Games that you dont think anyone will ever 100%

Games that you dont think anyone will ever 100%

Pic related. I picked it up in a halloween bargain bin sale for 99p and it is a hot mess. Not only that buy its also got very funny balancing where the 'single player' ramps up and crows/dogs/plagas headed ganados can one shot you to the point that if you check the PS4 trophys the completion ratings are abysmal.
Only 0.1% have platniumed it, only 9% have won a single game in all modes, 10% have played on all maps, 0.7% have completed the single player mode.

To say nothing of all the ingame cosmetic unlocks. Its clear they took the RE ip that some people still really love even when 6 in particular was hot trash and capcom wanted an esports darling to replace their dwindling fightan geemu marketplace grip.

But i dont see anyone ever completing this and doing everything and unlocking everything ever. One day the servers will go down and it will remain the one Resident Evil game nobody did absolutely everything in.

I remember we had a thread about a month back about shit games people enjoy and the very OP was an user that decided to 100%'d Umbrella Chronicles. I have nothing to contribute to this thread, I just find that funny.

and he was never heard from again!

I enjoyed Umbrella Corps from what I played of it back when it was in a Humble Bundle. It's an absolute mess, but I liked it in the same way I like playing trashy f2p games and laughing at how busted they are.

I think there was a very rough framework for a pve game in the vein of MGS peace walker. You have a series of maps from across the series and you are umbrella jobbers sneaking in for covert shit.
But they wanted the esports bux.

They should have saw what Operation Raccoon City did right and why it was fucking ass, hell, they should have checked what Payday 2 and even their Monster Hunter franchise were doing. Fucking e-sports cancer, why?! I want to be a mercenary unlocking weapon and gear and kill BOWs and fight rival mercenaries from other corporations from time to time.

I actually wasn't averse to the idea of this game. Even while playing it I could imagine if it controlled between, was less jerky, less bugs, etc, I could have a good time.

I am saddened that it wasn't done better. Every aspect of this game sucks.

I'm sure someone has done it but it would take a whole lot of autism to max out your health and buy 10 of each alpha mod for every weapon that can use them in Ratchet: Deadlocked.

Really Outbreak 3 is the dream. Shit they could even push the quasi open world meme and in this case i wouldn't mind.
For example there was another team of US Navy Seals on the outskirts of Racoon cleaning up small towns to keep it contained for the nuking. Imagine that as some missions. Part Resident Evil 2, Part ODST part Republic Commando.

I only like the "Tactical on Steroids" Element of Umbrella Corps, and for that I don't even have to purchase that game, just look up videos on youtube.

That's were your wrong Mother Fucker

I got this the game during the Humble Bundle a little while ago and grinded the shit out of it for about 2 weeks as fast as I could before the influx of new players would dry out.
It wasn't the best game but when there was a full lobby It was a decent amount of fun

God bless you, user.

Not bad.



You're the one, the one form the prophecy!

I knew you were still around



It's things like this that makes me have faith in you fucks
Good job by the way, that's some dedication right there. Did Wesker really did show up like the rumors said

Elite Dangerous
as soon as I can upload and overclock my mind I'm wasting the next million years space trucking instead of trying to see everything

Depending on what level your on you will hear people over Radio commenting at the beginning or end of a match, at the end they will either say good job or even praise you depending on the voice or call you shit for losing a match.
Occasionally Depending on the level, you will hear Wesker's voice.

The whole reason I got 100% in the first place was because there was something about the game that really triggered my autism, I the story is basically all these teams of agents in the multiplayer are the remaining fragments of Umbrella, doing mercenary work in all the areas still effected by the viruses from though out the series.

The single player only has text that you read before and after a mission but if you read it then you learn that HUNK might be the reason the game is happening. He's influencing things so the new agents you and other players play as, will learn to how to fight as well as he can.
By the end of the single player, you get so good that the new umbrella is afraid of you, so they send you out on multiple suicide missions for the sole reason of killing you, but you come back anyway, and people start calling you the new Mr, Death.

I thought the idea of fallowing in HUNK's foot steps was awesome enough to get me to 100% an OK at best game,
But I didn't have a bad time at all. The lag you would get sometimes was fallacious and it's one of those games were you can put a sniper rifle scope on an automatic Shotgun.

All these (your)s when I should have put you're

What the fuck? I meant hilarious
I really need to double check my posts more.

Oh and I looked it up the Resident evil Time line, RE5 happens in 2009.
The Umbrella corps the single player takes place from March 2012 to January 2013 with the multiplayer happening in 2015 apparently. So if Umbrella Corps is Canon then Wesker is alive.

Fuck, that genuinely sounds like a great plot for a game. Can't believe it was wasted on that pile of shit.


Just Cause 2.

Well done

Well it's all text in the mission select screen.
You can go to the embed related, just skip past all the game play and read it all with out needing to play the game.

>people ITT pay for (((humble bundle)))