>D your bro is weird>Oh no he just has special needs.Dexter is neurodivergent confirmed

>D your bro is weird>Oh no he just has special needs.Dexter is neurodivergent confirmed.

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>>137249662not surprising

>>137249662>"I think he's cute" Then a ship was born


>>137249662Dee Dee is cute.

What kind of 'needs' do you sate for him

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>>137249662Dee Dee feet

>>137249662No shit he's an 8 year old supergenius, he's divergent as fuck.

>>137249717I was sad it never went anywhere.


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>>137250617Made for coomers.

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>>137250009Finally someone else said!

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>>137252454that's literally the term; it's as clinical and connotatively neutral as is possible

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>>137251777It might have, if that idiot Savino hadn't stopped using 90% of the side cast.

>>137252693>5 fingersDisgusting.

>>137251781Its funny how this episode is 50% DeeDee watching TV and learning a new move and the other 49 is her pestering Dexter to see it, just for him to finally do so, tell her its good and both going on to their business.

>>137252850>as if they did anything in the OG series eitherWhy do Genndyfags so aggressively try to pass the buck to Savino? Did he get bad touched in Chris' poorly lit office too?

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>>137254700There where a couple of episodes I liked from the Savino season but the thing is not that Gendy Left the project but everyone but Savino left for their own projects, so there wasn't as much energy and variety in the episodes anymore.

>>137254700she dyin'


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>>137251777It kinda did in the comics.

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>>137249662Some god damn feed and seed is what he fucking needs


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>>137256347something was terribly wrong with that generation of childrens writers and producers like why did they have the same fetishes?

>>137255761i know it’s supposed to be wacky and played for laughs but god damn

>>137255897What comics?

>>137252626>it's as clinical and connotatively neutral as is possibleSo was "idiot," "moron," and "retard."

>>137256435The deedee webm is specifically making fun of feet fetishists, and the joke in the 2 stupid dogs pic is that they have to collect shoes in one episode and they end up in a strip bar.

>>137255761wtfThis is almost as bad as that total drama tots fart sniffing goblin....

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>>137255897Goddamn the art style in the comics look terribly amateurish.What has digital art done to comics?Why does the og comics ooze soul compared to the newer ones?

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>>137256658When neurodivergent becomes an insult in most situations, people can adopt a new term. Just as they did before. Sunrise, sunset.

>>137255761The three toes ruin it for me.

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>>137251777Dexter belongs to Blossom anyway


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>>137255761Reminds me of the time I was watching this episode when my dad came in..

>>137255897She doin the smug pepe.

>>137249717>>137251777>>137257327>>137257521Dexter is for Mandy

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>>137255897This has to be where Dexter x Buttercup came from.

>>137255761It's amazing the amount of fetishes they go through in a span of seconds.

>>137258113Dexter was in the show. It was more of cheeky fun, but still.

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>>137250617I'm wondering what's her shoe size


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I really should read the PPG comics. I know this is a Dexter thread, but still.


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>>137258587Ima need a lil bit to get the next part

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>>137258717Some dexter buttercup interaction here

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>>137249662What a desperate excuse for a post talking about Dexter's Laboratory


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>>137250611Down boy.

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>>137259017Damn, rip courage

>>137259017So Dexter hardly in this one but I'm digging the story and crossovers.

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>>137249662The Joke is that Deedee is retarded but she thinks Dexter is


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>>137259418I wonder who's the boobs?

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>>137249662>Have a son.>He stays locked in his room in complete silence for hours.>You only see him at breakfast & dinner.>Doesn’t want to play outside.>Doesn’t seem to have any friends.>His sister only says how she keeps getting told to leave him alone.I wouldn’t be surprised if Dexter’s parents think he’s an autist, everything matches.


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>>137259532Ngl this issue kind of a lot. Also there's a quick Billy and mandy comic I posted in>>137259545

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>>137259793>Don't worry, Him with white eyes doesn't exist, he can't get you!>Him with white eyes:


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>>137259972Sort of a meta moment since proyo mac and imaginary friend had a ppg episode with bubbles

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>>137260206Brb going for lunch

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>>137249662The more I think about it, this is one of the few shows where the sister character has friends, while the MC has none, usually it's the other way around, or the MC has at least one regular friend. I never realize how much of a shut-in Dexter is.

>>137260334Naw, Dexter has a a small group of fellow nerds, they just don't show up as anything more than background characters. Take the DND episode for one.

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>>137260219Okay 5th and final part of the story

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>>137260334>>137260631He also had his friend Mordecai/Douglas.

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>>137257297it's to keep you sick fucks at bay

>>137260773>>137260334Also Fairly odd parents is another show in which Timmy slowly drufts away from school and friends only having magical adventures in his room, basically looking like a shut-in feom the outside.That is until the addition of chloe.

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>>137259292I thought this guy was a talking sausage as a kid.


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>>137260933The end

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>>137249662as if he couldnt be anymore based

>>137260900Marvel shamelessly ripped this off baka

>>137260976wtf shake my head became baka wtf

>>137260945I know it's just one panel, but I'm still going to ship them.


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>>137261147To be fair, it's a pretty good panel. Also interesting that Blossom is taller. Dexter is short, but the ppg have always been on the smaller side themselves

>>137260773More people should do this. Even Venom went legit for money.

>>137256435It’s more like we have a whole generation of people who developed weird fetishes from watching cartoons and are now projecting it on to the writers lmfao

>>137261546It actually looks fitting that Blossom just barely edges out Dexter in height. Fits the whole dynamic of Dexter being the brains and while Blossom is the brains of the PPG, she's still the muscle when compared to Dexter.

>>137258452these off model dexters are triggering me

>>137260751>Didn't have an actual name



>>137251777>>137255897What is it with Asian girls and nerdy white boys?

>>137263416Also Aussie's

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>>137252681If being goth was only wearing black and doing fake wicken shit, then it’s just an aesthetic.


>>137255897God damn Lee Lee is so cute. Even moreso in the comics. Dexter gonna grow up and regret not hitting that.

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>>137263966It was basically mourning version of punk and instead of anarchy and DIY, it was about the macabre and ennui. Then it went mainstream in the 90s-00s and now it's been reduced to a commercial fashion statement and a fetish for rich guys with mid-life crisis to coom over and show-off, like when Elon Musk dated Grimes.Basically goth girls are to gen-x/y what Harley-Davidsons are too boomers.

>>137263809>future Chad bad boy> anti-nerd/muscle of the group>Oz is in the Pacific neighboring Asia >yet still exotic to AsiansAt least that makes more sense


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>>137260900I like Johnny and Mojo mix. Would his name Mojo Bravo or Johnny Mojo? Johnny Brojo?

>>137260945Thanks, that was very nice. I like that the Cow and Chicken still kept their brand of humor. Like the parents saying to get into stranger’s car. And each dive into each universe tries to have a thing related to their shows and not just “powerpuff fight monster”.

>>137264343Johny Jojo

>>137264382ThanksI actually didn't plan on posting the whole thing but it's like potato chips, you can't just start and stop.

>>137249662wait did she actually say this it's been a while. I know dexter got away with a lot of jokes so i'd believe it.


>>137256673One of the first steps to accepting your sexual fetishes is to make fun of them.

>>137252693>small feetBoring.

>>137263809Aussies have it too fucking good. It's only fair they get most of the deadly spiders over there

Well yeah it makes sense.

>>137265162God knows how to balance

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>>137260918>Dat Dee Dee

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>>137265264Don't they have brooms or mops in Australia?

>>137261147Hi Bleedman


>>137264139Canonically Dexter ends alone as supreme leader of Earth.

>>137264139>Dexter gonna grow up and regret not hitting that.... more you mean? Because let's be real when it's inconvenient for Dexter everyone else gets what they want from him.

>>137250611Lmao. Please go rub one out and come back.

>>137255761This about melted my brain as a kid. I had already liked feet but This made my tiny little boy dick about fly off.

>>137260918>Star Vs before she pushed THE BUTTON

>>137262853He was Douglas in the Genndy seasons and Mordecai in the Savino seasons.

>>137249662>American yet speaks with a German accent while never actually speaking German>Ran outside in pigtails and underwear>literally kissed a duck's ass in public>entire wardrobe consists of Lab PPE and baby clothes>lab might be schizo induced hallucinationChecks out.

>>137265962>lab might be schizo induced hallucinationfucking what

Can anyone leak any more stuff from the cancelled PS2 and GameCube Dexter mecha brawler?

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>>137249662This show has alot of fetishes

>>137265162And asbestos. So much asbestos.

>>137256307forgot all about that meme.

If the thread is still up later I'll draw any Dexter x Lee Lee requests. Lewds welcome but not mandatory.

>>137266162I didn't know this existed

>>137262092More like a lot of the artists and writers that made older media had the fetishes, which then helped to unlock the same in their audience. Some members of the audience in turn became artists and the cycle began anew. It's nothing weird or shocking desu. You can see this happening through all media and all ages if you look deep enough. Only the methods of expression change.

>>137263416>What is it with Asian girls and nerdy white boys?Smart boys will be accepted by asian parents. Asian girls are taught to value intelligence.

>>137267827Dexter x Lee Lee instant loss please, she could be teasing his "special needs" somewhere

>>137251781that's one loud image you got there

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>>137267827By Lee you mean Lee Kanker right

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I don’t know why you did a random story time but I’m not complaining

>>137267827Dexter getting a blowjob from Lee Lee while he's trying to pilot his giant robot.

>>137259953Dayum the entire Foster’s cast looks ugly af hereIt’s one thing to replicate the show’s lack of outlines but it’s so off-model it hurts to look at.Take a look at picrel, it was drawn by Craig The Man himself and uploaded on his now-terminated DeviantArt account.It’s interesting to notice that1) you can actually draw them with outlines, for as long as you give it weight (compare this to PPG and Dexter’s Lab which are notably blockier in style and don’t look as atrocious in the comic)2) none of the characters are 100% geometrical, whether it’s for this drawing in particular or the show’s presentation in general…look at Mac’s head, it’s square-shaped sure but it’s not a literal cube3) it embraces its messiness and somehow the dots he adds here and there reminds me of Cow and ChickenI know I’m nitpicking, it’s just a dumb IDW nostalgic trip, but it also explains why a good chunk of Foster’s fanart sucks ass (unless you either go out there and give your own stylish spin on the characters or you stay as close as possible to the og style)

Attached: B7189638-78B4-47FC-BF8D-6FFA4C038899.png (900x646, 254.77K)

>>137264343Bravo Vovo.

>>137269453Is Bloo sporting an erection?

Attached: IMG_20230518_135746.jpg (265x384, 15.99K)

>>137269530I think it suppose to be his knee

>>137255897>>137249662I wonder, did I make this up or is this kid Lee Lee's brother?

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>>137269866Pretty sure you made it up. If he was Lee Lee's brother, then the other kid would have to be Mee Mee's brother, and he doesn't look black to me.


Attached: IMG_6150.png (581x582, 85.21K)

>>137269875>have to be I mean McCoy wasn't black. The only black character on TOS was Uhura and if you argued that hard then Mee Mee herself would be the best fit to be there. And Spock... well he wasn't "asian" but at least he was near-eastern. I mean, I accept I probably pulled the connection at all out of my ass, but not without some fragment of reason.

>>137269453That looks nice

>>137269530Probably, we all know Bloo fucks like crazy>>137271248You bet it does, Craig knows one or two things about designHe’s a genuine inspiration for my own style…his stuff is worth studying

Why are dexter threads always fucking terrible

>>137271892What's terrible about this thread?

>>137271952Find God


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>>137269453>dat early Sylvia and WanderNot the biggest McCracken fan, but methinks thats a pretty darn good sketchIts weird to see PPG and Foster's in the same drawing because they look nothing alike, but put in this context together i kinda see some similarties regarding the eyes and economic use of edges

>>137267827footjob but they are the size of Dexter's body

>>137273064I was thinking of posting this but it feels too DeviantArt to be real so here a clip.youtu.be/ZmYi6dr2Zf0

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>>137273148I'm like 83% sure this episode gave me my foot fetish.

Lee Lee is where the party is really at!

Attached: (Censored) Dexter's Laboratory - Lee Lee (2023 3 March) 2.jpg (1500x1941, 1.25M)

>>137252850I would've honestly liked to have seen more episodes with the side cast, stuff like Dexter using his machines to one-up Dee Dee and her friends, or just impress kids from school.

>>137258452This got a chuckle, I'll give them credit.

>>137249662There's nowhere near enough lewd art of them.

Attached: 3898726 - Dee_Dee Dexter's_Laboratory Lee_Lee Mandark Mee_Mee SLB What_A_Cartoon.jpg (2652x3942, 1.08M)

>>137257012This is why disabled people say "disabled is not a swear word". Special needs however is a slur and Dee-Dee needs to be C O R R E C T E D for it.

>>137273903A dark skin girl with an afroWhite blonde Asian with short hair Hmmmmm

Attached: EpoPOoeUcAAYsWA.jpg_large.jpg (2048x1146, 292.06K)

>>137269031I love red heads so much bros its unreal why do you think she'd be interested in him?

>>137268097Bumping the thread with this WIP, will get to the requests so far.

Attached: 054_Dexter_Lee_Lee_Prev.png (1466x902, 653.27K)

>>137274005More common that you think.

Attached: 1493690416865[1].jpg (671x600, 355.49K)

>>137269866Not really asian, if anything he was more arab.

>>137274515He's short. I mean 9/10 Lee going shoot her shot at a guy, but I think this is clearly having fun pairing them. On a EE'nE fan, it's nice to see Lee flirt and not just straight up be a rapist.On Decter side, it's fun to see him be cocky like "yeah, I'ma get it."

Attached: tumblr_inline_ozye2qMGqJ1ttrj3n_1280.jpg (1280x672, 277.93K)

>>137275160Nice bro. Keep it up

>>137275201Lol that would be funny way to explain how Dexter would aquire any uranium yellow cake.

>>137275239Dexter isn't short, he is just a young kid. We get to see how he looks in the future.

Attached: MV5BYjEzNzJmMjQtZGZlNy00NGE5LTgzN2QtYTBlYWJjYzYzYmQ2XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTA0MTM5NjI2._V1_[1].jpg (1437x1079, 181.7K)

>>137275285I'm pretty sure he's shorter than average and he simply grew tall during his teenage years.

>>137275522Swol Dexter literally dug a hole, and kept digging untol he got swol and gree that beard.