There is literally no one for Rocket.Peter Quill lost Gamora...

There is literally no one for Rocket.Peter Quill lost Gamora, but he had a history of finding girlfriends so he will probably be able to find someone else. Drax lost his wife, but he's not the last of his species. Same goes for the rest of the Guardians.After his friends were killed, poor Rocket Raccoon is really alone, he'll never find his soul mate in life.

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so you're a white woman who wants more bestiality in mainstream movies gotchakinda surprised Gunn didn't pander to you more after Ratcatcher x King Shark in Suicide Squad but I guess Marvel has more standards than DC does

>>137246927Why do faggots like you always see everything through the lens of fetishism?

>>137246869he has me, a human male

>>137246869rocket has groot. fuck soul mates

>>137247272Too much porn, he's got that coomer brainrot.

>>137246869Rocket and Nebula spent five whole years together by themselves on the same ship, equally wracked with guilt and loss and needing companionshipDon't think they never considered the possibility

>>137247491Nebula would be too disconnected to even think about that.

>>137247491It's entirely possible something happened between them in the five year time skip. The size difference would probably make normal coitus unsuitable but there are ways around that. Rocket almost certainly worked on Nebula's cybernetics which would bring them into close contact. He would probably be standoffish and shy because of his body image issues but something may have happened.

>>137246869His soul mate is grootIn a nongay way

>>137246869Rocket was blowing nebula's back out on the regular during the 5 years. High Evolutionary might have been an asshole, but he hooked up rocket with the fattest cock and biggest loads he could.

>>137246869>Groot's "I love you guys">It wasn't actually him saying that, but the audience hearing what the rest of the team hears when he speaksJames, you glorious son of a bitch

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>>137247272For the same reason these idiots always see everything through the lends of agenda. Everything to them has to have some ulterior slant that's under the story's surface.


>>137246869The robot arms freak me the fuck out. Not as much as Floor, but still.

>>137246869Cause there's certainly not a multiverse that would allow for a version of Lylla that survived instead of Rocket. Or a multitude of other possible hominoids animal people that could exist.

>>137250160>Cause there's certainly not a multiverse that would allow for a version of Lylla that survived instead of Rocket.Now I want to see that. Would she become another mercenary per trade or take a different path?

My sister is still distraught about the rabbit

>>137250728Is your sister hot or cute

>>137250931She's unavailable to you



>>137250728Yeah Floor was like a toddler. Shit's fucked.

>>137247998>>137247491>anons' cannot phantom the idea of a male/female friendship without sex

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>>137248377>we get confirmation that people understand what Groot is saying only if they have a connection with himWith Gunn in DC, we may see either the downfall of Marvel due to DCapekino sponsored by Gunn, or we may see both companies try to outcompete each other bringing more kino like this

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>>137251270All relationships are sexual in nature. "Platonic" is a concept forced on people by backwards Christian morality.

>>137246869>be me>decided to watch this with a date since I've been meaning to for a while>know there is tear jerker but think I'm too strong for it>in the early parts it was basic cape stuff, but with the Gunn quality I expected>in some slow moving scenes kissed with my date>moving forward into the halfway of the movie and see how the plot is developing, specially with the flashbacks>I get increasingly teared up by the movie, had to hold my tears since I'm on a date>the ending plays this masterpiece of a song that I already liked +10 years>left the movie with a sense of bitter sweetness due to how all the plots tied togetherJesus Christ now we can officially say that Marvel has peaked, I doubt they are able to pull such a capekino.

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>>137246869If you had a brain you would've understood that the theme of Rocket's arc is that he was never alone since he met the Guardians. He always had a family and he still does because he is still the leader of the new Guardians of the Galaxy. He found purpose in life through the hardship and memories of his dead friends which is way more valuable than 'le soul mate' cringe cliche.One day you'll understand sex is not everything in life.

>>137251299There is a difference between having potential sexual tension, and actually end up fucking.

>>137251299>All relationships are sexual in nature.Not even remotely true, you fucking weirdo.

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>>137251299>All relationships are sexual in natureAre you telling me you wanna fuck your male friends? your parents? You wanna fuck your dog?

>>137251407>Are you telling me you wanna fuck your male friends?No>Your parents?No>You wanna fuck your dog?Yeah.


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>>137246927>Ratcatcher x King Shark in Suicide SquadI'm pretty sure that was just the typical "girl and her monster" trope.

>>137246869They keep trying to make me care about Rocket and I still feel nothing for him.

Rocket solo film involving time travel or multiverse bullshit and FIX IT Marvel! It's one of the great things about escapist fiction, happy endings are possible.


>>137247491>Assuming ether of those tortured masses of flesh and cybernetics even have sex drives anymore.

>>137251299Seek help. Jack off less. Find acceptance.

>>137247459It's odd but what would raccoon even jerk off to hes not human he could probably find raccoons and rape them but they just seems so dark.

>>137256496I'm sure he finds humans attractive.

it's ok he's still has to meet best girl anyway

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>>137251299One is a alien cyborg and the other a genetically altered racoon. They aren't human

>>137248028Is Groot capable of gay? He's a plant and able to reproduce asexually. So if a hermaphroditic plant and a male raccoon get together, is it gay? From an academic standpoint of course because it actually doesn't matter, I just want to know where this sits on a greater definitive scale.

>>137256734That doesn't mean they can't fuck.


>>137253426This is why I hate escapismfags, they want any sad aspect of a story erased

>>137246869Shocket Raccoon. Literally created for him.

>>137259233>Shocket RaccoonWho?

>>137246869Why can’t he just live a celibate and chaste life honoring God?

>>137257361It means you can't use "nature" as an argument when you have no idea what their nature is.

>>137256818Hermaphrodite and asexual are not the same thing, user.

>>137261081Yeah, sure.

This movie was a real tearherker.As in I was in tears from the emotional moments while also jerking it to Rocket.

>>137246869>There is literally no one for Rocket.He just like me fr fr

>>137263099He's one of us!


>>137260942>Why can’t he just live a celibate and chaste life honoring God?Pretty sure Thor would tell him he needs to get laid.

>>137246869what the fuck is this shit? y'all are into this?

So... can rocket impregnate a normal racoon?

>>137264610There's a fanfic where Rocket goes to earth and discovers it's been conquered by the offspring he left after a visit years earlier. Also a few Rocket on feral raccoon pics.


>>137264966Post them right now user, Ineed them.

>>137265067I tried, 4chan thinks AO3 links are spam. I'll try again.Nope, it won't take AO3 links. Look on AO3 user Woozletania and find the story called Two Visits to Earth. It's under Series-Rocket One Shot AUs.The porn you can find in the usual place with the right search.

>>137265136Thanks friend.>feral picse621 to the rescue. That site does have everything.>Nope, it won't take AO3 links. Look on AO3 user Woozletania and find the story called Two Visits to Earth. It's under Series-Rocket One Shot AUs.Found it too. Is their Rocket One Shot AUs worth reading? Better said, is making an AO3 worth it? There seem some good stories there but I never thought about making an account to read them.

>>137265202As the person who wrote that story and the others I very much enjoyed writing them and also re-reading them. Your mileage may vary though. There are plenty of good writers whose fanfics I don't enjoy.

>>137265360Thanks for coming here. Keep it up, fren.

>>137265202>Found it too. Is their Rocket One Shot AUs worth reading? Better said, is making an AO3 worth it? There seem some good stories there but I never thought about making an account to read them.You don't need an account to read anything on AO3.

>>137265521What are AO3 accounts for then?

>>137251299you are dumb

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>>137246869what do you mean "no one"? there's a whole other Lylla out there.

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>>137265562Just following active stories so you can get an alert when they update

>>137246869He has Cosmo

>>137265758They don't like each other much. He called her a "stupid mutt". Plus, I think Cosmo likes Kraglin more.

>>137265580The likely explanation for this is him getting drunk and talking about her like she's still alive in some bar. "Subject Lylla is suspected to be 89P13's getaway pilot. He was heard to talk about her flying away into the 'beautiful sky'."

>>137246869>believing in soul mateswhat are you, a Disney princess? fuck off with that shitalso, interspecies pairings are less meaningful than intraspecies pairings is your implication? Pretty its antithetical to what these movies are about, which are about making what you can with that you find in your travels. its almost like OP's a giant faggot.

>>137261059Okay, fair enough.


>>137266002Cosmo is a girl.

>>137266016Cosmo is a boy in the comics

>>137246869Maybe they will turn Blackjack O'Hare from the comics into a "kitty soft paws" for Rocket's upcoming movies. Make her a living weapon HE creates with the help of a bigger bad guy to get back at Rocket and The Guardians.

>>137251270>without sexThere is always the desire for sex, at least on the male end. Unless they're gay, there is no "male friend" alive who would turn down a female friend who wanted to bang. Marry? Maybe not. Formally date? Depends. Sex? None. If a man likes a woman enough to hang out with her, he wants to fuck her.

>>137250160>>137250684They'll certainly do a "What If?" story based on the comics.

>>137266111>They'll certainly do a "What If?" story based on the comics.Checked. You mean the animated one?

>>137266026And? Laika was a female. This lines up Cosmo with her real world equivalent.

>>137266440I want a dog like Laika.

>>137246869>>no one for Rocket

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>>137247491People can hang around each other and not want to fuck.

>>137258938>This is why I hate escapismfags, they want any sad aspect of a story erasedNo not any sad aspect, but real life is already quite sad and impermanent. While thousands of other stories told every year in various mediums already tell miserable tales of sadness murder and pain. I don't think it's unreasonable to wish that at least superhero movies could avoid going into full tragedy.

>>137266111They should've done it in the main timeline but at this point it's pretty much the only hope other than Rocket waiting like a 100 years so he can be reunited with her in the afterlife but that doesn't involve space adventures

I don't remember when I learned about Lylla because I'm no expert on comics. Probably before the first Guardians movie and I always wanted to see these two. Now many people feel the same. There is something cute about it I haven't seen this much support for a non-human interspecies relationship like that since 2019. Which is a long time ago but it's strange to see it happen again.

>>137267564If you're a guy hanging out with a girl and don't get to fuck her, it hurts.

>>137269603Are you kidding? Courtship is the biggest pain in the ass in the world, no reward's worth that.

>>137269769courtship is the second biggest pain in the ass, the first is lack of the fruits of successful courtship

>>137270065I mean if you go around courting every woman you hang out with, you'll end up hating every woman you hang out with because it's such a pain in the fucking ass.


>>137265796plus we know the Novas had questionable intelLike Gamora being the last Zen Whoberi

>>137266103this is mostly very telling of the way you view the world. you sound like someone who would eat dirty ham off the floor.>>137246869there were a lot of monster things that escaped HE's ship, though. like the flesh pile mantis is afraid of.

>>137251299please never have children, for their sake

was it explained why drax knew their language? was it his native language? does that mean the base of the perfect lifeform is drax's species?

>>137246927White women get laid, he's a white guy who can't even male a connection.

>>137247272Coomer brain rot. Most of the fags screeching groomer have a HDD full if loli smut. These fags are always projecting

>>137246869>There is literally no one for Rocket.Me.

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>>137265580>Warning: tendency to biteThey should be warning about scratching

>>137265580>tendency to bitelust provoking image

>>137273593You're just a fag with a fetish.

>>137274164NTA but what kind of fag gets mad at someone for having a fucking bite fetish? How much of a normalfag can you be?

>>137274192I'm not mad at him lolI'm just stating he has a fetish.