Airbender Revival program

Because I need to Sidetrack my mind from what's going to happen to kamala.

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The airbender revival comes seventy years later with Korra. Go suck an egg

>>137243274Is there any girl Katara wouldn't mind Aang adding to his harem?

>>137243365Probably not. She didn't really have any friends outside of Aang and Toph and she barely tolerates Toph. Maybe she'd be ok with another water tribe girl she could keep under her thumb.

>>137243274reminder that bending is spiritual in nature, therefore creating a harem to bring back a civilisation of monks and nuns is objectively retarded

>>137243592Shhh we need our creepy breeding thread user

>>137243592Air nomads were all sexual deviants tho

>>137243274W-What's gonna happen to Kamala?

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>>137243592it was genetic AND spiritual.if you have the lion turtle mutated genes but not the correct attitude (or the reverse) you cant bend.of course, one of those is easier to correct than the other.

>>137243365If I had to put money on it. Probably Meng, who is younger and closer to Aang's age (you know what I mean) With the other girls I'm sure Aang is looked more like a fuck toy but Meng would treat it more like an actual relationship.

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>>137243798According to another thread it was spoiled that she’s dying in an upcoming comic or whateverWhich knowing comics means literally nothing so I don’t know why people are acting up about it

>>137243948As long as it's not like that time sandman murdered spiderman... That shit still haunts me.

>>137243922Meng was cute and under rated

>>137243448Maybe Nutha and Niyok from that one comic. They were childhood friends so maybe she wouldn't mind sharing her husband with them.

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>>137243948The issue was hyped up to be up there with Gwen Stacy in terms of shock value.Most people are disinterested or laughing their asses off at how dumb it is. Especially since Kamala is just gonna come back.

>>137244907>>137243948Same user, forgot to mention that Twitter is seething because a minority died as shock value for a white mans story.Wells and Lowe are in hot water because of this.

>>137243922>>137243274 What did it be funny if she finds out she likes being an alpha and having other women have sex with Aang while they both obeyed her being a combination Dominatrix and big boob Mama figure to them?

>>137244920I think I would too. If I actually cared about the character, which since her start I never did.I did read her in Champions, but less said the better on that whole thing.

>>137246156How do you feel about Azula in the mix. In canon with the show.Or in canon with the comic.I like to think it'd almost be like this healing three some. Both Aand and Katara being careful touching Azula caressing her making her feel pleasure. Azula being absolutely livid about the situation just thrashings about not knowing her to deal with pleasure. I imagine the Katara has this water shield prepared for when she orgasms.

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>>137243274whose kamala

>>137246247I would like to see them add Ty Lee into the mix who reveals to them she already had sexual relations with her.

>>137246962Oh yeah Ty Lee and Zuko definitely should be used in sexually training Azula.

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>>137246247I read a fanfic once. It was primarily Zutara, pretty standard post series romance stuff, they end up going off to the swamp to deal with problems there and they have to wear tribal loincloths and blush at how scandalous it is but what are we supposed to do that's what they do here etc etc. But it also kept cutting back to Aang getting into this weird fucked up S&M relationship with Azula where she's supposed to be a prisoner but she turns the tables on him somehow because he gets off on her cutting and beating him. It's been a long fucking time but the contrast between the super vanilla swamp adventures Zutara and half a world away Aang is having dungeon s&m play with Azula has been living in my head rent free for the last decade.

>>137247036The first time I watched that con I thought she was refering to herself, it's thr guy's voice actor whom directly implies the incest part kek


>>137248345Why bump this thread now? As always happens with Avatar threads, incest and zutara lovers come to share what a great bad boy Zuko is and all the girls belong only to him, even his sister.It's not even my despair, it's a fact.If you're an OP, next time write a rule, no zutara or incest, because otherwise the thread will be filled with exactly these topics.

>>137248749Kinda sounds like cope lad, but I accept your submission nevertheless.

>>137246435Sounds indian>>137243307Least she could do after killing aang from literal existance tbf, although I feel they'll pull another asspull and just bring him back for an emotional scene where all gaang members are reunited on the spirit world


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>>137243274I kinda miss the ESL user that did these weekly.

>>137244800>NuthadON't mInD If I DOOO!

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>>137250625Like I saidCUTE

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>>137243592Are you suggesting Harems were not religious?

Katara should be the one with the harem, and she should cuck me with all of them and more

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>>137254426The situation where the English word got the term has religious underpinnings, but the concept appears in other cultures in more secular it doesn't seem to be associated with nuns and monks, even in Tibet.


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>>137255011You have any girls tag to play as katara?

>>137248749People Zuko has fucked:>Mai>Aang>Katara>Ty Lee>Jin>Song>Yue>June>Sokka>Korra>Senna>Asami>Opal>Mako>Jinora>Pemma>Su

>>137256056you forgot>Azula>Ursa>Joo Dee>Joo Dee>Eska>Ikki>Jinora>Zuko>P'Li>Ming-Hua>Lin Bei Fong>Kuvira>Ginger

>>137256215I want to see 80+ year old Zuko hatefucking Kuvira.

>>137256215And you forgot>Kiyi>Izumi

>>137243274>20 years later>still almost zero breeding harem contenti am disappoint

>>137255441Most weren't good, and the few that were good weren't reliable. I'm still taking applications

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>>137244800GO ON?


>>137256056Based old man Zuko


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>>137257273>Katara convinces Aang she wants to visit the South Pole to see her old friends, but secretly it's so he can helped repopulate both of their peoples by fucking all the unmarried girls there.

>>137258352Old man Zuko?

Can I get a QRD of everyone she had sex with throughout the series?

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>>137259646Toph, obviously

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>>137256056>>137256215reminds me of that aang user that made a list of each women below their mid thirties on the original series

>>137259646By each book?

>>137259646The first one was me.

>>137260917Yes please, mention everything

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>>137256056Zuko dicking Korra and Asami together is fucking sexy idea. Converting two dykes back to cock in his 80's. What a chad

>>137262018He's also tasting Korra/Senna Opal/Su and Jinora/Pemma oyakodon.

>>137262149I bet he had Toph, Lin, and Suyin when they got old enough too.

>>137243307>Considering that explanation for new Airbenders acceptable>Regarding Korra as canon at all without the lead writer of AvatarYIKES

>>137260963It depends if she's a virgin or has been fucking her brother already, being the only male of age on the village

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>>137263783>if*How much

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>>137263918>How much Must likely daily, 3 times per day for each meal one has.

>>137243592>>137243632>>137243274Don`t make me write another green about it


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>>137244800How many beauties there are in the comics, sepaking of existence of characters too, that can help in the mission?


>>137264492By the time the Fire Nation arrives Zuko rapes her both to let out his frustrations and to capture the Avatar. Same probably happens with Paku, question is hoe does Katara feel about this?

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>>137264693What is this.

no idea why user is obsesses with editing screenshots of the show to have massive fucking titties, but I ain't complaining don't let your dreams be dreams and animate a whole segment

>>137265594Every time I dove into one of these threads I go into a random episodes and look for a section of animation to editI never find oneSome day though

>>137265594Because oppai Katara just feels right

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>>137265622Here's one from an user who was doing just that a few years ago.

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>>137265622There's been a bunch, all from Katara tho

>>137265954Here's another one.

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>>137265843>2023>the ghosting on the DVD release of season one still haunts every release of the show blueray remaster when?

>>137266387Do they even have the original animation files anymore? Maybe in cold storage somewhere?

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>>137266587probably not, it's from that weird age of early digital storage

Weird thread, but it's the only Avatar related on the board rn

>>137265199What does it look like?

>>137259646>Katara's body count?Off the top of my head:>Jet and his freedom penis.>Zuko and his dishonorable donger.>Teo and his cock on flying wheels.>Wang Fire and his impregnating inseminator.>Combustion Man and his dynamite dick.>All the Fire Nation guards that took turns "interrogating" her.>All the swampbenders that took turns "welcoming" her as kin.>All the Dai li agents that took turns "reeducating" her.Did I forget anyone?

>>137268280I'd be surprised if Jet's gang wasn't allowed to take turns too

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>>137253829>>137261832It's my guilty pleasure.

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>>137269562The hotwife body type...

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>>137246247How big are azula's hips? and is it true that she's like 145cm tall?

>>137243274>Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee are given to Aang for the breeding program as recompense for their crimes.>Azula obviously plans to manipulate Aang and never let him fuck, but her sexual inexperience wins out and all three of them end up addicted to Airbender cock.

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>>137243448I could see Katara becoming comfortable in their relationship and being okay with watching Aang fuck Toph and Suki.

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>>137271265It is NOT CHILD PORN.

>>137271265 Incredible. The mods will bend over backwards to defend lewd art of kids front & center in the Catalog, but fully clothed adult anthro characters are a bannable offense somehow. Real classy, Holla Forums.

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>>137271695What happened?

>>137273159Someone called the top image child porn despite there being no actual people but drawings without any nipples visible.

>>137273842If you look it up they have huge knackers, Katara being jealous of her bust size so I dont think the implication is that they're kids. >based Zuko helping his buddy getting laid btw

>>137268280I am surprised that Teo can still get it up considering the absolute state he's into.

>>137268280You forgot>The pirates making Katara pay for the 200 gold water scribe scroll by turning her out on the street for every man to fuck.

>>137268280>Dai Li agents meh, they're probably eunuchs

>>137243274ang is a pussy ass faggothe should burn ozai the a crips and parade it around fire nation