Zellig Thread

Post Zellig cutes, please and thanks.

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>>137249485My god what an excellent ass, this couldn't have been drawn by an American

>>137249741The only non-Dutch who know about the show are those who post basedjak memes, so yeah there’s a slim chance an Amerimutt drew that

>>137249780CrazySo rare to find other mutts who can appreciate a nice, firm ass instead of those floppy globules you see in so many drawings nowadays.

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>>137249806SSSonic2 and JinuSenpai ruined a generation of artists by convincing them that drawing fat blobs was the way to go.

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>>137249464Apop is that you making Zellig threads again?

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Some good doll makers in Deutschland


where are the spammers? these threads somehow always get them.

>>137249485wait a minute I've seen this uniform before.

From cute to goofy

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>>137249630I like this one.>>137249832Cuteco

>>137250116Enjoy it while it lasts

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>>137250308Best girl, not even close

>>137250225>>137250116Count your blessings (or gems) and just enjoy the mymy cutes.>>137249903Nope.>>137249880>>137249806Now make some immobile slob Zellig art while you're at it.

>>137250331Coco is superior.

>>137250426Coco is too perfect, it’s kind of creepy, I need the annoying orange gremlin

>>137249464Le BWC girl


>>137249464This is nice

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why doesnt maya get love too

>>137251006She's smelly


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>>137250116No idea, hope they are gone or asleep at best, unless you wanna make a thread at /bant/>>137251006How about YOU start instead of complaining about it

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>>137251006Her black eye gets me hard but she reminds me too much of myself


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I have a slight feeling Indonesian women don't actually look like this.

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>>137249464Any news on the show?is it dead for good?Will massa make a new one? i like the way he animates stuff

/qa/ won

>>137249464I moved to the Netherlands because of this silly show

>>137252760Have you found a dutch Gf yet?

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>>137252784I asked a Dutch girl out for Ascension Day. Still waiting for a reply.

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>>137252819>Still waitingIt's over. She found someone else and they're having sex right now.

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not enough porn of it

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>>137252910Oh well. Least I tried.

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Maya would be perfect in diapers

>>137249917Are there any other Holla Forums characters that are in a similar predicament to Vera? Where they go from desiring X, than Y, than back to X.

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>>137253267God no please we finally had a peaceful thread no gems please.

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>>137249522hot darn dutch girls look like *that*??

>>137252700Nothing substantial since the last update:petjeaf.com/ongezellig/posts/ongezellige-update-129-slotThe owner of a certain website tried bankrolling the project for like 15k bucks. I don't know what happened exactly, I think Massa just pretended he couldn't speak English or something but ultimately nothing came of that. He has high standards I guess.>>137249464Does anyone have the soundtrack? I liked it but besides the closing credits I couldn't find any of the tracks used in the episodes. It ought to be available somewhere because I remember the 'Zellig Half Life 1 used the Deel 4 intro in its fullest.

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>>137254632'Zellig Half Life 1 mod*

>>137254632Does the site start with a K?

>>137254918No. The owner's name does doe

>>137255041>The owner's name does doeYjk

>>137253267it would be funny tho considering how much the studio hates their gemerald supporters

>>137251006I find it hilarious maya is also scottish

>>137254632>bankrolling zelligIts possible lol

>>137251006staying true to canon

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>>137256145It's easy to see why he declined, but given he decided to for instance deliberately use the weird Dutch version of Patreon instead (which has its own perks I get it but still there were even other Dutchmen suggesting a Patreon) makes me think he wants to keep the whole thing to "100% Dutch" and pitch it to a Dutch studio.

>>137257499I hope Massa realizes that his treacherous Dutch ancestors got rich by doing exactly not this, not that any studio would pick it up. Outsider scripts rarely are, if ever. He'd have an easier go of it if he stuck to the internet.

i do wonder what he'll be doing with ongezellig next.maybe at least in comic form

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I just love this bit, it's a good bit

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Name a SINGLE flaw in her personality or appearance

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>>137258256she is not real sadly

>>137257904I think Massa's rather burnt out so we're probably only getting any kind of new content next year at the absolute earliest, but assuming he can't secure funding or pitch it to a studio in the meanwhile, continuing in webcomic format (even if just a 4 panel format) would be a good call I think. He could continue it indefinitely and semi-consistently, and if he manages to actually secure funding then he could incorporate some of the comics into episodes so it's not like they're an idea sink. I wouldn't even mind if they're locked behind the Petje since all the Petje content leaks here anyway

>>137256145Yuri Kuznetsov could do it, he's a russian millionare who owns the 4th largest imageboard on the internet

>>137258256Her personality flaws are the whole point

>>137258707comics are probably the easiest way to keep it alive


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>>137259121we can ask robben to bankroll it too

join her pirate crew

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>>137256280>>137261002I'm pretty interested in Mymy's pirate friend. I'm guessing her name is Kiki judging by the filename?

>>137258143Yeh it was funny

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>>137261963>>137261668>friendnot always apparently

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>>137261668Yeah, her Pirate Club appears in Deel 3.I must say it's kinda funny how some of these background characters have ultimately more "out-there" designs than the protagonists themselves. Like a reverse "spot the main character" meme.

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>>137249698what is that on her upper lip>>137251655>>137251801how do I get a Maya gf

>>137254632>15kroffle animation costs more than that to wipe its ass. I'm glad to see people trying though

>>137258707>>137260450could do voiced motion comics too yknow.

>>137262593It was either 15k or 40k if memory serves me, or something around that. I remember it indeed being rather low for a fully animated series, even if just as a jumpstart (especially given Massa intended to quit his job to work full time on it). Regardless given the low amount suggested and Massa's stonewalling it's safe to say that one or both parties were ultimately uncommitted to the deal.

Cute computer illiterate airhead.

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>>137254632According to his current Petje, he's currently "working on a new project about Dutch history", I wonder if he just means his regular history-related memes or if it's something as big as Ongezelligpetjeaf.com/studiomassa

>>137262873>>137254455>>137250426>>137250434>>137249832>>137249809>>137249501I'm in love with da Coco.

>>137258707You're getting more Stillem Willem and you VILL be happy.

>>137249485Bible Black uniform?

I figured id hire people to make more content instead of legging some shit, but i genuinely wanted to visit>>137257499It still possible with netherlander money>>137259121I genuinely believed this might happend because of my good relative eli haha>>137260539Then she'd have to come america, like new york, my business plans for last year actually

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>>137263897Oh wheres seymore?

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dutch is not a real language

>racism>stroopwaffenIm just glad a certain JESUS isnt here

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>>137264030Oh the 5'10 wallachian guy bible believer who fucks mariel kinuko cartwright(google the name)?

>>137252335Since mayas dutch scottish, i think she has anime phenotypes

>>137256280This is an important drawing ngl

>>137251006Maya quite simply sucksProper men like hardy Afrikaners or die-hard nationalists, simple as

My best bet is that the zellig would still be around due to a growing fanbase, but strangely enough one of my clientd came back from prison, with no criminal record hm>>137263951Probably in america>>137264092My client who is one of those japanese americans say; i want to join the military, but if hes over 7ft2 within the next 2-3 years its over for him and the us! So yeah i might of heard of him idk>>137264144

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>>137252139Never knew there was a Dutch version of Wordle

>>137264254>7ft2 japJesus fuck are you one of those rangaku?????

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>>137258143>>137260484It was a weird as fuck bit for a pilot that's trying to get greenlit. Wtf was he thinking?

>>137264286"Ame," is probably a tokugawa rangaku from the anglican catholic, family branch of the tokugawa in japan, but when i realized he was japanese dejima rangaku in canada, because he already was basically barefooted at 7 foot, i knew hes mostly related to "jack friedman," who is fucking around 7ft6 and is dutch american lol. I swear if he's any taller, he is related to van duyn. Fucking japs. youtu.be/qiN24mDO8Kw So yeah, amey tokugawa IS rengaku

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>>137264328I think studio massa should make another pilot , but shorter out of fun it would look really good profesionally

>>137264364Ah i see why you'd call him an american

>>137264364I bet you eli knew this

Get 4chan x and filter all namefags lads.

>>137264364>tokugawa rangaku dejimaLiterally fucking onepieceLol

These threads are the best on co generally speaking since the past year

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You love himYou know him and love himYoure both perfect, its the bible youtu.be/9fm2PtJk03A

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>>137264423>>137264364So how do you think the zellig, could get on dutch tv, which i would very so wish for them to achieve

>>137265081Perhaps social media

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>>137249710Coco is the better yandere.Fucks sake I can't believe how much funnier and better the other 2 sisters are compared to the fucking loser emo.

Yuri kuznetsov posts CP

>>137265125I remeber dutch culture through their distinct humor

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>>137265152>was watching a video on how the dutch named themselvesHah! What poetry!

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>>137265142Uh, based department?

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Oh hey a new zellig thread?

>>137266456I forgot to post my picture...

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>>137265081The Dutch do have an animation industry but iirc it's like almost 100% geared towards young children. So I don't know if there's even a market for something like 'Zellig.

They killed the baby

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>>137249485the dub MADE the sceneyoutu.be/UgDiAzyoSdI?t=47

>>137261963I like to think that her club's activities involve pirating and reselling games and movies, but everyone is very commited to staying in character

>>137266606Maybe if they had a short films worth of material in length it could be featured as one lol idk

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>>137251655i hate that i do exactly this too

>>137267989I used to do this a lot and it'd always fuck up the strings, like one would go inside the sweatshirt and there there would just be one string dangling

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>>137252335She's from Brabant, actually

>>137254504Mymy is ethnically Japanese.>>137263984Welles

>>137269310She's from Japsterdam, Drenthe.


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Reminder that Mymy is actually super tall for a japanese girl.

>>137251655Imagine she does that to your dick.

Coco did nothing wrong

>>137271643She nearly shoved maya out of an open window

>>137272201Maya was being a bitch.

>>137272292She's a cute bitch tho ngl

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>>137254632So... does anyone in fact have the soundtrack? Not necessarily everything, I just can't find anything besides the closing credits song.I'd really like to find the closing music of the (now privated) Deel 1 though:youtube.com/watch?v=lvDrBWHvfeM&

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>>137273040There was a mega with everything from the petge that includes the music and bgm. Maybe the outro you're thinking of has it.

>>137273163Those keep getting deleted and remade, precisely because they keep getting leaked here. I think one user made his own version but I don't know where it is.

>>137273591Just pay for it.

Maya no!!

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>>137273613If it was a one time payment I think I just might've.

>>137252700Last I heard Massa was getting tired of obnoxious non-Dutch fan base and decided to cancel Ongezellig out of spite, so unfortunately I don't know if we'll be getting any more.

>>137274845I heard Massa drains his bathtub by drinking the bathwater!!

>>137273040here you go homie files.catbox.moe/n8rr96.wav