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It's hero time anons. Let's talk about our favorite shape-shifting hero. What do you want to see in a new iteration?

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>>137234923Watching Ben 10 as a kid made me wear a watch on my wrist at all times since then. I wish I had an Omnitrix, bros.

>>137234923Just a 30 or 40 minute special that takes place in the UAF era in the classic series' style. Maybe even post-omniverse.>>137222566Also, why the fuck was the last thread deleted? Is it because of that fucking Shadman pic? Really? There's threads here made everyday with cartoon bitches' asses or tits in your face that get 500+ replies, but Shadman is going to far?

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>>137234923>realisticWell, it's kind of hard to continue the original continuity when Omniverse ramped up the stakes and scale pretty much as much as possible by the end. It's not too hard to see why they did a reboot after it. It's hard to imagine what they could really do in another full-on show, whatever it is.>won't happen but could see potential in it workingFurther exploring other universes, other Bens, etc. Take all the alternate Bens that showed up in Omniverse and really expand them. Would probably be an anthology, unless it's tied by Prime Ben visiting those universes himself.>never ever pipe dreamBasically do what the reboot did with those Alien Worlds shorts, but expanded into full-episode chunks to really dive into the biology, history, and culture of the many aliens in Ben 10. Ink Tank's whole And Beyond series is probably my favorite of his stuff just because I enjoy learning about those sorts of things.I'd prefer it to be more of a documentary deal, no need to have Ben. But realistically it could only happen if Ben was there.

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>>137234923I want to see him finally fuck Gwen

>>137235001what pic?

>>137234923Echo echo was my favorite.

>>137235126He linked to it on the '

>>137235001Elmike is great.

>>137235397Yes. Yes he is.

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Post some ocs or fanart you like

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>>137235433His Hugo is so good.

>>137235001No clue.

>>137235001>>137235433Kino. Got more.

>>137235165One of mine too


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>>137236262Those are the only edits I've made.

>>137236657Ah no os secondaries

Continuing from, what was the point of deleting that thread?

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>>137234930Here user take your pick

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>>137235538You can always count on Ghostfreak for good fanart

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>>137236815Badass user

>>137237488I guess is the green Omniverse model for me. Where are the other from anyway?

>>137239205Hero Watch (Ben 23) Biomnitrix (omniverse Ben 10k) Albedo's stabiliserBad Ben's omnitrix, prime Ben's omnitrix (omniverse) Ben-zarro's omnitrixNega Ben's omnitrix, Power Watch (Mad ben) Gwen 10 omnitrix (omniverse)

>>137239308Oh I never watched Omniverse, I guess that's why. I think I'd rather get the OS Omnitrix design or the AF initial one. Gotta make it believable is a real watch, you know. Thanks user.

>>137239408>Gotta make it believable is a real watchI'd say the OV one is the best for that


>>137239408Personally I’d go for the OS since it looks close enough to a regular watch, but still looks weird enough for it to be weird sci fi tech

>>137234923Are there any other voice actors aside from the main cast that you think could also do a good job voicing the characters/aliens?Here's my list:Heatblast, Four Arms, Echo Echo, Spidermonkey>Scott McNeil (Wolverine, Duo Maxwell, Piccolo)Diamondhead, XLR8, Brainstorm>Daran Norris (Mr. Turner, Cosmo, Venom, Scorpion)Grey Matter>Sean Teague (Koenma, Uub)Ghostfreak>Jeffery Combs (Scarecrow, The Question)Wildvine, Swampfire, Water Hazard>John Burgmeier (Tien, Kurama)Ditto>Richard Ian Cox (Quicksilver, InuYasha, Kai Shiden)Waybig, Chromastone, Lodestar>Edward Albert (Silver Surfer)Humungosaur>Fred Tatasciore (Cannonbolt, Ripjaws)Big Chill >Jeff Bennet (Azmuth, Ghostfreak)

>>137241302Jeffrey Combs as Ghostfreak would be so fucking good

>>137241302>not a spider-man va for spidermonkeyLame.

>>137242478I chose Scott for his insane scream, which I think would fit Spidermonkey when he chimps out.

>>137242578>The episode where Spidermonkey rips a dudes face off

>>137242478Quick someone edit Yuri’s Spider-Man over clips of Spidermonkey


Post favorite villains

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>>137237488Kinda weird that the guy who made this didn’t put the biomnitrix like the rest of them

This guy draws some good fan art especially that horror type stuff

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>>137237488As much as I like the spikes on Mad Ben’s Power Watch, I bet you’d get poked by them so much

>>137244923Still bullshit.


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>>137245967Poor Wildvine and Eyeguy, barely getting a re design

>>137246646They don't really need one.

How many of us don't consider anything past the OS canon?

>>137247150I like the other shows about as much as i like os so...

>>137245967Now do the ua ones pls.

>>137247211I'll get there.

>>137247313His armodrillo is the only not great one.

>>137244923Artist name?

>>137236815Awesome stuff, I really dig the subtle shading on the face and torso.I wanna try to fix up my old sketches to give this idea more justice but I can't right now :(

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>>137247801Maybe one of her with ben?

>>137247673sponydony on Instagram

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>>137247831Not a bad idea really, I wish my designs had better harmony.I think I'll try to keep it simple next time, thanks for the prompt though :)

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>>137244923I'm sorry user but this looks like a "how to draw manga" book


I finally bit the bullet and started watching omniverse, not too bad.For some reason I thought that the reboot and omniverse were the same thing, and a separate continuity so I ignored it. Well it never even aired here as far as I remember unlike the other shows.

>>137248204>doesn't make some of them needlessly feminineNot bad.

>>137248204Cute her Ball Weevil’s antenna look like a heart

>>137248371I don’t blame you other people thought that OV was a reboot to cause of the radical art change. Also, what are your thoughts on it so far? Ngl it is my favorite era but I know it’s a bit controversial


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>>137249663That’s a really good Armodrillo. Still keeps the armored look but now it’s more like exposed bone instead of metal armor

>>137249278I'm up to the episode where the Incursans take over Earth and exile ben and resolution.The art style and animation actually grew on me even if I'm not particularly fond of some of the new designs.Still not sure what to think about Rook but this series is probably the best at exploring the plumbers, besides the og which happened to be entirely different in the scale of the organization. I still wish the galactic one went by a different name.I don't hate the new Vilgax yet, I thought Ben 23 dimension was cool and the way he treated Azmuth made me chuckle also the fact he seemed to have no villains besides them.There seems to be a lot more focus on Ben's love life, I think the only "normal" one was Julie but she's out of the way,I wish Malware lasted a bit longer don't like how easily he was taken out, I like Psychobos and am happy they show more of the alien side of things + invasions but at this point I hope I don't have to see anymore of Rook's planet and the Incursans for a while.I miss some of UAF's mystery and tone, but OV seems to handle action much better overall. I think with the og series and UAF the aliens/villains felt more otherwordly and insidious but with OV they seem a lot more cartoony. Maybe it's going to change in further episodes but the aliens(including the villains) feel too personified at times. It's not like I mind showing them as civilians but i also wouldn't mind more of the nefarious bits or just showing how different they can be from regular humans.

>>137249721Well I’m glad you’re enjoying it man. I hope Rook grows on you though he’s probably one of my favorite characters. The Ben 23 episode is good to it really expands the scope of stories they can tell in Ben 10

Post Ben feet.

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>>137249663Awesome bro>>137249701The face ruins it for me.

>>137234923If they make a sequel to the reboot, have ben actually use the new aliens he has in the watch like the kaijuheads.>>137241302Scott doing metal screams as heatblast and Darin using his Go-to voice for brainstorm would be perfect. I think drake bell should voice Morningstar again. Yuri's just sounded like season 3 alien force be to me. That said, he makes a decent ghostfreak.

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>>137234923I’d rather talk about ben’s power puff girl harem

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>>137250083They finally gave Ben a kaiju transformation?

>>137249663I'm so fucking done. I've trying to upload this shit for an hour, but my computer browser, and 4chan ITSELF doesn't want to FUCKING WORK. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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>>137250535Uploading images has been shit for me for the past month. Honestly think they put in some minimum posting ratio requirements or something to upload images.

>>137250021Yeah that face is pretty gnarly

>>137250613I dont get why people change it, the original looks sleek already.

>>137250658I think it’s to make him look more organic. A lot of people complain that he looks too mechanical

>>137250981But the rest of the skin does that, the face just makes him ugly,

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>>137252098Huge even.

>>137252551Humongous, if you will.

>>137252719Like some kinda humongous dinosaur

>>137234923>It's hero timeI audibly cheer every time he says this, it's so kino

>>137254373It is a great catchphrase. Do you think they went through a bunch before settling on it or did they strike gold the first time?

>>137254972I think it kinda came naturally given the Omnitrix's placement as a watch.So watch > time > Hero Time.

>>137255034You’re probably right but I like the image of the MOA crew staying up all night coming up with ideas for a catchphrase. They’ve got a whiteboard with different ideas and everything

>>137252015>Gave him the reboot thagomizer Absolutely based

>>137234923Elmike9 edits >>137235001>>137245967>>137235433>>137249663>>137250535>>137256392>not "humungously" based

>>137256550>humungously basedFUCK IT WAS RIGHT THERE

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>>137245967I think this guy has the only fan human ben design that I actually like

>>137252015damn now this humungosaur actually looks cool

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>>137257800Ben 10 just works in a crossover

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>>137250311What is it about Ben that girls find irresistible?

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>>137258800he can be more than 10 different guys

>>137259188Julie’s not the stepmom she’s the mom who stepped up

I think youtube just recommended me the best ben 10 fan content

>>137260226Kek. I love his edits of switching the styles of the openings

>>137259820Woudlnt she be the chill's stepdad.

>>137260474Yeah I guess you’re right technically Ben was the mother

>>137258043Ben 10 plays the multiverse angle pretty casually. Since it only focuses on him (instead of 5-6 different superhero families) he could easily go anywhere, meet anyone, and go home in 22-44 min.

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>>137259188>They never brought back his 12 kidsSuch a waste

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>>137260226I like how vilgax is just chillin'there's more of this, right? I need to know why vilgax has his own omnitrix and is also a good guy

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>>137260914I'd like to think Kenny is one in an ID mask.

>>137260904>Ben 10 meets Mass EffectThat would be a fucking weird one.

>>137261008Considering this is "S06E10", I'd have to say yes.

>>137261151>fucking Infinite Monkey in the thumbnailHoly shit, this is a goldmine

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>>137260904>Excuse me miss, do you know where the nearest Mr. Smoothy is?>I don’t know what that is>WHAT KINDA UNIVERSE IS THIS?!

>>137261088Artist makes it work.

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>>137261255I feel like Kevin would get along pretty well with Tali and Garrus.

>>137261363Ben gets relationship advice from Shepard


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>>137237488Going to go for The main omniverse one or the black and grey one since I'm curious what color the hourglass would be.

>>137236815I'm back with another sketch.

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>>137261151>S06E10Damn gotta respect the dedication

>>137261916You think Mecha-Julie, and I guess Mechamorphs in general, are soft? I mean they’re shown as very liquid like but they are millions of nanites so I’m wondering what the texture could be. Good drawing btw, very cute

I like this Atomix re design but having an Omnitrix like symbol on the chest and a badge on his shoulder is too much

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>>137262618Too lewd post wholesome.

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>>137262618Need more

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>>137261916I require more! Maybe one with her having her regular face?

>>137262833Cute and based

I know Kai is a sensitive subject but I thought this was really cute

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>>137263076I have one more.

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>>137263546Perfect, i love these.

>>137263558I like this one the most

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>>137234923Watching through Omniverse now and it’s super fun. Not really invested in the big storylines though, I couldn’t take the frog people seriously. I just like seeing the characters fuck around in the universe.Also the Lego alien isn’t that bad, he has some creative uses

>>137252015This from Kuro?


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>>137264470>le kuro le awtistJust kidding, I like him. But no, it doesn't look like it.

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>>137253867Wait a damn minute. Say that again.

>>137264498Humongous dinosaur?

>>137264479If kai looked like that i wouldnt dislike her.

>>137263533I unironically like Ben and Kai's relationship, and not necessarily in a romantic way. I like how competitive they are, and how they very clearly are trying to impress each other.And then Spanner came in and ruined it by doing the one thing time travelers shouldn't do, making any chemistry they had awkward and forced.

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>>137264935Yeah man you get it. And I think if after Benwolf in London she became a semi recurring character they would’ve had a lot more time to really flesh them out as a couple

>>137264493More like Kuro the FARTIST! Nah I’m also joking he seems like a cool dude


>>137264493His work is the main thing that shows up when searching ben 10 reforged

>>137264145Fun fact in Japan Sauske plays Kevin.

>>137265963Hah i actually knew that.

>>137262142I don't like the fire, i feel like most of atomix's redesigns should try working around the conehead, its what makes him feel truly alien

>>137264493I liked his rewriting of the negative 10I do think the kangroo guy is redundant and he could've used Vulkanus or introduce Argit to segway into Alien Force and the whole underground alien trade market that we see there that is later expended upon in OmniverseAlso you could have Way Big absorb the miniature sun and shoot the energy from his hands rather then pasting it on a single appearance in UAF where he is just an ultraman reference


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>>137266724>te vamos a quitar lo norteñoK, b, c.

>>137266724What does norteno mean?

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>>137266863In that context, basically cousin fucker.

>>137267154In what dialect. But yeah i wish we had more with either of them than just the same ol gwen shit.

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>>137261916>>137263546>>137263558Awesome, glad to see you are still having fun with this concept :)

>>137266260Can Way Big absorb energy?


>>137268752Well he is made out of metal since kevin absorbed from him so he could conduct itBut if he can get energy beams out of nowhere just to reference ultraman, i feel like its fair for him to be able to absorb energy, especially when you consider the fact his species are born from cosmic storms, so they should be able to eat energy in the same we eat fleshPlus he needs more action then throwing vilgax into space

>>137266999Imagine the sex

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>>137266999I wish we got more of the Hybreeds later in the franchise.So much potential for a galactic redemption arc.

Ester... please be with Ben again...

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>>137269275And while you're at it, kill that time travelling bastard for trying to ruin a good thing!

>>137269194You make a good argument. It would be badass to see him absorb lightning to power up and shoot a Fuck You sized laser at Vilgax

>>137269720I gotta give props to Vilgax for never losing determination even after being bested multiple times by his equivalent of a hamster with a gun. After a certain point, I would just let the hamster keep the gun and move onto a less annoying target

>>137269833Vilgax is a lot of things but a quitter he is not

>>137263558She broke Ben’s ps5 and is hurriedly trying to upgrade it before he gets back from a mission

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>>137271339What a man. He will be missed

>>137271339>not ben's momDisappointing answer.

Best gwen design by a mile

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>>137272516Kevin got it for her as a gag gift but she actually thought it was cool

>>137272516Why is Gwen with short hair so fuckin hot?

>>137272967Its peak design, especially that haircut.

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>>137272626The whole plan is to slowly gaslight her into age play with her magic.

>>137273572If it's milf then based.

>>137269275One of the good choices.

>>137273306OV Rojo is peak Rojo

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>>137274408>More??Of Ashes_G? No, nothing SFW.

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>>137268154The concept of Ju-Li is very enamoring to me. I don't know why.

Ship has penetrated Julie more times than Ben will ever do

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>>137274758>Girl prefers her dog to her boyfriendNo wonder she ended up dating a French photographer.

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>>137274673I lied

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>>137259188>>137260914>>137261667do they get to inherit ben's shit after his death?

>>137274960One gets the shirt, one gets the jacket, one gets get hoodie, and so on and so on

>>137274673Of future Gwen like that.