Jenny Darlin'

Jenny Darlin'

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Mlaatr thread?Jenny the best

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>>137237185Jenny is a Stars fan

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inb4 the inevitable coomers

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>>137237986We're already here

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>>137237478My favorite robot

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>>137237185made for corruption

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>>137239462More, More, MORE!

>>137239595Tammy is underappreciated.

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>>137237986If you insist

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>>137237986How did you know?

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>>137239689Why does she paint her nails if no one can see them anyways, she never wears sandals.

>>137239749Same reason why when creating characters in games people create faces even though they're just gonna wear a helmet for the entire game, because they will know. And that's all they need.

>>137239807Fair enough.

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Will (you) get your Jenniku figurine, user?

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>>137240611No i will get the superior one

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>>137240787That looks terrifying.

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>>137240839I think she's cute as a button.

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>>137240859That looks less creepy, maybe she just isn't photogenic.

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>>137240839That's kinda part of the appeal.

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>>137241254Why though.

>>137240787>>137240859fuck i want this miku doll so badly

>>137241313You know those guys who only chase crazy women? same reason, but 4chan flavored

>>137241408Look I could understand if you replaced crazy with mean, but crazy and/or creepy does not jive with me, whatever floats their boats though.

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>>137240859She looks like a crazy girlfriend.

>>137241963Apparently some people are into that.

Any drawfriends taking requests?

>>137237253Is Pepsi Max at good? I heard they changed the formula.

>>137242977*still good

>>137241963>>137242142if only you knew what happens on other boards

>>137242977It's so much worse now. But all the other diet flavors are changing and are turning to shit as well. Now that you mention it, is there a new sweetner causing this shit? Even Powerade zero is sickening

>>137237185I still feel Jenny needs a male symbol somewhere to really sell that Shad-ing the editor was going for.

>>137245062Be the change you want to see user

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>>137245090Yeah, you know, that's totally fair. Ok, give me a bit and I'll see what I can do.

>>137239749Why do women wear cute underwear?


>>>/toy/10420649Looks like Viacom is going down that slippery slope, Holla Forums

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when will I be able to buy a sex bot?


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>>137237185I had a crush on Jenny when I was 6.

>>137243994>Now that you mention it, is there a new sweetner causing this shit?Acesulfame potassium. Colloquially known as "ace k."Though, Pepsi Max uses aspartame as well, which is also pretty ass. Also a lot of drinks that used to use just sugar or HFCS are switching to a blend of sugar/HFCS and artificial sweeteners. Personally, I wish they'd just stick to just one or the other.But then, I've never been much of a diet soda person.

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>>137239617I need more of her, man!

>>137237478>sopped updating his twitter since novemberoh no

>>137242977It's pretty meh, but then again I like Crystal Pepsi.

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How did a character like Tammy make it onto the air?

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>>137239672>brain in a bikini

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>>137247727Heh, naked robutt

>>137249066I wish more people would make these edits because I suck at it lol

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Based burger.

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>>137249397Not too bad.

I love Holla Forumsbots

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>>137250205>>137250232Jenny with a robot reverse harem, yes or no?


>>137245613wait for more teslabot updates

Requesting Jenny wearing said Stars jersey while in that shade of green. Hexcode for that color is #006847

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>>137237185Jens my beloved

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A challenger approaches!

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>>137250493Literally who?

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>>137250520Some coomer made a sexy TF2 Sentry turret

>>137247556What are you referring to? Her sex appeal?

>>137250587That’s considered sexy?

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>>137250493>design female TF2 robot oc that's meant to be a human sentry made by a middle aged texan>makes body somewhat reflect the clunky design of the MvM enemies>give her a generic triangle anime head with plastic schoolgirl hairWould it really kill some coomers to make good ocs that don't borrow from eastern media? Just once I'd like to see someone make a 3D model that isn't an uncanny goblin pretending to be human or a discount Honey Select/Koikatsu character.

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>>137245361It staves off the rape dwarf

>>1372457476 year old you had impeccable taste.

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>>137237185I never realized up until now that she was going to school with a small top, mini skirt and high heels.What a fucking slut. I now see why she's so popular on the internet..

>>137252488It's not even that revealing though.

>>137249286>ruining a perfectly good drawing with chromatic shitwhy do drawfags do this?

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Tammy>Tiff=Britt>Misty>everyone else

>>137250987Sorry gaigin you do two nukes japan does 200 years of anime media domination

>>137252650>Misty that high upThat’s surprising, I don’t see her get posted much in these threads, didn’t think people here liked her much.

>>137252488Considering what the Crust cousins wear at school, Jenny's outfit isn't that much of a deal.

>>137252918You mean what Tiff wears, Brit doesn’t show a lot of skin most of the time.

HOT. Imagine Brit and Sheldon sex.

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>>137239689>>137239749>Jenny in sandals showing off them toesUnderrated idea. Much better than futa or fat shit with her that's over-fucking-used.

>>137237185someone post >it

>>137239617HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOly FUCK i just remembered the fuckin BONER i got for this bitch when i was a kidyou just unearthed this deep memory of mine, i must seek out porn of her in a bitthank you.

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>>137253903Have fun, there's not a whole lot of her out there so it shouldn't be hard to find her lewd art.

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>>137237185>I want to ruin our friendship >we should be lovers instead

>>137253949>Imagine the euphoria


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>>137254081>bulgeNigga what?


>>137254081god you faggots are vile

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>>137254081lol I remember this

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>>137252812Just slam dunk a few more nukes. That’ll solve our problems.

>>137255333We wouldn’t even have MLAATR without anime you dummy.

>>137253979Let's say Tammy and her gang are late twenties, mid thirties at best. That would mean she was not only infatuated with but almost kidnapped and married someone half her age. God what a freak.You think she still has feelings for him?

>>137237185Nobody gave a shit about this show till tranny fags discovered it.

>>137256254I don’t think Tammy herself is that old, she’s a teacher but she also looks fairly young, she’s likely still in her 20s, which still makes it very weird since Brad would only 17 years old. Also, probably not, she seemed to accept that Brad wasn’t into her once Jenny kicked her ass for trying to eat him.


>>137256299Teaching requires degrees, time and effort. She might be just entering her thirties or hell, very very late twenties. As for Brad, it's probably she felt that way - but considering how gusto she was about getting hitched, I don't think all those feelings would just vanish.

>>137256348True, she seems mature enough that I don’t think she’d try anything with him again though, unless he tries asking her out himself.

>>137256470I'm now picturing her a month down the line, drunk on alcoholic swamp water calling him up in the middle of the night. She may be mature enough to accept it, but the feelings persist and she's both sad and horny.

>>137256506Aw, that's a little too sad for me, she might've been moonlighting as a thug on her off time but she wasn't evil, it's bad enough she and her fellow gang mates got booted from their jobs after being outed as being Space Bikers.

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>>137256576Sometimes that just happens user. I imagine their phone calls would go from horny(because I'm sure Brad would still Hit That) to drunken mess in minutes. Maybe in a year when she and her gang can't get a job on their world, out of pity, Brad invites her to stay at his house since they have a spare. Cue the long term budding of an actual, healthy romance.

>>137256723That'd be pretty cute, and I think I could see it happening as well, Brad's laid back enough that her having screwed with him during her Space Biker days wouldn't really bother him. Even if I prefer Brad being with Melody. [/spoiler

>>137257266Fair enough, Melody is a good choice. It's a shame what happened to her really.

Would you guys want the show to have one last season, even if it meant adhering to modern styles in animation?

>>137257703No. I would hope it would evolve and be more fluid like the animation style it's imitating. Something vibrant like Cuphead.

>>137257703No, changing MLAATR’s art style to be like modern cartoons would damage it’s uniqueness, I’d rather it doesn’t change at all.


>>137257703fuck no

What happened to that guy who complained about the MLAATR R34?

>>137240611im so upset we got this before a standard jenny figure>30 bucks for a statueshitcriminal

>>137245488it only took them 20 years

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>>137257703NO. Id rather the series remain dead for the rest of my natural life than ever see it tampered with again. Look what's happened to PPG, you think they'll stop now? Frankly Jenny's recent resurgence has begun to worry me. Coomers are one thing but corpos looking for an easy penny are an entirely different can of worms.

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>>137259019Eh, who are you talking about?

>>137259019I'm always here, watching

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The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human r-

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Mlaatr characters ranked as waifusJenny > Vexus/QT2 > Melody > XJ4 > XJ6 > Misty > Tiff > Vega > XJ8 > Nora = Wisteria > XJ7 > XJ5 > Petresa > Tammy > Sludge > Exosuit Jenny (she's dead inside i don't want jenny to suffer for me) > Brit > rest of the space bikers > Mrs. PulliumMlaatr waifus ranked by how hot they areVexus/QT2 (makes me cum fountains as i fall down exhausted with a bludging boner, she recurrs in a lot in my sexual fantasies) >>>>>> Tiff > Jenny = Exosuit >>> Kiki > Wisteria > Tammy > Nora > the rest > space bikers > Mrs. Pullium

>>137260522That’s a respectable list.

>>137260522You don't like Tammy or Wisteria?

>>137260325>(2)do you have more?

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>>137237185>Jenny with eyelashesMORE



>>137261143based traditional artfag

>>137261143this was the first version. I can dump some more oc if you want

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>>137261143You make that user?

>>137261309the second one works better on many levelsmore OC is always welcome>>137261347I did not. my artistic skills stretch to tracing and working with layers, mashing memes together. like pic related

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>>137261481kek good work user



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>>137261481Think you can draw this? >>137250462

>>137261481>Tracing, layers, memes.All those are the stepping stones to becoming an artist, user. Try something original - take a pose you like, draw Jenny in it.

>>137262274I'd have to draw the shirt which I'm not very good at, and cutting and pasting from the right image would just look so wonky. I wouldn't be able to get the arms right>>137262294see this requires being able to construct poses, which for some like me who is aphantasic is extremely difficult

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>>137262322>AphantasicThats what its called? Huh. Now I have a word for what I have.You can create user, you can! It will take a little longer, but you can! Use those references that you have, use them in fantastic and new ways! Combine them, switch them together, flip them, rotate, stretch, elongate - you can do it, user!

>>137262322You're not able to visualize shit? Damn dude, that sucks.

>>137262526Not that user but its apparently really hard for some people. For me, it comes and goes. I can't copy references from my mind, I have to have something I an physically see. Sometimes something comes to me, something really great, but its always just so messed up. Looks like Picasso.

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>>137262491there are dozens of us!thanks for the words of encouragement. I'm more of a maths and programming guy. anything involving organic shapes rather than diagrams is tricky. perhaps Jenny is useful there, being built from mostly simple shapes (except especially the hands)also I wonder if our resident drawfriend is in here. they probably are>>137262526I recently learned that people who are phantasic will picture lewd scenarios that they can "see" when they're masturbating which to me is extremely unsettling. this can also apparently include people they've met. it also explains why fiction includes paragraphs describing seemingly useless information like what characters look like

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>>137237185I WANNA RUIN OUR

>>137262621>Maths and programmingMy least favorite thing. When it comes to finances I seem to be the only decent one that I know, but my dream of being a programmer is on pause because I just can't visualize anything. Loops, Boolean, Callbacks, C++? Nada. Jenny is good because she's a robot; address the picture as you would a designing a machine. I drew this up last night from a spark of inspiration. Try it user, give it a try.

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>>137262687I can actually "imagine" higher-dimensional space and complex boolean shit easier than I can draw say an appleit's late either way. maybe tomorrow

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>>137262621Why is that unsettling to you user? I always thought it was normal to picture lewd scenario's of characters you're attracted to.

>>137262843it feels like a violation

>>137262895I don't get that at all.

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>>137262959yeah well the feeling's mutual you weirdos

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>>137263015I wish she had an organic based body, for breeding.

>>137263175Anon she has a daughter, you don't need her to be organic in order to breed.

>>137237478incredible how putting clothes on a robot makes her hotter

>>137250469based galidor enjoyer

>>137263995Sometimes hiding things are sexier than showing them.


>>137240859I'm kinda intrigued, what do i need to know about this shit


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>>137254081wtf is this.

>>137264813It is an abomination.

>>137264813A Shadification.

Since 'Tiff user' can come out and say Tiff is his 'wafu' (or whatever you people here call it), then I can reveal mine: Vega.She's been my favorite character ever since she appeared in Escape from Cluster Prime.Even though Vega had no characterization other than 'Cluster Prime parallel to Jenny', I think if the series continued, Vega would have shown up at least once or twice establishing some kind of personality for her.Plus, there's the whole MILF-in-law thing with Vexus. Buy one and get the other free!

Speaking of MLaaTR, check this video about Elon Musk's new robots. Give the technology another twenty years, and I think that we'll have our first 'real life' teenage robot.

>>137261015Wisteria is pretty cool but there is such a massive tonal clash when you bring magic into this futuristic sci-fi setting that you can tell MLAATR was struggle with its identity She is hotter then Nora however (assuming both young and old) and a plantjob would hit differentTammy has a nice ass but i can't stand her voice and i bet she smells like a fishAlso considering she comes from a species of fish people that pussy might've dilated by some massive whale cock, so id rather pump and dump her

Drawfag here again. Drawing Jenny past midnight because she deserves my time, and the call to art must be answered. Taking your requests, will work on a few of them over the next day or two. News Anchor Jenny edition. should I just call myself Chillianon? I feel most anons know who I am at this point

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>>137266745Taking a nice sip of oil as if it was coffee in the morning

>>137245406that took way too long

>>137266745Very cute Anchor Jenny. Could you draw Jenny at the zoo, and getting all excited about the zoo animals?>should I just call myself ChillianonSure, sounds good.

>>137265326I hope you don't ever stop liking her man.

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>>137249304Ughhhh ma dick

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>>137266745could you draw Entrapta getting very excited over meeting Jenny?>a robot! aaa! I love robots!>oooh are you First Ones tech?>can I take a peek at your chassis? can I can I?

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>>137266745Hi bro. Maybe, requests from previous times?

>>137266745JennyMiku in your style?

>>137250205>>137250232>>137250250How is it that Nickelodeon the best robots?

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>>137250812>>137250987This. Where's my cute cowgirl turret?

>>137255333Or make them more powerful.

>>137268660You make that sound like it’s a bad thing.

>>137269267That was not my intent.

>>137266745Jenny hosting a Crocodile Hunter-type nature show.>Crikey!

>>137268660>>137269267>>137269463Gentlemen, gentlemen, do calm down. I have devised a compromise: we slam dunk a few, more powerful nukes on Japan.

>>137269517I second this!



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>>137269952You do know XJ-9 is a cartoon character made by Americans, right? Sometimes, I wonder if you people are giving me secondhand brain damage.

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>>137270487That was then, we're talking about now.

>>137270545Japan is more of the cancer of society. What did they make? Tentacle cartoon porn, chiefly, and a needlessly over-exaggerated art style with annoying ass squeaky voices and stories that almost always bastardize something the Western world made.

>>137270621We would not have MLAATR without them user.

>>137270621And the United States gave us the Emoji Movie.Your point is invalid.

>>137239749>AnthropomorphicallyBecause she's a real person and likes to color code and individualize herself just like any other teenage girl!>RealisticallyThat's probably aerogel or some other coolant/protectant, to save her toes from burning up when she activates her leg jets>hyper-realisticallyHave you ever seen anything escape Nickelodeon without an up close foot scene? Ever?Thanks Dan.

Man, I'd just like to see more tammy.

They so cute and hot

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>>137271096Me too user, me too.

Attached: Wedding Tammy.jpg (1920x4298, 747.95K)

For me, sex with Sandra

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Attached: A cute Jenny!.jpg (1200x1200, 468.99K)

>>137272013Whoa mama.

>>137267352She needs her energy.

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Ready for Friday, Holla Forums?

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>>137272681Not that user, but that's really cute, I like her fluffy PJs.

>>137253949Do something like this, but with her tits?

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>>137270621Fuck you, you americans are the true cancer of the world, everybody has to bow down to your retarded schizo people who have all kinds of double standards and keep throwing the most bananal nonesense wherever possible, that alone is far more cancerous than whatever Japan could possibly do. But you being burger you wouldn't notice what makes sense and what does.

>>137273500Meds. Now.

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>>137273500As a leaf i support this message.

>>137273723Maybe, but it's what I like.

>>137253949This image grosses me out, imagining some little subhuman crawling on Jenny while she's just doing schoolwork, yuck.

>>137272681I'm that user, nice it's very cute


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>>137239617Who's she?

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>>137274228Ok leafy

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>>137275413No that's not jucika!>>137267352nice

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