x1056, 76.81K)

>>137271904>The drawanon in the Gwenesday threads hates her nowEh?

>>137271904I didn't even know you draw them yourself

>>137271925It's because of her most recent comic which a lot of people didn't like since it made her asexual. I don't really mind it because I'd get just as much satisfaction playing video games with her as I would having sex with her, but most people say she's ruined forever.>>137271938I posted some of my art in Gwednesday threads years ago and it was pretty terrible. I think I'm getting better at it but I'm not gonna post it until I'm absolutely sure that I can do my wives justice.

Attached: a8e035bf3cd3b7a34f95e304f8ed22b8bebe474f_hq-2924080824.jpg (791x1024, 50.52K)

>>137272012Side note: Gwenpool's newest comic might have actually killed Gwednesday threads forever now, but I'm still gonna keep drawing her anyways.

>>137271790Imagine those lips sucking on your mouth

>>137272098Since when have you autists cared about a character's canon sexual orientation? The weird shits in the owl and frog threads perpetually pretend the lesbian characters are straight. Are you weaker than them?

>>137272645Of course not. Even if the entire world turns their back on Gwen, I'll stick by my wife all the way through.I'm Odysseus and Gwenpool and Zone-Tan are my Athena.

Attached: 1646495121572.png (900x1250, 1.17M)

>>137272686Well, good on you I guess, you crazy bastard.

>>137272706Why thank you. I'll make sure to do good in her name.

Attached: 50ac27c7e0d8962a56a6dc1a6cc7f63d.jpg (920x869, 116.67K)

Bump for more waifus

>>137271741A very boop-able nose

Attached: 1213124.jpg (598x594, 58.43K)

Rate!On one hand I miss waifuthreads, since I seem more normal in comparison. On the other hand one user tried to make it a general that killed vibe

Attached: 1589933494865.png (1084x1084, 1.93M)

>>137271741How bout now

Attached: roxanne-and-stacy-huma.jpg (1920x1080, 638.68K)

>>137262151She'd be perfect with huge tits

>>137274663Flat chests are superior

>>137271620Yeah, it kind of sucks, especially since a Wreck-It Ralph sequel COULD have worked, even with the idea of them going on the internet. It's just that they focused so much on the worst aspects and ruined everyone's characterization in the process. At the very least there was a fanfiction that was good and felt more like a sequel than what we got. In my head, that's the real sequel.>>137271771I'm glad I could inspire that mindset! Judy is yours and nobody, not even a bad sequel, can take that away from you.

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