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>How does this work?>It works like a community toy chest. In the /coc/ threads you are free to post whatever ideas/settings/characters you want, but you have to be OK with other people playing with them (tweaking them, putting them in stories, using them for things, etc.)>There's no guarantee that what you post will catch on either.>If the OC you are posting is YOURS for something you are personally doing, then it would go to the "How is your webcomic?" threads.>If you just want feedback on an OC of yours, then it would go in the "donut steel" threads or drawthreads.If the thread dies suddenly or you still want to discuss something when there's no thread:boards.plus4chan.org/coc/Last time:-Crackdown art and backstory/lore-GG comic progress-New pics-More of that sticc blonde prince (Jean) and thicc readhead (Morag)-Bug's birthday-Other stuff I didn't mention

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Well, sink or swim.

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Back again with another update for Keeping Things In Place.The colors are coming out nicely, though they're not quite done yet. We're reaching the home stretch now me thinks.

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>>137210198Kinda makes me think of Aardman. Whimsical. I dig it.

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>>137209536Looks like a heroic Jason Vorhees.

>>137211383That's probably because of tattered clothes, which are somwhat of an artistic liberty.



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Thread is killPost JackHammer and Lovely Ladybug!

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>>137210138Who's got the best personality traits.

>>137209536Stealing ideas from other threads-Catimini’s name could be replaced with Lucky Cat (from Spider-Man in DC thread). Her powers are luck related with karmic equivalent exchange/equilibrium. Makes others during the day unlucky so so could get lucky during night heists. Can’t push her luck too far, otherwise she might seriously injure someone (or herself if there’s no one present) with the karma balance.-Nightshade: JackHammer’s Not!Poison Ivy (from the Poison Ivy thread)


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>>137216125With his helmet and shades JH makes me think of a cop

Hope you guys are having a great Mother's Day!

>>137216268I just got back in.Spent it with my mother and grandparents. My grandfather just got let out of the hospital.>>137210198Nice. Looks like that typo got fixed.>>137211289>>137214356Are these new?

>>137216382>Are these new?They are!Wanted to get that Glory image in by February, but it wasn't to be.

>>137216419Cool. At least it's out now.

>>137216268>>137216382Happy Mother's Day!

>>137211289Really nice Glory Girl! Like how you made her a little thicc

>>137216113You could be a full Weeb and go with the name of Maneki-Neko or Beckoning Cat for the character. Pic related.

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>>137217341Not to step too much on Blue Moon’s toes with the Japanese theme, but it could be a very valuable antique shaped like your pic and Lucky Cat went to steal it. Blue Moon could coerced JackHammer because the cat burglar stole from her, and she has yet to catch her by herself.

>>137217521Then if you don’t want a Japanese Name, how about Cat Sith (pronounced kat*shee), the Gaelic Cat Fairy Creature? Lucky Cat is fine, but I think it steps on the toes of Lucky Girl from Ben 10.

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>>137211289Must be cold.

>>137217724I’m fine with thatThe white spot on the chest could be a boob window too

So if anyone is interested to know, I've considered actually two interesting characters to the batch of the many:>-Darla/4chan's version of Better Darrel>-Amelia Fucking Bedeliafor the project, I've considered Darla as a character who could be a great mage but not so good in social due to wallflower stuff, but I could see her and LL as friends, despite the fact she's a child and L is a child looking woman.With Amelia, we doing some occult shit to make her real, lmao.

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>>137209536Another happy mother's day to /ck/

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>>137211289She look great what her name

Trying to put together a Mother's Day doodle, if anybody's got more of these future Ladybug babies lay em on me.

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>>137219324Hammerbug brags that villains in her parent’s’ time is easy mode for her, despite her lacking her father’s insanely sharp instincts using gravity powers. Jack and Marley are annoyed and ask to be brought into the future to see for themselves.They face an over the top villain, like… THE SUPREME OVERLORD GOD-EMPEROR OF THE SEVEN RED MOON OF VALEC, HEIR OF THE GOLDEN DEMON MESSIAH AND WIELDER OF THE BILLION SOUL BLADES! Like the type of guy that is the secret boss of an alternative route in a Japanese vidya game

>>137220017Sounds like her future's been taking notes from Goliath in terms of hamminess.

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>>137216268>>137216382>>137216786>>137219101Happy Mother's Day fellas!

>>137215491Audrey but I think IG got potential.


>>137215491Audrey because she's supposed to be the hero.

Well, if I'm not missing any there's a pretty good crop from these doodles already.

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>>137216786>>137219101I had a great Mother's Day! Hope you guys did too!

Arthur's mother died not even a week after he moved to the States. In his preparations for the highschool life in another country coupled with the fact that he was notified only 3 days after the fact, he couldn't make it to the funeral.Despite being undeniably sad at the time, Arthur felt as if he wasn't grieving as hard as he's supposed to. His feelings towards the news were conflicted, much like they were towards the woman herself. She still tried her hardest to provide for Arthur, just like any other decent parent would, but there was a lingering sense of coldness in her attitude towards him almost all of the time throughout his adolescence. She wasn't absent, but she would still send him out to her parents at every opportunity, which is why he spent every summer at a countryside. And, even though it never got flat-out abusive, a less than flattering sentiment towards his presence in her life would rear its head after a couple of drinks she'd have every weekend. It wasn't all bad, but for every moment that even remotely resembled human connection, he could recall about 3 that were driven by this bitterness that he was never fully privy to. So, as per his father's wishes, Arthur focused on his studies instead.

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But, as the years went on, he found himself thinking about her more and more, reflecting on the time two of them have spent together. As Arthur matured and understood himself better, he'd also cultivate a newfound empathy for this miserable woman who'd act as if she didn't want him around despite working her ass off to keep him fed and dressed. Even though she could've been a better parent, he'd still choose to view her past the familial bond as a human being: a flawed one, oftentimes unsure of her own emotions. Much like himself.So, he made a promise to himself: every year on Orthodox Easter, he'd travel back to Russia and tend to her grave. A day or two of manual labor every spring may not provide proper closure, but this was still something that he felt that was worth doing.Moreover, the russian countryside is usually lovely this time of year.Happy mother's day, /coc/.

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Well, that'll do, better wrap this thing up while it's still Mother's Day somewheres. Happy Momday, /coc/!>>137220896>>137220913He's a good lad, that Art. Does he save on air fare with his powers, or does it not work like that?

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>>137221403He buys a plane ticket like everyone else.He could in theory sneak on board and stay hidden till the flight ends, but the process is so bothersome and risky that he would much rather just pay a couple hundred bucks instead.

>>137221403I thought her mom was also pregnant in that pic for a second.And goodnight.

>>137221497Sometimes the hustle isn't worth the hassle.>>137221578I can see how the "turtleneck" could sort of give that effect.

>>137209536Greetings anons, and as in every thread, I'm pitching my idea for this week, enjoy!>"Unlimited Dad">Genre: Superhero, Comedy, action>Sypnosis: in a world where being Superhero is a job for gifted people, a single Dad Named Kelvin Rockman, or "Unlimited Dad" with powers to multiply his human abilities like jumping (instead of jumping some inches he can jump really high) and running (not like a speedster but faster than a human) and even making his skin as hard as diamond, he works as a freelance Superhero and tries to get enough money for his daughter Tanya to get a better life and education. he fights evil with jeans pants and a t-shirt that his daughter made for him on Father's Day.Characters :>Kelvin Rockman: a 38 years old man with brown long hair and a buff body, he kind and has a good heart but also can be a little clumsy from time to time especially when he tries to not use his power in the house>Tanya Rockman: an 8 years old girl who likes to play and have fun and she often helps her dad when he's out fighting crimes, She also has Telekinesis powers that will be discovered later on > The Organization of Super crime-fighters: the organization that most f superheroes work for .and it works with a points system (how many points you get = how much money you get paid)thanks for reading ,I will be here to answer your question

Bump it!

>>137221403What's the name of angry red faced baby?Also nice to see more Mar's mom. For some reason I really thought she had curls. I think it's because of the comic



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>>137222332Are the f-list villains also operating on no-budget?

>>137224694they prefer the term "Indie" kek

>>137209536I want that guy to roughly rape and impregnate me.

>>137225959He's too socially retarded to be a rapist.

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>>137226023Lotta socially retarded characters in recent years.

>>137226924it has become a widely relatable archetype, for better or worse

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First time posting

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>>137226924>>137227441At least it's pretty fresh when it comes to /coc/'s characters.Sure, there are "shy" and "timid" ones (especially when they're female), but I genuinely struggle to remember any who are quite as antisocial as Arthur.I might be wrong though, so feel free to correct me.

I wanted to share the comic I made for crab tourney on /ic/ because I worked hard on it and its delayed the actual Lustless comic for a while now. For context it starts with this image

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>>137228048>>137228069>>137228079>>137228096>>137228124>>137228143>>137228157Wow! Great work on the comics!

>>137228954ty friendo ;_;

>>137222798That's Claire, magical spawn of Marley and Hummingbird. She was created by one of the doodlechat users and might be the first theoretical future babby. If you look closely here you can witness her birth.As far as curls, the ladies Bishop have moderately curly hair, the kind that gives you waves but not tight little ringlets. Mom just tends hers better than Marley so she doesn't wind up with perpetual bedhead.

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>>137229441>>137228954yw keep it up!

>>137227672hey she is cute! whats her story?

>>137227672My first impression is weed vampire.

>>137227672Two tone vampire.>>137228079Lustless, more like Shameless! She denies Champ his fix while partaking in the devil's own lettuce. SMDH.

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>>137227672>>137232828I want them to lesbian each other.

>>137221403>>137220530>>137220114>>137219934>>137219324I think all this bughammer stuff shows that LL can get laid very easily

>>137233103From them all being about the same age makes me think that there was just one specific night where she was very fuckable Doesn't madder who.Just everyone would have had sex with her on THAT NIGHT

Here's the full Mothers' Day doodlechat canvas! It was a slow session but we've got a few bonus moms and another Proxxi design.>>137228048Was this a collaboration?>>137233103>>137233233In an infinite multiverse, even Marley can get laid sometimes.

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>>137233386Tube babies?

>>137233233Every one takes a ticket and waits in line to have sex with her

>>137232828Man its already been a year since my favorite character from these threads was made. I have no ideas but I hope people do more with her.

>>137233518When Mr. Carver mentioned their artificial womb tech in Ish 4, it wasn't just a throwaway line!

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>>137234026Wow, her parents couldn't even be arsed to grow her in the womb.I'm guessing they did some fiddling with her genes while she was in the tube too.

>>137232828>>137233970What is her actual age? Is she a late teenager in college or a high school student?

>>137233970More like a year and a half.How would Holla Forumsdie react to all the possible future babies?

>>137234144It's safe to say that Lila being weirdly "perfect" in many respects is no coincidence.

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>>13723484119 years old I think?

>>137234841You know she's gotta to be in college right?

>>137234846Calling LL a slut

>>137234841She's 17 years, 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 secondsSo don't you dare!

Okay, I have to get back to the comic now.

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>>137236204Nice work.And I'm going to bed. Goodnight.

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good night

>>137211289Glad she's getting some love

>>137219324>>137220530Whose the dude in the armour?



I'm curious by has someone thought about creating a new teen hero based on Miss Martian? Maybe related to Connie Cosmos as another female alien. Maybe from Mars like Connie Cosmos, & is called Cosmic GirlWe got Glory Girl as a close friend of Golden Girl. So would a teen girl from Mars be considered? Like a mixture of Miss Martian from Young Justice or the current comic look, Dedejah Thoris, & Rocket Girl from that Image comic?Just as a suggestion, but your thoughts?

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Can anyone suggests some superwoman/powergirl oc character ideas?

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>>137236833It honestly doesn't sound like a bad idea nor would it seem odd a younger alien of Connie would not exist if she was in training. But I'm not sure how I'd put her in the GG story. Connie kinda has an underdeveloped spin off with that space ranger that I forgot the name of. I think she be better place their with his rookie cadet's honestly. Maybe later she can do a one time team up with GG?

>>137236833>>137237190It actually makes no sense because Connie is already pretty young herself. She's the youngest SoS member in the Girl era, barely an adult herself. She *is* the Miss Martian.Maybe when she's Queen like in that pic it makes sense but that's Guardian Era stuff and you'd kind of have to not realize that to ask that question.

Working on Colors palettes and scenarios for my OC, Barbunny

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>>137231772baka its true. Thats why she cant be left unsupervised with horny men. >>137233386its a collab in that we use each others OCs but in that pic it was a solo drawing of Lustless and he added his guy Akio to it, so kinda a collab.

>>137237188What do you mean, like ideas for a strong, flying, four-colour super-chick?I'd be surprised if we don't have one somewhere already, but the trick in my mind would be to just keep the concept simple. Like a lab-grown superhero trying to find her creator, or a being from another world/dimension trying to learn how the world works while protecting it, or someone hit by alien rays or given a magic family line/power item and suddenly becoming a superhero. Then you just pop her somewhere with some thematically fitting villains and antagonists and you've got a basic plot.

>>137238696yes and im just here for superhero content

>>137237984Do you have a story in mind for the character?

>>137237188I have an idea for a atstripper who becomes posessed by an altruistic demon trying to reform its ways. It gives her stretching and shapeshifting powers but she wants nothing to do with it and is upset about her body being used. I still havent gotten around to drawing her, it could be fun tho.

>>137236833Really wish we did more with the non-GG characters in that universe. It's a whole team to work with!

>>137236833>I'm curious by has someone thought about creating a new teen hero based on Miss Martian?Radboy.>We got Glory Girl as a close friend of Golden Girl. So would a teen girl from Mars be considered?Eh, them actually being close friends is a bit of a recent development. Not to say they don't get along, but I don't think Golden Girl actually hangs out with the Crusaders all that often.

>>137236833>>137241091Sorry, I mentioned the wrong part of your idea.The point is, Radboy is Connie's sidekick. As a side note, Connie, being the youngest member of the Sorority is supposed to have a sorta big sister relationship with Audrey. Though as you'd imagine we don't really have any comics or writing fleshing out that relationship.

>>137241174>The point is, Radboy is Connie's sidekick.Is it because they're both green? Because this is news to me.

>>137241189Nah, if anything it's because they're both Scifi themed. I mean, where else would have Radboy come from if not built by, if not adopted by Connie on one of her space adventures?

>>137241174>>137241237Get this from your proctologist, did you?desuarchive.org/co/search/text/radboy connie/

>>137241174>>137241237The fact that you're calling him Radboy instead o his actual name, Rad LAD, is really hurting your case. Came here from /aco/ did you?

>>137241432You'd probably wanna broaden your search a bit.Hell, even putting in just "radboy" into the search as you did only bring up one page worth of results. >>137241473>The fact that you're calling him Radboy instead o his actual name, Rad LAD, is really hurting your case. HAHA, you're right that might explain some things.Either way, I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure this was an established idea. Silver Queen has GGBlack Rose has The Twins (Black Rose 2 and White Ghost)Great Glory had Glory GirlConnie has Radb- RadladAnd Donna and Crimson Cat are solo acts.

>>137241599Oh and Olympian. Great Glory had Olympian as well, can't forget about them.

>>137241599>You'd probably wanna broaden your search a bit.desuarchive.org/co/search/text/rad lad connie/Once again: There is no connection between the two, and there never has been. You are pulling stuff out of your ass.

>>137241639It's funny because if you bother to go to the wiki and just read the segment on the crusaders Rad Lad is the first one on the list and it says who created him.

>>137241639>>137241780Well, I guess I was wrong then. My bad for spreading misinformation on the internet.


poor sad horse...

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>>137236833I'm late to the discussion.If there's a Miss Martian type of character other than Connie then, as the other anons have stated, it'd be later on. If it's really later on then it could even be Connie's daughter if you don't mind it being in the 90s part of the setting.That would give BB someone her own age to play off of in sidekick banter. Just a thought.

>>137238129Interesting, I see.


>>137237190>>137237710Well how long does the "Sorority of Sentinels" exist since? How long has Connie Cosmos was in that team. She appeared as the oldest, but is the youngest. We don't know how the society of Mars is formed, but are there other ways to play into the ideaWhat if this version of Miss Cosmos is a young trainee for the Royal Guard of Mars? Basically similar to Rayla. While a skilled warrior she's inexperienced at everything else. Especially on Mars. Which is why she was sent to Earth to learn>>137241016Same>>137241174I feel Silver Queen would be more of an older sister figure to Connie Cosmos >>137243640The 90’s would be a weird thing

>>137245996I'm gonna ask you to be honest now my dude. Are you even checking what information is there at all before throwing this stuff out there?

>>137245996>She appeared as the oldestThe pic you posted is of her when she's queen of Mars, that's when she's older.She looks like this when she's younger.

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>>137245996>RaylaWho? Is this another character whose name you're getting wrong or someone from another franchise entirely?

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>>137243640I don't think her glow up design would have to change much to be in the 90s.

I just finished this page and I'm moving on now.

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How do you think Audrey's first day of training would go with Silver Queens braces? You think she'd be bent out of shape and barely could walk or but she would walk away as if it was nothing?

>>137249920It'll be fun to see her out of breath for a change.

>>137236833>>137246410Really would like to know what would be like to see a spin-off from her. Does her alien race live for a long time or are they like humans?

>>137250356Did you read the wiki?

>>137249609I meant the hypothetical new character being like a schoolmate of Sydney in the 90s.The quarter-Martian kid who can just barely hide their heritage.>>137249816Nice.>>137249920I think the first thing she'd have Audrey do is jump off of a ledge. This teaches her that she can take fall damage while wearing them.Then she'd have Audrey eat a meal, with a silverware. The goal is to not destroy the utensils or cut through the plate/table.

>>137249920>>137250318>>137250381They increase stats exponentially and Audrey ends up an order of magnitude stronger than Sarah. That includes stamina and durability, you know.

>>137250380Nah, I'm Too lazy to lol!

>>137250804>>137250356Hehe same here. I just stop on by from time to time just to see what the writers and artist are cooking.

>>137250318I second this only because Bullion would probably look hot.

>>137250804>>137250912Honestly if you guys are too lazy to read a paragraph there then typing a paragraph here is going to be a waste of time. Head on back to /aco/ where you can turn your brain off and leave the lore to people that actually care.

>>137251020The /aco/ posters are the ones putting their money where their mouth is to support the project, user. Show some respect.

>>137251066Direct your attention towards >>137210198

>>137251154Yeah, like I said. You can't unironically think that isn't eroticized, right?

>>137251386The point is user is paying for it.I don't really give a damn what anons on /aco/ are doing most of the time. They can stick to their own thread.What I show RESPECT towards is genuine effort.

Should I elaborate on Crackdown's past further or would it be better for me to focus on superhero stuff from now on?I feel like there's still potential in exploring more of his part (like how he serves as a foil to Lila and Carvers in general by being an unwanted child of a rich and powerful lineage), but most /coc/ characters don't seem to have overly elaborate origin stories and I don't want the narrative to be bogged down by that.

Attached: 1680410406202288.png (1272x927, 20.76K)

>>137251504It'd be better to focus on his story first, then integrate his backstory into that as you go.

>>137251504The lad's in the OP, I'd say he's "made it" in as much as most /coc/ characters do, so take him in whatever direction feels right. Since his past is tied up in his present, you shouldn't ignore that, but we should also see his methodology.Also, as an aside, I've slipped a mention of him into Ladybug #6's current draft.

Hmmm. I want to draw Madam Pandora. Can't think of what she should be doing.

>>137251740I don't know what that is.

>>137237984Well drawn, I looked at what she was holding and assumed it was a sock full of nickels.Are you going beyond the standard DnD scenarios for the story?What are you going for?

>>137251752This Vampire woman. She runs an orphanage.

Attached: 1664749785187925_Pandora_Petit Vampire.jpg (3125x2208, 1.09M)

>>137241189>Because this is news to me.Me Too>>137241237>where else would have Radboy come from if not built byI thought there was something about him being build by a scientist or the government who asked the crusaders To help train him and such

>>137251882Cute. Could have her meeting one of the local vampires, like Marian or Blueblood.

>>137251565>>137251565Eh, on second thought, let's do a 50/50.More of his past will reveal itself naturally as he interacts with Playwright anyway.Still stoked about the draft thing, by the way.

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>>137251899>I thought there was something about him being build by a scientist or the government who asked the crusaders To help train him and such.Yeah, that's the actual lore. The "built by Connie" bit was half a joke, but I really did think there was some sort of connection that folks made later on outside of his original origins.

>>137241599>Radb- RadladI would find it amusing if there was a character that got his name wrong at every opportunity>Save us Rad Boy>I'll hit them low and you hit them high Rad Kid>Good job Radiation Lad>We couldn't have done it without you Mr Mini Meltdown

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>>137243483Is kiddy snack for kids or is it a play on words for cat food?

>>137251478Well there's this user That's doing some cool CGI but it's nsfw mostly. If he could, you can make a really cool sfw comics like some artist that go on the aco and the coc. But I'm not sure if you're a big fan of CGI or not

>>137250421Yes, that's why I suggested the training SQ would give her.She needs to teach her what she can handle with them and how to be delicate with them.Anyway, goodnight.

>>137251066No, you're really not. Your "support" consists of tumblr grade rewrites, headcanons and AUs born of sheer laziness and lack of genuine interest when you can't even be bothered to get the characters names right. You guys muddied the waters so badly that it all but ruined volume one and they had to call the creators from /coc/ thread to unfuck the canon for Volume 2. And rather than learn a lesson and go "hey maybe we should actually give a shit about the character we have a perennial general for" you think your unwillingness to read a single paragraph before spouting off your next "Great idea" is too much to ask.Believe it or not support means actually caring about something other than the tits and her getting rawdogged. Otherwise you've proven that yeah, this was a huge waste and it's impossible to have a character with this design be anything more.

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>>137252320Dude chill, I don't know what you're talking about when you said aco. I just hang in the co/ in general and stop by here to see your projects. I don't really go in depth with each character unless their interesting to me. So lay off!

>>137216268I wonder if Katya wished Mother Russia a happy Mother's Day

>>137252436>getting all holier than thou because someone dared to make hardcore porn of your softcore oppai loli pornI'm not even the guy you're complaining about but jesus, get a grip.

>>137252505She'd say>Mother's Day is a capitalist plot that promotes excess and wasteAnd for once she's actually right

>>137252513To be clear I don't give a fuck if they make porn but for god sakes at least learn the character names so that they can be searched properly. Or try to get some semblance of their personalities or world right since that actually makes it better, like Gewd-Boi's lewds.Porn is great. Lazy porn is not.

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>>137252543>Porn is great. Lazy porn is not.Facts

>>137252543>Porn is great. Lazy porn is not.Facts

>>137252543>actually makes it better, like Gewd-Boi's lewds.That's your opinion, no offense to the guys work but he's mid like Hagfish compared to Terrible and Van, I love the way they exaggerate GG.

>>137252591Hagfish, Terrible, and Van still all still stick to canon my dude. They read the wiki instead of being ESLs showing up trying to disregard what is now almost what, seven, eight years of collaborative effort by the board? All in the name of a more personalized fap?If you wanna throw everything out and ERP with an OC Do Not Steal that's totally okay. But the /coc/ general isn't the place for it. That's all I'm sayin.

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>>137252543>>137252591>>137252630Hate to play the devil's advocate again, but 47k is arguably the best GG artist and he draws her pretty OOC most of the time.

>>137252630>If you wanna throw everything out and ERP with an OC Do Not Steal that's totally okay. But the /coc/ general isn't the place for it. That's all I'm sayin.Dude, I'm talking about art style. I don't give shit about adding any ideas. I know that's why I've a fan of GG since late 2017.

>>137252630>VanNTA, but Van has stated he doesn't care about canon. I still love his work, nonetheless.

>>137252724Hehe, amen to that bro.

>>137252724>NTA, but Van has stated he doesn't care about canon.He hasn't given Audrey superpowers yet and that's good enough for me.

>>137252724Did he ever finish that new comic he was making? I think IG makes an appearance.

>>137252792Not yet but I kinda know how it's gonna play out. I saw the sketchs from last year.

>>137253201I don't mind spoilers, could you tell us what you know?

>>137253226Well the sketches were hard to figure out about the fight and It's mainly GG dodging through out IGs attacks till GG out smarts IG and turns the tables on IG using her girls as an advantage.

>>137253226Also I took screenshots but lost them. If I ever find them before Van finishes I'll share or I'll just share it anyways if he does finish before I find it.

>>137253371Interesting>>137253393Thanks user!

>>137253466You're welcome.

>>137251977It's just candy and sweets shaped like animals and cars, that usually kids like

>>137251625>the lad's in the OP, I'd say he's "made it" in as much as most /coc/ characters doBut will he have any staying power?

>>137253371The ones I saw induced cat people.Then the other one I saw from years back had Audrey boxing.Vann starts sketches of comics and then moves onto other things constantly.

>>137221403we need art of Ladybug getting impregnated with every single one of these children.

>>137256079First thought to come to mind with Audrey boxing was bobbing and weaving causing her to get black eyes from the bouncing

>>137252630>Hagfish, Terrible, and Van still all still stick to canon my dude.I can't speak for Van and Hagfish but I know for a fact that Terrible doesn't actually know anything about Golden Girl and most of his GG related art is commissioned by people if not literally just two guys.

>>137256079It's because I watched his drawing stream. I was like a year ago when I watched him. I really wish I had recorded instead of taking pics. I learn from his art style and he inspired me.

>>137257540>I was like a year ago when I watched him.I Forgot to mention he had the whole story board in sketches too laid out. It was really cool.

My Barbunny again.

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Protender (Protector and Defender)Protuardian (Protector and Guardian)Guatector (Guardian and Protector)Solar SentinelThrow me name ideas

>>137253201Where can one see Van's art?I searched the boorus, but they don't seem to be complete

>>137257593Reminds me of when I used to watch Psu's draw streams. He also had a lot of pages of Amazing Holla Forumsventures all sketched out that he never finished. He was well beyond where the finished pages stopped.

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>>137246044Yes I read, & there barely isn't enough to build upon any of the characters. We barely knew any of them besides what was described upon them>>137246410But the team she was a part off. How long did that team exist before they started taking in sidekicks? Do Martians age slower or what? Because we barely know anything about that. At least some description about the Martians, & Connie's life in that >>137247274Rayla is a character from "The Dragon Prince"

>>137257940>>137258244This is where I usually watch his streams when he does them. piczel.tv/watch/Vaaan_Drawing

>>137257940>>137258244Hopefully Van will finish the comic and gets put up again either on healthy fetish or Kickstarter. I'll definitely pay to read it!

>>137259204Nice pic!

>>137256838Terrible remembers that she's short, sticc mode, has huge ears, no superpowers, and actually fights villains. That's a based in my book. That's how low the bar is and yet how impossible it is for some people to get.

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>>137254950That's always the million dollar question.

>>137252724I miss Vannn. Does he ever show up here?

>>137257673Excellent artstyle! Is she a furry all the time or does she transform?

>>137222332i tried using Ai to create a ref for Kelvin Rockman

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>>137257673That's really good line work and shading man, I dig it. You got a place you throw your drawings at?

>>137261931The last time I saw him was in the plus4chan drawthread where he posts like, a few times every 3 years.

>>137256431We can only hope some of the artists visiting from /aco/ take notice of her.

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Gentlemen. If you could, would you animate something you've drawn into 3D?


>>137264292Wish I had that talent instead of scribbles.

>>137264292I hope to branch out it eventually, but right now I'm in the same boat as >>137264868

>>137264868>>137265349Art is art. Someone's work always has potential in the long run.

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good night

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>>137266535Good night!It's always nice to see you making progress.

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Bump it!

>>137263327>We can only hope some of the artists visiting from /aco/ take notice of her.hell no, then all she'd get is futa or AI porn.

>>137260941Again, this stuff was commissioned.Terrible didn't remember anything about GG, he was instructed to do this, and if told to do something else he'd do that.Van and Hag are a bit different in that they have some level of investment in GG as a concept, but I very much doubt they're in the wiki or the threads, reading up on the latest GG lore and making sure everything they write is canonical.They have their own ideas and draw them how they see fit. Those ideas in question might be more acceptable to you, but don't think for a second they're actually checking the wiki every day or keeping track of the current lore.

>>137262364Sure! I’m @rnz_ferrer on TW and IG.


>>137265929Lila would invent Zillapunk.

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>>137272217See I can get why crackdown would tear this bitch’s reproductive system up and make her spawn the equivalent of the 300 soldiers out of her like nothing, but I feel like deep down crackdown needs a cooler original woman.So…what if a machine?

>>137272920As a definitive not-so-distant future endgame love interest after he gets over himself?Maybe, but you have to keep in mind that the entire reason she was able to approach him at all was because she basically had to hand-feed a wounded deer.If he had to date someone else as he is now, it'd be straight back into inceldom for him.

>>137273276>>137272920Oh, and also: it's still up in the air if his feelings are so strong because she's someone who simply treated him nicely for once or if he really has it *that* bad for her.


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>>137273826The Children of the Wheel are surely a dastardly bunch.

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>>137269078I'm tired of beating a dead horse in defense of my earlier 2am spergout so it's only because I need to bump this off of page 10 anyway that I'm replying this last time but listen, You can justify it as commissions and drawfags doing their own thing but there are still degrees of deviation here. I'm not saying everyone is or even should read the wiki religiously but when you have people on /aco/ coming here asking very basic questions and being told to lurk more that's not unreasonable. When you have those idea guys doing a version of "Aubrey" that is a thicc kryptonian girl from 2023 with superpowers that isn't a sidekick, that just reads as pic related to me, and I'm not so presumptuous as to think I'm alone in that. Just make your own thing. Or at least expect to be told no when you start shilling those kinds of concepts here.

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