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So, we have new episodes this week starting tonight. What do you expect from them?

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>>137226330I want more Stella


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>>137226330>What do you expect from them?Nothing good.

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Alright, we got less than 15 minutes to go.


>>137226330The Really Loud House is cancelled yet?


So, what do you think about today's episode?



>>137226330Farts! Hopefully this time MOM farts.It would be funny. Haha! FUNNY!

>>137230956It was alright, Liam had the funniest parts, besides Lincoln's 2000 slide , slide shows which were fun. I kind of would have liked it if they had switched friend pairings instead of just trying different lockers, but was fun to see Chandler again.

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>>137230445I wish.

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>>137232112What a bitch

>>137231134Alright. Anyone else?>Captcha: PP00P

>>137226330Can't wait for the Lola and Lincoln episodes!

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>>137227371Stella is _______

>>137234495a beer.

>>137234495a boring character.


I expect a gay sex between Lincoln and Chandler in future episodes. Who's with me?

>>137226330>What do you expect from them?Lincoln & friends instead of the Loud House.

>>137234576Just you.>>137234582Only today's episode is about the Action News Team.

>>137234609>Just you.Y tho?

>>137234650Lincoln is straighter than a ruler.

>>137234693Really? Then how are Clyde and him are bffs? I suggest that Lincoln and Chandler, to become friends also and get rid of their rivalry, would have a gay sex in a school bathroom.

>>137234851BFFs aren't lovers.

>>137234576It's inevitable.The Chandman is irresistible

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>>137234910Yep, he can't resist to shove his baton into Lincoln's bunghole. And after a while, change positions.

>>137234576>>137234650>>137234851>>137234922oh hey Russian user, welcome back. I was wondering what happened to you.

>>137234990I was doing a little rebranding in kitchen, new wallpapers, y'know.

Anons, sometimes i have thoughts about Chandler and Lynn (Jr.) being relatives. Just look it up: their hairstyle is kinda same, they're both bold kids, but different in their persona.

>>137235179What the heck?

>>137235231It's just a thought.

>>137235278It's a ridiculous thought.

>>137235434You think so? It's just my small theory.

>>137235231>>137235434For once, the Russian is on to something, the characters do look (and act) similar.

>>137235602Thanks. I think that Clyde is also a cute lil' nigga, so i would like to have him as my younger bro, and get him splittin' firewood, just look, he's skinny and he needs to be buffier.

>>137235602If we were to base biological relationships on similar personalities, I'd be related to Sheldon Cooper.

>>137235749Again, it's not a preposterous hypothesis to see Chandler and Lynn as genetically similar based on appearance alone, someone could make a theory about it on YouTube or something idk.

>>137234910I think he and Lynn Jr. should date.

>>137236454Indeed, user. They're matching eachother.

Anyone have the MEGA link yet?


>>137230445It’s nicks only show since atleast 2013 i think to be a success and have multiple seasons. There were a lot from then that only did ok and got maybe 3 seasons

>>137237873Well, i think that TLH is gonna die in 3 years, if not in other 13.

Alright, I'll work on my review of the episode.

>>137236454Chandler and Lynn Jr. Sound like such a chaotic trainwreck i'd actually be interested in seeing it become canon lmao.

>>137239590Honestly this and I'm not even a Lynnfag, would watch


>>137230445No, it got renewed for S2.>>137237873He's talking about TRLH.>>137239590>>137239747What about Liam?

>>137229101The unspeakable things I'd do to Leni and her tasty feet.


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I miss Sheepsquatch and his LH stories. What ever happened to him?


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shit i hate it only reason to watch to masterbuate to it

>>137240220I miss when people wrote stories in general. What happened to this place?

>>137240273Nothing lasts forever

Where's pollanon?

>>137240220I miss The Loudest Dungeon.

>>137240273The creative side of the Loud House fandom died within the first 2 years.

Anons, give me some advices in case of survival in Loud family, among siblings as their stepbrother.

>>137240870No way it died before the pandemic, I got into it during it and it was still pretty active.

>>137240958>Lily Don't mess with her, avoid at all costs>LisaDon't entertain her scientific curiosity too much, specially in regards to biology and medicine, she WILL use you as a lab rat.>LolaDon't make her mad, seriously, you'll regret it forever, and don't be retarded enough to have a dairy.>LanaAvoid her room at all costs, some of her snakes are not as friendly as she says they are.>LucyNEVER mention her secret stash of Princess Pony comics, oh, and I hope You don't mind jumpscares.>LincolnHe's a bro, stay with him so that he can properly guide you to deal with the sisters better than I can.>LynnI think you're fucked either way, but hit the gym so that she doesn't overpower you so easily, maybe you can earn her respect that way.>LuanEveryday advice: Laugh at her jokes, Even if you don't find them funny, aknowledge the fact that you have NO privacy in the House, she'll record everything you do.April the 1st advice: Move to another country and stay there for at least a week BEFORE and AFTER the dreaded day.>LunaShe's also a bro, but if you enter her room, be prepared for a VERY LOUD jumpscare, wear earmuffs.>LeniBe patient, she's a little slow and unfocused and she likes to talk A LOT about fashion and shit, adjust the seatbelt properly when she's on the pilot spot.>LoriI mean, You don't get to experience what it is like to live with her anymore, but when she does come for a visit, just don't insult her boyfriend or her family, and don't get crazy around her.

>>137240093>What about Liam?Liam belongs to Lana

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>>137241388When was that?

OK, here's my review.I watched the new episode after it premiered in Italy."The Hurt Lockers" was decent but could use improvement.At the gym, the school has just seen a demonstration on water safety from Meryl, where she stuffs some implements into her hair afterwards. Now for another announcement, there's a sinkhole in the art hallway. Anyone with lockers in the area will be relocated and paired while it gets patched. Lincoln and co. see an opportunity to ask the principal if they could share lockers with each other. So Lincoln proceeds to create a presentation for Principal Ramirez that goes on for over 2,000 slides that explains why he and his friends should share lockers. She was worn down by all that, so she makes some calls, and sure enough, it's approved. I don't know if I could survive a 2,000-slide presentation. Anyway, the first pair is Rusty and Zach. The latter has fitted a security system with voice recognition, retinal detection, a fingerprint reader, and a self-defense mode for their locker. Liam got one of his chickens to stay in his and Stella's locker, which prompted her to build an egg collector. For Clincoln McLoud, it's a mess, which Clyde fixes up when Lincoln isn't looking.The next day, however, brings problems for the gang. Rusty is trying do his 500 daily brushes when Zach asks to get his math book, but he refuses because he still needs to brush his hair, and now he's lost track. Then Clyde stores a souffle for it to rise when Lincoln comes and asks for his gym clothes. He refuses, since the souffle is quite sensitive to loud noises and shocks, and he doesn't know when it'll finish. Then Stella asks Liam to get her sewing needle in order to alter the glee club outfits. Alas, he's stored a bunch of hay in the locker. Then Rusty rushes to retrieve his homework, but the security system doesn't recognize him at all, causing him to kick it, which activates the self-defense mode and zaps it.

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>>137241507Love stinks

>>137241530Then Clyde searches for his book report, which is now buried in the locker pile. He pulls it and it ends up falling into Lincoln's magic hat. It somehow ends up in Charles's mouth. Then Liam finds the egg machine jammed, and bumping it causes the eggs to fly out at Stella.At lunch, the gang is dismayed by the situation they're in. Lincoln decides to go to Ms. Ramirez with another 2,000-slide presentation listing the 2,000 reasons why they should switch locker partners again. He only goes as far as the prologue with his childhood before Ramirez lets them try again, but that's it. Meryl brings out a bingo machine and assigns them all new partners. Lincoln gets locker 34. Unfortunately, that's Chandler, who gave his previous locker partner an atomic wedgie that's lasted three days. Zach ends up with Lynn and her sweaty socks. Stella ends up with Chef Pat, who uses her locker as an extension of the meat locker. She puts her bag on one hook, and it freezes. Rusty ends up with a battered locker that turns out to belong to Crikey, the mascot of the Kangaroos, who punches him. Liam ends up with Jenna and the other cheerleaders, who start to annoy him with their cheers. Finally, Clyde ends up with Andrew, who's going through some sort of cat phase where he gets really territorial with his locker, scaring Clyde away. Really.The next day, they prepare to deal with their respective locker partners. It doesn't go well at all, as they all start rolling down the hallway on a bunch of balls and end up stumbling. Then the cheerleaders go and throw them into the patched sinkhole. It opens up and they fall down. Later, they head back to Ms. Ramirez's office with yet another 2,000+ slide presentation, but she refuses to get involved anymore. They walk out, realizing that they should have just stuck it out with each other. Meryl couldn't help but overhear and offer the kids her own locker.

>>137241557Lincoln questions why she'd do so if she needed it, but she says she doesn't need to; she keeps all her stuff in her hair. Sure enough, they take up her offer and they all sort it out. The arrangement works for the most part, until a bird flies out of his magic hat and confronts the chicken, which activates the security system's self-defense mode and targets Lincoln, forcing him to run as it fires.This episode was mostly alright. It was fun seeing how the gang start to conflict with each other over the difficulties of sharing each others' lockers in an exceptional situation like a sinkhole in the hallway. I've never experienced it, but it is quite an intriguing scenario to show. Of course, that also means that it felt like a missed opportunity to further explore all this. A friend of mine online said that the show should have given more time to Lincoln and co. trying to deal with the hassles of sharing lockers, and I agree. It should have been a further opportunity to develop these characters. After all, we've spent years with them, why not go further? Also, the resolution felt unearned, as my friend says, and I honestly do think that it felt a tad flat towards the end. Other parts of the episode were fun, though. Like the cheerleader bit with Liam. That was pretty funny. It was the highlight of the otherwise middling middle part of the episode. And Meryl's gag was a pretty nice reference to 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'.Ultimately, I would give this episode an 8/10. It's watchable for the most part, but could do better.

>>137241268About Luna... i love her. So she would be the only trustworthy sis, among with Luan.


>>137241268Lana and Lola's room or just Lana's side?>>137241531Which is today's episode.>>137241932What about Lori?

Favorite sister poll from last

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>>137243032Let's see if my hypothesis comes true, this thread is actually searchable with ctrl+f "Loud"We should see an increase in Lenifags and Lucyfags

>>137240768At least it ends on Lynn and Lincoln having a good time

>>137243032The absolute state of Lynn.

>>137243430>LynnfagSave your character from total humiliation in the poll instead of shitposting

>>137240158Was Lucy supposed to be Lincoln's older sister?

Did Nickelodeon fix this yet or it still in the episode?

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>>137243841This. She need atleast on rep man cmon

>>137244004Yes.>>137244062Refer to >>137232112.

>>137240158Man, I am so glad we got this Leni and not that one, whoever made that happen has my thanks.

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>>137243032There’s no fucking way a quarter of us are Lolafags (mexicans) wtf

>>137244858What would lead you to believe Lolafags are spics?

>>137243032Cunnyfags aside, I think Lola has consistently been the most entertaining character. Even when she's in a bad episode her one-liners are enjoyable.

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>>137244890Am I the only one who gets kind of a Plankton vibe from her?

>>137244919>Plankton vibeExplain


>>137244947Both are small but somewhat impudent which makes them funny, and they both have a bit of an ego thing going. (Plankton for his smarts and Lola for her looks)

>>137245007Eh I dunno user, Plakton is characterized for being a defeatist villain and Somewhat depressed, his shtick is to get tortured over his inferiority complex to Mr. Krabs.Lola by contrast is not outright evil and rarely loses, her episodes focus more on her growth as a person.

>>137245053That's true, they aren't too similar in that way. I think they just entertain me for some or the same reasons personally.

>>137244681Savino himself after changing his mind?

>>137245240>>137240158>>137244681I think there being a younger sister for lincoln that's slow and kind-hearted but also a ridiculously strong little girl bigger and taller than him (closer to her mice and men namesake) would've been kind of interesting, with probably some comedic potential to squeeze out of said contrast too, like i can see a running gag of her hugging people and accidently squeezing them too hard, had she been realized i could see her having her share of fans, mostly fatfags im betting. I think its interesting to think about

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>>137243841I’m not. I personally like Lucy more.


>>137226330New episodes only matter if they feature Lucy.

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>>137245800For what? Morticians goyslop?

>>137245423>fatfagsThanks to ultra that base is thoroughly covered.

>>137246100Lucy is the center around which the universe revolves.

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So, what do you think about the new episode?

>>137247270I liked that it was a Lola gets attached to animal episode, so they didn't retread another Lana animal plot, I'm happy her plots this season weren't animal focused for once. Lola and the skunk were a fun duo. Good episode.

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>>137247180Lucy if she boomer.


>>137243032mmm... I also wonder, among the current active sisterfags, how many are also Loudcestfags?

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>>137247659It was a skunk

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>>137243145It looks like you've been right so far.>>137243809Aw, poor Lynn.

>>137247663Don't count on me.

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Where's DNA?



>>137247663reporting in

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>>137247663Oh you know it

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>>137247663I ship Lucy with everyone. She's too good to keep to one ship.

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>>137249493But wouldn't that make her a pigslu-




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>>137245800my brother.

>>137242755I fucking hate Lori, but i would keep being friendly to her. Just to make sure she won't kick me in the balls.

Friendly reminder that tomorrow we'll also get the cast of the sister segment.

>>137250187Oh, those Americans... while your tomorrow would be there, it would be lunch/evening.

>>137249131hate this artist

>>137250376just for the dog stuff?

>>137250388mostly because his art is hideous

>>137248853>>137249131Nice! Lincoln won't catch a break anytime soon~

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>>137241588When are you going to post the "Love Stinks" Review?

>>137252281people are not always online and have other things to do sometimes user

>>137252311That's right. I've been occupied with stuff like helping out in my parents' workplace.

It's gonna take a while to work on these reviews. I had a breakup with a debit card I forgot my PIN number for.

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>One day, i've decided to take a trip to the Royal Woods.>I've built up a portal in my garage, and at the night, i've came in.>After i've came into the portal, i saw the Royal Woods. It was an average city with plywood households.>It was too idealized, the first thing i noticed.>Anyways, it was time for action. My goal here is to kill Lincoln.>So, i've quickly found Louds' household, and sneaked onto their backyard.>I've hid in nearby bush and waited, until Lincoln alone comes out.>When Lincoln came out to the backyard, i've grabbed him from behind, closing his mouth, and started strangling him.>After few minutes, it was over. Lincoln was unconscious, so i hid his body in the same bush, and got away.>When Chandler saw me, he awarded me with few hundred bucks for that mission. I've bought a bottle of beer and wine.>After that, i've invited Luna to my shelter and we both drinked it. It was the best day ever.

Anyone got the MEGA yet?

>>137253532No, way.

The one thing I do not understand about "Love Stinks" is, the whole idea that wild animals cannot be kept in captivity is an ok message and yada yada, but why does Lana get to keep Hops as a permanent pet but Lola cannot keep Antoinette?

>>137256401Frogs can be kept as pets. I'm not so sure the same can be said about skunks.

>>137253907I like seeing pre rocker Luna.

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>>137256401>>137256524Don't forget Lucy also has a bat, Fang

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>>137256610Can you keep a bat as a pet?

>>137256656When I was a kid, I wanted a bat for a pet. In regular life ima say no. But I remember there's bat boxes you can make, it's like a bird house but for bats to sleep in the day.

>>137256844How does that work?

>>137256914Product description>BIGBATBOX - Bat House for Outdoors - Clean Your Backyard from Mosquitoes - Wooden Bat House Kit - with Our Proven Bat Box Design, You are Almost Guaranteed to Attract Bats! WildYard

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>>137256991Here's another one with more description

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I hate bats. I like cats. Even more than any of animals, except for parrots - they're on equal level of being liked.



>>137257178Thanks! Gotta check it out just as example, what happened since S1, bc i was watching first 14 episodes of it.


>>137257178Merci !>>137257225There's a site that compiles all the episodes.

>>137257349Fuck. Me. Chandler is probably gonna be a new pal of Linc.

I need another Stella episode.

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>>137257665Would she get along with the Sewer Queen?

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OK, here's my review.I watched the new episode after it premiered in Italy."Love Stinks" was a pretty good episode.Lola is prepping for bed after a 3-hour facial when she smells something bad. Thinking it's from Lana, she smothers it with "Lilac Spice" and goes to bed. That's when she smells something on it, causing her to scream and Lana to burst in with a bat (what was she doing outside the room?). Lola pulls away the sheets to find a skunk sleeping on the bed. Yes, a skunk. You'd scream too if that happened to you. Lana doesn't seem fazed, to Lola's anger, but she has a reason: Lana's taking care of it. She named it Anne (like Ronnie Anne? Or Anne Boonchuy?), and Anne has a cold, so she's keeping her here until she feels better. Lola reluctantly lets her stay. The next morning, she wakes up to get oat milk and finds Lana trying to feed a grossed-out Anne a "sausage slop smoothie" to give her strength (I wouldn't drink it either). She gets a video call from Liam, where he asks for help with a pig giving birth. The pig was literally shooting piglets out of her. Lana asks Lola to do her a solid and take care of Anne while she heads out. After getting a concession for bathing twice a week and deodorant, Lana heads out as Liam gets buried by the piglets. Wow.Lola eyes the skunk before taking a sip of her oat milk, and Anne actually begs her for it. Reluctantly, she gives her bottle to her. She's surprised that she actually takes to it so much, so she decides to have her go along. They head for Reiningers. She tells Anne to go off while she shops and meets an adoring Miguel. She's wants to try a new scent for the Little Miss Room Freshener pageant. He shows her a fresh new lineup of perfumes when she hears a commotion; Anne's fighting a lady for a scarf. She tells her to heel and let go of the scarf, and decides that Anne needs a new scent. Anne picks the "Feisty Freesia" scent. I don't think I've tried that scent.

>>137258360Cue a short makeover montage at a salon that leads to a fabulous new look for them both! Once at home, she asks Lynn Sr. to carry the packages. He realizes too late that Lola was with a skunk…and there's a lot of packages, which fall over on him. They head up to take a nap. When she sees Anne on the floor, she invites her up on the bed. She admits that she was wrong about her; for a skunk, she was surprisingly sweet and elegant. She decides that she should have a much more elegant name, and rechristens her Antoinette. Kinda dangerous, don't you think?Then Lana wakes her up from it. Her finger is too close to her nose; she was trying to wake her up, but she saw a booger inside her nose. It was time for Anne to go back to the wild. However, Lola has become so attached to her that she doesn't want her to leave. Attached to a skunk! But Lana says that skunks need fresh air and a balanced diet, and offers to do it, but she declines, saying she'll do it tomorrow before school. The next day, she tries to release her at Tall Timbers Park and gives her a designer bag and tries to leave. However, they can't go through with it, so she decides to take Antoinette to hide her from Lana, and takes her to school. Once there, she hides her in her locker, and swears to bring her perfumes and more oat milk. Lana comes by and asks to store dirt. As she reluctantly drags it along in her bag, Anne runs out of oat milk and runs off.At lunchtime, Lola comes back with tempura and discovers that the skunk is missing, throwing it and all sorts of stuff onto Principal Huggins, who reprimands her. She searches around the cafeteria. Later, while the twins are at Mr. Sayers' class watching him dressed like Abe Lincoln, everyone notices a stench from the vents. Realizing what happened, she suggests everyone leave. As they do so, Lana hears the vent grate open. She doubles back and finds some desks stacked together to reach the vent.

>>137258395Lola is traversing the dirty, dusty vents inhabited by spiders. She finds a trail of paw prints and follows them with high hopes. Unfortunately, they lead to a trio of rats playing cards for gambling with cheese. I don't know what they're doing either. She backs away and keeps going, ending up in another classroom, followed by the teacher's lounge (where Miss Allegra is dancing). She then ends up above the principal's office, where Huggins commands Cheryl to turn on the AC to take out the smell. A worried Lola is blasted by the air through the vents and smashes into Lana, who was also inside trying to figure out what's going on.The twin immediately puts two and two together and realizes that Lola brought Anne to school. She denies at first, but quickly admits to it. When she gets called out on it, she defends herself, saying that the skunk was like "a stinkier mini-me". She begs Lana to help her find the skunk. She agrees and is about to tell her that she'll lead the way when Lola spots Anne. The two rush to each other's arms. As Lana comes closer, they hear a creak before they fall through the vent into a hallway. They end up surrounded by Cheryl and a bunch of other students. She yells, "Skunk!", and everyone panics, scaring Anne and causing her to release a very powerful spray that causes almost everyone else to flee the school. You'd think a stink bomb blew. As the cloud clears, Principal Huggins declares to them that he's calling animal control and sets off, but Lola stops him, saying that she'll take Anne out of the school. Huggins is shocked at the fact that Lola was responsible; he was betting on Lana. Honestly, I would, too. Anyway, she admits that Anne needed to go to the wild and that Lola was being selfish. Lana assures her that she just got too attached, and understands since she let go of a lot of other animals, but they can still hang out.

>>137258416Afterwards, Anne's settled into a new house in a tree at the park (I'd prefer an open amphitheater myself). Lola brings her a gift basket full of fine toiletries for the skunk, because living in the wild "doesn't mean you can't take care of yourself". Then, a stampede of piglets from Liam's farm rushes by, splashing them with mud while Liam calls them for bottle-feeding. The normally disgusted Lola takes it in stride and dubs the mud their own personal mud mask. "Nature is classier than I thought!"This was a pretty great episode after a series of rather mediocre ones. First off, it was great seeing Lola actually show a different side to an animal normally considered gross to most people. Again, most people would respond similarly to Huggins. The way Lola changes from spending time with Anne was pretty impressive, turning her from a reluctant caretaker to effectively a style partner. It's quite a fun twist on that formula. Also, can we appreciate how much Lana's also grown regarding animals? I guess she took the lessons Sam was teaching her at the animal shelter to heart. There should be more episodes with her and Lana, but I do think that it shows how much both twins have the potential to actually change for the better in different ways. Pacing was perfectly done, with each beat hitting like it should. There were plenty of funny moments throughout. There was also great restraint in the gross-out humor. And it was nice seeing characters like Miguel, Principal Huggins, and Cheryl again. If I may nitpick, maybe they could have toned down the anthropomorphism towards the end. And maybe Lola should have noticed how much Lana has changed since episodes like the podcast episode with the animal shelter and "Animal House" in Season 5.Really, though, these are quite minor things that don't affect the quality of the episode much. I mean, it was seriously wonderful in so many ways, I couldn't help but smile.

>>137258451After the rollercoaster that was Seasons 5-6, at least this ended quite well. Unfortunately, based on what we'll see in the upcoming episode, it'll take a while to ensure that there's a high standard in episode writing that ensures relatability to the audience. It's the show's forte, and it would serve quite well to return to it. As for the season as a whole, this was still another season in flux for the series with the fall of 'The Casagrandes' and the rise of 'The Really Loud House', so much has changed over the past few years, underscored by the sheer length of the season's run. I will say that there were many things I wish the show could have done quite differently so that it can appeal to a wider audience without resorting to gimmicks that affect the show's quality. It's a lesson that should be taken to heart in the industry. With matters such as the current economic crises, the decline of cable, and now the WGA strike, the importance of good writing is greater than ever.Thankfully, this episode delivered for the most part. I would give this episode a 9.5/10. Great job!

>>137258469Another Lola episode that hits the park and shows yet again the more humane side of the formerly infamous "pink menace", I also appreciate the character development in Lana, loving animals doesn't mean to hoard them!I'm a little bitter that Lana gets to keep the frog but Lola doesn't get to keep her soul animal, but whatever, in the end, her episodes do work better when she's on her own.Very good episode, now if only a certain sporty hothead got a similar ammount of character development...

Attached: de31t98-da6ad238-e221-4a31-97be-e494131e5ff8.png (556x697, 184.42K)

>>137254187There is no article on "Royal Woods.">>137255050Yes (>>137257178).>>137256647Fangs*

>>137259257schizo ramblings arent worth responding to

Fellow Loudfags, who's the best and worst artists in the fandom? (I'm asking in terms of personal enjoyment and dislike, respectively.)

>>137259330Ultra ruined the fandom with his awful fetish

>>137257268Hello Gavin.>>137259033Lori (formerly Queen of NO!) has more characters development than any of the twins.>>137259425You're exaggerating.

Attached: 1592949109302.jpg (551x576, 42.72K)

>>137259467Uh, ok? I wasn't talking about Lori but whatever..

Attached: tumblr_9b8b3ac9686aa70093fe9e2d7a1c30d4_9ef3dfea_1280.jpg (1080x1080, 222.05K)

>>137259330>BestJcm2>WorstThe billion of mspaint deviantart faggots that never learned how to draw a circle.

>>137259573while Jcm still is technically skilled today id argue there was alot more soul in his older work than what he puts out now, alot of his stuff now feels very "same-y" to me

>>137259330>BestJCM is the gold standard when it comes to objective quality. Personally I enjoy ZAQ's artstyle, but he's less concerned with Loud House nowadays.>WorstGo to DeviantArt, shoot darts at a board of usernames, and you got your answer. If you need a "prolific" one, then either GilbertGen or JumpJump.


>>137259330>bestJCM>worstUltrahand and The Great Greninja are my two picks. Some people should never draw and those two are prime examples

>>137259963Ultra can draw, but he lets his fat and muscle fetishes control him too much.

>>137259330>bestanon334 all day>worstIn terms of content? Sb makes pure dogshit all the time despite his style being mediocre at worst. I cant look past the degen stuff

Attached: 44A8136A-9237-400E-9671-A400B6D3A4C2.jpg (751x1059, 121.87K)

>>137259802>JCMUnfathomably based>JumpJump Literally the embodiment of tryhard cringe

>>137259802>>137260874JumpJump is far from the worst, and you’re both heavily exaggerating. The fact that Salvo exists blows him out of the water.

>>137260975>ExaggeratingNo I’m pretty sure he’s just fucking cringe.

Attached: 12_hours.png (1400x1700, 943.33K)

>>137260874>>137261034JumpJump used to be cool, but him getting reported to the police by the safe house must've changed him for the worst

>>137261068>Implying that even really happened

Is the Luan episode out yet? And do we have new Luan screens?

Attached: 20220702_120421.jpg (580x900, 145.95K)

>>137261268Not until tomorrow.

>>137261034That’s a matter of subjective taste. Salvo is objectively worse in every way.

>>137261268No, it's tomorrow, but I think the cast was revealed today. Are you Lazee? link

>>137242082Nah hopefully they'll make Benny come out of the closet already so luan can be free

>>137260874>>137259802>jumpjump>tryhard cringe>>137260975this

>>137229089You make me want to edit all your pics of your Vic sucking that lizards dick schizo. Then again you'd probably be into that

>>137261527Gilly is female.

>>137261446Can anyone screenshot the cast of tomorrow's episode?

>>137261602>Sucking Lizard CloacaThat somehow makes it worse

>>137261602Does it sound like I care whatever the schizo made up? That'll just make me make him make just for spite

>>137261505Go back to Twitter JJ.

>>137259330>best artistsAnyone that draws pink Lucy>worst artistsAnyone that does not draw pink Lucy

Attached: Normal!Lucy takes over.jpg (1151x1716, 325.25K)

>>137261617>Luan/Mr. Coconuts>Cristina Pucelli>Coach Niblick/Automated Voice>Daran Norris>Lori>Catherine Taber>Chet>Zeno Robinson>Ewan>Will Choi>Raj>Kapil Talwalkar>Brooke>Kausar Mohammed>Marisa>Burgandi Trejo Phoenix

Anyway, what do you think about the episode?I thought it was disappointing, as I expected.

>>137240158>The only one who got a major rework was the fattyBased?

>>137262170I thought it was good. Lisa was pretty fun in this one. It was goofy, but not bad.

Attached: 1609874416137.png (201x302, 86.39K)


Attached: 295835568_5463226817070187_2381406513924900622_n.jpg (720x705, 59.22K)

>>137243032Things have changed in seven years, huh.

Attached: Best sister - end of S1.jpg (660x876, 85.91K)


Attached: Marcy Wu's Emergence.jpg (720x980, 56.03K)

I miss this show. Haven't watched since the S5 premiere (that 40 minute school episode). Time to catch up, I guess.

Attached: Stella 4.jpg (993x993, 187.48K)

>>137261377I cry>>137261404Yes yes I am how could you tell?

Attached: 1648256149144.jpg (1076x587, 111.98K)

>>137262138>No Bobby or Arturo.But they will bring back Ewan from Tee'd Off.

>>137262468>Stella.You will like S5 onward.

>>137262470Can you draw today?

>>137262138They changed Marisa's VA.

Why does Lucy keep sending Lincoln these selfies?

Attached: fe6d99f1-68d6-42c3-8dfb-f20c2dd05fdf.png (2400x3200, 3.19M)

>>137240870Nah, mods cracking down on greentexts and pastebin going anti-lewd put a damper on it but there's still people making fics.

>>137247663Hello my brother from another brother-lover

Attached: lucycoln.png (900x800, 398.37K)

>>137263230The black cellphone is a nice touch. Pink Lucy is at her best when there's just a touch of her inner goth showing

Attached: Light and dark.jpg (1080x1080, 70.84K)

>>137263356>What are A03 and the late Loudbin?

Episode was meh in general but i'll hold my judgement until all of them air. Also kek at butthurt russ user for reporting.



>>137262170not as bad as i expected, not as good as i wouldve hoped, so i guess fine

>>137263555> is preferable for Loud House.

>>137263230>>137263667Please give sauce for these.

>>137262395>Lynnfags used to be secondOh, how the mighty have fallen..


Attached: Michigan Chainsaw Massacre 2.jpg (770x768, 152.76K)


Attached: Cool Luce.jpg (174x174, 6.64K)

>>137263696It was before S2 and its episode No Such Luck.

>>137263717She's asking for it.

Attached: DcgnY2yV4AAzXM4[1].jpg (1200x643, 132.77K)

>>137263696It's funny how Lynn used to be the most popular sister but now she's been overtaken by the others

>>137259033Every time I came here to see what's going on I feel like im aswering to the same guys over and over again.Anyway.>>137259033The hope of having some development in the characters is like an illusion, especially at this point, where ideas that suddenly do not seem to go according to the writers changing mindset can be scrapped in the next chapter, besides it is Lola who we are talking about , and surely she will return to being a little bitch in three chapters or less.>>137259467Nah, its pretty much the same thing that happens with Lola, so the both of them just go back to be what they are to the next morning, a pair of insufferable bitches.

Attached: 258853178577.png (360x400, 12.36K)

Are they a thing yet?

Attached: 20152c5c5e7f556e8a87fcd8b4f5f577e6c455cb.png (1000x750, 180.74K)

>>137263771I strongly suspect this is AI generated

>>137259033Again, refer to >>137256524

>>137263878>insufferable bitchesModern Lola-focused episodes do NOT feature bitch mode Lola as much as you'd like to think, Lincolnfag, your narrative is a lot more flawed that you think, and you're honestly delusional of (You) think season 5-6 Lori and Lola are anywhere CLOSE to their S1 counterparts.

>>137263878Imagine calling episodes chapters.>>137263900No, Chloe and Liam exist.

>>137263900Nobody serious ships Clynn

>>137263978>>137263999> I will defend the honor of my waifu with my life.Yeah, it's with posts like that how I know that im talking to the same guys everytime.

Attached: 4736592656286.jpg (600x600, 32.1K)

>>137263915Pretty sure this guy has been drawing since before AI art was a thing.Though I do suspect he photoshops real woman into his art.

Attached: photo realistic cheek.png (1177x904, 1.18M)

>>137264078>Not addressing the argument.Take the L(oud)>The same group of people.Where do you think you are?

>>137263848The writers DESTROYED the character in S2 and never made any real efforts to redeem her afterward.

>>137264156I think season 5 did a good job with her though.

>>137264156Yeah, I didn't watch all the seasons, but the character development get stalled at some point as writers don't know what else to do with the show.And considering the actual fanbase i'll say that now is more a matter of *what character would you simp for?*.

Attached: 1648875044970.gif (498x346, 730.93K)

>>137257665Are Tall Filipinos even possible?

>>137264093I think the big thing that's going on now is people using AI to make most of an image and the fixing any of the obvious or unsettling mistakes AI is prone to. And I'm near certain that this has been going on for a long time now

>>137262838I can draw later tonight after work if thread isnt ded ill drop a link to stream have some new Lane in the meantime!

Attached: LaneRot.png (1100x1100, 284.61K)

>>137264402I'm one, but that's probably because I grew up in America.

>>137263408Why hello Lucybro~So far, only Lucy, Lola and Lisa have access to Linky, older sisterfags seem to want them for themselves..

Attached: 8a5ce92b4c87bd2608b8d148b24ee6a1.jpg (2000x2500, 1.46M)

>>137257665>StellafagNow that is a rare specimenshd4j8.

Attached: 20230518_101807.jpg (947x2048, 284.2K)

damn missed the new episode again

Attached: 1671057940832.jpg (1024x1024, 126.72K)

>>137264663No man can be trusted to be with Leni.It would be best if her brother took care of her.

Attached: 34503 - Horny_police artist_javisuzumiya character_leni_loud character_lincoln_loud cosplay lenicoln police_uniform tagme.jpg (2351x2822, 466.94K)

>>137265093Died the end

>>137264402Stella is also Chinese, hence her surname Zhau.>>137264663Lana?

>>137264863He possibly saw Bobby and rejected it because he's "a capitalistic coconut."

>>137265042>Lenicoln Haven't seen you guys in a while!>>137265270No Lanacoln supporters so far.

Attached: tumblr_5a4a9e59ad153d7924f6e5254d6c75f0_0f16fa8d_400.jpg (400x500, 35.74K)

This show would be better without lisa. Even on the show's peak she was the worst character and worst sister, even worse than Lynn. She's just a reminder of savino working/ruining dexter, and now she's killing the show.

>>137264663adored by his little brocon sister's and their affection's>>137265316i know rickyposter likes lanacoln somewhat even if he hasnt posted it>>137265381>being this wrong

Attached: 90929442_p0.jpg (752x1062, 378.31K)

>>137262395Damn, that's a pretty big dropoff in numbers for a lot of them.

Anons, i fucking hope that TLH will end around 2025-26.

>>137265446I don't see it going after the 3rd movie.Idk could be wrong, but I'm going to treat it as though we have three years.

>>137265381Wrong, when Luna is the worst sister, that's why she's had the least amount of episodes and lacks any development.

>>137265464Nickelodeon had it's first TLH movie failed, because it was not as popular as first Sponge movie, but still.. these pathetic hopes for "potential" are gonna be foiled by that time, as Nick would understand that if they would keep that shit of a family for longer than 10 years, the fans would be annoyed.

>>137265464even if the original cartoon ends, it'll probably get a cg reboot a few years after like fop, with maybe some other spinoff taking place between, we'll never truly die

>>137265509>cg rebootIsn't TLH drawn on computers already?

>>137265446Nah I see Tlh having spongebob potential, TRLH prolly wont last another 2-3 years tops

Attached: LuanSPEEN.gif (105x105, 27.48K)

>>137265523im thinking they'll try to milk TRLH as much and as soon as they can before the actors start to noticeably aging too much, wolfgang especially

Attached: mpv-shot0157.png (1920x1080, 1.99M)

>>137265523Luan looks pretty good, but... she's going full fucked up on fools day, so thanks to that one user above, who gave me list of survival in tlh family.

>>137265316>Haven't seen you guys in a while!Actually I'm a lucyfag but I don't think any man can be with Leni for long periods of time without getting mad at her (like Chaz) so her end game is forever being Lincoln and his wife's roommate.

>>137265590>WifeWives, this man is going to find a legal loophole in Michigan.

Attached: 4c6d2b99f2728e882ba9a16813dce7b3c6f2de82_hq.jpg (1024x853, 96.5K)

>>137265415I'm sorry, I couldn't resist.

Attached: 1684379764740015.jpg (752x1062, 401.29K)

>>137264863Tom Morello will be in the show?Let's celebrate:

>>137266107the show doesn't exist anymore

>>137266035>Star ButterflyDamn Lincoln stealing Marco's turf?

Attached: d876bd8ad0768e7ce7cc5d4eb9ca61eb--star-butterfly-ships.jpg (736x866, 58.31K)

>>137262138No Davey Divots? Outrage.

Attached: Davey Divots (1).png (448x808, 645.61K)

>>137265446I prefer in 2024 or soon. And I say it as a fan of the show that followed it since its premiere.>>137265523>Tlh having spongebob potential.It is more a condemnation at sight than potential.

>>137266130But the main one still on, so..

>>137264663I want Lori for Bobby.>>1372654643rd movie?>>137265509I can see a spin-off about Lori.>fopWe don't talk about that thing.

Attached: 1674002696576.png (853x480, 559.37K)

>>137266255>marco'sSomeone hasn't been keeping up with the lore.

Attached: tumblr_oqbla3oTon1wnjzsoo1_1280.jpg (860x612, 155.79K)

>>137265586They are milking with S2 and ARHLH.>>137265590What about Gavin?>>137265698Dad is portrayed by his VA.>>137266107>>137266471He rejected it.

>>137266658>GavinChaz 2.0Or Scott 2.0


>>137266833dont forget gara and chase

>>137265287According to Puga, Mollelo was unable to take the offer because he was going on tour.

Attached: FeZk_QVXkAEYgxi.jpg (1451x1492, 161.61K)

>>137267129Makes sense, he's a busy man.

Has there ever been a good Lisa and Todd episode?

>>137264663The young’uns just cant help themselves

Attached: DECC9538-97F8-4EF4-AF15-D448F8952111.jpg (751x1061, 133.42K)

>>137263848People really just like "sporty tomboy" a lot and were still giving Lynn the benefit of the doubt back then. Ronnie Anne is a better tomboy than Lynn

>>137268109So what happened to them? Did they convert or just outright leave? I remember there being so many back in the day

>>137268153Probably switched to a different sister.It took a while and a lot of bad Lynn episodes to change their minds, though.


Attached: 17FA551B-1CDB-4600-93DF-7DDE94EF57E7.jpg (1500x845, 566.53K)

Is there a Lynnsode?

>>137240768>>137243430>>137268334It always pains me to find a good story only to find out it'll never be finished

>>137268334These were the classes for the siblings Lori - Man-at-ArmsLeni - VestalLuna - HighwaymanLuan - JesterLynn - HellionLincoln - AbominationLucy - OccultistLola - Grave RobberLana - HoundmasterLisa - Plague DoctorLily - Non-applicable

>>137243430What kind good time?

>>137268413Yeah, it alway sucks when that happens.

Sick fucks stop lewding Lola challenge.

Attached: 04ced2e383791796c420df1568d25534f1601c2b.jpg (2100x3000, 1.86M)

>>137268471Hellion Lynn and Abomination Lincoln go on a rampage, and butcher every last one of Lincoln’s kidnappers for what they did to him.

>>137268664Cute sibling bonding

>>137268817luna or lori

>>137268515Who's lewding her?

Attached: images (1).jpg (225x225, 8.2K)

>>137268889Luna is the queen of UK

>>137269255Luna would look like female bowser as the queen of UK

All the sisters are for user only

>>137269455Are you sure about that?

Lisa loves headpats

Attached: 25045213-5154-4075-9BD8-578320CEB216.jpg (751x742, 90.71K)

>>137269493Except for you, you get flip

>>137226330Why is this pedophile thread still up?

>>137269455Wrong, Lola belongs to Lincoln ONLY

Attached: E2xrKjqXIAQrGo5.jpg (1200x675, 104.98K)

>>137269455Wrong, Lucy belongs to Lincoln ONLY

Attached: Haiku also belongs to Lincoln but that's besides the point.jpg (1500x1941, 1008.41K)

>>137270394Lucy belongs to the Luna

>>137269646>why is a pedo thread up on Holla ForumsIs this a serious question?

>>137226330Is this actually worth watching or is it like the Simpsons where they keep making new content for the sake of making new content and writing checks?

Well, my review for the episode will be running late. I got sidetracked by a whole bunch of things, and I need some more sleep.

>>137269646Do you have any idea where you are?

Attached: 69F0B8AF-138E-419A-922F-61DBE123DF9C.jpg (1921x1044, 1003.67K)

>>137269455Lori belongs to Bobby only.>>137272046Mixed bag. You should watch today's episode.

>>1372703945 dollars will change that real quick

Attached: 23849940038999.png (711x646, 531.77K)

Are you ready for her episode?

Attached: Lori_Loud_render.png (430x880, 127.6K)

>>137268007best episodes with him are the ones where he's barely involved, episodes like Space Jammed and Loud Cloud, which are good in spite of him and would be better without him>>137274542how many more hours we got?

>>13727461040 minutes.

I await eagerly for new Luans

Attached: 1671642852693850.jpg (700x728, 156.29K)

You can watch the new episodes live CH02 since I think CH1 is Teen Nick and CH3 is Nick Junior.New one in 10 minutes.