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Edred is for ____

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>>137244892Do they actually make a point of somehow making every character off-model in EVERY shot, of is it accidental?


>>137244892Freaky sex things.

>>137245795> Do they actually make a point of somehow making every character off-model in EVERY shot, of is it accidental?Genndy's been looking at what John K. did.

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>>137244897What does this face indicate

>>137247269Hard shit

>last thread dies after 30~ postsLmao

It's unicover

>>137245795I think it's funny as fuck and makes the show more entertaining to see what weird expression everyone can do + plus Betti boop slap stick

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>>137244892>MY LOVE! ᴬnᵈ ʰᵉʳ ʰᵒˢᵗ ᵗʰᵃᵗ ʷᵉ'ˡˡ ᵉᶠᶠᵉᶜᵗᶦᵛᵉˡʸ ʳᵃᵖᵉ ᵗᵒᵍᵉᵗʰᵉʳ ᵐᵃnʸ ᵐᵃnʸ ᵗᶦᵐᵉˢ ᵇᵉᶜᵃᵘˢᵉ ˡᵉᵗˢ ᵇᵉ ʰᵒnᵉˢᵗ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᵈᵘᵈᵉ ᶦˢ ᴬ ᵒᵏᵃʸ ʷᶦᵗʰ ᵗʰᶦˢ

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>I love Unicorn Warriors Eternal!

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>>137247269Fetal alcohol syndrome


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>>137247340Still thinking about the joke scenario where the cult R members go "My ancestor!" at Emma and her having a slow realization that Melinda and Edred are freaks

>>137247340Don’t forget they are also raping Dimitri.

All criticisms of the show aside, I really enjoyed this scene.

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>>137247404Russian Tintin.

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>>137247477I appreciate that this situation presents an actual complex moral dilemma that can really spark thought and discussion about subjects like personal autonomy and moral duty, and that this show isn’t about just another incredibly simplified “racism bad” or environmentalism message or something. The discussions I’ve already seen really have some good arguments on both sides and I feel like the “right thing” here isn’t cut and dry, for once.

I don't get this show. It's light on the action so far (which is the absolute best thing Genndy does so I don't know what the fuck he is doing), light on the story and light on the humor. I also have no idea why he went with such an oldschool art style - I don't dislike it, it just feels like a strange pick, especially since a lot of characters (mainly old Edred and Melinda) don't fit into it, they just look like normal Genndy characters. Seng is basically a third wheel so far and I really hope the entire show isn't focused on this gay relationship drama shit. First Samurai Jack, then Primal and now this, Genndy needs to knock it the fuck off and go back to making cool action focused shit. The moral dilemma of how they basically possess living people and live inside their bodies is cool although I don't think it's deep enough to dwell on for more than a few minutes.

>>137247404he will win the emmabowl

>>137247725I know right? Normally you only see this kinda theme done in anime or jrpgs exclusively since there isn't a lot of teen adult animation actually willing to deal with real mature moral issues related to identity around, so I'm more into what the show will do with that.

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>>137247867>real mature moral issueslmao, its just the trolley problem. Will you destroy a few lives to save many more?

>>137247824Somehow I don't completely doubt it since he and Emma will spend the whole series together being traumatized puppets.As for Edred, he knows deep down Emma isn't really his wife but the scenario is too scary to consider something went wrong with her transfer. He oddly cares a lot about her "womanly honor" to a degree that I think that's more Dimitri's gentlemaness bleeding through

>>137247477Melinda squints every single time she speaks.

>>137247424I like it

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>>137247707I like to imagine she just found out she's pregnant.>Don't worry, I'll switch over so you experience the uh...miracle of birth.

>>137247889>the trolley problemWhy is this even a problem? It's not like real life where seemingly smaller sacrifices can easily lead to bigger and more horrible sacrifices.

>>137247386Is that a ship shipping shipping ships shipping ships?

>>137248013I think it’s a scowl

>>137247889I haven’t seen many cartoons do the trolley problem, so it still gets points for that.

>>137247818Because the man doesn't have an original bone in his fucking body and this show went through so much dev hell that you're lucky it even came out, that's why it's so fucking off. If there was ever a goal behind this production, it was thrown out a long time ago in order for it to see release. He likely didn't want a re-run of what happened to Sym-bionic Titan.

>>137247477I got a Phoenix and Jean Grey vibe from this

>>137248245>He likely didn't want a re-run of what happened to Sym-bionic Titan.Then why isn't UWE a mini-series? He's fucking asking for a repeat.

>>137248024I see why she's jealous

>>137247867Go watch the movie Trancers, it's a trashy sci-fi joke of a movie that's actually kinda good and also the main character is someone from the future inhabiting his ancestor's body. They never really consult the implications of him stealing the guy's life but the fact is that this shit is not novel, much less in the West.

>>137248245I don't get why he keeps trying to tackle storylines when its obvious he fucking SUCKS at them. His greatest strength is that he is really really good at choreographing really cool fight scenes and slow, quiet moments - which makes sense considering he has said before he watched a ton of Akira Kurosawa growing up.Like, he said he went with the Mira storyline in Primal to wrap things up because he felt that he had already done all he could with Spear and Fang. Fucking really? There's a billion more episodes he could make with them just encountering and fighting shit.

The ancient Egypt & medieval era warriors are my favorite versions

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>>137248331...so Melinda has 100% possessed women that already had a load fired into them in the pastEdred is a literal cuckold

>>137248331For me it's the Western Warriors

>>137247936Edred's a knight so I think him being chivalrous etc is just part of who he is. But I do think it's interesting that Coprenicus only reacted to Dimitri after he was a little flirty with Emma.

more storyboards

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>>137248793Her dad in the episode looked like he was contemplating some dark things:(((

Hex Experimenting

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>>137248965He knows that he's never getting grandkids now

>>137248989Knight dudes and Witch girls pairings are based

>>137248965>That's not my daughter.He's already written Emma off. More likely than not he'll call for the asylum if she shows up again.

>>137248965>"His only daughter" yeah suicide is definitely on the mind for him currently

>>137247477>>137247725Yeah the moment they set them up to crash a wedding and make a big deal out of it I noticed they wanted to go the emotionaall way instead of just glossing over it with a "lol sucks to be you NPC, now get lost, this isn't your show anymore :)" kinda like if we completely removed Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, Peter Parker from their super hero alter egos, except Unicorn makes it so the civilian alter ego stays for 90% of the time.Genddy and whoever is the writer so far is doing a decent job, not great, but decent.Way better than how average anime does it with YuGiOh where the civilian side is a loser with no powers or a pacifist who refuses to lose his powers and it feels like it's getting in the way of the action. This one doesn't feel like it's getting in the way.>>137247867Kaiba did a good job in some cases way better than most Japshit, but left a lot of shit off the list by beating around the bush with it. Kaiba didn't feel Japanese, it felt French like Wakfu and Oban Star Racers. It kinda fucked up the pacing with the slow as shit SoL episodes only to spearhead in the last 2 episodes rushing to finish the plot.

>>137249634>who refuses to use his powersAlbeit Emma is being a little bitch about it and can barely use her powers correctly.

>>137248067>the baby is fully formed and old Merlin

>>137248639I might have to go back and look again but I’m pretty sure he looks over when Emma does a magic blast, not really because Dimitri was hitting on her (which even then seemed more like theatrics than genuine interest)

>>137249757>I might have to go back and look again but I’m pretty sure he looks over when Emma does a magic blastNo he looks over when Dimitri uses his magic purple powder or whatever. People were definitely picking up on how he reacted when Dimitri offered her the rose.

Not to potentially kick a guy when he's down if Emma/Edred or Emma/Dimitri happens someone has to draw Winston sing Can I Borrow A Feeling

>>137244892Downloads where? Anyone got a folder? Most pirate streaming sites only have the first two.

>>137247824>The 4chan poll results we did will actually be realized Actually legitimately funny

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>>137247824Not happening because he's mine.

Why is Holla Forums so gay?

>>137247477This scene was strangely well animated compared to the rest of the episode

>>137247477I'm curious, what are some of the shows criticisms? I've been enjoying fine until now. Go on, ruin it for me.

>>137250488Not enough Dimitri

>>137250440Because we are the gayest board and wear that badge proudly

>>137250488Awkward pacing I guess but the characters are investing enough

>>137247269shid and fard :)

>>137245795It's intentional and it's how Genndy naturally draws. Watch the Dexter's Lab Chicken Scratch short where Dexter and DeeDee change proportions in every scene

>>137250694Me too thanks

>>137250488Designs are to toony for what people are used to when it comes to drama.Animation and pacing can be off at some points.

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New episode can't come quick enough.

>>137247353Somebody should color this

>>137244892ear rubs

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>>137245795I watched a video where Genndy answers some animation questions and he seems to prioritize expressiveness over being on-model and even says the "model" can change over time because "everyone just naturally wants to draw it that way" or somethingyoutube.com/watch?v=4uvlCjcT7oM

>>137249634>Kaiba didn't feel Japanese, it felt French like [two massively anime inspired shows with actual Japanese people working on them]

>>137248331Wild West is my favorite

>>137249634>It kinda fucked up the pacing with the slow as shit SoL episodes only to spearhead in the last 2 episodes rushing to finish the plotI agree that the shift from the worldbuilding / slice of life episodes to "okay let's make plot happen now" in Kaiba was very jarring, and I frankly preferred the earlier episodes to the endingdespite these flaws, for me it's still one of Yuasa's best series after Tatami Galaxy and Ping-Pong and a unique piece of art

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>>137250488Not that user but:1. Inconsistent art and animation, it's like they wanted the Popeye Betty Boop Fleischer style, but gave up halfway. Also Emma's lips keep disappearing and it's distracting; doesn't seem to be a "Melinda-based plot point" or anything though.2. Too much Emma/Melinda, they're hijacking the entire show so far, which is a damn shame considering how interesting the other characters and the world are. Hell, we don't even know anything about the Big Bad or the fox lady yet because Emma's hogging the screentime and plot.3. A slow plot doesn't mix well with a slow release schedule, I'm already losing interest. I really wish either the show or the release was faster.4. Combat seems like an afterthought, especially since 100% of the fights are settled by Emma blowing up every time.5. It's bugging me a bit that every time the Big Bad appears throughout history, they blow it up and it leaves, and I'm annoyed that they they just keep doing the same thing every time, outside of this borked team that'll try the same thing and probably bungle it so bad the plot makes them come up with something else for once.6. Kinda annoyed we still don't really know much about anything anywhere in the whole show three episodes in, outside of the main premise of "big bad traveling through time and probably being evil for reasons we don't know", "there's a fox working for the big bad, we don't know her name or motivations", and "the heroes are body snatching through time to fight the big bad," plus some vague backstory about Dimitri and Alfie that's probably irrelevant due to being more successfully body-snatched.

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>>137247477I hope they have more interactions.

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>>137248331For me, Viking and medieval are the best.

>>137253925Pretty spot on, especially with the art/animation complaints.To add on that, there's also some weird disconnection between the artstyle they're going for and the "tweeny" animation-style. It worked well enough for Primal (which was animated by the same French studio), but here it doesn't gel particularly well and it looks off at times.

>>137250488uglyass designs

>>137253925It's kinda just expected with Genndy that the animation isn't always consistent. It's still a valid complaint though. For the story complaints, it's only a big problem because they're taking their time with it while knowing there's a limited number of episodes to tell this stuff. The Emma & Melinda stuff is probably going to be a through line for the whole thing though.


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>>137257393Discuss what exactly?

>>137257393Foxes smell like pee.

>>137257393She reminds me of tex avery character

>>137257393I like that (at least in this shot) she looks like an actual cartoony fox and isn't like. A Blacksad character I guess.

>>137257393Furry smutbait made purely for coom-engagement. It would be neat if she stood up for her vixen fasade and used somewhat obscure/knife-and-dagger tricks: like, sending disease, making conspiracy schemes or poisoning the water supply. You know, the stuff that can't be defeated with canonballs or fusfoda shenanigans. Instead she just going all-in for brute dumdums, and send them on one completely open area... because it worked perfectly in all previous cycles, I assume?She is okay for a simple "baddy-of-the-week" story, but generally there is just not enough content.

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>>137257393I can't wait to see her in action soon. Fox looks like she's no slouch in combat.

>>137257393Inb4 it turns out she is only helping Team Evil because Seng dumped her in the past in favor of cosmic monkery

Why is it called "Unicorn" anyway? Are there any unicorns? I haven't seen the show yet.

>>137257393She's a bad fox.

>>137258420>hey can you answer a question about the show that's answered by literally three minutes of watching the show

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>>137258420The team is called that and yes

>>137253925i'm just glad it feels like there's a cartoon on the tv. it reminds me of when CN had a ton of action cartoons. it has flaws but i'm more or less enjoying the ride, the content from the threads is nice as well.

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>>137258420Yes, there is a unicorn at the beginning of the first episode. The characters take it as some kind of sign of good fortune and spiritual blessing and use it as their symbol. It kinda reminds me of that old story I’d heard about the mexican flag when i was a kid, about some people seeing an eagle fighting a snake and deciding to build a city in that spot, and that that’s why it’s on the flag (i know that story is probably bullshit). The unicorn so far is really more like a coat of arms they just happen to use instead of being stated as like, a deity that is the source of their powers or anything, like you would expect in a saturday morning cartoon.I can’t really blame a viewer for missing the unicorn that appears onscreen for three seconds, but the characters do state afterwards about it being their symbol. I do think it’s an odd choice of title and that so far as the show stands the unicorn part could be omitted and nothing would change.Personally, I think the marketing team kinda dropped the ball for not choosing to quickly flash a half second shot of the unicorn appearance in the trailer. That shot really should be in the marketing just to prevent people from wondering this question.

>>137256710>taking its time when there’s only a limited number of episodesWhy does Genndy always do this? Samurai Jack S5 had actual recap filler and then he complained that he had to rush the ending due to lack of time, and then Primal S2 rushed it’s ending because Genndy decided to tell a one off and a whole new arc that didn’t impact the ending at all.

>>137259409>Why does Genndy always do this?Because networks won't give him a lot of episodes

>>137247725>>137249634I'm concerned about what Genndy has said in interviews. He has said that the show is intended to be a metaphor of how growing up to teen-age and adulthood changes you as a person, and you become someone entirely different. I'm worried the solution to the conflict is that Emma must give her body up and let her personality get overwritten, because it's supposedly meant to be like her maturing into an adult or something.It creeps me out how the protagonists take over other people's bodies and erase the identity of their hosts. If the show actually were to explore all the nasty aspects of its premise, that would be interesting. But I'm not too optimistic. From what I've seen, Genndy has a history of introducing interesting themes that he wraps up in a somewhat unsatisfying way.

>>137259709I don't know if the show will end with Emma staying with Unicorn, but I do think if they somehow find a way to split her and Melinda, she'll still no longer be 'Emma' and will have difficulty returning to her old life, if she does at all. That said I definitely don't want an ending where Emma & Melinda are split, because I think it takes out all the teeth of the premise.

>>137259678Anon…If you’re given 10 (ten) episodes up front to tell a story, you need to plan out the story and use your time wisely. When you know the number of episodes you have and then not once, not twice, but three times use the time poorly and rush the ending, it’s your fault at that point. It’s Genndy’s fault, especially given how this has happened multiple times already. Planning a story is the job of the writers and director, not the network. I love Genndy but you gotta acknowledge his faults. I feel like you could give him 50 episodes and he’d manage to fill most of it with cool but inconsequential things and then complain that he “has to rush the ending”.I hate industrycuck, but the only thing I slightly agree with him on is that there’s a weird sort of dickriding thing some fans of his do where every problem is someone else’s fault and he can do no wrong.


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>>137260124Nah I don't doubt that Genndy is going to bungle this. That's basically one of his calling cards now. But I understand why he wants to stick to his original plans.

>>137260124>I hate industrycuck, but the only thing I slightly agree with him on is that there’s a weird sort of dickriding thing some fans of his do where every problem is someone else’s fault and he can do no wrong.Part of that I'm willing to bet is Industrycuck poisoning the well so much that fans tend to brush off criticism now.

>>137257393Boop nose



>tfw new episode tomorrow

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>>137261670>when he sees all the porn fanart

>>137261661Pray for Winston, he looks like he's going right into the snake hole in this one

>>137260392Seriously, I hate him so goddamn much, whenever I criticize any of Genndy’s works at any capacity I have to put a disclaimer that I love Genndy and his work as a whole or else I run the risk of being accused of being Industrycuck. Even then I still get accused with the disclaimer.You shouldn’t have to put time and space wasting disclaimers because of a schizo but here we are. Why haven’t mods banned him yet, when someone is so fucking disruptive at all times they need to go. What’s with all the schizos on Holla Forums lately anyways? I first came here in 2015 and it wasn’t nearly this bad back then. 2020 onwards has been a huge shitshow in this regard. What I don’t get is mods are hyper anal about certain schizos but let others run wild. I used the word “zoomer” in an analog horror thread out of disdain that young people find that crap scary. I got mistaken for an alt IP of the resident schizo and got banned for a month. I got it appealed successfully but holy shit.

>>137257393I will be watching

>>137261694It's almost like mods genuinely hate this board and babysit all obsessed schizos on purpose so they can ruin the place for everybody.

>immediately loses cool russian accenta bit lame desu. hopefully we'll get to see more scenes with dimitri

>>137261694>Why haven’t mods banned him yetYou get what you pay for.

Post Edred


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>>137261661>tfw I work weekends and miss most of Friday threads

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>>137261845The faces where he’s scared or in other forms of emotional pain are my favorite.

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>>137244892>27 hours later>only 1/4 to the bump limit>for a Genndy show>most posting has been horny and or fox lady>multiple threads died before this was made I don’t have anything against UWE, but this reception has been very lukewarm. Especially given the fact that it’s a Genndy show on Holla Forums. Going for the absolute 24/7 hype and praise that was both seasons of Primal to this is jarring.

>>137262205Yeah I've noticed the threads are surprisingly empty past the initial hype.

>>137262205I don't think anyone in these threads have been in denial over it being a very unconventional show by today's standards.

>>137262213It feels so weird, going from the insanity that was SJ S5 and Primal to this is something I’ve never expected. SJ and Primal were probably my favorite times to be on Holla Forums ever.>>137262222I wasn’t saying anyone did, I was just pointing out what I see. There was one user a while ago that was twisting themselves into knots trying to say Primal threads were exactly the same.

>>137262251>There was one user a while ago that was twisting themselves into knots trying to say Primal threads were exactly the same.Lol oh yeah they were lying. Primal had way more hype around it.

>>137262222Nice digits

>>137262265Oh I know, I was there for both seasons and frequented all the time to make sure I didn’t miss any good discussion or OC. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and gave them the archive links. They cherry-picked a single reply to say it was the same and after that I called them out.

Still disappointed that there’s no porn of the elf yet

>>137262415we know you dumb samefag

>>137262415My nigga singular autists commissioned bunches of Mira and Fang porn to satisfy demands. Don’t let your memes be dreams.

>>137262205Yet for some reason there is way more fan art compared to primal

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>>137262540And most of that art is porn. When you put a fox lady with ass wiggles and a waifu character people get boners from (somehow) coomers will flock to it. And while there is lewd Fang art, it’s much rarer than generic big tittie and ass furry bait. Fanart is one of the least reliable measures of popularity, because a bunch of dedicated autists can spam it.Meanwhile Primal:>Had much more active discussions and praise pretty much everywhere>has higher audience and critical scores (audience scores having a much bigger disparity than critics)>Trended higher on HBOmax than UWE’s (impressive) fourth placeWhen the only thing that it’s beating Primal at is fanart then that shows it isn’t as popular.

>>137262646Yeah that in mind its probably not getting renewed.

>>137262540>>137262646There's more fan art because there's room for a fandom to actually form around UWE. There's just more material in the characters, setting and plot for viewers to engage in. Primal is always popping up on lists of recommended animated shows, but it's very one-and-done; you don't have much reasons to seek out other fans and speculate on the characters and what will happen until season 2. Primal will probably be the show with more accolades, but assuming UWE doesn't get cancelled (lol) and it sticks the landing it'll be the one that gets an actual fandom.

>>137262205The pacing kindof sucks, we're still in the slow "mystery" part of the show and we're in episode 3 out of 10. We need stuff to actually start happening.

Ep 4 predictions?

>>137264064Winston will job again.

>>137264064They fight a filler monster while trying to find emma, again, then emma blows it up very easily at the end, again, before running away from the team... again

As of episode 3:Primal > Samurai Jack > Dexter's Lab >Sym Bionic Titan > Unicorn Warriors EternalUWE isn't bad by any means, but it's going to have to have 7 really amazing episodes if it wants to move up the ranks. I think Primal and Samurai Jack are on the same level of quality, the ranking was personal preference.

>>137264064Emma: "Why are you doing this?"Fox: "Oh dear you really don't remember."Fox kicks their asses, damages Copernicus, and places Emma into some magical coma, leading up to ep 5 and the journey to fix Copernicus.

>>137264191episode 6 is trying to fix copernicus (part 1 of _), episode 5 is Emma possibly finally just not running away from the team and using Melinda's powers or letting herself be possesses, episode 4 is just fighting a monster while the gang looks for the girl for a third time. >if people think the threads are dead now, it's literally 2 more weeks before anything happens

>>137264298>6/10 episodes before anything fucking happensGenndy wtf. He better not complain about being rushed this time.

>>137264298>5 is Emma possibly finally just not running away from the team and using Melinda's powers or letting herself be possessesepisode 5 is likely Melinda backstory in which Emma finally cooperates after learning what's at stake >episode 4 is just fighting a monster while the gang looks for the girl for a third time.but Emma is shown fighting the fox in clips?

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Soooooo are we just anxiously awaiting the next episode for better screenshots of Fox lady? Because it seems like it might be a while before actual plot happens

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>>137265334There's only 10 episodes for the show so I'm getting worried the last couple or going be rushed since genndy likes more slow paced story telling which can't do as much anymore.

I hope that god damn stream doesn't shit its pants again and ruins the viewing experience this week. I don't really have any other way of watching it live proper.

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>>137265884>we already have diaper shit Say what you will about Fang porn but I have yet to see any diaper or scat from her

>>137247340The Wonder Woman 2 problem again. I do hope they use it to exploit the drama instead of minimizing it.

>>137247404He was too brief. His design is so much better than smurfelf.

>>137248793>those line emmasHNNNNNNNNGG

>>137248989Just some hexual experimentation EHEHEHEHEHEHEI'll leave

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>>137262205I don't feel like the whole premise is as solid as it was for some of his previous stuff. Primal had a caveman and a dinosaur teaming up to fight stuff. That's simple to explain and looks cool. Primal's posters will immediately communicate what the series about. With Unicorn, things are much less clear than that. The show's posters barely tell you anything about it. I always keep forgetting what was even the show's name. Eternal Unicorn Warriors? Unicorn Wars? The style and setting feels like it's got a random mixmash of everything. Wizards and elves with steampunk and robots and reincarnation. The premise is hard to explain in a succinct fashion that sells it well. Some people are put off by the Fleischer/Tezuka influences in the show's art, too; I don't mind that aspect, but a lot of others seem to find those influences old-fashioned and strange.Dimitri's character had a mildly interesting introduction. After the way Edred took over his life, it's hard for me to like Edred, especially since he's not even the least bit bothered by the situation. It's hard for me to like Copernicus either, since he's the one running around placing some kind of parasite souls into people's bodies.I'd be interested to find out a bit more about the antagonist too. Currently all I know is that we're supposedly dealing with The Evil. That's awfully vague, and I've seen fans come up with theories on it. But previous experience makes me concerned that people might be hyping themselves up with fan theories that turn out to be more complex than whatever Genndy thought up.

Attached: primal.jpg (2000x1125, 250.3K)

>>137257393Last night, I noticed how much the fox villain reminds me of Tails when he got turned into a girl in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Attached: Tails Sonically Ever After 14.png (1045x768, 899.6K)

>>137266448>After the way Edred took over his life, it's hard for me to like Edred, especially since he's not even the least bit bothered by the situation.In Edred's defense, its hard not to be numb to it when he's been through it so many times.

>>137266448>After the way Edred took over his life, it's hard for me to like Edred, especially since he's not even the least bit bothered by the situation. It's hard for me to like Copernicus either, since he's the one running around placing some kind of parasite souls into people's bodies.First Copernicus is a robot ordered to do these things and can be argued to have no freewill at all. The entire situation is just decreasing ability to access freewill all the way down. Secondly what options do they have other than use the body they are forced into during what time they have to defeat the evil? Can they be soulsucked back into Copernicus and bodyjack a braindead or willing person? We don't know.

>>137248793Artist posted another one

Attached: FwWscRuaIAA_hjZ.jpg (1820x2048, 784.5K)

>>137266533In-universe, it makes sense for him not to care. But from an external viewpoint, it's a bad idea to introduce your main characters doing something morally questionable, unless you're writing a story about anti-heroes or even villain protagonists. Hijacking someone else's body against their will is not even some kind of lovable rogue shenanigans; it's closer to supervillain territory.>>137266682>We don't know.And that's the problem. It's vital information. Hopefully the series will at some point give answers to those kinds of questions, but I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't. Samurai Jack S5 only started addressing the full ramifications of time-travel about two minutes before the show ended.

>>137261744fair, I say we triple, nay quadruple janny salaries in order to get the moderation we deserve.

>>137248793man when her lips are not directly attached to her chin she rather cute.

>>137266879>Black hair Winston Gah!

>>137266923>Hopefully the series will at some point give answers to those kinds of questions, but I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't.Then this is a waste of words to complain about until after episode 10. Why worry about things that may or may not happen? Everyone gets a chance to fully critique when the show is over.

>>137267020Not any of those anons, but we're three episodes and a preview into a 10-episode show and we still know jack-shit about anything in the entire show, minus some vague backstories. See most of >>137253925.I absolutely guarantee we're not getting answers to most of our questions, Genndy doesn't have the ability to time anything properly anymore, he's too busy wasting a whole minute or two to Emma's dad cringeworthy crying, or wasting time having Emma/Melinda explode and fly away scared for the 5th time, or wasting that time disguising Copernicus for literally zero reason, or spending all that time on the Greek statues (damn near half of ep 3) for a dick joke and another Emma explosion-win.A show that's only 10 episodes long (with no plans for a second season, IIRC) should not be wasting time on anything, but instead it's gone through three double-length episodes so far and nothing notable has really happened and no mysteries have been solved, no meaningful villains have been defeated (or even named), and every new episode just adds to the questions and mysteries.I think I've whined about it before, but the show's written like it's supposed to be some long-form, slow-burn thing with multiple seasons filled with mysteries and plotlines, culminating in a movie.

>>137264191emma already doesn't remember shit, user, she has no memories of being Melinda so she doesn't remember fighting the fox

This series has been straight up butchered in editing (and lack thereof). I'm actually mad how much they fucked something that with some restraint and trust in the audience could have been amazing.I had a longer rant written out, but went one better. Proving a good 40% of the show thus far should be on the cutting room floor for actively harming the story. anonfiles com/neMea4saz6/unicorn_redux_E1_2_mp4gofile.io/d/mJlcSzanonfiles com/vfJ8a5sdzb/unicorn_redux_E3_mp4gofile.io/d/BiwMPFwatch it and you be the judge The incessant exposition and jumpcuts to fluff visuals robs the series of mystery and deflates the hell out of anything that is supposed to have import, but was necessary to hit an inflated runtime. We don't need to know about merlin in the first 5 minutes of a 4 hour series. We don't need to explicitly see the cycle when the ENTIRE FIRST THIRD OF THE SHOW is about the main character organically piecing together that there even is a cycle. We don't need exposition characters for information that don't actually inform. We don't need wacky world travel sequences. Just what the fuck. Why 10 episodes if the plot being told can only be told correctly in half the runtime. Why given this much of a blank check not use it to matte out a story that demanded 10 episodes or just make a rock solid 6. And that big 2deep gimmick to the epic love triangle Gendy is so proud of? That's not coming, it's already in the show. >Elred is mainly interacting with "Emma" while Winston is mainly interacting with "Melinda" starcrossed.jpg as her souls fight to push away the other guy and no one has picked up on itWith less shit piled around it, you can see the subtle art style and diction changes that denote the character shifts. There is a perceivable battle happening in her personality alongside the explosive use of her powers and Gendy buried it in nonsense no one had the good sense to never animate.

Attached: the only useful flashback.png (680x672, 550.42K)

>>137267700I do like your edits, especially cutting out the intro scene with Merlin, but you gotta keep in mind they have to fit these episodes to 22-minutes. It's partly why we get some drawn out "fluff" scenes like the soccer flashback. These redux does keep the plot feeling more focused and cohesive I'll say. It makes Emma's arc feel more central to show rather than a distraction from the whole millenia long battle against the ancient evil. I also wish we hadn't already seen the Evil's smoke monster form yet, and we had a bit more mystique about it preserved.

>>137261694Yeah like I post art in the Sonic unofficial ride that gets deleted while being utterly sfw but these idiots run amuck with no issue and no reprimand. Then you have the nightmare Spider-man threads which are just unbearable now.

Are there are other elves around in this setting, and do they interact with humans?The fox woman's face is underneath a big hat, but she's not otherwise hiding it. Are fox women normal in this world and do furries exist alongside humans like in Bojack or Sonic? Or is the fox woman unique, and is she using magic to make humans not notice her?Are robots native to this steampunk London, or do they originally come from an even further point in the future? Emma tried to poorly disguise Copernicus to make him "less conspicuous". Is it because Copernicus is not supposed to be in this time and place at all, or is it that robots exist but they're so rare that they grab unwanted attention?

The show would be better if they added a dinosaur warrior tbqh>verification not required

>>137268778>Every few years coppernicus shows up and turns some unsuspecting schmuck into a fucking dinosaurThat would certainly add to the questionable moral implications

>>137261845Fingers crossed for a censored but strongly implied sex scene

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>>137268808>>137268778>Turns out Fang became one of the UWE sometime after the events of Primal

>>137247404Skinny Nikocado Avocado

>>137248331I really like how Genndy implemented the old concepts for UWE as actual characters in this show, and using their scrapped designs as an actual reason in the story. They really are descendents of Unicorn both in character concept and story, but were rejected and changed over for the new hosts that actually got approved. I am curious about Winston though and if he really is the third rejected character concept. As he's going to be sticking with the main group for a while as he was seen on the boat with them. But there's also story potential for him to join up with the descendants in tracking down the new Unicorn team.

>>137269749I can't unsee it now

>>137268637Leaks implied the elves are fighting the Russians currently and the team are going to get caught up in it.

>>137270038>Leaks implied the elves are fighting the RussiansThat's an interesting conclusion to draw

>>137268160Thanks for the kind >you anonTo runtime that's the thing. It's very, very close to being four eleven minute episodes instead of 3 22 minute episodes to tell this same story. The elephant fight lands exactly at 22 minutes. The (re located) foxgirl intro sequence is exactly after the 11 minute mark, cutting the intro into two self contained halves. The elephant scenes come out to about 8 minutes; they could have figured out 3 more minutes of content to extend it. (Easy one, a scene of Edred and Winston/Emma) The statue episode just runs ~4 minutes long and that comes down to a few key scenes just needing to be concepted shorter. The important part is emma visiting her home, winston in the hospital, and the mystic. All 3 work excellently without the fluff. Instead they made it hit 22 minute through the "mystics arrested" thing that is not only completely unconnected, but makes a plot hole.>Why wasn't Darvish arrestedThe rest they filled with driving sequences. Driving sequences they inserted every other minute in the pivotal, emotionally charged, confontration between melinda and emma can and should hit so much harder.>the winston character assassination scene making seng the innocent black astroboy a piece of shit arbitrarilyI have no idea why they ever thought that one was a good idea. It's both fluff and harms 2 of the 5 characters being followed. Without it you have core characterization of winston as a "man of action" and Alphie as a plucky peter pan type. This one scene, added to hit runtime, is the only thing to make Winston a Jobber and Seng an annoyance.I'm glad you pointed out that emma feels like it's a tertiary sideplot and not the main story in the released episodes. After doing this edit I'm 100% certain that isn't intentional. Like the character conflict love triangle no one's noticed, Emma is supposed to be ten times the character the release run makes her out to be.With what they made this show had the capacity for so much more.

>>137268778I've been saying the group needed just one more member because right now the dynamic seems to be>Edred and Melinda just making out>Seng floats in the background and occasionally spouts vague mystial shit>Copernicus :DI would put another girl in, maybe make her visually non-human to balance out Edred's elfiness.

Rejection :(

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>>137270341We'll have to see, and I totally agree, Seng is far too preoccupied with tripping out and Copercunis is too much of an odd one out of the group, it's really the Melinda (when she has voice lines) + Emma and Edred show rn.

>>137270038I'm sure this won't be used by online artists in any propaganda sort of way at all.

>>137267700The show really is much better when you cut out a lot of the awkward antics with the monk kid.

>>137270341>I would put another girl in, maybe make her visually non-human to balance out Edred's elfiness.Dwarf girl? Dwarf girl.

Attached: 1678222858590691.jpg (640x673, 204.45K)

>>137270939Where the fuck is her beard

>>137271061Below the belt, it's like you don't even know anything about dwarves

>>137266957Hard disagree. Emma is at her cutest when her lips are down low. Emphasizes her chubby, pinchable cheeks a whole lot more

Attached: 1683509285060.webm (1920x1080, 547.59K)

>>137270939I was thinking dryad but that might be too close to Edred's elf thing. Ironically fox girl could've made a good addition, at least design-wise.

>>137271785I'm thinking this to, her in here chibi form would go nicely as the groups anime animal mascot to lol

May 18th! Wait, that's not right. It SHOULD say THE DAY THAT WINSTON DIES!

Attached: may18.png (1920x1079, 1.18M)

>>137271861Tbh I'm 85% sure he's a dead man, but also knowing Genndy he'll let him die with some heroism under his belt. He has been throwing his life and family's legacy away just for the girl her own parents have given up on, that's nothing to take likely

Attached: 1682442943710908.jpg (1020x812, 381.39K)

>>137271601Watching Unicorn in the hopes of seeing more Emma suffering

Attached: pacman eyes.png (619x676, 167.18K)

>>137271924> throwing his family's legacy awayOkay I think this may be the second time I’ve seen this assertion made, and I don’t get it.How so?

>>137251848>tard wrangler Copernicuskek

>>137257393I would join her in her evil crusade if only she let me touch tail.

>>137271968She's British. That alone is suffering enough.

>>137272109He's a lord man, like Emma they both come from well off families. I'm sure his doesn't want anything to do with Emma's anymore after she brain damaged their hier, but he's not having it.

>>137272109elfujo copium running into Gendy really fucking up the delivery of information, time, and pacing in the show. You can get a sense of what is actually happening in the recut. One, it's been at most 36 hours since the wedding crashing. Winston tried to rescue her and was visited in the hospital, both taking place about on the same day. No shit he's going to find her a 3rd time. No he isn't going to die, he's Gendy's redheaded protagonistman. And emma's dad hasn't "given up in her" he's noticing she isn't herself, which she isn't, something the viewer realizes is true when the house "who are you" scene isn't interrupted by random crap and plays through to it's full impact.

>>137272333I want to tease and bully her so she gets red in the face.

Attached: scowl.png (1920x1080, 1.46M)

i like copernicus but i really miss spear and fang whenever i see genndy's style

>>137272374>finding that attractiveHow>>137271924Inb4 that guy who always replies to this image with “Primal theory was perfect and the best episode, fuck contrarians” because he doesn’t know what contrarian means.

>>137272468More cute than attractive, but I’d still hit it either way

Attached: 1683751243772.png (1080x1080, 445.41K)

>>137272468I don't quite understand you, I just like how chilled out the British guy looked and use it to reflect my current mood. Primal theory was a funny little romp but I don't think we're supposed to think it was more important then it was.

Attached: 1682463058731692.png (576x461, 192.86K)

>>137272506I wasn’t talking about you or the episode itself user, I said there is a guy who always replies to that image when it’s posting saying that it’s actually the best Primal episode and only contrarians disagree, even though that’s the unpopular opinion so he’s the contrarian by definition. It’s worded almost exactly the same way every time so it’s the same guy.

>>137272468Primal Theory was definitely fun. It just should have been at the end so people would have said "cool, there's more" instead of putting Spear and Fang on hiatus for a week.Though if it came down to it, I would've rather it not be made if it meant pacing out the actual story more properly.

Attached: the darlington society.png (1648x842, 1.38M)

Where is the episode? Fuck America and your stupid time zones

Attached: 751C2A6F-EE0B-487F-B157-FA088497F36F.jpg (1000x1000, 55.22K)


>>137272664Midnight tonight. Ten hours and 30 minutes from now.

why are Uniflop threads so fucking dead?

Attached: Unicorn.Warriors.Eternal.S01E03.A.Fateful.Encounter.1080p.AS.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.x264-MADRiD.mp4_snapshot_20.55.360.jpg (1920x1080, 148.61K)

>>137272747I love Emma Boops little boobs.

>>137272747Slow pacing. Once the plot picks up, so will the threads.

>>137272805one might even say............. in two more weeks?

Attached: Unicorn.Warriors.Eternal.S01E03.A.Fateful.Encounter.1080p.AS.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.x264-MADRiD.mp4_snapshot_09.38.838.jpg (1920x1080, 234.43K)

so where can i watch the rest of the episodes?just saw the 1st on youtube but can't seem to find the rest?

Attached: FC_kA0IVgAIpzCf.png (640x640, 5.21K)

>go look at audience reviews because I’m curious>multiple people calling it their favorite show of all time right after the premiereA little quick to decide that after only 1/5th of the series is out.Goddamn I hate the internet’s “everything is either the best thing ever or worst thing ever, no matter what, ratings 2-9 do not exist.>>137272747>slow plot>divisive character designs>sloppy writing>repetitive scenes

>>137272842its mostly just gennedy nuthuggers, ironically they make his cartoons unwatchable

Attached: Unicorn.Warriors.Eternal.S01E03.A.Fateful.Encounter.1080p.AS.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.x264-MADRiD.mp4_snapshot_01.36.635.jpg (1920x1080, 270.77K)

>>137272747I'm weirded out that you guys think a shows success is determined by if 4chan loves it or not

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>>137272833HBO max has 1 2 and 3, that's how I watched them.

>>137272828More like ten hours with any luck. If it takes two weeks then the cartoon is practically dead in the water.

Attached: smug kefla shrug.jpg (800x800, 799.79K)

>>137272882It’s flopping in every category that isn’t lewd fanart. If that’s what you call a success then the more power to ya

>>137272882Kinda sad, but some people need the group to tell them if something is good or not.

>>137272884well that sucksthey don't do service in my country since we have sex with goats.can't someone here just uploads a recording on mega or something?

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>>137272882I look at Uniflop and all I see is a cartoon without a countryNot hard enough for Adult Swimand maybe not smart enough for Genndyfags

Attached: Uniflop.Warrixirs.Zzzternal.S01E02.The.Awakening.Part.2.1080p.AS.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.x264-MADRiD.mp4_snapshot_18.12.625.jpg (954x849, 106.35K)

>>137272953Hi industrycuck

>>137272953The identity issue hurts it, it seems to want to be deep and mature, but it’s a show developed for Cartoon Network, so it feels very out of place on adult swim>>137272917>>137272882Except it’s not seeing success anywhere, anons. And if you’re thinking about saying “success doesn’t mean popularity” then you’re just dumb.

>>137272979Im not industrykikedid you see me start screeching about cartoon dads like Im john k??????Im just here to squeeze the nuts of you gennedy nuthuggers until, after many years here of shitting on other cartoons for this, you admit with tears in your eyes you're watching a show for a cute girl and thats it and genndy isnt actually making anything remarkable or sophisticated other than a strange chimera of a popeye ripoff

Attached: Uniflop.Warrixirs.Zzzternal.S01E02.The.Awakening.Part.2.1080p.AS.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.x264-MADRiD.mp4_snapshot_17.57.015.jpg (1920x1080, 106.93K)

>>137273019If you say so industrycuck

I for one look forward to the next episode.

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>>137272953>>137273019Obsessed people must be beaten in the nuts.

>>137273019>gennedyAdult swim shot John F. Gennedy

>>137272992>but it’s a show developed for Cartoon Network, so it feels very out of place on adult swimit actually feels like stuff such as the zombie elephant or tranny 300 was inserted at the last minute because they realized it was way too kiddie otherwise

Attached: Unicorn.Warriors.Eternal.S01E03.A.Fateful.Encounter.1080p.AS.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.x264-MADRiD.mp4_snapshot_22.01.615.jpg (124x253, 6.43K)

>>137273019>aeeeiiiiii genndyfags bully muh favorite cartoonsPathetic, now I'm going to laugh at you everytime you post here.

Attached: 1684203245544243.gif (479x497, 509.23K)

>>137273083I can’t imagine this show playing well to kids. It’s so goddamn slow kids would tire of it instantly

>>137273083>Hates the show>posts screenshots from it????

>>137273083I don’t know how you can insert that kinda thing last minute into a cartoon. I guess maybe the dick joke could have been a later addition, but the very structure of the zombie elephant stuff seems like it’d be difficult for that to have been a substitution over some earlier draft.

>>137273132Industrycuck has poisoned the well so deeply that no one can say anything critical of a Genndy show without being accused

>>137272833>>137272927will i really not be able to watch the show after getting hooked now?

>>137273153If he were being critical that'd be one thing, but flipping out the way this guy is and talking about squeezing nuts is something else.

>>137273059Will Emma accidentally cuck her?

Attached: 1684121282838249.png (1668x2388, 1.09M)

>>137244892i really really like the overt tezuka influence in this

>>137273116i guess one might say, the cartoon itself is reflected upon by emma and melindasomething that was meant to be mature and serious, but ended up being a silly stunted melodramatic schizo mess>>137273132you can enjoy something and not dick suck it to oblivion, this is a simple concept that is lost to all the jackie gennedys in here.i for one like the shading, and various design concepts in the world itself. emma's design is cute but as an overall theme the show falls apart because of reasons outlined by me and others in the thread, its a product of a changed horse midstream. truthfully, I think genndy should just soft-retire into a position he is more passionate for these days (mainly color and background design, or just go back to directing) and stop trying to be one of these solo cartoonist mega-stars that always falls flat on their face eventually. some of the best cartoons of recency were created by two or more showrunners

Attached: Unicorn.Warriors.Eternal.S01E03.A.Fateful.Encounter.1080p.AS.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.x264-MADRiD.mp4_snapshot_16.26.453.jpg (1920x1080, 112.93K)


Attached: tonight.jpg (697x697, 94.25K)

>>137272747The pacing is just a little too slow for a weekly serial (to modern audiences at least). The events that occur in the first four episodes could've happened in two. Threads are slowing down because not only did we only get one new episode last week as opposed to the 2-episode premiere the week prior, but we've also been able to discuss just about every possible thing there is to discuss. We're all just twiddling our thumbs now.

Attached: load of barnacles.png (966x1076, 379.74K)

>>137273316>you can enjoy something and not dick suck it to oblivionyou can also dislike something and not bash it to oblivion, but it will be a while until you figure that out

>>137272992>The identity issue hurts it, it seems to want to be deep and mature, but it’s a show developed for Cartoon Network, so it feels very out of place on adult swimI love how kids just can't have good cartoons anymore and shit like pic related is happening and CN only has like one original show left. I for one welcome our now finger family overlords

Attached: the absolute state of western animation.png (780x1134, 485.99K)

>>137273670Didn’t Genndy say he planned like 4 seasons? With this pacing he might have been telling the truth

>>137271861lol no

>>137273694Interesting. So I guess the early hours will become a de facto 'teen swim'?

>>137273831It would be based if CN made a teen oriented cartoon block instead of pretending like half of the shit on [as] is trying to appeal to the 13-18 demographic, but execs hate money and we can't have nice things in America

Attached: Cnxnet.jpg (200x269, 11.3K)

>>137273895How are things divvied up in terms of management between CN and AS anyway? It seems kinda nebulous to me, but I dont follow this stuff that much.


Attached: 446.png (480x368, 228.69K)

>>137274151Fairly divided, but not really. [as] is entirely produced and managed in Atlanta from the CNN campus, while Cartoon Network has their programs produced in Los Angeles while their management is in Atlanta. I think that geological separation goes a long way in describing why CN programming feels so much 'softer' even when it's nominally for 'adults' (Primal may be the only exception)

>>137274251but I can

>>137274332>google unicorn warriors torrent>acquire episodes

Attached: 1675680653711927.png (346x357, 169.1K)

When's the new ep?I thought it came out on Tuesday.

>>137274961If you stick around here, someone will drop the mega 20 mins after it airs, which is at 12 am. If you have HBO or bought the whole season on youtube, you can watch it all Friday.

>>137274961Tonight, in 7 hours and 15 minutes.