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I can't believe Kamala is fucking dead.

>>137239161Condolences for hypnoposter

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>>137239161Not like this...She was only supposed to die tied up in my basement after I raped her for months...

>>137239559>t. Carol

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>>137239819Carol is only attracted to milfs, she's not a groomer. Although I wish she would find a better beard than Rhodey

>>137239941I don't know, she was pretty pysched when she got Suzy into her old costume.

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Hey the Action universe hip-armor-sash thing is coming back (for a Marvel HQ app whatever that is)

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captain ocean > captain marvel

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>>137239161For like, two weeks

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>>137241119They'd be buds

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>>137242921Lucky for moral support.

>>137239062She'll be back

Baby-throwing action!

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>>137239161So what's the over/under on Carol calling in a Krakoan favor in #50 and/or that Fallen Friend mystery mini since they couldn't help her save Binary?

>>137243023That's not how over/under works!The over/under would be on how many weeks before Kamala is resurrected and I'd put it at like 15.5.

It should have been Jess, not Kamala.

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>>137239062>Carol's puffy vulva

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>>137241119Carol would never be caught dead with such a hipster coffee order

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>>137246770>Captain Marvel, why did you steal my brother?

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>>137247212>Ay kid, ever have your cock milked by a half-Kree's rectum?>N-no?>Yeah me neither.

what race should the next ms. marvel be?



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>All this Kamala nonsense going to derail MacKay's Avengers hypeWhy does editorial hate us bros

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>>137247315Carol steals Cindy away from the Spider-office.

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>>137249157You been enjoying Midnight Suns now all the DLC is out, short-cut user?

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>>137249199Yeah, CM looked great.

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>>137249448Carol's ass was incredibly fat and her thighs were too.

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>>137239161>Carol absent for itIt's Mar-Vell all over again.

>>137250327Get out of here Peter you just got her killed.

>>137250379This time they’ll tell her at least?

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I just want a Carolsuit...


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Avengers #1 >>137254703


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>ywn be Carol’s toilet

>>137256032Why would you want to be clogged all the time.

When is Carol going to recreate this scene from the movies?

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>>137259487Textless previews

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>>137260260Thanks anonFantastic Four #7 >>137255251

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>>137252295>the lactation

>another power girl thread crying about leah williamslol

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>>137261950I dunno, Leah seems to at least write stories where the artists can draw coombait, which seems perfect for Peeg fans.

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>>137262030the artist doesn't draw power girl very attractive, so writing coombait seems pointless.


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Looks like next week is Carolless

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>>137264531Why is Sam so fat.

>>137264358Damn, she actually looks attractive on this drawing, where is it from?

>>137265022Avengers #1! >>137254703

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See you next week

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>>137239062Who cares

>>137260191Will she ask him about Marcus?


>>137264757Guessing it's a hold-over from whatever this was originally traced from...


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>>137267455Honestly? More likely than not

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Solicits out, more Carnero Carol spotted

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>>137240724It's a kid-friendly video thing.

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do we still like star?

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>>137273014I do, I hope she shows up either in #50 or in MacKay's Avengers (he wrote her in Black Cat)Also I feel like it could've been a star-shaped cutout

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>>137252961>Veranke variantsrule34.paheal.net/post/list/Carol_Danvers/1

>>137274634Carol v. Scott>X-MEN ANNUAL #1 – CAPTAIN MARVEL VS. CYCLOPS>Written by PAUL ALLOR & STEPHANIE PHILLIPS>Art by ALESSANDRO MIRACOLO & ALBERTO FOCHE>Cover by JOSHUA CASSARA>The leader of the X-Men and the leader of the Avengers size each other up in this epic brawl from writer Paul Allor and Alessandro Miracolo! Drawn to the Alaskan wilderness by magic neither of them understand, Captain Marvel and Cyclops duke it out! Agatha Harkness’ plan for the Darkhold is slowly taking shape…but will it come at the expense of two of the world’s greatest heroes?! And what can an energy-blasting mutant do against a woman who can absorb the energy of the sun?!

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>>137274666fighting over who gets to fuck kamala's corpse first

>>137274784Carol wins and looks over to see Miles balls-deep already.

instagram.com/p/CsWGq-mOzpz/>June 3, 2023 Marin Alsop leads The Philadelphia Orchestra in the world premiere of the theme for The Marvels! I can’t wait!! #themarvelsThat's odd isn't it? Maybe a trailer release bonus?

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