What's stopping Tim from looking this cool again?

What's stopping Tim from looking this cool again?

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The only writer who wants to do stuff with him is a fujo who can't even write and made him Bi

I really like this design, sort of a half-Robin, half-Batman. Fits Tim well. I guess people don't like the featureless cowl.

>>137232813They say he looks too much like Dr. Mid-Nite or something, but it's not like Mid-Nite is some super important A-lister or heroes don't all share some general design traits anyway, so I never really understood why that was a problem, I for one think the cowl looks cool.

>>137232630Did that series with the super shitty art get cancelled yet

>>137232933Yeah, it's ending in June.

>>137232630>What's stopping Tim from looking this cool again?Being a member of the LGBT.


>>137232630>that>coolNone of that works. The bright red of the chest mixes weirdly with the black cloak and the black mask needs some ears on it or have his hair out. It just looks weird as a skullcap

>>137232630Tim is bisexual, he's not allowed to be cool anymore

>>137232813should have done something like this or give him a red mohawk on the cowl, to be more birdlike?

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>>137233183How about this design?

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>>137233272Better. I like the yellow of the cape more. I still don't love the cap though. Give him the belt from OP's pic though

>>137232630current dc is a dumpster fire full of hack writers. It's better to pray for the characters you like to just get ignored til the storm passes

>>137232630Where the FUCK is the RR omni?

>>137232630This costume sucks though. Tim looks best in the YJ/Johns' TT outfit.

>>137233183>>137234196It's kino.

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>>137234196I didn't mind his OYL outfit either, and I think his RR outfit is pretty underrated.

>>137234287Wow you used the meme word. I guess that means my opinion is changed and it doesn't look like crap. Ditch the skull cap, it doesn't work

>>137234331Yeah honestly OPs is his worst. Even the early New 52 suit was slightly better.

>>137234336how about now

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>>137232630Reminder: on New Earth, Tim was the third person to use this costume after Jason ditched it at the end of Countdown. A fucking villain used it before Tim.

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Sometimes I wonder what all the pre-Flashpoint characters would be like if they never rebooted.


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>>137234860And it worked best on Tim, so who cares?

>>137232630Faggots. I don't super care if he's gay, but this was peak Tim. He's nowhere near this cool.

>>137234898are you just glossing over the retardation of Nu52 Red Robin?? Lore (Tim "Not" Drake) and Costume (taking the Kingdom Come costume and shitting on it).

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>>137234949Are you going to defend Tim getting sloppies thirds on his new identity, just like his old idenity. Right down to being after Jason. Then getting rebooted into stupid orbit?

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>>137234971>And I was right. He was going to forge his own destiny. This aged hard.

>>137234934I don't care about any new 52 crap besides a few books>>137234971No one cared about countdown. Jason wearing it for like 3 issues doesn't matter to me. By all means the end of Tim's title was a mess. But ultimately the Red Robin book was a good direction for Tim and the best place he's had in the last 20 years.

>>137232630He's gay

>>137235062Do you think the anal sex he receives from Bernard's thick cock feels sweet? Does it feel better than Stephanie's tight pussy did? Was it worth the AIDS he caught?

>>137235081Bernard must suck a mean dick if it was enough for Tim to throw Steph's declaration of love back at her face.

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>>137235054>the best place he's had in the last 20 years.His Robin book from the 90s>>>Red Robin Volume 1Killing his dad to make him yet another orphan of Gotham was a stupid idea from editorial. It was one of his standout character traits. Tim had a loving father and had to balance Batfamily with his real family. Also Johns turning Tim into Dick Grayson 3.0 in his Teen Titans book didn't help either.TL;DRAt the end of the day, Tim Drake as a character has been in the toilet since Post-Graduation Day/Identity Crisis

>>137234610Give him the yellow cape and I like it

>>137232630Timfags only want him as Robin

>>137235106They were my OTP, user. I'd loved them since I read Tim's 90's series in the early 2000's. This doesn't matter, but I'm a married gay person, and I'm still so salty about the way DC broke them up to make Tim a token gay. I'm fine with gay characters but Tim was already awesome and I identified with him. His romance with Steph was always my favorite, and I saw a lot of what I've wanted in a partner in her.Guess I'm blogging, but there are gays who hate woke writing as much as anyone else.

>>137235163They'll enjoy him as The Drake... dammit!

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>>137233036Apollo and Midnighter look reasonably cool and they're huge fags.

>>137232630They don't want him to be cool, they want him to be heckin' wholesome and non-threatening.

>>137235186How many costume change ups did this motherfucker get? He truly is a faggot.

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>>137235192Here's the thing user, Apollo and Midnighter are one big joke directed at Superman and Batman. Tim is different because DC expects you to rally behind Tim being a faggot and take him seriously.

>>137235155Anon I love his 90's era too, but Dixon's run ended 20 years ago. Editorial hated Tim having a dad, and that status quo never coming back. Red Robin was making lemons out of lemonade, and for what it was it worked

>>137235192Don't forget that Prometheus went undercover as a fag, dated Midnighter, just to assassinate him.

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>>137235186If they're going to call him The Drake, and if he's going to be gay, then go full fabulous and base his costume on a male duck. Just go completely wild with it.

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>>137235236>and that status quo never coming back.>and for what it was it workedThis way of thinking is why Earth-2 Gay Alan Scott easily bleed over into Prime Earth Alan.

>>137235267>>137235256>>137235244I'll give him this, that's dedication.

>>137235298E2 Alan scott was neither asked for or worked well. As unfortunate as it is, people wanted Tim's dad dead for a decade before it happened, and the Red Robin book itself was fine.

>>137235256>>137235267Glad we got the rematch in DC vs Vampires

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>>137235363Fans wanted Obsidian back and editorial thought it could "2 birds/1 stone" the situation by getting rid of legacy characters but still have Alan deal with "gayness"

You know the worst part about Tim being gay? DC is going to double down in their failure to spite reader for rejecting their bad decision much like how they doubled down on Jon Kent.

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>>137233222The suit is already modeled after a red breasted robin which has an entirely black head and a red chest. How the fuck would giving him a mohawk make him look more like a bird?

>>137235168I miss them too. Tim works well with someone who can bounce well off his more straight laced attitude.I think if the old continuity was still ongoing, we'd see them together again

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>>137235474>Damian solo Robin book by Williamson doing well>End run out of nowhere>Replace with Tim solo Robin book>Run completely crashes and burns>Bring back Williamson for Batman and Damian bookFor all the hate Williamson gets, at least his Robin book had connections to the greater Bat-Lore and utilized an underrated character like Connor Hawke. What did Tim's new Robin book do? Besides have him yell "Bernard!" every other panel?!

>>137235546>Tim was thinking about sucking man meat during all these panels

>>137235546>Don't woRrY GuyS, he's BiSexUAL, thaT mEANs HiS prEViOUs relAtIonShIps are stilL VALID Bifags need to sent to the firing range. Steph/Tim is dead.

>>137235577>Tim rides Bernard’s fat fucking cock while remembering how unfulfilled Steph made him feel.

Thats just Femto with a red vest.

>>137235621Now I wish the Tim Drake comic went on longer just to see Tim spiral downward.

>>137235635I’d be down for a story getting darker, with Bernard getting him addicted to cock, coke, and giving him AIDS. Tim has anonymous bareback sex with 5 guys while on drugs and groans about loving and missing Steph, while Bernard abuses him. Tim regrets choosing to be gay but is in too deep and is too isolated to get out. I’d read that.

>>137235702>Tim regrets choosing to be gay but is in too deep and is too isolated to get out. I’d read that.Tim and Bernard are two gay twinks on the East Coast, I've read And The Band Played On, there's no way they haven't done some sick shit with other gays dudes.

>>137235702Damianists are truly sick in the head. But we all knew that.

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>>137235752Dami is my least favorite of them, Tim my fav. But if they are gonna ruin him and make him a faggot I want the dramatic story we’d get if they committed.>Tim shooting up heroin and arguing with Bernard before Bernard abuses him and forces him to fuck 3 more guys. Not for money. For pleasure.

They will never let Tim be cool again.

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>>137235809Let them reap what they've sown.

>>137235546Steph hasn't been written well in forever.

>>137235895Tim coming out as gay pretty much ruined her by proxy.


>>137235915Isn't he bi?

>>137235962Making Tim bi is DC's way of making him gay for the upvotes on twitter while also giving themselves an exist strategy for when his comics bomb. For all intents and purposes, Tim is gay.

>>137233272>>137233222Cowl nose being longer to be like a actual bird beak nose thing would make it great

>>137235962Tim left her for the bussy.

>>137232630this is dick grayson from kingdom come

>>137235895I liked her Batgirl run, even if it did sanitize/cutesy her a bit.

>>137232630He's dead, Jim.

>>137232630DC editorial hates his fucking guts.It's why they made him gay.I personally got no problems with the 'mos, but DC editorial loves to make characters gay or minorities or black or in some way change them as a way to sideline them in some way compared to their favorites: Barry or Hal or Bruce or Damien. It's why we got Wallace and Big Gay Alan and Tim and Jon.

>>137232630Red Robin is a stupid fucking name

>>137236396>but DC editorial loves to make characters gay or minorities or black or in some way change them as a way to sideline them in some way compared to their favorites: Barry or Hal or Bruce or DamienWasn't that just Didio being spiteful on his way out?

>>137236059I agree, I remember mentioning that idea before. Something reminiscent of a beaked mask worn by plague doctors. Or maybe even one reminiscent of Griffith's helmet from Berserk. At least that's what comes to mind when I think about it.

>>137235962Yes, but knowing this board they'll immediately discard it. Instead look to him as nothing more than gay, wallowing in a defeatist mindset.

>>137236471>wallowing in a defeatist mindset.Its hard to feel anything but disdain for Tim after those past seven issues. Can't take him seriously either as a masculine character knowing he left his GF for a dude.

>>137236471probably has to do with him being gay as fuck since coming out as "bi"

>>137236488Yet you still took him seriously after he left Arianna for Steph?

>>137236504Well I guess it can't be helped if Fitzmartin is at the helm.

>>137236508Steph is delicious.

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>>137235604You seem unhinged.

>>137236518This is a bad cloud that's going to follow Tim regardless of writer. Dude is now the Gay Robin thanks to the media coverage that followed after.

>>137236593Well of course DC is going to use him in terms of Pride material now that it is a thing. And yes it will be as vapid as can be. But even then he will only fall into obscurity should they squander even that. There are those that have been in favor of this change that also want more from him, a new codename to move him on from Robin. And at the very least something of greater substance with Bernard if no one else. I believe if they were to put someone of greater merit in charge, Tim could gain momentum. I doubt anywhere close to the days that gone by, still something nonetheless.

>>137236508Arianna was crazy.

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>>137236637>slowly fade out and become forgottenor>double down on the gay

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>>137236672If it was going to happen to one of them, Tim was probably the safest bet in DC's eyes. Due to their negligence, Tim fell into limbo after Damian got into the picture. But before then there were fans that interpreted Tim as bisexual. The only thing DC missed out on in catering to them was by having him get with Bernard. Even then the other sidekicks to Batman were on the radar. Devin Grayson was keen on having Dick Grayson come out as bisexual, but the best she got was having him be an icon of sex appeal. And unfortunately a victim to many different controversies as she wrote for his character. The same went for Jason Todd as well, Judd Winick wanted that for Todd.

>>137236738>Devin Grayson was keen on having Dick Grayson come out as bisexual, but the best she got was having him be an icon of sex appeal.I'm glad she's persona non grata in the Nightwing fandom.

>>137236782Well it is more than rightfully so, her reputation has more than preceded her in the worst possible ways.

>>137232630He didn’t look cool

>>137236878Pray tell, who did?

>>137232630It annoys me so much that Tim evolved into his own Nightwing equivalent and Damian became robin and then they took it all away and made him Robin again while Damian is still Robin and time was just in limbo for the past 10 years before they just thought "eh fuck it make him gay or some shit" The only thing that didn't work about it is Red Robin being a horrible fucking name. It's literally the name of a shitty burger chain for christs sake. But the look? Kino. This represents Tim's idolization of Batman but while making it his own and growing out of the Robin role. Just give him the same look and change the name and it's perfect

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>>137237339>But the look? Kino. This represents Tim's idolization of Batman but while making it his own and growing out of the Robin role.I wish they would lean into the "detective Robin" route and have him in murder mysteries and other campy Batman stories. While Nightwing is dealing with real life rapists and druggies Red Robin is fighting a pop villain with a gimmick and uniformed mooks. While Red Hood is shooting real bullets at real terrorists, Red Robin is a guest in a Cluedo dinner party but with "face" villains (Clayface, Two Face, Scar Face, False Face,...) where the culprit and the cadaver was actually Jane Doe.

>>137236738If characters were selected to become gay "representation" based on their volume of gay subtext, importance to the gay community, and to reflect the demographics of their own fanbase--then Batman and Nightwing would've come out as bisexual/gay twenty years ago. The gay fanbase for Batman and for Nightwing are both exponentially bigger--obviously in sheer numbers because those two are more popular overall, but also proportionally gay fans make up a bigger share of the population. Tim bros cope by saying he's always been bisexual, he's always been queer-coded, he's the most specialest diversest empoweringest queer. I'm sure the mid-2000s editorial toootally made comments about Tim liking men, and it toootally wasn't a joke about Robin's decades-old reputation for being a "fairy", or mean-spirited ribbing about Tim's serious attitude toward sex. Tim is less queer-coded than the average straight male character in Big Two comics. Turning Tim bisexual is an insult to the gays, frankly. It's like some bullshit Three-fifths Compromise monkey paw--the gays ask for the Dick Grayson, and they get the obsolete-generation legacy sidekick with declining relevance--so bland that he couldn't get an adaptation even at the height of his popularity when his predecessors and successor did.>>137236782Devin Greyson isn't as bad as the fandom insists. She wrote some decent Gotham Knights stories, and the Roy Harper fandom holds her in pretty high regard. The Nightwing solo books don't exactly have the highest standards. LiveJournal slash fangirls should be banned from handling gay male characters. There is something glaringly inauthentic about the way that these slash fangirls try to write men, and the male characters end up not sounding like men. Lesbian writers are somewhat better. There isn't a shortage of gay male writers and artists, women writers are needed to bring more female characters up to A-list and B-list level.

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>>137235567Williamson's Damian run sucked too. It was Damian's Red Robin. Overhyped trash that pisses and shits all over Ra's al Ghul.Plus Williamson used dozens of D-list villains out of character as wallpaper in that "best fighters in the world" tournament and gave us an unrecognizable Connor Hawke.

>>137237714It would never work for Nightwing. They'd been writing him as a himbo for years.

God, why are you all such closeminded assholes and idiots.

>>137232630They’d have to pay Alex Ross the rights for making the costume every time it appears.

>>137234860>>137232630It also follow the topix at that time that Tim personality was just a Dick rip off.Live in his Wayne Massion's room, lived some time in Bludhaven, and then he became Red Robin, the codename and Costume that Dick take in Kingdom Come Earth.Late 00s destroyed already his character

>>137238196I assure you, they do not. Ross complained that he didn't get anything for the golden armour in WW84 and a few other things like that.

>>137236122There is a 0% chance every has or ever will penetrate Bernard. Tim left Steph for cock. I wonder if when Bernard is too big and anal hurts Tim moans Steph’s name?

>>137236396>but DC editorial loves to make characters gay or minorities or black or in some way change them as a way to sideline them in some way compared to their favorites.You'd have to be retarded to believe this

>>137238400they stopped being so generous after Levitz

>>137232630Tim is no longer allowed to be cool. As per DC, he is the Bisexual Robin. Thats all he is now. His only character trait is to suck cock.

>>137240165The most depressing thing is, during his pre-flashpoint Red Robin run they could have unironically had him start a poly relationship with Connor and Tam Fox and fans would've actually liked it.God how far we've fallen.

>>137238181I guess they just can’t help themselves.

>>137235186Hate the Drake.

>>137240619Change Tam to Steph and sure. But really the hard thing is that Kon never fully felt bi himself

>>137238712Why do you insist upon that? You seem so pressed as to who is the dominant one you have convinced yourself that Tim isn’t. All just because he broke up with Steph, sure you can be disgruntled about that development. But there’s no need to project those ideas and be so defeatist about it. And why would matter either way, it’s not as if you actively think about peoples love lives, nor would you need to bother.

>>137240909>Why do you insist upon that.Because despite hating the writing and changes, I gotta get something out of this. I’m gay and project onto Tim, and I’m a bottom. Bernard is cute and has a large dock. Ergo, he fucks Tim raw and hard. I’m using this thread to get off.>And yes I’m still mad about the writing and wish he was not ruined and with Steph, but I’m making the best of this.

>>137240892Steph wouldn't have made sense at the time, they were too squarely in "just friends" territory at that point, but she could have easily worked her way in once Tam got inevitably written out of the story after a new writer took over.

>>137241041You are a colossal faggot. Not because you take cocks up your ass, but because you have absolute shit taste.

>>137241070Can you clarify is that just referring to Bernard, or also including Steph? I’m not going to defend Bernard but I’d ask some questions if you’re attacking Stephanie.

Really wish that Owen didn't get erased/forgotten. His run in the Suicide Squad was great and Owen should have been a re-occurring rogue for Tim. Especially after the beatdown Tim gave Digger in Red Robin volume 1.

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>>137241164The gay shit, Tim only bottoms for Connor.


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>>137240876there is/was a Tim Drake podcast called Everyone loves the Drake that interviewed guys like Dixon and Marcus To, and in the last year or so they've just completely stopped. All those guys are in their 30's-40's and followed Tim since the 90's, and you can just tell the wind is out of their sails with the last 2 years of Tim. Their last episode was that Final Night crossover with Steph kissing Tim on the cover

>>137241300Hard to be a fan of a faggot

>>137232630The updated gloves were fine, but the changes to the utility belt and getting rid of the tunic were just downgrades. Sucks that we got so little time with the original being drawn by Marcus To, that plus Yost writing was a superb time to be a Timfag.

>>137238260This but it was the mid 00s where it started. Johns Titans was 2003. Identity Crisis was 2004.

>>137241368Everybody loves JoJo. Its hard to be a fan of a directionless dumping ground for bottom of the barrel attention grabbing gimmicks rather than a character.

>>137241394To actually requested the redesign, and wile it loses for flare I think it works with matching the other Batman reborn batfamily. But I think the unternet costume>>137234610is what he really wanted

>>137241765All said if that is the case I'm glad we got what we did, and To is a much better artist than he is a costume designer.Never understood the love for the unternet suit, it just looks like a bad Nightwing ripoff outfit with a cape.

>>137241646Jojo isn't gay though

>>137241300>All those guys are in their 30's-40's and followed Tim since the 90's, and you can just tell the wind is out of their sails with the last 2 years of TimI don’t blame them.

>>137242531Although there are no gay characters amongst the main cast of each arc. It gets pretty homoerotic and takes after a lot of fashion senses from throughout the decades.

>>137242698Anyone who legitimately thinks Speedwagon wasn't gay as fuck for Jonathan is a literal retard.Dio also fucked a priest right in his Boipucci

>>137242698Tim literally rides dick. It’s not comparable.

>>137241300There used to be a reason to be a fan of Tim, especially during the 90s. Then Identity Crisis happened and it was all downhill from there. Introducing Damien without having a plan for Tim just made it worse, and turning him into a faggot for woke points staked the corpse. There's nothing left now.>>137241833That's probably why people like it. Personally I think it would look better with a basic domino, instead of the one he actually had.

>>137242718I mean I don't disagree, but if you say that to avid Jojo reader's they'll immediately disregard that. And neither has Araki confirmed that as far as I know. I mean what about Joseph and Caesar? They seemed to be really close as well.

>>137242720When has that ever been stated though? Yes he is bisexual, but when has there ever been any indication that Tim takes it from Bernard?

>>137235186This was so bad.

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>>137242859Does it somehow make it better for you if Tim fucks him? Does that make him less of a faggot or a better character? He’s ruined.

>>137242833Yeah Joseph and Caesar were gay for each other, that's obvious. But they also FUCKED, both of them were pulling mad pussy at all times. Speedwagon got his dick hard for some posh twink he met on the streets of London, followed him around pining after him and proclaiming how manly and amazing he was to everyone they met, then proceeded to dedicate his life to caring for his descendants for decades and never scored.



>>137242896I couldn't care any less either way. But what I am bewildered by is the people insisting upon it.

>>137242967>But what I am bewildered by is the people insisting upon it.That’s because you don’t want to admit Tim becoming an alphabet person ruins him, like every other character retconned into becoming one.

>>137242967Look, it’s most likely Tim is the bottom and receives anal sex frequently. That said, even if he does do the pounding, he’s still a fucking faggot and still should be killed off and forgotten.

>>137243003If it ruins every character then why wasn't that the case for John Constantine? Don't get me wrong this move has been nothing more than a PR stunt. But don't be dishonest by claiming that no character that happens to be of a different orientation automatically ruins their character.

>>137243070If it's most likely then feel free to provide some evidence that leads to that conclusion. Since you are so adamant about that, either way you'll just back pedal and state there's nothing left for him.

>>137242937pls, he is triggered

>>137242550Imagine growing up with a character and wanting to share your love of that character with your own son only to find he’s become a bitter shell of a character who only exists to be a token.

>>137243079>If it ruins every character then why wasn't that the case for John Constantine? Did you not read Azzarello’s run?

>>137243079Wasn't Constantine always intended to be bi? There's a difference between a character that was envisioned that one and a established one that became that way for brownie points

>>137243079I believe John did the fucking. Much more forgivable

>>137243174Pretty much the reason why my brother and I sold our Superman comics after they made Jon gay.

>>137243178Apparently not, at least that's what I hear on this board. It was established a few years after his initial debut. In that he mentions having relationships, even the one off boyfriend.

>>137243202>Sold comic about Clark kent is single because his son from a future continuity is biWhat?

>>137243178>Wasn't Constantine always intended to be bi? If he was he would’ve been dying of HIV. Jon became queer become some Judge Dread writer named John Smith who really loved obscene gay stuff that it would be cool if John sucked dicks on the side.

>>137243079John has been ruined since being folded into mainstream DC , yeah. He’s the safe bad boy now. Vertigo John might’ve sucked a dick occasionally but didn’t make a big deal of it

>>137243230They knew they couldn’t come at the king, so they went after his son. In doing so they lost me as a reader and wanted nothing to do with the character anymore.



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Does all this sex talk matter when Tim is a permavirgin anyway?

>>137244481Because its hard to take a male character seriously when he has a boyfriend.

>>137244492Bernard is girly can’t we just pretend it’s a girl and Tim’s not a fag?

>>137244492>>137244554Are you guys really this insecure seeing a fictional male character in a relationship with another male character?

>>137244576most people don't want to see gay dudes being intimate in any capacity and pretty much all of Tim's recent stuff has been pretty gay. It's a niche market worldwide. it is what it is

>>137243304Ironically 90% of Tim fans in this thread would love to see Clark clone fucking Tim kek

>>137244598I thought people preferred not seeing any intimacy anywhere at all.

>>137244554Nigga did you read the last issue? That shit was so fucking gay.

>>137244641No I’m not gay, why would I read that?

>>137244625depends on the context. IRL people generally have an aversion to most public displays of intimacy. In fiction though it's pretty welcome which is why it's often grouped with general fanservice.Boy girl and girl girl doesn't really cause any problems unless there's some context or something that provokes peopleGay dudes though are generally an extreme that turns off a whole lot of people both publicly and in fiction in ways that boy girl and girl girl don't. This is why you see way more gay women than men in fiction. I don't know the scientific reasons but it's pretty well known that doing stuff with gay dudes is taking a huge risk with your audience well beyond the likes of gay women

>>137244691>No I’m not gay, why would I read that?If only DC could understand this.

>>137244754Then why are certain genres big when it comes to displaying male same-sex intimacy? Whether that would be young adult romance novels or manga?

>>137244817they are relatively big but not big in the grand scheme. That's the whole point of niches. Stuff like BL, yaoi, and the like have their markets but it's way different from the general market. To bring this full circle you won't be able to successfully sell a book predominantly featuring Tim's gay romance to the same people who you sold his 90s book to

>>137244817>Then why are certain genres big when it comes to displaying male same-sex intimacy?Because they have their own little audience that are happy to support it.

>>137243995A desperate attempt at trying to recapture the 90's. Unfortunately is sort of backfired and made Tim almost obnoxious in how dickriding it was with him. So instead of organically reintroducing Tim and his appeal(because lets be real, new 52 Tim literally wasn't Tim), it just became the forerunner to the "WORLD'S GREATEST ROBIN" shit people think all his fans want. >>137244481I think we're past that. When you have two young adults living together, sleeping together, going on a cross country trip together where they avoided telling anyone where they were going...it's pretty overtly implied to have been a sexual relationship

Attached: steph tim detective 935 .jpg (1600x1230, 694.03K)

>>137244867>>137244893>>137244754Fair enough I suppose, but say a writer would want to extend that treatment when it comes to romance or general fanservice in this particular genre to male couples. Couldn't there be an opportunity to reach to that market in addition to gay or bi male readers? Of course many would be averse to it, but wouldn't there in time be an audience accrued there forth?

>>137245039>Couldn't there be an opportunity to reach to that market in addition to gay or bi male readers? Of course many would be averse to it, but wouldn't there in time be an audience accrued there forth?They lost that opportunity when they made Tim gay. They effectively lost the greater audience with the focus of Tim and his boyfriend. The awful art also played a hand it too. I wonder if the sales increased with the latest issue because the art was a massive improvement, but also very, VERY gay too.

>>137245039trying to get into a new/different market is fundamentally fine, but the problem comes from abruptly changing an older character who comes from this general/different market with his/her already established story and fans to do so. You're running a huge risk of alienating old fans while having minimal upside of attracting new ones since this new twist comes with a ton of baggage that will always detract from the change or new direction. Unless you're strictly going for short term publicity, buzz, shock value, etc. it's just smarter to create a new character or use a character that already fit. Not doing so has a very high likelihood of creating a worse case scenario where you burn bridges with old fans while not picking up nearly enough new fans which effectively torpedoes or even kills that characterFundamentally speaking, switching a character who had a decent sized fanbase from a general audience to a genre that you know will alienate a lot of their old fans (if you've done any kind of research on this kind of stuff) with a significantly smaller audience is fundamentally not a smart strategy to begin with unless you knew the smaller audience spends an extreme amount of money to overcome those gaps

>>137242698>>137242718>so mind broken their making jojo comparisons

>>137232630>>137232813Wasn’t this design stolen from a forgotten public domain character?

>>137245225It was like a shitty OEL BL manga.

>>137245225> I wonder if the sales increased with the latest issue because the art was a massive improvementI think that was a given. For those that were interested in reading Tim Drake: Robin, a majority lost said interest once it was announced that Riley Rossmo was at the helm. But by the time the Bernard side story came out there was an increase due to the art provided by Serge Acuna.

>>137245455>a majority lost said interest once it was announced that Riley Rossmo was at the helm.And you know, the focus of Tim being gay.

>>137245474I was referring to those that were interested in the romance.

>>137235235Is that like how we're supposed to take your pathetic bleating seriously?

>>137244754Media executives recycling corporate paranoia from 40 years ago is not "science," user.

>>137245489>that fanbase doesn't exist

>>137245372No? It was originally created by Alex Ross for kingdom come, as a suit for Dick.

>>137245957Literally the only time the costume has ever looked good. Mainly because Marcus To drew Tim like a twink while Alex Ross drew Dick as a middle-aged man.

Attached: DstYC_RXcAAKhL6.jpg (477x757, 105.79K)

How do they unfaggot Tim at this point and return him to being a good character? I’m thinking maybe a clone of younger, straight Tim could be the main character.

>>137246001Tim is a twink

Maybe Tim should get a time machine.

>>137246010>>137246057This will never work.

>>137245923Don't be intellectually dishonest. As hard as it is to believe, there are those that wanted the change.

>>137245957>>137246001He’s referring to the American crusader

Tim and Bernard should get married.

>>137246010The only really hope is if pre-Flashpoint gets the Earth-2 treatment and there's an older Tim who's still with Steph, even then they still gayed up Alan scott.

>>137232630A condom mask?Sounds fitting for a flaming FAGGOT, they should bring it back.

>>137246010>>137246209You can be dissatisfied with the development. But you must accept that this change is permanent, there's no going back on this. As to whether or not he stays with Bernard however, remains to be seen.

>>137246258I really don't see the comparison despite the many memes and jokes made about it. The cowl is simply Batman's without the Bat ears.

>>137232630At this point, just give him a knockoff Gatchaman costume.

Attached: 10710077a2.jpg (1200x882, 134.64K)

>>137246347Or maybe a Griffith outfit.

>>137246189This. Just so it can blow up in DC's face.

>>137235248Might as well actually call him Duckboy.

Attached: Duckboy.jpg (653x832, 78.7K)

>>137246189Agreed, Tim would be the bride.

>>137246359>GriffithNigga, Winslow is right there, just use his suit for inspiration.

Attached: tumblr_pzcku5sSbR1qi0pl0o1_540.gif (540x290, 3M)

>>137246817Still, the point stands. That suit was the source of inspiration for Griffith.

>>137246817Almost no one who knows Berserk realize Miura just used Phantom of the Paradise for reference, it wouldn't surprise you to know that I've seen lots of people see POTP pics and think it was a griffith reference.

Attached: E7uQXynWQAksNYF.jpg (2048x1116, 229.81K)

>>137246817>>137246895>PotP shows up in two threads I'm followingParadisechads, is it finally our time?

>>137246010>I’m thinking maybe a clone of younger, straight Tim could be the main character.If they couldn't let do the same for the son of Supreman, they're clearly not going to do it for Tim.

>>137241288Is that a fucking NetNavi?

>>137243079>If it ruins every character then why wasn't that the case for John Constantine?constantine was always shit so he can't be ruined

>>137249910not true.

It sucks because Tim was my Robin growing up.

>>137235350Middy is a canon bottom. Prometheus knew what had to be done to get the job done.

Attached: 09821830913.jpg (1080x1350, 158.39K)


>>137251135Should've been brrrrrrr.

>>137246108I'm sure retarded fujos would read anything if it involves faggotry but they're not exactly an active market.

>>137246279>As to whether or not he stays with Bernard however, remains to be seen.Whether or not Bernard stays, the damage is done. Tim is just the gay one.

>>137252068In your eyes.


>>137252336In the eyes of the fans.

>>137246010At this point Jon is more easy because a woman will insert his "totally not her" female character

>>137235546Steph deserves better.

>>137232630Jason Todd being a good guy. That’s literally the linchpin in the Robin legacy dynamic not working anymore. Jason was originally the tragic lost son, a huge blow to morale after Dick had been such a success. Then Tim came along and gave Bruce hope again, he was unique to the other Robins in that he was neither an orphan nor a charity case, he had ambition but you got the sense crime fighting wasn’t his only lifeline. When Jason came back as a villain, it emphasized just how good Dick and Tim were by comparison, then Damian came into the picture and was a brat with a lot of the same qualities as Jason combined with a superiority complex. The goal then for Bruce and his comrades was to ensure Damian did not suffer the same fate as Jason. He was the second chance. Jason being a hero on good terms with the Bat Family ruins it all because now none of the Robins have anything complex to bounce off of and they’re all just a quartet of nearly identical dark haired dudes. Tim is robbed of his place in the Robin lineup because he doesn’t have a dramatic enough gimmick anymore. Dick is the original, Jason is the uwu sad Joker victim, and Damien is literally Bruce’s kid. Tim just isn’t as interesting especially in an era where normies get more into comic media and aren’t interested to learn too much additional lore. Tim was sacrificed on the rainbow alter because no one cared to stop it. They never would’ve let it happen to Dick.

>>137250605I'm sorry.

>>137255090Thank you

The decline of Tim Drake in DC Comics can be attributed to several factors.The death of Tim Drake's father had a significant impact on his character, leading to a darker and more serious tone that was not always well-received by fans. This change in tone was also reflected in his storylines, which often focused on his struggle to balance his superhero duties with his personal life.Additionally, there was pressure from Dan Didio, the former co-publisher of DC Comics, to push Tim Drake as the new leader of the Teen Titans and Batman's heir. This led to storylines where Tim was being groomed to take on these roles, but it was met with mixed reviews from fans who felt that he was being forced into these positions.Furthermore, there was an overemphasis on Tim Drake's character traits, such as being the "greatest Robin ever" and the "best detective." While these qualities were initially well-received by fans, they eventually became overplayed and led to a lack of character development, making Tim Drake's character less interesting and relatable to readers.The return of Jason Todd and the introduction of Damian Wayne also had an impact on Tim Drake's character. Jason Todd's return created a new dynamic within the Batman family, while Damian Wayne's introduction as the new Robin shifted the focus away from Tim Drake.Moreover, Dick Grayson becoming Batman derailed Tim's push as Batman Jr. and led to a lack of direction for his character. This left him in a state of limbo, with no clear purpose or direction, which made him seem boring and uninteresting to readers.Overall, the decline of Tim Drake's character can be attributed to a combination of factors, including his character's trajectory within the Batman universe, editorial decisions, and overemphasis of his character traits, as well as the introduction of new characters. These factors led to a decline in popularity for Tim Drake among fans of the Batman franchise.

>>137256135>there was pressure from Dan Didio, the former co-publisher of DC Comics, to push Tim Drake as the new leader of the Teen Titans and Batman's heir.based DiDio

>>137256135With the New 52 reboot, Tim Drake's character was essentially made redundant. He was no longer the only Robin, as Damian Wayne had taken on the role, and his backstory was altered, erasing his time as Robin and making him a new character known as Red Robin. This new identity coincided with the name of a popular chain of restaurants, which may have caused confusion among some fans.This change left many fans disappointed, as Tim's previous character development was essentially erased.

>>137256167If you want Tim to be Batman's heir, you either never liked Tim, or only like John's character he made in place of Tim.


>>137256135>Jason Todd's return created a new dynamic within the Batman family,Much later and by N52. Post-crisis Jason is a new low-profile batman villain that doesn't shake up the family he isn't part of, and a continuation to the failure Robin he was since Tim got introduced. I wouldn't say Damian shifted the focus away from him either since Tim had his own book then. But it created competition, which was a first for Tim.

>>137256864Explain to me how. Tim's whole thing was never wanting to be a superhero forever. Once he becomes a lifer he loses his niche.

>Jason's dad is alive>Tim's dad is dead

Attached: lain-serial-experiments-lain.gif (498x353, 2.75M)

>>137256940So it's just a hobby for him? Just a rich kid playing superhero until it isn't fun anymore?

>>137257115No, it’s something he sees as a way to improve his skills as a detective and as a way to help out of his own sense of Justice and to do what’s right. Tim will always probably be involved in some form of criminal justice, just not in a superhero uniform. I could very easily see him as a successor to Oracle or an inside man for the Batfamily in law enforcement

>>137256167Said no one, ever

>>137256135>Additionally, there was pressure from Dan Didio, the former co-publisher of DC Comics, to push Tim Drake as the new leader of the Teen Titans and Batman's heir. This led to storylines where Tim was being groomed to take on these roles, but it was met with mixed reviews from fans who felt that he was being forced into these positions.Diddio was obssesed with killing Dick/Wally and Roy/Kyle/Donna being ignored while pushing YJ generation.In his mind probably having teens, Golden age heroes and Bruce/Super only would made the age issue more bearable.The problem is that he fucked up all the YJ aside Bart, and with Nu52 his character was assassinated until they made the Bar tor/Bart division

>>137249191Kinda, the point is you can even make something like a duck to look cool.And that Tim's "Drake" is not one of it.

>>137256940I like writing it so he’s best equipped to be Batman in many ways, but doesn’t want it. He’s a great choice for the heir, and struggles with that. “I should do this. Do I want to?”

These "How do we fix the batfam" threads only prove no one on Holla Forums actually likes any of these characters beyond the fanfic versions of them they made up in their heads.

>>137257094a fucking boomerang

>>137258226I think the batfam is fine, I just want Tim to find his own niche, stop being Robin dammit.

>>137235809Let him be a square, so long as he's hot.

Attached: 1671222369404850.jpg (1000x1517, 633.41K)

>>137258250None of you guys can agree on what you want him to be instead. None of you guys can agree on what his main character traits are. None of you guys can agree on what went wrong with the character. The only thing you guys agree on is that he sucks and that your headcanon for him is the best.

>>137258295There's no one single answer to any of what you said, there’s multiple ones for all of these.

>>137258226I think most of them are fine, or had periods where they were fine. I think Tim is in a bad spot lately and was at his best in the 90’s and 00’s. I liked him through 2011. I feel like there’s stuff that needs to be done to bring him back to good (although it may all be high level issues at this point).

>>137241185Based take.

>>137257094Jason wins again baby.

Attached: Wacky Jason.jpg (1075x1074, 183.39K)

>>137258226more like they hate what most of them have become. It's easy to point out because they didn't always used to be this way

>>137258234People die to a single punch all the time

>>137258328Don't get cocky Jasonfag, Tim at least had good stories at some point, Jason doesn't have shit.

>>137258226Elaborate your point instead of vaguely shitting on all sides.

>>137258402>Tim at least had good stories at some point Invalidated by his homosexuality

>>137258493Bisexuality, but in the end that's a (you) problem.

>>137258340That's better than a fucking boomerang in my opinion.

>>137258558>BisexualitySame thing.

>>137258606Boomerangs have been used as weapons to hunt such as Emu, Kangaroo, etc.

>>137252068He’s a great detective too.We need more queer detective stories.

>>137258693>(You) problem.Same here as well.

>>137258723Tell that to the people who dipped when he got a boyfriend

Red Robin suit is stupid. Cowl is ugly, tunic is ugly with an ugly hem, bandoliers are ridiculous.>>137258402You mean Tim happened to appear in comic stories that were good, by virtue of being the Robin for 20 years. Young Justice 98 was a good team book for youth audiences, otherwise no good DC story has ever been carried or improved or salvaged by Tim Drake. >>137258716Renee Montoya is the more interesting and attractive gay detective.

Attached: 955627288383robin.gif (426x240, 1.02M)

>>137258606As much as I dislike that it happened, I always thought this was a haunting looking image and I see the reasoning behind making boomerangs a fearful image for Tim.

Attached: 9D72CB5A-90C6-4BBF-A5CB-6BE088D40EDA.jpg (500x775, 167.9K)


>>137258985I can't take anything about Identity Crisis seriously.

>>137246001This actually looks pretty cool. Tim just needs a writer and illustrator that won’t make him a beta or a faggot.

>>137259181He is a beta though, always has been a pretty boy twink. He’s just a faggot now as well

>>137258985lmao fucking loser



>>137258985It's a nice looking standalone page, and Rags Morales is a good artist, but everything about IdCrisis was so fucking stupid that nothing can redeem it.


Attached: TimBer.jpg (1080x549, 115.17K)

>>137260666Do fujos actually like timbers?

>>137260666this shit was hella gay. I'm legit curious how some of this stuff gets ok'd. Surely they can't think it'll sell more comics especially to people who liked the old stuff

>>137260767It may sound hard to believe, but yes, TimBer does actually have fans.

>>137260781>this shit was hella gay.user, they kissed at the end of the story, I'm pretty sure that's the point.

>>137260666>Tim looking into the eyes of the man who penetrates him daily

>>137260767>>137260790Fujos try to eat their TimBer like a child promised dessert if they eat their vegetables. they don't want it, but they know if they make a big deal and complain about it they definitely won't get what they really want.

>>137259181>Tim just needs a writer and illustrator that won’t make him a beta or a faggot.You're asking of the impossible my dude.

>>137260924Maybe it's cause I'm not a fujo, but these seem pretty genuine to me.twitter.com/anemicdespresso/status/1654180009760702465https://twitter.com/Mbirnsings71/status/1654585395101794306https://twitter.com/lilac__hyacinth/status/1654663485882548226https://twitter.com/90shal/status/1635403059529666561https://twitter.com/comicaloddity/status/1657470094409121793

>>137233272The arms look weird, heavy, and clunky

>>137260666>Bifags: making a character bisexual character does not mean they're gayComic with bifags:

>>137234934The red, feather like cape is cool

>>137258402Wow, who could have guessed a Timfag would think Tim's stories are good and Jason's are bad?

Attached: mantt.png (248x80, 1.33K)

>>137259087Dude abandoned his GF for cock.

>>137260767I fap to timber at least weekly. What questions can I answer?

>>137261257>confess his undying love for Steph>dumps her a month later for twink cockkinda based ngl

>>137235962Bisexuals are just closeted gay men user, you know this.

>>137261316>Steph missed on school for Tim>still leaves her for twink cockNevermind, Tim is based

>>137261387>>137261316Getting AIDS to own the foids

>>137261286Do you buy comics?

>>137261412>"Sorry Steph, but if you can't accept my lifestyle then I want nothing to do with you.">"Tim, the toxoplasmosis is literally eating your eyes and organs away.">"Bernard, tell her to leave please."

Am I the only one who dislikes Damian's current suit design? I think it's the gray that's bothering me.

>>137261497I think it's kino, but you do you.

Attached: Edgelord Robin Damian.jpg (900x1139, 467.15K)

>>137261387>Steph loves him and offers support, understanding, protection, and wet, fertile pussy>Tim can’t hear her over Bernard’s grunts as rides Tim’s tight assLol

>>137261451Absolutely not, I pirate that shit

>>137261463I really wonder about you faggots sometimes. You're doing a bit, right? You're not actually that stupid?

>POV you are Steph’s snapchat

Attached: IMG_9232.jpg (1457x2048, 310.89K)

>>137235490I ain’t know that. Now it makes sense

>>137261316>>137261387>dc undoes all of the bendis stuff related to batman>only halfway undoes the damage he did to supermanwhat the fuck is wrong with this company? Why do they always keep the shit changes but undo the good ones

Attached: 1684137651917127.jpg (1988x3056, 1.91M)

>>137260781>how did this get okayed>a bog standard capeshit relationship tropeGosh I don't know. It sure is weird that a business isn't pushing extremist bigotry in its products.


>>137261778We don't tolerate discrimination against the LGBT or their lifestyle here. Leave now you twisted Holla Forumsfag.

>>137261846? Your shitpost doesn't even make sense.

>>137236422 >>137236488Checked

>>137261791Do you think she masturbates to this?

>>137261810DC legit does not give a fuck about the characters not related to Batman.


>>137261810I think Jon has a better chance of being fixed than Tim. There's some time/dimensional travel bs going on.

>>137261912>I think Jon has a better chance of being fixed than Tim. There's some time/dimensional travel bs going on.Tom Taylor literally shot down the theory that Nu-Jon is a clone or the son of Ultraman. Dude knows his character sucks and took it personally.

>>137261941I won't listen to his lies. If anyone is gonna unfuck Jon, it certainly won't be him.

>>137261941That's okay, Taylor doesn't have the final say and has no control over what future writers do.

>>137261881She already moved on and got a new boyfriend so no.

>>137261791>>137261881>when he sends the pic of his leaking bussy

Attached: really excited Steph.png (585x1007, 1017.36K)

>>137261941>Tom Taylor literally shot down the theory that Nu-Jon is a clone or the son of UltramanAND THEN DELETED THE TWEET BECAUSE HE KNOWS IT'S CLOSE TO THE TRUTHTHIS JON ISN'T ULTRAMAN'S SONHE'S INJUSTICEMAN'S SON

Attached: The son of Kal-El.jpg (1552x1080, 200.71K)


>>137261997Imagine the snaps she sends back

Tim doesn’t work anymore. He’s obsolete. Adaptations have already used his suit and weapon for Dick and now, he gets passed over in favor of Damian. It goes like this:>If there’s the one and only Robin, its Dick>If Dick is Nightwing, 2nd and current Robin is Damian as Jason gets passed over too unless they decide to use Red Hood in something.

>>137261704See, it's the "fertile" bit that makes people go "NOPE"

>>137261997"moved on" with a boyfriend who's basically Tim but Asian lmao

>>137262143Jason is important too because every normie knows "Robin died" and that's why Bruce became a loner

>>137262192>chinese bootleg Robin>>137262252>every normie knows "Robin died"I'm not sure it's THAT well known

>>137246817That movie is hideous

>>137262143>muh multimediaIf this had ever been relevant to anything, there would only be a handful of characters at either company.>>137262252Normies don't have any idea about anything comics related. They still think Dick Grayson is Robin despite that not being true for longer than most people have been alive.

>>137262252Normies know that Robin exists. That’s it. They don’t know about Jason or that he died and came back.

>>137262143That problem also lies in DC animation being run by old boomers who have no interest for anything not classic and not pushed on them by modern DC

>>137262285Multimedia is what makes the big bucks. Movies and games are big money. Comics don’t sell for shit in comparison.

>>137262309They literally had Damian as Robin for the entirety of the DCAMU.

>>137262318Sure, but it doesn't have any relevance to what happens in the ongoing universes outside of rare cases where something crosses over and sticks, like Harley. Other media only need and use the bare outline of concepts and cliffs notes versions of significant story arcs.

>>137262270>>137262285>>137262300You guys really have to clarify what you mean by "normies". Yeah old people in retirement homes might not know(even though the death of Robin in 88 was a fairly big deal at the time), but when people say normies I usually think they mean, you know,people like them but not actively buying comics and watching cartoons; western males age 18-45. Most of which would've grown up with Batman cartoons and general pop culture osmosis and understand that Bad Things happen to Robin.

>>137262309>DC animation being run by old boomers who have no interest for anything not classicA feature, not a flaw

>>137262330That falls under the latter of things pushed on them by DC, like the whole New 52 being the basis of the DCAMU. That said I wouldn't be surprised if the guys at WB Animation were all in on New 52

Maybe he just needs to be in a live action movie where they don’t make him gay or a loser. More people see the movies than read the comics.

>>137262520>More people see the movies than read the comics.More people play the games than the movies and know from that shitty recent Arkham game that he's the gay one.

>>137262577There those that believe that Dick and Bernard are bisexual based on a few interactions between them. Dick saying that they should participate in a pride parade as their alter egos. Although I know what you meant, the game was Gotham Knights.

>>137262577That was the gotham Knights game, in the Arkham Games Tim is...an MMA practicing bald headed space marine looking dude who is..apparently a schoolteacher.

>>137262966God why did you have to remind me that this exists XD

>>137262898No, it was more that the game included reporter doing an interview asking about Dick's taste in women, and he started talking about how he loves all kinds of People, he finds People attractive, he's so very very flexible about what kind of People he likes. It read like a Devin Greyson at her most indulgent fujo moment. I can smell the LiveJournal yaoi fangirl in the writing.>>137262966Yeah, and he was awesome.

Attached: Batgirl Robin Nightwing.png (500x575, 145.21K)

>>137262577Nobody played that game, bro

>>137262898I was kind of annoyed by that, and I'm saying this as someone who isn't particularly bothered by Tim having a boyfriend. Like, let him have this one thing, you faggots. Dick doesn't need to try to move in on this very specific territory, especially when it's purely superficial. Bernard is at least a background subplot happening while the physically present characters go about their business, so it makes sense for Tim to bring him up a couple times.

>>137263098Far more people actually paid money for that game than read any comic.

>>137262966Being an MMA practicing schoolteacher is way cooler than whatever other shit they have going on for him right now

If they gave him a hardboiled mystery story more akin to the tone of Matt Reeves Batman I feel like that would help a lot. But they would just fill it with gay shit. So there just needs to be a regime change.

>>137263193His book already opened with a standard Bat-case with standard limited references to the main character's private life, so that is obviously still permitted. But he does need a more interesting writer and an editor who understands nobody tolerates the batboys looking like hideous scribbles.

>>137263123He looked like a dork.

>>137263274The look can change, but if they said he was a schoolteacher during the day (and not gay) that would be a lot more interesting and unique than this limbo of Robin, but not THE Robin that they currently have the character in.

>>137263403That's already Helena's thing though, when they remember it. Hell, Helena was Tim's schoolteacher once. Tim's current state is a mess but dudebro 2000's game character is an embarrassing overcorrection of Robin seeming too gay. HE also had basically none of Robin's personality traits.

>>137263403I think if they're willing to grow him up, teacher would be a great job for Tim. I'm thinking probably middle school aged kids. Writing Tim as being say 25.The issue with that is that forces DC to make Dick at least 30, if not 33ish, and that pushes Bruce up to 45 on the low end. Me, I think that'd be great and fun to read. But DC wouldn't let that all happen.

>>137263486Tim being a teacher is a waste of his talent and was never one of his interests. Programmer , PI, Lawyer, or scientist are much more fitting routes

When will oldfags come to turns with the heavy hand theyve had in destroying Tim?He gets made back into Robin to combat all the constant nostalgia BEGGINGTHEN they made him bi to detach him from this lame ass fandom and hopefully make him palpable to an entirely new fandom, basically pawning him off to the gays. If comic fans wernt so annoying and more supportive of cool shit, i.e. RR, and that future Tim titans Batman thing we wouldnt be having this problem now.

>>137263486One hidden blessing of this drama has been that Tim's generation has been crowbarred into official adulthood thanks to Bernard going to college. Tim could start doing plot-relevant internships or using the family money to set something up.

>>137263633>Tim could start doing plot-relevant internships or using the family money to set something upCan't wait for the issue where Tim joins the LGBT club at Bernard's college and tells all the trannies that they are valid.

>>137263664This isn't remotely relevant to my post. Fuck off.

>>137263604>and that future Tim titans Batman thingThat thing was fucking retarded. The non-homosexual fans didn't do anything wrong, it was literally the editorial shooting themselves in the foot not realizing what made Tim work.

>>137263701Yes, secretly dating Superboy. And then they fucked it all up.


>>137263664Can't wait to see Tim and Bernard go to gay clubs, see Tim get high/drunk, and watch Bernard force him to get plowed by 6 dudes bareback. I assume Bernard's already given Tim AIDS, but if not they could do a plotline of him catching it there.>"B-But I was on PrEP, Bernard!">"Did you actually take it everyday?">"M-Most of the time. . ."

>>137263604>>137263747putting tim in the Batman running is the exact fucking thing that kills him as a character.Once he's pidgeonholed as that, he's immediately overshadowed by Dick(who has been the top candidate since the 40's) and Damian (the blood son)To say nothing of secondaries who think Batman Beyond should be Batman's future and Terry shoehorned in mainstream continuity.Dixon knew that once you start compromising and giving Tim Dick's elements(being Batman's heir being an orphan) you've compromised the character and he's now struggling to find a niche.

Timfags... it's ogre

>>137263992Fuck off, samefagging retard.

>>137264006>the blood sonNothing would destroy Batman's inherent mission credibility as fast as blood nepotism.

>>137264166It doesn't matter what the character himself thinks, fans and editorial will side with the blood son out of principal. Especially compared with a kid who didn't even get adopted until he was 16.

>>137264226Anyone who thinks Batman should or would skip over his older assistants to let his biological son take over is not a fan. The idea reeks of damifag.

>>137262143>Adaptations have already used his suit and weapon for DickAlso some of his personality at the time, along with some of his more specific skillset. More people, especially normalfags, assosiate that outfit and bo staff combo with Dick than they ever will with Tim.

>>137264322This is just an argument that it's actually Dick who's obsolete because it's just Tim with a different name tag.And of course in a sense he is simply because he now has a different job and his material from 50-60 years ago isn't great for modern production.

>>137264280Is not about age user, if that were the case, Jason would take priority over Tim, who shouldn't even want to be Batman in the first place.

>>137261912not happening. you will get the shitty adopted twins to fill jon's spot and that's final.

>>137264376I don't recall saying Tim should take it? If anything he's down there with Jason in the least likely spot because they're both actively opposed to it. The issue is you can't skip over Dick, and in a succession he needs to take it because "oh, Damian has to do it by default because literally everyone else won't touch it with a 10-foot pole" makes it look like Bruce is incompetent at fundamentally important future planning.

>>137264280anon here's the thing, most Batman fans, hell most fans of genre characters in general, don't have a deep understanding of the character. they like them compartmentalized in certain ways. It's why preptime Batman is so popular.The first Robin or Batman's son or even a street kid like Terry(before the retcon) all make a more satisfying narrative for replacing Batman than Tim. Trying to put him in the running is crippling him.

>>137234934I didn’t mind this look when the first artist on that teen titan run was drawing it.

>>137264438I don't disagree with that. I just don't think Damian should be a serious consideration either. He's Dick's successor, not Bruce's.

>>137264371That's kind of the problem with these arguments, everything gets changed, reinterpreted, or retconned to the point you can't really make a statement that relies on unique features because they aren't unique anymore.

>>137237564See the problem is that would be fun and lacks relationship drama and politics. Be better user.

>>137264226This is some intensely cucked damifagging. He's a fine character user, he doesn't need you to simp for him.

>>137264518You can have those at a dinner mystery. Guests bring a +1 to help them out.

>>137263516I can't help but think everyone who likes the schoolteacher Tim thing are just people who started with the Arkham games and thought dudebro Tim was the sickest shit ever

>>137263193>Tim gets his hardboiled detective story>its a remake of Cruising

>>137264684No that Tim sucked. I'm just open to the idea of doing something like the teacher thing as a refreshing take.

>>137264411Dick already has taken it before, he's literally always the first choice.

>>137264518>relationship dramai still dont get why these braindead boomers think anyone reads capeshit for relationship soap opera bullshit

>>137264954Because it's been a huge part of capeshit since day 1.

>>137252378roll the rs

>>137262966And married to Babs

>>137265068Yes but that doesn't suit user's narrative that soapy comics is some kind of new woke diversity hire crap inserted into his big men in body paint punching each other manlily. Please ignore that it was Marvel's entire marketing premise for 60 years etc.


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Aye, came late to the thread but it really is sad to see the state of Tim in recent years...He used to be my favorite character, I loved to read and reread his Robin and RR run, even 'Tec comics was kinda nice to see him interact with Cass and being together with Steph, even Batman Eternal where N52 Tim finally meet Steph again but hell..the moment DC made him Bisexual AKA gay just turned Tim into a shit character because writers can't write a gay character in 2020's without making everything about how gay the character is and his super special and wholesome relationship is

>samefag posts his fanfic

>>137265307Is this where I talk about him catching AIDS and insisting he's the submissive partner again?

>>137265068>>137265274It's the nature of the relationship drama that has changed. Relationship drama in capes used to boil down to either costumed heroics causing conflict with the girlfriend or the hero being tempted by a femme fatale for 90% of the time. Nowadays writers seem loathe to have the supporting cast be ignorant of the hero's identity (if not secret identities in general) and are hellbent on stripping female villains of their villainy.

>>137264322The Animated Series used Tim's suit, but the Teen Titans cartoon didn't use Tim's suit. Tim's suit needs the red baby onesie to snap over his green tights at the crotch. If it's just regular pants, then it's not Tim's suit. I've never seen any adaptation steal Tim's personality traits for Dick. Dick was being the grumpy overserious leader before Tim ever popped into being.

Attached: heard of better than Batman get ready for BETTER THAN NIGHTWING.png (1250x972, 1.05M)

>>137265412>t, but the Teen Titans cartoon didn't use Tim's suit. Tim's suit needs the red baby onesie to snap over his green tights at the crotch. If it's just regular pants, then it's not Tim's suit.That's awfully pedantic. It's closer to Tim's suit than Dick's

>>137263992Tim getting AIDS would be stealing Jason's traits.

Attached: hilarious mental image of Starlin cramming a ballot box to give Robin AIDS.png (1440x1945, 616.27K)

>>137265449I'm sure Tim is happy to get a hand-me-down that actually wasn't used, for a change.

>>137265411Female villains switching sides has been a thing for a long time (see Emma Frost, Rogue, Scarlet Witch), and Marvel's main family of comics has always been a soap opera where almost everyone involved is a superhero. The earlier complaint was that Tim-related material had this problem, so we can safely assume he made up something to complain about because he's mad about who's doing it.

>>137265458>begging the question>calling anyone else an election touristlol

>>137265449HahahahahahahahaThank you for sharing this. Fine I'll shut up about the Tim/Bernard AIDS fetish for the rest of the thread.

>>137265485And now there's another post proving that was the case. How convenient.

>>137265449Starlin was the prototype for Ellis/Ennis and you cannot change my mind


>>137265449Starlin is a massive faggot for not being able to comprehend that Batman needs a Robin.

>>137265524Jimmy's either black or gay in adaptations from now on.

>>137266221OH FUCK

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>>137265495>n-no u!Concession accepted.

>>137266244kek, still better than faggotim though.

>>137266345you are thoughit's super obvious

>>137266346Anon, Tim is gay in Titans and Bernard is his boyfriend there. We got live action timber before timsteph.

APOLOGIZE>Added memorable characters>Had some fun twists/plot points>Didn’t tear down Peter as a hero, even when it made him the clone temporarily>Gave us back Norman OsbornClone saga isn’t even in the top 10 worst Spider-Man storylines anymore

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>>137266373toppest lel. God I'm so sorry for timfags.

>>137266373yeah it's almost like the guy screaming and crying about a character he clearly knows nothing about is just here to have a melty about his political views on the wrong board

>>137266364However you need to contextualize your retreat from the discussion, dear tourist. Self-care is important!

>>137266418>discussionlolYou having a melty and admitting it by suddenly moving the goalposts to gay people is not a discussion. Your concession is accepted.

>>137266398Wow. A “My Three Sons” sitcom reference in a 90s comic book. Who would have thunk it?

>>137266244>>137266373I remember when the actor was first casted he talked about Stephanie


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>>137266373What about other medias? Did we ever get Timsteph in a game or cartoon?

>>137268728Nope. Never.


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>>137261497> Damian's current suit designI'm surprised and impressed by how hard people ignore the leprechaun platform shoes.>>137264438>It's why preptime Batman is so popularPreptime Batman is popular because it's a meme and something fans or antis like to mock...

>>137269721>I'm surprised and impressed by how hard people ignore the leprechaun platform shoes.I don't mind them, it also helps to highlight that he's just a stupid kid and also a huge edgelord.

>>137246157>>137269084>Every costume with a black cowl is the same costumeJesus Christ comic fans are fucking retarded

>>137268728Has Steph ever even appeared in any media outside the comics?

Writers not caring about him.Writers are having to rip from Dick's shit because they don't care about reading Tim's old stuff.

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>>137268728>>137269828TimSteph was sort of implied at the ending of the last YJ season where they're sitting together at the wedding..of course this came out right after the Tim Urban Legends issue. Since this was in production before that it's very possible it's the last media to ever even imply it.Otherwise, steph's been in..the Batwoman and Gotham Knights TV show. both yet to use her in a superhero identity. also GK implied she had a crush on Harper.

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>>137269840>not reading Tim's old stuffTim has been written by his fanboys for a very long time, so I doubt that. They're most likely haven't read about Dick or making what they think is an hommage. Most likely, they're using a cute but very generic trope/gimmick in kid stories like what you posted

>>137266990>>137267235This guy got two monkey's paws; Cast in the Batman and cast as Tim in Titans. I bet he thought there was a chance of getting a movie deal as Robin, same with the Nightwing actor thinking he was gonna be Ben Affleck's Robin

>>137267235Damn, poor guy

>>137232630good taste

>>137270391TimSteph is dead

>>137272172No, it'll be back. I know it will.

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>>137272172Nah Bertrand has no staying power. Alan Scott will also be made straight again one day. Not because of any agenda. But because editorial will inevitably forget they made him gay.

>>137269840You really think Tynion and Zdarsky haven't read Tim's stuff? That's nuts. Zdarsky isn't trying trying to make Tim into a crappy version of Dick, he's trying to legitimize Tim's claim to being the truest and bestest Robin. It's exactly what Wolfman wanted to do by putting Tim in the audience of the last Flying Graysons show, Tim is supposed to have a special connection to the genesis of the Robin mantle. It's a flop, because all the hype trying to build up Tim isn't attached to the history or iconic status of the other Robins. Tim can't back up that hype with actual relevance to the grand scheme of the Batman mythos.

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>>137270391>GK implied she had a crush on Harper.As one of the people who actually watches GK, I haven't seen that, there’s more romantic tension between her and the OC protagonist and between her and Lincoln March's OC son.

>>137272317>Alan Scott will also be made straight again one day. Not because of any agenda. But because editorial will inevitably forget they made him gay.I forget how naive this place can get.

>>137272317I honestly think it's likelier that they simply reinvent Bernard's character again rather than just ditch him.

>>137272275It's over pal, Bernard is Tim's main love interest now.

>>137272275Why would you want it back? It humiliated Steph when Tim ghosted her.

>>137270391>Tim's boyfriend in the comics>Tim's boyfriend in Wayne Family Adventures>Tim's boyfriend in TitansI'm honestly almost willing to bet that Bernard will now consistently be Tim's love interest for every adaptation of his character.

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>>137272787In one of the recent episodes Steph is dressing a wound Harper has and says worst case scenario is that it leaves a sexy scar. Harper says scars aren't sexy and Steph gives her a flirty smile and says she disagrees. Granted it could just be read as friendly but the sexy comment might be them trying to bait.

>>137274915>Steph gives her a flirty smileAlso known as just a friendly smile, maybe it's just me, but I interpreted that as them simply finally becoming friends because Harper hated Steph for a while>the sexy comment might be them trying to bait.Maybe? I wouldn't put it past them but it could also just be girl talk.

>>137273975I find it funny that his last name in Titans was changed from Dowd to Fitzmartin.

>>137261497I think it looks stupid, they should've leaned into the Al Ghul side of his family for his suit redesign.

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