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Last thread is at page 14. Discuss 2hus, 2hu games and shitpost to your heart's content. Secondaries should definitely watch out for bullying.


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Figten gaem. Who wants?

Soku host up -

Gotta find my controller and I'll be up for a game or two.

I'm here for cheesy 2hu eurobeats and there's nothing you nerds can do about it.

Here take this

GGs, whoever that was. Host down for the day, have some stuff to do.

please block/graze more

Well that was fun, haven't played in a good six months so I got no clue on what does what. Anyway GG

Not a bad awoo.
⑨out of strongest baka.

Does anyone know of any good recent toho albums?

Is there a relation? And why is arinu so fucking good?

Hidden Star and Antinomy are getting Steam releases along with their localization


Someone post that Nitro Carwash picture again


There is no mention about localization in the article

Its going to be a worldwide release so I just assumed.
Might use a fan patch, but like I said, its still a localization.

How was Double Dealing handled?
Playism usually does decent work, but still.

Okay now never post it again




Have some slav.

i would give 1 dorra for th16 worst newhu game


I really needed this.

We all do from time to time.

I wonder, is anyone interested in playing RTS?

gib host notrad






Thanks for the slav squat. Here's some HI NRG untz untz untz.

Well shit I didn't notice. GGs, I guess? Git better or something.

I'm going to take a shower then come back for some more, but please change the music from something set to random; that is what I was trying to do when I left a few times in a row earlier.

I'm the guy you who asked you to teach me last thread.

Okay, I'm doing worse than when I started to so I think I'm going to go to bed. At least I feel I got better from the last time I played you

Fucking, alright let's write up some tips on how to use Marisa even though I'm shit at the game compared to people on #hisouten.

First off, the basics. Marisa is an aggressive character and her win condition is to fuck with enemy with bullets and footsies until you can get them in blockstun and kill them or just combo them and kill them. Her moves have gaps in them and sometimes the enemy may dash out of blockstun without BEing at all if you fuck up your reads. This is expected, since her spellcards compensate for it along with excellent melee and C's.

Since you can link moves in this game and jump out of B/C's (a links to command a to b to c to skill to special) you can abuse that and guess what your opponent is gonna do when you're attacking - depending on block/graze you may want to use a different move. You must also do 623s and 214s reasonably well because punishes. You saw enough blockstrings/combos to hopefully not need to write them down here and that's all I can manage right now too sleep deprived send help.

checked, and good games.

I'm glad you came through for us ZUN daddy.

I want to get into the series. Where do I start?

>Step 2: choose from any of these, though I suggest PCB moriyashrine.org/official-games/classic-era-th6-th9-5/
>Step 4: enjoy some fanworks to help you appreciate the characters more. I suggest going on danbooru and searching up bkub and Chen. Someone suggest more good fan stuff, because I can't recall anything specific right now.

The first game

First, ignore the games. Only losers plays them. Instead check the wiki and read each games plot and background
As you do so, you might find a character you like, this is your waifu now. Go look up a playlist of her theme and listen to it while you jerk off to dōjins of her. There's likely a lot available unless you chose a newer character.
Anyways, listen to more rearranges and browse danbooru for translated stuff. Be very sure to check the fandom page of the tohowiki, the memes are the most most important part of the series. Don't be a (9), and "take it easy!1"


Where are you when 2hu is literally on steam

Really dodged a bullet there

Chanta :^)

Posting on Holla Forums

Touhou 6.
First game for Windows. soku up

play videogames or die trying

but wut if itz jus the one hu?

The one who what?


The one hu

Are you still up?

Oh no.
I disliked current 2hu, I think it's mediocre and Zun needs to refresh and do something different when he has more creativity as EoSD remains the best soundtrack by far. I just want something with an ounce of its greatness. Instead the last song I even remember was clownpieces theme which I hated, and before that Higan Alien which was a poor remake of UN Owen.


It's ironic that you're bitching about Steam while your post makes you seem like a filthy secondary.

You almost make me want that to happen, so all the hipsters will go around shitting on years and years of imageboard culture with "2hu was never good" or "I never liked 2hu".

Am I retarded or something? I've been playing EoSD for the past two months and it's nice, but I just don't see how it could have the best soundtrack.



t. secondary EoSD pro



Touhou is already well-know by a lot of people across the web (including normalfags and "ironically weebs"). MADs, h-manga and even some 2hu memes are popular. Get over it and just play.



I can make it in like, half an hour. Is that alright?

Good games, Remilia player. Consider getting some Counterstrikes and Coins (Iku/Komachi system cards) along with Skill Cards - you can use those at instant speed when you really need the move but can't afford to do a 623/236/etc in time. Other than that, use better footsies, don't try to take gambles when they're not worth it and try to chain moves better.

Of course. Host is still up.


i dont feel like playing at this moment
or existing
why life is so shitty? fucking demiurge

Cease posting by ceasing to exist

I see IPs posted and I'm assuming its for soku? What is it?
is it fun?

GGs user, hope you've decided on who to main. It also lagged a little, but it was tolerable. Server's down for now, gonna be back for more later today.


It's a touhou fightan, it's pretty fun when you get into it.


T-they're shitposting, r-right? Right?

If you look at the title, it's japanese tournament play from 2010
They were both 1st ranked for each character at the time
It's not a shitpost, they're that terrible

soku is back up at

come get fucked up and learn from it

GGs, I really need to learn to get out of combos.
I noticed that as the matches went on I got a lot worse. I think I might be getting overconfident and forgetting to play carefully.

GGs and please start blocking on wakeup, doing footsies and jumping out of bullet moves you faget

host still up

Alice is shit at dealing with the corner pressure

GGs Alice player. You really need to find a way to get outta close-range pressure. Use counterstrikes, hakurei talismans and coins a little more. Host still up.

So I'm new to Touhou and am starting off with Imperishable Night and got a few questions:
Is there a point filling the time quota besides points and getting extra continues? I've only managed to get enough time on stage 1 and hope I'm not missing an extra boss or something.
Does the second character do more damage on the Border Patrol team? I use her more on bosses since I suck at dodging.
Sometimes when I die, the death animation takes longer. What causes this? It sucks when I insta-die and have some spells left.
What's a good, easy character to pick on Soku if I'm both new to 2hu and fighting games?
Is it worth practicing against the computer? I still haven't beat one on lunatic

in IN if you do well you get one extra spellcard
you fucking play homing bullets reimu because you get canon endings :^) the slowdown when you die is to press x button to dodge and not die

That's the deathbomb timer when you are hit, it gives you a chance to hit X to bomb out of getting hit to survive, the one bonus the Border Team has in IN is that their deathbomb timer is longer than other teams and thus it's easier to survive with them.
Sakuya knife spam and good melee, Patchy versatile projectile spam, Okuu instant hit projectile spam, Yuyuko try to guess what kind of spam you'll be doing here and Suika incredible moves all around and small hitbox are easy to play.
If you want an easy melee-focused character, try Youmu since her combos are quite literally all just spamming the melee button and then hitting spellcard after the final hit but beware that her dash speed is incredibly difficult to control, specially in midair.
Don't expect them to win the games for you just because they are easy to use, read the wiki first instead.

Huh yeah I noticed that happens when I bomb too late and a different spell that costs 2 comes out. Sometimes I don't get that timer when I get hit though. Is that because I don't have enough spellcards?
Also I don't know if it's intentional but god damn that part in Stage 3 when the music picks up as the boss flies in is great.
Managed to get one round off a bot in soku too by spamming Remilia's slide and Youmu's B bullets and shoryuken
Time to read that wiki and watch some videos.

why would you want to get into old obscure game

Why are you here?

I dunno, maybe fuck around with other anons. I remember there were lots of soku threads back on 4/v/ years ago.

Soku isn't even that old though.

Weren't touhou threads banned over there or something?

I don't remember. It was before the exodus. even more soku pls join

It seems like they were killed for a while, but they came back after a time. For a bit I was doing playthroughs in Soku/fangames as Meiling to promote gameplay, and people started playing Soku themselves. I never got any better. Eventually the Soku matches blew up and took over as the primary purpose for 2hu threads there. Don't know much about what happened after the five guys exodus, but I remember an announcement on the steam group about a "hiatus" for the threads.

I see that I really need to start blocking on wake ups as well as trying to avoid cornering more. I should also probably learn to use spell cards more.

Always block on wake-up. There's just no avoiding it unless your wake-up is all the way across the screen, like patchy's.

How would you guys rank the pre windows 2hus?

Any net games that play fine with a slow connection?

Pc98 Yuuka best 98
Mima can suck dick

What other 2hus do you think ZUN will put on steam?
Do you think he'll ever put a mainseries game on consoles?

i played soku here using hotspot from my phone and was fine
however you need some better? net to play pofv


I get poor cell signal during the day

So what.

All of them.
No way.

Why is Clowpiece singing So What?

I'd buy a compilation pack of them if released honestly. Even if it meant using Steam.

Because she can.
I would buy it too.
I heard some rumor that ZUN lost source codes for pre-windows games sometime time ago. Is it true?

all newhu games are reskin of UFO what do you think


Well that's another album to download. Holy fug it's only been a day and I already downloaded 20gigs of Touhou music. How deep is this hole?

Its the Mariana Trench

Does anyone have any instrumental remixes?

Also what's the name of this?

I can't embed from a phone


Thanks soku

please get better user-san!


Like 2tb.

Isn't that for the lossless ones?

the game crashed, rehosting in a bit

GGs Meiling, sorry to quit so early. You're getting the footsies down, keep at it. Check the wiki for Meiling's basic combos and try to practice them if you can!

someone host fug

What's your favourite spell card user?

Border between wave and particle.
It's fun


wew lad

After further research, I've come to a different conclusion.


Yeah I've seen that monster on nyaa.
Considering buying a new HDD for it




Tfw there will be no Total War Touhou.

There is Super Touhou Wars, Age of Touhou, Touhou Ambition, Touhou of Might and Magic, but no goddamn Total War Touhou?

So what exactly was so good about Soku that the other fightans are completely ignored?

No mandetory aerial stuff.
Spellcard system lets you customize a bit more.
More characters, some with specific playstyles rather than the almost homogenous playstyle ULiL and HM have.

bump, please don't fall off the board



>Yuuka who I didn't know was in this pulls out giant fuck you laser out of nowhere

what a story mark

someone host soku so they can kick my dumb weeaboo ass

Master Spark.
The same laser that Marisa has.

alright fuck you and sorry for being late soku up

good fokkin' games thanks for deciding not to body me with marisa

GGs, sorry for not appearing more often, others just don't want to host it seems. Don't rely too much on your 421's, it's not healthy.

You can't tell me what to doooo

Does anyone wanna play vidya games? I can host
Just ask if you want vidya

t-thanks, i guess

Do you have boushuen+ 2.18? It's the latest version for it, sadly it's not translated but has the most support for netplay, unlike the english translated version of 1.00 that tends to disable your ability to type or copypaste an IP in the multiplayer menu.
If you don't, here's a link:
public.wishful.cc/touhou_threads/蟒酒宴+ 2.18.7z

Thanks but can I netplay with the 1.00? I'm actually lost without translation. I've to practice, anyway.

Hosting AoE+.

You can practice with us. We'll do a 2v2. 1.00 isn't even the latest English patched version. The game is fairly simple to understand so you shouldn't have any trouble.

I've yet to learn how to moonrunes but i can play the game just fine. Just gotta learn how much resources it takes to age up and you're set, can standup pretty damn nicely against Eientei players despite only playing AoEmpires2 semi-regulary. *Just don't let them get to imperial age by attacking with books on castle and you're fine

Why does th16 feel so easy? I played on Normal and the gaps in the patterns made it feel like easy, so I bumped it up to Hard and it felt like normal. What gives?

I want to fug Yuukarin, Mokotan, and Keine.

you cant make 16 games in row and all of them be good

You can't make 16 games and not learn from the previous ones

Why is Reimu's armpits so perfect.

yeah because 16 is the first bad one



b o r k


I shouldn't be surprised, it feels like english patches never happen anymore.

Reasons for this:

Seems like one of the usual reasons these things break up. This was one of the last english patches i was looking forward too as well. At this rate i'm gonna have to learn moon if i wanna keep up with 2hu as it feels like hardly anything gets translated anymore.

the interface got translated why would i care about non canon story

Because it's fun.
Also some people would like to know where to go next ingame without using wikia.

Also the Steam demo for HSiFS is up in case anyone gives a shit.


Isn't it just the same version 0.00000000000001a we have had since May?

OFFICIAL POFV POWER RANKINGS pending approval/changes
S Rank: Shikieki, Komachi, Aya, Medicine
A Rank: Marisa, Sakuya, Reimu, Yuuka
B Rank: Youmu, Lyrica, Cirno, Mystia, Lunasa
C Rank: Merlin, Reisen, Tewi

⑨ RANK: Cirno

Fairy pls.

Probably. Never got around to playing the original demo, honestly.

Not in multiplayer, she really isn't.
Her lvl2 and lvl3 spells are underwhelming and easy to deal with by grazing and her boss patterns are some of the easiest in the game, the only thing holding her up that high is the superb EX flower spam, which can still be dodged by anyone that knows where the hitboxes are located

After much deliberation with superplayers and shitters alike, I have the
S Rank: Marisa, Reimu
A Rank: Shikieki, Komachi, Youmu
B Rank: Medicine, Lyrica
C Rank: Cirno, Mystia, Lunasa, Sakuya, Yuuka, Reisen
=D Rank: Merlin, Tewi, Aya==

You don't deserve those quads.

Pretty good list all around, but holy shit proofread your shit beforehand.

typos add character nerds

Proofreading adds more character, faggot.

Who are you italicizing?


Need your help fairies.

lag lag warning lag lilly appeared
remember to keep mashing shoot


F L E E N S T O N E S ? ! ?



And comments are full of cancer.

I don't see what the prob-

But try to read top comments, before you speak about them.
These people are just retarded.

protip; these people are merely pretending

I am not completely sure about it, user.
Poe's law hits me very often recently.

Touhou community as a whole is extremely autistic, to such an extend that it rivals even Sonic. But for whatever reason it manages not to get cancerous like FNaF or Undertale.
Tumblr and the likes do try their best to latch themselves onto it see around 14:20 in embed, I'm too lazy to webm it but they just sink down without getting much attention. Those in the steam community appear to be primarily /jp/ types.

I can tell why.
They just suck at video games.
Look at any SJWs, they are unable to play video games and get trashed by them in process.
That's why they will be secondaries at best.
Not that I am much better at touhou than them.
I still didn't managed to get any 1cc on normal. I completed two of them on normal though. Touhou 7 and 8.

If it makes you feel any better, I'm trying to stop being a secondary, and I'm also not having any better luck. Then again I had the infinite wisdom to start out by playing on Lunatic instead of Hard or Normal.

Come on user

Do you not understand the concept of a joke?

For what it's worth, I've been in the fandom for a year and a half and it's definitely one of the better bases out there. Secondaries aren't really in so they don't really count.

If you dont have experience with STGs you should play normal, since its more casual and you can gradually learn some of the pattern types that get more elaborate as you go on.

For example the nudge patterns where they use homing shots and you just tap to dodge.

I managed to 1cc Eosd on normal, IN on hard and extra, and nothing else

Replaying LoT2 for the second time, postgame sure is hard to do on the recommended level. Here's a screenshot of my party - there's tons of synergies and Kogasa as a tank is straight-up broken, but since the only effective DEF debuffer is Iku (Reisen helps, but not by much) it's really painful if she dies.

I asked this on >>>/thg/ but they're dead, is there any reason to finish LoT1? I got to the second floor and kind of stopped.

The endgame there is sort of decent, but the absence of the HP/ATB bar count really ruins it. On top of that, according to wiki, they've patched out an entire EVA stat, which allowed you to dodge attacks. Stick to the second one, it has skills and more ways to do stupidly overpowered shit against stupidly overpowered sets of enemies or bosses.


I laugh at you.

where are nitros hit points?


In the recycle bin along with all of her survivability, she's a Gambler with a +2 MP recovery item and Cooling Down, which enables you to do crazy stuff like putting a -50% DEF debuff (with Heavy if you can manage it), buffing up Nitro Carwash, blowing her load, switching her out, switching her back in when there's a chance, concentrating to recover 36 mana, switching out again, repeat. You can even delay her turn if there's a need to with her self-buff.

Does it count as a 1cc if I set initial lives to 5 (default is 3), beat everything without a continue, then die to every one of Kaguya's Last Spells but still get good ending?

Not only are you wasting Parsee's offensive potential, but you're making every single boss harder by not keeping their stats dumpstered with an incredibly solid wall that also outputs decent damage, is fast as lightning, self-sustainable (with the right subclass) and props up the others.

Debuffs are love. Hina is life. Best 2hu in that entire game.

Any idea when LoT2: plus disk is getting an english patch?

Hina/Hexer got nerfed, and with it all hopes and dreams for Hina to work. Parsee got a Plus Disk skill that gives her 30% stat increase if anyone's debuffed, and that anyone is likely gonna be the boss. I'll give you this much though - with the right front row composition and her skill, Biorhythm puts a good Mag/Spd debuff on her, but Discarder is just a better Dark MND-targeting nuke because it pierces MND with Reisen's skill, gives all debuffs, ignores some debuff resistance and has great delay and on top of that, Reisen has great speed and a ridiculous self-buff.

There is one from shrinemaiden forums, but it is incomplete. Some dialogue's not translated, but item descriptions and stuff is translated enough to be playable. If you don't have LoT2 installed, you can find it off the internet, but here are links to LoT2plus and the english patch:

public.wishful.cc/touhou_threads/LoT2/Labyrinth of Touhou 2 Plus Disk.zip
public.wishful.cc/touhou_threads/LoT2/LoT2 plus translation patch.rar

Unless there's some bullshit happening in the plus disk that I am unaware of, Hina/Hexer is still great shit. Even at 1/3 effectiveness, that's still enough to keep the tank fueled, albeit not nigh-permanently at 0 upkeep. Even without it, Hina is still a monster on the battlefield with very well-balanced defensive stats and middling offense, all backed up by permanent +50% in all stats. I am utterly convinced only brainlets don't use her.

Also, no matter the new skill, unless they removed/changed Ability to manipulate jealousy, you're still wasting Parsee's offensive potential. You'll never ever know the glorious feel of having 10+ stacks of that on at once and assblasting a boss with large box for 9999999999999999999999999 damage.

I should probably boot up the plus disk; I'd hate to look dumb if I'm speaking out my ass since it might have tweaked balance heavily, but I last played the game through not even a full year ago. It's too soon.

Groovy, thanks.

Are you an idiot? She's not supposed to get hit, at all - you swap her in when the boss's timebar is around 4k if he's fast or 6k if he's slow, you do damage and you quickly swap her out so that she won't get one-shot. Suwako is supposed to be the same thing, but right now she's lacking in the stat department - no ATK/MAG gems will do that to you. More importantly, are you telling me that you've never even considered switch fuckery to be the focus of the game and just pumped stats until you've won?
>+49 in all stats (including speed) along with a heal that REMOVES DEBUFFS is useless
are you a braindead monkey or something those are all great

Wiki says it's only 5% per debuffed actor, meaning if you debuff one boss into oblivion it's still only gonna be 5%. And at BEST, if all of your front line has debuffs with boss debuffed, it's still only a 25% increase and you rarely get a say in where the debuffs go, meaning that if by chance your Hina puts an attack debuff on Parsee (not likely with her debuff resist) you're outta damage. Plus Disk skill puts the buff to 30% if anybody is debuffed, making this irrelevant.

No, that'd be you. That's exactly why I quoted it, since you're >implying that a "weaker character" can't get by without buffs or they'll be oneshot. Which is a fucking retarded suggestion, since they're going to get one-shot no matter what you do. Thus, it's a nonsensical and outright idiotic argument against not using Hina. Step it up.

Fine, an example. Azure Giant's Shadow. At the start of the battle, it casts a 100% buff on all of it's stats and starts wrecking your frontline. Without 100% buffs, the main tank (Tenshi) will not survive at the recommended level, assuming you didn't overlevel/spent too much library points/got plus disk gear. She gets one-shot by a single-target attack if she doesn't manage to dispel the ATK buff with Sword of Hisou if she does not have enough DEF buffs. Some bosses get better attacks at certain HP thresholds, some bosses have ridiculous single-target attacks (that almost never hit third/fourth slot units) and mild multi-target ones etc, etc. Point is, "no matter what you do" is casual talk, my friend.


Where does the ride end?

Are you trying to piss me off you mega ultra giga faggot turbo supreme?

You're missing the point on multiple fronts. Hina isn't there to do damage. She's on tank/debuff/buff/switch duty. She's low upkeep and self-sustaining (at least, apparently, until plus disk). I don't understand why you have this moronic idea in your head that she needs to put out the DPS. Do you rely on Tenko to put on the beatdown as well? All of Hina's damage is a mere bonus to everything else she brings, courtesy of a pretty good stat spread.

Furthermore, most 2hu she debuffs benefit from it, and/or the negatives are so negligible or manageable as to be ignored. Slamming Youmu, for instance, with every possible debuff isn't going to do anything but positively benefit her. Nobody gives a shit if her MND/MAG/DEF gets debuffed, since those are her shit stats and don't do anything for her as is with the arguable exception of DEF, while her ATK actually gets buffed. The only thing that universally hurts is every hit to speed, but you can easily address that. This applies to most characters that synergize with Hina, and it all balances out, especially when you consider how trashed the bosses stats are for this tradeoff. It's well worth it.

I don't have anything to say in defense of Hina's speed stat though. It's obviously not the best, but I think you're selling it short. Do keep in mind that her stats are literally near-permanently +50% every single battle. That goes a long way and makes her deceptively fast.

I will never give up on Hina. Every time this game is mentioned, I will endlessly sing her praises. No matter the nerfs, as long as her core gameplay mechanic of debuffs->buffs persists, then she will always be number 1 in my heart. I'll simply make it work because it's too fun. Also fuck you Parsee with Gambler is pretty good.

Is there anything in any of the games for going pure pacifist and beating them by surviving all attacks until time runs out?

i want to win by hugging and headpatting

2hus are not for lewd.

Try impossible spell card (14.3)

Which toho is the town bicycle?
Other than Sanae, of course.

The point is that even Tenko, whose whole purpose is to tank hits, dies from this bullshit. You really, really can't spare stats in this game when it comes to bonus content.

That's a game about buffing the fuck out of your team and debuffing the fuck out of their team is my point. You put massive defense, attack and preferably speed buffs on your entire team alongside trying to fuck up enemy with debuffs and maintaining them while hitting your hardest. That's the whole reason why Herbalist is a thing, if you have 40% all buffs on you it's a 20% buff in all stats at 70% delay. Hina does the debuff job really well, but really fucks up the buff plan if you aren't autistic with debuff resistances. You absolutely cannot affort to fuck up your buff plan.

Are you saying that Youmu's DEF/MND are so shit that she's not even a stay-in that can take a hit and not die? Her stats are excellent if you patch up her MND stat ASAP. You're literally selling her short because muh ATK and you can bring that up to 40% with one spell from Sanae alongside with her every other stat. She's gonna fucking die if you debuff her defensive stats and you are defending that.

It sounds like you don't get what this game is about. Go do Plus Disk content with your party at the recommended level, you'll see.

Number of starting lives doesn't matter.
If you used continue, no.
If you didn't, yes.

Or you can just formulate your party around it, compensating for the minor negatives. With the right 2hus, debuffs are either entirely ignored, or they are positives.

Youmu was just an example, but do you not understand net positive? If I debuff all the bosses stats by 50% on a near-permanent basis with Hina, and [other 2hu] gets hit by a -10% in their dumpster stat every here and there, then I'm winning. Besides, you act like Hina's sheer presence means it's utterly impossible to sustain regular buffs. It's not.

I think you're just too rigid in thought. There are other ways to play the game besides the most boring. Though you're right that I need to play the Plus Disk. I could be entirely speaking out of my ass if they dumpstered Hina. Not that it'd persuade me from making it work.

Why won't you spergs play video game?

They take time to git gud.
I want instant gratification and qt girls, pic related.

I've got your instant gratification right her - hold still.

Isn't that nothing but pacifist survival? I meant more like pacifist in the games where you're normally expected to be shooting.

Nigger. I may suck at the games, but I will never use continues or more than default starting lives.

Continues/extra lives are not for bragging rights when you finish the game using them, they are for reaching places where you wouldn't normally be able to go and practice so by the time you get there with the default resources you'll be able to succeed.

But that's not what we're talking about.

By raising the starting lives, you're essentially making it (1+2/3)cc

What? No you don't.

The reasoning is that by starting with more lives than the default amount, it is similar to playing with more than one credit. Though, I'd extend that logic by saying it's only if you actually die more than the times, ie a single credit.

Jesus fuck man
Orin and Okuu had pretty awesome themes, Parsee had the best one, and Satori took the cake almost by herself, theres not a single bad track from it.

i want to fucking punch you

Anyone interested in playing Touhou Doom?
Play Episode 2 for the 2hu themed weapons

Typhoon is a shit.

It seems fun. I really need to get into Doom modding, btw.

Is Touhou 16 a good place to start with the series? I played 6 and 7 ages ago and i like shoot em ups but i never really beat one of the games. Since i heard 16 is one of the easier games in the series is it a good place to start?

Easiest game in the series is probably Mountain of Bombs Faith even without Marisa's broken mode and Imperishable Night with Bombrder Team. Any game is fine, really, people just recommend going chronologically for completionist and simplicity's sake.
Though, isn't it much better to start up in a deliberately harder setting so you can get up to speed a bit quicker? Assuming you've got previous experience with shmups.

4 (like 7 and 8) is one of the easiest game in the serie.

Why is it "2hu" when that's not how touhou is pronounced?

Those were not bullet hells however. Stuff like Raiden, R-type and Gradius plays quiet different than a bullet hell.

And i heard the first 5 in the main series are lacking in quality. The first game is very different from the rest of the series so starting with 1 seems bad.

1 and 2 maybe. The retro tohos were pretty good shit, 5 and 4 could easily stand up to the latter games.

just dont start with 15
seriously what the fuck it has no right to be so hard


This is why almost everybody recommend touhou 6 or 7.
Second reason for this is need for PC-98 emulator to play first five games.

look on the bright side, if it werent so damn hard i wouldnt be that traumatized by clownpiece

a lot of the earlier windows touhous have their own style but eosd stands out from the rest. maybe its not strictly better soundtrack but i find myself coming back to it more than the others for that reason.

Th06 and Th01's soundtracks have a special place in my heart because those were my first introductions to the series and schmups in general.