Tamers12345 kino is on the way, Sonic Underground broscan't be more HYPED

Tamers12345 kino is on the way, Sonic Underground broscan't be more HYPED

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app.koofr.net/links/cc97e2b9-90df-4769-4aca-2b0cbdda58df?path=/OC/Fanart/AleenaEnjoyer/Minecraft Skinnow

>Ferrel's out of prisonThis is gonna be another banger, I can tell

>>137232698What is he? a bug or something

>>137232649Manicbros, things are looking up for us.


>mods nuked the first threadFor what purpose? Anyways, reposting some art real quick from the first thread. I hope Manic bros love this episode.>>137232721He's just an insect like some of the other mobians, no clear classification though on what type of insect at all during the show iirc.

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>>137232787I'd love to eat Flora's cake

>>137232868Same, timeskip gave me Flonia brainrot. It's honestly my new favorite ship after (You)leena now.

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>>137233113God that's such pretty art.

>>137232649what happened to the last thread? too cool for Holla Forums ?

I think this episode will determine whether or not Tamers panders to us specifically

>>137233360Well, there is such a thing as throwing an occasional bone to the fans. I think a little fan service is nice, as long as it doesn't get too excessive

>>137233360I hope he doesn't and I hope he drops the gay anime shipping shit already. It's like it started as a joke but it just kept going on and on and on. I'm glad to see Mr. Farts A Baby's Head Off is returning.The only ship that will ever matter is Bardonic anyway.

>new ep>out of town this weekgod damnit, fuck vacations

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these videos get only like 1k views each please go back to whatever discord you came from

>>137233625i dont even own a discord

>>137233269nah think the OP's made two threads at the same time and one got nuked

>>137233594adding im firing pure liquid diahrea and vomit from both ends, so karmically this is apt for tamers verse

>>137233625it's all natural chan audience babyexcept for trevorfags, fuck them and their 'cord

>>137233625>become a contrarian and complain when something is mainstream>complain when something isn't popular enough

God I want Aleena to brap on my face

youtu.be/EEdedcFFnf4?t=2972Found Athair's rant a bit ago and forgot to post it until now

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>>137234099Why is Sleet's beard so inconsistent? At first I thought he didn't have one and it was just his hair as seen from the side but he clearly has it in some front facing shots.

>>137233625This shit is literally golden adult swim tier series. Dude knows how to come up with the quips.

>>137234099which ep is that from

>>137234452youtube.com/watch?v=uAz9Stwz3FgOne of, if not THE best episodes IMO

>>137232698I really can't wait

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sonic majima has begunfiles.catbox.moe/y2d6sp.png

>>137234924oh shit

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>>13723409951:50 and the next ten seconds of this video are absolutely hilarious.

>>137235243>that squealtamers could very well have used that soundbyte

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I wanna fuck this hedgehog

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>>137235243Do Christians really???

>>137232649Did Tamers actually sing this or was it a cover? youtube.com/watch?v=yD_cgxDlSQQI wouldn't be surprised if it actually was him or his brother singing it

Hope I can catch this during my lunch tomorrow

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>>137235310She must really hate Knuckles now huh?

>>137234474good video but wtf was with creepypasta bartleby

>>137235526She'll move on

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>>137235564simply for lulzprobably the funniest part from that episode, he's dead silent and keeps the same expression through the entire scene

>Bro stop trying to spell out Hitler, it's not funny.>I think it's pretty funny.What did she mean by this?

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>>137232756>For what purpose?Because jannies are faggots. That's the answer to everything and anything they do.

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>>137233360What do you mean? Wouldn't this be a return to form?

>>137235310Not as much as me you don't

Made a reenactment of Saejima vs Kido from Yakuza 4 with Manic as Saejima and Billy as Takeshi KidoReference:youtube.com/watch?v=kgjUTeEY1Ag&ab_channel=JDReenactment:https://vocaroo.com/1eab7HsE7AcJ


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>>137235821Mama showed her The Greatest Story Never Told.

>>137235526Incestbros... we lost this battle...

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Will she finally be invited to a sleepover episode?

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>>137234124In that same episode there's a shot where Robotnik doesn't have a fucking mustache

>>137236674No. Good things only happen to bad people.

>>137236674If she is then by process of elimination she'd have to bunk with Aleena, think about it.>Sonic and Bartleby>Manic and Mindy>Sonia and KnucklesWould love to see how they interact.

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>>137233625>Doesn't know tamers has had regular threads here for almost 2 years now and before that had random threads here and thereHey newfag stop outting yourself

I'm a sick fuck I like a quick fuck

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>>137236696>this is the mindset of someone who actually still thinks flora is goodnogood thinks happen to people who make them happenmorality doesn't factor in at allflora will make excuses for herself her whole life

>>137232649I’ve seen pictures of this before, but never knew what it was. Anyone wanna explain? Is it a tails gets trolled type of thing?

>>137237085It's dope.youtube.com/watch?v=uGGdjnyQ7N4

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>>137234124I dunno, if Tamers12345 is known for anything, it's consistency in his character designs.

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>>137232649Redpill me on this shit

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>>137233566>The only ship that will ever matter is Bardonic anyway.Bardonic is guaranteed. But Knuxonia is the only one that "matters"

>>137237677It's one guy making fan videos about an obscure Sonic cartoon, but it's set in the real world and everyone is gay, a sex pervert and a psychopath.It's quality entertainment.

>>137237677It's funny. Watch it. I don't need to explain shit you'll either get it or you won't.

>>137238132And then you’ll have a second epiphany that you now care about these characters rather than just seeing them dick around

>>137236696>Good things only happen to bad people.Weird, then why aren't good things happening to flora?

Gonna be streaming the premiere at /r/Tamers12345 if anybody wants to watch it live with fellow tamersbros.

>>137235844I was talking about whether or not he'd find some way to shoehorn Flora in, even though it'd honestly be better if she had some time off-screen after everything that happened in the last episode

>>137239231>/r/Tamers12345this nigga really telling us to go to redditleave, no fan of tamers uses reddit

>>137240614NTA but cytube you fucking moron.

>>137240614It's not reddit you mouth breather it's cytube you just can't post the full link or it gets marked as spam

>>137240636>>137240642>>137240653>falling for this easy baitI expected better from you guys

>>137240791>n-no guys I was just pretending to be retarded!Take your cope to a different thread, retard.

Episode predictions? True to the original show, I think we're getting a toilet scene for Manic

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>>137241018>I think we're getting a toilet scene for ManicThere hasn't been one already? Coulda' sworn there was a scene he was in the bathroom...

>>137240898>take your cope to a different threadspotted the florafag

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>>137241204>There hasn't been one already? Coulda' sworn there was a scene he was in the bathroom...There was, in the Oracle of Dephius' 87th birthday

>>137239231I don't get it, are you not in the company of your fellow tamersbros if you just watch the premiere on youtube? Why would you rob Tamers of the reactions of his audience by leading them away to a chat on a site he doesn't know about?

>>137241018maybe with aleena giving up on sonia after knuckles got knuckle deep, she's supporting manic more and making him get an actual job. With ferrel escaping, Mankc has to choose between repairing his shitty relationship with his mom or falling back into the trapstar lifestyle

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>>137241280To be fair the youtube chat has been aids ever since summer camp. I still remember all the retards flooding the chat with flora cunny whenever she was on screen. Other than seeing what tamers himself has to say there's no reason to look at it.

>>137241280I don't use the chat, I find it distracting, and it's filled with people who can't hide their power level; but otherwise you're correct.

>>137232787i want to jam my dick in the cake

>6 more hours

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>>137241797Just play some Pirate 101 while you wait like I am

>>137242059The fuck is Pirate 101? All my homies play Legend of Pirates Online

>>137242059Excuse me, we are a Wizards 101 family only

>>137242059>>137242075Puzzle Pirates actually exists and is older than either of you.

Flora literally did nothing wrong though

>>137241018Manic has to get a shitty job at some fast food chain restaurant, most likely taco bell so that Tamers can make lots of diarrhea jokes. He meets Ferrell there who has to work there as part of his parole.

>airs an hour before I go to workfuck yeah, i'm gonna go make a chili frito pie

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>>137235859Chuck please stop posting

For some fucking reason, I feel the urge to draw an adult, biker Sonia when I get back home.

>>137244273Have her shooting her keyboard gun one-handed and you'd have gold on your hand

>>137234124nobody tell him

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>3 more hours

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>>137233594>@Tamers2345612 hours ago (edited)>Hiya Tamers, currently on holiday to Greece and the WiFi here sucks, I'll try my hardest to make it to the stream even though its on 1 in the morning here and i tried using my mobile data but i forgot to sign up for holiday data and i think i owe my provider like 400 euro lmao. This video already looks amazing desu.UPDATE: Just left the water park and I'm sunburnt all over, gonna watch your videos while recovering lmao

>>137241018Mark Backstory with lots of explosions and shit.

>>137244883What did Sonia mean by this?Fucking sexy, though.

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>>137245075Holy shit i'm a fucking doofus and messed up my joke by adding a second "FOR". Excuse me, I am very sleep deprived. Here's a fixed version.imgur.com/a/9lCAGgLThank you user.

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can anyone please tell me the name of the episode where ferrel first shows up? I can't find the episode anywhere.

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>>137245563Right here. youtu.be/ByimSgwR9N0

>>137245175No xing out the not and replacing it with for is tamers12345core

>>137245175>sonia molesting aleenawhat a twist

>>137235310You are small time.

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>less than 30 minutes

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I'm hoping it'll be funnyI'm hoping he'll put effort into drawing the non-female characters outside of KnucklesI'm hoping there will be good character development for the non-female characters

>>137236943God I hate Trevor

Anyone else laugh their arse off when Sonic calls Manic Gunky Poops?

>>137246265stop with this fixation, we literally just had a lighthearted uncle chuck episode and a sleengo episode

So true

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>>137246341oh shit I hit post too early I'm a fool

>>137246341Oh great time traveler, divulge your knowledge of the future for us.

>>137242945The gas station didn't have cheddar cheese so I opted for a chicken pot pie and Vitamin Water instead.

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>>137246413>chicken pot pie and Vitamin Water instead.is vitamin water actually good or is it just a meme?

>>137246477It's pretty hydrating actually, packed full of a daily dose of vitamins too.

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And here we go

>>137246508damn, thanks doc. gonna have to try it eventually.

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Chuck, what's going on big guy?

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>>137246612there's a reason he's rocking the kaiser stache

why is Manic calling Bartleby a millionaire?

Manic the wagie lmao

>>137246641It's pretty insulting considering Bartleby's true wealth.


Ok there is definitely two artists. This looks VERY different from the last menu



>I thought you were religious>No I'm Max

Whew Max.

>>137246741Sorry I'm eating

Why does everyone have blood in their stool now?

Is the bad guy in this a character from Sonic Underground?

>>137246812He's Manic's adoptive father from when they were growing up in hiding from Robotnik

>MarchIs this a throwaway line or is the production of the average SU episode about a month or two?

>>137246812Fake fan, he's Manic's adopted father.

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Manicbros... we took another L today.

This is pretty dull so far

Ferral has really come long way from his baby killing days.

where's the fucking money?

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>>137246903>gay sex>max being as wild as the thanksgiving episodes>papa johnsdecent filler episode

Decent episode. I guess because we've been getting spoiled lately it feels a bit underwhelming, but overall it was a nice episode to tide us over for a few weeks. A solid 6.5/10.

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...that's it?

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>>137246941It was decent after the banger of the last episode.

6 out of 10

kino, good little slice of life with manic as the focus

>>137246970nah last episode was lame as shit too, I dunno what's going on, the chili competition episode and the sleengo one before that were absolute fuckin bangers compared to this

That was a pretty good episode. Glad to see Manic finally get a happy ending. It's also cool for him to actually get along with Bartleby for once.>inb4 newfags start complaining because there was no huge loredrop or SU girls for them to goon over

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I liked it! Manic needed some time to grow as a hedgehog.

There were like two parts I found funny, the claw thing grabbing Farrell's buttcheek and the punchline with "Where's the fucking money?"Everything else felt like a grey blur

If every episode was a massive game changer full of lore and teasing story arcs it would get old fast, the little episodes like this are what made me love tamers12345 and sonic underground

>no girlsfinally a good episode without poopy baby emotions, and manic getting some screentimealso Max being a mad lad

>>137246265Well there wasn't a single girl this episode. Can people stop accusing him of pandering now?

>>137247020This. I know we're all here to see where this is going, but there's a world to care about too.


The last ep had two huge plot points happen, I like that this one was more chill. Also Manic looked sexy in his robbery outfit

>>137247020The problem isn't that it was slice of life, it's that it was boring. There was next to no humor at all. The 4th of July at Chuck's episode was pure slice of life and it was fucking hilarious compared to this

>>137247066>it was boring.That's your opinion>There was next to no humor at all. Factually incorrect

>>137245895To be fair sonia is the dom

>>137247092>Thats your opinionIt wasn't boring is also an opinion you condescending fucking faggot. The only funny bits were:>Max casually mentioning killing a family of 4 because he's racist and needed 50 cents>grabbing Farrel's ass with the claw toy thing>Farrel shitting into a bucket with the sound effects>"Wheres the fucking money"That's it. 4 funny parts spaced out far between each other in a 20 minute episode is well below Tamer's average

I don't want to dunk on it too bad because I didn't hate it, but let's be real. It's because it's Manic. He works best when he's a part of a group and has people to bounce off of. Alone he comes across as a green, slightly more aggravated Sonic with a lot less charm that makes you want to root for him.

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>>137247134>"These are scientifically proven the only funny parts of the episode and laughing at anything else is punishable by fines up to $3000!"

>>137247174Nah, it isn't just that, it had next to no jokes. Farrel's first appearance has him beheading a baby with his asshole while stealing chips at a Walmart. This felt subdued as shit.>>137247188Come back when you figure out how to make a decent post you crying nigger baby.

>>137232649I wish the bit where Max pinched Feral's butt was dragged on for longer.

serious question what animal is Max even supposed to be? is he some fucked up rodent thing or is he a product of incest like Trevor?


>>137247233I think he's a fox like Mindy and Mark

>>137247233He's a fox like Mindy

>>137246994I agree with this exact post so that saves me the effort of postingsolid episode and will age great, high chance its in top 5 of the year

>>137247233I don't think they ever bothered to specify

For comparison:youtube.com/watch?v=5VP4ldgMo2IA minute and a half in and its way funnier than this turd

>>137246994Manic and Bartletby have come a long way since the flora bakery incident

>go to make a webm of the butt pinch>go to loop it with the second pinch>nope, the frame he turns his head back around the device also movesToo lazy to do it.

Eh, it was okay. I'm glad Manic got a happy ending but I expected more turmoil and anguish to get there.

I just don't think Manic or Ferrel are that interesting.

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>finally get manic kino>"who cares where's flora cunny?"

>>137247588Point them out, faggot.

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>>137247601literally the posts above mine

>>137247677Point them out specifically, unless you mean every one above your last post, in which case you are a lying cunt.

>>137247531I want to see what the fuck Robotnik is up to, seriously. He just floated the fuck away and we haven't seen him since.

>>137246959>>137246988>>137247174>>137247531>>137247601there you go >>137247691

>>137247739Not a single one mentions or even slightly references Flora at all. Swallow glass you disingenuous cunt.

>>137247799>Not a single one mentions or even slightly references Flora at all. Swallow glass you disingenuous cunt.look at how the florafag screams out in pain when you point them out

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>>137247841Nice falseflag, Florafag

>literally nothing to talk about because the episode was pure shit

>>137232787>hey pink bitch's shirt looks kinda funny>oh

so are all premiere threads just going to be annoying shitflinging from now on?

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I have a theory, and it involves another theory, the one about Multiple Tamers, it basically goes like this>Both artists begin the channel and work together on videos, with the occasional solo ep>things are going fine, until people start noticing the differences as both of their artstyles evolve>since this is supposed to be one guy making all of these videos, in order to keep the illusion, they stop making videos together, and one artist stops almost entirely>the entire workload is left to one person while the bi-monthly schedule is still up, so art quality suffers in order to stay on schedule>we could also assume that the lone artist is also the sole writer, and I'm not trying to say that he can't be funny, there are plenty of funny episodes that are clearly by him that are funny, like the Ice Cream Truck episode, the Cyrus' dad episode, the Oracle of Delphius' Birthday Party episode, etc., but having another writer means not only that they can take some of the burden off your shoulders, but that you can bounce ideas off of them and be able to tell what's good or what's bad outside of your own headAll of this points to one thing, and it's that two butt cheeks are better than one at holding the shit back, it doesn't matter if it's two guys with one buttcheek between them

another based tamers video has blessed us

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>>137248224wait, "between them" doesn't make sense, I guess I was just thinking about things being between buttcheeks

>>137247739The second post you replied to specifically calls the Sonia/Flora conflict shit and the rest expected this episode to be as abrasive as the recent Uncle Chuck or Sleengo episodes. It looks like you're trying to stir shit where there is none.>>137248094Perhaps we've finally reached the infuriating phenomenon where waifufags and anti-waifufags mistakenly believe there is more of one side than there is the other, and degrade thread quality by ironically attempting to improve thread quality. How this is done is through either metaposting or being quick to assume who's a [insert-waifu-here]fag in the face of casual discourse, thus slowly derailing the thread from it's main subject and fostering a nauseous paranoia that drives away genuine posters with something say.>>137248348The two highlights were Ferrel shattering the asphalt beneath him with flatulence alone and and Max pinching Ferrel's cheeks with the claw toy. This episode's conflict and resolution was quite simple in contrast to some of the more bombastic adventures in the Tamers' catalogue, but I suppose every storyteller must practice something simple to rest in-between harrowing feats.

Attached: 1683247864431245.png (640x480, 507.81K)

>>137248921>Perhaps we've finally reached the infuriating phenomenon where waifufags and anti-waifufags mistakenly believe there is more of one side than there is the other, and degrade thread quality by ironically attempting to improve thread quality.Tamers brought this on himself by courting these faggots. I get he did the anime love triangle shit as an obvious joke but he dragged it out waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long.

>>137232787Any chance we can get a variant where they all have wet spots on their clothing by their nipples? Asking for a friend haha.

>>137248224I feel like most of the complaints for this episode could be fixed with one simple thing. Cut down the time. Less filler, more jokes. Not every video needs to be a 20 minute long premier. Sonic Underground Origins: Kevin the Hedgehog, and the Robotnik gets cancer episodes were 10 minutes videos and they're some of the best. I hope he doesn't feel obligated to get a full video out every 2 weeks, even if the quality is less than his idea of satisfactory.

>>137249045>Tamers brought this on himselfI think even if these threads went to shit, Tamers would continue as though nothing happened. He's been going strong for about a decade already, so why would a few crappy threads on 4chan stand in his way?

>>137249092This has been a worry of mine recently. Tamers mentioned a while back he has enough patreon supporters now that he doesn't need to work a full time job and he likes that, so he might end up getting burned out trying to churn out episodes frequently so the patreon bucks dont dry up and he has to go back to Walmart.

>>137249062Please guys, I don't want these threads to go to shit. It's my only refuge from the constant shitflinging and schizophrenia that us /pw/, and now I'm starting to see it turn into it. Why does it feel like there's a conceited effort to make everything what people like into shouting matches about fucking nothing?

Attached: Flora_sad (1).png (581x719, 474.5K)

>>137249185I agree you people need to chill the fuck out

Attached: E15D65FA-8BE4-4251-A137-16A83EF20106.jpg (603x560, 212.48K)

>>137249185How does my love of lactating hedgehogs constitute a shouting match?

Attached: 1617615408036.png (627x720, 299.08K)

>>137249185Just a reminder to everyone pay respects to Flora, for you see she is a survivor. On a cold chilly night many threads ago my gal was assaulted by derailing newfags at gunpoint and was RAPED. But do not fret, because you can brake the willing and Flora stays strong! If it can happen to her, it can happen to you. Believe me, I know it.t. Kevin NashWrestler, Actor, Survivor

Attached: kevvy.jpg (1140x1220, 84.67K)

>>137249462>On a cold chilly night many threads ago my gal was assaulted by derailing newfags at gunpoint and was RAPEDFactually wrong. Her plot armor is too powerful.


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Now that we've gotten episodes from Sonic and Manic's adoptive parents, I don't think it's a stretch to assume we'll get an episode about Sonia's. What do you think it will happen when Sonia's high-class adoptive parents meet their thoroughly white trash daughter who eats dog treats and food off the ground?

The best thing that happened today was Tamers confirming Sonia x Flora > Uncle Chuck x Flora

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>>137249185Did you reply to the wrong post? What does a lactation edit have to do with people arguing?

>>137249586not a high bar, only thing uncle chuck should be shipped with is alcohol and being a cool uncle

>>137249586Who the fuck ships Uncle Chuck with Flora? Nobody wants that shit. I don't even think they've ever interacted.

no, the quality of the threads aren't getting worseno, the influx of newer people aren't causing any problemsyes, shipping wars is starting to become a thing, please don't engage in any of itbtw speaking of newfags here today, is the show itself enough of a filter or is it quite tame by your standards?

>>137249644>no, the influx of newer people aren't causing any problemsI agree with not engaging shipping wars and general autism like that, but I don't see how an influx of newfags cannot be held as partly accountable for the general rise in shitflinging. It's only natural for any community that there'll be destabilization when a bunch of noobs join, it's bad but natural.Let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater, and instead accept that some newfags help exasperate certain issues when they've come in too large amounts and as such have expectations that videos must be according to their very specific tastesJust enjoy the ride bros

Attached: 1660015698203969.png (2420x3444, 3.09M)

>>137249644you know how no matter how good hand sanitizer is, it only kills 99.99% of germs? Kind of a similar situation. The bright side is that if people don't give credence to the shitposting, it eventually fades away. Remember that tails retard?


>>137249589Yes i did, but I posted it when my break ended so i didn't have time for a correction.

>>137249644>no, the quality of the threads aren't getting worse>no, the influx of newer people aren't causing any problemsBlatantly untrue. The recent Flora ep had 3 different threads hit bump limit two of which were just faggots arguing that the characters were too mean.

>>137249871Ah, yeah that makes way more sense I was pretty confused.

I thought it was pretty cool that Bartleby wants to fuck his bitch so much, that the mere sight of Manic's buttcheeks in that suit reminded him of Sonic enough to warrant getting a bit aroused. Just needed a bit more fat and blue.Bartleby only likes the finest in bitches

Guys, if you dislike the video, please let Tamers know in the comments and by giving the video a thumbs-down.

>>137249944I thought it sucked ass but I'm not going to sabotage or antagonize the one guy out there producing something I regularly enjoy.

>>137249944The guy puts effort in these vids and the Patreon money is probably the only source of income in his household. So no.

>>137249967i agree but remember any comments drive engagement up. Don't downvote, but I can't see how raising your concerns in a polite and thoughtful manner just so he gets a feel for reception would be a bad thing. He'll probably just call you a retard, but I'm sure its helpful to an extent.

>>137249944>>137250046I'd rather not have tamers listen to you fags and cater everything to your shitty tastes. What makes his videos good is that he makes what HE wants. He's not making these videos for you. You just watch them.

its oddly hilarious and lyncian seeing feral talk about his sad backstory while you can visibly see his giant poop stained ass cheeks sticking out

Attached: badfdfasdfasd.png (918x598, 496.47K)

>do you think it's easy being a fat, 8 foot stinkbug on earth?>I used to live on an alien planet called mobius>now I have to be here where everyone else are sexy humans>do people laugh and berate you night and day just for how you look?>no they don't>they don't because you look sexy>like a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich with a side of deviled eggs and a glass of milkYou're all missing the true purpose of this episode. Tamers just wanted to remind you all that you're a sexy human while most mobian males are not. The one that are sexy are either gay like bartleby, sleet, and dingo or femboy twinks like knuckles. 3' tall, pretty hedgehog girls would throw themselves at you and grope your butt because your only other competition are fat, ugly bastards from mobius. You're all sexy.

Attached: Untitled.png (1280x720, 728.79K)


>>137250525>You're all sexy.When you put it that way, it makes the episode a 10/10

Attached: 1682715888349588 Aleena Lusty After Work April 22 2023 (No Watermark).png (975x975, 3.63M)

>>137250628Every time I see this image the shirt tucked under her panties pisses me off.

>>137250680If it bothers you so much, why don't you take them off?

Attached: 1681041037793228 chuck more like....png (992x1049, 90.28K)

>>137250680>>137250707Do you guys even care about the actual show anymore? Or ever?

>>137250762Didn't you watch today's episode? There's nothing else to talk about.

>>137250226what does he smell like

>>137250762It was a pretty uneventful episode, so you can't blame people for wanting to talk about anything else.

Attached: 1683067877602494 Bud light.png (1134x1370, 574.75K)

>>137250890>someone actually made art of Chuck in order to defend tranny beerThis is fucking disgusting.

>>137250966it's based off a meme you crybaby

>>137250890Figures a pedo would defend trannies

>>137251025Is cutting your dick off also a meme?

>>137251059crying about it is

>>137251079>I'm going to own you by mutilating myselflmfao tranny faggot

Attached: HAAAAAAA HAHAHAHAHA.png (487x720, 407.87K)

The people shitting up these threads are from discord, guarantee it.

>>137251101Trans peoples' lives don't revolve around you, they aren't doing it to "own" you, what the fuck are you talking about? They just want the resources and gender reaffirming surgery they need to be happy, and they want people who go through the same thing to have those things, too, it has nothing to do with you.

>>137251242Shut up you fucking dick snipping pathetic faggot nigger

Attached: bones.jpg (700x530, 96.13K)

>>137251254You have no power over anyone, Holla Forums-tard, sorry.

>>137251254>>137251242>>137251101>>137251059>>137251026>>137250966>tranny>tranny>trannyAnd people still want to deny that these threads have gone to shit?

>>137251513Hey, I ain't the Holla Forumsfag, don't get mad at me

>>137251242To quote a tamers episode>Spongebob: Can you shut the fuck up?

>>137251513Remind yourself where you are- quality threads are an exception, not a rule. This is an anonymous imageboard. All it takes is one person to make a thread nosedive in quality. Complaining about thread quality and doomposting doesn't improve the thread either. Have you engaged with other posters in good faith? Are you capable of identifying and ignoring shitstirrers who get their kicks from baiting and (you)s? Have you made original content? Tamers threads have a very low bar for quality content- the expectation is literally at mspaint levels. If you can't draw, vocaroos are also popular. You can put them together with the same text-to-speech as tamers and free programs like audacity. And finally, please understand when a thread has run its course. Not every Tamers thread gets 500+ replies- they didn't used to until relatively recently. Have the decency to let the thread die if there's nothing more to discuss and start working on your oc for the next thread.

took a quick break from drawing sonic majima, and started doodling flora for some reason. honestly drawing scratches my itch i've had about herfiles.catbox.moe/7dg3gf.png

>>137251698You sound like an obnoxious faggot. Blaming others while participating in the same derailment while acting as if you're above it all. >Have you engaged with other posters in good faith?Have you?>Complaining about thread quality and doomposting doesn't improve the thread eitherAnd neither does your paragraphs of preaching about how everyone else is wrong but you.

>>137251720Damn, can't wait for both of 'em!

I had an idea while pooping at work. What SU had an event like the game Injustice where Sonic dies and Bartleby goes off the deep end? Like the remnants of the Sonic Underground have to fight against his justified tyranny?

Attached: 1630293893735.png (640x480, 279.25K)

>>137251862wouldn't work. they'd all job to bartleby >>137251819thanks dude

>>137246597bro the Zimmerman message went through in the tamers timeline. Uncle Chuck is a Hispanic Nazi

I want more Let's Plays with Manic and Knucklesyoutu.be/9a6HiiZlhUQ?t=825

Attached: manic and knux.png (1266x712, 1.18M)

>>137251985This will probably tide you over until then, it's pretty fucking kino.youtu.be/uVaITRKlqVohttps://youtu.be/tjhYa_wabco

>>137252008>Recording the screen instead of getting a capture cardPure soul

Attached: 1683066310915482 drink.jpg (1920x1080, 448.04K)

>>137251862tamers12345 would need to give them bullshit powers or bartelby would need to be deaf, blind and a quadruple parapalegic also he cant access his bank account and his anus is plugged with gorrilla glue

>>137252074We have seen numerous examples of Bartelby failing to save his bitch from the initial danger. Hell, you could just pure poison Sonic like Flora accidently did but to a greater extent. Sonic would be dead before Bartelby got to do anything. I mean the poisoner would eventually die, because now Bartelby is aware of you, but in the end, you are the real winner. Unless Bartelby uses tech to bring Sonic back, or fight death incarnate. I still think you could get Bartelby in a catch 22 with Sonic.

>>137252117I'm pretty sure Bartleby can literally beat the shit out of Sonic until he coughs up any poison in his bloodstream.[ spoiler] And Sonic would love every second of it[/spoiler]

>>137252282But he was away when he was poisoned before. Like I said, just wait till he's in Japan or some shit and feed Sonic a celery stick, bam, one dead obese hedgehog.

This drawing is dedicated to the Florabros. You have no choice but to stay.... or elsefiles.catbox.moe/3yncso.png


Attached: 1681633539708796 whyarewestillhere.png (478x557, 15.33K)

>>137252430I will stay but only until I die.

>>137252465>not joining her in Heavengo big or go home bitch

>>137252472>implying any of us will be making it into Heaven

Attached: 1683047820177923 verizon.png (500x375, 22.83K)

>>137252369You think Bartleby can't jump from one continent to another in a nano-second and have Sonic gag on his balls until he coughs it up? Pssshhh. Only reason he rides a plane is to flex on the poors.

>>137251862Cool for art but wildly impractical unless at the last second before Bartleby kills the rest of SU, Sonic reveals himself and said he survived by just putting a bandaid on whatever fatal wound he had. Bartleby acts like nothing happened and goes home to fuck his bitch.

Attached: 1630292825193.png (1080x1175, 1.81M)

>>137252486>go to hell>you get to hang out with dictators like aleenaSounds alright.

You know, I was actually kind of proud of Manic in the beginning of the episode. I didn't think he had it in him to not only get a job, but even take it pretty seriously as well. Unfortunate that the bad influences from his criminal past came to drag him down again, but I guess that's often how it goes.

>>137252613for ferral's many many (many) faults, he was the reason manic is who he is, and he generally respects that.manic's a good boy deep down. and he knows that your money is insured so robbing banks is a victimless crime.

>Trying a new Album on my drive home>Literally hear Sonia's voice during a weird intermission section of a songI guess it's a sign I need to watch the new Tammers episode.youtu.be/sSg10wsRo-I?t=65

>>137252567Am I the only one who thinks it's hot to be dominated by a nazi while being a minority?

Attached: 1683097572642482 nazi aleena.jpg (2750x4000, 1.39M)


Attached: 3ps4s1qsbcy91.jpg (1080x1063, 142.52K)

>>137252799mmmmm love me some muffin top

bro there's a tamers12345 minecraft skinminecraftskins.com/skin/21108910/tamers12345/

>>137252888There's a really nice Aleena one in the archive app.koofr.net/links/cc97e2b9-90df-4769-4aca-2b0cbdda58df?path=/OC/Fanart/AleenaEnjoyer/Minecraft Skinnow I want to see a tamersverse minecraft server

>tfw the closest papa john's is just out of delivery distanceI guess it's Domino's for me again...

Attached: 0.jpg (480x360, 21.5K)

>>137252799Bro shes 3 ft tall

>>137252799>womb bulge hhhnnngggg

Mark in this pic reminds me of Brock Lesnar.

Attached: 1630601268978.png (4383x2502, 2.35M)

The Fall of the EchidnasKnuckles' Goodbyevocaroo.com/18LbTrTiAd7j

>>137232649Ferral's speech about being depressed was really moving.

>Manic and Farrel walking off into the distance after a heartfelt resolution>Immediately cut to them robbing a bankI'm surprised no one's brought this up, easily the funniest part of the episode for me

Attached: Capture.png (1362x764, 1.23M)

>>137254245for me it was the>"you got the money?">immediately cuts to two of them outside

>>137254309In the end, they got the money after all. Moral of the story is that crime pays?Honestly I want a full on heist movie episode with manic now, seeing him put his thief skills to work was always one of my favourite parts of the original show

Attached: Capture.png (1362x764, 1.72M)

>>137253456I remember sending the request for Mark in the UFC. Glad to see it still get posted.

>>137252462This image is just LITERALLY me. It captures my aura, my struggles...

>>137253066Even better.

Attached: 1681688742316227 high impact sexual violence.png (600x620, 226.64K)

>>137252799I kinda wanna see Chuck in that spiked helmet now, along with the full outfit.

>>137251698this guy gets it, we were lucky to have such high quality threads and OC for a long time, just cus there's some shit flinging atm doesn't mean its all over

>>137254359the payday gang hire manic to help them score some big money would be kino

I like these smaller, contained, and personal episodes because it helps really solidify characters. Ferrol is a shit who steals from people because he thinks that he's a victim due to unfortunate circumstances, so he steals from others because he believes he's entitled to compensation. Manic is a recovering thief who wants to prove his legitimacy by earning a paycheck, something that his siblings and his uncle haven't done (and, in Sonic's case, won't do), while Aleena works her ass off to support five people. However, that still comes from a position of selfishness, because he doesn't care about the paycheck to support his family, but instead to get attention, just like how he became an expert thief to get the attention of people he cares about. Throughout the episode we see that Manic's morality on theft and honest work wavers depending on who is giving him positive emotional attention, with the differences between his interactions with Ferrol and Max being almost polarizing.The fact that you coomers can't see over the tip of your dick to witness such complex characterization, the fact you can't measure the emotional depth of an obese 8-foot tall stinkbug alien shitting in a wooden bucket in a dirty street alley while his adopted poop-green-colored adopted teenage hedgehog son steals his clean underwear behind his back, speaks volumes more about you than Sonic Underground.

Attached: evaluation expired.png (355x419, 197.67K)

>>137256519I understood the episode, but it just wasn't funny and felt really short.

Attached: i_get_it_meatwad_athf.gif (380x268, 577.04K)

>>137256681Tamers doesn't make comedies. Do you get mad when you're given ice cream and it's not hot?

Attached: my videos are documentoris.png (719x642, 93.43K)

>>137256519characters talking serious/personal shit while on the shitter is always a joy

Attached: 1642533234531.png (1305x1417, 1.75M)

>>137256519>>137256716ironic shitposting is still shitposting faggot

>>137256681>I watched the episode, but my brain didn't get any funnies therefore it was bad

>>137257020>therefore it was badI never said it was bad, you retard.

Would you trust her in your personal guard?

Attached: 1646698605929.jpg (590x924, 264.39K)

>>137257459No Stupid bitch is a manipulative narcissist

>>137257459She will guard my soul from Satan, and keep me on the path to Heaven.

It feels like this post was the beginning of the end, where everyone started going at each others' throats.

Attached: chrome_C6Kx6PT613.png (1473x285, 76.68K)

Rick if you're here, tell me more about drawing 10,000 squares.

>>137254245For me it was the butt squeeze when the other kid was restealing the socks

youtu.be/1c7XccFwJrQWould you?

>>137258392Would I watch the box office smash hit, M3GAN? Of course I would, since it came so highly recommended by Tamers12345 himself.

>>137257965>"I'm also autistic"Everything changed forever the moment Flora said that one line. Those 3 little words created a whole new era in the fandom for better or for worse.

>>137258556I remember when it was a statement of fact on /trash/ and Holla Forums that Flora is supposed to be a punching bag. Then she proclaims her autism and Florafags suddenly popped out of the woodwork defending her deplorable actions. Truly, we live in a society.

Attached: chibi flora.png (1272x700, 477.84K)

>>137258471>Sonia, you made me look like Doctor Morbius, from the hit movie Morbius, now streaming on HBO MAX for 14.99I absolutely love it when Tamers adds random product placements in his videos.

Attached: 1681690628470552 87.png (1360x768, 934.91K)

>>137259058I love the occasional moody scenes

Attached: 1637037353789.png (1280x720, 646.7K)

>>137259131I love that the characters on the shirt mean Chinese as in the Chinese language

What do you think Jared does with him in bed?

Attached: 1670369580549015.png (1280x730, 598.8K)

>>137258556>for betterlol


>>137261026Blows his load

>>137232649I've really fallen off the ride. what's going on now? last I saw sonic and company were taking part in an avengers esc war on the joker and harry potter villains

>>137261317You mean fuckin 3 years ago? Just watch whatever comes after it.

have you heard about the greatest thief in mobius

Attached: image_2023-05-18_002908354.png (585x892, 304.86K)

>>137262169He looks like he dabs and shits himself.

>>137262216the thief way of life

>>137261026idk but raphi is leaving that bed a changed manjared probably fucked him though

Attached: 937B9333-C310-4695-ABBB-D3F90DA3A2BE.jpg (975x763, 395.5K)

>>137261026>>137261248>>137262317I hope Tamers doesn't put them in a relationship. I like their dynamic of big bro little bro and I can't handle seeing another straight character made gay where being gay becomes their only character traight. *cough* Cyrus Trevor Sleet Dingo *cough*

>>137263407honestly, out of all the male interactions in the SUverse, raffi and jared have had by far the fewest gay flags

>>137263407manuckles when?

People shit on this new episode but I liked it. It was just what we needed after the last one desu plus it has been far too long since a character cried like an actual baby.

>>137257459Only if I got to ruffle her hair aftwr a job well done.

>tamers makes a fat dump of a video>Holla Forums praises it like the shiteaters they arefigures

>>137263532Thats kind of hot

>>137263407I agree with not wanting Jerod and Raffi in a relationship, but come on, Sleet and Dingo were made for each other

>>137263681It just feels a little redundant to me when Cyrus and Trevor are basically the same thing. 'Outcasts who were hurt by Robotnik and one is afraid to leave the closet'. One time Tamers was asked if Sleet and Dingo were a couple because they shared a bed, and he explicitly said that that Dingo had a one-sided love towards Sleet, but Sleet was into chicks which made things awkward between them. I think that would have been more fun to explore instead of the usual, yeah, they fuck because of course they do.

>>137263407>Cyrus TrevorThey didn't have any character traits until they became gay

>>137263532>stop having funGee, I wonder who that sounds like

Attached: MSF.png (336x477, 238.6K)

>>137263837>One time Tamers was asked if Sleet and Dingo were a couple because they shared a bed, and he explicitly said that that Dingo had a one-sided love towards Sleet, but Sleet was into chicks which made things awkward between them.When and where was this?

>>137263873Okay I realise I'm wrong there, Trevor's always been pathetic and he always will be

>>137263890Will look for it. I am 100% sure he said it which is why I was hella confused when he just went ahead and did it anyway.

>>137263889The eternal Modern sonic fan!Behind every shitpost!

>>137258833>If there's one thing I can say for certainty, it's that I, Sonic The Hedgehog, really love the limited edition drink BAJA BLAST™ from Taco Bell.

Attached: file.png (847x471, 514.26K)

It's kind of aesthetic

Attached: FwMgEO7agAAp5Gf.jpg (1702x1250, 233.15K)

>>137263837Sleet and dingo are just the supperior cyrus and trevor

>>137264774It's more that Cyrus and Trevor are the inferior Sleet and Dingo

>>137264947>>137264774Cyrus and Trevor are just Sleet and Dingo for uderaged fags

Dingo is a top 3 characterThank you that is all

Reminder that Flora and Sonia are destined for a happy future

Attached: kgujh.png (1196x242, 42.15K)

>>137264453Unbelievably cute, what's the sauce on this?

>>137265163I truly wish I could love something as much as he does love sonic underground bro

Sleengo is better than Bardonic. There I said it.

>>137265354I don't believe you're an actual Sleengohead.

I'll watch it just for the cute pixie

>>137265368Am too.

>>137265376>>137265378I watch tamers12345 for the funny fart jokes and bartelby’s huge muscles you watch it for your loser waifu we are not the same

>>137265354Leave. You aren't a sonic underground fan. You're just a faggot.

To pit Sleengo and Bardonic against one another is an affront to Sonic Underground itself.

Attached: tamers12345-sleet-dingo -1.gif (498x281, 3.44M)

>>137266098I started watching the show around when either the M3gan or Sonic's step dad episode, so going back and seeing how the animation has evolved over the last 10 years really impressed me

Attached: 1678163180620393 YOU HAVE BEEN INVADED.webm (844x474, 1.21M)

>>137264263Unironically this. They're still fucking pissed they didn't win the popularity poll at The Game Awards.

>>137232721No he's not a bug

Attached: 1683765471182016.jpg (1431x1080, 246.85K)

>>137266705Why does this image keep getting posted?

>>137258392I actually watched it just because of the Tamers vid. It's actually a lot of fun>>137261026Anon, there's a reason he needed non-robotized thighs>>137263407I hope he keeps it ambiguous, to the point where even Jared and Raphi don't know if they're supposed to be in a relationship or not.>spoilerSleet and Dingo have lots of stuff going on, especially now that Sleet's sexuality arc's finished. I can see the focus shifting to them trying to get back into the bounty hunting business or finding new jobs. They're also free to interact with Sonic and everyone else since they're no longer enemies.Even Trevor and Cyrus had a lot of interesting non-relationship stuff going on, with Trevor's need to make everyone hate him and Cyrus trying to get revenge on Robotnik>>137263435They're just good friends, so there's probably some lewd stuff>>137263490I thought it was great, and it was interesting to see Max getting fleshed out a bit. Shame Manic couldn't have kept the job

Attached: 1677463801820159.png (1920x1080, 747.1K)

>>137264193I don't remember him ever saying that. He's been hinting that they were a couple (with Sleet being in the closet) since the bowling episode>>137264774Sleengo banter is just so much better>>137264997Completely agree. Sleengo is for fans that grew up in the 80-90s where being out could get you killed. Cyrus x Trevor is for zoomers that have never known a time where gay marriage was illegal>>137265163I love that he has personal theories on the plot. He truly is the J.R.R Tolkien of Sonic Underground>>137265354It might by my favorite ship, but everyone knows Bardonic is perfection

>>137267114Don't bring your faggotry into this thread

>>137267178>Don't bring your faggotry into this thread

Attached: Trevorjak.png (439x433, 131.7K)


Attached: 1663494271477557.gif (274x400, 114.28K)

>>137267265I warned you last time that I'd kill you, so, I'm sorry, but you've already been cut

Attached: may we not meet in the next life.gif (400x296, 1.56M)


Attached: 1646766729025.png (951x868, 602.74K)

>>137265273Artist is Bweepy.

Went through the archive and tallied up the amount of fanart by character in alphabetical order. Here's the final numbers:Aleena 119 (NSFW) 27Bartleby 97 (NSFW) 1Cyrus 37 Dingo 36 (NSFW) 2Flora 121 (NSFW) 7Jerod 12 Kevin 4 Knuckles 28 (NSFW) 1Mandy 2 (NSFW) 1Manic 25 Mark 13 Max 13 Mindy 39 (NSFW) 2Randy 3 Raphi 4 Robotik 12 Serro 2 Sleet 33 (NSFW) 3Sonia 48 Sonic 64 (NSFW) 1Tamers 14 Trevor 65 U. Chuck 26And here they are in rank of popularity:Aleena 119 (NSFW) 27Flora 121 (NSFW) 7Bartleby 97 (NSFW) 1Trevor 65 Sonic 64 (NSFW) 1Sonia 48 Mindy 39 (NSFW) 2 Dingo 36 (NSFW) 2Cyrus 37Sleet 33 (NSFW) 3Knuckles 28 (NSFW) 1U. Chuck 26 Manic 25 Tamers 14 Mark 13 Max 13 Jerod 12 Robotik 12 Kevin 4 Raphi 4 Randy 3 Mandy 2 (NSFW) 1Serro 2

>>137268699Fun fact: Of the 37 Cyrus images 34 were made by the same artist, for Trevor 60 of his 65 were made by the same artist, and all of Max's drawings were made by the same artist. They are a very dedicated fan.

>>137268699>>137268715I also did not count WIP images or multiple versions of the same image as to not inflate numbers.

>>137265354You lost.

Attached: bitchin.png (512x278, 22.15K)

>>137268781imagine not having your ship acknowledge lmao

>>137268806I'd love for tamers in a video to call them Dingleet or something just to fuck with people

>>137268699Aleena and Bartleby make sense, and Cyrus and Trevor have a single person that's absolutely obsessed with them. I'm surprised Sleet and Dingo are so low, but more surprised by Knuckles>>137268806He's put sleengo as a tag in some of his videos, he's just fucking with us>>137268925I'd be honestly fine with that

This may not be politically correct, but I wish to have a lot of sex with Sonia.

Attached: love x stereo - thunder kiss.webm (1920x1080, 190.34K)

>>137269969How does she hear the music when the headphones aren't on her ears?

>>137270006shut the fuck up? bitch??

Attached: die.png (700x708, 103.63K)


Attached: maxresdefault.jpg (1280x720, 96.42K)

>>137270006good hearing

Attached: sonia_biscuits.gif (292x500, 80.21K)

>>137270023Sonia's ability to go from crybaby bitch girl to total retard to emotionally supportive sweetheart to absolute fucking psycho shows her tremendous character breadth and depth, and I for one am entirely on board with putting a baby in her despite the 85IQ.

Attached: knuxonia piss.png (1046x1170, 722.53K)

youtu.be/VYpC8anqwB4?t=120I love the detail that it was Tamers' mom that told him Woody and Buzz were gay as fuck. I wonder if she came up with any of the gay SU ships.


Attached: tsunia.gif (1604x972, 2.26M)

Yeah yeah whatever.When does Amy get fat and start farting

Attached: pov, its 2007, your parents didnt get divorced, your mom isnt abusive, you didnt become fat, your autism was properly diagnosed as severe depression, and the one who got away says she loves you back.webm (1920x1080, 770.01K)

>>137270655>"I watched the first 15 minutes"certified classic

Attached: 1666132304987330.png (656x659, 71.9K)

>>137270736that pic, still have the old files lmao

Attached: file.png (660x575, 178.63K)

>>137270048Knuckles is a fucking idiot for not taking her up on the offer. All that hedgehog gold, wasted.

>introduce aleena to crusader kings to help her cope with losing her country>immediately regret it as spends countless hours murdering her opposition and seducing her sexy kids>her ingame family tree is more like a family wreath

Attached: 1678746899043931.jpg (2027x2645, 2.86M)

>>137271863>"Oh, there you go user, being silly again, pretending Israel exists."

Attached: worst mom.jpg (2477x2208, 3.63M)


Attached: 1646966012494.jpg (1920x1080, 265.9K)

>>137272863The thermometer said it was a rectal insert and I'm not going back to the store to get another one. I won't risk getting sick and missing work because you're being too fussy, just bite the sponge in the kitchen sink and tank it.

>>137272863Hungy for hedgehog sausage fingers


Attached: fade-away-oooooooooooo.gif (498x466, 1.62M)

>>137273825It's already in the tags, read the rest of the conversation

Imagine your pairing having numerous standalone episodes and spotlights, to the point where the creator struggles to pull his personal flagship out front and center when it appears.

Attached: high school musical.webm (1280x720, 1.25M)

>>137273957But they got beaten like little bitches by the power of Bardonic

>>137274023Show me the fat one doing a glomp, and I might consider your tenuous position as legitimate.

Attached: GLOMP.webm (1920x1080, 906.75K)

>>137274044Show me the pink bitch and the red faggot having buttsex for 45 minutes in order to go back in time and maybe you'd have proof that they're even in Bardonic's shadow

>>137272863Now all I can imagine is running my finger in a circle around Sonia's twitching little butthole and hearing her *EEP* as I put the thermometer in there.

>>137273915Still tho

>>137274200and by thermometer i mean penis

>>137274236Stop impersonating me, my penis is reserved for her mother and autistic friend.

>>137274195Imagine trying to describe BWtB to someone without context.

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>>137269460>I'm surprised Sleet and Dingo are so lowHave a gay couple with an expertly written story arc and nobody bats an eyeShow some purple hedgehog cunny and everybody loses their minds

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How long until Knuckles breaks up with Sonia?

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>>137274304The C-word is used by pedophiles to describe children's private parts, Aleena is a 60+ year-old women, she has a CUNT, a COOZE, a PUSSY, a GASH, a WIZARD'S SLEEVE


>>137274347I don't care

>>137274340it would be funny if they acted like nothing happened in a newer episode

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>>137274340Not likely, but I like how the cool kids theme is the Battletoads pause musicyoutu.be/JRPXRHS4XNQ

>>137274395>Years of buildup just to be swept under the rug and pretend ir never happened the every next time they appear together That would be based

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>>137274420they're probably not going to act that much different unless it's pertinent to the episode or to make a joke but who knows.

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>>137274340I could see this happening because their relationship has always been the awkward crushing but not really dating. Them being in a relationship kills that dynamic.

>>137232649Why is this shit shilled so much? Taild Gets Trolled was the peak of autism parodies.

>>137274502TGT is just a gateway to tamers really You know nothing kid

>>137274502I started to lose interest once other artists took over TGT. I lied the shoddy art with those glimmers of being better now and then way more than what it became.

>>137274568it's unfortunate lazerbot lost interest in it but it's understandable. I just wish the comic he was talking comes out at some point.

>>137232649Is time to shit.

>look up wyerframez on e6 because I like his futa piranha plant animations>find that pic related and many more were made by himI knew he was a patron but god damn, love your stuff man.

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is fanfic guy here ? i want to know how my man is doin

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