Couples only you support

Couples only you support.

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Even during the Fandom height finding other shippers was a needle in the haystack.

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It's kind of funny how Patty and Marcy became memed as dykes despite one of their most defining traits being their crush on Chuck

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>>137248607>tomboy=dykeI wish nothing but the worst for the person who created this trope

>>137248607Clearly the only correct option was a three-way marriage.

>>137247918charlie and patty do NOT look like that

>>137247918Traditional TomBoy Based

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>>137248838Would Calvin and Susie be considered millennials or Xers?

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>>137247918Who?>>137248136How>>137248208you know why>>137248607absurd >>137248825disgusting>>137248838divorced

>>137248914The first is Charlie brown and Peppermint Patty

>>137248892Series started in '85 and Calvin is six years oldThey'd be Millenials I'm sure. Also Calvin and Susie would be in their early 40s now

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>>137248914>HowLess-shitty versions of their respective canonical mates.

>>137247918whos the artist for this?


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>>137247918Qui-Gon and Anakin's mom

>>137249201for a crackship there's some top-tier quality fanfics of them.

>>137249228Kek what show is this?

>>137249552Legion of Superheroes.


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robin x raven

>>137247918batman x raven

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budding buddies

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It'll never happen

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>>137248208ZaTr? I thought it was pretty popular back then.

>>137250532and by that i mean that annie's pretty stacked given how old she is

>>137250690>given how old she isDude she's Twenty! Hours old

>>137250532Did Drake have another love interest in BTAS?

>>137250708days user. days.

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>>137250724he had an unseen blonde wife in beyond

>>137247918not Holla Forums but rika/takato from digimon tamers.

>>137250778Gir is like one year old


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>>137250564It is at this point destined to happenBut no comic book future lasts forever

Goth + peppy best combo.

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I assume I'm in the minority since every Arcane thread gets spammed to death by Jilco shippers

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>>137250826that was essentially the main ship out of that iteration of Digimon. not many were shipping takato with jeri as much as everyone and their grandmother was with rika,

It's probably one of the rarest, even among PKNA.

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>>137248208the soul of mine that i'd sell for those long lost ZATR fan fics.

>>137248208I remember shipping them as a kid

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>>137249356She's gonna break Mordecai's heart!

>>137248838>borderline canon>only you supportSure

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>>137248208>>137251671>>137251663>>137250596remember there being a crap ton of quality zim/tak fanart on DeviantArt, going back now it seems like most of those artist's and their galleries are gone for good.

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>>137249053Back off toots, I got dibs

>>137248136If only that retard sasuke could travel dimensions and cheat on his wife so he could actually restore his stupid clan like he said he would.


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He could breed and dominate Laura while being a good uncle to Gabby and a rival of Daken

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>>137248653tomboy = trans is even worse.

>>137251583>canon pairing>only you supportWhy are you retarded?

it just werks

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These two

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>>137252277That's an actual Psy-Op.

>>137252018It was draw request done by Magi in a peanuts thread a while back.

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>>137249201>Aang is wearing fire nation insignias>implying fire nation won and Azula forced the avatar into marriage as her rewardHot

>>137247918Sam O'Nella and the State of Delaware


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>>137248658Fuck her gently, charlie brown

>>137251725That's hardly unpopular.

>>137252957Kill yourself Birchy

Siegfried-user, I'm surprised you have has not posted in here, so, so I'll do it in your place.

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I wanted to post Noah & Zoey from the proud family reboot but I delated the pic and iI'm tired to look for one, and already posted Rai & Jack in the previous ship threads, so instead have Jonsey & Jude.

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>>137249319Looks like it might be Minus8.

>>137249829I dont get it, as always what?

>>137253934She didn't see it coming


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>>137247918she's bisexual tho


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>>137256620That does not exclude chuck.

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>>137247918Its insane the amount of denial 15 yrs later, this ship has caused in the last episode. lunatics will lie to the themselves and say shego is only 20 years old just to make kigo less weird and grooming like. even when everyone that worked on the show says otherwise.when the biggest crime people have against it is that drakken isnt attractive, so fans cant self insert to it or jerk off to it.

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>>137251675>He proceeded to fuck her so hard that she astral-projected a million years into the past


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>>137256147>>137256686Why is this so hot?

>>137256752Lovely art

>>137253177Maybe on Holla Forums but everywhere else it's far more controversial

>>137256872I guess Will did a pretty good job

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>>137247918From D&D

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>>137247918Certainly feels like it at times. Fuck Vickyfags.

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>>137247918As a permanent fusion at least.

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>>137247918Is there anyone who still unironically ship them?

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>>137255359> Snake, we really don’t need that picture…I’ll just…put it in my private collection.

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>>137249320>>137249356Woah, now we're talking.

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What happened to the guy who put Finn x Mona Lisa in every shipping thread?

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>>137247918Charles Brown is bald. Why can’t you chud fan artists realize that?

>>137256873That scene messed me and my sister up.I blame MTV for playing this during family friendly hours.

>>137258911Is your sister hot?

>>137258911did you fuck

>>137257684Actually this is quite decent user.

>>137258920I'd say we're both okay looking. >>137258942Kind of? We don't consider what we do "fucking" but I guess other people would.

>>137259054You rub your dick against her panties or what?

>>137259054>present tenseI see...

>>137259060We're both girls. Do the math.

>>137259154Scissoring is still sex, sister degenerate.


>>137259054>>137259154The Lena Dunham?


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>>137259171It isn't if we're twins.>>137259624Ew no.

>>137250564The actual comic proposed Jon and Irey though. Not Irey and Damian.

>>137256620No she isn’t.


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>>137252354is that peter and carol?

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>>137247918I was actually really happy with Cartman and Heidi, but I knew it'd never last...

>>137258218I do.

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>>137260361>practically naked in leotard>cuddling young impressionable teenage boy in publicOnly in New York.

Conversely, this is unpopular on Holla Forums but popular elsewhere.

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>>137249518name some

>>137257298Never ask a white supremacist the color of his girlfriend

>>137259838>sausage fingers Dropped

>>137257684Better than Trixie.

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>>137262662I shipped it but I really feel like there weren't any other legitimate ships in this show.


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Anything where the boy isn’t a beta nerd Shota faggot. Or unfunny comedic relief.

>>137260088The ship has been a concept since Pre-New 52.

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>>137247918On here seems like it

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>>137247918Cody x Juri, it's such a random ship i noticed and it has some art but is mostly obscure.

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>>137265105Don't ship it myself but the art is pretty good.

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>>137265105>>137265630Isn't juri gay?

>>137265827Nah she's just a dom.

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>>137256857More of a Ron self inserter issue too

>>137265874Oh alright

>>137258729the fuck is this? ugly bastard porn?

>>137247918I like their chemistry.

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>>137265630that's cool bro, also Ikr it's pretty few and far between but it kind of works at on to this coby was one of my faves I even played final fights just for him. lowkey I like his weird mature daddy mayor thing, but I just really loved the whole prisoner aesthetic and his design of his early version. Also idk they just have a cool vibe especially since one is a recovering fight maniac and the other is still schizo about fighting they both really fit.>>137265827wouldn't matter for a crackship lol, but nah she apparently bi they made a bit of a big deal about it recently.

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>>137256857I like this ship if for no other reason but the headcanon that Jack Spicer is their kid

>>137266134What happened to Cody's gf?

Green Lantern Laira x Golden Dragon KentorEmerald Knights was SO GOOD, I really need to watch it again

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>>137266177If I remember right...I think Jessica left him cause he killed someone. Wasn't that the reason he was locked up to begun2ith?

>>137249201Better rez

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>>137266377Oh wait he went to jail for aggravated assault. My mistake.

>>137249327Gotta watch the opening anytime I see it, I should probably watch it again too after Emerald!onTMSOfficialChannel

>>137266177left him because he fought to much, basically coby is a fight maniac he gets to bored so he get a thrill out of getting into street fights and beating people into submission specifically bad people. He basically is a good guy before prison then he gets to be his more neutral self who is apathetic because he lost everything.>>137266437>>137266377ok i felt i was the only one that remembered the murder charge thing but i can't find a source must have been a fever dream or some shit.


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>>137247918I just have a thing for snarky women with snarky men ok?

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>>137247918NO other art seems to exist.

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>>137247918>Couples only you support.Most here on Holla Forums don't read french comics so I think I got pretty good chance that I'm literally the only one.

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>>137253552>Siegfriedis black>Siegfried is ergimfw

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>>137252381too bad tdp went to shit after s3.

>tranny janny deleting jilco goodnessOH THE MISERY

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>>137265964Honestly I've seen worse as far as ugly men. Least Penguin has a nose.

>>137257684This was always such a great and wholesome pairing for a show that you'd never expect to have one. I never got why people try to drag it down to the level of Sonamy or Panini/Chowder.>>137258218I do. I never liked Hekapoo other than as a fapfuel character, Janna was such a nothing character for all the screentime she got, Kelly being offscreen'd left a bad taste, and meme ships like Britco are only entertaining on a surface level. Tomstar is alright tho.

>>137256857He's not exactly on my chart but Drakken isn't that bad looking. He's in shape for a mad scientist and isn't terribly old. Really just get him out of the doctor getup, take out the tie in the ponytail and let his hair hang down, and perhaps give him a suit and I think people would change their mind. I like the pair, but I like happy villains.

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>>137248136you call that crackship? look and cry

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>>137265964If I see someone drawing penguin ugly bastard cuck porn with women having penguin shaped tattoos over their vaginas thanks to your post I am going bomb a kindergarten.

>>137268759Looks like one of Dave Willis' comics.


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>>137264277Adora has to indulge her muscle fetish somehow.

>>137269431That girl is going to die, she will end up split in half.

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>>137247918They have just enough chemistry as people and just enough anti chemistry as characters with bad history that shipping them together basically demands good writing to explain it.

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>>137247918Its a bad sign when I had to look 3 times to understand who they are supposed to be.

>>137271035not really, I don't want them to look too much like the original because I am drawing porn of them.

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>>137271299well, you could be like garabatoz or megasweet and find the happy medium. but I actually enjoy your peanuts art if you are that drawanon, so keep doing what you're doing bro.

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>>137269829That's ... unique

>>137249327You're not alone

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>>137269829He can do better.

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>>137247918I'll pimp this ship out any chance I'll get

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>>137271028Dungeon Zenith

>>137252993>hey kids

not the best photo to represent it but hey

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>>137248607Juri has a dick in this doujinshi.

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>>137270829They probably have small penis as that is not a combat important bodypart.

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>>137256857I'm really enjoying how much of a resurgence this ship is getting since that god-awful Live Action movie. The only thing that flick did right was the Shego/Drakken interaction and it awakened something in a lot of people. I like them both as a ship and as an awkward found family with a dweeby father and smart-ass daughter.>>137265899>More of a Ron self inserter issue tooElaborate

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