Is there anything more shit than Unity?

Is there anything more shit than Unity?

…brown pill threads?

weebshit general threads

I've heard that they're tough pills to swallow!

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this thread.


I do have to appreciate this season of digits though.

cuphead was made in unity, off yourself faggot



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There's a pretty high number of shovelware Unreal Engine 4 and Source engine games out there that get swept under the rug because you reddit goons won't stop your circlejerk about Unity being a "shit engine"

is there a way to disable the telemetry and Google analytics that it uses and prevents devs from disabling?

the thread posts remind me of when Gmail and gdrive came out and everyone just blindly trusted it because it gave you gigs of space. anyone defending unity is retarded or kiked

I hope you see the irony here

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Unity is trash for many reasons. You want one of the most retarded? Even a font is capable of destabilizing the entire engine. But go ahead and tell me how its better than any other real engine.

Maybe you just need to git good.
Even kids can use fonts in unity without problems.





Where's your argument?

AND above all

But yeah, other than that. "Unity is shit" is totally a meme, bro.

blow your brains out, actually blame the real reason

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I don't buy that for a second.
I would choose cocos2d-x before I choose Unity.

WTF are you talking about? I've played Unity games from High class indie, to low class indie, along with my own personal projects. None remotely seem to have this problem. I'd even go so far as saying, if it compiles, then it will normally wont crash.

I believe this is enabled by Dev. Don't enable analytics and there wont be any. Then again, i haven't done research on this topic beyond the advertised features.

That's true with all propriety engine, and likely have smiler situation with FOSS unless you're willing to get off your ass.

Anyways i think i'm done with this thread. Nothing but OP baiting.


Fuck, do repeating letters count?


It actually kinda is.

Unity is easy to use and get into, right?

If you're pandering to an unskilled crowd, you'll end up with an unskilled crowd. These sub-par developers then go on to make buggy games (they wouldn't otherwise be capable of making) and release them.

I emailed the dev of a certain Unity-based indie game some bug reports concerning basic UI usage in his game. The guy wrote buggy math code that doesn't even center the 'clickable trigger' elements on top of the drawn UI widgets. Any dev worth his or her salt directly integrates that shit into the widget itself. After I got a reply back, I looked up the guy. Turns out to be a legit Starbucks gulping, Apple using, 'muh womens rights' spouting human turd with plenty of garbe opinions on Twitter. But besides that point.

When the intellectual 'barrier of entry' is greater than Unity-level, you'll end up with proportionally more skilled crowd that's capable of correctly engineering their games.

So the real question is: Do you want quantity or quality?

Holy fucking shit, since when did Holla Forums have so many Unity Internet Defense Force soldiers?

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UNCL.tff go ahead and look up all the unity games that fold just by it existing.

What is the halting problem?

Since good games are made with it?

Name a single one.

There's four right here

for you

But he specifically said "good" games…


Well, this thread is officially dead. Moving on to a better one

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No clue. Are you talking about when you have an infinite loop?

>Go back to >>>/cuckchan/ with your shit misinfo memes you literal nigger.

If anyone were ever to make a parody of Holla Forums, it'd be filled with overused blanket statements like these used by people who can only form sentences through simple linguistic building blocks passed on through internet memes. I don't really understand why you would deliberately choose to forfeit your individuality and become a stereotype, as far as individuality in anonymous imageboards is concerned.

Infinite Air is the only good Unity game son straight up son




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The halting problem is proof you can't make the statement "if it compiles it won't crash", use a search engine retard

My god, you're certainly an expert on software development!

This is what the fuck I am talking about but NO ONE IS FUCKING LISTENING

modern video games

(((you're))) wrong

Luckily its free so you dont have to buy it.

No Unity game so far has been released with fonts.
If you thought you saw fonts in a unity game it was a mirage.

It's like you want your unstable games to crash

Its used a lot by the /AGDG/ crowd.

Theres still debates about engines over there but its actualy between people who have made games before, not just people trying to repeat what they read on some other forum to make themselves sound smart.

Bad programmers blaming their tools.

Better question: Why not just learn to code for realsies and use a third party library to do all the fancy graphics handling and input handling, plus use an external program like Tiled for 2D or 3DSMax (or whatever) for 3D?

wow just write your games in assembly
Seriously speaking why is it that most unity games have this overabundance of bloom, as well as this super basic graphics menu that cycles between "Fast/Beautiful"?
I realize it's probably the defaults but

Unreal in the hands of a bad developer.

RPG maker.
HLM and Undertale are shit

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What the fuck is going on with the saging as downvote, people posting exclusively to tell someone to go back to [buzzword] and all the general shitposting and bad threads?

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/agdg/ users use every engine, and sometimes make their own, because /agdg/ understands that the best tool for the job is the one that gets it done. Discussing the pros and cons of engines is one thing, but if you're spending more time arguing about it than actually making your game, you're guaranteed to be shit. Engine wars are actually looked down upon there for that reason, despite it being the place where they'd be most relevant.

Over half of the listed AGDG projects use unity.
Because as you say, theu pick the best tool to get the job done.

The main point of my comment is that they are commenting from experience at least.
So if someone there said make your game un Assembly language there may be a reason. Not just spergs trying to sound clever.

goon detected

None of the people in this thread have ever attempted to make a game on Unity and don't understand the strengths/weaknesses to using it. They're just basing their opinion off the amount of shovelware made using it.

I guarantee if any of you wanted to make a game, if you wanted to actually make money off it you'd be forced to use Unity due to how it's already pre-optimized for mobile platforms and has metric tons of documentation available for it. To put it into perspective, the devs who were porting Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines to the Source engine found it way easier to just remake the entire game on Unity than port it to the 2008 build of the Source engine.


Call me when Tarkov is more than just a PUBG ripoff.

It makes it a commercial engine because of its wide compatibility.
Which is great if you want to generate some income off your game.

Your not going to be able to make the latest COD of duty with it.

Case and point, where are you people coming from? Are you just normal users that are particularly butthurt today?

u w0t m8

Absolutely. Unity can still be a 'bad tool', though.

Engine wars are mainly shit because e/v/in fanboys aren't interested in technical details and just want to prance around.

Whoa there, cowboy. Not so fast. I guess the practical god objects and generally bad API design aren't things I know about.
I'd be willing to point out legitimate problems in Unity APIs if you're willing to point out the marvels of engineering in them? :^)

It makes it the right tool for the job to develop cross-platform 3D mobile games, which is honestly the ONLY thing that's it got going for it.

I saw tarkov way before pubg.
It looks fantastic but they obviously had no idea where the game was going.

I am flabbergasted that it was made in unity.

I always tell people to go back to old websites that havent existed for decades.
Now fuck off back to Bob Doles electoral campaign page from 1996.

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What kind of enemies though?
The zombies in DayZ were really shit.


Well he shoulda said that instead of flinging shit from atop his high horse, and even that is likely debatable. Unity isn't the only saloon in town, its features or lack thereof can be compared and contrasted with other engines and some debate can be had about their functionality on a technical level. You can't just declare it the best without considering dissenting opinions.

The single worst thing I've seen Unity do is when they completely stop development on certain features when a popular asset comes out on the asset store for that feature. Because they can then (and do) just refer you to the asset store when asked when that feature is coming out.
Their cut is 30%.
Unity as a company is scum, but the engine is okay. It's not missing enough to be critically broken.

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All general-purpose engines are shit by design.

Why it's shit?


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Which platform and library should I use? There's multiple versions of assembly like HSC12 and Intel 86x.

At least post the funny one.

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The Germanic peoples didn't ruin Rome, they put it out of its misery after it drank poison.
Alright yeah that's fair, some really dumb shit happened there I guess
The Catholic church was horrifically corrupt and while Martin Luther was a sperg he wasn't fucking wrong
Part of the problem was Kaiser Wilhelm's paranoia about "encirclement". The other larger part was the fact that he was actually right and the rest of Europe's nobility was doing its damnedest to fuck with him because they all hate each other like fucking retards.
Gross mischaracterization (if Holla Forums is to be believed) to start with but the thing about Stalin is a semi-fair criticism. The Soviets would have stabbed westward and ruined Eastern Europe no matter what Hitler did, though.
Fair, if overly simplistic.
Sage for not vidya.

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this thread

Jesus do any of you know history at all? Hitler originally never wanted war with the USSR. The Nazis and the Commies had a trade pact. The reason Hitler invaded was because Stalin violated the trade pact and they needed precious oil.


But yeah there are lots of shitty hipster game makers that are worse.

tbh if it weren't for Hitler, the USSR would still be around today and all of Europe would be commie shitholes. Germany slowed the Soviets down and weakened them enough for America to arrive and block them from going any further (Patton was of the opinion that they could have destroyed the USSR right then); without Germany, the USSR would have been able to build up and finish its restructuring and simply crush all of Europe.

Yes, I'm aware. I never said anything to the contrary you sperg.

Unity is okay if you go into it with the right mindset, that is, that it is hostile territory and that just about every prefabricated thing (be it assets provided by Unity or some inbuilt engine features) you use is your technical debt that you will have to replace later and that the only not objectively awful thing you can rely on is basic scene management and the core engine.
Their implementation of PhysX is inadequate for production use; it is literally impossible to make a realistically weighted car using their wheel collider prefabs, for example.

I speak from experience. Don't use Unity if you're serious because there is a career to be had learning and compensating for its quirks. Get your head around memory management and use a real engine and thank yourself later.

I hate the unreal engine slightly more.

A poor craftsman always blames his tools.

Other things I forgot:

You're entitled to like it, but speaking as one who has been trapped and who has a big pile of work stuck forever in Unity that I can never salvage, I insist that Unity is a trap, designed to ensnare programmers without the resources or skill to battle an engine, and it does it with promises that the provided extra functionality is of high quality and will save people time. In reality, you're better off with another more barebones engine that doesn't pretend to be something it's not because your expectations will be correct going into the project. I strongly encourage you to make something in it, something complex enough so you can see the aforementioned quality drop for yourself.

Is that you, Tynan?

any dev using it should be shot

bethesda gamebryo

Looks like I'll never be able to fucking play it because my computer hates unity.
Thanks for the warning.

Nice buzzword :^)

ITT people who don't know how game development works

Not that it will be around for much longer.

Gamedev here. Unity is fucking awful. The engine was originally complete garbage and then at some point they caught the wind in their sails and hired people to try to drag it kicking and screaming into being competitive with Unreal, but as soon as you get past the top layer of the thing you find the horror that lies beneath.
Even basic things that any programmer would expect are ass-backwards in Unity. Almost all Unity games have some issues with timing for example, as most API methods provide time as a float which is way too low a resolution. It even was too low for Unity itself when they started getting into physics so they internally manage it as a double but only provide it to you as a float. Unity constantly fucks with prefabs and other files for its own unknown reasons and getting it to play nice with version control is impossible. It's a common problem on Unity projects that devs lose work due to leaving out a change they thought was just some spam from Unity.
The editor is a mess, too. Things can get out of sync and reimports on a large game can take forever for reasons only known to Unity. The one I'm working on is several hours if I dare do something like attempt a bisect to find a bug. The reluctance to bisect leads to Unity games being very buggy.
You'll wind up replacing a lot of Unity's core functionality because of how shit it is. Check the DLLs used by Unity games and you'll be surprised to find things like protobufs.

this is only applicable for the person who made the game, it's his responsibility to have proper coding, you miserable fucking loser.

learn how game works before shitposting.

Sounds like you're talking out your ass. The delta time returns the fraction of a second since the last frame, and I'd be really surprised if that required more precision than a float.

That's the functionality you want out of it 99% of the time. I understand, though, it through me for a loop back when I was a pajeet-tier student.

That it could be either [a,b] or [a,b) and the distinction relies on polymorphism is an example of the engine being designed by people who had no business designing anything.

Are you the most retarded poster on Holla Forums or someshit?

99% of the devs that use it. Unity is an alright engine. UE4 is chinkware and Godot is the future.

It literally boasts inflexibility and lack of features, as a feature.
Bonus: They claim games made with different development toolkits are actually RPGmaker games.

I heard you were selling a free lviv? I'll take it.

It's less work than having a personality.

Unity is actually not that bad, it happens to attract bad developers. One thing about it that is beyond garbage though is the monetization policy. Once you gross 100k you are required to buy the pro version.. Compared to Unreal's flat 5% of profit scheme (which is much better).
t. messed around in both a little bit. One thing that frustrated me about unreal is that I couldn't seem to directly script an object or particular instance of an object in a regular programming language like unity- however it is a much more professional environment.

Been halfassedly looking for an engine I actually like to mess around in… might look at source, you think?


source is deader than dead, even valve is using unity now for some projects (like the lab).

in the end it depends on your project, unity is fine for certain stuff, same way unreal sucks for certain stuff asf.
maybe wanna check out godot, it's open source unity (basically)

Unreal Engine 4

No, I hate hollow knight because it is objectively a tumblrgame. You are literal genderfluid


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