Hailey's On It thread, because the last one went over bump limit

Hailey's On It thread, because the last one went over bump limit.

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Hope everybody's excited for 2 straight hours of episodes being dumped at midnight the day after the premiere and then no new episodes for a month and a half

>>137231613>Leaves because waiter put pepper on her saladSerious question, is Hailey autistic?

>>137231894I wish but not because i believe in inclusivity but because the mentally ill make my dick hard

>>137231842Beats the old model of showing 1 episode every 3-4 months.

How is that release date looking like haileybros?

>>137231613what’s exactly her challenge here? the salad looks good

>>137232084She doesn't want to try pepper in her salad, in the trailer she says "I'm not really the kind of person who likes to try new things."

>>137232303she’s brown… and she’s scared of pepper?

>>137232325She's Hawaiian, she probably has never tried Pepper and it's consistent with how she says she prefers being in her comfort zone

>>137232325Not all brown people are Mexicans, user

The main character looks like an uglier version of Luz


>>137232325She's half-Native Hawaiian.

>>137231937It kills discussion though

I kind of wish Disney would stop making their female characters such vapid sluts. Isn’t the whole plot of this show that she’s trying to get with her guy friend? It’s a weird trend at this point

>>137233632Yes, unless something weird happens, they are probably going to have Hailey be thirsty for Scott for the entireity of season 1

>>137233632At least she's straight

>>137234005*for now

Is Hailey on it?

>>137234005>>137234017Owl House is the exception, not the rule.

>>137234114i want her to be on aphrodisiacs

>>137234234I want her to be on my face

>>137231613so... what's the appeal? with amphibia, it was frogs. with owl house, it was witches. with molly, it was ghosts. with infinity train, it was... trains. why should i, a grown man, feel the need to watch this new show?

>>137234560sex with brown cunny

>>137234572i can get sex with brown cunny in 3 of those shows, 4 if i count hazel. i cant tell that to my normie friends. i need a better reason to watch this show

Does she go barefoot at all?


>>137231613Um whos IT????

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>>137234560The bucket list?


>>137234560Ss others have said brown cunny but it is a rom com and it has robots in it


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>>137231894I hope so

>>137231613What is this? New show? Any good?

>>137235371Not out yet, only a trailer.

>>137232084The last time a Hawaiian tried new things they became a US State

hailey's blown it

>>137234560>with amphibia, it was the girls. with owl house, it was the girls. with molly, it was the girlsftfyI'm watching for Hailey Sonette and the impending apocalypse plot.

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>>137238099>with amphibia, it was the girls. with owl house, it was the girls. with molly, it was the girlsHow does Disney get away with giving us the same brown loli in different wrappings? 2 of these are thai kek

>>137238656All of them have different personalities in my mind

>>137238656The four brown cunny of the apocalypse

>>137239023molly >>>>>> all the other broads

>>137234675Scott>>137236195It was worth it for having an official US flag with a Union Jack.


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>>137232395>>137232520you act as if Hawaii is completely exotic. salt n pepper is on the table at every plate lunch place in the islands lolits far more likely she just doesnt like pepper cause she's 9 or whatever

>>137233602another cartoon little girl coom thread is not discussion

>>137231842Are they doing that? I thought we just had two episode a week on TV

>>137241366Who cares if it isn't? life is hard and uneventful and they make me happy.

>>137241200Her age is 100% off the clock, the suits know 13 is the sweet spot for gooners and kids alike.

>>137238099someone should edit this so the whole list is lewd things

>>137241617>#144 HANDHOLDING >:)


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>>137241669apparently she wasn't "on" birth control

>>137241669>Scott thinks that his Girlfriend cheated on him after watching her dance with another guy in a dance where he wanted to surprise her by assisting and is depressed to the point he is drunk with soda in Hailey's home>Hailey, also drunk in soda tries to console him by telling him that he will get over it, after a quick thought to kiss him to finish that part of her list passes over her head, she decides to give him a Kiss>As they are both glorified drunk horny teenagers the kiss becomes more passionate and while moaning Hailey declares that she wants Scott>The next day Hailey wakes up with a headache, and after getting her head together she realizes she is naked and that a naked Scott is next to her in her bed>Hailey puts 2 and 2 together and realizes that Scott took her virginity and that she took Scott's virginity>Hailey's phone rings, and she answers, Scott's girlfriend asks her if she has seen Scott>Hailey asks her what was she doing after the last time she saw him>She responds she was in an important dancing event with her Family, and that her cousin invited her to dance>Hailey hangs up the call>numbseinfeld.pngyoutu.be/NvYZzMkLKog


Is there gonna be any lore behind the origins of the list or it just another macguffin to keep the story rollin?

>>137242029Wasn't the synopsis she wrote all that stuff in her book on new years or something? I would assume the book will be a macguffin on the level of Randy's Ninja Nomicon or Star's Wand, not because of any actual power but because it's an integral part of the timeline. It would be funny if the Chaos Bots try to steal or destroy it but Katie just made several copies in advance, has it written down on her phone and stored it on the cloud just to cement home that she's dedicated or neurotic about it.

>>137234618You’ll have to wait and find out

>>137242029Probably only about the apocalypse, but a common theory is that the Professor is a Future Hailey that made up the whole apocalypse thing to motivate her younger self and that the Robots and Beta are part of the ruse for that goal.

>>137241403First six episodes on disney+

>>137241683she's brown user, do you think she ever will?

>>137244212Didn't the trailer and posters state that the episodes arrive at Disney Plus a day after the TV broadcast?

>>137245137The first one does, along with the next five

What's the relationship dynamic gonna be like between hailey and scott?

>>137232303>I'm not really the kind of person who likes to try new thingsIs this gonna be disney's first chuddy protagonist? based

>>137245688Hailey to Scott: childhood friend who has developed some romantic feelings towards.Scott to Hailey: childhood friend he can trust and cares a lot about.If we are lucky by mid-season 2 they will become a couple.

>>137233632Pepper on a salad is slutty now?

>>137231613Trailer begins unironically with>*record scratch* yep that’s meDOA

>>137231613Trailer begins unironically with>*record scratch* yep that’s meGOATED on arrival

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>>137246523always been

Lewd hand-holding deliveryyy :)

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>>137246523She wants to be spicy>>137247444Trips of Truth, thank you user.

>>137241632>>137247444WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?


>>137231613Imagine if she was trans. These threads would take over Holla Forums like the Jazz threads on Holla Forums

>>137241769>>137241683Now draw her giving birth

>>137249523Whoa, too fast user. You need to draw the first date, then the first kiss, then the first awkward sex, then the marriage, then the hot and passionate sex which makes a baby, then the pregnancy test (which we actually have in this thread), then the water breaking, then the admission to the hospital, then and only then the creation of a new life can be drawn

>>137249704You forgot we also have the Hand Holding drawing in this thread.

>>137246499Then break up in season three and go through a bunch of bullshit where Hailey comes out a strong indepedent woman.

>>137249794I hope the Professor gets a new haircut later in the series, specially considering that the probability of her being a future version of Hailey or her daughter is of 90%. I despise the "Strong Female Character" hair so much, it's another modern cliche that I hope dies.

>>137245083At least that means she will have descendants, heterosexuality wins again

>>137242543>Swimsuit in Trailer>Surfing swimsuit in OpeningProbably by episode 5 at the earliest

>>137246393>ChubbyWell, one part of her list says "Eat Junk food for a day"

>>137251209Good. She needs to develop some mommy hips FAST because if there's one thing she's not "on" is birth control.

>>137231842Disney+ in my country still hasn't put up past S3E5 of Big City Sneeds. I waited two months for the amphibia finale. They shut down the Disney Channel here to so they're just asking for piracy.

>>137231613What does Hailey smell like?

>has to fuck her best friend to save the universeWe're so back. Hasn't been this straight since Kim Possible.

>Brown>Dork>Jumpers>Buck tooth>Male love interestWE ARE BACK

>>137252805>you need to fuck him hailey>hold him down and rape him if you have to>but for the sake of the universe, you need that dick inside of you

>>137252788Like bubblegum and sweat.

>92 replies>7 imagespa-the-tic

I know it's Holla Forums's whole thing to drool over every animated little girl but she isn't even cute and the show in general looks boring


>>137253112The bar is low

>>137253112we don't have many options here user

>>137253168>>137253212Fair enough, sad state of affairs here.

>>137253082>Pa... the Tick is on!based redneck tick enjoyer

>>137253112I think Hailey's design is pretty cute and I'm not sure how a brief 30 second trailer is enough to judge whether or not a show is boring, I actually think the new poster alone makes the premise more foreboding than the initial summary.I don't know, are you going to be one of those ones that constantly comes into the threads and gets angry because Holla Forums is fawning over a 14 year old? They must love you in Azula threads then.

>>137253112Hailey looks reasonably cute. Scott, on the other hand, is not very fappable

>>137253112Hailey's unconventionally cute for me but you're right that the show looks boring. Personally, I think the animation could be better.

>>137253112Meganekkochads have been starved for content since Tootie's disappearance and Candip was focus-fired sunk. Let us be cautiously optimistic here.

>>137253870"Unconventionally cute" is the best way to put it. Her jaw looks huge at times.

so where's the rule 34 at

>>137253112I dont understand how you could not find her attractive

>>137255853Again, i don't like how massive her jaw looks sometimes but that's about it

>>137253468>>137253781>>137253870>>137255756>>137255853>>137256006I think its more of "Dorky cute", but I would argue that the show's somewhat less than stellar animation comes from how Disney had a lot of budget cuts whrought 2022 (The leaked storyboards are dated March 2022)

>>137256370It looks good sometimes but other times it looks stiff

>>137252805>>137252876>>137253162>If the Doctor is Future Hailey that means she misses Scott so much that she wants a past version of herself to breed with him.>If the Doctor is Hailey's daughter that means she wants to ensure her existence by helping her parents hook up.Will this become the new Chrisposting?

>>137257116Let's hope that improves by season 2>>137242450Considering that at one point we see her checking her list in a phone it implies that she or the Doctor saved a backup of the book at some point.

>>137241669>>137241683>>137241769>>137249704>>137252009How do you think Hailey would be as a mother in the Future?

>>137259008>ywn have a Hawaiian Nerd Mommy

>>137253068And saliva

>>137247444Where are the other requests from last thread?

>>137241088>Union Jack because King Kamehameha I wanted the Kingdom of Hawai to be a British colony.What did Hawaii mean by this?

What do you think of the Scott/Hailey/Kristine love triangle?

>>137262376At least compared to Star Vs:Disney won't want to make that same mistake againIt's implied Scott and Kristine have been dating for some time/just started dating by the time the show starts, compared to how it took a season and a half for Marco and Jackie to become a coupleHailey and Scott have been friends since Childhood, compared to how Star and Marco met in the first episode, so Scott realizing his feelings for Hailey, if that's a direction they want to take those characters, it will make sense to the viewers.

>>137260706>she spits on her hand to groom her hair like an autistgold

>>137257169>Hailey, the book states it must be missionary, handholding, baby-making sex. Do not fail us in our hour of need, Hailey!



Hailey smells like bubblegum sweat and saliva most of the time, this is cannon.

>>137263946is there a way to recreate that smell without using bodily fluids?

>>137264026Of course not silly! that's what makes it special.

>>137263946>>137264026>>137264495>Hailey wakes up after a good night's sleepover>Scott is still sleeping>She sees his hair is messy>She puts some saliva in her hand and organizes his hair>Scott wakes up, and after realizing that hailey used her spit to organize his hair he chuckles and tells her he finds it endearing like a Mother cat licking its kittens.

>>137265002they share a single brain cell

>>137265382That's why they are meant for each other.

>>137246499>>137246523The duality of user.

>>137238099>>137231613She's really sexy guys.What's this show now?

>>137265821Girl has to complete her bucket list to save the world.

>>137265829Is getting her cherry popped one of them?

>>137266369yes one of the major conflicts is she's in love with her best friend who is a boy who already has a gf

>>137266413based homewrecker

>>137265821Is she now? I wouldn't really call her sexy.

>>137231613What's the appeal fo this show?

>>137267985I think the best part about this show is that Hailey relatively stands out from the other girls because she's a nerd that's not very attractive. The appeal of pretty much every Disney show is centred around the little girl protagonist so there ya go.

>>137267985Haley being a nerd with no discernable talent bumbling her way to victory

>>137231613paging dr andy right now

>>137268047>this character being remotely unattractiveyou seriously fell for the 'hot chick in glasses and a ponytail' meme?

make hailey a mommy

>>137268915Ewwww she's like 13 lol

>>137268928Didn’t stutter

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you do know that we will have to make a trash general once the jannies inevitably kick us out right? it's gonna be called /hoi/

>>137270338it's gonna be called /hoig/ unfortunately


>>137257169What? If the daughter exists then there's no point in traveling back in time for something that definitely happened.

>>137270355Why? The molly threads there are called /tgamm/ which roll off the tongue way easier.

>>137270425She has thick ass glasses, freckles, a downie looking jaw and a gap in her teeth user.i would impregnate her in a heartbeat

>>137270569if they were smart it would be called /ghost/

i hate how little pics yall posting

>>137270540Either stable time loop, BTTF rules or she has an "I want to see my parents conceive me" kink.

>>137268482Imagine the slapstick kino...

>>137250419Its pretty damn generic honestly like, oh hey she has a tomboyish hairstyle so that means she from the future.

>>137270636Who thought this poster was a good Idea?

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>>137231613>>137253112>>137253870>>137255756>>137256370>>137267968>>137268047>She has glasses and a ponytail! And paint on her overalls! What is that??I guess that's how you know this was made by Gen Xers not millennials. Did they actually think these are unattractive things? Ponytails are the best hairstyle by far and I'll die on that hill.

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>Mystery-meat brown dorky girl does thingswhy do Holla Forumsonsoomers fall for this?

>>137231613HAILEY'S ON PAGE 10

the leftmost girl is Scott's sister I think

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>>137253112Nah dorky looking girls are cute, get better taste

>>137272069Are they also funny?

>>137272069>>137272408So you're telling me dorky-looking girls are cunny?

>>137271238Is this loss?

>>137272832Light reference for shading loss.

>>137268915>>137259008>>137259758In all seriousness, reluctant Mom Hailey with a Daughter that pushes her to try new things (the Doctor could be her Daughter in the future)would be a pretty cool alternate concept for the series.

>>137271238Stop spamming that stupid image. You're comparing the tones of *lit* areas with the tones of *shadowed* areas. The light source in the scene is the sun coming from behind. Learn how to draw.

>>137271491>Mystery-meat jap dorky girl does thingswhy do /a/utists fall for this?

>>137274816>Complain about Japanese Character in Japanese ProductWhat did user mean by this?

>>137255769There’s only 3 images on the site right now. More will come after the show is released

>>137271491>Complain about mutt Character in mutt ProductWhat did user mean by this?

>>137275047check the atf booru