A year ago today. The best Disney show ever made reached it's conclusion. Few have been the shows that managed to leave such an impact in the mind of it's audience. What do you think the future holds for this Disney fantastic world and it's characters? Will we see more of Anne and her beloved frog family in the upcoming books? Will it ever get a movie? What do yo want them to be about? Tell us your favorite parts of the show, which one were the most iconic to you?

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is the show actually that good

>>137206337It's really not.

The endgame was beautiful brothers

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She's been dead for a year now.

>>137206367Wholesome and perfect

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>>137206337Yes. It's about as perfect a cartoon for kids can get.

>>137206378She born again, one year ago*

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>>137206337Not that good, let alone good at all

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>>137206337Is undoubtedly the best thing out there in while. Nothing better since avatar

I'm rewatching the first ep and it's amazing. The part where sprig pulls a snake squeleton out of the bushes reminded me of the time I scared a family with a dead fish in the sea.

>>137206337It's a 8/10 cartoon. It would be a 9/10 if Disney wasn't keen on making all shows "toddler-friendly" and let the creators add the dark things they wanted to have instead of forcing them to make more "townie" episodes.

>>137207718The townie episodes are the best part

>>137206337Yeah. It took what Gravity Falls did and actually improved on it.

>>137207718Can't be 8/10 with that art style and so many holes and inconsistencies

>>137206313Happy Anneversary bros.

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>>137208400Sashannarcy is canon ship

>>137206337I enjoyed reading d it but you get rabbit fans saying it's the best thing ever and of fans of another show saying it's the honest garbage since the problem solvers.

>>137206313The best show Disney ever made ended 7 years ago. Everything after is obsolete.

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>>137209101Next thing we known Marcy is tucked by Anne going Thai deep onto Sprigs bussy.

Never watched this show, are the fans always this insecure

>>137206313Darrel made an anniversary piece lmao

I wonder what Matt is going to say in regards to 1 year passing.

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>>137206367Never going to top this

>>137206313More of them please

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>>137206313I am grateful for the funny frogs and all the boobchuy art we got out of it. Probably wont get a movie but additional books is more than I could ask for at this point since I thought for sure the ride would end with Marcy's Journal. Can't wait to see what comes next.

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Now that everyone has had a year to decide, best girl?


>>137211282I love all 3 and could never choose.

>>137211282For me, it's Sasha. But really, they're all wonderful characters at the end of the day.

>>137209318Maybe we get the book announcement. But more likely that's going to be in june

>>137211282I love them all. Each girl has their own quirks.

>>137211282They all have excellent arcs bur for me it's Anne

>>137206337Not particularly. You may enjoy it if you're a female child or something, but it has no adult appeal other than rule34.

>>137206313It's going into the public domain after Disney gets bought by apple.



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>>137211282Sasha, but it's pretty damn close.

>>137206337watch it exactly one time, all the way through, and then never again and yes.

>>137207718>forcing them to make more "townie" episodes.the townies episodes are the best aspect of the show.If i rest points to the show is 'cause they tried to replicate townies in S3 with humans, and those didn't work as well.S3 in general isn't as good sans some key episodes.Still my fav modern show, in how honest it is to itself.

>>137209198(you) described every fandom ever.

>>137213300fans won't admit this but the newtopia episodes in 2A are basically the same as 3A. Wartwood was the only setting that wasn't just Real Life

>>137211282Sasha and it's not even close

>>137211282>best girl?Anne, but is a best girl in a sea of great girl, and great characters in general, it's hard to find a bad character without digging into the S3 humans (and even those aren't that prominent to mind per se)

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>>137213349Newtopia isn't as good as Wartwood, yeah, doesn't help how... human(?) Newtopia feels like, with cars, malls and credit cards.

>>137213349I saw that immediately, while watching S3A I remember thinking "ANOTHER mall episode?"

>>137213300>how honest it is to itself.What does that mean

>>137213391Newtopia had a lot of charisma and a unique aspect to itself. The transportation, the stalls, the stores, the characters, everything had its own marine and amphibian theme. It really felt like another world even if it was just modern world with amphibians. Compared to things like not Instagram from TOH, it's super original and pretty cool.

>>137213413Never felt like characters go OOC, never felt like forgetting its premise and its core message. The finale still polarizes fans' opinions to this day 'cause how it sticks with its premise's core idea.

>>137213462Oh yeah, even if i can see Newtopia's flaws, it's still an interesting setting compared to human thing but magic.

>>137206337About 50% of it is really good, but overall it's not quite on the level of Gravity Falls and The Owl House.

>>137213764>and The Owl House.discarded opinionTOH is a fucking mess, S1 was a pain in the ass to watch. Amity is written as a different character in every episode she's in, but doesn't feel like she's growing up organically.

>>137213764after mulling it over in my head for about a month I have to agree that owl shack is betterhaven't seen GF in years so I don't feel confident in making any statement about it in relation to these 2

TOH will forever be poor man's Amphibia. Amphibia does every single thing better.

>>137214004GF is still the funniest of the three, but it suffers from really weird pacing as it just ends when it starts becoming interesting. It really could have benefited from a third season.

Amphibia >>>> GF >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>lots of other shows>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TOH

>>137213462It's the exact same thing though

>>137213951>S1 was a pain in the ass to watch. The smug rival is written as a different character in every episode she's in, but doesn't feel like she's growing up organically.I could've sworn you were talking about Amphibia

>>137213951You also never get to care for gf, even less for TOH characters as you do for Amphibia's. You get to love them along with Anne.

>>137213518But the show literally forgot to show the girls growing apart, its supposed central theme, and it showed the opposite yet expected the finale the work the same

>>137214272>The smug rivalWhat smug rival?

>>137214392Nah, i'll give credit to GF, i do care about the characters on it.

>Owl House againJust fuck already

>>137214392Bro Sasha and Marcy had 100 minutes of screentime each despite having a full 3 seasons, the nothing characters of TOH Gus and Willow had more in the first season of TOH alone, what people like about Sasha and Marcy is *headcanon*

>>137214396>But the show literally forgot to show the girls growing apartDo we need to been spoonfeed with that? Like, as any friends you had, you never noticed how you drifted away apart till you were already living your own live by yourself.

>>137209198Amphibia fans have some kind of inferiority complex when it comes to Gravity Falls and especially The Owl House. While TOH fans usually enjoy Amphibia, you'll get the Amphibia fans steaming just by the mere mention of TOH. As a fan of all the shows myself, I really don't understand why.

>>137214437>Do we need to been spoonfeed with that?No but a single hint of it before the timeskip would've sufficed, the growing apart aspect of the timeskip was foreshadowed as much as Anne becoming a lightsaber wielding cyborg genocider in that it wasn't foreshadowed or set up at all. If you want to compare it to LOTR, we see Frodo slowly dying both physically and mentally throughout the story so the ending where he leaves for the Undying Lands feels like the only conclusion, meanwhile all of S3 of Amphibia shows the girls growing *together* and trying to find each other and forgive each other and then it's just turned on its head in the timeskip without mentioning why. Just add a line or two about them realizing shit isn't working out before the timeskip that hints they might grow apart instead of allowing yurishippers write your episodes so we get stuff like this, which is somehow supposed to signal to the audience "it's not working out right now".

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>>137214508Are srly retarded? Not a single hint? How about the whole show making a point of how bad friends they actually are? They only reason they can reconnect and stay friends is the adventure they went through. Thinking they went back to being the best of friends just because is delusional

>>137214549>How about the whole show making a point of how bad friends they actually are?Do you know what an arc is? They show how they're bad friends initially, bad shit happens, they resolve the conflict, grow as people, they're now good friends, everyone hugs, the end. That's the full extent of what the show shows, develops, and implies, and usually that would be it, but for some reason Amphibia also pulls a last minute "oh btw they all grew apart after this but came back together 10 years later" out of its ass.Growing apart is a valid theme and could've worked here, but zero groundwork was laid before it happened. We see the girls literally crying and dying to see each other again throughout all of S3 and nothing else.

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>>137206313>>137206337>The best Disney show ever made>Saying this after the ending and season 3 that's worse then Star VsJFC the cunny pedophiles are actually still this delusional

>>137214633Good try, but literally no finale is worse than Star Vs.i might not like TOH, but i'm gonna defend its finale over the Star Vs finale anyways, 'cause no finale is worse, objevtively.

>>137214613Apparently a kid show is too deep for you. Cause the show makes the effort several times to point out. Grudges, maturity, friendships and bonds are nor formed, broken or forgotten as if you could turn a book's page. It takes, time, effort and reinforcement to achieve true learning and experience. They drifted apart and that's a good thing

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>>137214085GF's humor doesn't hold up, it's very much a "of its time" thing

>>137214797When exactly does the show point that out? Every single time the girls are forced apart during the show, their first and only reaction is "oh fuck I miss the girls where are my girls I want to be with them", and that's *while* they were toxic to each other, you'd expect them to be even better with each other once they grow and solve their issues before the timeskip. There's zero indication or foreshadowing they would grow apart before the timeskip, not even a solemn smile of understanding their relationship might not be the best for them right now. Matt said he cribbed the growing apart ending from Pepper Ann, another kids' show, but that had the whole finale episode dedicated to elaborating how Ann was an asshole that neglected to nurture her friendships after school and the school reunion makes the main trio remember why they were friends in the first place which causes them to start hanging out together again, there's none of that in Amphibia.

>>137214863Just said you don't understand how toxic friendship works and let's move on.

>>137214880But if they're still toxic after pic related, what was the point of showing it? All of their growth throughout the show is made meaningless to make way for the timeskip.

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>>137214880He is one of them trannies that hates the finale cause his yurishit headcannons were destroyed

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>>137214922>literally called out yurishipper writers for putting yuribait in the show>"hates the finale cause his yurishit headcannons were destroyed"No argument

>>137214922Good, people who don't understand the toxic friendship dynamics and focus on shipping are probably toxic friends themselves. Fuck 'em bad.

>>137214904>All of their growth throughout the show is made meaningless to make way for the timeskip.You are that media illiterate, huh?


>>137214904>But if they're still toxic after pic related, what was the point of showing it?They drifted away BECAUSE they grew up as person and leaned more about themselves and theyr relationship. People furget toxic friends are still friends, but distance can help friends understand each other better. They never stopped being friends, but they distanced themselves as being too close enabled their toxic behaviour.

>>137214988Then show that instead of them hugging, kissing, crying, talking about how much they mean to each other etc?


>>137214944Just like the show. The ones who prefer the frogs (burgerchads) understand the nuances , the ebb and flow of people's feeling and relationships, cause just like the frogs from the show they understand real people. They can be judgmental, afraid, unwelcoming and unaccepting, but deep down when you are honest and true, you win their friendship and loyalty. Unlike the one who prefer the girls (fryfags) they only care about banal and superficial stuff, like how cute they look together and shipping. Their understanding of the show's message is vapid, shallow and hollow, much like the girl's friendship at the beginning. How ironic that even when the relationship between the girls is their favorite part of the show. They utterly fail to learn anything from it.

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>>137215051And I repeat, not shown anywhere

>>137215068You watched an entire show about itWait, did you actually watch the show? Or are you just absorving info via other people's perception?

>>137215103Where is their toxicity shown after Anne is resurrected and they leave Amphibia? Or the last 3 finale episodes?

>>137215058Based (true) frog enjoyer.Yurifags never understood this show's messages (escapism is toxic shit, moving on helps to grow up as person, toxic friends are still friends who care about each other, people can change for better or worse, etc)

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>>137215110God are you really THAT media illiterate!? You're at the finale, what you want at that point? The girls already grew up, their journey is basically at it's finale, just as the show, and they moved on 'cause they learned how toxic their relationship was. WATCH the show, OBSERVE what's happening. Learn to actually understand what you're looking at.

all this actually makes me apreciate the girls' friendship portrayal even more. They are not just "toxic friend are le bad" but it's way more conplex. Every girl was bad for the other ones in different ways, but at the end they do care about each other 'cause, unlike in most fiction, toxic friends are still friends.

>>137215127At the end is all about the funny frogs.

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>pretending amphibia threads weren't calamity trio central until season 3 shit the bedRevisionism at its finest

>>137215154>You're at the finale, what you want at that point?A hint of them growing apart

>food analogies

>A year later >Still seething Never change fryfaggots

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So really, what were they actually thinking with cloneshit?

>>137211282The official list of Amphia's best girls from best to worst: AnneMaddieDarlaMaggieSashaMrs BoonchuyMarcyPolly after the timeskipLeifBellaTerriMrs croakerYunanOliviaBeatrixMolly joSylviaDomino2FeliciaJennyValerianaDr JanFernDominoPricillaGertieSasha and Marcy's momsPearlIvyCheyeneMaddie's sistersThat other girl next to Cheyene in St JamesGabbyReneeThat redhead girl that is always around in LADr Frakes>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>IT gals

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>>137206367And it always will be beautiful.

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>>137215286You couldn't pick up on a hint if it was explained to you

I can not believe its been a year already

>>137215555Quads of ultimatum

>>137215555Checked, fryfags BTFO

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>>137215336Fair enough but... which IT gal is the better one?

>>137207860I love how instead of going against GF's message about always been together, Matt sees Amphibia's finale as a companion message. It's ok if you are separated cause nothing will ever change the bonds we have built

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>>137216282But Teri will build them a portal according to the book, that just means they missed the most pivotal parts of each other's lives for no reason

Do you like Marcy?

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>>137215555You are still hesitant to point one out to me

>>137214749>Kills magicVs>Kills main protagonist, replaces her with clone with same thoughts and no one notices and/or caresThat's worse then Star Vs

>>137216448>for no reasonMan, i'm tired of media ignorance...

>>137216597>clonefagEnough, won't waste time with this, clonefag is just a irrational being.

>>137216622What's the reason

>>137216494because they already explained several times that isn't needed for the story that was told, you as a person who understand human relationship should understand these things.

>>137216641Concession accepted.

>>137216659Because Anne needs to grow up as person by herself.

>>137206398I do not understand this faggoty mindsetAre you all fat virgins or something? What causes this

>>137216663Yeah but this is storytelling, you need to show why things happen, if "humans should understand these feelings" is the way to go about it why even make the show in the first place, it's understood by default


Just stop responding to the tranny

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Reminder of that one time a big frog fandom artist ripped off a doodle I made for one of the threads

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What if instead of frog they were dragons?

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>>137216641That isn't me lolThat you unironically have to say ____fag for anyone who mentions it proves you have no talking point for why it's good

>>137217305They're not saying it's good, they're saying it never actually happened even though it clearly did.

>>137216478Yeah, i want to make her cry

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Sprig still using the same clothes he was using when he was 12. If he went adventuring, he is probably much more equipped

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>>137216282Everybody was expecting it to be TOH but Amphibia felt more like a sister show to GF. Of course, having cameos from the three main Gravity Falls VAs definitely helped. I regret getting into Amphibia so late but its such a beautiful series.


Did she got wet when she was stabbed? What does science say about this?

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Owlfags are the biggest insecure loser on the cartoon fanbase, I get that's because their finale sucks ass. Even the owl thread is dead as fuck lmao

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Her smile is everything

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>>137220066Their smile is everything.

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Miss them a lot today

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>>137206337It's the best ending for Disney a show we ever got, it's not perfect but it btfo GF, SVTFOE, and TOH

>>137221875What exactly was wrong with GF?

>>137221875>endingOk but what about the 22 hours of runtime before the ending?

>>137221894Comfy kino all the way

>>137221897>buzzwords buzzwords buzzwordsSo it's shit, got it.

>>137221904Take the L, owlfag.

>>137221930>owlEvery time.

Holla Forums praising this show always feels disingenuous.

>IP is not increasingEverytime

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I never even watched Owl House.

Do Owl House threads mention Amphibia this constantly?

>>137222026Yes. When it was airing the only actual discussion on those threads was about Amphibia

>>137221875Preach. Amphibia kino remains the best recent DTVA show. Have you heard the news that we're also getting a second Amphibia book? Frogchads, we just can't stop winning.>>137206337Yes. It's a 9/10 show. Honestly the best Disney DTVA series up to date. You should watch it and decide for yourself.

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You know what, maybe frogfags and owlfags don't hate each other because their shows are so different, but they in fact hate each other because they're actually really similar.

>>137222026Pretty much never

>>137221875It only "btfo" Star. GF and TOH had just as good endings.

>>137222026When Amphibia gets mentioned in Owl threads, it's usually wholesome crossover posting.

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>>137221875I'll argue is perfect within it's own core values which it never compromise

>every post I don't like is an owlfagThis shit is pathetic and you know it.

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>>137222634>that one samefagging owlfag who use Sasha and Marcy pic and got BTFO last thread is back How many times have you been BTFO'd, Owlfag? How pathetic is your life that Amphibia's success lives rent-free inside your head? If I were you, I'd be embarrassed to be a no-life loser like you, scouring Amphibia threads 24/7 just to seethe about Amphibia being a successful DTVA.

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>>137216597The main character dying and just being replaced was pretty bad but a genocide being pushed as a good thing is way worse.

>>137222724Meds. Now.

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>>137222724Please could you all fuck off.

honestly the clone ending is better than Owl House playing safe, at least Matt tried something risky even if failed

The owltranny is so salty this show is so superior to everything else. Funny frogs rule the world.

>We're living rent free again

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>>137222762The Amphibia finale is the most memorable finale I've seen from a Western cartoon show for the past 2-3 years. It was great, it reminds me that life is often bittersweet but mostly sweet, and I can see why this show is still being talked about a year after it ended. I heard that Amphibia will be receiving more post content, which is a testament to how good the show is. I bet Disney is fully regretting investing in that other failed, canceled show when a gem like Amphibia has been right in front of them all along.

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>>137215555Based quads

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>>137222856>no fourth season>no spin-off>no movieFailed show

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>>137206313Damn, this show is fucking good.

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>>137224017And here's every Amphibia poster from Season 1 to Season 3. Kino.

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Considering that Matt had to post on Twitter AND Clarify in Marcy's Journal even he knows he fumbled the finale.

>>137224017>>137224048Very nice. This show is really unique and one of a kind.



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This thread is something else.

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What should an Amphibia movie be about?

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I love Anne! That is all.

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This show gives me the warm fuzzies like nothing else.

>>137223832What the fuck is this godawful abomination?

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>>1372240482 is still the best. The bottom four are a bit too "noisy" with too much going on in them.

>>137224334All the girls deserve love.

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>>137224341Amphibia is the only cartoon that made me cry. I had not felt this emotion for a very long time.

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>>137224326Time traveling back to the past to explore Newtopia kingdom at its peak.

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>>137222724How did any of those posts even break rules? You probably just samefagged and deleted them yourself.

>>137224468That abomination mogged Amphibia by every metric

>>137206378At the very least her body was.

>>137210545Neither can I.

>>137213349I'd argue the 2A episodes were better because it kept the plot going to some extent. Although we needed at 1 on more Sasha and Grime episode before Barrels Warhammer.

>>137214613True we get hints of that when they drifted apart, but it comes off as if they did very quickly.

>>137214988Okay I get that but I'd think they'd have started distancing over the course of years. Yet the dialogue makes it seem like they did over the course of months. To the point Matt had to clarify on Twitter.

Newtopia was the best part of the show. They should have spent more time there.

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>>137216641That he is.

>>137217653It did happen. But the execution wasn't great.

>>137222740The main character dying and just being replaced was pretty bad but a genocide being pushed as a good thing is way worse.True though to be fair to what extent Anne was replaced is up to interpretation. Kinda like what the Lighthouse was truly about.

>>137222762And I think that's why he left the Scene with the Guardian ambiguous. To save himself from backlash.

>>137214613I thought the finale was great right up until the red convertible scene. It feels like whatever overall message they were going for the show was lost here: If Sasha is a bad friend, and Anne still drifted apart, what was the point of their reconciliation? If Sasha is a good friend, why did they drift apart? I don't think Mutt's message was necessarily wrong (people DO drift apart, good friends and toxic ones), but the way it was casually dropped made it seem like in the end Sasha and Anne couldn't change their ways.Imagine watching Back to the Future and when Marty returns home his dad is still getting his ass kicked by Biff.

Attached: the writers barely disguised ballcrusher fetish.jpg (1920x1080, 211.78K)

>>137224099Yep. At least he accepts that and didn't lash out at the fandom.

In the end, Amphibia remain the superior DTVA show from the 2019 DTVA era. I can't wait for the Amphibia movie to be announced, frogbros.

Attached: amphibia new content.jpg (601x646, 66.88K)

>>137226686>"superior">show long over and only getting a couple cheap books, Matt had to compromise on everything to get it out >Big City CHADS still going strong, getting experimentally animated special episodes, special 3D NHL crossovers, a MOVIE, season renewals, no signs of stopping Silence in the presence of your superiors frog peasant

Attached: BCG-FF-51.png (1331x1614, 1.04M)

>>137226686Damn, Frogchads just keeps winning.

Attached: anniechad.png (548x726, 33.84K)

>>137226686>Manga/Light novel winning over art bookWe're getting our very own Amphibia shippuden, Amphibiabros.Also>38k votes>Half a million viewsSheesh that's a lot of people

Attached: Amphibia new book poll.jpg (604x343, 23.43K)

Why did Anne and Marcy blush in this scene?

Attached: 8dcbf1ce87bc8ad6606b97c022383355.jpg (491x523, 29.14K)

>>137227394They just watched a Lumity episode.

>>137224341Its a warm feeling isn't?

Attached: Anne and wally.png (1334x720, 358.87K)

They all feel attraction to males.>Canon biSasha likes dick>Hetero as fuck can't be denied, posters of boys, fawning over hunky frogmen, ships heteroAnne likes dick>Daddy issues, groomed, onlyfansMarcy likes dick

Attached: 1670124796723650.jpg (3508x2480, 3.15M)

>>137224326Amphibian sex

Attached: 1684178639700254.jpg (1132x844, 103.68K)


>>137228345No one can refute it to this day

>>137228345They really fucked up saying Sasha was bi. That only confirmed the other 2 as heterosexual forever.

Attached: Fvh62uoaEAAQFzV.jpg (2371x3090, 619.16K)

>>137229454They look perfectly straight to me.

Attached: 1680762950189613.jpg (1200x1200, 450.64K)

How much would you pay for Marcy's undies?

Attached: FwC2W5jWAAEQQLH.jpg (1148x1800, 756.09K)

where do you guys download these shows in actually good quality? i always just stumble onto shitty low quality mega links with ads everywhere.btw, spanish dubbed would be nice.

>>137231094I just downloaded the Amazon versions on rarbg>btw, spanish dubbed would be nice.No, is not

>>137231467is it actually bad? i thought the star dub was alright

>>137231477The latin America dub is not very good. Only Anne and Sprig had good dubs. Sprig's is the same dude that did Marco

Amphibia's water have something iffy

Attached: Fv-3coyXwAA-Jvz.jpg (627x885, 172.67K)

>>137230386Marcy is gonna get outed as a lesbo in the comics

>>137231477The latin dub is decent but still, watch it in English or you'll miss a lot of jokes and context


Attached: DeNile.jpg (990x742, 197.94K)

>>137230623you wish

>>137206313>>137206337>best disney show ever made>Is the show that good? kim possible, animated star wars - the bad batch, visions, phineas and ferb, gravity falls, ectra, Actually when you look at list of stuff on disney tv, 99% of it was crud.I named some of the few good ones.So I think its fair to say amphibia is in top 10, maybe top 5.But only cause the bar for being good on disney tv is so very very low.So I don't blame people for putting it above gravity falls or some other stuff.But I don't think #1, even with a list of shit as bad as disney.I mean even if everything Disney made was trash.Being on the top #1 of that trash, would not be a very respectable feat.But I don't think its #1 even in that case.

>>137232480what the hell is your bar? Disney be making better animated shows than either Nick or CN nowadays

>>137211282There were no attractive females.The only good pics are the non-cannon fan pics.So even though I'm not gay, I'll say frog-soos?Just because all the females in the show look like shit.Like they literally made them ugly to make it more family friendly.

Attached: ebvlsef6jvd71.jpg (1362x1876, 298.51K)

>>137206313>What do you think the future holds for this Disney fantastic world and it's characters?Hopefully nothing. I liked Amphibia as much as the next fan who followed it from beginning to finale, but it's okay to put a story away after it's ended. Don't cheapen it by trying to wring it for content.

No one has posted this Master piece, you disappoint me /amph/

Attached: FwD3asRXgAAyGMv.jpg (1448x2048, 241.7K)


>>137211282Still Anne, and it's increasingly rare that the main character becomes the best character.

They miss each other a lot

Attached: FwH_JhYWwAEX976.jpg (1490x1755, 308.46K)

>>137232601>no attractive femaleslies, the 3 girls were all attractive when they grew up

>>137232288She already outed herself as a lesbian when she admitted to kidnapping Anne and Sasha.

They thinking about her future husbands and how cute they will look as maids of honor

Attached: FwLsGT1acAU1E-Z.jpg (1415x1572, 152.57K)

Third season is balls.

>>137234462>straightchud is an ESLnot surprised in the slightest

Yuriniggers seething forever their headcanons are a bunch of bullshit lmao

you sound unhinged

>>137233705I can't take it anymore more bros. Pls tell me they reunite

Attached: 20230515_225412.jpg (1350x1650, 201.33K)

These gay girls who are in love with each other reunite in the end.

Attached: FW_TOYAVsAAHay8.jpg (1754x1799, 247.54K)

>>137235867We'll always have the memories

Attached: Spranne221.jpg (1470x1416, 141.35K)

>>137235867>>137236048And Matt said you can pretty much made up what ever headcanon yo uh want. They saw each other after 10 years and it's a beautiful moment

>>137206337Season one was alright but it felt like it got way better in season 2

Man I dont even care about the samefag schizo war I just want more warrior sasha art. give it to me.

Attached: 1682853243275621.jpg (780x1172, 76.72K)

>>137214464>As a fan of all the shows myself, I really don't understand why.Because Owl House fans are retards with the shittiest of shit taste. I remember that post from a TOH user saying he skipped the first season of Amphibia because he only cared about the girls and shipping.

Attached: zcdul51s3zza1.png (2000x1992, 2.66M)

>>137214422>Anne, Sasha, and Marcy are the only characters in Amphibia

Attached: 1369290897325.png (391x327, 245.93K)

>>137236311She looks good in armor for a cuck

Attached: 1653706783231.jpg (1080x920, 117.18K)


Attached: Fd-5SVQWIAYzPbU.jpg (2048x1600, 170.7K)


Attached: 661984403429c99106f272a64a959e7f.jpg (648x634, 46.46K)

>>137236785Can't fathom how she's a cuck when she's fucking Marcy's brains out every night.

>>137236311There are many fanarts of Sasha wearing a cool armor set, here's her in samurai armor.

Attached: FefWsHMX0AECm35.jpg (1545x2079, 231.37K)

>>137238264Here's another.

Attached: FqJi-7OaUAAMwlX.jpg (809x1199, 165.22K)


Attached: FYWwIFRVEAA5qeR.jpg (2000x2000, 728K)

>>137237866A consolation price. She wanted Anne, and she failed to get her even when she was all to herself for years. Pretty hard to woo someone that it's only thinking and longing for someone in another world tho, but still. At least she moved on.

>>137239785Is Marcy more unattractive than Anne?

They won

Attached: FYNDjbnUcAUQhiC.png (653x769, 219.24K)

>>137240050In universe she probably is the least attractive

>>137240501What makes you say that?

>>137240718I know all that offmodel fan art makes her real cute. But canonically only Sasha is close to model tier attractive. Anne and Marcy are more average. Anne's personally is just that great, makes her a million times better than Sasha could ever be even if she was the most beautiful girl alive. And it's more realistic for less attractive people like her to have abandonment issues. I personally like when she is prostrated as not conventionally pretty.

Attached: 20230516_091154.jpg (1078x1078, 198.95K)

Anne is a cutie patootie.

Attached: FaaqiPKagAI6Cik.jpg (1536x1536, 78.8K)

>>137236604That's what 100% of the discourse surrounding the show would have you believe, yesThe funny frogs are ultimately relevant and come off as another series stapled to the main one which is a waste of great characters

>>137232967The non self insert version is actually wholesome

Attached: 20230516_110327.jpg (1448x2048, 229.23K)

>>137242595I miss them very much.

Attached: FXzLdZuaMAApJQJ.jpg (1518x1075, 236.24K)

Polly has a gun and she's not afraid to use it.

Attached: d476812dcea80973.jpg (1450x1431, 246.5K)

Attached: FeafPiMXgBoj4Ev.jpg (1173x3528, 499.9K)

>>137244659It can be all three

>>137244659Major cap moment

>>137242534It really drives me insane. Sure, Marcy is fun, and I LOVE Sasha but the show is about Anne and the Plantars. And after three years of terrible cartoon endings it felt so refreshing to see a show understand less is more. There's so many things we can still speculate and talk about. And even with the time skip there's so many things that can be explored in fan art or fanfiction, I think people are just mad that it ruined ship potential.

Attached: 1675493914807.jpg (729x931, 75.96K)

>>137244965In another time Amphibia would be much more appreciated for the master piece it is. Maybe in the future but not by these dopamine addicted no attention span zoomers

Attached: FwIT7tqXsAQMY2f.jpg (2048x2048, 454.31K)

Peak comfy

Attached: 261447048_688943858737780_6071162965218443275_n.jpg (1080x1350, 166.67K)

>>137245025That's a given. History will be kind to Amphibia because its a good show. About 10 years from now someone will make a YouTube video called something like "The Owl House was actually kinda terrible???" it'll get a million views and people will look back on their "Owl House phase" in shame. For some reason that's how this all works.

>>137244190I have a penis and im not afraid to use it on Polly

Attached: polly_norte.png (1000x800, 174.67K)

>>137246222Polly is six years old.

Attached: Polly is not impressed.jpg (1390x1080, 195.58K)

>>137246280>Polly is sixOut of 5 on the lolilewd scale!

Attached: 1681532115427669.jpg (815x807, 318.21K)

Pair of dirty sluts

Attached: FlbAFpNWIAMenUd.jpg (2048x2048, 461.68K)

I love the headcanon of Sasha and Marcy being skanks

Attached: FclvxfdaUAEv_7X.jpg (1829x1796, 403.28K)

>>137206337No, the show wants to be episodic fun but then immediately shifts to serious plot, meanders on it for the next season then does it again, then the final season makes it appear season two never happened so they waste half season on a boring human city and when they do come back the magical world everything is rushed and the ending is on ATLA levels of asspull

>>137245818What an insecure thing to say

>>137245818And if it doesn't you'll still be seething about witch show before kicking the chair

>>137206337You grow to like the townies. It shines best when it's a funny frog show or a show about physically and emotionally abusing Marcy.

>>137247944>Marcy abuse Chad is also frog enjoyer Based

>>137248877She's just so beautiful when she's miserable.

>>137248926And hot, she is most sexy when she is crying

Frog family is best

Attached: 20230516_194810.jpg (4096x2638, 624.11K)

Sourbeefio Anne is amazing.

Attached: FhW-ji1UAAAjnGE.jpg (1794x2101, 401.96K)

>>137231032Depends on how dirty they are

>>137250220Can you link her mini story? I forgot about it and now twitter doesn't want to let people search anymore.

>>137250397Mini what now?

>>137250464It was about Marcy visiting Anne and Sasha

>>137250486I don't recall Sourbeefio ever making that. Are you sure it's not the short comic from this artist?

>>137250626Oh yeah. What the fuck, she didn't finsih it yet?

>>137250772The comic looks like a one-off kind of thing.

>>137215555You're wrong and also retarded, but I have to respect those quads

>>137215555Based and B T F O

Attached: Calamity Trio dab.jpg (3531x2650, 673.5K)

>>137226925>Art book>Only 41%

Attached: owarida.jpg (618x455, 21.8K)

>>137251905Well that sucks balls cause I really wanted the artbook first

>>137240472>wonwho moved in with sasha again

>>137251952I don't think Amphibia has that much concept art to show, to begin

Attached: Theme3.gif (600x338, 1.12M)

>>137252240The backgrounds and concept art is very beautiful. I would love to have it, atlas size

>>137247596frogfags are the most insecure fanbase

>You are insecure teheheWhy the schizos that only come here to derail the thread always sound like basic whore bitches?

Attached: 113614a82aeda70e965a093d3c17d5c8.jpg (625x833, 125.51K)

>>137252937>mooooom the computer showed mean words towards me again!lmao

>>137252240There is, like this cool concept art of Mother Olm. I'm interested if they have something similar for The Core

Attached: 9yqfjkja3nx81.png (1000x798, 828.09K)

>>137253229You mean these?

Attached: Darcy concept art.jpg (1545x2141, 341.17K)

>>137253229This is so cool. Steve Wolfhard's stuff is great. I was trying to find something but stumbled on these pre-vis concepts from 2017, lots of interesting stuff here>

>>137252083Don't feed the schizo

She cute.

Attached: Molly Jo.jpg (594x976, 166.43K)

>>137253971What's she up to after the timeskip?

Attached: Amphibia.S03E12E13.Spider-Sprig.-.Olivia.and.Yunan.1080p.HULU.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-LAZY.mkv_snapshot_10.44_[2021.11.18_04.48.34].jpg (1920x1080, 217.61K)

>>137254346Sex with Sasha.

Post your #1 favorite piece of Amphibia related art

Attached: FSkPZUJVkAAPfFm.jpg (4096x2926, 1.32M)

>>137244190Polly has guns and she's not afraid to use them.

Attached: 1665490849399033.png (620x930, 185.17K)

>>137252083Sasha and Anne love each other more than anything in the world.

Attached: FqOZ9uhagAEnQ2A.jpg (933x1346, 131.64K)

>>137254346She's carrying on Frog Man's Legacy, suiting up and fighting crime by night as a masked vigilante, aided by an assortment of gadgets and gizmos Terri whipped up for her with funding from Mr. X. She eagerly awaits the day she can reunite with her hero(and first love) so they can dish out justice together.

Attached: FEhThSAWQAE4QCk.jpg (1029x1200, 1.24M)

I gotta ask, anybody know if there's a good Anne bot on's a lot 'uv em, but no idea if any of them are really good. It ain't always the most popular.

>>137253475That's just Darcy, I was referring more to The Core in general and if they were exploring different concepts of what the main antagonist should be

Attached: images (5).jpg (739x415, 21.55K)

>>137224953>>137234462>>137255481Magical Knights Rayearth did it better with less tonal whiplash

>>137255641You can always make your own, I did it with Wirt


>Page 9

Attached: Anne frightened.jpg (790x790, 115.61K)

So..... what amphibian would you all like to keep as a pet?

Attached: axolotl.jpg (2560x1707, 624.02K)

>>137257762If frogs look like Maddie, Ivy, grown-up Polly, or Felicia, then my pick would go to the frogs. Newts would be fine too.

Attached: 1741976_eviewevie_ivy.png (945x799, 173.49K)

Attached: FTiCkiwaIAEC9Nn.jpg (1492x1671, 201.07K)

>>137257762Is komodo dragon an amphibian?

>>137258868is Mayonnaise an Instrument?

>>137254346All her looks scream only fans whore. But if Marcy ended up that route maybe Molly became a scientist or something

>>137259321Marcy is not a whore.

>>137259938>Marcy>Not a whore.Come on now user.

Attached: 1669202807187263.jpg (1787x2278, 183.37K)

>>137260196fuck off schizo fanficer

>>137260196Marcy is 14 years old. That is a child.

Attached: FYM1dtrUEAIcZBW.jpg (1920x1080, 143.52K)

>>137260938>She is 14Out of 10. No, that's a teen almost biologically ready to get impregnated

Attached: 1657422272355.png (2048x1531, 209.59K)

Javi does it again

Attached: _patreon_reward____anne_boonchuy_by_javisuzumiya_dfxaya8-fullview.jpg (1600x930, 202.99K)

>>137261920He needs to stop drawing sprig as a loud house character. But he does have some good ideas

>>137262082He draws Twig really cute and he doesn't look like a Loud House character to me.

Attached: 319727427_1114717965895958_7235248101089014279_n.jpg (1200x900, 139.21K)

Ready to be dethroned froglets?

Attached: MV5BZTdjNTM1ZWUtZWIxNy00YWY3LTlmMTItMzZhYTI3OWM0YzcyXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTI1OTg1MTQ2._V1_FMjpg_UX1000_.jpg (1000x1414, 217.32K)

>>137262350His style is hit or miss honestly. Sometimes it looks awful sometimes looks cute.

Attached: sasha_waybright_cheerleader_by_javisuzumiya_df3h938-fullview.jpg (1600x1771, 326.38K)

Once again i ask the source of this pic

Attached: 1684357376195931.jpg (1280x1280, 104.39K)

Is anyone interested in the new comic that I mentioned on the other thread? It will be out when it's out please and understand

Attached: Thai Adventures000.png (2508x3541, 3.35M)

>>137256821Wirt from Over The Garden Wall. Most of the bots are either shit or have set their options to private.

>>137263829@Sundae_vintage on twitter

>>137264207Does this features Mrs Boonchuy?

>>137264787Sorta. She's very likely getting her own little story later.This is about the Calamity Trio and a couple more special guests. It's a Candy Van comic, so ofc they want the, ahem, younger protagonists to be the focus

Attached: Thai Adventures013.png (1027x978, 240.02K)

>>137264957>Candy VanI see. Welp at least she gets to show her goods a bit. There is still that other comic about Sasha blackmailing her ti use Anne's uniform

>>137264524Thanks user

Attached: Ftnu9pqXoAE-W20.jpg (3392x4096, 1.65M)

I can't wait for more of them in the new Amphibia romantic light novel.

Attached: Fmjrz9GXoAAJzbE.jpg (805x1050, 318.38K)

>>137261920>>137262350His daughter design is cute, but she ought to be delicious brown like her mom

Attached: annie_and_satja_plantar_by_javisuzumiya_dfbjnm1-fullview.jpg (1600x1578, 308.09K)

>>137232169>mfw found out gara is from my city

Attached: ciber.jpg (610x343, 40.83K)

>>137206367I had done up a few art requests from a few months ago. I wanna post them now that I was finally able to finish them, but this thread is already at over 300 posts. Hmmm I think I'll wait for a new one.

>>137266700You the user that offered some interspecies request some time ago?

>>137267058OH SHIT YOU CAUGHT ME! yeahhhh that's me. I finished every single one man. I know it's been a while but alot shit happened in between that time. When I finished the first piece the mods where kill spamming like hell so I waited a bit to post then my pen tablet fucking broke and processing the warranty through Huion took at least another month. Then school finals happened. It was a rough few months for me.

>>137267179Glad to hear you are not dead or were just bullshitting. Looking forward to see my request and remember what i asked for lol.

Attached: FoKXorzWAAIDkEj.jpg (1374x1632, 237.49K)

Attached: FtIyZ5vWwAEPXPC.jpg (1798x2048, 449.32K)

>>137255362There's too much in my folder to choose from, but this image right here made me want an official amphibia comic for the longest time. Guess I got my wish.

Attached: tumblr_pwr920ZKTj1v79cwgo1_1280.jpg (1280x720, 164.78K)

>>137206313>>137211282waita...still watched the other s3 half in my place. Still waiting for dub version.

>>137267850Unless you are in japan i don't thinks that's worth it


Attached: molly jo.jpg (2048x1376, 303.7K)

>>137267842Got anymore? I'm loving these

>>137206313Trying way too hard.

>>137266700>but this thread is already at over 300 postsYou know the bump limit is 500, right?

>>137209101Imao where is this from?

>>137206313Best show ever made by Disney? Have you seen gravity falls?

Mengshuo dropping some cute art

Attached: FwWlzXEWcAgrTES.jpg (1877x2851, 319.82K)


Attached: FwZvDEBWIAIL4D6.jpg (3600x2143, 579.09K)

>>137269339Just need to wait for catcat_dino to draw new Amphibia art.

Attached: 9c3c9bdf3ac08dd3.png (1280x1280, 324.49K)

>>137269332>Even the ultimate Yurifags can't resist the sheer power of Spranne Nice, and saved

Attached: 1681087973340476.jpg (1280x1280, 97.85K)

>>137269210That's still 3/5ths, or a majority of the thread gone, it's a sizable chunk. plus I did quite a few drawings, and I want to space it out. The mods could shoot me for spam

Sasha and Anne froggies plushie

Attached: FZAwW4_VEAE8aF3.jpg (2048x1536, 354.31K)


>>137206313I was thinking about Sasha conversation with Marcy after ten years. She mentioned that she read a few chapters of her webcomic. I'm assuming her webcomic is a loose recreation of the actual show. Did Sasha get up to the chapter her Anne and her "characters" fighting at Toad tower, and emotional couldn't push herself to finish?

Attached: giy7hz38te581.png (640x360, 118.75K)

>>137272146How did Marcy know they were fighting at the toad tower in the first place?

>>137272583She um. . . Anne told her. Let's go with that.

Attached: giphy (2).gif (480x387, 465.66K)

>>137269332Anne no ! That sprig is only 11. The fbi knows your address Anne!

Attached: IMG_20220919_121149.png (1240x788, 278.65K)

>>137272871mirin those gestures

>>137272871whos the artiste?

>>137272146>the girls remained such good friends Sasha offhandedly reads some of Marcy's comic of their adventure like it's whatever instead of incessantly refreshing the website whenever a new page is supposed to be out or getting early previews from Marcy directlyDelightful

>>137273016Been trying to find out myself for some time

Attached: 20230518_124313.jpg (1978x2612, 1.77M)

>>137264957I'm fine with you working with them but SSB is a literal pedophile

Who would win in a fight: pre-Amphibia Sasha or post-Amphibia Marcy?

Attached: Fk9isN4XgAUWTAb.jpg (1412x1264, 170.15K)


>>137274003Better than a trannie

>>137274028This but with bikinis and on mud