With the success of the new Mario will sony decide to start making fun games again or can we just expect more movies?

With the success of the new Mario will sony decide to start making fun games again or can we just expect more movies?

More movies. Spyro and Crash don't have nearly the appeal that Mario does. Mario is the largest selling video game franchise of all time. Mario sells because it's Mario, not despite it.

I fucking hope not

I haven't played crash much, but if you group the original spyro trilogy together it's mostly down to comfy atmosphere and charm with some platforming and minigames with very very small traces of adult humor. If it got made today, it'd be that ugly super realistic cartoon HD art style that looks like shit combined with blatant adult humor and who fucking knows what the gameplay would be like.


There was a time before the ps3

When ps2 was the cheap dvd player so nor mie parents bought it.

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Why would sony make fun games? You do realize they didn't make either of the games in your image.

I'm convinced the DVD player is what brought all the devs to the PS2, because it gave sony the wider audience and ports will difficult to do in those days.

They're publishers for both those studios and probably have a ton of sway over what games they make since those studios only make exclusives for the playstation. not like it matters since insomniac sold the rights to spyro

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Nah, Sony love to release games that stopped being trendy 5 years ago

Maybe by 2030, when the market will be already flooded to death by neo platformers

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The first Crash was already about a team of white scientists setting up a super lab on an island and doing cruel experiments on the animals.


*continues watching cinematic game play itself

That and momentum from the success of the Playstation.
It's amazing they got away with it really.



PSX did well because it jumped on the failures of the competition.
N64 was hard to develop for because they used shitty ass cartridges.
Sega was in full retard mode until the dreamcast which didn't come out till next gen.

Really right now is prime time for another tech giant to come in and play off AAA's retardation.

Saturn was better than the…
How fucking new are you?

Meant for

Might as well start referring the Gamecube as "Dolphin" or the xshit as "Scorpio"

The saturn wasn't better than shit. That's an even bigger meme than the dreamcast.


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It's called playstation, faggot
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The Saturn did have more power than the PS1, but the systems main issue was trying to even access that power. Even some of the SoJ devs looking at the console branch developing the machine had numerous "Oh shit nigger, what are you doing?" moments because some of what they were doing didn't make the tiniest bit of sense.

People say psx because they're all called playstation you tard. psx specifies the first one with minimal confusion.

So does Ps1 user.

And that's fine too. Whats your point?

They appear to be testing the waters with the R&C remake and the Crash remasters.
I hope they go back to making fun games, that's the reason I love the PS1 so much, the sheer amount of great first-party games on it was fantastic.

Playstation is Playstation
Playstation 2 is Playstation 2
Playstation 3 is Playstation 3

It's really not that hard user.


That's what also gave the PS3 it's slow start and PS2/PS1 an edge over Gamecube/N64. Dev convenience is what makes them pick a platform.

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I dunno, user. I think more movies, with Druckmann in charge of Naughty Dog. Don't worry we have other Playstation companies, like the one that made God of War.

Well, while that was the case with the PS1, it was also that CDs were much cheaper to produce than cartridges. However, the PS2 is a completely different story. It's only advantage was the large audience it had amassed and it's ability to use DVDs. The system was a pain to program (Which resulted in even Dreamcast games performing and looking better than the "latest" titles on this "new system"), and was the second-weakest console of the generation. If it wasn't for Sony's marketing, the system probably wouldn't have done that well.

Sony never owned Crash and Spyro. But given that Crash remakes made money, they'll probably try to milk that cash cow again.

Now Sony could make more Jak and Sly and Ape Escape and Ratchet (though they never fully stopped making Ratchet), but we'll see. Sucker Punch isn't doing Sly, and Sanzaru is doing Sonic Boom or whatever. Naughty Dog went from the best devs ever to the worst.

But OP's pic is of characters from PS1 you underage faggot.

Crash and Spyro were both always owned by Universal, and Naughty Dog and Insomniac worked for Universal. Naughty Dog then got bought by Sony and made Jak 1, which was basically Crash on PS2 in all but name. Insomniac just decided to stop doing Spyro because "he can't even hold a gun." Universal Interactive Studios continued to own the IPs while the entire company was bought by Vivendi which was then bought by Activision, who now owns both IPs.


But really it would have made sense if Coco had an Australian accent. But I guess then she'd be an abo and nobody wants that.

Backwards compatibility and earlier release helped. But yes, also the brand recognition of the PS which dominated the previous generation. The PS2 was impressive enough compared to the Dreamcast to make it look like a PS1/N64 gen console (albeit the best one by far), but the Gamecube and Xbox, while more powerful than the PS2, didn't make it look like a previous gen console.

Somehow the best hope we have now is the same devs who ruined Crash after Naughty Dog left now fixing it since they did a good job on the remakes, and are probably incentivized to do sequels now.

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But I said that Sony sucks now and that we live in a bizarro world where Activision is now our best hope of more fun games coming back.

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You could try explaining how saying they're terrible is shilling for them.

I know I'm getting trolled here but I'll still take the opportunity to bump a Crash/Spyro thread. I will shill for those games. At least the good ones.

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More movies. Vidya devs/publishers will never learn. Just look at how often AAA games that force SJW politics fail and yet they keep making them.

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Why would Sony care about making games when people are buying their piece of shit in droves just for multiplats and the "share" button?

I don't get it though. How can people enjoy paying 60$ for a movie?
Yeah, the most basic gameplay designed to move you from one cutscene to another. Uncharted's "Platforming" literally consists of pressing A over and over in a single direction.

Yes, but they will be trying too hard forcing stuff like Knack or will bank off with nostalgia with their popular franchises like Crash and Spyro making them look like Budget Mario and Sonic.

I stopped giving a shit about them when they became western and started aiming for "Quality" over Variety like everyone else with the PS3.

I didn't know, I just got jaded after hearing about Last of Us 2 is going to be awful. Because Druckmann is driving Naughty Dog to the ground. That I'm all "Anything BUT Naughty Dog." Worst is I don't know how far the cancer has spread to the other companies that makes Playstation games.

You say that like the first wasn't very mediocre to begin with.

I haven't even started the first game, so I don't know how mediocre it is.

Basic bitch cover FPS with dumb AI where you play the whole game being behind cover and shooting at the same enemy type. Though that is only half the game, the other half is long walking and talking segments and cutscenes.

Are….are you autistic?

to be fair Spyro isn't actually very fun.. Just comfy as fuck. There's no challenge to the games and not much to do in them.

The success of Mario before hasn't stopped Sony from making movies instead of games. High-sellers like NSMB sure as fuck didn't so I don't know how this time is any different

How come devs are always wanting to copy the thing that sells the most except when it's nintendo?

Because Nintendo is still rolling off the echo of that 60+ million sold for the first Super Mario Bros. game


wow what a coincidence, it's almost like it's time for you to kill yourself and never come back,

Sony already tried that, it sold well because it was bundled with the machines and that's the only way Sony could get people to play it, it got a sequel that sold as well, still no idea why Sony fans enjoy the taste of shit so much,

That job was a fucking disgrace, I understand that Crash as a series was nothing any good but the N. Sane Trilogy does it a disservice, it's 30fps, it has a shit visual style, crash looks like shit, crash's fur looks like shit, it has load time problems and Crash's collision box is fucked, to say that "they did a good job" is to lie to everyone around you. Tropical Freeze has more believable fur and runs at 60fps, what an absolute joke N. Sane Trilogy is when it can't achieve either of these on a system with roughly 8x the power, they declined 60fps to push up the visual quality but failed in that regard too. What an absolute fucking joke.

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Like what?
Most games which were released on both Dreamcast and PS2 ran better on the PS2.

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PSX was the common, perhaps even official, abbreviation for the years before the PS2 was a thing, at which point it became the PS1 became the usual abbreviation.

Nintendo still makes games, unlike most other fucking companies. They may reuse franchises when they could create something new (though we generally get at least one new franchise per generation but people ignore it until the sequel comes out and by then it's "lol sequels").
If I hear one more person say they want more story heavy Nintendo games I will kick them in the fucking teeth.

Look at how long the release was between the Dreamcast release and the PS2 release. Excluding 2D fighters, only 6 titles have released for both systems within a 6 month windows: Silent Scope, Dead or Alive 2, Headhunter, Radirgy, Rez, and Castle Shikigami 2. Everything else has taken anywhere over 6 months to a few years between releases.

Previous vid is PS2 gameplay of Slinet Scope. This is the Dreamcast gameplay.

A lot of nintendo's "lol sequels" may as well have been new IP's. Luigi's Mansion, Kid Icarus Uprising, even Mario Sunshine. When people say they want new games out of Nintendo, half of the time they actually want new characters. Look at how people cheer for the latest open world game that plays exactly like the last one. That's what a new IP is to a lot of people. Just a new name, and a new face on the box.

Yeah exactly, I remember an interview where Nintendo teams will come up with a new gameplay idea or mechanic and they will brainstorm about which IP fits it best, and then go with that, instead of outright creating new IP (although the Splatoon team did create a new IP because Miyamoto did say if they don't come up with something good he'll slap Mario on it).

Adding on to this, I've long though that Nintendo creates new games with old IP, whereas others create the same old games with new IP.
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They killed the studio who made wipeout
So no, they're not going to be making fun games again

Sony learned that they don't actually NEED exclusives, they just need CAWADOODY to be two weeks early on their console to sell millions to all the normalfags.

Sony needs to fire talentless faggots like (((Neil Kikemann))) who have no place in the industry first, in order to achieve that.

Also this, regarding Killing good dev studios Sony is just as bad as EA, meanwhile studios like Guerilla and (((Nu-NaughtyDog))) are still there.

Also this, sadly.

Activision is working on a Spyro Trilogy remake IIRC
>inb4 they slightly change the physics and accidentally fuck everything up like they did with the Crash N Sane Trilogy


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Better than N64.

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Sony? Do you mean the Playstation? Both those games protagonist aren't made by Sony. Are you a nigger? Why is this thread not deleted for console wars?
It is pro Nintendo so it will get 300 replies until Mark and the Nintendo kid mods get their kicks.