You make Blackfire fall madly in love with you... Either naturally, with an technological artifact or some magic spell...

You make Blackfire fall madly in love with you... Either naturally, with an technological artifact or some magic spell...And she's willing to make you happyWhat things would you ask of her? It will do what you want

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>>137215104Cuddle and watch anime

We will found a very successful artisan bakery together using exotic space ingredients

>>137215104Conquer Earth for me, if she can do it in her home planet, she can do it here.

>>137215129Give me a bath

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>>137215143You can use the hose in the yard

Give her a dick and make her a dominatrix. Let her dominate me like in TS Seduction

>>137215104She was made fo Marco’s harem

>>137215179You have to go back

>puts on really bad and poorly made super hero costumeWe fly. Well, you fly and carry me. Please don't drop me.

>>137215104Make her punish me for forcing her to love me.

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>>137215171It would be great a drawing of her dressed for it

I'm pretty sure getting with her would also come with inheriting and dealing with her laundry list of debts and space crimes

Kill Batman

>>137215104Hard sex every Friday or Saturday...

>>137215104>he wants to fuck a troq

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>>137215104Mary her. Explore fun space destinations. Have her fix relationships with her sister. Take back the throne at Tamaran

Around troq's watch your cocks

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>>137215179*Beast Boy’s harem

>>137215104>What things would you ask of her?Get me off this rock

>>137216008Like I said... Hard sex every Friday or Saturday Imagine the possibilities with that flexibility

Why were we supposed to hate her again?

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>>137215239Yes thisIdeally painfully, with cuckolding being on the table

>>137217664She's kind of a cunt and takes every opportunity she can to fuck over her sister. If she had her way Starfire would be a broodmare to an alien tentacle monster. If I remember right, she even sold Starfire to a race of lizard aliens. So she's actually tried to whore out her sister multiple times.

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>>137215104Fuck the bitch out of her and get her to do a threesome with her sister in make up sex. As much as I respect young Dick Gratson, he went to shit when he chose Barbara over a literal smoking sexy space queen like Starfire.

>>137215104I want her to take me with her on her spacefaring delinquent adventures, just me and my bad bitch against the universe

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>>137215104I'd ask her to do the Superman flying while carrying Lois thing with me. Oh and to crush my enemies like an ant.

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>>137215104>blackfire: dirty traitorous scum, do you really expect me to believe that the girl you were talking to is your sister?!>but she is my sister!>blackfire: of course, and the old woman who accompanies your supposed "sister" is your mother?!>yes!>blackfire: you lie!

>>137217664I always felt like they should have redeemed her at some point in the series.

>>137218315Hug her, hold her well and say nice things in his ear to calm her down...

I want her to suck my dick in front of the Teen Titans.

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>>137215104>It will do what you want>it

>>137215104To not have BPDI used to date an insane BPD girl, she was so bonkers I got stressed out to the point of vomiting in the middle of the street

>>137218531Troqs aren't people

>>137218509>Hug her, hold her well and say nice things in his ear to calm her down...It's a bit annoying to do it 3 times a day.

We're going to make 14 babies.Minimum.

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>>137218667Yes, but it is so that she does not break everything around her

>>137218706Hard sex?

>>137218667Besides, you'd probably only do that for a while... Once you've shown her that she can trust you, she won't do that anymore.

>>137215104We need more stuff with her cucking Kori


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>>137215104Shit I donno. Ask her to play some coop video games and go watch some hockey games?

>>137215104I just need to hold someone...Fuck the sex


>>137215104I ask her what she'd want to do, since I have no fucking clue

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>>137215104Passionate sex.Her sitting/riding on top with legs locked behind and no letting go until next morning, while kissing again and again.

>>137215410It's odd there's no porn of Valyor fucking Starfire and Blackfire while calling them troqs.

>>137215104Do my taxes.

>>137219546>ask a spoiled alien princess to do your taxesYour getting a visit from the IRS.

>>137215104Did they ever explain why she had black hair while every other tamaranean didn’t?

>>137219563I got a laser blasting alien.

>>137215104Make her jealous by hitting on her hotter sister

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>>137219567Their mother had dark hair too. Wish she had been in the show.

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>>137219588And how will you make her calm down afterwards?

>>137219881Huh, thought it was going to be due to her being evil. Good to know though. Wonder why they didn’t show the mother in the show. I vaguely remember they go to Starfire’s/Balckfire’s home planet at one point.

>>137219882Obviously, she’d be mad. So she would hatefuck me.

>>137220089Better just give her compliments to give you sex

>>137215104She has a firm butt?

>>137220113I’ll compliment her hair. She likes that.

Now that I think about it, I wonder if the writers were planning on doing a "Tamaran invades Earth" storyline but then scrapped it. The whole race are basically orange, very attractive orcs when you get right down to it.


>>137215104I would tell her to eat all the eggs

>>137220187I too would like to see her eat all the eggs.

>>137220060Apparently their parents got ill from sadness. They either died from it or were still in a coma

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>>137220233Guess that’s one way to explain their absence.

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>>137219881>>137220060Their mom, Luan'dr, is hot. Wish there was more art of her.

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>>137215104Ask her to fulfill my NTS fetish, she'd be perfect for it

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>>137220411Yeah she has a pretty nice design. A shame she got barely any screen time or page time in this case.

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>>137220501Good lord

>>137220411raven's mom is also good

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What if they would have kept Blackfire's disability for the cartoon?Her inability to fly.

>>137220379Ah, yes. Starfires daughter. What was her name again? Oh, I remember it's Dumpsterfire

>>137220561There was never any reason for her to have the disability. Her role as the usurping rival heir is a timeless archetype and works just fine without any need for a redundant motivation like e.g. resentment from being disabled.

>>137215104Destroy New York and Washington DCAnd Tel Aviv

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>>137220574No, its trashfire, or was it greasefire?


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>>137215239Why does blackfire look so much hotter wearing Starfire's clothes

>>137220574>>137220704Not Hellfire?

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>>137220752Wait no...tyrefire?

>>137215104Move to her planet and I become the househusband that raise our kids.

>>137220574Her ass was fat so it could work.

>>137220642>There was never any reason for her to have the disability. Yes there was. Most would assume oldest heir inherits. Her disability is a key part of the comic version's entire motive>Her role as the usurping rival heir is a timeless archetype and works just fine without any need for a redundant motivation like e.g. resentment from being disabled.Her motivation to do the usurping in the first place was being disinherited from her rightful birthright partly due to being disabledHer disability was not redundant at all in the comics. 2003 Blackfire not being in line for the throne is probably best explained by her losing everyone's support by pulling this >>137220233 but I don't remember if the cartoon ever brought the inheritance of the throne up much.


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>>137221013Yeah it's a central plot point for her backstory in the original iteration of the character, but wasn't the best way to set up that conflict, which is why most later versions dropped it for something else. She works better as a character if she had more agency in whatever event caused a rift between her and the rest of the royal family.

>>137220411>Coriander>CommanderWhy isn't she Lavender

>>137217664She's a manipulative sociopath. A siren, sure, her pussy might be great, but she'll destroy your life. Everything about Blackfire is the definition of fake, every action performative. I've been with a girl like this. She didn't even hurt me - but I saw what she did to everyone else. I realized that even if she was good to me, it was not genuine. Her entire life is a movie in her head. Never again.

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>>137220720Because he knows how to take advantage of it... Just look at how flexible he is with Star's clothes >>137216008

>>137221342And what would be that fear or reason why she does not want to show affection or her true self?

Starfire kissed 1 Robin to learn broken English.Blackfire speaks flawless English.What are the implications of this?

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>>137221493Starfire kissed the wrong end. You get perfect language adaptation through rimming which Blackfire is a master at.

>>137221615You're giving me some ideas...

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>>137215410I bet your wife fucked a troq guy


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>>137220481Yeah, more pictures with of her would be great, especially any with her, Starfire and Blackfire.

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I wish she was in more episodes. Komand'r was really wasted.

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>>137215104A blowjob. I wanna know what it feels like.

>>137215104I would ask1, To act my like my devoted girlfriend but not a mindless slave (she should act clueless when people dare to ask her why is she with an ugly loser like me).2, To wear outfits I like, adding her own ideas and opinions about them.3, To indulge in my fetishes with a reasonable amount of critical thinking.4, To marry me and grow old together.If max degeneracy is on the table5, To call me daddy in private.6, Get Starfire to participate in threesomes with us.

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>>137220528Need some pics of Luand'r and Arella teaching their girls how to handle dick.

>>137222306>Get StarfireMotherfucker, you are in the exclusive club known as "Anybody", you don't have to get Blackfire's help there.

>>137215104She canonically likes ass especially robins

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>>137215104I want to do the things she wants to do. Sanitized Blackfire isn't Blackfire. I also want her to peg me

>>137222821The point is the hot sweaty sister on sister threesome. However I admit when I think about the girls the 2003 cartoon is in my mind most of the time which is not that lewd as the comics.

>>137215104>>137215239>>137216008>>137217931strongest pussy grip in the galaxy

"Hey Faggots, My name is Glgrdsklechhh, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-lifes who spend every second of their day looking at stupid ass pictures. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any pussy? I mean, I guess it's fun making fun of people because of your own insecurities, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than jerking off to pictures on facebook.Don't be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I'm pretty much perfect. I was ruler of Drenthax IV, and possess the jewel of Charta. What planet do you rule, other than "jack off to naked drawn pictures of blackfire"? I also get straight A's, and have a banging hot girlfriend (She just blew me; Shit was SO cash). You are all faggots who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening.Pic Related: It's me and my bitch"

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Attached: blackfire-happily-married.png (1270x715, 488.52K)

>>137223360>>137223379I like the idea of Blackfire being forced to marry Glgrdsklechhh and genuinely falling in love with him.

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>>137223285>The point is the hot sweaty sister on sister threesome.Based

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>>137224399I like the opposite personalities in general. Makes you think about how would they interact with each other and you. Blackfire would surely be competitive while Starfire would be clueless but up to anything. You can play it a million different ways from then on.

>>137223360>>137223379>Top tier bitch is forced to marry an ugly bastard and she somehow gets fond of him in her own way. How not to self insert damn it.

>>137224506>Blackfire is determined to take the most of your cock and hold it in her throat for the longest, but Starfire is so excited and eager to please she keeps surpassing her. Eventually Blackfire just let's herself pass out impaled on dick, covered in her spit.

>>137224855that is weirdly in character.Neat.

I just want to have a happy family life man.I suppose settle down with her, rule Tamoran.

>>137224971>I suppose settle down with her, rule Tamoran.she really needs someone to soften the rules of her military dictatorship.

>>137218706Sauce pls

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>>137222306>2, To wear outfits I like, adding her own ideas and opinions about them

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I'd have her gather a harem for me of all the sexiest heroines and villains she could overpower.

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>>137215410This guy has TROQED.COM bookmarked.

Permenant attire

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Kom is for Vril

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>>137226543Add a French kiss with lots of tongue

>>137226543I love girls wearing this kind of trashy hooker stuff, I would make her wear this 24/7.

>>137227005>I love girls wearing this kind of trashy hooker stuff,It has a magical charm that I can't explain.

>>137227240Seems simple enough, skimpy slutty clothing, every girl looks good in it, thats its purpose, to make girls look sexy.

Marry and modernize her people by having them work as galactic mercs in exchange for technologyTamaranians seem to like adventurism anyway

>>137220481Apparently she was in the Titans show, though she wasn't as hot as in this comic.

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>>137228144I forgot this show had superboy have sex with blackfire

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That just sounds like slavery.

>>137228254Only if you force her to do weird things. You could always ask what she likes and try to do things for her too.

>>137228377That would be way better, yes.

>>137215104Make me some money.I don't care how, just make sure it can't be traced back to me.

>>137228388I agree. The situation here is somehow she is in love with you so the way I see it, its best for the both of you to accommodate her and make her happy while she does the same to you.


>>137225414I think the artist was KelvinHiu.Have fun.

>>137228254Well she did sell Starfire into slavery first, so turnabout is fair play.

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>>137228601Hmmm, thats one thing I'd ask for: have her put on some dark lipstick.

>>137228626like black or dark red?


Do you think Starfire or Blackfire takes anal better?

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>>137227005>>137227240it highlights the sexual parts of women

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Attached: FHjSpvAXEAQyG9r[1].jpg (1500x1873, 777.91K)

>>137229161honk honk

Attached: FHofwnWXEAg092R[1].jpg (1500x1873, 1.02M)

>>137229171more honking

Attached: FHtr3T9XIAYBykl[1].jpg (1500x1873, 1.25M)

>>137229193strange honking

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>>137229226why did he stop makin blackfire booba :^(

Attached: FX0F2nfVQAAdDut[1].jpg (2150x780, 491.02K)

>>137222631I think this is the only pic of them together.

Attached: sample_93c9081c9a617f7976163c2bbc097059.png (850x812, 585.66K)

>>137229111>Do you think Starfire or Blackfire takes anal better?blackfire

>>137229435>whoops, can't show one of the two massive visible nipple shapes in this pic!

Oh boy I sure do love this character, please post more off-model, grotesque fanart.

>>137229111Both are Anal Queens.

>>137229562wdym? these are all alternate universe versions of blackfire.

I was too rough with her

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>>137215104Space adventuresOccasionally go to earth and show the Titans

>>137229696She fakes you can hurt her and she tells her friends when they talk about their sex lives

>>137221493I think Starfire just likes to act cute and trick dicky into mansplaining for her.

Attached: 1674335315904554.jpg (2475x4096, 885.2K)

>>137220778>This is my third sister, Tyrefire>Y'all mah sisters friends? Well ain't that a hootinanny! Pleased to meet you, alright, that's enough of that, I'm off to go drink moonshine on the porch

Why does Hynden Walch not get much work?

>>137215104Booba too small

>>137230463small booba just need stud piercings.

>>137230391She's not an attention whore like tara strongShe's a very private person

It always seems weird to me when siblings don't have good relationships with each other. If Blackfire was poorly treated by everyone else I could see Starfire being the only person defending her.

>>137221615Now I'm picturing Starfire struggling to suck Robin's dick while Blackfire expertly rims him. Starfire gets discouraged when he keeps praising her sister.

>>137229193Me with Blackfire

>>137229161Please, more art

>>137215104Lap Pillow.

Attached: Screenshot_20230515-171224.png (802x363, 174.2K)

>>137228253Honestly he had great taste. Getting balls deep in a chocolate alien princess is the dream.

Attached: 94c00d24ae95846c932d17a9cc7c7df1.jpg (735x956, 147.27K)

>>137217931>If she had her way Starfire would be a broodmare to an alien tentacle monster.What's the down side?

>>137215104Large loving family.Also natural wooing is the only acceptable option. Any other method is cowardly and will inevitably backfire.

>>137230391Shes the voice of sheena in the goosebumps audiobook deep trouble

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>>137220125Oh yes, extremely.

>>137232314What do demonic braps sound and smell like?

>>137233427They sound like crackling fire wood and smell like smoke and sulfur.

>>137233080It would not hurt some drawings for to check it

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Attached: a8b32a0e9c62b4f25b5f92cd7bea3951.jpg (660x800, 185.67K)

>>137233972If I can suggest an idea... It would be a drawing where the Blackfire of the Teen Titans of 2003 measures its butt with the Blackfire of the comics and with that of the series of Titans and that of "I'm not Starfire", they would be discussing for who has a better ass

>>137234313Would it have been bad if in a third apparition they made her redeem herself?

>>137215104Get fat

>>137234366Fuck yeah.

>>137215104Stop shaving altogether. I want to see what Tamaranean females look like au natural.I want her looking like a gothic hippie.

Attached: f8b815b81eb7153f1a30cd056beee36a.jpg (736x1492, 147.87K)

>>137235129I want that skull keychain

>>137215104daily prostate milkings


>>137215104I wants kids and a good wife. With lots of cuddles thrown in.

>>137235129Looks more like a sewn on patch to me.Anyway it's a really simple design. You could redraw it in photoshop or whatever and print it out or otherwise adapt it.

>>137229562please be less fucking gay

>>137222877She even straight up says it

Attached: 868A5B19-E7E4-4353-90E5-B88D26229A5F.jpg (1280x720, 215.98K)

>>137222877And we like his ass

>>137235891Then... Does she like anal sex? Of course, she being the one who receives

>>137234356What would a redeemed Blackfire be doing?Start working at a burger joint to pay back the people she stole from?Mill about doing heroism as community service? Get a boyfriend and decide a life on the run isn't worth it?Be trapped in a psychic clip show until she confronts her emotional baggage about her mistreating her sister, and making up with her - Despite Star not holding a grudge-?I'd be okay with Blackfire joining Hive, and turning out to be a double agent with basically no hinting at it. Just so she doesn't have to change her personality to show up.

>>137228253She's so hot

>>137236347He was charging her powers back with his cum

Attached: kryptonian discharge.jpg (1920x1744, 247.21K)

>>137236425Seeing this, I imagine the Superboy from Young Justice having sex with the Blackfire from the 2003 Teen Titans. Could someone draw a picture of this?

>>137233427Put a loaded shot gun barrel flush with your temple and pull the trigger. That will give you a basic idea.

>>137236329>Get a boyfriend and decide a life on the run isn't worth it?>Be trapped in a psychic clip show until she confronts her emotional baggage about her mistreating her sister, and making up with her - Despite Star not holding a grudge-?That would have been interesting to watch and the second would be a nice arc of redemption. >Just so she doesn't have to change her personality to show up.And why would he have to change his personality? They can keep her that way without the need for her to have to change her personality.

Blackfire is sorry for putting Starfire in jail, but the punishment must be

>>137236708>I imagine the Superboy from Young Justice having sex with the Blackfire from the 2003 Teen Titans.Cassandra Cain watching from the outside window.

Attached: 1673994544737.png (747x1108, 591.01K)

>>137229226hey >>>/coc/ check it outyour new Golden Girl comic just dropped!

>>137229111Blackfire is an absolute pro who learnt to enjoy it a lot after years of practice but Starfire is a natural and cums from anal only after a dozen tries or so. This infuriates Blackfire of course.

>>137228253>>137231406>>137236425Never would have thought of this pairing before, but I kinda like it.


>>137237138>>137237266That Luthor DNA knows what's up...

Attached: a born CCH Pounder.jpg (500x290, 21.79K)

Attached: FdtqViYWIAEoEff.jpg (2048x1962, 317.46K)

Attached: Blackfire profile lip bite.png (420x480, 178.7K)

>>137215104>what would I ask of herCuddles and to make it hurt.

>>137236762>They can keep her that way without the need for her to have to change her personalityThe point I'm getting at is Blackfire, as writ, wouldn't set out to make amends without an ulterior motive.

>>137215104Find a way to give me power so we can go do space conquest.

>>137238026>Sells your dumb ass to The Psions to get lab ratted like her and her sister were.Good luck with your conquesting, moron.

>>137238138She's supposed to be in love with me why would she do this when I promise fun space adventure?

Attached: 1674531233599040.jpg (2100x4059, 966.29K)

>>137237353Every since I saw this I've realized Lex and Waller is an interesting pairing. I don't think it would work, but I don't dislike it.

>>137238872They do tend to screw each other, metaphorically.

>>137237088She complains that things always come easy to Starfire, while she squeezes her ass cheeks.>"Of course you could take cock no problem with an ass this wide."

Attached: 4485c624a974821585236c74e41af108-sample.jpg (777x1000, 122.59K)

>>137234356like Gandalf, she will return as Whitefire the good.

I would ask her to use her blood money to donate to Tamers12345, in the $3000 a month tier

>>137238201Why yes, Blackfire. I would like your lips on my cock.

>>137237985Maybe... Although she can also do this, Starfire finally gives her an ultimatum that makes her unable to escape and have to face his problems once and for all.

>>137220642don't '03 titans tameranians need boundless joy to be able to fly? something a sociopath like blackfire could reasonably have difficulty with.

>>137215104Convert to Catholicism. Marry me in the church. Raise a family together. Help me build this damn tool shed I've been working on for weeks now. This fucking toolshed. Fuck.

>>137215104>>137228601Ask for a god-tier footjob


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>>137241491Ok, you just made me curious to know what the Tameranians thought of God, Jesus and so on...

>>137243103The closest they probably got was their primitive society appeasing native monsters with sacrifices and pagan rituals

>>137241471Flight>Starfire (in Raven's body): When you feel the unbridled joy of flight, you will fly.Starbolts>Raven (in Starfire's body): What do I have to feel to use starbolts?>Starfire (in Raven's body): Righteous fury.Superstrength>Raven (in Starfire's body): Your alien strength?>Starfire (in Raven's body): Boundless confidence.Blackfire having stronger Starbolts like in the comics would have tracked pretty well with them being based on Fury.

>>137217931Did she enjoy the feeling of her husband filling her with his gelantinous seed? Does Blackfire enjoy the feeling of her alien children squirming inside her womb? Is she secretly looking forward to being a mother?

>>137244636I understand, honestly it would be interesting to see that someday in some DC comic they are encouraged to explore that... That is, the Tameranians knowing Christianity I know it sounds stupid but at least for me it would be interesting, but seeing the type of comic book writers there are today, it will be just like a simple dream.

>>137245300>Did she enjoy the feeling of her husband filling her with his gelantinous seed? Surely yes, but he will never admit it... At least in public >Does Blackfire enjoy the feeling of her alien children squirming inside her womb? I probably hate that.>Is she secretly looking forward to being a mother?No, maybe Starfire if... But it is difficult to see Blackfire as a mother, surely it would be one of those mothers who abandon or do not care much or do not want their children (still if his children had a more human appearance) You would have to give her a reality punch that really makes her reconsider and see being a mother with different eyes. Blackfire is one of those girls that is very difficult to change... Maybe she's willing to change some small things, but everything? I don't think so

>>137215104Why doesn’t she show off like starfire does. What is it she’s wearing with the skirt and top. Suprised she didn’t get this

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>>137246614Plot twist: they didn't show anything because I didn't have anything down there

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>>137246779I imagine the scene of Blackfire and Robin training, then she manages to throw him to the ground (face up)Blackfire then stands on top of Robin's head, allowing him to see as it is under her skirt and noticing that he is not wearing anything.Then she says, "Do you enjoy the view Robin?"


Attached: TTD.png (793x769, 1.09M)

>>137215104Built for BGC

Attached: brain.png (440x666, 170.04K)

>>137221903I don't get why the writers tried to pretend Starfire was prettier than Blackfire in the cartoon.

>>137249536I guess it was because Starfire was more cheerful and Blackfire was more relaxed and flirtatious.Besides being identical, the only differences are the colors of their clothes, hair, powers and eyes, especially that Blackfire has more Asian features than his sister.

>>137250325I always found her hotter due to those features, if I'm being honest. Then again, maybe part of it was that we got the grossout stuff with Starfire so I just can't find her hot in the cartoon?

>>137217664She's a bitch in a not fun way.

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>>137250378I think that in the comics Starfire if it has that sexy touch you were looking for but for the series they decided to reduce it to "tender but somewhat naïve"And they decided to give that sexy personality to Blackfire.

>>137246614>>137246779If they did it would be back and hard to see cause dark

>>137247102>Blackfire joining the Titans specifically to cuck her sister and constantly flirting with Robin until he gives in a fucks her

Attached: blackfire_by_ladycandy2011_dfjpwwu-fullview.jpg (800x1120, 83.26K)

Attached: FOQvWxhXIAES5Z7.jpg (972x2048, 149.22K)

>>137215104I love bad girls.

>>137251600Would force her to strut around like this 24/7

>>137215104>she was despised by her parents.>she was despised by her own people.>they denied her the right to the throne.>she never had a choice.

Attached: artworks-2vF6KivdiYSvdDfI-Gymk6w-t500x500.jpg (500x500, 33.68K)

>>137228253gotta nut n bolt

Attached: speedy.gif (800x450, 3.11M)

If she's capable of being a loyal wife then I'm happy.My problem is her personality seems like one of getting banged as much as possible for the thrill of it.

>>137241471Blackfire might be a sociopath, but she definitely has fun so she probably feels boundless joy remembering times she fucked someone over.


>>137215104Help me clear Avalon Node.I tried solo'ing it and it's just not working out for me.After that, I guess we can bang.

>>137228144There should be more capeshit shows where super heroines/villainess' get their kits off

Attached: titans-01x09-minka-kelly.webm (1006x1080, 380.62K)

>>137228144That’s really nice makeup and prosthetics, it looks close to human but not quite.

>>137259997Is this Dove? Cuzco goddamn she's fucking sexy.

>>137235129Posting IAHFY is cheating.

>>137234356Make her an antihero or vigilante, so she can remain her same cocky, partygirl self. She doesn’t deal with petty crimes, just the big stuff of whatever’s disrupting her usual fun.

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>>137261135Yea, S1 EP9 Hank and

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>>137220574Her name is Nightstar silly.

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Blackfire is for Red X.

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>>137262795Because it's your culture you swine, have some respect

>>137262795If the right guy took interest in Mandy do you think she'd take her appearance more seriously and get in shape?

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>>137254465It serves for a porn comic... Now as a plot for the series, I suppose there would have to be one more reason for Blackfire to do that and not just to annoy his sister. I say I'll surely enjoy seeing him get angry, but I wish there was one more reason for him to do that.Like Robin being strict and serious with Blackfire since he does not trust her, and that for some reason Blackfire likes or finds it attractive so he behaves like this on purpose because he likes it to be like that with her.It would be interesting

>>137257969You'll end up exhausted from so much sex

>>137261829Yes, she could really function as an antihero

>>137262834Hmmm... Interesting ship

Attached: IMG_20200523_201611.jpg (631x480, 45.48K)

>>137262944It would really be nice... But isn't she lesbian or is bisexual?

>>137262944My head canon is that in her college years she gets really skinny and becomes a massive slut.

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Attached: i_am_nota_starfire_by_emsesama_dear011.jpg (985x1575, 134.76K)

>>137263709I feel like her Tamaranean blood wouldn't allow her to be totally straight or lesbian. Once she sees the right cock she'll submit.

>>137215104Have her step on my dick then rough love making while I call her a troq, and watch the good Teen Titans show with her afterwards

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For me it's Raven's daughter.

Attached: Raven's Daughter.png (2131x2570, 2.58M)

>>137264356If Star's daughter is a stumpy goth cow, Raven's daughter should be a stunninglt attractive lime-green Stacy.

>>137238201I thought this reminded me of something. I hope this template becomes a trend

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>>137264067More ideas for more hentais

>>137263730Hmmm... Can I redraw her? Sure, if it doesn't bother you... I have 2 styles in mindOne totally thin like her mother and another a little thicker

>>137215143I miss Dennis Franz

>>137265044I’d like to make that slampig even fatter.


>>137250378Comics starfire fucks. Show starfire was innocent. Blackfire is fun in theory because as the audience you're never the person getting fucked over, but blackfire's probably an annoying shithead to be around. Starfire is the kind of girl you could get to wear a sundress and bake you cookies and still fug 3 times a day. Nice women are more pleasant and you can still fuck them just as good.

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A woman falling in love with you and trying to please you...What would that even be like?

Starfire...Starfire's sister...

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>>137215410What are you a silver supremacist?

>>137246614She wants you to beg for it.

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>>137250325What do you mean by Asian features? She looks more "Asian" because she has black hair instead of red

>>137268005I think he means the shape of her eyes, which are more almond shaped than Star's

>>137267762Thank you Wrestle Man, wherever you are.

>>137262795>>137265044Imagine how good it would feel plowing your cock into this annoying slut. Making her body ripple with every impact against her round ass. Using braids as hand holds.

Attached: i_am_not_starfire___mandy_koriand_r_by_chicaanime_n1_deatvt9.png (1190x2129, 290.86K)

>>137221276>which is why most later versions dropped it for something elseSome later versions dropped it because Blackfire existed in a time before all villains had to be sympathetic. They made a compelling backstory for her, but later writers just wanted her to be an evil schemer for the Teen Titans to beat up. Can't have Robin be all, "hey, let's go punch Starfire's crippled sister in the face.">She works better as a character if she had more agency in whatever event caused a rift between her and the rest of the royal family.I'm going to disagree. Her original backstory was like Falling Down in space: somebody beset by forces beyond their control being denied support by those close to them until eventually they just snap and say "fuck everybody." Her agency in that situation was deciding to side with the enemy that had treated her with more kindness and respect than her own people, and becoming cruel and embittered by her experiences.That's far, far more interesting than being "power hungry dick betrays sibling for the throne #285."


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>>137215104Gain massive amounts of weight and crush my dick into pieces

Attached: blackfire_baby_weight_part_3_by_disguting_df4474z-pre.jpg (1010x791, 88.17K)

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>Glrdlschlechhh's birthday.

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>>137269688Is it a fusion of jinx and Blackfire?

>>137264091Starfire hated being called that, but I could see Blackfire being into being called a filthy troq while she gets her hair pulled.

>>137269846Blackfire the best girl

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>>137271515How come no one here has yet drawn a picture of that? Sure, with having savage sex with Blackfire

>>137215410>>137271793There's one pic of Blackfire domming Val-yor and that's it. Wish there was more that pairing has potential.

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>>137269318I wanna see her black lipstick smeared on my cock.

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>>137272085Pass the image

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>>137272085a troq dominating a pureblooded val-yorian, filthy troq propaganda. Male troqs are meant to be slain and female troqs only use is to be bred.>also did you know even though troqs make up 13%-

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Stop liking evil women Holla Forums!Hahaha I hope they take the bait!

>>137273245There should be art of Vernathians fucking a group of captured Tamaranean whores, with Starfire, Blackfire and their mother pregnant the foot of the throne.


>>137262834This one!This is the ship I need more of!

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>>137274478true chad shit, it's what tamaranens girls are good for they dress skimpy any way

>>137265044It would've been nice if Blackfire played the sexy fun aunt, helped her lose weight and taught Mandy to become a total whore. Two of them going off into the red light district to get fucked by dozens of men.

>>137226640It's Tamaranean manlets that tug their pathetic orange dicks watching their women get SILVERED.